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Once More The Same Old Statements

Another shooting, more days of platitudes, more days of “I told you so.” During the coming week we will be treated to:

1. Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

2. Take away my right to a gun and I have nothing to defend myself against rapists and murderers.

3.  Our Founding Fathers stated that “well armed militia” was necessary and they really meant that each person had the right to any type of gun. Of course, in those days they had one shot rifles.

4. Barack Obama only wants to help jihadists.

5. Ban the entry of any Muslim and this will guarantee that native American Muslims will be the cause of terror.

6. Then again,how about sending them Muslims back to where they came from.

7. The FBI is always right. Obama prevented the FBI from arresting Mateen.

8. We got to get TOUGH with terrorists. Later, we will explain what ‘tough’ means.

9. God, if only everyone in that night club had an assault rifle!

10. There is no question that God is on our side in this fight against heathens.

Get Raped–Go To Jail

It is a generally accepted premise that if we defeat Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East peace and law and order will return to that region of the world. A Dutch woman was on vacation in the nation of Abu Dhabi when she went to the bar to get a drink. As she recalls, she was chatting with someone and then was handed another drink, and that is the last thing she can remember.When she awoke, she realized that she had been raped and reported the rape to authorities.

After reporting the incident in March, she was arrested, placed in jail, and yesterday a court decided on her case–she never got to the court room. She was found guilty of “illicit consensual fornication. She received a suspended sentence and left this bastion of democracy. It was only at that point she learned some Syrian guy had doped her drink and raped her. OH, he also was convicted of illicit sexual conduct and got a hundred lashes.

What does one learn–never, ever go to Abu Dhabi!!

Bill O’Reilly Bullshit!

Stephen  Colbert decided to have the master bullshit artist on his program to discuss the Orlando massacre. Colbert got in a few important points to refute the lies and distortion of the Fox News incompetent observer on the human condition. Yes, Bill, did agree there should be laws regulating which type guns should be allowed. He justified the ‘right to bear arms’ on America fighting the Revolution in 1776. He said: “the fact that every American had guns was responsible for winning the Revolution.


1. George Washington actually only won about five battles during the Revolution. The American revolutionaries were aided by the French. At the last battle when the British surrendered most of the troops were French, and the French navy had blockaded the British.FACT: In  1776 most Americans did NOT own guns.

2. Bill wants the US to “declare war on ISIS.” He said if we did so then NATO would enter the fight. FACTS: NATO forces have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2002. There currently ARE NATO soldiers in that country.

3. Bill insists that we “have to wipe out ISIS.”FACTS: During the past year, ISIS has lost forty percent of what it conquered in Iraq and soon will lose control of Fallujah. Most probably, Iraq forces will take Mosul within the year and that basically will end ISIS in Iraq.

4. Bill wants to get tough on Islamic terrorism. He wants to wipe out ISIS in Syria. FACTS: ISIS is only one of about a dozen Islamic groups fighting in Syria. If we follow the O’Reilly plan, Syria would once again be ruled by President Assad. It was Assad who CAUSED the rebellion in Syria!

Bill O’Reilly knows as much about world affairs as he does about American and his poorly written books are laughed at by historians!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The party of hate is now ready to engage in real hate.

I do admire Mitt Romney for speaking like an American, rather than as a Republican.

Every school shooting was by a Christian, but no outcry to send Christians back to where they came from.

Thirty thousand Americans died from guns last year, and still  no desire to curb gun use.

Mr. Marteen walked into a gun shop and legally purchased weapons of mass destruction.

The coward Donald Trump who dodged the draft during the Vietnam war is now ready to explain how to fight terrorism!

America is prepared to lose its soul to hate and anger.

To American Muslims

There is no question this is not the best of times, nor the worse of times, but it sure is an awful week for those who are Muslims in the United States of America. We can only offer some historical information to those of the Muslim faith which deals with the history of our land, and the history of bigotry and hate. Unfortunately, Muslims today are simply the current subject of hate in a land that has witnessed many,many examples of anger toward some group.

During the early nineteenth century a new “horde” of immigrants entered the United States. They came from Ireland, were poor, but worse of all–they were CATHOLICS. In fact, a political party–the Know NothingParty–emerged whose platform was to ban entry of Irish Catholics and deny them equal rights in America. Sound familiar.Oh, there were riots, Catholic churches and convents were destroyed, and many Catholics were murdered.

From the 1880s to 1924, over twenty million people entered the US as immigrants. Most were Italians, Poles, Hungarians and three million poor Jews from eastern Europe. These people faced nonstop prejudice, denial of jobs, denial of entry into colleges, and their children were taught to hate from whence their parents came. Oh, they also encountered physical violence.

Ironically, it is descendants of these people who now hate Muslims and Hispanic immigrants. The story of America is that as each immigrant group becomes assimilated into American culture it forgets what happened when they arrived and takes it out on the new immigrants.

So, my dear Muslims friends, welcome to the American story of hate and discrimination!! Oh, the Republican party has become the modern KNOW NOTHING PARTY!

Republicans On Orlando Murders

There is no need to read or hear anything said by a Republican leader since their comments will follow THE Scrip.

Mike Huckabee: As a Christian, I am shocked that members of any religion could kill innocent people.

Ted Cruz:  I have packed my two guns, put on my boots, and am ready to take on any and all Muslim murderers.

Rick Perry: Such a massacre could not occur in the state of Texas because each and every citizen is armed night an day.

Carly Fiorina: God, I just wish one of those cowardly killers pulled a gun in my presence–blast away, I would proceed.

Ben Carson: I would just get on my knees and pray to Jesus in order to save my life.

Sarah Palin: I am ready with my assault rifle to take on any two bit Muslim who dares to point a gun in my face.



I have been saying this for months, the Muslim religion is one of death and violence. Barack Obama is the one responsible for the death of 53 God loving Americans. HE is the one who allowed Muslim terrorists into this nation, he is the one who refuses to call  MUSLUM terrorist who he is–a MUSLIM terrorist!

We have to build a WALL, a  GREAT WALL  to keep out Hispanic rapists and killers and when I become President, there WILL be such a Wall. And, Orlando shows that we cannot trust ANY Muslim if we want to keep our nation safe. When I become president each  and every Muslim serving in a government position will be fired. Yes, I will say: “Your Fired!” I don’t want Muslims in the armed forces, I don’t want Muslims in our police forces, I don’t want Muslims in the FBI. As far as I’m concerned, the only good Muslim is a DEAD MUSLIM!

Elect Donald Trump if you want to keep your daughter safe from illegal Mexican rapists.Elect Donald Trump if you want to end mass murders by MUSLIM killers!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hate has become the food of Republicans, against anyone, at any time.

I feel sorry for Paul Ryan, each day he has to figure out how to resolve his anger toward Donald Trump.

The American people do not suffer from the Zika virus, but the hating virus.

There ARE days when I want to go to Canada.

Frankly, there is no Democrat who would not be hated by Republicans, even Thomas Jefferson.

I have been around for presidential campaigns for 76 years and do not recall anyone referring to their opponent as “Crooked.”

These days ISIS comes across as reasonable folks.

I see pictures of Syrian people fleeing and realize many in America do not regard them as humans fleeing.

Hillary Clinton has aroused incredible hate as one who is crooked, but she has never been charged with any crime.

Poor Bill Clinton, he is losing his once mellow voice.

Bernie one day must wave his arms for the final salute.

I await a miracle, Donald Trump will actually specify what he will do as president.

Whatever happened to Secretary of State John Kerry?



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The silence of the Bushes is very loud.

Then again, the silence of Ted Cruz is a welcome sound.

I confess to really missing the wise Christian observations of Mike Huckabee.

Vladimir Putin issued a statement defending freedom of the press!

I just wish Bernie would pick up his marbles and go home.

Suddenly, everyone loves Muhammad Ali- not so when he was living.

Those who burn women as a sign of “Honor” lack any sense of Honor.

Some Kids Are Terrified

Up to this moment in the race to determine who will or will not become president, Donald Trump has been appearing before audiences mainly composed of white folk. He shouts to the world that he will be building a WALL, A GREAT WALL and any of those Hispanics or them terrorist Muslims will not be allowed to enter or remain in the United States. Naturally, Donald has never given a thought as to the implication of his comments upon young children. Imagine being a ten year old Hispanic child or an eleven year old Muslim child who hears this red headed man shouting hatred about you?

A new study by the Southern Poverty Center indicates growing fear and anxiety among Hispanic and Muslim children. Maureen Costello says these children are expressing feelings indicating they feel marginalized. Many teachers say they are “terrified,”many fear they will be deported,and many reveal hearing expressions such as: you will be deported. They even have heard: ‘you are a Taco Bell’ who was not born here.

Such is the consequence of hate.

Bernie Fell Down!

Little Bernie went out to play and somehow fell down and broke his crown. Bernie was playing with his toys when some nasty little girl swept in and took them all away! Bernie is a poor little boy whose folks don’t have much money, but that Hillary girl comes from some wealthy family and they are able to buy  up  all the toys so poor little boys have none to play with. And, just when Bernie was ready to  kick in the winning goal in the soccer game, this nasty little girl hit him in the groin and he fell down in pain.

Well, Bernie, put on some bandages and still wants to complete the game regardless of whether the bad little girl has scored more points. Oh gee whiz, imagine  having the game end, and the nasty rich girl wins the game! That’s just not fair! The fairy tale ALWAYS ends  with the poor little boy hitting the home run with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Are you guys telling Bernie that he is NOT Prince Charming!!