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The Art Of Political Selling

There is one pattern that has existed throughout the Obama administration, and that is his inept political ability to sell a good idea. Obama always behaves like a college professor who lectures and then assumes his “students” understand what was presented. Compared to Theodore or Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy or Abe Lincoln, Obama has completely failed to SELL his ideas. Sorry Barack, but a great president is a great salesperson.

1. Lincoln was a master of presenting complex ideas along with a joke or a demand that Americans display their greatness as people.

2. John Kennedy on day one of his presidency told the American people “what can you do for America?”

3. In 1940, England faced Nazi Germany alone and had run out of guns and ammunition. Most Americans did not want to go to war. So, in one of his fireside chats with Americans, Franklin Roosevelt used this metaphor: “if your neighbor’s house catches fire, and he comes to you asking to borrow a fire hose, surely, you would give him one. We are going to lend England destroyers and rifles and other equipment.” And, so England got military supplies that enabled it to continue fighting Germany. I have never heard a single metaphor from Obama that enables people to grasp an issue.

4. One night after America was at war, Franklin Roosevelt asked the American people to listen to him as he reviewed where American soldiers were fighting. By late evening, one out of two Americans had listened and followed his analysis of where fighting was going on. How many Americans today even know where Syria or Iraq are? Obama has never discussed these areas of fighting with Americans following with a map.

5. To this day I am shocked that we Americans never received an explanation about Obamacare from the government.

If Obama wants to sell this accord with Iran, he must become a president who talks WITH AMERICANS!

Oh The Glory Of God!

These days the easiest way to explain away any act of murder is simply to say: “This is for the glory of God!” ISIS just blew up a parked car in front of the Italian consulate in Cairo for the glory of God. ISIS blows up statues that have been around for a few thousand years for the glory of God. People get their heads chopped off for the glory of God. Kill a few kids today who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and simply note this was for the glory of God.

I guess in the future when someone desires to rob a bank, all they have to shout at the teller, “this is for the glory of God, not for me.” I assume this means God has run out of cash and needs it right now. I wonder if God goes around blowing up planets for the glory of God??

So, What’s With Ayatollah Khamenei?

Here in America the Jewish lobby and right wing adherents of war with Iran exert tremendous power in deciding US relationships with Iran. Over in Iran the Ayatollah Khamenei plays power games with the Revolutionary Guards in demonstrating who can stand up taller to America. His decision to cater to extremists in Iran has made any effort to forge a nuclear weapon treaty be achieved. The Ayatollah shouted to Iranians that the US “is an example of global arrogance.” Perhaps, it is, but the issue right now is attaining an agreement that enables Iran to have sanctions lifted and its people be allowed to prosper.

Even President Hassan Rouhani got into the game of proofing he is one tough guy. “Even if the nuclear talks fail, our diplomacy showed the world that are logical. We never left the negotiation table and always provided the best example.” I agree that such talk is popular among those who oppose ending sanctions, but it sure does not lead to an agreement!

Our Tortured Psychologists

In the post 9/11 era it was rather difficult to be a psychologist since our wonderful government insisted that using a bit of tough love went a long way to making TERRORISTS spill the beans. So, members of the American Psychologist Association played an important role in employing torture to get confessions from TERRORISTS. The APA authorized a study of their performance and the end result indicates members of a PROFESSIONAL organization devoted to fostering healthy behavior acted contrary to ethical standards. David Hoffman conducted the study and it is clear that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld had a host of allies among psychologists.

The sad, and ironic, aspect of this tragedy is there was no need to torture people to get information. During World War II when the US had enemies with armed forces of over ten million, there was an absence of torture and — information was obtained, and the bad guys got beat. Shame on psychologists who acted contrary to their ethical oaths to heal.

Solving Syrian Refugee Issue

The latest count indicates there are about 4,000,000 refugees living in countries that border on Syria. At current, about 20% of the population of Jordan is composed of Syrians. It is time for the Muslims of this world to resolve this issue.

1. Saudi Arabia has money and it has plenty of open space to handle a few hundred thousand Muslim refugees.

2. Algeria could allow Syrians into their land.

3. Morocco could handle a few hundred thousand Syrians.

4. Turkey has nearly a million and could offer them citizenship.

5. Syrian refugees could really help Sudan to become a prosperous nation.

6. Heck,even we Americans can allow in at least one hundred thousand. After all, they are not raping Mexicans.

7. I assume Malaysia could handle a hundred thousand.

In simple English, how about Muslim nations caring for their fellow Muslims??

Benghazi Forever!

There is not a doubt in my mind that the last words of each and every candidate for president in the Republican party will be: BENGHAZI. Once again a Republican is claiming that the Secretary of State was responsible for the deaths of some Americans in Libya. There are a few hundred embassies scattered around the world,and it is now claimed that the Secretary of State is responsible for security measures in each and every one of them.I assume:

1. The Republican governor of South Carolina is responsible for the murder of nine black people in her state.

2. I assume that any rocket blowing up is the responsibility of the head of US armed forces.

3. I assume the governor of the state of Texas was responsible for the bike gangs shoot-out.

In the 1980s, St. Ronald Reagan sent several hundred Marines to Lebanon. Terrorists suicide bombers killed 240 Marines. I assume that Reagan was responsible.

I do not know of any story on Fox News that claims a Republican governor is responsible for hate crimes in his state.

ISIS Gains Power

It has become the common refrain of those who want to blast the hell out of ISIS that all it takes is a few bombs or, maybe the Marines to send the black hooded group of terrorists back to where they came from. Reality: There are an estimated 35,000 ISIS militants in Iraq and they are confronted by over 150,000 Iraq soldiers, Iraq planes,and about 20,000 Kurdish troops. So, the question remains–how can a band that is outnumbered about six to one beat the hell out of these guys?

Reality check:

1. ISIS is performing tasks that win favor of those in Iraq cities.

2. Most reports from those who have talked with Iraqis who spent time under ISIS rule, usually report the following: ISIS cleans up a city, it ends corruption which is the common way of life living under the democratic rule of the Iraq government,and it certainly performs normal functions such as cleaning the streets and ending crime.

3. The best way to defeat ISIS is the creation of an effective, honest, and hard working Iraq army. That would be better than the US Marines!

Forever And A Day In Iraq

There are moments when I think fighting in Iraq has ben going on throughout my life, and that it will continue until I am laid away in my grave. The story is always the same: Iraq soldiers are fighting in Fallujah, of course a few years ago, American soldiers were fighting in Fallujah. President Obama insists that things are getting better, Senator John McCain insists that we have to send in the Marines to make things better. Of course, several years ago the Marines did go into Fallujah, but McCain just wants one more shot at victory.

Obama finally has grasped an essential truth about war– the side which is driven by belief, the side which has enthusiasm, the side which believes that God is on its side, has a better shot of gaining victory. So far, the bad guys have these feelings, the good guys don’t even know if they are the good guys. So, once more into the breach for God.

Religious Shame Shames People

It is frequently difficult to go through an entire day without encountering some story from a Muslim nation in the Middle East in which someone is going to die because of some example of shame. Authorities just discovered the body of a six year old boy who was murdered by a female cousin and her lover. The entire episode arose when the young kid wandered into the house of a female cousin and what did he encounter? G.T. was making out with a man, and the guy was not her husband. Mr. M.T.proceeded to choke the kid and had G.T. bury the body.

Just another example of the reality that even in religious minded societies there are always men and women who simply want to fornicate with one another. But, most places do not have the concept of HONOR. Better to murder a child than to damage one’s Honor!

Hillary In Land Of Jewish Money

Among the endearing myths about Jews is that they are people with enormous wealth. An examination of the top five wealthy people does not reveal a single Jew. But, there are wealthy Jews and there are wealthy Jews who consider themselves experts on the Middle East. They are quick to sound the battle cry of ANTI-SEMITISM whenever anyone dares to utter a complaint about Israel. Hillary Clinton ventured into the land known as Hollywood, where a few rich Jews do live. Naturally, she made certain one and all heard her love of Israel:

1. She opposes any effort such as boycotts against the West Bank. To do so, is proof the person hates Jews. I thought they opposed West Bank settlers, not the rest of Israel.

2. She promised to “fight against any further attempts to isolate Israel.” Actually it is quite easy to cease any isolation–just adhere to INTERNATIONAL LAW about the West Bank.

I am certain Hillary will come across as a good Christian, unlike the black dude from Africa.