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Vote American Or Vote Canadian?

Donald Trump once again has created a hornet’s nest by charging that Ted Cruz is not a real American since he was born in Canada to a dad who was Canadian and a mom who was American.  Ironically, Ted who is a favorite of conservative religious people in the state of Iowa now confronts an interesting outcome. When surveyed about one out of five conservative religious nut cases insist they will only vote for someone who was born in the good-old USA!

Just imagine if Ted was the Republican candidate for president. Donald Trump would be demanding to see his birth certificate and also demanding that it reveal a birth in the USA. Of course, Fox News would be in a quandary– they only want Americans who were born in the USA to be our president. Oh well, another Supreme Court case. Perhaps Ted could ask Africa born Barack Obama to testify on his behalf!

Are we really certain that Ted is a Christian?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder how a President Donald Trump would handle armed guys taking over Federal property.

There are thousands of Americans of Latin American heritage in our armed forces and not a single one is named–Ted Cruz.

Republicans so want to fight someone –with someone else’s boys.

Is Jeb Bush still in the race for the Republican nomination?

It’s Tuesday and somewhere in Chicago some innocent child will die today.

We need El Chapo to be handed the job of cleaning up the Middle East of terrorists.

A meeting mad in hell–President Trump with President Putin!

Saudi Arabia And Iran Conflict

Iran is a Shiite Muslim nation of over eighty million people which has an army of at least one million, Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim nation of about twenty-nine million people and an army of about  200,000. Iran’s armed force has fought in major wars against Iraq, while Saudi Arabia’s army has never fought against any group other than some guerrilla forces. So, what does Saudi Arabia do– murder forty seven men by hanging or cutting off heads, including an imam whose worst crime was to peacefully urge changes in the policies of the Saudi Arabian government.

The end result of riots in Tehran against the Saudi legation or bombing in Yemen by the Saudi air force which has never once in its existence fought against planes from another nation, bomb away at Shiite fighters in Yemen. Each side is now engaged in a  war of words. Each claims to be the leader of Muslim nations in the Middle East. In the end, neither wants to have a war so they each will assist in the deaths of innocent non-Iranian, and non-Saudi Muslims in the Middle east.

The Great war of Words has begun!

Refugees Seeking To Go From Germany

There are always found among people seeking peace and safety a group which is determined to make host nations question their presence. On New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, groups of Muslim young men surrounded women, groped and harassed them, and, in some cases even assaulted young females.  It is now believed the men were Afghan refugees out for a good time which may wind up ensuring that other Afghan refugees never get an opportunity to live in Germany.

German police are now being charged with lax behavior for allowing this mayhem to occur in the heart of a German city. There are rumors that police even covered up the sexual assaults. As this moment, no one knows why they refused to intervene, let alone why they refused to tell the public about the assaults. Ah, once again, police come away with failure to behave as police!

Silence Of The Imams

The United States of America has played an important role in creating the mess which now dominates the Middle East. Syria is simply one example of misguided efforts by the Bush administration and Republicans seeking the presidency. However, the reality is that civil war rages in Syria and it is based upon conflict between Muslim groups. At points it is impossible to understand who is killing who in what constitutes the “nation” of Syria.

But, there is a strange silence about daily deaths in Syria. Finally, the Syrian government allowed trucks loaded with supplies to enter the besieged town of  Madaya. Reports indicate dozens have died of malnutrition and thousands are rapidly reaching that stage. But, the amazing aspect of this situation is the silence emanating from Muslim clerics. Where are the Martin Luther Kings marching to support Muslims dying? Where are demands from Muslim leaders for an end to murdering innocent Muslims? T

The silence falls on deaf ears!

Trump Words Of Wisdom

There is one category in which Donald Trump is master of  words, descriptions of other people. Here are some samples of his observations on the human condition:

John McCain– “dummy.”

Martial arts champion Ronda Rhousy — “not  a nice person.”

Vladimir Putin — ” a strong leader.”

Kim Jong-un:  “You’ve go to give him credit, how many young guys take over those tough generals?”

Ted Cruz — foreign born guy.

Rand Paul — guy with funny hair.

Donald Trump —  a man with Great Plans!

Iraq Remains Iraq

Once upon a time there was a country known as Iraq. It was not ruled by a fairy King, but by a cruel, horrible man named Saddam Hussein. This ruler kept the house in good order, say a nasty thing about him and welcome to the torture chamber. But, there was one thing he could do–maintain law and his order. Today,something called, ‘democracy’ has arrived in Iraq and along with this wonderful idea has come disorder and mayhem in areas such as Basra.

Basra is in the south, and while the nation pays attention to ISIS in the north no one apparently cares about the south. Shiite gang militias roam the streets, robbing, kidnapping for ransom and demanding payoffs from innocent citizens. Tribes seek to outdo other tribes in this mass thievery while people lock their doors at night and hope no one knocks on them. During the past four months here have been 1,200 killings. I guess southern Iraq is a version of Chicago these days!

Oregon Terrorism

Imagine the following scenario, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked a federal building, seized control, and then dared the US government to drive them out? Or, imagine this scenario: a group of black skinned Christian terrorists seized control of a federal center, blocked federal authorities from entering and just dared any Federal law enforcement agent to enter? If these groups  carried out such terrorism the following would happen:

1. Donald Trump: “make me president and terrorists will finally learn not to mess with the government.”

2. Ted Cruz: “carpet bomb the entire place!”

3. Marco Rubio: “whatever Cruz said, I double it and will make certain it happens!”

4. Carly Fiorina: “I personally will lead armed forces to wipe out these terrorists. And, you should see the neat outfit I will be wearing!”

5. Mike Huckabee: “I’m from Arkansas and God is on my side in any fight!”

6. Ben Carson: “could you please show me where this Oregon is?”

7. Rand Paul: “Who cares about Oregon?”

8. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “God himself gave us this land, and I will lead the Israel army to once again make this land, Jewish!”

El Chapo And Hollywood Star

Among the most incredible rags to riches stories this year is that of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Imagine a poor Mexican boy who grew up to murder a few thousand people, escape from prison time after time and has now gain the attraction of Hollywood stars such as Sean Penn. He was interviewed by Sean Penn as part of a potential movie based on his life.  El Chapo spoke from the heart about problems confronting an honest crook who simply wanted to be loved by one and all.

“I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.  I have a fleet of submarines,  airplanes, trucks, and boats.” As he notes, if not for idiot nations making drugs illegal, this poor tike would be out of business. How about:

Contracting the ISIS job to El Chapo? At least it would be in the hands of a man who always keeps his word, and never defaults on a contract!

Oh, and he is a God fearing Christian to boot!

Muslim Jerks

It was New Year’s eve and thousands were celebrating in the streets of Cologne and Hamburg in Germany when groups of men from Muslim countries in the Middle East decided to surround women and grope and steal their wallets of cell phones and even assault them in public. It is clear these offensive males were from Middle Eastern countries and they were engaged in public criminal acts. The result is damage to the prospects for refuge in Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has stood solidly with the rights of refugees is shocked and now notes there might be a conflict between the “coexistence of cultures.” The pressure has now risen on her to take action. Those who suffer will be refugees seeking safety from the horror of war. Unfortunately, they must now confront the horror of their sons who decided to endanger the lives of Muslim refugees.