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Wither Israel?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the United States of America posing as the coming of Jesus Christ to awe struck Republicans who saw in him what they have not seen in Barack Obama. A man of action, a man willing and ready to stand up against terrorism, and a man who was a fighter for freedom. Unfortunately for Republicans in America, that same image is not shared with all people in Israel. Former chief of Mossad, Shabati Shavit blasted the Israel leader for his faults. “No one else is responsible for the failures in facing Hamas, the Iranian nuclear program. No one else is responsible for turning the United States from an ally into an enemy.” he pointed out that Bibi “central problem is that he does not initiate, he only reacts all the time.” In other words, there is no Israel diplomacy that leads to peace.

Polls indicate a shift to the opposition parties in Israel. 50,000 turned up for a rally against Bibi. Poverty is rising in Israel, one third of the people are in poverty and most Israelis would prefer peace in their time to ongoing nonstop war and threats of war. Bibi can frighten, but he cannot offer any plan that leads to peace. He is the Tea Party of Israel, attack, attack, but never offer solutions to anything.

Happy Days In Syria

I devote several hours each day watching Fox News so I can find out what the Republican party wants America to do about its foreign policy. From John McCain to John Boehner I have been informed that President Obama lacks a backbone and will not send guns and ammunition to those Syrians who want to kill the bad guys. I assume that Republicans want to fight in the Middle East but the dude from Africa just lacks good old American guts. After all, we Americans took out Saddam Hussein and just think how we changed the Middle East. So, the new Republican mantra is arm the good people in Syria and bring peace and prosperity to one and all. Well, we now have evidence how this idea is working. It is now clear that weapons sent to “moderate Syrians” are winding up with Islamic militants. Al Qaeda just sent a message of thanks to the American government for supplying them with weapons including TOW missiles. “The lions of the Nura Front” found weapons at our headquarters.

Problem: “Moderates” are not endowed with the spirit of violence. They are not true believers and when confronted with militants ready to die for an idea, they head the other way. In every guerrilla war for t he past hundred years, those who BELIEVE wind up victorious. Moderates simply lack faith in any goal that would lead them to surrender their lives. There is not a violent moderate group in the Middle East which is ready to die for its beliefs. Enjoying social media is not a belief that leads to victory over crazed militant warriors.

Interview With ISIS

I decided it was time to get out of the rut of daily life and bring some excitement into my life so I headed off to Syria to join in the fun.

M: Look dude, I want to get some action. Howl do I get into ISIS?

I: Are you looking to fight with us or be a subject for a video?

M: I’m a fighting guy from the streets of the Bronx, New York and I would so love to wander around dressed in black.

I: We are not interested in jokers, do you believe in our group?

M: Let me get this straight, if I get into the gang, I get a gun, I get to blast away day and night. Heck, that is what we do in the NRA!

I: But, are you a devout Muslim?

M: Muslim, schmuslim, who cares. The important thing is that I can finally be with a group of cool dudes.

I: But, this is a group for Muslims who follow Allah.

M: I have a hunch that Allah did not carry around high powered guns and blast one and all.

I: Are you mocking the Prophet?

M: Hell, no. Just show me the future. Of course, I hope that some people are still around in the future.

I: But, why exactly, do you wan to join our group?

M: Black clothes, shooting and shooting and my pick of the girls. Man, that sounds like heaven.

I: I do not believe you have the spirit to be a member of ISIS.

M: Well, if I can’t be with you guys, I guess I can head to the NRA and exercise my right to blast away.

Keeping Students On Task

I spent fifty years of my life working in the field of education including ten with boys and girls who were in secondary school. I taught in an all boys junior high school in Harlem where I was assigned the eighth grade discipline kids so I do know something about discipline and problems in a class. A teacher in an Egyptian secondary classroom decided that a boy was a problem who required some sort of discipline. By the time he got finished with the process of instilling good behavior patterns the boy had a brain hemorrhage and was close to death. We do not know the name of this “teacher” other than he still defends this process of discipline. He now says that “I had no intention to kill him, but the beating was part of discipline.”

Heck, his behavior of killing youth is no different from that of the Egyptian government which fires away when some young folks decide to protest. After all, when in Egypt if you do not like the teachers who run the country, place a dunce cap on your head and stand in the corner. I have a hunch one can not keep kids focused on work if they are dead. Just a hunch.

Come Home To Israel!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Jews living in Denmark to return home to the safety of Israel after ONE Jew in that nation was killed by Muslim extremists. Bibi is concerned that those who have fellow people in his land are safer within the confines of Israel than in nations in which they are subject to violence. About one in five people living in Israel is a Muslim, and, I assume being a citizen of Israel means that your government is concerned with your safety. Yesterday in the violent nation of the United States of America still another Muslim was murdered by those who hate Muslims. Ahmad al-Jumaili was taking pictures of the snow fall when a couple of American violent haters decided to shoot him. He was in the supposedly quiet city of Dallas, but that did not prevent his murder. Of course a week ago Muslims were subject to having their Islamic center burned in the peaceful city of Houston.

Of course, two Muslims were brutally murdered in North Carolina. I therefore urge Bibi Netanyahu to offer safety to one and all Muslims in America who are in threat of their life in America. Come home to the safety of Israel!

Violence In Turkey

The nation of Turkey is engaged in a war, but the war occurs within its borders, not outside. The war is waged against women in this land. Here are some casualties from the war against women in Turkey:

68% of women lack access to a bank account which means they lack economic freedom

23% say they have been subject to violence by their husbands.

53% were beaten by dad.

52% were beaten by mom.

33% were beaten by their brother.

They inhabit a world in which honor killings still occur.

The government of President Recep Erdogan insists that women’s place is in the home.

Israel Rally For Peace

The Republican party of Israel, oops, I mean the Israel equivalent of the Republican party, insists that ISRAEL stands with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and that when he speaks, he speaks for ALL JEWS throughout the world. A mass rally was held in Israel and the estimates of how many attended range from 40,000 to 80,000. It is quite clear that these citizens of Israel do NOT believe Bibi is their leader. Among the speakers a the rally was Meir Dagan, former head of Mossad. “I’m not a politician or a public servant,and I’m not here out of personal aspirations or in search of appointments, the only party to which I belong is the state of Israel.” He went on to emphasize that Israel is a nation that is surrounded by enemies, but the only real enemy is “our leadership.”

The main threat to the existence of Israel is and has always been, one, Benjamin Netanyahu. He has failed:

to resolve issues with Palestinians.
he has over reacted to the death of three Israel children by murdering 1500 innocent civilians in Gaza.
he has absolutely NO alternative plan to deal with Iran other than shout for ware!


Members of the Republican party went wild with enthusiasm for the worlds of Bibi Netanyahu who demanded military action against Iran and an end to the weak and ineffective policies of Barack Obama. Meier Dagan is the ex-headof Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, and he does have a slightly different take on the Bibi speech. One can sum up his perspective in a single word: BULLSHIT. Of course, this man actually has studied the situation, both in the Middle East and in Iran. Dagan was particularly infuriated when Bibi told Congress: “Israel’s soldiers have boundless courage and Israel is ready to defend itself.” Dagan felt these words were defiant and almost challenging Iran to attack Israel.

Dagan pointed out that the missiles of Iran pose no threat to the United States since they could never reach its shores. Bibi is great on rhetoric but somewhat confused about geography. Dagan, and most members of Mossad fear that Netanyahu’s policies.”on the matter of the Palestinian state are leading to a binational state or an apartheid state.” Benjamin Netanyahu is akin to white leaders of South Africa who promised that blacks would never attain equality in their land. Just continue to support apartheid and the end result would be peace. So, it is with Israel.

Saudi Arabia Is Scared!

The government of Saudi Arabia increasingly is frightened of what is happening in the world. When a government is ruled by and extended family that numbers in the thousands there is a cause of concern that people in this land will begin to question why A family possesses billions of dollars while they fight to have a decent life. They might begin to wonder if a democratic government might create an economy that depended on other than oil for revenue and wealth. At this moment, these are the fears of the government of Saudi Arabia:

1. ISIS preaches an end to corruption and is ready and willing to murder any and all they dislike.

2. Iran is viewed as the center of Shiites. Naturally if one is Sunni, who else to fear?

3. The Muslim Brotherhood is another enemy. Yes, they are Sunni but they want power.

4. The new Shiite government of Yemen which is composed of a branch of Shiites.

5. The government of Iraq which seeks friends in Iran.

Oh, them Israelis have for decades been the enemy. However, Bibi hates Iran and Saudi hates Iran so who knows–a new friend on the horizon???

Obama Stands Tough On Foreign Policy

This blog has been critical of the foreign policy of President Obama. We believe he has lacked an overall foreign policy for the Middle East. However, we admit that his stand on Iran proves that this president has finally demonstrated that he has a backbone and can confront tough issues. He is absolutely correct in working with President Rouhani of Iran in order to end immediate fear of atomic bombs in the Middle East. Of course, at this moment a nation in the Middle East does possess an atomic bomb–ISRAEL. According to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the government of Iran should not be frightened because there is a nation which hates Iran and wants its destruction and does possess atomic weapons.

President Obama has refused to cave into fear and hysteria. He has remained calm and focused on the issue of how to work with Iran in order to create some form of stability in the Middle East. The current plan is for delaying any Iran atomic bomb for ten years. If that is achieved than what?

1. Iran would become the scene of a booming modern economy.

2. Social media would be more difficult to control.

3. Foreign companies would be in Iran and they would be hiring Iranians. This would aid women.

4. The current Ayatollah would be dead by that time. No one knows who would follow him.

5. A new Ayatollah would be confronting a booming economic explosion, it would be extremely difficult to halt this process.

THIS is the goal of Barack Obama!