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Hillary Battles Back

The bad news for Hillary Clinton is that she continues to dig deeper and deeper holes duel to the Clinton quest for money and power. The good news for Hillary Clinton is running against Donald Trump. Had her opponent been John Kasich, or even Ted Cruz, this election would have been over.The garbage of her life was simply too deep, but so far, she has been saved by the Donald man.

Hillary came out swinging after a TIME article which quoted ISIS leaders expressing the hope Donald Trump would be the next president. As she noted, “someone who has insulted Muslims, has insulted the Gold Star family of an incredibly heroic Captain Khan, someone who demonstrated he doesn’t want Muslims even to come to our country, and that’s a gift to ISIS.” Donald Trump is the golden boy for every ISIS recruiter.

Donald Tump Plans

During the primary debates Donald Trump on more than one occasion said: “I know more than the generals about ISIS.” Last night he was asked about a recent statement in which he said: “I will ask our generals to submit a plan  within 30 days  on how to wipe out ISIS.” When asked which was it–did he have a plan to wipe out ISIS or did he need a plan from the generals”

His response: “I have a plan, its a great plan, and this plan will end ISIS, I will look at the plan of the generals, but I have a  plan, and it is simply a Great Plan, and it will wipe out ISIS.” Naturally, he cannot inform America about his great plan, because if he did so, then ISIS would know about his great plan, and they will…………….

Sometimes, things get confusing when Donald discusses his great plans.

I have received unconfirmed reports that Chris Christie is being asked to submit a  plan to wipe out ISIS. After all, he shut down the George Washington bridge, why can’t he shut down ISIS?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


John Kerry’s name rarely is heard these days.

Challenge: ask Donald Trump what is a Sunni or a Shiite Muslim.

This election is one characterized by discussion of nonsense.

Notice that Trump no longer speaks about his economic “plan.”

The not standing  Kaepernick is more of an issue in the election than any economic plans.

No question: emotions dominate voting decision.

Hillary Clinton has botched up her entire election by shifting the issues from economics, foreign policy, immigration to-emails.

US In Middle East

There is considerable confusion among Republicans concerning the future of America in the Middle East. There, frankly, is confusion among Democrats as to the future of America in the Middle East. Even worse,there is confusion among Arab peoples as to the future of the Middle East. Reality:

1. There is no dominant Arab nation in the Middle East.

2. The division between Sunnis and Shiites has grown worse in the Middle East.

3. Outside powers–Russia, the US, Iran— now play important roles in the Middle East. Iran is the most powerful Shiite nation, but stands apart from an area in which most nations are Sunni.

4. The only nations in the Middle East which contain an actual army are Turkey, Egypt,and Iran. In reality, the Egyptian army is broken. The Turkish army is recovering from a military coup.

So, what position for the United States? At this point in time, the only thing we can do is provide limited support for those fighting.We can NOT get involved, the situation is completely in chaos. This may not be what the US Should do, but it is the only thing we CAN do at this moment in time. It is up to Middle Eastern nations to sort out their lives. Perhaps, at some future date we could provide support for the group that finally emerges. We need a group that seeks stability in the Middle East. Who can deliver that is still very unclear.

Math And Race

As  one who spends hours watching TV shows dealing with crime and gangsters and cops, my mind has been shaped in strange ways by these episodes of life–and death. It is normal to see detectives consulting crime analysts to create a profile of the alleged killer or figuring out where the next murder will occur, with some insights as to the type of person who would commit them. During the past twenty years Chief of Police after Chief of Police has supported the  idea of “broken windows.” This theory states by cracking down on minor offenses, one prevents the growth of major crimes.

Cathy O’Neill has been studying this process, and her conclusion is going along this path of analysis inevitably  results in blacks and Hispanics being depicted as criminals.”I worried about the separation between technical models and real people, and the moral repercussions of that separation.” IN other words, if your math model states that crime will occur in a black neighborhood, the end result is that more black males wind up in jail. Of course, fewer white criminals will be captured.

If all resources are devoted in certain areas of the city, guess who winds up in jail?

Republican Nonsense

I devote hours to exploring my Facebook page and responding to people I know, or have never known. It increasingly becomes obvious that most Trump supporters have absolutely NO idea as to what is happening, let alone what happened, in the Middle East during the past decade. So,here are some tips to handle ignorant Republicans:

1. They insist that President Obama had troops leave “too soon” TRUTH: the departure date was set by President Bush.

2. They insist President Obama refused to leave troops. TRUTH: Obama offered the Iraq government 10,000 American troops who would remain and aid the Iraq army. Iraq Prime Minister insisted that any American who committed a crime against an Iraq civilian had to be tried in a sharia court. Naturally, Obama refused.

3. President Obama hates Israel.  TRUTH: Under the Obama administration the state of Israel has received nearly $18 billion in military aid. NO  prior president has allocated the money sent by Obama.

4. Obama refuses to “carpet bomb” Syria: TRUTH: There is NO evidence in any war fought against against guerrilla forces that bombing does any good. How does one “carpet bomb” enemies hiding underground or in caves?

5. American prestige is at the lowest level in the world. TRUTH: During the Iraq war, George Bush was the most hated leader in the world. Actually, today, Americans visiting foreign nations report fear and confusion that any sane nation could have some crazy person like Trump running for leadership.

Latest Trump Plan

I admit that it gets rather boring hearing one Trump plan after another, but the bright side is this demonstrates that Donald Trump has the qualities to be a great president.For example, no foreign leader will have the faintest idea as to what he said, anymore than what he will do. Talk about placing your opponents in a complex place where they are confused and  uncertain. Frankly, Hillary Clinton has never figured out that Donald Trump actually never had, and never will have any plan.

We now know there is a meaning to the madness of Trump.  For example:

I want to deport ALL illegal immigrants.

Maybe, all I am saying is, Maybe, there might be some flexibility about illegal immigrants.

They have to leave and then come back.

I never said ALL had to leave, I’m a man with a Great Heart.

Is this now clear?

The American Military Disaster

A group of 88 retired officers in the  US military signed a document in support of Donald Trump and they blasted President Obama for “the hollowing out of our military, and the burgeoning threat facing the country.”  So, these men, I assume they are men, actually believe the United States military has been denied sufficient money to do the job of protecting our nation. Well, let’s examine the facts:

In 2003 when President Bush  unleashed the US military to invade Iraq, the allocation for our military forces was: $437 billion.

2006— $644 billion

2008— $792 billion

2009, now President Obama: $815 billion

2012—$816 billion

2016– out of Iraq and only a small force in Afghanistan–$767 billion

The US military has 12 Carrier groups–each group has aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships. China has ONE aircraft carrier–it only can fly a few planes. China DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE CARRIER GROUP!

Yes, Obama has “hollowed out our military.” The US spends more money on its military than the next FIVE nations in the world.

Me And Ben Carson

I recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with America’s leading surgeon, and among the leading thinkers in the Republican party–Dr. Ben Carson. We met in Detroit

M: Dr. Carson, what do you think of  Donald Trump’s presentation to the black  church he attended?

BC: It was wonderful, he actually read the exact words that Jesus Christ spoke hundreds of years ago, the exact word. I trust that puts to rest the lies being spread about his Christian faith.

M: Well, he has been married three times, he did commit adultery, surely, that is not part of the teaching of Jesus.

BC:  There you go again, you Godless Democrats. Mr. Trump happens to love ALL women, he is ready to rise to the occasion at any moment, and dispense his love into the hearts of women. Surely, that is what Jesus wanted.

M:  I have a hunch,not only into the hearts but also into a few other parts of a woman’s body.

BC:  Mr. Trump loves black people. Did you know that his valet is BLACK! Did you know the man who drives his car is BLACK! Oops, where are my bags, where are my bags……

The last we saw of Dr. Carson he was headed back to the train station to get his bags.

We offer observations on the human condition by a 26 year  old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It is Tuesday, another day, another Trump plan to save America.

Trump is right, President Obama, no, America, was insulted when the Chinese only allowed a metal staircase for our president to walk on as he left the plane!

Why does America export goods, why don’t we keep those goods here in America?

So nice to focus my mind on important issues-will the New York Giants win football games?

Finally, a library in Alabama is going to send people to jail who do not pay library fines!

God, I miss the calm, the quiet ignorance of Ben Carson.

Did you ever get the feeling as to why we have the current people seeking the presidency?

These days Ted Cruz comes across as a quiet, dignified leader.