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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Not a single person seeking the presidency this year ever served in the armed forces of the nation.

Donald Trump who promises to make America “Great Again” made certain he did NOT serve in the Armed forces during the Vietnam war.

HATE is the most normal expression these days.

Saudi Arabia is reaping the harvest of educating youth to hate the Western world.

Ordinary Muslims in the Middle East suffer from the stupidity of their leaders who support terrorist groups.

Some day Donald will define the word, “crooked” and look in the mirror.

Americans will have a rendezvous with their stupidity if they elect Trump.

On Patriotism

We just celebrated the 240th anniversary of the birth of America. Republicans continue to refer to our FOUNDING FATHERS as though they had the faintest clue to the thinking and behavior of these men from the 18th century. At a time when Republicans boast of their ignorance of “science,” they forget that science was an important characteristic of Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson. But, more important was the sense of patriotism that drove these men. They believed in the destiny of the United States of America as a unique model for the res of the world. To be an American was to think about how its model could become the model for all nations.

Let me cite the work of one American patriot–Franklin D. Roosevelt. BEFORE the entry of America into WWII, he had brought two Republicans into his Cabinet to serve the nation. He worked with Republicans to create the United Nations, and Republicans regarded it their duty to work with the President. Roosevelt defeated Wendell Wilkie for the presidency in 1940. He asked Wilkie to work with him during WWII, and the defeated Republican became a close ally of the man who beat him in an election. This was the essence of Patriotism.

Republicans worked with Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights bill of 1965. As Minority leader in 1953, Lyndon Johnson made clear his task was to ASSIST Republican Dwight Eisenhower. Believe it or not in 2016, Republicans and Democrats worked together even while separated by political differences. That was PATRIOTISM.

Tweets Away!

It is  Tuesday and guess what–another Trump tweet that is causing an uproar. There is no question that Donald Trump has gained the reputation of the political candidate who resorts to social media to get across his ideas. That, in itself, would not be  something to complain about, but the real question is exactly which ideas are being conveyed? Donald just sent a tweet about Hillary being the “most corrupt politician ever”and  the image contained a Star of David. It turns out the image is also being used by white supremacists who, naturally, support Donald.

The real question is what is the point being made by Trump? OK, so he charges she is the most corrupt politician ever. At no point does Donald specify the exact nature of “corruption.” Sorry, Donald, use of email may be a mistake, it may have resulted in loss of information, but that does not fall onto any definition of “corruption.” Every single charge he makes about Hillary revolves around mistaken actions, but none fall into the area of corruption.

On the other hand, false advertising to lure students to spend thousands of dollars for nothing, does fall into the category of a crime.

What Did We Do?

There were two recent stories in The New York Times concerning cities in England which have received hundreds of millions from the European Union that was used for economic development, for infrastructure development, and even for expanding college education. These same locales voted by over sixty percent to leave the European Union. Many voted because they were told crazy stories about money going from the UK to the EU, and promised once England left, they could keep their money. But, the money coming from the EU was completely ignored. So, what is the future of England?

1. A significant portion of London’s financial sector will move to European sites. OH, that means jobs being lost. And, there are no replacement jobs for those departing.

2. A high proportion of England’s exports are to nations in the European Union. At present, they enter without paying tariffs. Guess what happens when England is no longer in the EU but outside it?

Saudi Arabia Reaps Harvest Of Hate

The death of any innocent human is to be deplored. ISIS just conducted a series of attacks on three sites in Saudi Arabia including the holy city of Medina. Several Saudi citizens died as a result of these raids. Ironically, the birth, the growth of ISIs was aided and financed by Saudi citizens and the Saudi government. For decades millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have gone toward the construction of Madrassas in which boys were educated to hate the West, to hate democracy, to hate and kill those who were not Muslims who believed in the importance of killing and bombing the innocent .

Osama bin Laden is a child of Saudi Arabia. Most of the 9/11 bombing were citizens of Saudi Arabia. In the 21st century Saudi Arabia remains among the handful of nations forbidding women to drive a car or to leave their house without permission of a male. Saudi money helped found the Taliban, it helped found just about every terrorist group in the Middle East. So, why the surprise the creatures they created have come back to destroy their former masters!!

Elie Wiesel Is Dead

There are individuals in our lives who  offer an opportunity to believe in the decency of the human spirit Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, he devoted his life fighting for the rights of humans throughout the world. There are those who suffer persecution and  hatred, and learn from that experience to hate and persecute others.  Ironically, Jews on the West Bank in Palestine never learned from the words of Elie Wiesel that those who experience the horror of hate, must never resort to that emotion towards those who are weak.

I once heard Elie Wiesel say in a speech, the wise man poses questions, the ignorant man provides answers. I wonder how those in  Israel fail to heed those wise words by raising questions pertaining to their actions against Palestinians?  How many Israelis are posing questions as to whether there are other options than those presently being followed by their government to attain peace. NO, those supporting Palestinians, are not perfect humans, yes, some have resorted to hate and violence. BUT, the fact there are evil Palestinians only makes it more important to support the mass of Palestinians who seek to have a homeland and live in peace with Israel. That would be the lesson one gains from the life of Elie Wiesel.

Bernie Sanders Folks On Hillary

We thought it might be interesting to check with Bernie Sanders supporters about why they will vote for Donald Trump.

Mary: “Bernie has made  clear that Hillary Clinton is a tool of Wall Street. Donald Trump is from Wall Street,but he is not Hillary Clinton.”

Phil: “Bernie is against trade agreements, and Donald is against trade agreements, Hillary is for them.”

Moishe: “Donald waves his arms when speaking, Bernie waves his arms when speaking, I’m for those who wave arms!”

Xanadu: “Bernie shouts, Hillary does not. Donald shouts, shouting indicates concern for people.”

Samantha: “I know that Donald hates Hispanics, but I’m not an Hispanic, and furthermore, Donald  has red hair. Why not vote for him?”

Bernie: “My name is Bernie, and my friend’s  name is Donald, who else to vote for?”

Kiki: “I hate the establishment, Hillary is part of the Establishment, Donald is not!”



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Bernie Sanders behaves like the angry uncle who is upset because no one listens to his stories of life.

Each day the polls change as to who is ahead, wonder why?

I never could understand why we have Black Lives Matter rather than All Lives Matter-guess which Martine Luther King would desire.

I wonder how many Americans would head north to Canada if Trump becomes president?

Many Americans seek a rendevous with disaster.

I wonder how I got stuck on this planet with these creatures of hate?

Oh well, it is time for football preseason, at least something interesting to watch.

So, What About Bernie’s Folks?

The other night a group of Sander’s supporters appeared on the Trevor Noah show where they explained how their votes would go to Donald Trump rather than Wall Street hero,  Hillary Clinton. Let me get this straight, people who believe in the ideas of Bernie Sanders and his menu of Socialism somehow believe racist, Wall Street supporter Donald Trump echoes the ideas of their hero!

There are moment in life when I want to take a trip to the nearest planet that will  support human life rather than listen to Bernie Sanders and his angry group of ignorant jerks. Donald Trump stands for everything the opposite of Bernie Sanders, but this group of ignorant, stupid jerks want him over Hillary Clinton and her ideas of respect for ALL humans!

Do Bernie Sanders supporters ever listen to what he says? It sure is not the same ideas as those of Donald Trump. let me explain you idiots what a Trump presidency would be like:

A Supreme Court that will restrict women rights.

The end of health care for millions.

A Supreme Court that will allow rich people to control elections.

The removal of millions of Hispanics back to Mexico!

Hatred to any and all Muslims in America!

So, Is It Chris Christie?

Rumors are building that Chris Christie will become the vice president nominee running with the Donald guy. There are reports that Chris has already discarded his valet uniform and is raring and ready to run for the vice presidency. So, we took a short trip through the brain of Chris in an endeavor to discover what he now intends to do.

1. “God, it will be great, no more shining his shoes, now something important to do in my life.”

2. “After all, I single-handedly saved America during 9/11 by prosecuting some people, I think they were Muslims.”

3. “My approval rating in New Jersey is now about 19%. It just has to get higher once I leave New Jersey where they know all about my incompetence.”

4. “I am still not completely certain what a vice president running with Donald actually does. I do know it is important to stand behind him with a blank smile and then applaud when he finishes the tirade.”

5. “Imagine having to confront Elizabeth Warren in a vice president debate? I think it is only fair that Donald handles her and I handle Hillary.”

6. “I now have memorized the tale of “thousands of Muslims on rooftops cheering on 9/11. I must repeat that story at least once a week.”

7. “The good news is no longer having to be in New Jersey and deal with those mob bosses. I wonder if one would knock off Donald so I could become president?”