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Donald On Chaos In Syria

Once again in the Presidential Debate Donald Trump offered his “expert” advice as to how to deal with the Syrian crisis. We once again heard the solution was to bomb, to bomb, to wipe out, to obliterate, to destroy, and to end the reign of ISIS. Donald discussed the “stupidity”of military leaders to announce a campaign to drive ISIS out  of the Iraq city of Mosul. Donald wants to know why we are “telling” ISIS that an attack will be launched. So, let me get this straight General Trump will surprise ISIS with a sneak attack, kill all their soldiers, and life will be beautiful.

Donald, there are a few problems:

1. There are 2,000,000 people in Mosul. We hope to get as many out of the city prior to the attack.

2. We have to get Kurdish troops working in alliance with Iraq soldiers. We just can’t surprise them with an attack they did not know was coming.

3. Organizing forces to get ready for an attack will make certain the entire world knows what is going to happen. Donald, this is a desert area, you  cannot hide troops and equipment.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I await attacks on the parents of Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s idea of an apology for his behavior is to discuss behaviors of other people.

The world is confronting significant changes in climate, and in America we discuss penis sizes.

Jeb Bush feels great today.

I can never figure out how a Great Businessman talks about imports, but never mentions exports.

I so wonder what Ivanka Trump is thinking at this moment.

I feel sorry for Mike Pence, what else must he defend about his colleague?

Thousands are dying in Syria while Americans discuss who wants to grab  a pussy.

The characteristic of an apology is self remorse, not anger at others.

I have a hunch Republican politicians are heading for the hills.

Every time Donald stumbles he becomes furious at the stumbles of others.

How come someone can uncover these old tapes?

The new political rule, NEVER send an email, and never talk to anyone else if it is being recorded.

We Americans have come a long, long way from George Washington.


Trump Apologizes, I Think

By now, most Americans have seen or read about the video in which Donald Trump explains, discusses,  boasts about his attitude toward women. We have an exclusive interview with Mister Trump.

“I don’t know the fuck what this ruckus is about. Look, any real American guy likes to talk about broads he would like to lay or those he has already laid. So, I mentioned wanting to grab a pussy, so what the fuck is so wrong about that! Unlike, most guys who wanted to become president, I am the ONLY one who,not only likes to fuck, but can fuck just about any broad in the place.

Hell, they get upset at me, what about Bill Clinton, what about the guy who can’ keep his prick in his pants. I am not like Bill Clinton, I take out my prick and use it every night, and a hell of a lot of days. Hell, I even want to hump my own daughter. This country needs a MAN, a real MAN, not another pussy like Bill Clinton. OK, so I apologize. Big deal. Frankly, why the hell  must I  apologize for talking and acting like a REAL MAN?

What kind of leader do Americans want, a MAN who can do it any time, any place, or some pussy little weak broad like Hillary. Be honest, would you like to fuck Hillary? OK, my family says, ‘apologize,’  big deal. So, I apologize, but just wait until Sunday when I go after the ugly, fat, Hillary Clinton. Man, I will take Bill Clinton and rip him to pieces. Then see, who the American people want, a weak, frankly, ugly, woman or  a he-man like me?

When I stand up for America, a part of me also stands up. Just remember, that I  am the  only man who ran for the presidency who made out with broads in every place, at every times, and they LOVED IT! Name one guy who loved fucking Hillary, heck her husband had to find a woman to satisfy his penis needs. Me, it’s the penis which asks me to go into action!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


These days spout hatred calmly, and people cheer at your demeanor

Thousands will die in the coming months in Syria while the world ignores it.

Fox News is the anti news source, there is only ONE view on this thing called a news source.

Rudy Giuliani can not speak without shouting.

I await the ignorant Donald Trump speaking calmly.

I wonder if ANY Republican has a single intelligent economic idea to advocate.

I await the preacher insisting Hurricane Matthew is God’s  PUNISHMENT.

Goodbye Syria

Since the opening days of rebellion against the dictatorship of President Assad in Syria, there has been blood flowing in the streets of Syria. The growing numbers of dead has progressed year after year until when we see a new number, our minds are so numbed that we ignore it, and go on with  our evening meal. One day it is a hundred thousand dead, the next month it is two hundred thousand dead, and now it appears Russian, Syrian and other allies of  Assad are ready to give the final blow to wipe out the Syrian people who oppose Assad.

Russian planes are ready to completely demolish any and all rebel forces currently in the eastern section of the city of Aleppo. They will bomb,they will destroy,they will wipe out any and all rebel forces. Reality, we Americans are so consumed about the latest nonsense of Trump/Pence, we pay no attention to what is happening in the death throes of the Syrian people. Here today, all gone tomorrow!

Things To Blame On Hillary

Republican candidates share one issue regardless of whether they like the other r person or not, Hillary Clinton is responsible for:

1.  Hurricane Matthew, there was no such hurricane prior to her becoming Secretary of State.

2. The New York Mets lost their shot at the playoff, they are from New York, she was the Senator from New York. Do the math.

3. Kim Kardashian did something,and she denies it, so, who else to blame?

4. There is conflict in Iraq, she was a Secretary  of State, that person is responsible for foreign policy. One plus one equals two.

5. Donald Trump lost his temper in the Debate, who other than Hillary caused it?

6. Cops get shot, Hillary Clinton says  bad things about cops,so who else is responsible for their deaths!

7.  Ivanka Trump ended her friendship with Chelsea Clinton, it is the fault of Hillary Clinton.

8. Bill Clinton fucked women, he is married to Hillary, so this proves Hillary fucked women.

9. There was a train wreck in New Jersey, it is now certain the engineer was so angry at Crooked Hillary, that he lost his composure.

10.Now,about the hordes of Mexican rapists and murderers, ……..


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Tim Kaine does not know the difference between cutting someone to pieces with calm words from  using a hatchet.

Americans dislike boorishness, sorry, Tim.

Hillary Clinton is ahead in this race DESPITE her efforts to  fall behind.

There is sadness in the inability of Bill Clinton to have a  great voice these days.

I am constantly baffled as to how the class idiot, Gary Johnson, is running for president.

If Donald Trump discovered a penny on the ground, he would shout to the world that he is a Great Businessman!

In my nightmares, I sure don’t dream of losing a billion dollars.

I wonder what is the average wage of those working for Trump enterprises.

Forgotten People–Refugees

I am old enough to recall when, not thousands, but millions of people were refugees in Europe. World War II created the necessity for millions of people to leave one area that was once their home, and flee to another since their home was now part of a different nation. Today, hundreds of thousands are leaving the Middle East, and parts of Africa in search of  a new life. Ironically,  fewer and fewer people are moving from Mexico, despite the hysteria created by Donald Trump and fear mongers.

So, what happened when MILLIONS were refugees. I guess since so many people fell into that category, there was recognition of the need to do something. Frankly, most of them did not have any nation to return to. There were at least a million Jews who had survived the Holocaust, and the thought of returning to areas of Europe where their former neighbors had aided the Nazis made it impossible to return. So, wha to do today?

1. Europe and the US have to invest billions in the Middle East and Africa to develop jobs.

2. There is need for major water development projects to deal with decline in rainfall.

3. There is need for a regulated, reasonable number of refugees for each country in Europe and the US and Canada. Actually, Canada already is accepting Syrians.

4.How about each college in America sponsoring ten refugee students with free scholarships and room and board?

Just DO something!

Good Or Bad News?

Researchers have concluded that we humans do have a limit as to our life expectancy. OK, they recently found a fish of the coast of Iceland who is 245 years old, but it it not human. The oldest person so far on record is Louise Calmet who died in1997 at the age of 122. Consider the impact on we humans if we all could live another fifty years after reaching the age of 90.

1. In the 22nd century there would still be a Ted Cruz to filibuster in Congress.

2. In 2080 when most Americans are not of European descent, Donald Trump will be warning us of hordes of Europeans coming across our border and raping nice innocent Hispanic women.

3. In 2080, the media will be discussing the latest scandal of CROOKED Hillary Clinton who slept with her robot.Or, was it Bill?

4. In 2090, Ben Carson will be standing in front of hospitals selling his books of unimportant statements.

5. Hopefully, Jon Stewart would have returned to the Daily Show.

6. In 2090, the United States would celebrate its 80th year of not being able to pass a single law in Congress.

7. Of course in 2090, Vladimir Putin will be riding horses and shooting bear in the wilds of Siberia while still being president of Russia.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Tim Kaine played attack dog, growling is not the best offense.

Mike Pence played, hey, why not vote for me in 2020?

Face it, Pence and Trump, the two dumbest candidates heading a major party quest for the presidency.

If one is black, walk gently in town.

If one is white, strut around town.

Many Americans seek a bully who shouts about America being Great Again.

The “Again” is when blacks knew their place in society.

Once upon a time, one checked guns with sheriff when coming to town.