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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald One Note can only sing loudly, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

A great Democratic convention, now for a  great American political campaign.

Hopefully, Bernie Sanders  folks will do what is best for America by voting for Hillary.

I am getting to enjoy Tom Kaine, he comes across as cool.

Republicans this year come across as advocates of Doom and Gloom.

Take one guess as to which party, Lucifer would support.

I continue to wonder as to which political post Ben Carson could handle.

Day of Wonder, the day Donald actually explains one idea on solving one problem.

Rudy Stands Tall Again!

I understand there are LIBERALS who care more about terrorists than safety of the American people. Well, fighting Rudy Giuliani, the man who single-handedly saved New York City, if not America, after the 9/11 attack has come up with a fantastic plan to deal with terrorists. He wants anyone on the terrorist watch list to wear a bracelet so they can be monitored.

Rudy, you opened my mind. How about really getting serious about Muslim terrorists:

1. All Muslims should be required to wear a large badge which has a large ‘M’ and it should be worn on one’s shirt or blouse.

2. In order to ensure safety of God fearing Christian and Jewish children, why not have separate classrooms for Muslim children?

3. As a further safety measure, why not just have Muslims live in certain areas of towns?

4. Or, why not establish concentration camps where Muslims can live in peace and freedom?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old mind.


I await with glee the debate between Pence and Kane.

So Donald, when will you reveal TAX RETURNS?

Trump has violated the law with calls for Russia to hack government documents.

Of course,who wants to read Trump emails?

Bloomberg offered Independents a reason to vote this year.

Bernie Sanders children must grow up and vote for Clinton.

This is the first  convention  era in which children talked about their parents.

When Obama speaks, sunshine fills the world.

Obama On America

According to Donald Trump and Fox News, these are the worst of times, these are the most terrible times, these are the days of gloom and peril. President Obama presented to the American people a different version of reality. He described what IS, not what IS NOT.

1. Crime is at the lowest level in American history. People are safer now then they  have ever been in this country. Example: Fifteen years ago, about 2,200 people were murdered in New York City. Last year the figure was about 330. Except for a few cities like Chicago, most cities report similar results.

2. Over fifteen million jobs have been created since he became president. When Obama took office, the United States was LOSING 800,000 JOBS EACH MONTH.

3. Twenty million people now have health insurance that they lacked eight years ago.

4. Gay rights have been achieved.

5. For the first time a woman is running for president.

6. America is respected, that is why millions would love to enter it.

7. As a result of trade deals, the average American saves over $5,000 a year.

8. Unemployment is less than 5%.

9. We no longer torture prisoners of war.

10. ISIS has lost over 40% of the land it once controlled.

YES, this is reality,not the gloom picture of Donald Trump!

Dark Days In America: Our Collapsing Military

OK, so Democrats are trying to make me feel happy and content. BUT,my buddy Donald told the truth last week about what’s wrong in this nation. For example, Donald made clear our military forces are close to collapse,and that is why no country is afraid of the USA. Just examine the record about our collapsed military:

1. The United States has twelve ‘carrier groups.” A carrier group consists of some aircraft carriers along with destroyers, and submarines. On the other hand, China has ONE aircraft carrier–OK, there is a slight problem, the carrier can’t fly planes. But,who is perfect.

2. The United States has the best  air force in the world. No other nation would last a day if confronted by American planes. However, there is no guarantee that if aliens arrived, our air force would be able to defeat them!

3. The United States has the best tanks in the world. However, there is a minor problem–no nation has any tanks that might defeat US tanks. So,it is impossible to have a tank fight which means Donald IS correct that we lack proof of our military superiority.

4. There is no military force that could handle the US Marines. Of course, to discover how good they are, we might initiate a war between the Marines and the Army.

5. Oh, we spend nearly  $700 billion on our military forces. That is more than is spent by the next eight military budgets added together.

Dark Tales: America Today Under Trump

Thank God we have Donald Trump and his voice for calm, and peace, and hope. OK, there are some who claim that Donald is a voice of fear and anger. Just examine the record of this fighter for working people.

Donald was on the Bill O’Reilly show and asked about  his proposal for minimum wages. Donald pointed out that originally, he thought the $7.25 an hour was too high, but, he has done some further thinking and come to the conclusion that “I would leave it  and raise it somewhat.” He now believes it might be possible to have a $10 an hour wage, “but, let the states  make the deal.” In other words, if Mississippi says $5 an hour, that’s OK with Donald. He does promise that when elected, each and every American will have a “high paying job.” Yes,  he is ready to allow it to rise to $10 an hour. In other words, in Trump America, workers will be making the amazing wage of $1600 a month!

With Donald in power, good times will return to one and all. Of course, in some states that great wage might be $800 a month. I am certain workers will be happy they finally have a high paying job that once was done in China.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85  year old body.


Bill’s voice is not the same, but  his ability to get across ideas IS.

I have never understood why someone who goes to jail, loses their right to vote. There must be a connection, but I can’t figure it out.

More Muslims die each day from violence than Christians witness in a ten year period of time.

I suspect if there was no social media there would be no ISIS.

Listening to Republican fears about the sky falling has led me to construct a home built deep into the mountains.

I confess to being an optimist, this means no place in the Republican party for me.

Most  probably, Planned Parenthood  comes right after ISIS on the Republican  fear list.

Say, whatever happened to Chris Christie, is he still the Trump valet?


The Real Donald Trump

Democrats spent the entire Tuesday night boasting about the wonderful Hillary Clinton. Bill presented a story of the rise to power of his hard working, caring, loving wife who devoted her entire life serving the needs of children. In fairness, we will present a warm and loving tale of Donald Trump.

Donald was born in the wilderness of Queens to a mother and father.

Donald lived in a  nice big house which meant he was deprived of being able to boast of birth in a log cabin out west.

Donald was compelled by his tyrannical father to assist him as he made the rounds getting rent from old ladies and widows. Donald was forced to witness them crying and sobbing. This left an indelible mark on Donald, who has never cried or sobbed.

Unlike, most Americans, Donald was forced to attend a private military school which left him lonely for mom, dad, and his brother and sister.

Donald was thrust into life with ONLY  one million dollars! How many young boys or girls are forced to confront such  a hard beginning of life?

Well, Donald learned the hard way how to stiff people by not paying his bills, and   making clear to workers, if they wanted their pay, sue!

Oh,the gorgeous women who wanted to fuck him, the horror of always having to perform and ejaculate! There is no question this left him with serious problems since Donald had to over and over again fuck women to prove his manhood!

You will note that none of this horrendous events were confronted by one Hillary Clinton!

Let’s Make A Film

There apparently is a propensity of those believing in ISIS to make sure whatever they do must be on film. For a group that hates the modern world, they certainly use modern ideas and technology. Yesterday a Catholic priest in Normandy was in church when two Islamic terrorists entered and proceed to take out their film equipment, and get down to business.

They made Father Jacques Hamel kneel, and then proceeded to cut his throat. After the murder, they  proceeded to film the entire event,and even showed themselves in a Catholic church giving what passed for a sermon. They then proceeded to walk outside, and get blasted to hell by police.

The filming aspect is what fascinated me. Muslim terrorists are madly in love with Hollywood.  They all want to be movie stars, and not only star in the  film, but wind making a film in which the bad guys get killed. They just do not believe in films containing a happy ending in which the bad guys drive off into the sunset, and live happily  ever after.

Or, they believe the “happy ever after”is up in the sky in a place containing gorgeous Muslim women–all dressed demurely.


We offer observations on the human condition from the mind of a 25 year old trapped in an 85 year old body


Some Sanders supporters are crying, and would prefer Trump in power because he is not Hillary Clinton. Great logic.

Sanders supporters should not forget what Ralph Nader did- disruption of the world, and death of millions.

Trump victory means Chris Christie is Attorney General!!

Michelle Obama was not only delightful, but powerful!

Cory Booker has a good message, but he has to lower the voice to get it across.

Al Franken proves we need more professional comedians in Congress rather than the clowns who try being funny–without realizing they are!

Elizabeth Warren must make Donald livid with anger, she hits him in the penis.

I am so tired of, “Lets Make America Great Again.” For God’s sake we have among the best economies in the world, and, the lowest taxes!

A Warren-Trump debate would reduce the pretend tough guy to tears of frustration.

Donald has never banged away for America such as fighting in Vietnam, just bangs away with models.