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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


One day, I will finally learn exactly what constitutes these GREAT DEALS that Donald will negotiate with China.

Name one conspiracy theory that Trump supporters do NOT believe.

Children die in Syria, our concern is with women groped by Donald Trump.

The Chicago Cubs lost the first game, hopefully, the opposite of future games.

This is the Age of Pygmy minds in American politics.

After the Donald man–Ted Cruz as the new hero of idiots?

Just think, Donald Trump has sons to carry on his dynasty.

Oh, and the ever present, Ivanka.

Donald Trump says he loves to “fight,’ as long as it was never in Vietnam.

Megyn Kelly Vs Donald

Blond haired gorgeous Megyn Kelly,who works for Fox news has suddenly become the enemy of Trump supporters. She was interviewing Newt Gingrich, who desires to return in some way to the political scene by supporting Donald Trump, when he suddenly turned on her charging she was  a tool of the Clinton campaign. Imagine, anyone who works for Ruppert Murdoch being a tool of the nefarious Democrats. Trump is Newt’s last chance to get a meaningful job in politics.

So, Newt spoke. “I am sick and tired of people like you using inflammatory language that’s not true. I think that’s what gets me upset.” Newt believes lies are being spread about the alleged sexual advances of Donald Trump. He is really a man of dignity who has never been sexually  active with women. These charges sort of upset Megan Kelly. She mentioned the famous tape of Donald talking with Billy Bush.

“That’s what we saw. Then, we saw 10 women come forward after he denied doing that. We saw reporters, we saw people who had worked for him from Apprentice, and so on and so forth. ” Gingrich retorted: “You are fascinated by sex, you don’t care about public policy.” Amen.

Voices In The Fall

We offer samples of words spoken this fall.

1. Donald Trump tape of him speaking  few years ago. “I just like to fight, I love to get into fights, I am a fighter.” For some reason when he had a chance to fight in Vietnam, Donald got four draft deferments. I guess when the  other guys can shoot back,  Donald just is not interested in fighting.

2. Sign at a Trump Rally:  BLACKS FOR TRUMP. Donald comment: “I love that sign, I love black people.” Camera showed two WHITE people holding  up the sign.

3. When it comes to getting humped, give me the Donald guy any day over the Bill Clinton guy.  Monica Lewinsky.

4. There are cat that meow, and there are pussies who claw back to the guy with the small hand on their pussy.

5. I saved America years before the Trump guy took  over the franchise on saving America. Rudy Giuliani.

6. Donald Trump: The crooked media is lying and spreading words against me. Did you know they actually report the actual words I speak!!

Paul Ryan–For Anyone To Be President

As you recall, Paul Ryan a few months ago urged Republicans to vote for Donald Trump, and now he wants Republicans to vote for the next person who will become president. So, we asked Paul to explain where  he stands right now.

Fred, thanks for this opportunity to be frank with the American people on where the Congressman who leads our party in the House of Representatives stands on this election. I do want someone to become president, I can say that without any fear of taking this stand. I want someone who will cut taxes on the wealthy and get this economy moving again. I want someone who understands that when the wealthy are happy, the Middle Class is prosperous.

So, who will I support for president? Mr.Trump is the nominee for the Republican party for the presidency. OK,sometimes, well, to be honest, just about all the time, he opens his big mouth to insult a woman,a disabled person or Hispanics. Now, I love women, but remember that I am married so I keep my love away  from female bodies, but any how, there is always something today or some female today, that Donald sort of angers with his touches,let alone with his words.

OK, Donald has sort of insulted me, but there is absolutely NO evidence that he ever groped my wife or reached for her pussy. None at all. On the question of my wife and her body, I have to admit that Donald Trump has been a gentleman. So, give Donald an ‘A’grade when it comes to groping females in my family. On this point,I do support Donald Trump when it comes to members of the Ryan family. He has been a gentleman at ALL times. So,on this point,I am 100% on the side of Donald Trump!

For Donald Trump-Ivanka Speaks

Continuing our effort to present an unbiased account of the candidacy, we allow his daughter, Ivanka to offer some kind words about her dad.

My father is a great man, a great man, he loves his children, he buys us just fabulous gifts, and we don’t even have to pay him back for them. People ask about my dad’s foreign policy experience. Well, do you know how many times he has been to Brooklyn and the Bronx collecting rent from people of color and people of the Jewish persuasion, and some real bad hombres from Mexico. In fact, dad has been to New Jersey many, many times, and you know how foreign a land that is.

OK, I have now discussed his foreign policy experience. Now, let’s get to  the real issue of this election–our busted economy. My dad knows more about bankruptcy than any candidate who has ever sought to become president of this great, great land. Dad wrote the book on bankruptcy, so who better to get this bankrupt economy moving again! My dad can make Great Deals, Great Deals to get this country on the right track to prosperity. Think about it, how many businessmen do you know who can go bankrupt running a casino? My dad knows better than anyone how to talk your way out of paying bills, and still become wealthy. If you want someone who knows how to become wealthy by letting the other  guys pay the bill, vote for my dad!

For Donald Trump–Rudy Speaks

We decided in the spirit of fairness to allow supporters of Donald Trump to present their argument why he should be the next president.

Rudy Giuliani: As you know I was the one who saved the people of New York City on 9/11.  It was my bravery walking through Harlem with only a hundred cops  that showed Islamic terrorists they had better not fool around with me, nor the president of  the United States– frankly, for the moment, that name sort of escapes my memory.

So, why am I for Donald Trump to be president? Good question. Frankly, to be honest, Donald Trump if elected would enable me to meet some cute chicks, and since I have now been married this third time,  who knows, maybe I can try it once again. At least, then being married four times, I will surpass the red headed guy. Oh, why vote for Donald Trump? Great question. Put it this way, at least he  is not Hillary Clinton, and, for sure, he sure is not me!!

We Want A Fair Election

One of the Trumpian children, Eric Trump, made clear that his father would definitely accept the verdict of the electorate, provided: either that his father won the election, of that it was a fair election. “My father will absolutely accept a verdict, if the election is fair.” So, what constitutes a ‘fair election?’

1. Since black folks never really got proper citizenship since it was Congress, not the American people, who voted to make them free, thus, until that election is held, NO black folks should vote.

2. Women are essentially biased against Donald Trump because he did not grope, kiss, or grab their pussy, so how can they be allowed to vote?

3. How can there be a ‘fair election’ if American Muslims are allowed to vote? They are all biased against Donald Trump. This is not fair.

4. How can Hispanics be allowed to vote, they also are biased against Donald Trump. And, how can we tell which of them is a ‘bad hombre’ from a decent Hispanic? There simply  is no way to differentiate between the bad hombres and the nice Hispanics.

5.We all know that California and New  York are not filled with real Americans, how can this be a fair election if these foreigners are allowed to vote?

I trust this explains what constitutes a FAIR ELECTION!

Trump’s Anti-Semite Hero

During the recent debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump referred to one of his great heroes in life–General George Patton of World War II fame. Anyone familiar with WWII knows that General Patton was a notorious anti-Semite. Following is an excerpt from his Diary. Patton was in command of Bavaria after the war ended, and thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors were near death.

Patton was ordered by General Dwight Eisenhower to attend a synagogue service. “We entered the synagogue which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity, I have ever seen. The smell was so horrible, I almost fainted from the smell.”

“Of course, I knew the expression, ‘lost tribes of Israel applied to the tribes which disappeared–not for  the tribe of Judah which the current sons of bitches are descended. It is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe, lost of all decency.”

Such speaks a HERO of Donald Trum!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


One day Trump will finally let us know who are ‘THOSE PEOPLE.”

I feel sorry for Republicans calling for Trump, they must encounter silence all too often.

Just imagine dinner table conversation at the Jeb Bush family gathering.

I wonder if there is A woman in America who was NOT groped by Donald.

Listening to Donald Jr. one can only say, ‘it runs in the family’ –ignorance.

It is now clear the Trump program to make America, Great Again, was ‘rigged elections.”

People die in Syria, and we in America, die another way.

How come Tiffany Trump never speaks up for dad?

Oh well, the NBA begins this week, finally, no talk about ‘rigged games,’ I think.

I would have loved to  play tennis with Donald Trump and hear, ‘you are rigging this game by making all those good shots!’

I would so love to hear what Trump surrogates say in the private of their homes about the Great Man.

These are great days for Vladimir Putin, controlling an American election!

Donald Won’t Quit

OK, just about everyone has counted Donald Trump out of the race. His poll numbers are down, his followers remain devoted, but there is scant evidence women are flocking to his banner. However, the man who knows there is a great plot to destroy his name, and destroy the lives of All Americans, remains in the shadows of this campaign. NO, the plot is not led by the international Jew conspiracy, NO, the plot is not led by the Catholic church, the plot is led by Crooked Hillary and the Democratic party!

Democrats are, at this very moment, fixing the election. They are pushing THOSE PEOPLE to vote for the Crooked woman from Chicago. How can Donald Trump surrender to these dark forces which seek to take the election away from me. NO question, the 30 Republican governors who control voting in their states will NOT allow Donald Trump to be the victor. They have been bought off by money from the Clinton Foundation and will cheat and steal votes from Donald Trump. In fact, the entire Republican party is against him.

Even worse,  most Americans are against him. BUT, he will not surrender to these dark forces of history. Donald, keep on fighting for the American people!!