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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


There is no question that a President Fiorina will engage in nuclear war to prove that she has balls.

The magic word at any Republican debate is OBAMA. Just say it and then say anything such is that he is the anti-Christ.

Poor Rand Paul is always at the end and always ends with a comment about no war that does not agree with the others.

Jeb wants the world to know that he knows something.

John Kasich wants the world to know that he has actually DONE something.

Ben Carson is the American nightmare candidate who just goes on and on mumbling nonsense.

One day Ted Cruz will make a statement without recalling his brave father who came to America with nothing.

Jeb Bush At Debate

Jeb sort of said some things at the debate that sort of, not exactly totally,but sort of allowed him to come across as someone who actually had an intelligent idea. There is no question that Jeb is just as tough as brother George. He wants to establish a No Fly zone in Syria, he wants to wipe out ISIS, and boy, this is one boy who can really handle any Muslim terrorist group. After all, his brother wiped out Saddam Hussein. As far as Jeb is concerned, if only we had not pulled out of Iraq there would not be any problems. It was all the fault of the dude born in Africa who simply lacks the balls of the great George Bush.

Gee, Jeb, President Obama was carrying out the time table established by some dude named George Bush. So, tell me Jeb, would you have allowed American troops to remain in Iraq if they could be arrested for a local crime and tried in a Sharia court? I sort of have a hunch those Republican religious nuts would have gone sort of wild with anger.

Anyway, we know that Jeb is one tough dude.

Bibi Feels OK?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in Washington D.C. visiting his arch enemy, Barack Obama and for the very briefest of moments, the man from Jerusalem is not upset. At the heart of this conflict between the Israel leader and the American leader is the reality that no intelligent American president can allow another nation to determine its foreign policy. Netanyahu has met with Republican leaders, he has made clear during an election in the United States that he would prefer the election of a Republican. From the perspective of Netanyahu this is normal behavior, but from the perspective of ANY American politician, this is a blatant interference in the political life of the United States.

The guiding principle of American foreign policy is that our leaders are motivated by the interests of the United States. America seeks to end conflict in the Middle East and that requires the cooperation of ALL nations, including Iran. As long as any Israel leader refuses to negotiate in good faith, there can not be peace in the region. As far as Israel is concerned, there is one basic fact. Unless there is a two-nation conclusion, by 2030 the Jewish people will be a MINORITY within their own nation. That is a piece of reality.

Bibi Feels Better About Obama

Among the enduring myths concerning President Obama’s foreign policy toward Israel is that he hates Israel, he hates Jews, he loves Arabs, and he is a wimp toward Iran.So, let us examine the record of Israel-US relations.

1. Republican President Dwight Eisenhower ordered Israel to halt its attack on Egypt in 1956. His Secretary of State refused to visit Jerusalem but visited Arab capitals.

2. Richard Nixon refused to provide military aid Israel during the Yom Kippur was until Premier Gold Meier threatened to use atomic weapons.

3. Ronald Reagan sold missiles to Iran.

4. George H.W. Bush and his Secretary of State were despised in Israel because they opposed West Bank settlements.

Barack Obama has sent Israel about $24 billion worth of military aid.

Jeb Bush Hates Government

Today is Friday and Jeb Bush is pushing a new idea in order to obtain the Republican nomination for president. “We’re Americans, damn it. The government is a parasite –we’re the host.” When asked about his energy level which came under criticism from Donald Trump, the junior bush made clear, “I actually have good energy every night.” And, no doubt, twice as much on Sunday–he is a good Catholic.

My problem with the statement.

Jeb Bush served as Governor of the state of Florida. His brother served as a President of the United States. His father served as a President of the United States. Stop me if I am wrong, but those positions place the person as HEAD OF A GOVERNMENT! So, who are you–the parasite or the host??

Who Built The Pyramids Of Egypt

I understand there are people who were taught in school about how ancient Egyptians build the pyramids as a place where they could buy leaders of the nation. Unfortunately, the so called “scholars” never consulted the world’s leading expert on pyramids, one Ben Carson. OK, so some believe he is a surgeon, but few understand that he also is THE leading scholar on ancient Egyptian history. It is easy to understand why he has this background:

1. Egypt is located on the African continent.

2. Ben Carson’s ancestors came from the African continent.

3. It only stands to reason that he knows more than the so called, “scholars” whose ancestors came from European societies.

As he told an audience: “Now, all the archeologists think they (pyramids) were made for the pharoahs. My personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain”

Sounds very scholarly to me.

Israel Lives By The Sword

Benny Grantz, and Israel official uttered some words of advice to the world, “we will always live by our sword.” No question, this is the operating mode of the current Israel government. Always show them Palestinians and the world that if you mess with an Israeli, you are fooling around with some person who is ready to blast away. Why Israel sense of toughness? If a people for over 2,000 years have resided among Gentiles in a position of powerlessness, there is an intense need to make certain those Gentiles and those Muslims know the old days are gone, and in the new days, we Jews don’t take anything from anybody!

This attitude meets emotional needs for Jews, but as an operating political or diplomatic approach, it fits the attitude of Vladimir Putin,not that of a peacemaker. The time has now come when Jews no longer have to prove they are the toughest guys on the block. How about a little bit of Martin Luther King?

A Russian Plane Fell To The Ground

A Russian plane took off from an airport in Egypt and within twenty minutes reported problems and soon disintegrated and plunged to the ground and soon 222 people were dead. We offer several possible explanations for this event.

1. Putin planned the tragedy so he could blame someone or some group for economic problems inside Russia.

2. The Israel secret service, the Mossad,organized this event –if anything bad occurs in the world, just blame the Jews! Works for centuries.

3. Egyptian dictator General Sisi has an economic mess. Shift focus from his inept rule to some tragedy and at least no one is blaming this upon him.

4. An ISIS suicide bomber had the bombs on his underwear.

5. According to Ben Carson: “I really don’t know too much about Egypt. Is that the place with pyramids? And,this ISIS stuff, is this company seeking someone to push their products?”

6. Given the state of the Russian economy,there is nothing strange about anything built in Russia to disintegrate.

Anyway, innocent people are dead.

The Refugees Are With Us.

Throughout the history of the United States refugees have flocked to these shores seeking a place in which to work, to pray, to find a better life for their children. Eventually, those immigrants became citizens, and eventually some of those immigrants, and most of their children, became opponents of refugees. In other words, OK for we immigrants to find refuge in this land, but we don’t want you foreigners to enter this land built by immigrants.

So, here is reality about Middle Eastern immigrants:

1. The German population of about80,000,000 will decline in thirty years to about 60,000,000 meaning fewer workers to pay taxes to pay people a pension.

2. Those who are born in a nation simply do not doing the dirty jobs associated with modern life. That is why we have immigrants.

3. Immigrants to a nation purchase food, clothes, cars, gadgets, etc..which means JOBS for those working in such occupations. They are JOB CREATORS!

We could use fresh blood for any aspect of our society.

Let’s Investigate

The Republican Party wants to have investigations. Well, let me suggest some topics that would lend themselves to an investigation.

1. Mitt Romney once tied his dog to the top of the car. I believe we must investigate how to prevent such cruelty to dogs.

2. Republicans have spent twenty million dollars and eight investigations on Benghazi. How about investigating the 1985 Hezbollah bombing in Beirut that resulted in the death of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY AMERICAN SOLDIERS! Of course, we can not recall President Reagan to explain why he ALLOWED this to occur.

3. Well, we could always go back to the Watergate investigation. It NEVER got eight investigations. Only ONE.

4. Shouldn’t we find out why Benedict Arnold turned traitor during the American Revolution?

5. As I recall, four thousand Americans have died as a result of the invasion of Iraq. How about an investigation to prevent such tragedies?

6. Carly Fiorina was fired as head of Hewlett Packard. I want to investigate WHY!

7. As of this point there has not been an investigation of the Benghazi investigations!