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Religion And Health

Frankly, I am confused as to why there is even a discussion in the US Supreme Court regarding the so-called religious rights of businessmen to deny access to health care for their employees. Some businessmen argue since they do not believe in abortion on religious grounds they are not bound to provide women access to preventive health measures such as abortion. There are religions which do not believe in the field of medicine, I assume that a businessman can argue since his religion does not allow an individual to use hospitals or doctors, then he has a right not to pay for such services under the Affordable Care Act. How about:

1. Organize your own religion and then argue it does not allow any form of medicine.

2. Organize your own religion and argue that it does not allow any tax money you pay to be used for paying those on unemployment insurance.

3. Some are pacifists due to religion, I assume this means they do not have to allow any of their tax money to go to pay for weapons.

Ridiculous argument.

An Obama Discourtesy

Jimmy Carter holds the distinction of being only one of four men on this planet who once was president of the United States of America. After leaving the office of president, he was the only one of those four men who did not seek to enrich himself by seeking positions in the corporate world which offer millions in exchange for using the name of a former president. He devoted himself to the cause of peace a rather unusual desire on the part of a former president. In his post presidency, Carter has been consulted by Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and another George Bush, but no call has ever come from the current arrogant Barack Obama. Carter is aware that his ideas on peace in the Middle East are not popular with the Israel lobby and many members of Congress because he worked for a peace in the Middle East that respected the rights of both Israel and Palestinians.

It might be of interest to Barack Obama that he was the last US president who actually brought Palestinians and Arabs together in a peace accord. The Camp David accord ensured that both Arab and Israel views were respected. Barack Obama has allowed Israel to disrespect Arab needs and in the process simply made America more disrespected in the Middle East.

It is rather tragic when a former president of this nation has to write: “I have felt that my communications are probably monitored. And, when I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the Post Office and mail it because I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored.”

What We Never See

It was just another killing, and killing is not unusual in the human condition. Some people living in Kenya went to church on Sunday morning and four of them did not leave the church alive while seventeen left with wounds on their bodies. A group of young men burst into the church and began to blast away. Naturally, being humans, they killed and wounded in the name of some God or some book or some belief that killing is what God desires in our lives. Most probably, the killers were a group of Muslim youth who had come from Somalia and since Kenya soldiers were fighting their al Shabaab, it was only normal for them to kill some Christians in the name of God. It is quite clear that God does not like Christians just as Christians believe God does not like Muslims.

In the midst of these killings one wonders where are the voices of clerics? I have not witnessed evidence of Muslim and Christian clerics coming together seeking to end violence. I find it even more troubling that clerics do not even speak out when their own supporters are murdered. The silence of clerics in the Middle East and Asia is very troubling to one who believes in God.

Democratic Senators On Iran

President Barack Obama once again received evidence the Israel lobby is alive and well in the United States of America. Of course, any lobby whose main goal is to further the interests of a foreign government might be considered by the American public in a negative light, but AIPAC is the friend of both Republicans and Democrats when it comes to issues of raising money for political campaigns. A group of twenty three Democratic Senators including one independent, sent a letter to the president acknowledging they support his two thronged approach to Iran, political and threats. They want guarantees that any final agreement contains absolute guarantees that Iran is not engaged with enrichment for development of nuclear weapons. They agree Iran should have the right to develop domestic nuclear materials.

OK, both the president and this blog agree with this demand. No intelligent person could disagree with preventing use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Of course, it might assist in this effort if Israel, the ONLY Middle Eastern nation possessing nuclear weapons, might reduce their nuclear weapon build up by a dozen or so nuclear weapons in a demonstration of peace and security for all.

A Muslim In America Can Be Spied Upon

I am old enough to recall the dark days of post World War II when to be Jewish in America meant that one’s patriotism was to be questioned. Oh, over 500,000 Jews fought in WWWII and many were given medals, but once the war was over and our allies, the Soviet Union, became our enemy, those who had been friendly to our ally were all too often accused of being subversives. Fast forward to the 21st century and the position once held by Jews of being accused of disloyalty (two famous spies were named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) is now held by those of the Muslim faith. The New York Police engage in surveillance of Muslims while at prayer or out for a dinner or even in a school building because some Muslims participated in the 9/11 attack. Of course, in the history of spies in America or assassins there is not a single Muslim name, but all were white Christians, but, what the heck, we cannot arrest all Christians.

Judge William Martini dismissed law suits brought by Muslim groups who wanted an end to the nonstop surveillance by police of the everyday activities of those who happen to be Muslim. Judge Martini argues that “police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community.” This assumes that being Muslim equates with being disloyal.

As I recall, Edward Snowden and Cpl. Manning who revealed secrets to the world–including Muslim groups–were white Christians. Does this mean…..


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Facebook Head Confused”

About having $30 billion or about trying to read what is posted?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Where To Spend St. Patrick’s Day”

Not in Copenhagen, that’s for sure, how about a tavern?

Sweden, Local: “Cops Badly Paid”

I guess they need an increase in bullets given them.

Russia, Moscow Times: “When In Ukraine, Don’t Say Ukraine”

Just say, Father Putin?

UK, Guardian: “We’re Not Lazy”

We are the billionaires who create lazy workers!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Clueless About Religion”

This certainly fits any religious person who preaches hatred toward other religions.

USA, aol.: “Cancer Patients Pay To Park Cars”

Look at the bright side, one day you will not have to park a car!

On Executing The Evil

Throughout my life among the issues that have left me confused is that of capital punishment. There are evil people in this world and they commit evil acts against the innocent. Of course, we do send young men off to war to kill the evil and if they perform their job we reward them with medals and parades. I have no doubt that among the good men who commit the act of murder there are some who thoroughly enjoy the act of being able to wipe out a family, man, woman and child and feel great joy at being able to kill those without weapons of war in their hands. At some point in the history of the human race we divided murder into two categories–one for killing the “enemy” and one for killing those from our own society. I joined the Army and was prepared to engage in the rite of killing.

So, the question remains-are their people who are mentally incapable of killing and are their people whose mental capacities make them prone to kill because they do not know right from wrong? Freddie Lee Hall is being prepared to be killed by the state of Florida. In 1978 he abducted and murdered a 21 year old pregnant women. His IQ is 75 and the state of Florida insists that anyone with an IQ of 70 or above can be executed. Mr. Hall is asking the Supreme Court could decide what is the IQ level for killing those who murder.

I have no idea. Does anyone?

Please Mr. President

Just check your daily newspaper for a photo of dour faced Obama gazes off into space as President Mahmoud Abbas talks and talks. For some reason, the head of the Palestinian Authority is not in love with Israel demands for what was once supposed to be the homeland for Palestinians, but now house by house has been transformed into homes for Jewish settlers in quest for more and more land. The president of Palestine showed the president of the United States of America a map which depicts land that allegedly belonged to the state of Palestine but now is in the hands of people from the state of Israel. “It is an ugly map,” he said, “this was supposed to be land of the Palestinian people.” As I recall, that land was supposed to be for the Palestinian people because the United Nations made a compromise which provided land for both Jews and Palestinians.

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority is upset at Israel demands that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” In response, he noted: “I have my religion. I have my story. When they ask me to recognize the Jewish state, what they are doing is asking me to change my narrative.”

Those who have worked hard to ensure the narrative of the American story includes, not only white Anglo Saxon Protestants but Catholics and Italians and Jews and Indians, the entire narrative is correct which encompasses plural narratives.

Wither America Demographically?

The nation we call, the United States of America was founded by those of the Christian Protestant faith. Until 1800, about 96% of Americans were either Protestant and about 3% were Catholic, and there were a few thousand Jews. Of course, slaves represented about 15% of the population. The initial demographic change occurred during the period 1830-1870 when large numbers of Irish Catholics and German immigrants arrived. Later in the second half of the 19th century came those from Sweden and Finland and Denmark. However, the next great change occurred between 1880-1924 when over 20,000,000 immigrants arrived from eastern Europe, and Italy. Included within this group were about 3,000,000 Jews. By 1914, one out of four people in America was either born in another land or the child of an immigrant.

Of course, there were always slaves(freed in the 1860s) and those of Spanish heritage who lived in the southwest and California. Two years ago, a majority of people in California were no longer of European heritage and now the latest figure is that 39% of California inhabitants are of Mexican heritage. Those of white European heritage are now the minority. There are now large numbers of people from Asian background along with African Americans.

By the year 2050, those who trace their ancestry to Europe will become the minority in the United States of America. If the Republican party does not change its attitude it will vanish in the dustbin of history. Demographics, in the end, decide the fate of nations.

Is Israel A “Jewish State?”

A key Israel Minister attacked US Secretary of State John Kerry for blaming Israel for the impasse on reaching an agreement with Palestinians. According to Gilad Erdan, “john Kerry is wrong because he is putting pressure on the wrong side. Kerry should be asking Abu Mazen(Abbas) why he is stubbornly refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.” Please inform Minister Erdan that about 20% of people who live and work in the nation of Israel are NOT JEWISH! They are Muslims and Christians who are entitled to live in a country without having their religion considered secondary. In America, Jews represent about 2% of the population while Christians represent over 70%. So, how would American Jews feel if the United States of America were officially regarded as a CHRISTIAN STATE?

NO nation has this requirement in its relations with other nations Kerry is correct that this issue is secondary to the need for peace. Israel is entitled to the same respect as is any nation in the world! Ironically, if Israel continues to expand into the West Bank and absorb more and more Palestinians, the number of Palestinians in the “Jewish State’ might become a majority at some point in this century!