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Money Is Sexy

There is something about the lure of money or a bit of power that can turn a woman’s head. Henry Kissinger, hardly the most sexy man on this planet always attracted gorgeous female to his side. French diplomat and rather wealthy guy has cut a swath through beautiful women,bout for some reason is always in court because he somehow or another decided to fool around with prostitutes of chamber maids. His friend, philosopher Bernard Henri Levy describe the man who would never appear in any ad as a rather dynamic individual. “Charisma, seductive, yes certainly; a friend to women, first of all to his own woman. But this brutal and violent individual, this wild animal, this primate, obviously, no.” Quite a portrayal of a man for all women.

However, Doominique Strauss Kahn has a propensity for being at parties with prostitutes where he sort of engages in rough play. He now faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon of violence, but not with his penis. Anyway, Dominique is rather upset because how was he to know those women who so adored him were prostitutes. He thought that animal charm attracted them to the dumpy little man.

Bibi Is Upset Because They Will Not Let Him Play

The White House is finally getting bored and tired of rants from the prime minister of Israel who demands that he be part of negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons. He definitely has proved that if the world will listen to his ideas, there would not be any compromise with Iranian leaders and the only conclusion is to allow American and Israel planes to bomb the hell out of Iran. Josh Ernest, Obama spokesperson said the Israel leader was engaged in a “continual practice of cheery picking specific pieces of information and using them out of context to distort the negotiating position of the United States.” He went on to make clear “there is no question that some of the things that the Israelis have said in characterizing our negotiating position has not been accurate. There is no question about that.”

Harsh words, but accurate words. The last thing these negotiations need is a bull in the china shop whose only goal is to force the world to attack Iran and create mass destruction. The sad part of Bibi’s rants is that if he is allowed to pursue his ideas, thousands of Israelis would die. Benjamin Netanyahu is the worst nightmare for the people of Israel. Barack Obama is the man seeking to protect the state of Israel.

Prejudice Not Good For Business

Among the most confusing issues that I simply do not understand is the drive to “protect businessmen” from having to serve gay or LGBT customers. It is most certain that such a bill will become law in Arkandas and now legislators in Arizona are going to pass legislation that prevents municipalities from passing such laws. Here is my confusion:

1. Do I check its customer for his or her beliefs about sex?

2. Do LGBT customers somehow convey to me they are of that sexual persuasion?

3. If woman wants to try on male pants do I show her the door?

If my religion forbids me to sell to Muslims or Jews or atheists do I have that right?

If my religion forbids me to live with Jews or Muslims do I have that right?

If I do not like short people, can I refuse to sell to them?

The list could go on and on.

By the way, Walmart is located in Arkansas, will Arkansas laws impact who Walmart does business with?

Bibi Continues Bumbling Along

I do not know how the people of Israel will vote in the coming weeks or whether they will continue in office Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the world increasingly regards this man as one who speaks with incoherence. Of course, I do know that Republicans in America regard him as a sage who knows about peace in the Middle East. Well, look at his record in the Middle East since becoming prime minister:

1. When he assumed office, Turkish and Israeli military conducted joint military exercises. Today, Turkey dislikes Israel and where once this nation was a supporter of Israel, it has become its enemy.

2. Israel and Jordan had close relations. Today, Israel is not welcome in Jordan.

3. The close relationship with Egypt is gone.

Netanyahu continues to make wild statements about how the Five Powers are negotiating with that land. “Just as Iran knows that t he deal is being outlined in the negotiations, it is only natural that Israel also know. The agreement being drafted, why should it be hidden” I believe this is a bad idea.” HUH? The essence of negotiations is that talks must be private. Yes, Bibi, the Iranians know what is being negotiated. Now, if Israel would like to negotiate about its behavior to Palestinians with the EU, I can guarantee Iran will not know what is being discussed!


Growing up in an East European Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx, New York, my friends and I would make fun of our elderly rabbis who had words of wisdom for any occasion. For example, Rabbo Zvi Telsner has offered some words of wisdom to gays and lesbians, the good news is they can be cured of their illness by “therapy.” So here goes:


1. So, rebbe, my wife ran off with another guy.
Rebbe: Be blessed my son, now you can eat a decent meal.

2. So, rebbe, is it permissible to eat non-kosher food?
Rebbe: If you read the Torah it does not say a single word about pizza or hot dogs or hamburgers. If not in the Torah, my son, eat away!

3. So rebbe, is it permissible to cross the street when there is a red light?
Rebbe: So, where in the Torah does it discuss lights? Just remember those who dwell in darkness will die in darkness.

4. So, rebbe, is it permissible to vote for a Republican?
Rebbe: We Jews have lived in poverty. If you desire to continue living in poverty, just vote the straight Republican line.

5. So,Rebbe, can I marry a Shicksa?
Rebbe: Does she have big boobs? So, enjoy, enjoy, my son!

General John Boehner Demands Action!

I expect any moment to hear John Boehner break into song singing a chorus “Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war.” John, who has never served in the military is angry and wants some sort of war. According to the man who knows nothing about war, “I want to give our military Commanders the flexibility and the authority to defeat the enemy. If we are going to win this fight, we need a strong robust strategy and strong robust authority.” Wow! This dude sure wants some action. Of course, at this very moment there are American planes bombing ISIS along with planes from our allies, including those from Muslim nations like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I though that was the “strategy.” Of course, it is a bit confusing as to whether Republicans in Congress want boots on the ground, American boots, that is. As I recall, a Republican id send boots on the ground to Iraq and we have yet to get over that exhibit of stupidity.

I wonder if John Boehner understands that under the US Constitution, the President of the United States is commander-in-chief of our armed forces. He calls the shot about strategy, not members of Congress. The president can NOT allow political leaders to determine our military strategy. That is insane. Of course, nothing prevents John from joining our armed forces and going off to battle.

Iran And Nuclear Weapons

Senator John McCain is one tough dude and he is willing to draw his pistol at any moment in defense of the American way of life. He agrees with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that any and all discussion must be ended with Iran. Bibi and John insist no negotiations and the end result will be????

How about this end result after Iranian negotiations are ended:

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Tehran.

2. President Putin offers to assist Iranians in securing atomic development that leads to atomic weapons.

3. President Putin and China agree to end sanctions against Iran.

4. Oh, Putin was just in Egypt where he offered to build them a nuclear plant.

The Bibi — John end result is this:

1. Israel bombs Iranian nuclear facilities.

2. Thousands of missiles wind up in Israel

3. Israel bombs Moscow to show the Russians no one messes with Israel!

John and Bibi have NO logical plan other than the end of the world!

Why Waste Time Watching Newscasters?

Confession. I very rarely watch any newscasters on any television program for the simple reason they lack a grasp of foreign policy and simply mouth words written on cards. I do not respect any political commentator on any program. I read newspapers, I read magazines, I even read BOOKS! But, why spend my precious time listening to ignorant men and women pontificate about something they THINK they know? So, the latest great debate about Brian Williams is simply another boring story. Bill O’Reilly came to the defense of his television colleague. “Every public person is this country is a target . These people delight in seeing famous people being taken apart.” Oh well, did Brain ride in a helicopter that had missiles coming close to it?

There is one thing that is clear, those who pretend to be involved in war, make certain they remain far from the scene of actually getting killed. Of course in Syria, many reporters have died, but rarely are these brave people working for major television networks. I doubt if Brian is as brave as those working for Fox News who pretend to know something about what happens in the world. So, who cares??

Bibi Is One Butt Head

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent part of his childhood in the United States where his father was a staunch Republican so it is no mystery that Bibi welcomes Republicans and seeks their support. He accepted an invitation from John Boehner to address Congress. Normally, yes normally, a leader of a country does not address another nation’s legislative body without permission of the chief executive. Heck,Bibi is Bibi and he doesn’t give a shit about this guy named President Obama. The President told the media, that he has “real differences” with Bibi. “I don’t want to be coy. The Prime Minister and I have very real differences around Iran and sanctions.” He went on to say, “much as I love Angela Merkel(German chancellor), if she were two weeks away from an election,she probably would not have received an invitation to the White House,and I suspect she would not have asked for one.”

It is time to play hard ball with Bibi because the people of Israel must not suffer for his inept leadership. How about:

1. Make clear to Bibi if he wants to behavior like Bibi, the US will just abstain the next time the Security Council votes to send Israel to the International Court of Criminal Justice.

I have a hunch Bibi will begin to act with maturity!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Always remember, there is a tomorrow, if not, you are dead.

Some stumble through life, mentally.

Our government resembles the gang that could not shoot straight.

A minister of God should behave like a God and display wisdom.

We rarely know what we know.

In modern America there is no last “word.”

We always gaze at the person who sits next to us in a coffee shop.

I never abandon hope.

Why does a young man wear a knit cap in the library?

Fear not the dawn, it simply is an announcement of a new day in your life!