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On Free Education

I am currently writing a book about the year, 1953, and thus encounter stories from that time period. I was reading the autobiography of Jack Welch who grew up to become the CEO of General Electric. Mr. Welch came from a poor family and attended the University of Massachusetts. He paid FITY DOLLARS FOR ALL COURSES EACH SEMESTER. His total cost for a college education, including room and board was ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I attended City College of New York where my total cost for the entire four years was ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS since I lived at home. The point that most intrigues me is the attitude of the children and grandchildren of Jack Welch. I bet most of them oppose free education for poor people since it would cost them higher income tax. The lives they live today of wealth and security came because Jack Welch got a “free ride” in his education. Of course it was not a “free ride,” it was simply recognition by society that if youth are able to obtain higher education, the entire society winds up benefiting with them paying more in taxes.

So, what has happened to the traditional American belief that all children are entitled to a free education? CCNY was founded in 1848 and continued the concept of free education until the 1960s. Free college education always worked for the benefit of American society and it will work today. Unfortunately, those whose parents got the free education no longer believe in the concept. I wonder why?

P.S. Free college education most benefited the new poor immigrants.

All Quit On Middle Eastern Front?

In November, 1918 the guns of war fell silent because those fighting finally agreed it was time to put away the violence that had destroyed the lives of over twenty million humans and destroyed vast areas of land. In May, 1945 those fighting in Europe allowed the guns of war to become silent. It would take until August for all guns to cease blasting away in Asia, at least for the moment. The tragedy of modern life is that we will NEVER have a day when weapons grow silent and peace, at least for the moment arrives. Our young men, and these days, our young women, will never know what it is like to live in peace, at least for the moment. Heck, little Corporal Adolf Hitler went home in November, 1918 and, at least enjoyed a few years of peace and quiet.

Modernity means there will never be ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. We are doomed to lives in which the guns of war go on and on and on. Does anyone in Syria have the faintest idea who is on their side, let alone knowing when peace will arrive? They just go on and on fighting and killing because they know there will never be an ALL QUIET ON THE SYRIAN FRONT moment.

Israel Girls Are Shafted

I do realize that if one is an American Jew the last thing one should do is utter any words about a problem in Israel. To state the obvious about problems in Israel is to be termed a “self hating Jew” or one “who hates Israel.” Anyway, there area few problems in Israel and one concerns the rights of young Jewish females to dress as they like. Many Israel high schools have introduced dress codes that blatantly discriminate again young girls. For example, they are not allowed to wear shorts to school. Here is the issue described by the girl who is identified as “R.14.” “There is a situation here in which they are blaming the victim. They tell girls not to come with shorts because the boys look. WE are the victim and they are blaming us. We aren’t a Haredi high school. At one high school girls were detained and arrived late for impotent exams.

Perhaps, it is time for American reform Jews to recognize that Israel each year is drifting into a theocracy in which the Orthodox impose their medieval ideas upon the rest of the population. They control marriage, they claim that all land designated for Palestinians by the UN belongs to them because God himself said so. The original Israel which was a beacon of democracy has now become a theocracy which is more like Muslim nations than democratic ones in the world.

A Hamas “Discussion”

Every so often Muslim groups in the Middle East utter some words that leave one wondering if they ever read what they say. Mushafa al Sawwat is a Palestinian journalist who works for Hamas and he came out for a plea that his group should sit down with the Israel government and have a “discussion.” He wants the Israel government and the Hamas government to understand that it is better to jaw, jaw, then to war, war. “If the negotiations are aimed at achieving general interests, without recognizing or making aid to the enemy,m then why should Hamas be afraid of direct or indirect negotiations?” The goal of these negotiations are simple: Israel should agree to release all Palestinian prisoners, lift its blockade, and accept that Hamas has the right to end the state of Israel.

Now, these seem to be fair goals that any Israel government would agree to. Hamas destroys Israel and in return?? On which planet is this guy living? NEGOTIATIONS ordinarily among humans refers to some give and take on each side. No wonder Hamas is restricted to a small plot of land.

Mouth That Roars Nonsense

Ted Cruz is now the leading Republican expert on the Middle East and he wants to make certain that Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson understands there is no better friend of Israel than the dude from the state of Texas. In an interview with the liberal Israel newspaper, Haaretz, Ted blasted the dude from Africa who we know as one, Barack Obama. “I think it is the height of chutzpah for Obama to lecture Israel on Israel values. We should be standing proudly with Israel against the forces of evil that is represented by radical Islamic terrorism.” Ok, Sheldon, heard your words of defiance and hatred toward the evil Barack Obama who hates Israel. As to the West Bank, “I think that is a question for the nation of Israel. Israel is a sovereign nation.”

I realize that I did not go to Harvard, so it might be impertinent for me to lecture the Ivy League graduate about international law.

1. The West Bank was an area of the Mandate of Palestine that was given by the UN to Palestinians when they divided the Mandate in 1948.

2. The West Bank has NEVER been incorporated into the state of Israel, The UN today considers this area to belong to Palestinians.

4. Under the administration of President Barack Obama the state of Israel has been provided with financial assistance to construct a Dome that destroys missiles.

5. Under the administration of President Obama the state of Israel has been provided, each year, THREE BILLION DOLLARS IN MILITARY AID!

6. And, thanks to Secretary of State John Kerry the US in the Security Council refuses to allow statements to be issued to Israel condemning their actions on the West Bank

Netanyahu’s Buddy–Barack Obama?

For the past few years a common complaint of many American Jews is that President Obama does not “love Israel,” in fact, he “hates Israel.” Conservative Jews, particularly, Orthodox Jews are convinced their president has a hatred of the people of Israel and their government. So, what does the record show:

1. Under the Obama administration the DOME which destroys incoming missiles was heavily funded with American money.

2. Each year at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS was sen to Israel for its armed forces.

3. US intelligence has worked closely with the Mossad. They share information.


5. The US would help fund a $500,000,00o fund for joint military research.

With enemies such as these how can Israel even survive?

So, What’s New In Israel?

Israel has a prime minister and it has a President, but the president does not possess much power. We all know that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to bomb and take over land that originally was allocated to Palestinians by that organization known as the United Nations. Bibi refuses to have anything to do with the Hamas government in Gaza that originally in a democratic election gained power, because they are evil “terrorists.” However, President Reuven Rivlin has introduced the horrible idea that Israel might negotiate with the Hamas government. “I do not recoil at the idea of negotiating with any willing party.” Let me note:

1. The US and Israel have no problem with negotiating with China which is a dictatorship that engages in terrorist behavior toward Muslims in its country as well as against those in Tibet.

2. The US and Israel negotiate with Putin Russia a government that engages in terrorist behavior against its own people.

3. The US and Israel have relations with the dictatorship in Vietnam.

4. The US and Israel have relations with the government of Myanmar which engages in vast terror against Rohingyas in their nation.

I will not list African nations which contain governments that engage in terrorism and have relations with these two nations.

The Mouth That Roars Nonsense!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again is roaring with nonsense when it comes to the Middle East. Listen to this latest example: “As horrific as ISIS is, once Iran, the prime terrorist state of our time, acquires nuclear weapons, it will be a hundred, times more dangerous, a thousand times more dangerous anymore destructive than ISIS.” He warns that filling the coffers of Iran with “billions of dollars to pursue its aggression” will lead to endless wars. Let’s examine the record:

1. The Army of Iran has never left the borders of Iran on any aggressive venture.

2. Since 1980, the IDF has left the borders of Israel to attack other areas in the Middle East.

3. Under the administration of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld the United States has spent over a TRILLION DOLLARS in pursuit of destabilizing the Middle East and creating terrorist groups.

4. When it comes to fostering terrorism the USA is the leading nation of our time.

Yes, Bibi, the nation of Iran DOEs sponsor terrorists. But, when it comes to sponsoring the rise of terrorism, Iran is a distant fifth in the Middle East.

How about gazing in the mirror and wondering if Israel could try some new approaches to peace? Yes, Bibi, the road to peace is long and difficult, but it is the only road we have. As British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: “Jaw, Jaw, not war, war.”

Bibi Says “Thank You”

During the past year, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been shouting to the American Congress and the American people that the black dude who sits in the Oval Office hates Jews and hates Israel. I have endured one conversation after another with Jews in which they insist Barack Obama hates Jews and hates Israel. Of course, under his administration Israel has been given funding for the “Dome” which destroys missiles headed toward Israel and this country has been given over FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS FOR THEIR DEFENSE! This apparently is a demonstration of HATRED. Anyway, Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu informed the world that he wants to give a special thanks to Obama and Kerry for their deep support for Israel.

So, what led to the change of heart? The UN is discussing authorizing the Secretary General to investigate creation of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East. Oops, that poses a problem for Israel since it is the ONLY nation in the Middle East which has atomic bombs. It is estimated Israel has at least 80 atomic bombs. Oops, Israel refuses to allow UN inspectors into its atomic facilities. Bibi is happy that John Kerry blocked UN efforts to create a nuclear free zone in the Middle East.

So the men who hate Israel are now protecting Israel. Such is life.

Sheldon, Sheldon, What Would Mommy Say?

There is a nice Jewish boy who happens to possess a few billion dollars and he uses this money to fight the bad people in America and in the Middle East. His name is Sheldon Adelson and he gave $150,000,000 of his money to help defeat the terrorist friend who now resides in the White House. He has promised a few hundred million dollars of his money to any Republican who will help him fight the bad people in the world. Sheldon is now accused of having ties to crime lords in the Chinese enclave of Macau. Steve Jacobs, who worked in the casinos claims that Sheldon refused to terminate his relations with the notorious Chinese Triad that runs crime in the enclave. Sheldon, Sheldon, what would your Jewish mommy say about her nice little boy having connections with crime people?

Oh, and Sheldon is the leading supporter of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sheldon works to end any opportunity to create an independent state of Palestine because he considers any and all Palestinians as criminals! Let me get this straight, Sheldon opposes criminals in the Middle East but is now charged with working with criminals in Asia. We truly hope these charges are incorrect because Sheldon is a nice Jewish boy and nice Jewish boys only play with nice little boys!