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Is Israel A “Jewish State?”

A key Israel Minister attacked US Secretary of State John Kerry for blaming Israel for the impasse on reaching an agreement with Palestinians. According to Gilad Erdan, “john Kerry is wrong because he is putting pressure on the wrong side. Kerry should be asking Abu Mazen(Abbas) why he is stubbornly refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.” Please inform Minister Erdan that about 20% of people who live and work in the nation of Israel are NOT JEWISH! They are Muslims and Christians who are entitled to live in a country without having their religion considered secondary. In America, Jews represent about 2% of the population while Christians represent over 70%. So, how would American Jews feel if the United States of America were officially regarded as a CHRISTIAN STATE?

NO nation has this requirement in its relations with other nations Kerry is correct that this issue is secondary to the need for peace. Israel is entitled to the same respect as is any nation in the world! Ironically, if Israel continues to expand into the West Bank and absorb more and more Palestinians, the number of Palestinians in the “Jewish State’ might become a majority at some point in this century!

Where Are They, What Happened, And Why?

I have been in constant contact with very informed sources in Malaysia concerning the so-called missing plane which is somewhere in Asia, we think. According to my sources, it is clear:

1. Vladimir Putin might be the cause of this entire episode.

2. The Israel Mossad secret service could be responsible since there was not a single Jew on the plane! Coincidence?

3. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are possible suspects since they are masters of screw ups and this plane mystery is one big screw up.

4. Why hasn’t Ted Cruz attacked Obama for the disappearance, does it suggest he has something to do with it?

5. The Chinese government is upset because 153 passengers were on the plane and since no dissident was among them, then there is anger in Peiping.

6. Senator John McCain has volunteered to fly a jet to search for the missing plane,and promises not to get shot down and become a prisoner again.

7. Barack Obama wants the world to know this disappearance has no connection with the Affordable Care Act.

8. According to Fox News this episode is simply another example of what happens when you give people food since it enables them to live and take over planes.

America Vs Human Rights

The vat majority of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 regarded his victory as one that would result in respect for human rights and the end of brutality in prisons containing those charged with crimes during fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is clear that was a hope deferred. The United Nations human rights committee issued a damning report on the state of human rights in the USA. Among its targets is the infamous Guantanamo prison which still contains 150 human beings that the American government views as risks. It countered questions raised with the argument that detainees in this prison are being kept there “lawfully based under international and American law.” Just read the Bill of Rights which specifically states that people can be kept in jail for years without charges of crime being brought nor an actual trial. The Obama administration argues “continued lawful detention is necessary to protect against a continuing threat.”

OK, fair enough. But, if there was never a specific charge and never a trial to ascertain if the charge was viable, how does anyone know if Mr. X IS the guy who committed the crime? To claim “we think he is”is NOT in accordance with the US Constitution. The unresolved question is: will this damn prison ever close??


I wish to apologize for my mistaken approach to the story of a plane that currently is missing and is somewhere in Asia or Russia or in Arizona. I failed to recognize underlying factors that really are in play. So, here is the real story:

Version I. A Sociological expedition from the planet Xul took possession and the entire plane is now in the hold of a space ship while Xulian scientists attempt to uncover the process of h9ow a human mind functions. Earth is the first planet containing supposed “intelligent” life which as rather bizarre explanations as to the process by which life develops and ideas regarding God are unusual. It is a process, not a being.

Version !!: Mossad agents kidnapped the plane as part of a joint operation with the CIA. Note the attempt to blame two Iranians for the disaster. Blame it on the Iranians is the new mantra.

Version III: Some teens were playing with their iPads when four adults were berserk and took over the plane and crashed it.

Version IV: Fox News was running out of crazy ideas about blaming Obama for disasters when they got the idea of creating their own disaster and blaming the wimp for not preventing the disaster.

Version V: Vladimir was feeling real high about Crimea which led him to think about taking over Malaysia. There was one Russian passenger which now allows Putin to send the Russian army to Malaysia in order to protect Russian citizens.

Missing Plane Theories

An important goal of this blog is keeping the public up to date regarding breaking news in the world. In an endeavor to discover what happened to the plane that fell from the air and no one knows where it landed, so we asked some experts to explain.

Tea Party: What else do you expect when you elect savages from Africa as your leader? Just another Obama bungle.

George Bush: I think the pilot discovered the Weapons of Mass Destruction and was thus blown out of the sky before he could tell their location.

Rural Christian American: It was the anti-Christ come down to punish we sinners. Remember the plane was loaded with Muslims!

Mitt Romney: If you only allowed the wealthy to fly the skies no such events would ever occur.

Sarah Palin: Did you note that Hillary Clinton was not on the plane? Is that a coincidence?

Vladimir Putin: We had to take defensive action against Fascists from the Ukraine.

Taliban Leader: Mess with us and you can expect to get blown up, you infidel!!

John Boehner: The solution to finding this plane is reducing taxes on the wealthy and emphasizing individualism!

Barack Obama: I know what happened but it would require you to take a graduate course in philosophy before I could explain the entire event.

John McCain: One Word: BENGHAZI!

GOD: I have enough problems explaining you Earth life forms to the other Gods!

On The Death Of Humanity

The madness of the human race raises the question as to whether or not at some distant point we humans will make some drastic mistake that results in the end of being able to continue the human race. What would occur if at some point, we humans could not create new life and thus at some distant moment in history, the race we know as “human” would simply disappear, not only from this planet but from the universe? How would we think, feel, conduct our lives if there was no human race that continues to exist. Suppose, as we die along with other human deaths we reach a point in time when there are no children, just a increasingly declining group of elderly people who inhabit a world without youth and without a human destiny? What is we are today, and at some moment in time, we humans just disappear from the planet and the universe?

I believe that it is our faith in the inevitability of tomorrow that enables us to confront today. If there was no tomorrow then we would crumble into passivity and simply give up use of our mind. We need the existence of a collective tomorrow that spurs our efforts today to become creative thinking life forms. We humans without any thought constantly destroy life forms and end their existence on this planet. Just remember, that possibility also exists for we humans!

Israel Takes Action

There is scant doubt that Israel is situated in a difficult geographic position. It is physically a small nation, it is stuck between numerous Arab nations whose primary desire is to witness the end of Israel, and thus quick action frequently is required to head off disaster. Iran and Syria have been supplying Hezbollah and Hamas with weapons, and that includes missiles by the hundreds. Most of these missiles can be fired into Israel which, in response, has developed anti-missile defenses. An Israel strike force seized a ship in the Red Sea that was registered to Panama, but was carrying dozens of missiles destined for Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip. Initially, the missiles went from Damascus to Tehran and then were sent to Iraq where this vessel picked them up and sailed for the Sudan. The goal was to transport the missiles through the desert and then on to Gaza.

It is difficult to deny Israelis the right to defend themselves against missile attacks. It had every right to initiate action in self defense. NOW, the task is to work with Palestinians in order to establish stability in the Middle East.

Mother Russia In Ukraine

Our beloved Mother Russia is once again under attack by forces of Fascism and all who love our dear country must come to its defense. Sixty years ago the armies of Nazism swept through our land until the brave Russian army put them to flight. Today, the forces of fascism in fascist Ukraine, home of the fascists is once again attempting to destroy our beloved Mother Russia. The Ukranians have organized an army of over 200,000 men to confront our out numbered 1,500,000 Russian troops, but our boys will fight to the last men to defend Mother Russia against the capitalist imperialist Americans who seek to overthrow the Soviet Union. Ooops, I sort of got carried away, after all, I am Vladimir Putin and I used to work for the KGB in the Soviet Union.

What else can anyone who loves the Motherland do but head to Crimea and defend our nation against the hordes of Ukrainians who threaten to sweep over our beloved motherland? First, the fascists took over Kiev and now they intend to put to death anyone who loves the Motherland. Thank God we
Russians have Vladimir Putin, the man who can beat a tiger with his bare hands. I hope that our beloved leader, the all-wise president of our nation challenges this black man from Africa to a duel at high noon.

We Russians might be outnumbered by these Ukranians, but we will triumph in the end!

Bibi Talks Peace

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a strong believer in peace. He wants Israel to have a piece of this portion of the West Bank and that portion of the West Bank which are inhabited by those who are not of the Jewish faith. He is currently in America to talk with President Obama and that guy who keeps on wandering around the Middle East talking about a different type of peace. HIs name is John Kerry and he wants a peace in which all sides compromise and reach an agreement. Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and assured one and all that he DOES seek peace. “I am prepared to make a historic peace with our Palestinian leaders. Peace would be good for us and good for the Palestinians and open the possibility of achieving better ties with other countries.” Absolutely correct. So, how can this be achieved:

1. Halt further new settlements on the West Bank.

2. Establish a Water Committee comprised of Palestinians and Israelis to establish how water can be distributed in an equitable fashion.

3. Drop demanding that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” About 15% of the people are Christian or Muslim. NO other nation in the world makes such demands. Israel has a right to demand that its government be recognized.

4. Agree to a swap of land that would allow about 90% of Israelis currently in the West Bank to remain.

See how easy peace is to attain?

Come To Christ–Well Armed!

There are those who decry the drift away from organized religion and consider decline in church attendance to be a sign that too many have become secular in their thinking. However, there are several churches in the state of Kentucky which have discovered a way to bring young people back to God and Jesus Christ. For example, the Lone Oak Baptist Church now gives away guns if you attend one of their social church events. In other words, show up, say you are a Christian and please select one of our guns that are NOT for sale, they are for our fellow Christians! Another church discovered that offing guns meant more people in church. As one minister put it: “I can almost tell you the number of men that will show up based on the make and model of guns we give away. On those special church celebration days he now has 600 come where he used to only get 300.

The NRA Sermon On The Mount

Blessed are the war makers since theirs is the foundation of our faith.

Blessed are the rich in money since theirs is the work of Jesus.

Blessed are those who deny food to the lazy and shiftless since those are the true followers of God.

Blessed are those who teach children the road to Heaven is laden with dead bodies of criminals.

Blessed is the NRA for they are the followers of Jesus who maintain within their hearts the anger of hate and violence!