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The Real Obama Story

Due to my contacts in the Trump headquarters I have been able to get a copy of the latest news about the man from Africa who claims to be born in Hawaii. Examine the situation:

Muslim terrorists murder American citizens.

All terrorists these days are from the Muslim religion. I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists, just that all terrorists are Muslims.s

A Muslim terrorist just murdered 49 people in Orlando. If we had a Trump administration no Muslim from anywhere would be allowed to enter this great nation. This Muslim named Mateen was the son of Afghan immigrants. If we followed the ideas of Donald Trump and never allowed any Muslim to migrate, there never would have been a slaughter of the innocent in Orlando!

Barack Obama has dark skin.

People in Africa have dark skin.

His father came from Africa and has dark skin.

Figure it out, Barack Obama loves dark skinned people.

Millions of Muslim terrorists have dark skin.

Barack Obama refuses to say, “Islamic terrorism”

Muslim terrorists refuse to term themselves terrorists.


1916–Fredrick And Mary Trump

We take you on a magic trip to the United States of America in 1916 when a German immigrant by the name of Fredrick Trump was declaiming and pontificating to his wife, Mary, about the current immigration situation in America. Naturally, German immigrants and those from England represented the cream of European society, however, by 1916 one out of four people in the United States were immigrants or children of immigrants.

Fredrick: Mary, when is this country going to get smart? Just look a the figures of who are criminals in this nation– a bunch of Italian wops, guineas and their Hebrew friends. For twenty years we have allowed in those criminals and sex perverts and the result is this country is overwhelmed by crime and sex maniacs who prey on decent Protestant girls.

Mary: Dear, I just read they passed a new law to stop those Orientals from seducing decent Christian children with Opium! And, those Jews with their prostitution, Judy just told me that Jewish women were the largest group in New York City prostitution!

Fredrick: We have to do something to save this country from these filthy, criminals who rob, who bomb, who have no respect for human life. It is time to halt immigration of any Catholic or Jew and save America for the future! I promise you if we don’t stop  these Catholics and Jews from taking jobs away from decent hard working Protestant workers, this nation will never survive! These scum work for a pittance and there go the jobs! To tell you the truth,I wish we could round up these filthy Jews and Italian Catholics and send them back to where they came from!

Donald Being Presidential

In fairness to Donald Trump one should note that he never stated that President Obama was a Muslim nor did he say that Obama was a charter member of ISIS. However, he did remind one and all that Obama’s father was African born. So, what did he say:

“He doesn’t get it o he gets it better than anybody else. It’s either one or the other  and either one is unacceptable. This man has no clue. They’re something going on, He doesn’t want to see what’s happening. And, that could be.” Donald wanted to make clear that he alone knows how to stop bad guys. He alone know-how to halt terrorism. I am a bit confused. Back during the Vietnam war he had a chance to wipe out the communists, but for some reason, he begged for a deferment. I do not understand this man.He calls John McCain a loser for getting captured, but when he had the chance to be brave, he sort of went the other way.

I guess if President Trump issues the call to war, we know where he will be–fucking some broad far, far, away from the action!

To American Muslims

There is no question this is not the best of times, nor the worse of times, but it sure is an awful week for those who are Muslims in the United States of America. We can only offer some historical information to those of the Muslim faith which deals with the history of our land, and the history of bigotry and hate. Unfortunately, Muslims today are simply the current subject of hate in a land that has witnessed many,many examples of anger toward some group.

During the early nineteenth century a new “horde” of immigrants entered the United States. They came from Ireland, were poor, but worse of all–they were CATHOLICS. In fact, a political party–the Know NothingParty–emerged whose platform was to ban entry of Irish Catholics and deny them equal rights in America. Sound familiar.Oh, there were riots, Catholic churches and convents were destroyed, and many Catholics were murdered.

From the 1880s to 1924, over twenty million people entered the US as immigrants. Most were Italians, Poles, Hungarians and three million poor Jews from eastern Europe. These people faced nonstop prejudice, denial of jobs, denial of entry into colleges, and their children were taught to hate from whence their parents came. Oh, they also encountered physical violence.

Ironically, it is descendants of these people who now hate Muslims and Hispanic immigrants. The story of America is that as each immigrant group becomes assimilated into American culture it forgets what happened when they arrived and takes it out on the new immigrants.

So, my dear Muslims friends, welcome to the American story of hate and discrimination!! Oh, the Republican party has become the modern KNOW NOTHING PARTY!

Donald Given Summer Present

I do not have a doubt in the world that each night when little Donald gets on his knees to pray his prayer is always the  hope that some nut case who is of the Muslim religion massacres some people in America. Actually, he has no concern if those who are slaughtered are in the Middle East. When such killings occur, as far as Donald is concerned, ‘good riddance to bad rubbish.” His only hope is that Muslim terrorists are on his side.

We know that Omar Marteen purchased weapons of mass slaughter in a legal manner, after all this is the United States of America where any deranged person can invoke his Second Amendment right to shoot and kill. We know that he is or was a Muslim. According to his father, Omar was also very upset that he saw two men kissing. We now have a great debate that will rage for months to come. Was this a HATE CRIME? Was this a crime committed by a MUSLIM TERRORIST?

Regardless, this is THE event that Donald Trump prayed would occur in order to divert attention from his crude racist statements. Well,thanks to ISIS, he received a summer present.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hate has become the food of Republicans, against anyone, at any time.

I feel sorry for Paul Ryan, each day he has to figure out how to resolve his anger toward Donald Trump.

The American people do not suffer from the Zika virus, but the hating virus.

There ARE days when I want to go to Canada.

Frankly, there is no Democrat who would not be hated by Republicans, even Thomas Jefferson.

I have been around for presidential campaigns for 76 years and do not recall anyone referring to their opponent as “Crooked.”

These days ISIS comes across as reasonable folks.

I see pictures of Syrian people fleeing and realize many in America do not regard them as humans fleeing.

Hillary Clinton has aroused incredible hate as one who is crooked, but she has never been charged with any crime.

Poor Bill Clinton, he is losing his once mellow voice.

Bernie one day must wave his arms for the final salute.

I await a miracle, Donald Trump will actually specify what he will do as president.

Whatever happened to Secretary of State John Kerry?


Bernie Fell Down!

Little Bernie went out to play and somehow fell down and broke his crown. Bernie was playing with his toys when some nasty little girl swept in and took them all away! Bernie is a poor little boy whose folks don’t have much money, but that Hillary girl comes from some wealthy family and they are able to buy  up  all the toys so poor little boys have none to play with. And, just when Bernie was ready to  kick in the winning goal in the soccer game, this nasty little girl hit him in the groin and he fell down in pain.

Well, Bernie, put on some bandages and still wants to complete the game regardless of whether the bad little girl has scored more points. Oh gee whiz, imagine  having the game end, and the nasty rich girl wins the game! That’s just not fair! The fairy tale ALWAYS ends  with the poor little boy hitting the home run with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Are you guys telling Bernie that he is NOT Prince Charming!!

Let’s Excuse Donnie

Just about every other hour some member of the Republican party makes a firm and solid statement that, while he may not actually completely endorse Donald Trump, he will vote for him this November. Among the excuses posed by these solid citizens are:

Donald is an  outsider and new to this thing called, politics.

Donald may not always be perfect, but then, who is?

If not Donald, then the wicked witch from New York.

Donald is a fresh new voice, and it may not be easy to quickly hear his comment.

Donald is breaking old way of doing things, give him some time to make them clear to all.

Look, Fred, it is the world of politics which means, I want to win.

He may be brash, he may be loud, but he does attract new voters.

Fred, it is either him or no job in Washington.

At least he does not use a teleprompter!

Oh heck, he is just the Republican Bernie Sanders!

His daughter married a Jew which means we got the Jewish vote!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Bernie Sanders feels unjustly treated, so sorry, so does America.

I await the arrival of the NEW quiet Trump.

Terrorism thrives on failure to offer hope to young Muslims.

No “Honor Killing” has much honor for the culprit.

Face it, Newt Gingrich will say anything to get back into the limelight.

Vladimir Putin is the poor man’s version of Joseph Stalin.

I assume Chris Christie is doing a fantastic job shining Donald’s shoes.

Say one thing about Jeb Bush, he is not an ass kisser.

Inside Mind Of Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton has now clinched the nomination for president on the Democratic ticket so we decided to take a trip inside the brain of Bernie Sanders in order to get the true story as to his reaction.

“Well, the little prima donna finally bought her way to those 2,300 delegates. The guys with power, the fat money bags got their candidate. And, frankly, between you and me if not for all those black and Hispanic votes, I would have swept to victory. She certainly played her race card damn well. So, what now for the Bernie man?

God,it has been fantastic, huge crowds shouting over and over BERNIE, BERNIE, do I now have to give up being in the  spotlight of fame and return to VERMONT? Me, little Bernie Sanders from Brooklyn, who the fuck would have ever thought I would be the hero of millions? All those damn hugs from all those gorgeous gals and now what? A hug from the wife?

Damn it, there still MUST be a way for me to remain in the spotlight. Fuck it, she will never put me on her ticket so I can still draw those crowds and those cheers! Back to Vermont and what? Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Giving a talk to a veterans group or sipping tea at some damn meeting of the local Democratic party?

How do I keep this schtick going? How to still be someone important? I got the youth vote, she doesn’t. So, what is it worth her to get my support? I just have to get something out of the past few months. Ah, the dream: PRESIDENT BERNIE SANDERS! Ah, the reality, Senator Bernie Sanders from the tiny state of Vermont.”