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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world media along with our comments.

Sweden,Local: “Town Hall Set On Fire”

We assume it was done by Tea Party folk in their fight against government.

USA, Newsday: “Hid Mom’s Body For Pension”

Most probably by a Democrat wanting government handouts.

USA, aol: “I’m A Sane Gun Owner”

And, when I kill,it is in a sane manner.

France, Connexion: “Free Advice From Notary”

If you got millions, never pay taxes.

Russia, Moscow Times: Meet The Most Popular Official”

Let me guess, are his initials, V P?

Australia, Canberra Times: “Hazard To Your Health”

Watching Republican debate?

Bibi The Historian–Sort Of

I realize that some readers actually believe Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now revealed previously unknown conversations between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. It so of went like this.

Adolf did not have any idea how to handle the Jewish question other than expelling the whole lot. Then, along came the Mufti:

Mufti: “Adolf, if you expel them the whole damned lot will wind up in Palestine.”

Adolf: “So, Mufti, my main advisor on the Jewish question, what should I do?”

Mufti: “Burn them”

And,that is how and why six million Jews died, it was not the idea of Adolf Hitler it was the idea of the Mufti.

OH, the Mufti did leave Jerusalem and he did wind up in Berlin in 1942. Of course, before he ever met Adolf, over one million Jews were dead. Oh well, Bibi, so glad to learn that Adolf had no ideas to kill Jews until the Mufti came along!

A Ben Carson Presidency

Give the madness within the United States we now confront the crazy possibility that Ben Carson might actually become President. We reflected upon how he would function in that role.

1. First day. “Could someone explain exactly what the President does?”

2. Meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff: “I want you guys to take out this Putin fellow and his guys in Syria. Post haste.”

3. Meeting with any economist: “End all taxes and just get rid of that Internal Revenue group.”

4. Meeting with Environment officials: “Sorry guys, you are all fired. Just keep our hands off the environment. NO reason to get it angry.”

5. Meeting with Secretary of Education: “You’re fired.”

6. Meeting with Attorney General: “Our first order of business must be getting justice to our job creators.”

Into Lion’s Den

In Yiddish there are three expressions that sort of go together.

A schumuck is the waiter who overloads the tray.

A schlemiel is the waiter who dumps the tray into the lap of a customer

A schlamazel is the customer into whom the tray is dumped.

I believe that Paul Ryan’s decision to take the job of House Speaker means he is all three of these roles put together. Ryan insists that all factions unite behind him. He insists the job of House Speaker should not be readily ended by a faction or factions. And, he wants time back home with his family.

Paul, are you kidding? You are dealing with nut cases who do NOT want anyone as House Speaker, they want CHAOS.

Hate Begets Hate

Hafton Zarhoun, an Israeli whose ancestry is from Eritrea in Africa was walking by a bus station having no knowledge that an Israeli Bedouin had boarded a bus, killed a person and wounded others. Somehow, people in the bus station decided that Mr. Zarhoun was the killer. A group of Israelis killed him, and as he lay dying, a mob gathered around chanting, “Death To Arabs” and “Arabs Out.” They also spat on his body for good measure. One aspect of this murder should concern Jewish Israelis–just remember that one out of five Israelis is either Christian, Muslim or from the Bedouins. It is shocking that a Bedouin is now joining in the outburst of hate.

When hate is the agenda–for anyone– the end result is a reactive hate. There is only ONE solution and that is–create two states and allow Palestinians to rule themselves. We have dozens of such outbreaks of hatred–South Africa being a prime example. Allow love and peace within your heart in order to end sectarian strife.

Intifada This Time

There are undoubtedly certainties in the Middle East.

1. Someone this week will be beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

2. A suicide bomber will kill a few dozen in either Syria, Iraq or wherever.

3. Turkish President Recep Erdogan will have a journalist arrested for making a negative remark about him.

However, the most certain thing that will occur is violence in Israel, the West Bank or Palestine. Once again, the outcome of refusing to negotiate a two state solution has resulted in knife attacks on Jewish Israelis –usually by young men. So, checkpoints are being set up, areas

There is only ONE outcome from the refusal to negotiate a two state solution –DEATH OF THE INNOCENT.

An Individual Jihad

The nation of Israel has been occupying land that originally was awarded to the Palestinian people. For nearly half a century, Israel has exerted a strong presence in Palestine, including the West Bank which was a UN delegation of land to Palestinians. In the years 2000-2003,there was an organized Palestinian Jihad against Israel that included suicide bombers and other forms of destruction aimed at Jews in Israel. Of course, 20% of Israelis are Muslim or Christian.

The refusal to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work with US Secretary of State, John Kerry, on a plan to create two nations meant that it was simply a matter of time before some form of new Jihad emerged.The latest manifestation of Jihad comprises young Palestinians using knives to stab Jewish Israelis. Yesterday, a Jewish Israeli decided to engage in revenge and stabbed a man who looked like a Palestinian. He wound up stabbing Uri Rezken. “We are all human beings, we are all equal. It does not matter if an Arab stabbed me or a Jew stabbed me, a religious or a secular person.” The Jew who stabbed him shouted: “You deserve it. You deserve it. You are a bastard Arab.”

NO further comment is required.

The Immigrant Dilemma

The influx of immigrants that now absorbs the attention of European nations is not a new issue for humanity. From the moment that we humans departed from our Africa birthplace, we have been wandering across new areas of the world. The still young American nation in the years 1880-1924, absorbed over twenty million people, in most years about a million arrived. At this juncture, the vast majority of Americans were white Protestant, but suddenly millions of Catholics and Jews arrived. They came from other cultures, they did not speak English. But, they were allowed to work, to send their children to schools, and to become American. At least 30% of US soldiers in World War II were the children of these New Immigrants.

This approach to immigration is the best one for European nations. Assume the immigrants will be the workers performing jobs that native born people do not wish to pursue. Get them into schools and ensure they become a German or a Pole or an Austrian or whatever. They not only will become workers, they also will become consumers purchasing products and stimulating the economy.

The American approach to immigration–WORKED!

Israel–The Fire This Time

Once again, the world of Israel and Palestinians has become conflict and hatred and violence. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that force will resolve all problems. However, the past looms large in how conflict between Jewish Israel and Palestinians has played out. At this moment, there are stabbings of Jewish Israelis, there are care sent into Israel Jewish bodies. There are bullets coming from the Israel army which hit both the provoker and the bystander. For every bystander who gets caught in this crossfire and winds up wounded, will emerge another rock thrower or another person ready to stab a Jew.

This is a low-scale Intifada. Unfortunately, for Israel, there is virtually no process that can effectively halt knife stabbings. They can go on and on. There is only ONE solution. Creation of a Palestinian state which will allow Palestinians to handle crime. There is no alternative of removing knives from the world. As Winston Churchill often said: “Jaw Jaw not War War.” THAT is the only solution.

Putin Moves His Queen Chess Piece

Vladimir Putin is a chess player and the game today is taking place in Syria. He has moved his chess pieces -planes, soldiers, missiles –into Syria. He is convinced this show of force will intimidate and defeat groups such as ISIS, but especially Syrians who hate Assad and want him to leave the office of president. It is a big gamble for Putin. One might say, a chess game which is truly–winner take all. What most probably will be the outcome of this chess game?

1. Russian troops will die. That is the bad news. The good news is that in authoritarian Russia, the populace is cowed and will not protest.

2. Russian troops at this moment have high morale. That sense of being in charge will rapidly change to one of being beleaguered.

3. The Russian air bombing simply can not and will not work. This approach to dealing with guerrillas has failed time after time.

4. Most probably at some moment, Putin will force Assad to leave. Putin does not handle defeat very well. Entering Syria is a lose-lose proposition and someone has to take the blame– Assad.