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Obama Hates Israel!

I continually am told by my Orthodox Jewish family members that Barack Obama hates Israel. They even are convinced that he hates Jews,OK, many Jews work for him, but,most probably, they are self-hating Jews. The current mantra among many Republicans is the Democratic party is led by Jew hating people, particularly, the African born Barack Obama. Just check the record:

Only one American president has enabled Israel to attain peace with an Arab neighbor. His name is JIMMY CARTER, who is disliked by many Jews because he hates Israel. Carter was responsible for Israel to sign  peace treaty with Egypt. This eliminated the only Arab nation with an air force and navy.

Well, the Israel hating Obama has provided Israel during the past eight years with about $19 billion  worth of military aid. He just signed a new agreement that provides Israel -over an eight year period with: $38 BILLION.  NO prior president has provided Israel so much aid. Yes, he hates Israel!!

Nobody Asked Me But

We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty six year old mind trapped in an eighty six year old body.


What was that about Hillary Clinton being an outstanding politician?

Many Americans have a love affair with stupidity.

God, imagine a conservative Supreme Court for the next twenty years!

Oh, for Bernie Sanders at this moment in time!

Notice how Trump downplays his feelings about Hispanics.

Did you ever think a major political concern was who sat for the national anthem?

Face it, The Star Spangled Banner is a melancholy song, not one that stirs people to action.

On Being Politically Correct

As someone who taught high school for ten years and college for forty years, I find the current vogue in many American colleges to protect students against ideas that hurt their feelings and make them mentally fearful of hearing bad words like, nigger, or homo or Negro to be a step in the direction of ending intellectual discourse within our schools. I  was raised in a poor Jewish neighborhood where we were continually confronted with anti-semitism. For some strange reason, our response was to intellectually challenge anti-semites and to verbally beat the hell out  of them.

I gather some current students want professors to provide a “trigger” that alerts them about the horrible possibility some words or ideas might soon be encountered that require use of one’s intellectual abilities. As a teen ager I would enter book stores in Manhattan and ask a clerk: “Excuse me, but could you recommend some books that I should read that would help me develop my intellectual abilities? Naturally, I received a smile, and on more than one occasion, a free book.

Gee, not a single trigger as to what I should avoid reading. Since no one told me not to read, I read, and read, and read. This is how a boy from a family  in which neither parent had ever gone to school, slowly  developed his intellectual thinking. I read strange words, I encountered new ideas, I was forced to think, to question, and to mature in my thinking. Only intellectual fearful thinkers want to avoid tough thinking.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year  old body.


These days I even feel sad for Paul Ryan who constantly has to refute his party’s candidate.

I wonder if Hillary and Bill feel a twinge of regret for selling the name of the president for money.

Jimmy Carter has raised money for  one thing–to help poor  people.

I suspect Vladimir Putin must be happy these days,  not only running Russia, he even may run America.

Old expression, “idiot’s delight” always makes me think about our  current idiot’s delight.

Day one Donald says he knows more than “our generals.” Day two, he says he wants their plan to end ISIS. And, day three…..

Face it -the current group seeking the presidency, are not the best of our society.

Or, are they???

Donald Speaks Stupidity

Anyone who maintains a blog has to daily give a thanks to Donald Trump. What would we do without his daily comments of stupidity. The  other day he was asked if he had ever met the recently ousted president of Brazil,-Dilma Rousseff, and replied: “No, who is he?” Now Donald has even made Paul Ryan, the leader of HIS party, become furious. Trump had spoken about Vladimir Putin: “If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.” Yes, Donald, Adolf Hitler said great things about you, and you will say great things about him. The operating word is that if ANYBODY utters a word of praise, you must praise them.

Paul Ryan is furious. “Vladimir Putin is an aggressor who does not share our interests. Putin is violating the sovereignty of neighboring nations.” Then again,  does Trump even know what is happening in Ukraine?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


John Kerry’s name rarely is heard these days.

Challenge: ask Donald Trump what is a Sunni or a Shiite Muslim.

This election is one characterized by discussion of nonsense.

Notice that Trump no longer speaks about his economic “plan.”

The not standing  Kaepernick is more of an issue in the election than any economic plans.

No question: emotions dominate voting decision.

Hillary Clinton has botched up her entire election by shifting the issues from economics, foreign policy, immigration to-emails.

An Interesting Bar Mitzvah

I  came across an interesting approach by a Jewish woman to the bar mitzvah of her young relative. Now, one must understand that we thirteen year old Jewish  boys are sex crazed at this point in time. Yes, we have to  study and memorize a bunch of  Hebrew words, but our hearts and minds really are tuned into a much more important issue of life– can I, or rather,when will I finally get the chance to see some woman who is naked,and will this allow me to touch her breasts.

Well, finally,finally, a Jewish woman stepped forward and provided some sex crazed young boys, the event of their lives. This fair haired Arizona Jewish woman just opened her shirt, and took off her bra, and allowed all sex confused Jewish boys to gaze in wonder and awe. NOW, THAT WAS THE BAR MITZVAH FOR THE AGES! Naturally,no woman showed me anything other than her loud mouth as she complained I took too long to read my torah passage. I never encountered a boob in sight!

Math And Race

As  one who spends hours watching TV shows dealing with crime and gangsters and cops, my mind has been shaped in strange ways by these episodes of life–and death. It is normal to see detectives consulting crime analysts to create a profile of the alleged killer or figuring out where the next murder will occur, with some insights as to the type of person who would commit them. During the past twenty years Chief of Police after Chief of Police has supported the  idea of “broken windows.” This theory states by cracking down on minor offenses, one prevents the growth of major crimes.

Cathy O’Neill has been studying this process, and her conclusion is going along this path of analysis inevitably  results in blacks and Hispanics being depicted as criminals.”I worried about the separation between technical models and real people, and the moral repercussions of that separation.” IN other words, if your math model states that crime will occur in a black neighborhood, the end result is that more black males wind up in jail. Of course, fewer white criminals will be captured.

If all resources are devoted in certain areas of the city, guess who winds up in jail?

What Next For Hillary Clinton?

It becomes increasingly clear that the Hillary Clinton campaign is in trouble. Just about every day some new story in which the word, emails, or the words, Clinton Foundation, reveals some stupid decision on her part. Latest is that Bill Clinton had the title of “Chancellor” for some private colleges and  got paid $16 million for allowing his name to be used so people could fleece innocent students. Is there anything this man would not do in order to get money? I DO understand the money went to his Foundation, but it is disgraceful to allow the name of  a president to be  used to raise money.

Frankly, I am disgusted, as are millions. The president’s name should never be for sale. After leaving the presidency, Harry Truman refused on ANY occasion to allow ANY business to use his name to make money. Jimmy Carter has spent the post presidency building homes for the poor or working  for peace in the world. He has never trafficked in selling his name for money. What can the Clintons do?

1. Announce the Clinton Foundation will be placed under the control of a new Board of Directors and neither one of them will be on the Board.

2. List the good things being done by the Clinton Foundation and cut all ties.

Me And Ben Carson

I recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with America’s leading surgeon, and among the leading thinkers in the Republican party–Dr. Ben Carson. We met in Detroit

M: Dr. Carson, what do you think of  Donald Trump’s presentation to the black  church he attended?

BC: It was wonderful, he actually read the exact words that Jesus Christ spoke hundreds of years ago, the exact word. I trust that puts to rest the lies being spread about his Christian faith.

M: Well, he has been married three times, he did commit adultery, surely, that is not part of the teaching of Jesus.

BC:  There you go again, you Godless Democrats. Mr. Trump happens to love ALL women, he is ready to rise to the occasion at any moment, and dispense his love into the hearts of women. Surely, that is what Jesus wanted.

M:  I have a hunch,not only into the hearts but also into a few other parts of a woman’s body.

BC:  Mr. Trump loves black people. Did you know that his valet is BLACK! Did you know the man who drives his car is BLACK! Oops, where are my bags, where are my bags……

The last we saw of Dr. Carson he was headed back to the train station to get his bags.