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Dealing With White Collar Crime

There are moments when discussing with people the issue of how to handle criminals, I must admit to being confused at normal reactions to crime. I am discussing crime that does not involve guns, that does not place anyone at physical threat, and certainly not sexual crime. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison for political crime. As far as I can tell, no one was murdered, no one was hurt. Yes, many lost money or their jobs.

So, how to handle such crime?

1. Each year in prison costs about $40,000  a year. So Rod in jail will cost the taxpayers about $500,000. I suspect that after two years in jail, Rod wishes he had not done those crimes. How about three years working with the elderly or working with children? At least society is getting  some payback for the crimes he committed.

2. If there is no physical harm then sending someone to jail makes no sense. Why spend the money? Of course, if the goal is “revenge” it makes sense to send them to prison. But, shouldn’t the goal be rehabilitation? Why waste society resources rather than gaining resources from those who commit crime?

Reality: for most white collar crime, going to prison only teaches them how to commit more crimes!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Mitt Romney comes across as the Republican who cares about all people.

So, what ever happened to the “hordes of rapists?”

I so would love to have a conversation with Jeb Bush, and have him explain his current state of mind.

Trump defenders should be issued a daily score card as to how to defend the latest stupidity.

Someone should explain to Donald how to use hands while giving a speech.

Face it, regardless of how many times people speak to Donald about coming across as “presidential,” he can only be who he is.

If Paul Ryan had lost his primary, the entire Republican party would have gone after Trump!

Why  is it that Trump female defenders on CNN are all blondes?

A Clinton Economic Plan

So, Donal Trump has provided his economic plan. No surprises, just the same old trickle down theory of providing large tax cuts to the wealthy, and expecting huge economic growth and millions of “high paying jobs.”  This has been the Republican mantra for over three decades with scant evidence the famous “high paying jobs” will emerge.So, what for Hillary Clinton?

1. A huge infrastructure program to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, and subways, and pipes that are rusting away.

2.  Invest in start up companies to foster innovation.

3. A new daycare program that provides for children a home away from home.

4. A new program to handle the growing elderly care needs.

5. Offer youth reduction in student debt in return for service to the nation-armed forces to work with the elderly to daycare and so on.

6. Revamp our broadband needs.

These are steps that would provide for our needs while providing good jobs for people.

Trumpian Economics

I do understand there are LIBERALS and SOCIALISTS who demean the character and idea of Donald Trump. However, Donald came out with an innovative idea to restore abundance to the American economy. He wants to give corporations  tax cuts,he wants to give parents tax credits for child care, and he wants to bring back MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of HIGH PAYING jobs to America. How can anyone fail to vote for a man with such fascinating ideas to restore the American economy? Of course, 48% of Americans do not pay federal taxes so they can’t get a tax break for child care. Has Donald considered financing construction of child care institutions that would offer low cost child care?

The New York Times interviewed a new Chinese reporter who will be covering national affairs in Washington D.C. She wondered why Americans wanted to bring back low paying factory jobs from China? She noted if high tariffs were placed in Chinese products, then American manufacturers would  send the work to Indonesia or Vietnam or some place in Africa.

Donald fervently believes that if business were given more tax cuts, they would use that money to hire workers. Why? Most probably,they would use the money to  purchase more technology and REDUCE  the number of workers. As always, Donald is in another world, not the world of twenty-first century economic activities.

Donald On Cabinet

Many mock Donald Trump for failure to conduct himself in a presidential manner. He was asked by Angela Davis as to who he would place in his Cabinet. Donald responded: “There are so many different ones  to choose. I can tell you everybody would say, ‘place Ivanka in it. Put Ivanka in it. You know that!” I assume there are other noteworthy people  he is considering:

Sarah Palin: Who else but Sarah could be the Secretary of the Interior than a fast shooting person who loves the outdoors?

There is always Chris Christie as Attorney General, he has experience dealing with the law.

Anyone of the Kardashians can handle the job of Secretary of Commerce, they know a lot about making money.

Newt Gingrich could be Secretary of Education, he knows a lot about how to marry women and educate children.

Donald Trump Jr. can handle the job of Secretary of State, he knows how to negotiate with dad.

Rudy Giuliani is perfect for Secretary of Defense, he already saved America after 9/11.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why is it that Republicans who never served in the armed forces are now the super patriots?

Donald Trump wants to punch out guys, but during the Vietnam war, he sure did not want to punch out any Communist Viet Cong guys.

Saudi Arabia, our  ally, chops off heads, but we never say a word about those executions.

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood  tough guy, but never fought anyone in war time.

The Internet created these non-stop emails about donating money, but none that donate money to you.

It is Friday, so who did Donald insult today?

The concept of an “apology” is  no longer used in the modern political world.

Football has returned, and so have our dreams of Super Bowls.

Jewish Republicans Uneasy!

I grew up in an era when any Jew knew that  come November, he headed to the polling area and voted the straight Democratic line. For some reason, there are Jews these days who actually vote for Republicans. Of course, now that Republican Jews have Donald Trump, there is a growing sense of –how the hell can we vote for a demagogue who is a racist! After all, at one point in time, Jews were the “Muslims” of their time. Just check the 1940s and 1950s when Jews were charged with being Communists who followed the Russian line.

Seth Klarman, a hedge fund Jew,  is now sort of uneasy. “His words and actions  over the past several days are so shockingly unacceptable in our diverse democratic society.” He will not support Trump. I wait Donald’s response to this comment. Perhaps, something like this?

“This Klarman is just one of those Jewish business manipulators who is only out for a buck. You know how those Jews are when it comes to money!”

Crazier Than Trump!

Just about  any intelligent person in America is sick and tired of hearing Donald Trump yell and scream hatred toward Muslims, toward  parents of a dead hero, and rambling monologues that deal with HIM and who is out to get HIM. So, for a moment, forget the Donald man, and turn your attention to David Blomstrom, a former wildlife biologist. I assume you  are wondering why pay any attention to a former wildlife biologist? Good question. Then again, why are we paying nonstop attention to a businessman who has endured countless bankruptcies?

David has uncovered a serious threat, not only to America, but to the world. He has discovered that JEWS are the cause of our problems, NOT Hillary Clinton! According to David, the “inordinate power possessed by Jews, or more precisely,by certain groups of Jews” threatens our nation. He cites specific examples of Jewish power:  “Zionists control Hollywood, they control the global economy, and there are numerous Jews in powerful US government positions.”

Want some proof?

!. The real name of Barack Obama is Benjamin Obamafeld.

2. The real name of Vladimir Putin is: Moishe Petrofsky.

I could go  on and on…

Sanders Supporters, Stupidity In Action

I recently read a statement by a supporter of Bernie Sanders, which made me throw up with anger. Vanessa Perez,  said that she would not vote for Hillary Clinton, because one should “always vote your conscience.” The vast majority of Sanders supporters are –white, middle class, upper middle class, college educated, and know nothing about poverty or  fear of having anything to eat tomorrow. So, Ms. Perez, what would you say to the following, assuming enough idiots followed your advice and allowed Trump to become president:

1. A single mom needing food stamps to get by, but President Trump ended food  stamps.

2. A family of undocumented Hispanics who are forced to leave the US and return to poverty in Mexico.

3. A young Hispanic gir, born in the US who must follow her parents and return to Mexico without even having the ability to speak Spanish.

4. A woman denied opportunity to use facilities at Planned Parenthood since funding was ended by President Trump.

5. A woman seeking an abortion, but denied the legal right to one by the new anti-abortion majority on the Supreme Court.

6. A family of four whose dad and mom had to work for the minimum wage $7.25 can hour.

Oh,imagine being an Muslim in Trump America!

Ms. Perez, you are a spoiled, ignorant young woman who lacks any sense of history.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25y year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump has as much knowledge of Crimea as Donald Rumsfeld had about Iraq.

If anyone can make sense of what Trump says, they definitely SHOULD vote for him.

I am growing more comfortable with Tom Kaine, he is a nice guy.

Sanders supporters should understand that in 1932, German people like you guys said, “Hitler is no different than the other politicians!”

Anyone Donald Trump insults must be a “little guy.”

I wonder what the Bush family felt when Donald said we should get out of NATO!

These days I really miss the days of Richard Nixon.

Choice Nixon or Trump–Nixon hands down!