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To My Heroes In Oregon

After many years wandering in the political wilderness that is American politics, I finally have met some brave men who deserve the support of the American people–the guys in Oregon who stand for freedom! After all, how many guys would occupy an empty building in the wilderness of Oregon and set up headquarters in order to protect our land. This land is My Land, and this Land will be protected by God-fearing Christian gentlemen.

These are men ready  to freeze their balls off in order to prove they have balls. These are intrepid soldiers who set up camp without bringing along clothes for the winter or enough food to eat. Talk about bravery! Here are my suggestions on how those who love liberty and freedom in America can support those who live in zero degree places arguing for zero degree ideas:

1. These guys should build a wall, and I mean, a HIGH wall in order to keep out Muslim terrorists or Obama agents of death.

2. These guys should set fire to the forest and show the GOVERNMENT that if they mess with OUR land, we will simply use fire to transform it into a desert.

3. We urge one and all who support the Second Amendment to head to Oregon and remain there until the Obama Nazis leave Washington D.C.

4. Lets create a new America and it begins in Oregon and in this America no Muslims or colored folk or LIBERALS are allowed to partake of our land of the free and home of the brave.

5. Just think, first we got a piece of Oregon, and next we will get a piece of downtown Los Angeles where those Muslims live– if they want to behead folks, we will make certain that Muslim heads are rolling.

No More Obama–NO More Liberals–NO more rag heads–NO more females who display their breasts– NO More Atheists–

Just God fearing Americans!

P.S. If one of you illegals tries to cross our border, we will introduce you tot eh American way of hanging.

Trump New Year Resolutions

After a long discussion with Donald Trump we are pleased to reveal his New Year Resolutions:

1. I will no longer discuss female toilet breaks.

2. I will send socks and heavy underwear to the brave men in Oregon who defend America from dudes from Africa.

3.I will do whatever it takes to retain Ben Carson as a candidate, as long as he is around, people think I make sense!

4. I will finally find out where the hell this Syria place is.

5. I intend to set up my presidential headquarters in an abandoned hotel in Atlantic City.

6.I will convert to Judaism and marry a nice Jewish girl– its votes, man!

7. I will begin construction of the famous Wall on the border with Mexico.

8. Perhaps I need to star in a new Star Wars film with me as Captain America who saves planet Earth.

9.  I promise to reveal the famous PLAN the day after I am elected.

10. I intend to challenge Bill Clinton to a fucking contest, the last guy  standing who can shoot from the penis, wins.

We Miss Ben Carson

We admit our growing concern that Ben Carson will soon be gone from the famous debates over nonsense. Let us  list our reasons for grieving the loss of this man of peace, quiet and ignorance.

1. His slow quiet voice which says something that has absolutely nothing to do with any issue is the only voice that addresses key non-issues.

2. He will be missed by Muslims refugees. He was the only Republican candidate who actually traveled to the  Middle East. OK, so he had absolutely not idea where he was or what the issues was, but at least, he DID go to the place others talk about.

3. In his absence from the medical profession countless patients were deprived of his wondrous hands, thank God he has returned to save lives.!

4. Ben Carson is living proof that in America each and every person, regardless of knowledge, insights,  political ability or capability of solving problems  can become the president of this nation.

5. Once Ben leaves the stage what then occurs– does someone at the kid’s table be allowed to come to the parent table? Is so, we want Rick Santorum!

6. On the  other hand, now that Ben will be departing, has anyone thought of inviting Rick Perry to take his place??

Watch Them Tomatoes!

There are moments when one wonders how those claiming to be religious leaders discover arcane and unbelievable ideas concerning God, religion, and daily life.  A group of Salafi Muslim clerics in Egypt have raised a new theological issue that simply makes me alter my daily life.  These clerics note that if one “cuts in half a tomato the half part displays a shape that resembles a cross. Eating tomatoes is forbidden  because they are Christian. The tomato praises the cross instead of Allah.”

To be fair to the  Popular Egyptian Islamic Association, there is no doubt hat Mohammed never saw a tomato since this fruit came from the Western Hemisphere in the 1500s. OK, you guys are right on one point, the tomato definitely was a Christian product that came to America in order to ensure we had pizza.

I just can’t wait until Donald Trump gets into this issue!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Who doubted for a moment that Donald would at some point introduce Monica Lewinsky?

I guess when the Great Shoot-Out is over there will be two men still standing.

Ted Cruz so reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The only difference is that Joe was an alcoholic and Ted is drunk with his own ego.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?

I wonder where Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb in Iraq?

At some point in the spring the DEBATES will cease and we will be down to one person.

As New Hampshire goes — so goes New Hampshire.


The Holocaust Ploy

It has now become the first word out of the mouth of those who defend Israel’s refusal to abide by international law–when unable to defend this violation–just shout the magic word–HOLOCAUST. Christoph Schult writing in Der Spiegel notes how the Jewish Lobby seeks to defend any actions of the Israel government by shouting–HOLOCAUST.  “The Jewish settlements on the West Bank do not contribute  in any way to Israel security. The greater the number of Israel settlers living on the West Bank, the more unlikely  it becomes that a two-state solution can be achieved.”

So, Europeans refuse to accept products grown on the West Bank and this is akin to Nazi actions against Jews in Germany. Europeans defend the rights of Palestinians and this is –step one on the road to the HOLOCAUST. Defenders of West Bank settlers have a right to their opinion, but opponents of these settlers are NOT NAZIS AND THIS IS NOT A STEP TOWARD THE HOLOCAUST!

Hijab For God?

Among the great issues confronting humankind is the question as to whether or not Muslim females should wear a hijab over the head. Several Canadian Muslim females told the Toronto Star how wonderful it was to wear the hijab. Marlam Nouser said: “I started wearing the hibjab  after I finished high school. It was a way to start a new life and reclaim my Muslim self. I can’t imagine not wearing it.”

Obviously, Muslims are not the only females wearing something covering their head, just ask a nun. Many Jewish females have worn head coverings, and so do many religious Jews. My question is why does any human think God believes it is respectful for you to cover your head? If He was so concerned, why didn’t He create humans with a built in head covering? Oh, I forgot, He gave us HAIR! When you wear the hijab you cover up God’s original design!

For God’s sake enough of this head covering and return to what God originally created– a head of hair!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


We need to ask the body of Wild Bill Hickcock to return to duty, he insisted that all guns were checked in his office if you were in town.

I now understand that our Founding Fathers just loved their assault rifles.

All I read in the Second Amendment is about Militia, not a word about individuals.

Supreme Court Justices should be forced to spend a day in Chicago crime areas.

I will miss Rand Paul from the “Debates”- the only logical person on the stage.

Please define the  word, “debate”as it pertains to Republicans on a stage. They all sound alike.

Great news! Marco Rubio actually turned up in Congress to vote on something.

Jewish Terrorists Celebrate

It is an accepted principle in American politics that when a Jewish Israeli kills a Palestinian it is termed a “killing” and never a “murder.” It is also an accepted principle that Israel Jews who murder Palestinians are never termed to be a “terrorist.” That word is reserved for Palestinians. A recent video has surfaced which depicts a group of right-ing  Israel Jewish terrorists celebrating a murder of a Palestinian family.

The video shows a room filled with dancing Jewish terrorists waving guns and shouting delight at the murder of an infant, Ali Dawabshe, and her father and mother. They shout, “let me with one blow get revenge on the Palestinians for my two eyes.”

I wonder how Orthodox right-wing Jews are going to find something in the Torah that justifies such actions?

The Assassination Game

The one certainty  in the Middle East is that somewhere, somehow, some one is taking out someone. Group X has one of its members killed by Group Y so what else is Group X to do, but take out at least two folks from Group Y. A Hezbollah leader,  Hassan Nasrallah, who was residing in the nation of Lebanon, has been mysteriously wiped out by a  missile fired by a plane from–guess who? Hezbollah insists the Israel Army was responsible for the”brutal assassination” of this man of peace.

So, what next is on the agenda of death?

1. Somewhere, some one, some how will be killed because he/she is an Israeli.

2. Somewhere, some one, some how, will be killed because he/she killed an Israeli.

The plot of this mystery story is well known to one and all. Killing, begets killing, begets killing and so on and so on….

Oops, I forgot, while Israel ‘kills’ Muslims, ‘murder.’