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What Went Right For Bernie?

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has touched into the emotions and desires of millions of young people. So, what went right for him?

1. He focuses upon needs of  young Americans-debt and jobs

2. He speaks as though he really knows his economic figures.

3. He attacks the wealthy who right now are the most hated group in America.

4. He promises “millions of jobs,” who can dislike that?

5. He is an old white haired man and thus a father figure for youth.

6. He was unknown to 98% of Americans so constitutes a ‘new’ voice.

7. He is from Vermont, an unknown state lacking any  scandals.

8. He refused to discuss the infamous emails.

9. He waves his arms with utter abandon when speaking.

10. He is a Jew who never refers to his Judaism-thus, a man of all religions.


Gaze Into The Future

We offer exclusive predictions concerning what will occur in the political world after the coming presidential election.

Governor Chris Christie has been given assurances by Donald Trump that after he wins this November, Chris will resign as governor  of New Jersey to become the Chief Valet and supervisor of all domestic staff in the White House.

Ted Cruz has already been promised the post of new head of the Border Patrol and the right to wear shiny black boots and carry two guns  on his belt

Regardless of whether she wins or loses, Hillary will on January 1, 2017 will announce formation of the Chelsea in 2024 Committee!

Mike Huckabee has nailed down the post of Chief Pastor of the Congress and each session will begin with him offering a prayer. No Muslim congressman will be allowed at these prayer sessions.

Bernie Sanders will continue his fight for American youth by leading the campaign for free lunches for all college students and a guarantee of an ‘A’ grade in each course. Oh, anyone who earns over $1,000,000 will be restricted to ‘C’ grades.

Marco Rubio has nailed down the job of head of water bottles in the White House.

Carly Fiorina will become Chief of all firing of staff.

John Kasich will retire as governor of Ohio to open a classy restaurant so he can eat all day long.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old mind.


Hatred is on the rise throughout the world, spurred on by scenes of refugees.

OK, Americans, I have this product which makes you twenty  years younger, and I hate Obama, so buy it!

Reality– our governments at all  levels have become dysfunctional.

Is there a single nation in this world  that is led by an intelligent person?

Between 1890 and 1924 over twenty million refugees entered America and we became an even greater society.

Young Jews are abandoning formal Jewish organizations because Rabbis refuse to be critical thinkers.

Is there any problem that Donald cannot solve with one shout of his voice??


It’s Just Oklahoma

Please do not get upset when you discover a story about Oklahoma. It is a flat place in America in which most folks believe the Earth is flat and if you go too far then you just fall over the edge. However, Oklahoma does lead the nation in  having the lowest salaries for teachers. Th other day there was a demonstration in the Oklahoma legislature when a few of the guys wanted to impeach President Obama. Fortunately, someone in the legislature realized a State legislature cannot impeach a President. The good news is this has been made known to high school Social Studies teachers.

Naturally, this being Oklahoma, the legislature wants to  pass a law which would allow any  student to claim their religious freedom to only piss with those who were born either male or female. Of course, the State legislature passed a bill that would make any doctor a criminal if he performed an abortion. For some reason, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill. I guess she was born in another state.

Gee Adl Is Upset

The Anti-Defmation League has operated in life with one guiding principle –whatever that Israel does  one must find some, any, reason to defend the action. To do other is simply to play into the hands of anti-Semites. The ADL is very sensitive about anti-Semites since, we all know, that most European nations hate Jews and one must defend Israel. Of course, there is Israel and there are Jews, they are not synonymous.

Well, finally, the ADL decided enough was enough.  They have now identified Israel conservative leader, Bentzi Gopstein as a  bigot, first  order.  The man’s Facebook contains hateful comments about Muslims, about the Palestinian government and, to throw in one other group, the man hates gays and lesbians. But, let’s not forget that Bentzi is a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is never wrong for many Jews. Anyway, at least the ADL has come out against one bigot. A step forward.


Boy, am I  MAD. I am sick and tired of that Crooked Hillary and that dumb ass  Trump and I know there is only ONE honest guy in this race–the Bernie man. I am so MAD at that Lie pro Hillary that I am willing to vote for Donald Trump! So, who the fuck cares if  he appoints a judge who ends abortion rights –I am MAD. So, who cares if he makes life miserable for Hispanics, I am MAD! So,who the fuck cares if he makes the top  one percent even wealthier, I am MAD.

After all I have now found the TRUTh in Bernie. I don’t give a fuck about women rights, I am MAD. So, I will vote for Trump and make America Great Again since we won’t have that lying bitch, Hillary as president. The important thing in life is to be MAD at those who oppose the Bernie man. OK, so Trump might wreck the economy, but what is more important–me being MAD or what is best for the American people? I have a right to be MAD at those who are wealthy. OK, so Franklin Roosevelt was wealthy, so John F. Kennedy was wealthy, all I know is that anyone who is wealthy is my enemy! So, that is why I am ready and willing to vote for wealthy Donald Trump because I am MAD at the bitch who has stolen the nomination from the ONLY honest political leader in America-Bernie Sanders!

God bless those who are MAD!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Reality: The FBI report on Hillary Clinton will only add to her woes.

How did America reach this point when the only candidates are Trump or Clinton?

Reality we all learn in life: It is not what we did yesterday that counts, but what we do today.

A good offense often makes the defense much more successful.

Donald feels great, unfortunately, America does not.

By  the way, am I  the only American who has no idea what a “server” is?

Most probably the invention of emails may loom as a great human disaster.



Israel Jews On Muslims

During my east European Conservative Jewish childhood it was constantly impressed upon my mind that we Jews are God’s “Chosen People.” I assumed this meant that as a Jew it was impossible for me to hate groups of people or treat them with disrespect. Why else would God select me as one of his Chosen People? He certainly did not want me to behave like the rest of humankind which can never cease murdering and mistreating those who are different.

Recent polls in Israel reveal some interesting views held by the Chosen People of that land:
1. Half of Israel Jews do not want Arab teachers working with their Jewish children.

2. 82% of Orthodox Jews prefer a Christian to a Muslim teacher.

3. 48% of Orthodox Jews would like to expel Muslim from Israel.

4. 64% say Arabs should leave Israel, but they are willing to give them some compensation for their property. Now,that’s a mighty nice Christian sentiment!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why, oh why, didn’t Elizabeth Warren seek the presidency?

Along with his nonsensical political ideas, Donald Trump, simply lacks the temperament to be a president.

Say one good thing about Jeb Bush, he refuses to get on the Trump bandwagon.

Singers know there is always a moment to leave the stage even when there is applause.

I would so love to hear the conversation between President Putin and President Trump.

Say one thing about Trump, he is undoubtedly the greatest con man in American politics.

So, exactly is the job in the Trump administration for Ben Carson?



A Texan Republican Intellectual!

Believe it or not, but experts have finally located a genuine, Texas born intellectual who is a member of the Republican party. Her name is Mary Lou Bruner and she has been attempting to win an election to the Texas State Board of Education. The state of Texas elects ordinary citizens to decide which textbooks are adopted by the state for  students. In  other words, in Texas your local garage owner or your dentist is considered an expert on which are the best math or science textbooks. OH, one must have at least obtained a high school diploma to sit on this prominent board.

Mary Lou just missed getting elected. Gosh, now Texas students will never know:

1. Karl Marx in the 19th century invented the global warming myth.

2. President Obama is really a gay prostitute who has hidden his real identity for either years.

3. Black skinned folks just loved slavery and there was no urban crime in those days.

4. Oh, the dinosaurs were NOT killed off by a meteor strike, but, believe it or not, according to Mary Lou, they were killed off by Noah’s Ark!