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On Flags And Such

There is something rather amusing as political leaders rush to support the end of selling or displaying or honoring those who fought for the Confederacy a few years back in some sort of conflict about the future of the United States of America. It has now resulted in a backlash from those who seek to defend the honor and dignity of their great, great, great grandfathers. And, when they say, “great” they mean great. State Senator John Stevens is rather upset about talk to rename the Nathan Bedford Park. To him, and to people like Bill O’Reilly, all this talk about removing names or flags is simply part of a Muslim plot to destroy the very fabric of this nation.

According to Stevens, “what separates us from ISIS?”Exam the evidence:

1.ISIS blows up statues from the past.

2.ISIS renames things and places to remove infidel ideas.

3. Here in America liberals are demanding to blow up statues and rename things.

Add up one and two and what do you get? ISIS is the only group that is fighting to retain the name of General Bedford Forest! OH, the good General was the one who created the KKK. OH, for the good old days of lynching when darkies knew their place!

Obama Hates Israel!

Michael Oren used to be the Ambassador from Israel to the United States of America. He has now published a new book which exposes the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish feelings of the black dude from Africa who somehow became president of the USA. According to Oren, Barack Obama “imperiled Israel,” and was “soft on terrorism” and his advisers were “infected with neo-Marxist ideas.” Let me see:

1. Barack Obama pushed for a health care system that benefited Drug companies and private hospitals. Just what Marx wanted?

2. Barack Obama, after saving automobile companies, returned them to their owners. Just what Marx desired?

3. Under the Obama administration Israel has received EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID. Just what any enemy of Israel would desire!

4. Under the Obama administration Israel was provided money to construct its Dome to shoot down incoming missiles. Yep, this is what an enemy of Israel would seek.

5. Secretary of State John Kerry has visited Israel at least ten times seeking to help this nation achieve peace with Palestine.

I have a hunch that Michael Oren wants to sell books.

Things Not To Say About Israel

There are certain things that must never be expressed when discussing the nation of Israel. OH,it is OK to express joy and support for its government, but dare to mention any mistake leads to but one conclusion– the comment must and will be classified as an example of ANTI-SEMITISM! A UN report on last year’s Israel invasion of Gaza has sent Israel, and its supporters of the Israel government in America,into a fury of anger. The UN report simply noted that during that invasion, 2,256 humans died.It argued that figure included 1,563 civilians. Naturally, this figure must be wrong, for how could innocent civilians be killed during a war?

Netanyahu supporters in America, they are NOT Israel supporters, rush to the defense of Bibi. They argue that Israel is always cited by the UN Human Rights Council for killing the innocent, while other nations that murder are not. This is correct. There is no doubt that Israel is being singled out. BUT, there is another truth–the Israel Defense Force DID kill civilians. Face up to that fact and demonstrate to Sudan or Zimbabwe, Myanmar, or other nations that kill, at least one nation is ready to confront its errors.

Let’s Blame Obama-Who Else?

Michael Oren used to be the Israel ambassador to the United States of America. I assume that during his tenure in that position, there were many occasions when he spoke with the President of the USA. He wrote an article, naturally in the Wall Street Journal,in which the claim issued that any and all problems between this nation and Israel are the fault of the American black dude. He now charges that Obama is responsible for conflict with Bibi Netanyahu because he forsake two important principles of this relationship–“avoid public discord and do not pull surprises.” He also claims that after the first inaugural,Obama “put daylight between Israel and America.”

1. During the first Obama term he made certain that Israel received TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID>

2. The US helped to fund the Dome which shoots down incoming missiles.

3. As I recall, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republicans and blasted the Obama foreign policy in Congress.

4. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Israel at least twenty times seeking to assist in negotiating a resolution of problems between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Some distancing of relations with Israel!

With God On My Side

As one gazes around the world just about every leader, secular or religious, insists that God is on his side about any issue that is on the table for discussion. Muslim terrorists insists that God told them to murder women and children since God wants any and all bad people to die. I assume that means God needs a lot more bodies up in Heaven, or, perhaps he wants the Devil to get overwhelmed by the influx of untold millions of bodies to work the furnaces of Hell. All I know is that Tea Party members insist that God is on their side in protecting those with wealth from SOCIALISTS bent on taking from the rich to give to the poor.

Name the crime, name the brutality,name the desire for hate and violence, and those uttering these words insist that GOD IS ON MY SIDE. For some reason after creating the world and creating human life, God now wants these creations to no longer exist. I guess God just got tired of what he has made. On the other hand, if God is on my side He will stop the next war and He will stop the next brutality. Now,that would be a God worthy of our love.

Abortion Wars Continue

The latest figures indicate that 53% of those who graduated from college in the past few years are either unemployed, underemployed or just hanging around by living with mom and dad. So, what is the key issue of our time, at least, according to the Republican party? Naturally,it is ABORTION. Yes, the issue of abortion is complex, and it does involve morality, health and human rights. But, we do live in the 21st century and hopefully, the rights of women should be recognized and protected. Senator Lindsay Graham has introduced a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks have passed. Naturally, this is supported by Cruz,Rubio and Rand Paul.

We know that some people in the US Senate are running for president, and we do know, that if one is a Republican, the individual MUST oppose abortion. We also know that Hillary Clinton will be talking and portraying herself as the defender of female rights. What else can she do, given that the men are seeking money for their campaigns and must be against women. I assume they believe this is a popular stand to get the votes of young women

Of course, I hope Republicans understand they are now allies along with Islamic clerics on the issue of rights of women.

On Academic Freedom

At one time I was a college administrator and at another I was chair of our American Association of University Professors local unit. This placed me constantly in the arena of what constitutes academic freedom. The University of Illinois discussed a position with a professor who already has a tenured job at another university. After assuring the man(we will not note his name) that he would be hired, the institution later decided not to hire him. This information came after he had notified his own college that he was leaving and thus ended his career at that institution.

The University of Illinois charged that he had sent “anti-Semitic emails.” He did send one that said: “Zionists transformed anti-Semitism from something honorable into something horrible.” This is a blatant anti-Semitic statement. There are the policies of Israel which one can challenge, but one cannot equate Jews with the policies of Israel.

To sum up. The professor did have his rights violated because he was encouraged to end his tenure position at another college. Sorry, once an institution informs a professor that he will be hired and he can quit his job, there is no reason to change minds because of a tweet.


We offer observations from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It should be a law that members of Congress actually have to study American history.

Thomas Jefferson, author of Declaration of Independence was most proud of his fight for religious freedom.

A major issue for the Revolution era leaders was separation of church and state.

Sorry, I do not see much evidence that Justice Scalia is a legal genius. He sure is not a historical genius.

Republicans decry Sharia Law while seeking to impose Christian Law.

Oh, for the days when our leaders actually believed in the Constitution

Threats To Law And Order

I realize there are people in this nation who believe we confront real threats to our very existence from evil forces in the Middle East, in Russia, in China, but who among them has really confronted the greatest threat to our society? I am talking about poor parties. Damn it, why aren’t more Americans upset at the violence that can erupt when teens gather together at some pool party. I assume by now most readers have heard about the near riot that occurred in a Texas town when some BLACK kids went to the pool. Examine the issues that arise when BLACK kids swim:

1. They contaminate the water with their skin.

2. There is a possibility that some sweet white girl will have her body touched by one of those BLACK BOYS!

3. Add it up– a bunch of BLACK teens and how many guns are on them. They are very clever and have invented ways to hide guns when dressed in swim suits.

4. So, what else could officer Eric Casebolt do but pull a gun on these armed black kids coming from the pool. And, they were not waving water guns, you know how BLACK teens are?

Santorum Sage Lives On And On

I have a confession to make, although I am a fervent Democrat there is something about the Rick Santorum sage that captures my imagination. Rick often holds up a lump of coal that his grandfather dug while being a coal miner. Having a grand pa who actually dug coal is certainly an important factor in seeking the office of president. I do not believe any other Republican candidate has a grandpa who was a coal miner. Then, add in the fact that Rick so enjoys wearing a sweater, how many Republicans are sweater people?

Well, the good news from Iowa is that each day Rick is doubling the number of people who come to hear him explain economic issues of the day. Two days ago, it was one guy, yesterday it was two guys. At this rate by the time Rick hits 80 who knows how many millions will gather in diners to listen to this man whose grandpa dug coal??

P.S.Rick has personally assured me that he can name at least one nation in the Middle East–Israel. I hope that Sheldon Adelson will back the coal miner’s grandson.