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Thank God the USA  finally has a political leader who will stand for the greatness of  this land, the land which God Himself selected as his model for the world. Instead of the man from Africa we now have Donald Trump, a man for all times, a man who knows that America is THE greatest nation in the world!

1. With only 5% of the world’s population we have TWENTY PERCENT OF ALL THE PRISONERS! Go USA, Go USA!

2. We are not like those SOCIALIST European nations that provide free day care, hell no, Go  USA, Go USA!

3. We are among the top ten in early childhood deaths. Go USA, Go USA.

4. We are among the only nations of the world that believe groups fighting for the health of woman are evil!. Go USA, Go USA!

5. Name another land that has someone seeking to lead us who can match the ignorance, the stupidity of Donald Trump? Oops, I apologize, Russia beats us hands down. Go Russia, Go Russia!

6. We spend more on the military than the next seven nations of the world. Go, USA, Go USA!

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton got into a debate during the Democratic debate that virtually no one saw. After all, if your goal is to attract viewers what exactly do you expect by holding a debate on Saturday evening?  Bernie blasted Hillary Clinton for being in favor of  ‘regime change.’  “I see that Secretary Clinton is too much into regime  change  and far too aggressive  without knowing wha the consequences can be.” Bernie, you are absolutely right,  but you also don’t confront the issue of what happens when people rebel against their government.

Hillary Clinton was wrong to vote for the invasion of Iraq. I have a hunch these days this is one time she wished she had been sick in bed. Secretary Clinton doe raise an interesting issue –if the US does not become engaged in foreign affairs, then who will assume that role? The problem is that America for over decades has interpreted being involved in foreign issues as synonymous with  regime change. America DOES have to be engaged in the world, the issue is HOW to be involved?

Let’s Restore Hope

I realize Donal Trump wants to make America great again. Here are some ways we can become great again.

1. Bring back the G.I.Bill of Rights which gave veterans free college and money to live on. Only now provide this to all Americans.

2. Bring back a National Draft. It would give each young person the G.I. Bill of Rights in exchange for two years of public service -work with seniors, work in schools, join the armed forces, etc..

3. Rebuild our infrastructure to, not only provide meaningful work, but provide a sense of meaning to the lives of people.

4. For God sake institute a National Health Service that is free for ALL Americans.

OH AND RETURN TO 1950s tax rate of a top level of 90 percent for those earning over ten million.

OH, when we had such high tax rates the economy was booming!!

Obama After The Debate

Every single Republican candidate during the debate blamed Barack Obama for every problem in the world.

1. He was not bombing ISIS. Of course, each day US planes bomb and each day our drones take out someone –terrorist or civilian–but who cares, the numbers show another Muslim is dead.

2. Obama refused to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq and that is why there are problems today. Fact Check: President Obama offered to leave 10,000 US troops but refused to allow any US soldier who committed a civilian crime to be tried in a Sharia court. I assume Jeb or Donald or Carly would have allowed this. Like hell they would!!

3. Obama refuses to organize a coalition of Arab nations. Fact Check: Actually, he has attempted. Turkey wants to take out President Assad of Syria but also wants to take out Kurd troops who fight Assad.The Iraq government fired all Sunni leaders in the Iraq Army which led many to join ISIS. So, tell me Donald or Marco or Ted, how would you form an alliance?

Donald Forever Donald

“My friends, I got this wonderful plan to end all wars, to create an  economy  that provides each and every American with an income of at least $60,000  a year. It all begins with securing our  borders. Right, no more goods being allowed to enter our nation from China or Mexico. Once the borders are secured, we are on the road to safety and security.

Look, I like Jeb, I like Marco, I like Ted, heck, I even like the fat guy on the end, but how the hell can I put my arms around that body. And, I like women, Carly, when I am President, you can be my secretary, after all, you are the only  one on this stage who knows how to be a secretary. Now, about my wall, I personally will supervise its construction–think of the thousands of jobs that wall will create!

Now, about my plan. We bomb the hell out of ISIS or ISIL or whatever these Muslims call themselves. We don’t allow Muslims into our country which means more jobs for American born Christians –and definitely  for my friends, the Jews. Think about it-no more Muslims, no more foreigners in Silicon Valley, and gobs of jobs for we Americans.

I want every one on this stage to know when we get rid of all these foreigners, each and every one of you will have a job picking fruit in California!

God Bless America! Keep it Christian–and Jewish, forever!”

Ben Carson-One Dumb Guy!

Ben Carson once again was on a debate stage and sort of mumbled some thoughts about the world and his work cutting open skulls. He was asked if his skills and knowledge enabled him to order bombing attacks that would kill innocent children.

“I have spent my life cutting open skulls of children, and they are afraid for a moment, but when I am finished they love me. I have no problem ordering bombing attacks in Syria, of  course, I would need some further information as to where in the world is this place.”

He was asked his opinion about  ISIS. “From early childhood I have always loved ices. In particular, I really enjoy a cold raspberry ice. OH, you mean the terror group. As a Christian I love all people. I would so enjoy sitting down with these people and allowing them to get to know me. I am certain once they knew who Ben Carson was they would, not only buy my book, they would invite me into their home. It is very  important to talk slow so these people could understand my English. I will tonight ask Jesus to embrace them as brothers.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days political leaders so enjoy pretending they are the tough sheriff in town.

Me thinks Ben Carson has shot his wad.

Me thinks Mike Huckabee is  heading back to talk  shows and selling his books.

Say, is Carly still in this race? She has become rather quiet.

Barack Obama should spend time reading and learning from American history.

I can not wait until next year at the Republican convention-what a show awaits the American people!

Oh well, Chris Christie is back in the lineup, all 300 pounds of his bullshit.

Is World Moving Rightward?

As one surveys the world it is increasingly clear that most humans are moving to the right,and by the “right” it does not necessarily mean this movement is right. What has happened?

1. The growth of technology has been a blessing and a curse. For the first time in history, every nut case can simply go online and link up with every other nut case.

2. Modernization is both a curse and blessing. It means that every aspect of life changes within a few years,and in some cases, within a few months. Many people simply can not adjust to their world lacking stability and the presence of ‘certainties” is disappearing.

3. Many feel lost and disoriented in the acceleration in the pace of change. What I believed was true suddenly is transformed into a new truth for my mind. Very difficult for most people.

4. The incredible growth in power for the wealthy enables them to  control what we see, what we think, and what we believe- and they want us to believe they are the good guys.

5. Disappearance of unions means working people lack institutions which defend their economic interests, and they are left defenseless in the modern world. They believe themselves abandoned by those with power and money.

What Is Being Anti-Israel?

There is no question that many people in Israel and their supporters in America are sort of defensive whenever the topic of Palestinians is raised. On one hand, there are people claiming Israel treatment of Muslim Palestinians is similar to that of Nazi persecution of Jews.  Actually, this comparison is sort of off base. The essence of the Holocaust from the perspective of Nazis was that each and every person who was classified as being Jewish was not subject to actions that would result in their death.

The Israel government is abusive of Palestinians, it deprives many of their right to land, and it denies equal treatment to those not Jewish Israelis. There is no desire to cleanse the world of each and every Muslim. The central issue confronting those interested in creation of a democratic Israel society in which each person has equal rights is this would require either one of two appoaches:

1. Create a one state Israel which grants equal rights to all citizens.

2. Create two independent nations.

It is difficult to imagine Number one being on the top list of most Jewish Israelis. Of course, 20% of the Israel population is NOT Jewish so most of those would welcome such a status.

Reality: There must be two independent nations for at least fifty years, after that find out where each side is at.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald is worried about secret business meetings, for God’s sake, that is what he has been involved in throughout his life!

Ben Carson threatens to run as an independent–by November he would be lucky to have one million followers.

Ted Cruz is God’s gift to Ted Cruz.

How about Cruz and Rubio as a ticket- an Hispanic immigrant’s delight!

A drone just killed another terrorist, I assume this ends terrorism.

Barack Obama has never learned that talking from the Oval office adds to the importance of what is said.

The reason bad folks carry guns is because the good folks carry guns.