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Sanders–Pie In The Sky

The speeches of Bernie Sanders are replete with promises of 10,000,000 or 12,000,000 of God knows how many jobs awaiting those under the age of 30. His words remind me of an old song from my youth:


Long haired preacher comes out every night

But when asked for something to eat,

He will answer in tones oh so sweet

You’ll get pie-in-the-sky

When you die

That’s no lie,

Work and pray

Live on hay

You’ll get pie-in-the-sky

How Bernie came up with these figures,  there has never been any explanation. He assumes young Americans want to build bridges or pave highways or engage in hard physical labor. Hogwash. The only people in America who would enjoy such work are the illegal immigrants!

But, young Americans shout hurrah to such promises. They want nice office jobs which do not require physical labor. So, Bernie, how about spelling out the ways you will create such jobs!

The Suicide Bomber

The concept of a suicide bomber has been part of human history. In modern history  this idea was used by rebels forces in Sri Lanka–the LTTE– and soon became part of that nation’s civil war. Suicide bombers emerged in the Middle East and now scarcely a day goes by without one or another blowing self up. Nigeria has been plagued with a  civil war conducted by Boko Haram which kidnaps young boys and girls, keeps them captive and then sends them out to blow themselves up.

Modu Awami was a young girl held captive by Boko Haram. Among with two friends she went to a refugee camp–which contained her own family– with orders to blow selves up. She attempted to persuade her friends to disobey, they refused and killed 58 people. She tore her vest off her body and turned herself in to authorities.

The suicide bomber is motivated by ideology, religious belief, anger toward those in authority, or like Modu, simple fear that disobeying meant death.  Modi is in the minority of those who choose life to death.

With God On Our Side

There is an educational institution in the suburbs of Chicago known as Wheaton College. It is a college founded upon the ideas of someone called Jesus Christ. IN other words, those in charge of this foundation of knowledge want their students to emerge as devout Christians. A black professor named  Larycia Hawkins was deeply concerned as a Christian at the hate campaign being waged against Muslims. She noted in an email that she would put on a chador to show support for Muslims since they, like Christians, believe in the same God.

This comment did not meet with the approval of those in charge of
Wheaton College. The very idea that a Christian prayed to the same God as did a Muslim was offensive. They have determined to discharge  Professor Hawkins on the ground that she, as a Christian, should never believe that Muslims–or Jews for that matter– prayed to the same God as did Christians!

One question: if Muslims pray to a different God does that mean there are TWO Gods up in the sky?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump is living proof that half Americans can be sold bullshit.

John Kasich portrays himself as the poor man’s Ronald Reagan.

OK, Marco, you can now come out and join the crowd at a debate, the big fat loud guy won’t be there.

Ted Cruz comes across as the guy who feels insulted if forced to talk to the average guy since that means the average guy can talk back.

MY dream-a physical fight between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

I guess Benny Carson can now pick up his marbles and go home.

Carly Fiorina is living proof you can fail in business, fail in government, and just fail and be somebody important.

At least Bernie Sanders is no Benny Carson.

Jerks In Oregon Still There?

The ongoing mantra of conservative Republicans is that America must crush with deadly force any and all terrorist groups. In other words, if the government encounters armed terrorists then it is time to employ deadly force and show any and all terrorists that we Americans do  NOT tolerate armed militants in this nation. At this moment, there still remains armed terrorists in the state of Oregon who are holding control of American land at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

So, let me get this straight. When two armed terrorists invaded a government building and shot up the place, Donald Trump promised that if he was in charge, any such action would end in this great land. How about allowing Donald Trump to handle this act of terrorism and blast these guys to hell! NO terrorist should be allowed to control any piece of our precious American soil!

Just imagine if this group consisted of Mexican illegal immigrants!

Red Carpet To Poor?

As you recall, General Sisi of Egypt is one of the good guys in the Middle East. He took over from General Mubarak who took over from General Sadat who took over from General Nasser who took over from General Naguib. In other words, for the past seventy years one general or another has been running the nation of Egypt. The result is obvious, an unemployment rate of over 40% and lots of bad radical guys dying to die for their cause. Yes, Egypt did participate in the Arab spring, and that lasted about one year until another general took charge who sent  the prior general into a nice retirement.

General Sisi decided to visit some poor people. Naturally, being a GENERAL meant he had to have a Red Carpet treatment. When an Egyptian general wants a red carpet treatment he MEANS red carpet. So, a 2.5 mile red carpet was laid in order to allow him to be in contact with poor folks. I guess he figured if poor people saw a red carpet it would make their lives happier.

The Poles Are Coming

Thee is some good news from Europe and some bad news for any member of ISIS or any other of those so-called terrorist groups in the Middle East. The Polish government has now made clear that Polish soldiers will soon be battling in the Middle East and when a Polack grabs  a gun, just watch out if you are a terrorist. As someone who is half-Polish, let me inform any Muslim who tries to take out we Poles, that you are signing your death warrant!

We Poles worked in coal mines, we worked in steel plants, we took any dirty, filthy job in order to put food on the table. Check out any famous American gang and you will discover some Polish names. And, you ISIS jerks, just remember that we Poles fight to win, and the only rule we follow is there are no rules– just victory!  You  ISIS jerks have been warned!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I continue seeking to find where America has gone since politicians want to return America to its former greatness.

Jeb looked as though he had some passion last night.  Gee, he got 10% of the vote!

2016 rule of politics– the greater the ambiguity of your goal the greater the number of people who will love you.

Those under the age of 30 still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

One must feel sorry for little Benny Carson who looks as though he just lost his toy.

Marco comes across as a son of Donald Trump now out of favor with dad.

Oh, for an Elizabeth Warren to seek the Democratic nomination.

Carly Fiorina Is Mad!

Another primary battle is over, another time that Carly Fiorina has been slighted by the Republican establishment. There are two ways to evaluate her performance, you can read results from the top down or from the bottom up.If you utilize the second method, which Carly regards as the only honest one, then our hero came in second. And, guess who came in last–Donald Trump! I checked with the only woman in the race for president as a Republican.

Carly: “fred, this is simply another plot by the Obama administration to get rid of the only woman who can defeat Democrats, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and terrorism in the world. Do you think it is a coincidence that I did not get the most votes in New Hampshire? The answer is simple– I am the one Islamic terrorists most fear. I am willing to go to Syria, look the damn terrorists right in their faces and make clear that  President Fiorina will drop atomic bombs and blast them all to their heaven where the virgin women await them!!”

Voter’s Guide To A Republican Debate

The Debate season is still going on even though the winds of March are just around the corner. In order to assist readers, we are offering a short guide to any Republican debate. Why worry what is coming next when we can guarantee exactly what candidates will say.

1. We love Hispanics but want them to remain in Mexico.

2. We hate the wealthy but we can not raise their taxes since that would lead to a depression.

3. We will abolish Obamacare and guarantee those without health care complete health care without any government involvement. Tune in sometime in late November about the specific details.

4. We will end student debt. Each and every student who has loans is guaranteed they will repay those loans with the help of rich folks. Each student will contract with a wealthy person who will repay their loan in exchange for 10% of their salary from now on.

5. The days of ISIS are over after we carpet bomb them into oblivion!

6. We love women, in fact we all have moms and sisters and wives to prove it.

7. Send Hillary Clinton to prison and restore America’s honor.

8. Oh, we love Israel and we love Jews. Some of our best friends are Jews.