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Pope Francis, Enemy Of GOP

There is something ironic about Republican Catholics who rush to judgment about the Muslim religion, and are compelled, due to their ideology to rush to judgment about the Catholic religion. Suddenly, this nice conservative religion has become a part of the plot to destroy America and allow the shiftless and lazy to take away money from our wonderful job creators. Overtime Pope Francis urges support for the poor, Catholic Republicans recede in horror from this man who pretends to know something about poverty or the needs of those without.

He really got to Republicans yesterday in Washington when he came out for fighting the evil of climate change and praised the efforts of that notorious hater of job creators-Barack Obama. “It was encouraging that you are providing an initiative for reducing air pollution.” For some reason fighting for clean air has become an attack on the American way of life.

Oh, I forgot, Pope Francis is no scientist, actually, he is one. At least one idiot Texas congressman will be boycotting the Pope’s speech today.

Hit The Bigot!

tThere is one certainty in life, no day goes by without a story from the great state of Texas in which someone hits, shoots, or yells at another person due to some fear or anger about what that person said, did, or thought. Robert Watts was a game official at a football contest involving John Jay H.S vs Marble Falls H.S. Mr. Watts being a native Texans knew that blacks and Hispanics were not really Texans, let alone Americans. He employed the infamous “n” word toward black players and politely inquired of Hispanic players,”Speak English, this is America.”

The coach of John Jay was upset and told some players to blindside Mr. Watts and send him flying. Coach Breed is another native Texan with the weird idea that Hispanics are really Americans, as well as Texans. So, there will be an inquiry.

Me, I don’t know what the argument is about. Mr.Watts just expressed the same question as have-Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Ben Carson. I expect that Mr. Watts will soon enter his name in the Republican primary.

It’s Always The Muslims

In fairness to Dr.Ben Carson he went to medical school and apparently did not have an opportunity to take a course on modern history. In fairness to Dr. Carson, one cannot expect this man who has devoted his life to the practice of medicine to know anything about World War II. Of course,it might just be possible that he actually heard of the Holocaust or what happened in World War II. Dr. Carson was pontificating on that religion of evil and murder –Muslims. “I don’t think there is any other religion that says people of other religions have to be killed.”

well, doc, eleven of my relatives were murdered by Christian Germans during World War II because they were Jews. Six million Jews were murdered, NOT by Muslims, but by CHRISTIAN GERMANS because of their RELIGION. If you are going to run for President, at least you could actually know something about the history of this country. Doc, America fought Christian Germany, the murderer of millions of JEWS!

Russia In Syria

There is great concern among members of the US government and just about every Republican running for president over the movement of Russian soldiers, planes and ships to Syria. President Putin says their presence is to assist in the destruction of ISIS, and support the government of Syria. Let’s examine the issues of this move:

1. Russia has been supporting Syria for nearly thirty years, so what’s new about their latest move?

2. AN object of the Russians is to eliminate ISIS. I assume that is also the goal of America.

3. Ironically,the Russians will be protecting Christians and moderate Muslims against terrorist organizations. Any complaint?

4. America fears that Russia will gain a sphere or influence in Syria: Fellows, it already HAS such a sphere.

Frankly, if Putin wants to shed Russian blood to destroy ISIS, go for it, Vladimir!

Let Me Explain Yemen

Once upon a time there was this tiny, tiny little country that was called–YEMEN. It is on the tip of the Arabian peninsula so it takes a good careful look to find out where it is. Well,our CIA decided a few years ago to support a man whose name is: President Saleh. He was a nice man who stole from the people and gave to his people. Well, after some time, the CIA decided they did not like this president so they made sure there was a new man who is called: President Hadi.

Well, this president also stole from the people and gave to the people so along came some folks known as the Houthis and they drove Hadi from power and that really upset the CIA. Although the Houthis never received any aid from Iran, the CIA decided they did and encouraged Saudi Arabia to bomb, bomb, bomb.

At this point it is unclear exactly who the CIA wants as president: Saleh or Hadi. Anyway,the US sends drones to kill, the Saudis send bombs to kill, and a lot of killing is going on. It might help if the CIA decided to support the Houthis and then they might actually back a winner.

American Backed Rebels In Syria

Republicans have been clamoring for the Obama administration to send military advisors into Syria and arm the good guys. Actually, there has been an American military program in Syria run by American advisors which is geared to train nice, moderate Muslims and send them off to fight ISIS. The US spent FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS AND THE END RESULT WAS ABOUT TWENTY FIVE MEN SENT OFF TO FIGHT! Yes,this gallant band of warriors went off to battle, virtually all were killed, wounded or captured with minor losses to the bad Muslims. Why?

1. To fight in a successful guerrilla war there is need for soldiers who are devoted to certain ideas and values. At this moment in time, ISIS attracts thousands of Muslims because they offer a vision of the future.

2. Neither money nor weapons without belief will succeed.

Reality: 99.9% of Muslims do NOT believe in the ideas of ISIS. Unfortunately,there is not a powerful charismatic Muslim from among these Muslims who offers a vision of a democratic peaceful society.

The Doctor On Life

Ben Carson is a doctor. He does know and understand the workings of a human body, the inside,that is. However, when it comes to issues about what happens outside the human body, the good doctor is more in the class of Carly Florina or Donald Trump. Neither of this trio has the faintest understanding of what is happening in the world, let alone, in the United States of America. Ben informed Republicans, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

As I recall, about 90% of white folks back in the good old days of segregation would “not advocate that we put a Negro in charge of this nation. They absolutely would not agree with that.” I doubt if Ben knows:

1. Anything about the Muslim religion.

2. Anything about Muslim nations, let alone where they are in the world.

Oh, but he does know something about the inside of human bodies.

The Lindsay Graham Story

Believe it or not, but Lindsay Graham is still in the race for president.

1. No candidate can match his souther drawl.

2. Lindsay wants to fight in Syria, he just has to figure out how to get a few hundred thousand young men and women to join up for the fight.

3. Lindsay does not want to fight Vladimir Putin, he leaves that battle to Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina.

4. As of this date,Lindsay does not want to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood.

5. Frankly, Lindsay is not that firm looking, that certainly hurts in Republican primary.

6. Lindsay is the only Republican who can make a complete sentence without promising to stand up to Vladimir Putin.

7. Frankly, I have no idea why Lindsay is in this race. Does anyone?

The Rick Santorum Story

The last time we saw Rick Santorum he was wearing sweaters, but has now decided to dress like the grown-up do–suit and tie.

1. Rick is the ONLY candidate with a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky.

2. Rick loves children, no one can match this love of those born or unborn.

4. Rick does not want illegal immigrants here, the main problem he will soon solve is who picks the fruit and works as nannies.

5. Rick is ready to get rid of ISIS, they will never withstand speeches from him directed at the Middle East.

6. No candidate can match his love of wife and children, in fact, they will vote for him. So, he does have a foundation to win the nomination.

7. Oh, he is a Christian and is ready to fight Muslims in an arena any time, anywhere.

8. Rick wants every child born or unborn to have human rights, it’s just the illegal immigrants who should not get them!

Oh Dem Muslims!

Critics may attack and defame Donald Trump for being boorish or loud or insulting, but there is one issue on which Donald Trump is the leading expert in this nation–MUSLIMS. Donald understands that Muslims are continually taking over this nation, and they are aided by the Number One Muslim in America–BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! After all, it was Donald who challenged this Muslim president to produce his birth certificate, and to this day there are serious questions about the document he produced. A man asked Donald about the Muslim problem in New Hampshire, and he responded: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called MUSLIMS”

Why else would the “President wage a war against Christianity?” Huh? “Christians need support in this country. There is a war being waged against them.”

Did you know that black shirted troops are at this very moment being trained to enter the home of EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION AND TAKE THEM TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALREADY BUILT IN NEVADA??

Thank God He has sent a savior to save this nation–DONALD TRUMP!