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No Shoot Out At Airports

The Federal Transport Security  Administration reports a record number of guns  have been confiscated at airports. We checked with several Republican candidates about this apparent violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Ted Cruz: “First Obama came for the guns at airports, then he came for the guns in subways, and next he will come for YOUR GUN!

Carly Fiorina: “I dare any member of the Obama Gestapo to take my  gun which I intend to carry on a plane in order to halt a terrorist attack. I DARE them!

Ben Carson: “I really don’t think we should take guns away from people who want to carry them on planes. That would hurt their feelings.”

Donald Trump:  “I intend to build a great wall around airports to prevent government agents from getting in to take away our 2nd Amendment guns.”

Check Mate In Saudi Arabia

I have been playing chess all my life and never once thought about the game in the manner that it is regarded by some Muslim clerics. Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdelaziz al-Sheikh has issued a fatwa to all those in his land seeking to engage in a game of chess.  He terms the playing of chess as “included under gambling” and a “waste of  time and money and a cause of  hatred and enmity between players.”WoW!

The good news is that the hated Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini years ago gave the OK to play chess in his nation. NOW, that is a good reason to re-establish relations with Iran and tell the Saudis to go play with their oil rigs!

Another Peaceful Day in Pakistan

Pakistan enjoys an unusual role in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and within its own border.  During the 1990s, the Pakistan secret service –ISI- organized young Afghan boys who were attending madrases paid for by Saudi Arabia to learn how to hate the US and the west. It was from this group that the Taliban was created to take over Afghanistan. Even today, large groups of Taliban live in safety within the border of Pakistan.

However, some Taliban are furious that Pakistan officials still work with the US.  They have carried out horrible massacres of students in Pakistan schools. They struck again two days ago murdering ten children and wounding dozens. Just about every day somewhere in Pakistan, the Taliban-created by the ISI murders the children of Pakistan!!

Who Gets Killed Today?

Each day we pick up a newspaper to discover how many  people got killed in Syria. Each day, some commentator in Syria shows pictures of dead bodies, and it is absolutely certain at least three of four will be children.  Latest figures indicate that since Russia began its bombing offense a few  months ago, at least 1,000 civilians have been killed. The Russians insist they also killed  893 Islamic militants. Most probably the dead bad guys are those who oppose President Assad.

My questions are:

How does a pilot know exactly which guy down below is a bad guy?

Who collects this data– the pilots or some people in some office, somewhere?

Is there any possibility, even a slim one, that innocent people also die during these attacks?

P.S. The other guys killed over 4,000 bad guys.

It’s Getting Hottter

Anyone seeking to be elected for any position in the United States of America is warned that any statement regarding changes in our  weather is akin to an attack on the very foundation of what America holds dear– we are an exceptional The year 2015 set the record for the hottest year since such records were kept back in 1850. Global temperature was 0.75C degrees higher and even higher than the prior record of 0.57C in 2014. So, why this rise:

1. The current group of candidates seeking the Republican nomination produce sufficient  hot air to cause global warming to increase.

2. One hour of Sarah Palin talking, or what goes for a “talk” causes hot air storms to rip through the Middle East and create drought and ISIS to thrive.

The good news is that if Donald Trump were elected President we would not have this daily explosion of hot air. So, vote for Trump if you want to end global warming!


Bernie On Foreign Policy

As Hillary Clinton argues that she has greater experience in the area of foreign policy, Bernie Sanders has gone on the offense to prove he knows more how to handle foreign policy.  “Not only did I vote against the war in Iraq, I helped lead the opposition to  the war. There is a difference between experience and judgment.” Sanders is absolutely right to emphasize this difference regarding the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton blundered, she became afraid that opposing the war would not resonate with the American people who wanted revenge for 9/11.

Bernie Sanders has yet to outline his foreign policy in the Middle East.  Yes, no American boots on the ground. But, that statement is NOT the outline of foreign policy. He needs to delineate exactly how his  presidency  would handle the complex world of the Middle East and its problems. No troops on the ground, but what else?

1. What about poverty in the region?

2. What about the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Bad Days For ISIS

Republican candidates for President have created this great monster, this all powerful force known as ISIS which threatens the very foundation of America’s existence as a nation. How 30,000 en lacing armored vehicles, planes, ships, and heavy artillery can destroy the United States of America is among the great mysteries of modern times. Yes, ISIS agents can kill a few dozen people in shoot-outs that result in the death of ISIS fighters. This type of attack creates danger for people in a particular area, but will NOT result in the end of America.

An ISIS statement to its forces: “Because of  the exceptional  circumstances   that the Islamic State is  passing through, a decision was taken to cut the salaries of the mujahedeen in half. No one will be exempt from this decision.”

In other words, bombing attacks and ground operations are slowly impacting the fighting ability of ISIS. So much for the end of America!

The inhabitants of Israel have increasingly assumed a defensive position when anyone dares to question policies toward Palestinians. If one makes ANY comment concerning treatment of Palestinians or failures on the part of Israel to work toward peace in their relations with Palestinians, the only comment that comes from the Israel  government is: ANTI-SEMITISM.

US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro was attending a conference called by the Institute for National Security in Tel Avid when he said some very, very bad things.  He questioned whether of not Israel wanted to work toward creation of  two states, one being Israel and the other being Palestine.  He complained: “too much  vigilantism goes unchecked,  and at times there seems to be  two standards, one for Israelis and one for  Palestinians.” He questioned whether or not the current Israel government was committed to seeking peace for all?

Trump And Palin

The old expression that birds of a feather gather together is proving true with Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump for the presidential nomination. Sarah informed religious folk in the state of Iowa that there is only one man in this entire nation who could make America “Great Again” and that is the man from New York, one Donald Trump. She trotted out the usual complaints about Obama, about liberals, about feminists who dare to demand the right to control their bodies, and naturally, warned about THOSE ILLEGALS coming into our country.

Donald smiled, hugged her, gave a kiss on the cheek and felt so proud that the most ignorant person-prior to  his appearance- ever to seek a high office was now endorsing his candidacy. When Sarah Palin talks, the angels weep. There was nothing new about what they said, it is the same speech that will be repeated over and over again–America is in decline, we may be conquered by the 30,000 ISIS soldiers, we are flooded with terrorists, etc..




Jeb Bush On Something Or Other

At each Republican debate my heart goes out to little Jebbie Bush the kid in the middle with a forlorn look on his face that shouts –how in hell did I get stuck with this group of nut cases! Let me offer a sample of how Jeb confronted the bullies who he had to respond to during the evening. After all, Jeb is not the strongest person on the stage and since Carly left for the kiddie’s table he has no one who he could beat in a wrestling match.

“People ask about student loans and Social Security and ISIS.  The solutions are there, but you are not going to  do a work-a-thon in  90 seconds.I try to purge all of that from my mind before the debate.”

Give Donald Trump some credit–he has stopped going after the weak little kid and now focuses on the big bully from Texas. NO, I do not mean George Bush but the refugee from Canada.  Give Jeb some credit, at least he is open about lacking any ideas how to solve any problems.