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Geert Gets Going Hatefully

Geert Wilders has been around for over a decade in the Netherlands with his fight to preserve the purity of his nation from the influx of those Muslims. His approach is to draw pictures of Muhammad or to use cartoons in order to arouse hate and anger from Muslims.For one reason or another Muslim leaders play into his hate drama. Geert now has turned to the idea of freedom of speech as the center of his desire to get Muslim leaders going bonkers about some silly cartoon.

Muslim leaders have yet to grasp that Geert is the Ted Cruz of Holland. Pay attention to his hate and he loses making the 6:00 o’clock news. There are times to ignore those whose desire is arousing the hate that may lurk in human hearts. Let him draw and draw and eventually he will not draw any attention.

Fleeing To Horror

There is no question that social media has generated a flood of young Muslims who somehow adore men committed to violence and hatred. I assume that in every generation there is a solid 5% of young people who enjoy burning cats and hurting others. Social Media now enables Muslims sitting at home with their computer to become fascinated with pictures of people having heads cut off and men,women,and children being murdered. Three British Muslim sisters, Khadija, Sugra, and Zohra Dacoud decided to take their nine children on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Their husbands agreed. Off they went. But, unknown to husbands, they then flew to Ankara,and made the, now common,trip to Syria to become part of ISIS.

In this case, the women already had husbands and children, but decided they wanted to enjoy a sense of purpose by joining those who murder fellow Muslims. Some trip to Mecca,some trip to ISIS. The only question is what exactly got them to abandon life with husbands and take their children into a den of violence and hatred?

Let’s Blame Obama-Who Else?

Michael Oren used to be the Israel ambassador to the United States of America. I assume that during his tenure in that position, there were many occasions when he spoke with the President of the USA. He wrote an article, naturally in the Wall Street Journal,in which the claim issued that any and all problems between this nation and Israel are the fault of the American black dude. He now charges that Obama is responsible for conflict with Bibi Netanyahu because he forsake two important principles of this relationship–“avoid public discord and do not pull surprises.” He also claims that after the first inaugural,Obama “put daylight between Israel and America.”

1. During the first Obama term he made certain that Israel received TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID>

2. The US helped to fund the Dome which shoots down incoming missiles.

3. As I recall, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Republicans and blasted the Obama foreign policy in Congress.

4. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Israel at least twenty times seeking to assist in negotiating a resolution of problems between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Some distancing of relations with Israel!

With God On My Side

As one gazes around the world just about every leader, secular or religious, insists that God is on his side about any issue that is on the table for discussion. Muslim terrorists insists that God told them to murder women and children since God wants any and all bad people to die. I assume that means God needs a lot more bodies up in Heaven, or, perhaps he wants the Devil to get overwhelmed by the influx of untold millions of bodies to work the furnaces of Hell. All I know is that Tea Party members insist that God is on their side in protecting those with wealth from SOCIALISTS bent on taking from the rich to give to the poor.

Name the crime, name the brutality,name the desire for hate and violence, and those uttering these words insist that GOD IS ON MY SIDE. For some reason after creating the world and creating human life, God now wants these creations to no longer exist. I guess God just got tired of what he has made. On the other hand, if God is on my side He will stop the next war and He will stop the next brutality. Now,that would be a God worthy of our love.

Sad Plight Of Rohingyas

The Rohingyas are Muslims who came from Bangladesh about a hundred years ago and were encouraged by British colonialists to settle in what then was called, Burma. Burma was then and is now mainly a Buddhist nation. You know, the calm and peaceful Buddhists that American peace lovers cite as a people of peace and serenity. During the past two years government sponsored mobs have killed thousands, driven over two hundred thousand from their homes and did a bit or raping along the road of destruction.

As of this moment not a single Muslim nation in Southeast Asia has offered to aid their fellow Muslims. I do not know of any public outcry from Muslim clerics urging aid for these Muslims. Has anyone seen a charity created by wealthy Muslims, you know,the guys who fund ISIS and militant terrorists? When do Muslims cry out for their fellow Muslims?

We Killed Another Bad Guy!

I do understand that Republicans believe that President Obama is a weakling. Well, this is one dude leader who knows how to kill the bad guys.R Just remember that he took out Osama bin Laden and look what happened after the bad leader got smoked! Well, the American air force was back fighting and killing the bad leaders in Yemen and Libya. Algerian militant bad leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar was killed in an air attack in Yemen. Nasir al-Wuhayshi was wiped out in another air strike in Libya. I now assume any fighting has ceased in those places. Al Qaeda just collapsed once Osama was dead. Really!

There is simply NO evidence from any guerrilla was that killing off leaders results in an end to conflict. Never happened in Algeria, never happened in Vietnam, never happened in China and it sure did not happen during the American Revolution. Heck, during the Civil War over twenty Confederate generals died and the war continued. Perhaps, it might help if President Obama actually read the history of guerrilla wars.

P.S. As I recall, we did kill Saddam Hussein. Just check who are among the key leaders of ISIS-former Saddam generals!

Recep The Great

Turkish President Recep Erdogan enjoys having conversations with the Great Leader of Russia, one Vladimir Putin. The other day he arranged to have Vladimir come over for a cup of coffee, and he waited, and he waited and he waited. Finally, Vladimir decided to head over to the hotel and meet with the man who so desires to run Turkey in the same manner as Vladimir runs Russia. Following was the conversation:

V: So, how goes it my friend?
E: I had an election and instead of gaining 95% of the vote, I wound up with 41%.
E: Yes, the opposition parties all together received 59%.
V: What kind of election was this? How can one only receive 41%? That has never occurred in Mother Russia.
E: So, how do you always win by such large margins?
V: Simple, decided BEFORE the election what you will receive and ensure that is the final vote?
E: But, what if the opposition receives votes?
V: Who ever heard of an opposition receiving votes that I had not planned?
E: You mean that you fix elections?
V: Of course, that is what we mean by a free election. All are able to vote. I decide the outcome.That is what we term a free election in Mother Russia.
E: Gee whiz, you are a Great Leader, I hope one day to be as wise and Great as you!

Abortion Wars Continue

The latest figures indicate that 53% of those who graduated from college in the past few years are either unemployed, underemployed or just hanging around by living with mom and dad. So, what is the key issue of our time, at least, according to the Republican party? Naturally,it is ABORTION. Yes, the issue of abortion is complex, and it does involve morality, health and human rights. But, we do live in the 21st century and hopefully, the rights of women should be recognized and protected. Senator Lindsay Graham has introduced a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks have passed. Naturally, this is supported by Cruz,Rubio and Rand Paul.

We know that some people in the US Senate are running for president, and we do know, that if one is a Republican, the individual MUST oppose abortion. We also know that Hillary Clinton will be talking and portraying herself as the defender of female rights. What else can she do, given that the men are seeking money for their campaigns and must be against women. I assume they believe this is a popular stand to get the votes of young women

Of course, I hope Republicans understand they are now allies along with Islamic clerics on the issue of rights of women.

Guantanamo Forever

Every time that I see the word, Guantanamo, my mind does a double take since I want to believe that we have gotten rid of that boil on our body and returned to healthy ways of living. But, alas, there are men still in this infamous place of disgrace. Those who inflicted terrible torture upon the inmates have long fled the scene and gone on to better things and places. I doubt that if real trials were held for those inside this place of madness, at least half of them would be declared innocent of any crime.

The latest piece of stupidity has been reported by lawyers for these men. Prison authorities have banned lawyers from bringing any food to their client. Authorities claim the presence of a Big Mac or piece of pizza interferes with the “health and sanitation” of the place. Imagine being locked up in this place of shame for over a decade without being able to eat a Big Mac?

The Houthi Saga Continues

Few, if any Americans, are familiar with the Houthi group in Yemen. Most people in Yemen are of the Sunni Moslem religion, but the Southis are a branch of the Shiite Muslim religion. They constitute about one-third of the population of Yemen and originally took up arms against the government due to its corruption and inefficiency. Along the way of seeking to reform the Yemen government the group turned into a revolutinary force seeking gain control of a nation in which they were a minority.

Let me explain:

1. Originally, the Houthis had no connection with Iran.

2. The US supported the corrupt Yemen government of President Saleh.

3. Then the US decided they did not like Saleh and backed another guy.

4. A main enemy of the Houthis is al Qaeda. The US is also an enemy of al-Qaeda.

5. Iran,being Shiite, is opposed to al-Qaeda.

6. So, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Houthi forces which now have formed an alliance with the ousted President Saleh.

If you can explain this situation, then you belong in Congress since not a single one of those jokers can explain this situation!