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So, What Is New In America??

It is now apparent that our police forces are concerned about the fact that all too many dark skinned men seek to demand their right to breathe. Where did these men get the idea that the right to breathe is inout Constitution? I have carefully examined every word in this document without finding a single reference to the right to breathe. As a God fearing American, I believe that our police care about citizens, but this does not translate into ensuring that each and every American is breathing. I believe the Constitution is clear that if you want to breathe, go out in the fresh air and take a good breath.

Eric Garner was selling illegal cigarettes, a major violation of our laws and thus had to be wrestled to the ground by four cops, and all he could rant about was, “I can’t breathe.” An Oklahoma reserve cop who is 72 years old and works in insurance, shot a dark skinned man who ranted and raves, “I’m losing my breath.” Another cop said the obvious, “fuck your breath.” When did this nation get the idea that a function of the police was to check on how each person took a deep breathe?

We are becoming a nanny nation in which the police now have to monitor how people breathe. What next, help people shit and piss??

New Face In Republican Party

It was just a matter of time before Marco Rubio entered the race for president of the United States of America. He immediately made clear that this Cuban is a new face in this country and it is time to cease gazing at ancient relics of the past. “Too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the twentieth century. Many have forgotten that when America fails to lead, global chaos inevitably follows, so they appease our enemies, betray our allies, and weaken our military.” Let me get this straight, here are some twentieth century ideas:

1. Social Security.

2. Medicare

3. Minimum wage laws.

4. Civil Rights Act.

5. Containment which led to end of the Soviet Union.

6. Roe vs Wade which gave women control over their bodies.

7. Medicaid which provided aid to poor people.

8. A few laws that protect the lives of children in need of food and shelter.

And, so on and so on.

I assume when Marco says Obama is betraying our allies, he means the current prime minister of Israel. Recent negotiations were in accord with our allies in Germany, France and England.

At this moment in time the budget for the United States military forces is larger than the next seven nations in the world. How much more does Marco want to give them??

News On Hillary Clinton Front

Once the evil woman who sends emails announced that she was running for president of our beloved land, Fox News swung into action in order to prove that if Americans want an evil person in the Oval office, then she is the one. We report breaking news about her recent activities.

1. She was seen in a Chipotle restaurant wearing dark glasses. Why the dark glasses?

2. She was not seen in the company of Bill Clinton. Does this indicate the end of their marriage?

3. She ate a burrito and had a glass of tea! At no point was she seen eating AMERICAN FOOD!

4. Neither her daughter nor her granddaughter were seen with her. Does this indicate a lack of love for children?

5. At no point in her statement about running for President did she indicate that God had urged this decision. Does she love God?

6. Then again, does God love her??

7. At no point in her statement did she express support for Bibi Netanyahu. Does this mean she hates Israel??

We will keep you informed about the Hillary Clinton front.

Attack Of Balloons

The nation of Turkey each day slides ever closer to a semi autocratic society in which President Recep Erdogan rules the roost and no one dares to question his decisions. Ironically, Erdogan attained power because most Turks were tired of being ruled by generals. He crushed the power of these military leaders and offered a new road to democracy. But, once in power, like so many other tin pot rulers, the man of last year decided to consolidate his authority and impose a new version of democracy. In his early days, Erdogan was a moderate Muslim, but even this has changed and creeping Muslim religion is slowly working its way through education systems.

The Turkish government has announced it is investigating a set of horrible terrorist actions that include, planting trees, inflating balloons, and dancing the halay, a traditional folk dance, that were done without official permission. Some of the balloons were placed on poles near the literature faculty of a university. What next, clowns in the streets–without official permission??

Orthodox Jews Join Orthodox Muslims!

Among the most amazing developments of the twenty first century has been the growth of orthodoxy within Judaism and the Islamic religion. Both faiths increasingly have returned to the idea of thousands of years ago and both insist that God commands them to do this or that. Both insist that women are not the equal of males and both insist there is need for certain clothing arrangements in our daily lives. Orthodox political groups now dominate Israel politics, which enables them to take over land on the West Bank because “God” wants Jews to spread out over the entire area that used to be known as Palestine. Only rabbis can marry people in Israel, and Jews are not supposed to fall in love with Muslims. Orthodoxy means that religion is a factor in making decisions within Israel or within Muslim lands.

Ironically, Israel was founded by secular Jews who believed that religion should not control the lives of ordinary people. Something has happened to modern humans since so many insist that religion is the dominating issue of their lives. Of course, this attitude is not that of modern young Americans except for so many modern Jewish youth and the crazies who are known as the Tea Party. With God on their side followers can now understand how to live, how to hate, and how to ignore the reality of life. Orthodoxy always means follow the narrow path of thinking.

Posse Gets Its Man!

I don’t know if this story is good or bad news, but at least it shows that our police are an equal opportunity employer when it comes to beating up on people. A man named Mr. Pusok was being arrested when he fled from his home, and while being pursued somehow halted the car and stole a horse and took off with the posse behind him. Eventually, the posse of cops caught up with him and got him on the ground. We have video which displays how cops eat the hell out of the captured dude. Former LA police captain, Greg Meyer who watched the video has commented: “His hands are behind his back. He obviously surrendered, he followed commands to keep his hands behind his back, then it would be time for the deputies to handcuff him.” Sounds sort of logical.

However, since this man stole a horse, he was now a horse thief. According to laws of the West, any horse thief can be strung up on the nearest tree. This nice posse did NOT hang the bad guy so they should be complimented for a good work. All they did was beat up a guy who threatened their lives while on the ground with hands behind his back. This is America in the year, 2015 when our cops are always threatened whether it be a 12 year old kid playing with a toy gun or a big fat black dude who is selling cigarettes.

Oh, one deputy was injured when a horse kicked him.

Obama Meets Bad Guy!

Once again, Barack Obama is doing something very bad. First, he worked with Iran in order to help them get an atomic bomb, and now this weekend he will be talking with Cuban leader, Raul Castro at the summit meeting of western hemisphere leaders that is being held in Panama. Imagine, an American president who sits down and talks with bad people who murder their own people!!

1. Republican President Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with Communist China whose leader, Mao Tse-tung had murdered at least TWENTY MILLION Chinese as well as klling 20,000 US soldiers during theKorean war.

2. St. Ronald Reagan met with leaders of the Soviet Union and worked out agreements.

3. Today, the US has diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, a nation which lacks religious freedom and yearly chops off the head of a few dozen people.

4. Actually, during the 1980s,St.Ronald worked with Saddam Hussein when he murdered thousands with gas attacks.

5. The US has had diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka in which a few hundred thousand Tamils were murdered during a civil war.

6.Then again, we had diplomatic relations with President Assad of Syria.

Name any evil leader in this world and we have worked with that person.

So, Barack, go ahead and talk, it is better than going ahead with war and violence.

Oh, it is legal in Communist Cuba to practice the Catholic religion although not legal in our ally, Saudi Arabia.

Bill Maher Rants

Bill Maher is one of my favorite comics but he has a serious problem with those who are in the Muslim religion. Once aging, last night we heard him preach that the Muslim religion is filled with those who hate women, enjoy torture and murder and it is a backward group of people. He is convinced that if one is a Muslim then one believes that murder of those who oppose your religion is a sacred duty. He cites examples from ISIS or Boko Haram and thus concludes there is something peculiar about this religion. Let’s look at the record:

1. In the twentieth century,Christians have sort of led the way in death and brutality. How about the Holocaust in which six million Jews were brutality murdered by CHRISTIAN GERMANY!

2. How about the Pol Pot in Cambodia who slaughtered one million of their fellow Cambodians in a horrific manner?

3. Or, we could cite the Rwanda massacre in which 700,000 were hacked to death by Christians.

4. Then again, I believe suicide bombers in World War II murdered thousands of Americans.

5. Or the suicide bombers in Sri Lanka who sort of began the idea of blowing oneself up.

6. Fascist Catholic Italy murdered untold hundreds of thousands in this century.

7. Gas attacks were started by Christian nations.

8. Air raids which killed hundreds of thousands were begun by Christians.

Sorry Bill, Muslims are just like all religions and contain a lot of bad people!

Cuban Nights And Days

For the past half century there has been one idea that all American politicians agree upon- it is a crime to speak with anyone connected with the evil Cuban government. After all, how could we Americans engage in dialogue with a nation that is run by an evil ruler? Never utter any words to anyone who belongs to that bad country. We Americans stand for freedom and oppose any and all agreements with dictators such as the Castro boys.

1. Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with the really evil Chinese Communist government.

2. St. Ronald Reagan met and negotiated with the evil Communist leader, Gorbachev.

3. John F. Kennedy negotiated with Communist leaders.

4. The US currently has relations with at least twenty nations whose leader is dictatorial.


President Obama will be in Panama for a Latin American summit. He WILL speak with Raul Castro and hopefully persuade him to end imprisonment of opposition leaders and enable Cubans to have greater access to the Internet. At least he might slightly expand the limits of dissent for those in Cuba. Just another talk with another dictator, which means things are normal.

Oh, there is freedom of religion in Cuba although there is no freedom of religion in our ally, Saudi Arabia!

Rand Paul In Race

Senator Rand Paul is somewhat of an enigma in the race for the presidency of the United States of America. OK, he “sees an America that is strong enough to deter foreign aggression, yet sure enough to avoid unnecessary aggression.” It is now clear that Rand Paul is taking a strong stand for or against aggression. That is clear. Rand believes there are limits as to what the US can or should do, but he wants the American people to know there are no limits as to what it can do if it decides to do something. He is against more spending before he is for more spending to keep us strong. He does not want more taxes on those who create jobs but hew does want this nation to care for those without. He is definitely a compassionate Republican in an era when there are few such creatures who belong to the Republican party. Oh, and he wants term limits on those who serve in Congress.

The Rand Paul Platform

I will reduce taxes and end the deficit.

I will ensure that no one goes without health care and end the Affordable Care Act.

I will deter aggression while keeping American soldiers at home.

I will end the murder of black boys and keep the Federal government away from local police forces.

On Sunday I will sleep.