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Jeb Bush Story

Jeb Bush came out swinging in order to make clear to Donald Trump and the world that he IS a Bush in hand, and ready to take on ISIS, al-Qaeda and other sundry enemies of the United States of America.

1. He made clear that his name is, Jeb, not George Bush.

2. Jeb wants to get the economy moving again at a rate of 4% instead of the current 3.9%.

2. Jeb wants the world to know that Barack Obama created the mess in Iraq.

4. Jeb is proud to be able to speak Spanish, so there, Donald!

5. Highlight of evening is giving a high five to Donald.

6. Jeb is a job creator,just cut taxes.

Rand Paul Story

The initial comment directed at Rand Paul came from Donald Trump who wanted to know how this guy got on the platform and he was wasting time that Donald could use. Rand, as usual,was calm and somewhat bored to be on the platform with people who never ceased speaking.

1. Rand wants drugs to be legal.

2. Rand wants to cease arresting young black and Hispanic people and sending them to jail.

3. Rand wants the US to cease getting involved in wars that will only result in increasing the number of jihadists.

4. Rand blames the mess in the Middle East on George W. Bush and his terrible decision to invade Iraq.

5. Rand believes the US cannot defeat Islamic terrorism with guns, only with ideas.

Naturally, not a single other Republican agreed with his ideas.

Mike Huckabee Story

The Reverend Mike Huckabee was at the debate and he is one angry southern dude. He is sick and tired of the war against Christians in America led by you-know-who.

1. Mike is the greatest defender of unborn babies and wants to ensure they get born.

2. Mike believes that once the baby is born, it is up to this creature to make his/her way through life without any aid from THE GOVERNMENT.

3. Mike supports Kim Davis and her right not to obey laws. He regards her as the modern version of Martin Luther King. Or, Ross Parks.

4. Mike wants to get Christians back in leadership roles in this nation.

5. Mike does not like evil Muslims, only evil Christians.

6. Mike believes any law that he likes is a law that is Constitutional.

What Would JESUS Think?

i have always believed that Jesus was a nice Jewish boy,most probably a Rabbi who was born a Jew,lived a Jewish life and died as a Jew. These days I continually hear Republicans claim that Jesus was some sort of Christian who only speaks to certain Christians. Heck, Sarah Palin has
weekly chats with Jesus and I sure hope that one day she will tape on of those sessions so the rest of us can finally hear the Jesus man in the original Anyway,I was wondering what Jesus would think about the following:

1. Donald and other Republicans who do not want ‘illegals’ in this land.

2. Ted and Kim Davis hating gays and lesbians.

3. Low taxes for the wealthy, you know, the people he thought would have a hard time making it into heaven.

4. Hating Muslims, for whatever the reason.

5. Opposing low cost medical care for all of his children on this planet.

6. War in general for whatever the reason for fighting.

7. Any and all religions of the modern world.

Don’t Visit Pyramids!

A few buses were driving through Egypt on a trip from Cairo to the oasis of Babareya,and since the journey was tiring they halted for some lunch and a chance to stretch legs. Well, imagine what Egyptian air force planes would think about people in buses near some ancient ruins siting by the vehicles and munching on food? There was only one conclusion–they must be members of the Muslim Brotherhood and planing to blow up something, somewhere. The tourists were from Mexico, Chile and a few other countries. They were shocked when Egyptian army planes headed in their direction and began to blast away. The pilots even followed people running for their lives in order to ensure they got the terrorists.

Over a dozen tourists are dead and others are wounded.This is just what the Egyptian tourist industry needs–the government now murdering tourists!! We inhabit a world in which the word, TERRORIST can be the excuse to do anything one desires –even murder the innocent.

America’s Dubious Ally

In theory, Turkey is allegedly an ally of the United States and NATO, and has been so for over fifty years. But, its leader, Recep Erdogan is a man with one goal in life, and that has nothing to do with ISIS or al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group. He seeks POWER,that is for himself. At this point in time, Kurdish soldiers are among the most fearless in the war against ISIS. They are among the few groups that have actually defeated ISIS in battle. BUT, to Recep Erdogan, they are THE enemy!He is attempting to stir up anger and fear against Kurds in order to win an election. He has transformed Kurds into the greatest threat confronting Turkey.

Ironically, for years he has been arguing the importance of reaching an agreement with Kurds who live in Turkey since previous governments have never attempted reaching out in peace. But, when his Justice and Development Party suffered an electoral defeat, Erdogan decided to play the “Kurdish card” of hate. So, he bombs Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria rather than ISIS forces. Such is the behavior of America’s “ally.”

So, What’s The Iraq Story?

From day one of the crisis that hit Syria is is clear that President Obama lacked any semblance of a foreign policy in the Middle East other than no soldiers being deployed anywhere. Unfortunately, a foreign policy must consist of–Objectives, Means to Obtain Objectives, Criteria to determine if your foreign policy is working, and so on. At no point did President Obama explain to the American people what his goals were in the Middle East other than saying he would not send troops into Iraq.

It turns out that James Clapper, head of the CIA,has been engaged in numerous discussions with Army General Steven Gore about how to present to Congress and the Americans people what is or is not happening in Syria and Iraq. Again, at no point has the president gone on television to discuss exactly what is happening. During WWII, President Roosevelt asked each American family to have a map while he discussed the war so they could follow events. I realize for the technology folks at the White House that sounds sort of primitive and not jazzy. But, the American people at least knew where events were occurring at what was happening. Sorry, this president cannot show evidence that he has informed the people of this country what is going on in the Middle East.

A Bush Fairy Tale

I have now heard Jeb Bush recount the true story about what happened in the Iraq war on two separate occasions. So, let me recite the story which has now emerged as the Republican narrative for the coming election.

Once upon a time there was a land across the sea ruled by a terrible man.The people hated him and so longed for a savior. Georgie Bush and his fellow inhabitants of the sand box heard the pleas of these poor persecuted people, and then led a gallant troop of men into battle with Georgie at the head encouraging the troops to go faster and faster. Finally, they vanquished the evil giant, and then sent him off to that place in the sky where all bad people go. Or, perhaps, they sent them down into a deep,deep hole where fire burned twenty-four hours a day.

The people were filled with joy and happiness and so welcomed the soldiers who were led by the gallant Georgie Bush. But, alas, Georgie had to return to his kingdom. Unfortunately, there was a bad, bad black man who secretly poisoned the minds of the peasants and he became the king. The bad black man hated the people who dwelled in the land across the sea. He gave weapons to an evil group led by Osama bin Laden, and they created chaos and disaster in the land which had just become peaceful.

So, now the people who dwell across the sea are unhappy because the bad black man and his evil, evil, lying girl friend transformed a land that did not have any bad people into one in which the evil ones created a terrible mess.

Who knows, perhaps, Ted Le Cruz will arrive with sword in hand and restore peace and prosperity?

How About Colin Powell?

I was surprised to see Colin Powell commenting on world affairs. Somehow in my mind, he belongs to the terrible days of the Iraq war even though he, just like the nation, was lied to by George Bush. The amazing aspect of the Iraq war was that Bush had in his Cabinet, Powell, a man who had chaired the Joint Chiefs of Staff and understood what war was all about.So, who did George the II decide to seek advice from–Dick Cheney who got out of the draft by asking for one deferment after another and had absolutely NO understanding of modern warfare.

The other day, Powell nailed the Iraq problem. “We did it right in the first Gulf war. Once you pull out the top of a government, unless there is a structure under it to give structure and security to society, you can expect a mess.”

How about Powell throwing his hat into the Democratic party primary? At least there will be no questions about emails. On the other hand, there is always Fox News to create problems when none exist!

The Bad Deal??

Voices of doom insist the agreement with Iran is the first step toward destruction and chaos in the Middle East. Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who gave over $150,000,000 to Republicans in 2012 has now become the center of wisdom for Republicans who dislike the agreement. Of course, if Sheldon said he was for the deal, then every Republican candidate would be shouting their support. Sheldon did offer an alternative to the current agreement. He suggests dropping an atomic bomb in a desert region of Iran to show we mean BUSINESS!

Despite all the shouts and anger about negotiations with Iran the opposition has yet to offer an alternative. Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America is for Ted Cruz: “a man who tells the truth.” Where have American Jews wound up? Defending a man who is against working people, against women rights, against health care, and so on and so on. Yes, he is a man who tells the truth–at least the truth as to what he believes in.