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So What’s New?

There is slight doubt that millions of young Americans want to get good jobs, they want to  end their student debt, they want to punish Wall Street for its behavior in stacking the deck for themselves and against the rest of America. I am 85 years old and have witnessed young Americans suddenly become fighting liberals who demand purity from those seeking office. In 1968, millions of young Americans blamed Vice President Hubert Humphrey for failing to persuade President Johnson from immediately ending the war in Vietnam. For some strange reason, a vice president lacks such power over his boss.

The end result is that millions of young Americans refused to vote and Richard Nixon became the president. We are today at a similar point in time. Yes, Hillary Clinton is not perfect. She has made mistakes along the path to seeking the presidency. Then again, who  has not? Reality, is that a failure to vote for her means whoever the Republicans nominate will win. And,THAT means, the Supreme Court will continue denying the right to vote, it will continue allowing the wealthy to use their money to ensure the top one percent remain the top one percent.

Hopefully, young Americans will learn from past mistakes. Hopefully, that is.

Hillary Comes Out Fighting

Once again Hillary Clinton had to defend her mistake in voting for the Iraq war, and once again she  had to defend herself against taking money from those with wealth. Yes, she  is guilty as charged. Of course, Barack Obama collected a few hundred million from those with wealth, of course, just about every president since Lincoln has  taken money from those with wealth. Of course, John Kennedy just had to ask dad for the money, but, of course, he made certain that dad had absolutely nothing to do with his administration. The question is, and this is a question that Bernie Sanders refuses to answer: “name one example where I voted to support Wall Street during the economic crisis?”

Reality check: Hillary Clinton said she was willing to accept $12 an hour if that was the only way to get toward the ultimate goal of $15 and hour. Bernie insists that he will guarantee $15 an hour. How in God’s name will a President “demand” that a Republican Congress will  do what he “orders?” At some point a Democratic candidate must speak with reality. It is doubtful if Democrats will control Congress in 2017 so a Democratic President must proceed in increments. Sorry, this is reality. Hillary Clinton recognizes this is reality and this is what she is willing to fight for.

Is There Anything Not Fit For Internet?

I confess to being an 85 year old man who was born in another time and place. But, every so often one encounters a story of an event that  occurred on the Internet that raises questions as to are there any limits to what one can witness on the Internet? Marina Loning and her boy friend, Boyd  Gates had a young female  friend over  for the evening and eventually, since they are young people living in the year 2016, they simply  had to do something “exciting.”

As the evening went along these three young folks turned to something sexual. Bob assaulted their female friend and “naturally” what else could Marina do but get into live-steaming the rape so all could witness what a normal group of young people do in the evening. Not merely have a rape, but make certain  the entire world can witness it happen in real time!

Oh,  and all three were nice decent Christians. Not a Muslim in sight!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


After his political career ends, Ted Cruz can get many movie parts as the evil guy.

Being raised as an Orthodox Jew  I can never figure our why people are so upset at anyone having something on the top of their head.

I am in wonder how these days a baseball player who hits 200 makes more in a  year than Babe Ruth did in his lifetime.

God Bless Kobe Bryant for ending his career scoring 60 points in a  game.

Oh well, it is Thursday in Chicago and only one person shot to death.

Story of train dispatcher who sent eleven people to their death because he had to play video games!

Am I queer, I have never  played a video game?

Megyn Makes Nice With Donald

We have learned through some authoritative sources that Megyn Kelly have been meeting in order to end what appears to be an anti-Donald movement. We assume that once this new friendship is created the Megan from now on will be posing the Donald man fair and decent questions instead of attempting to embarrass this man whose only goal is making America,”Great Again.” We have learned these will be questions now  posed to Donald Trump:

1. “Why are you  the only Republican who can make America Great Again?”

2. “Could you let we Republican in on how to become a successful businessman?”
3.   “Do you agree with me that Ted Cruz was born in Canada?”

4.  “Do you believe that I am a good fuck?”

5.  “Or, if you had the chance to fuck you wife or me, who would you choose?”

6.  “List five reasons why Hillary Clinton is a traitor to America?”

7. “Why is Ruppert Murdoch the best businessman you ever met?”

8. “Will you join with me in singing ‘God Bless America?”

9. “Is it true that you will personally lead American forces in the Middle East?”

10. “Who is your favorite TV interviewer?”

Key Anti-Terrorist Plan Revealed

Perhaps, Donald Trump is campaigning in the wrong country, and he might consider crossing the Atlantic Ocean and heading for France. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has identified the most powerful way to crush ISIS and all other Islamic terrorist groups. This tough talking leader of the free world has identified the most powerful way to end terrorism as  a threat to the people of Europe. Valls has called for banning the use of headscarfs from universities. He argues the vast majority of French  people believe this Islamic idea is incompatible with the values of the Republic.

OK, the Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkcan is agains this idea and is  now muttering something about freedom of conscience and liberty. Now,what the hell does freedom of conscience have to do with saving, not only France, but the free world from the horror of women walking around with a headscarf? I guess if having things on one’s head is a threat, how about those Jews who wear something on their heads?

Oh, I was raised as an Orthodox Jew and women had to wear a head piece while in the shul.

Where Is Leadership?

I was raised when Franklin Roosevelt was President, and then witnessed the remarkable successful leadership of plain-speaking Harry Truman. Dwight Eisenhower became a calm, effective leader who would not give in to demagogues such as Senator Joseph McCarthy–think Donald Trump or Ted Cruz–and then came John Kennedy. Heck, Richard Nixon did a remarkable leadership role in foreign policy. Compared to the latest group of so-called leaders of Republicans, Ronald Reagan comes across as a voice of reason.

What does an effective leader accomplish? He brings together all factions within society in order to accomplish tasks needed by ALL members of society. Republican Dwight Eisenhower never repealed a single law from the New Deal  because those laws made America a more peaceful and caring society. John Kennedy asked “what can  you do for America”rather than what can you get from America. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seek to turn Americans against one another. They NEVER propose anything that would address the needs of poor or middle class Americans. A great leader such as Abraham Lincoln refused to urge hatred toward the South even though over 400,000 Union soldiers were killed by those from the South.

Bernie preaches anger and hate–yes, I agree the top one percent are bastards, but if the only message is hate, that merely tears society into pieces. An issue is challenging  the top one  percent to conduct their affairs with recognition that ALLl Americans must succeed if there is to be an American Nation. Where is an American leader who challenges each and every American to work for the prosperity of All AMERICANS?

Bernie VS Bibi

As you recall or do not recall, Bernie Sanders was raised in the great borough of Brooklyn as a nice Jewish boy. I assume that at some point  little Bernie placed some coins in a blue box in order to help Jews purchase land in what was then known as Palestine. Anyway, little Bernie the Jewish boy has now drawn the ire of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for daring to utter a harsh word about the perfect always right never makes a mistake land of Israel! Bernie sort of cluttered out that when Israel launched its attack on Gaza because some rockets landed inI Israel and killed a few people, the invasion of Gaza which led to the deaths of 2,200 people was disproportionate to the crime.

Bibi is now very upset. “Israel is surrounded by extremist Islamic radicals, and therefore need to guard our border, and this is also true regarding the communities surrounding Gaza.” Bernie is NOT arguing that Israel has a right tot defend itself, he is noting that killing 2,200 while less than 70 Israelis  die is sort of –disproportionate.

Oh, Israel borders with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. NO problems from Jordan and Egypt and Syrians are sort of  bothered by some minor problems to pay attention to Israel. That leaves Lebanon which is “surrounding” Israel.

Polygamy Under Fire

There are at least 30,000 couples of groups or extended families that fit into the description of a polygamist arrangement. A Federal justice has restored the ban on polygamy as an accepted form of marriage in the state of Utah. In reality this conflict between the so-called “natural” arrangement of man and woman as mates as husband and wife has been an important issue in Utah ever since it became a state in the United States of America. Throughout its existence the reality that thousands of folks in Utah prefer the non-traditional arrangement in which one guy is husband to several gals.

I do realize it is a fundamental proposition of the Republican party that God ordained there be husband and wife, and HE meant one husband and one wife. Of course, the Bible sort of does not present that as being the norm in days when men had constant conversations with the old Guy up in the sky.

Of course, now that American society has made legal an arrangement in which two guys or two gals can constitute a “family,” how can a judge decide that one guy and two or three gals cannot constitute a family? I assume the next fight for equality will include the polygamists in Utah. Of course, once it is legal in Utah, will it soon be in Georgia or Mississippi?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


All leading candidates complain the system is rigged, but they are the leading candidates!

Gee nothing from Donald about Hispanic rapists the past few weeks. How come?

If Donald wants to shout about violent killers, just take on Chicago, the capital of murder.

Slowly, gradually, ISIS is retreating. That is the reason for attacks in Europe.

NO question–Ted Cruz could make a fortune in movies as the EVIL man.

Imagine a conversation between Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Anyway, now that baseball is here, each day there is a winner and a loser and no one complains the system is rigged.