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Threats To Law And Order

I realize there are people in this nation who believe we confront real threats to our very existence from evil forces in the Middle East, in Russia, in China, but who among them has really confronted the greatest threat to our society? I am talking about poor parties. Damn it, why aren’t more Americans upset at the violence that can erupt when teens gather together at some pool party. I assume by now most readers have heard about the near riot that occurred in a Texas town when some BLACK kids went to the pool. Examine the issues that arise when BLACK kids swim:

1. They contaminate the water with their skin.

2. There is a possibility that some sweet white girl will have her body touched by one of those BLACK BOYS!

3. Add it up– a bunch of BLACK teens and how many guns are on them. They are very clever and have invented ways to hide guns when dressed in swim suits.

4. So, what else could officer Eric Casebolt do but pull a gun on these armed black kids coming from the pool. And, they were not waving water guns, you know how BLACK teens are?

Santorum Sage Lives On And On

I have a confession to make, although I am a fervent Democrat there is something about the Rick Santorum sage that captures my imagination. Rick often holds up a lump of coal that his grandfather dug while being a coal miner. Having a grand pa who actually dug coal is certainly an important factor in seeking the office of president. I do not believe any other Republican candidate has a grandpa who was a coal miner. Then, add in the fact that Rick so enjoys wearing a sweater, how many Republicans are sweater people?

Well, the good news from Iowa is that each day Rick is doubling the number of people who come to hear him explain economic issues of the day. Two days ago, it was one guy, yesterday it was two guys. At this rate by the time Rick hits 80 who knows how many millions will gather in diners to listen to this man whose grandpa dug coal??

P.S.Rick has personally assured me that he can name at least one nation in the Middle East–Israel. I hope that Sheldon Adelson will back the coal miner’s grandson.

Oh Dem Anti-Semites!

Any and all statements or actions that involve the state of Israel which do not praise the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be classified by most American Jews as another example of anti-Semitism. Most probably this comment will be followed by some reference to the Holocaust. This is simply an example of ‘playing the anti-Semitism card.” The European Union is demanding that Israel label any products grown on the West Bank as coming from that area. Technically speaking, the United Nations allocated the area now known as the “West Bank” as part of a new Palestinian state. Sorry, that is simply a matter of record.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is upset. He now insists such action will encourage Mahmoud Abbas, head of Palestine, to “refuse to talk.” Why should he talk” He can get by without talking.” Let me get this clear. Somehow President Abbas has a strong position if he refuses to talk. Palestine needs its own nation, it needs to work with Israel in a cooperative manner and forge new economic relations. Abbas HAS to talk.

How about proving that Abbas is wrong by TALKING AND NEGOTIATING WITH HIM?” Ok, negotiations have failed in the past, try over and over until they succeed. THAT is the only hope for peace.

Send In The Troops–Again!

As I recall it was a few years ago that we sent in the troops to Iraq and, as George Bush promised, a democracy was born in that land of sorrow. As I recall, Don Rumsfeld promised that Iraq folk would welcome us with open arms since we had gotten rid of the bad guy. I forget his name,something about Saddam. Well, guess what? We are sending in hundreds, thank God not thousands, of fresh American troops to help train the Iraq army. According to the Pentagon, “”We’ve determined it is better to train more Iraq security forces. We are now working through a new strategy on how to do it”

Let me get this straight. We have been sort of in Iraq for over a decade, and are working on a new strategy of training Iraq soldiers. Let me save the Pentagon some money. You cannot train men who do not want to fight! They need Iraq leadership, they need to believe they are fighting for their land rather than being robbed by their own officers.

How about hiring some guys from ISIS? They sort of know how to inspire men!

Whipping Days In Saudi Arabia

In case you did not know, Saudi Arabia is an ally of the free world in its contest with forces of evil such as ISIS. As we all know,this muslim terror group enjoys beheading and lashing people who dare to disagree with their version of the Muslim religion. So, it is wonderful hat America has an ally such as Saudi Arabia which displays a democratic idea about handling those who disagree with the government. Unfortunately, the Saudi version of democracy sort of reminds people of another group of Muslims currently in Iraq and Syria.

Raif Bawadaw is a Saudi activist who fights for a modern version of the Muslim religion which allows those who disagree to speak freely. He was sentenced to ONE THOUSAND LASHES and 10 years in jail for practicing democracy and free speech. To be fair to the Saudi government, the lashing is divided into 20 sessions with only 50 lashes per session.

Of course, Saudi Arabia leads the world in beheading those who are guilty of crimes. Now, what was that about ISIS?

Bibi -Check Reality!

I do understand that among all too many Jews in this country if anyone makes any negative comment about the mouth that roars in Israel, one Benjamin Netanyahu, then one is guilty of “hating Jews” or “hating Israel.” However, each day it becomes increasingly clear that Bibi Netanyahu has lost any contact with reality in the Middle East. The Interdisciplinary Center in Hevzilya, which is an Israel center of academic study, recently conducted a secret survey in Saudi Arabia. They wanted to know how typical Saudi Arabia inhabitants thought about current issues. Here are the results:

53% named Iran as their main enemy.
22% named the Islamic State as an enemy.
18% named Israel as an enemy.

Oh, 85% supported the Saudi Peace Initiative which offered recognition of Israel in exchange for return to the 1967 borders.

One conclusion of this study is that Saudis have a great identify of interests with Israel and are ready to make peace. So, how about it, Bibi, work for peace?

On Goodwin’s Law

There is a law which recently has come to my attention. According to Goodwin’s Law, “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving the Nazis or Hitler approached one.”

How about a few other laws?

1. If Rick Santorum speaks longer than five minutes, he invariably will make a nasty comment about Pope Francis and bad scientists.

2. If Jeb Bush makes a speech, he will, at some moment, refer to his brother, George, and get in hot water.

3. If Ted Cruz opens his mouth for more than two minutes the issue of what exactly did he learn at Harvard enters the picture.

4. If Sarah Palin makes any comment, at some point someone will wonder why John McCain ever selected her in 2008 will arise.

5. If Rick Perry appears wearing glasses, someone will make a comment about his “new approach.”

Stopsky’s Final Law, allow any candidate for the Republican Party to speak, and within one minute there is a reference to Barack Obama as the blame for Iraq problems.

Turkish Paranoia Continue

Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party arrived on the scene a dozen years ago and instituted several important changes in society. The Army was finally prevented from interfering in the political process and the economy began to take off. But, somehow, along the way, Erdogan increasingly has become a man obsessed with the belief there are powerful forces throughout the world who spend their days and nights seeking to destroy both him and his party. The other day he informed the world about his “enemies.” According to him the American “Armenian lobby, homosexuals, and those who believe in Alevism, all those represent the representatives of sedition. (The Alevi are those who believe in a version of the Muslim religion which preaches tolerance for all).

He is very angry at the Turkish Democratic People’s Party which he claims receives support from “foreign media outlets seeking to make Turkey their colony.” Oh, among those “foreign media sources are The New York Times, the BBC and CNN.

Give it a break, Recep, I do not believe the New York Times has sessions devoted to infiltrating Turkey!

On Free Education

I am currently writing a book about the year, 1953, and thus encounter stories from that time period. I was reading the autobiography of Jack Welch who grew up to become the CEO of General Electric. Mr. Welch came from a poor family and attended the University of Massachusetts. He paid FITY DOLLARS FOR ALL COURSES EACH SEMESTER. His total cost for a college education, including room and board was ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I attended City College of New York where my total cost for the entire four years was ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS since I lived at home. The point that most intrigues me is the attitude of the children and grandchildren of Jack Welch. I bet most of them oppose free education for poor people since it would cost them higher income tax. The lives they live today of wealth and security came because Jack Welch got a “free ride” in his education. Of course it was not a “free ride,” it was simply recognition by society that if youth are able to obtain higher education, the entire society winds up benefiting with them paying more in taxes.

So, what has happened to the traditional American belief that all children are entitled to a free education? CCNY was founded in 1848 and continued the concept of free education until the 1960s. Free college education always worked for the benefit of American society and it will work today. Unfortunately, those whose parents got the free education no longer believe in the concept. I wonder why?

P.S. Free college education most benefited the new poor immigrants.

Israel Girls Are Shafted

I do realize that if one is an American Jew the last thing one should do is utter any words about a problem in Israel. To state the obvious about problems in Israel is to be termed a “self hating Jew” or one “who hates Israel.” Anyway, there area few problems in Israel and one concerns the rights of young Jewish females to dress as they like. Many Israel high schools have introduced dress codes that blatantly discriminate again young girls. For example, they are not allowed to wear shorts to school. Here is the issue described by the girl who is identified as “R.14.” “There is a situation here in which they are blaming the victim. They tell girls not to come with shorts because the boys look. WE are the victim and they are blaming us. We aren’t a Haredi high school. At one high school girls were detained and arrived late for impotent exams.

Perhaps, it is time for American reform Jews to recognize that Israel each year is drifting into a theocracy in which the Orthodox impose their medieval ideas upon the rest of the population. They control marriage, they claim that all land designated for Palestinians by the UN belongs to them because God himself said so. The original Israel which was a beacon of democracy has now become a theocracy which is more like Muslim nations than democratic ones in the world.