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The Horror Of Syria

Those who were alive during years when the Germans engaged in a murderous process of death and destruction confronted a terror in which the German government had enough intelligence to disguise murder to the outside world. The Japanese government, on the other hand, glorified their murder of the innocent. So, how does one explain the behavior of the government of Syria? Ordinarily, they explain away murder by arguing the other side is killing so it is kosher for we who defend our government to slaughter the innocent. After all, allow a young boy to live and he might wind up in the jihad campaign against my government. The latest United Nations’ figures indicate, at a minimum, there are at least 150,000 dead Syrians since outbreaks against the government began in March, 2011. According to the UN report about 38,000 rebels are dead along with 58,000 government troops.

Of course, there are a minimum of 18,000 people who were arrested and no one knows what happened to them. Rebels have kidnapped and government forces have kidnapped. Both sides murder in the name of God or security or because they had nothing else to do that day. Death proceeds without halt in Syria.

Chris Christie APOLOGIZES!

Poor Chris Christie, he just cannot get a break these days. His aides are resigning and warning they will speak the truth about the notorious Bridgegate fiasco. Chris was invited by Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson to his Venetian resort in Las Vegas in order to appear before the man who actually believes HE alone personifies the Jewish people, not only in Israel but in the United States. He gave Republicans last year about $100 million in order to destroy Barack Obama, a man who speaks about rights for Palestinians. In order to demonstrate that he loves Israel as much as he does New Jersey, Chris spoke about his trip to Israel. “I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt how extraordinary that was to understand the military risk that Israel faces every day.”

Within a few minutes there was silence in the room and Sheldon was furious. How dare this goy use the expression, “occupied territories” to describe land that belongs only to Jews!! Chris fell to his knees, licked the feet of Sheldon, begged to be forgiven and promised four Hail Marys to atone for the slip of speech. He did apologize-with sincerity!!

God Does Not Dwell In Saudi Arabia

I am so happy that Saudi Arabia stands with the United States in the fight to end terrorism and support the ideas of democracy. OK, some of you become upset because there are no political parties in Saudi Årabia, there is no free press, there is no freedom of religion, and there is no atheist allowed. BUT, Saudi Arabia is against al-Qaeda and against terrorists. OK, so the government does on a few occasions employ terrorist acts against those who dissent, but it is against the bad guys who blew up things in America so give the Saudi government the benefit of the doubt. King Abdullah announced a few new regulations. New procedures define “terrorism” as “calling for atheist thought in any form or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which the country is based.”

Joe Stork of Middle East Human Rights Watch responded with a negative remark: “these regulations dash any hope that King Abdullah intends to open a space for peaceful dissent among independent groups.” Wait a second, Joe, he will allow any Muslim to defend the Muslim religion. Isn’t that a form of dissent?

The Nation That Once Was

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation known as Pakistan. It was formed in the aftermath of England giving up control over its domain of India. A Muslim nation was created to go align with a Hindu country. Years have passed which witnessed the emergence in India of a modern dynamic economy that could lift untold millions from poverty. In Pakistan, time has resulted in a virtual non-existent education system that only serves the top elite while most people resort to out-of-date madrases that teach anything other than modern science or math, let alone history. Pakistan has witnessed one after another military rulers who form alliances with religious zealots in order to maintain power. Pervez Musharraf formed such an alliance and ruled with military support. After all,he was a general and what better person to run the country, but another general.

Musharraf was finally forced to leave after his government simply lacked any ability to conduct an intelligent program for the economy. He also angered judges by locking them up. For some strange reason, Musharraf returned last year, assuming the Army wanted him to return to power. There is no indication anyone wants him back in power. He is now indicted by the government on the charge of treason. His only response is to argue, “is this the way to reward someone for his loyalty to his country?” He does want one and all to know that he loves his country.

The only question is whether the generals will allow one of their group to go on trial.

Erdogan To The Rescue

Elections were held this past weekend in Turkey and the Justice and Development Party(AKP) wound up with about 46% of the vote. The vote will be interpreted as agreement with the ideas of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who has been on a campaign to support his corrupt government and blame all troubles upon Generals or opposition political leaders. His main enemy is his former friend, supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a US based religious leader whose followers support extensive education programs in Turkey along with being active in government and police agencies. Erdogan regards his ex-buddy as now his most extensive foe who must be crushed in order to save Turkey from an honest government.

Erdogan yelled, “The old Turkey is no longer! The new Turkey is here.” The “new Turkey” has evidence that members of his Cabinet and his own family were engaged in activities that some might construe as criminal. A video on YouTube has Erdogan and his son discussing how to get rid of evidence. Obviously, the “new Turkey” is represented by the extensive charges of corruption. Turkey could become a model of modern Islam, but unless Erdogan is halted, it will become simply another of those corrupt regimes that exist in the Middle East and make peace an impossible dream for people of the region.

Chairman Rumsfeld On Foreign Policy

Don Rumsfeld is certainly among the world’s great experts on conduct of foreign policy. His brilliant diplomacy in Iraq and Afghanistan remain as textbook examples of how to transform peace into war and how to handle complex issues once a war is over–at least for the moment. Rumsfeld blasted the policies of Barack Obama in Afghanistan and defended President Hamid Karzai. Don believes it was the ineptness of Obama that angered the Afghan president. “By golly, they have trashed Karzai publicly over and over.” In the view of Don Rumsfeld a “trained ape” could have negotiated much more effectively than the president.

Let’s examine the record:

1. After defeating the Taliban with the aid of Northern Afghans, the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided not to pay anymore attention and shifted attention to Iraq.

2. As Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld could have insisted that American forces continue their encirclement of Osama bin Laden in a cave rather than leaving for other important business such as find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

3. No effort was made to develop a comprehensive program of creating an effective economy in Afghanistan. This failure set the stage for rise of the Taliban–again.

4. It was the dynamic trio which allowed corrupt leaders to take over Afghanistan including one, Hamid Karzai.

Heck, an untrained ape could have done better.

Oh, about Iraq…. and that diplomacy…

Hang Them All!

Ahmed Telb is a lawyer in the Egyptian town of Matai which is located in the southern part of the country. The town is composed of supporters of former President Mursi as well as large numbers os Coptic Christians. Mr. Telb has devoted his life to representing those charged with crimes and he has avoided becoming involved in political clashes of the day. He simply wants to be a lawyer and enjoy a good life with his wife who is a teacher. However, today he is Number 309 of the 529 Egyptians who were sentenced to death by a judge for participating in riots that resulted in the death of a police captain. There had been a pro-Mursi outbreak of violence in which the police station was stormed and Coptic Christian churches were burned. Police identified 529 men who they claim were involved in the raid.

There was a “trial.” It was composed of two half hour sessions. Defense lawyers were not allowed in the courtroom. No evidence was presented. Some of the 529 have yet to be arrested. However, the judge sentenced all to death. The father of Mr. Telb summed up the madness of his son’s life: “one minute he is representing clients, the next minute he is sentenced to death.”

Obama And The King

I assume pundits on Fox News will have a wonderful time this week once pictures are revealed of President Barack Obama giving a bow to the King of Saudi Arabia. Although for years American diplomats have extended a courteous bow to a Saudi King, when Obama bends down it simply another example of how this wimp informs the world that America bows down to those who hate us. Obama will meet with 89 year old King Abdullah and discuss issues.

1. Saudi Arabia wants to US to intervene in Syria. Of course, the Saudi Army will not be with them, but when it comes to standing up against a tyrant who rules a nation without giving its citizens any vote….ooops, I think my words depict Saudi Arabia.

2. Saudi Arabia does not want the US to negotiate with Iran because they are Shiites and when one has a conflict with another religious group for over a thousand years, why end the feud. It did require about four hundred years before Protestants and Catholics could end their dispute, but when it comes to Shiites and Sunni, the duel of anger goes on and on. I regret to King Abdullah in between his breaths of oxygen, but the US does not want any part of his duels of anger.

They will meet, they will have pictures taken of both men smiling and they will depart. Period.

Never Visit Central African Republic

It is rather evident the Central African Republic now holds the modern record for brutality and hatred. If one seeks to meet a group of humans who have not learned a single thing about compassion and love, then hop over to Africa and spend a moment with either Christians or Muslims in this land without pity. Several months ago, Christian warriors, despite being a minority in the nation, were able to seize power. Naturally, they proceeded to murder innocent men, women and children because they had committed the crime of being Muslims. Since most in the nation were Muslims, they sought the aid of other Muslims and last month the reverse occurred. Muslims gained power and,naturally, began to slaughter and murder any Christian they found, anywhere. A group of Christians were holding funerals when Islamic militants entered the area and began to throw grenades at one and all.

In addition to those who were dumped into graves, at least twenty other humans met their death at the funeral and a few dozen are wounded. It is pay back time and it will be pay back time forever and forever–and a day. By the way, where were imams and ministers during the slaughter?

I Do Not Understand, Never Will

I am of that generation born after WWI who lived through World War II as a teenager and followed with intense interest events of that tragic episode in human history. French novelist, Albert Camus once said that to have been born before 1950 one would have experienced either directly or by observation every form of human depravity known to man. I have extensively studied the Holocaust, but I must confess the actions of members of the Taliban are bewildering. Nazis murdered people who they regarded as not of their own kind. The Taliban boasts of murdering innocent Afghans who are devout Muslims. The Taliban insists to be a good Muslim one must engage in murdering(it is not killing, it is murdering) those of their own faith including children!

Another Taliban attack on a charity in which children were murdered as men blew themselves up along with cars. The charity worked with those impacted by mines and carried the word, Peace, in its title. Frankly, to the Taliban it makes no difference what you are doing, you must die because you are in the wrong place and the wrong time. Call yourself, Roots of Peace, who cares. A child asked his dad why he didn’t warn him about the attack and dad simply had to respond the Taliban do not provide early notice of whom they desire to murder.

All in the name of God!