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Dress Well In Water

I was raised in an east European Jewish neighborhood in which many women wore head coverings, and many men wore a Yarmulke on top of their head. If one examines pictures of women swimming during the early twentieth century, it is clear that women covered their entire bodies with clothes. Of course, this was the norm in most CHRISTIAN nations of the western world.

But, today, there is great concern if a Muslim woman dares to cover up while bathing. Officials in the south of France forced a Muslim group to cancel a pool party because its sponsors wanted women to cover up. The wearing of veil and anything that covers the face  when in the public is illegal in France. So, we have gone from covering up in pools to wearing scanty swim suits because the entire nation would collapse. When will common sense arrive in France?

Frankly, take it off, or put it on are one in the same!


We  offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The lesson Hillary never learned, no one can get you if you talk rather than write.

All too often Donald Trump talks to himself when speaking to an audience.

Rudy Giuliani can never say anything about anything without praising himself.

There was the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 in which 100,000 American soldiers were killed, wounded or captured, and there was the more important battle of Benghazi in which four Americans died.

Republican presidents create the mess for which Democratic presidents get blamed.

The silence of the Bush family is deafening.

Most of Donald’s  problems arise when he just has to add something to what he said.

I guess Ted Cruz must be enjoying the Trump collapse. After all, he was the one who openly refused to back Donald.

This is the first presidential campaign in which one’s children play a key role.

I spend my nights wondering which Cabinet position will be filled by Ivanka.

Donald’s “Death Tax” proposal would give his family an extra $4 billion if he  died.

Someone should tie Donald’s hands  when he rises to give a speech.



We offer observations on the human condition from an 85 year old mind trapped in a 25 year old body.


Given the fantastic success of our athletes in the Olympics, will Donald promise to make America Great Again in future Olympics?

I suspect that Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump begin the day by gazing into the mirror and saying: “I’m the Greatest!”

What do the tax returns of Donald Trump reveal? How about the Russians hacking into them.

Some day a Trump economist will explain to me how reducing taxes by trillions for the wealthy enables the average American to go on a buying spree.

Each year thirty thousand die as a result of gun violence–most by themselves- but no one in Congress considers this a problem. Wonder why?

I’m still waiting for George H.W. Bush to comment on Trump.

Miracle in 2016, Donald Trump gave a speech with hands by his sides!

The Rigged Election

Much as I dislike to admit, Donald Trump is right in claiming this election if rigged. He is absolutely correct in stating that he has no chance to win this presidential election. Of course, there is one minor problem in supporting the Trump claim–the person who is rigging the election is –DONALD TRUMP!  This man is doing every possible thing to ensure that he is defeated. Just about each day this important Republican or that important Republican, states they will never vote for Donald Trump.

In fairness to Donald, how can he have a fair shot at winning when so many Republicans fear and dislike him? All he has done for over a year is speak bluntly, OK, so, perhaps, just perhaps, a few of his words Might be misunderstood. Is that his  problem? Or is it the  problem of those who seek to destroy his candidacy? Mitt Romney was supported by 93% of Republican women, today, Donald is supported by 73%. Who is behind the plot to destroy his relationship with Republican women? None other than Crooked Hillary Clinton! It’s a staked deck against him!

Buddies Again

There is an old expression that birds of a feather flock together. Well, we now have an example as Turkey and Russia agree to end their conflict and work together on issues in the Middle East. The drive to become buddies after Turkey shot down a Russian plane, and refused to apologize arose from the recent attempted “coup”by some Turkish officers to overthrow the Erdogan government. Erdogan insists the coup was planned by Fetullah Gulen, a former ally, who Erdogan insists is involved in secret plans to overthrow his government.

Actually, Erdogan has used the failed coup to virtually end democracy in Turkey. Over sixty thousand Army officers, police officers, judges, lawyers, deans of college, classroom teachers and journalist are now in prison. President Erdogan demands the American government turn over Gulen who currently lives in the US. “Sooner or later the US will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO(Gulen’s group.”

Unfortunately for Erdogan, in the US there are courts -not under control by the government to obey its demands. In order to send Gulen back to Turkey necessitates a court procedure. It is NOT a decision the president can make by himself. This concept of limited power by the president is foreign to President Erdogan and President Putin.

Rudy The Ignorant

I was an inhabitant of New York during those horrible days of 9/11. In fact, I was in Manhattan on September 12 and witnessed the heroism of so many members of the police and fire departments. I was also compelled to listen over and  over again to the bombastic self congratulation of Rudy Giuliani. He insisted that HE had saved New York from terrorism.These days Rudy is a shill for Donald Trump, who is simply a red headed version of Rudy.

On a recent interview with Chris Cuomo, Rudy once again displayed his ignorance. “Before Obama, ISIS was almost unknown.” He blamed their rise to the decision of Obama to “withdraw troops from Iraq.” This is what happened:

1. After US forces defeated the Iraq army, the Bush administration made an incredibly stupid decision. They completely disbanded the Iraq army,and allowed soldiers to take their weapons, and whatever other weapons they desired from unguarded weapons depots.

2. Over one million soldiers and officers had weapons. Thousands joined al-Qaeda since they had just lost their jobs and needed a source of income.

3. During the period of the famous “surge” US troops worked with Sunni leaders in what became known as the Sunni Awakening Councils. These groups defeated al-Qaeda in many regions.

4. The Bush administration allowed Nouri al-Maliki to become Prime Minister. He proceeded to disband the Sunni groups, arrest their leaders, and cut off funding to Sunni villages. This resulted in thousands of Sunnis seeking work and means to defend their village.

5. ISIS arose from elements of al-Qaeda, plus these Sunni groups. Even today, some top officers in ISIS are former soldiers from the disbanded Iraq army.

6. Finally. President Obama offered the Maliki government 10,000 US soldiers to help in the process of creating a new Iraq army. Maliki insisted that any US soldier accused of a crime against an Iraq civilian be tried in a Sharia court. The President refused  this demand.

Rudy, as always, you are a bull-shitter.

Donald The Reckless

There are moments when one is amazed at the antics and behavior of Donald Trump. If there is one topic no one in politics should become involved in, then Donald does not give a damn, he just plunges straight on. That topic is–the murder of American political leaders. Just examine the record:

President Lincoln

President McKinley

President Kennedy

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King

Robert Kennedy

And, now the red headed idiot is playing around with suggesting, –not telling-that someone should blast away at Hillary Clinton. Frankly, I simply do not understand how any intelligent person could support this man, but, unfortunately, millions do. He is without question, the most dangerous person ever to seek the presidency.

Benghazi Forever–And A Day

There is no doubt the Republican party this election will focus upon THE most important issue confronting our nation–BENGHAZI. Two relatives of men who died in Benghazi will institute a court case against Hillary Clinton. Frankly,I have long since lost track as to the number of investigations, or the money spent to discover who was responsible for the deaths of four people.

Let me return you to October, 1983 in Beirut,Lebanon. Islamic terrorists sent trucks crashing through a Marine installation in Beirut. This attack led to the death, not of four, but of  TWO HUNDRED-FORTY-ONE MARINES. Technically speaking the Commander in chief of out armed forces in the President of the United States. So, what happened?

1.  Not  a single Democratic Congressman blamed President Reagan for the deaths of 241 Marines.There were no investigations, no partisan attacks on the Republican party.

2. The Beirut tragedy never lived on.

3. In other words, when 241 Americans died, no political leader in America used their deaths for political purposes. The fault was in failure of officers on the scene to have the necessary  precautions.

The Secretary of State, technically has over 120 Embassies over which she allegedly supervises. Officers on the spot are responsible for safety, not the Secretary of State.






Let Me Shit In Peace

In many respects President Vladimir Putin is the Donald Trump of Russia, o one can say that Donald Trump is the Vladimir Putin of America. One must give credit to Putin for developing a police force that is constantly on the look for suspected Muslim terrorists. The other day in Moscow, Alisa Koschelleca,felt a bit sick in the train station so she went to the toilet.These days in Moscow, the police keep track of  how long one is in the toilet to shit.There is no doubt that when it comes to spotting Islamic terrorists in restrooms, Russian police lead the world.

Alisa was arrested for spending too much time on the toilet seat. She was brought to police headquarters and interrogated for three hours. I assume they checked her ass for explosives. Perhaps, this is a lesson for America. We need a shit force to check on suspicious activities in toilets. Perhaps, some woman or man is planning to blow up  a train station with a shit bomb!

Now, is America needs a shit detector,who better than Donald who nonstop shits on everyone at anytime.

Uncle Tom On Trump

Every so often on CNN there is some black dude, whether it be Ben Carson or some other distinguished looking black guy, but there pitch is that Donald Trump is the black man’s hero. So, I asked Uncle Tom to explain:

“Donald Trump is the only white guy in America, or white gal, for that matter who can create jobs in black neighborhoods. Look at his record: he personally created thousands and thousands of jobs in the private sector so it is simply a matter of time before he creates millions and millions of jobs. Let me cite an example, I was talking with Margaret Jones who works in a Trump hotel.Donald Trump has promised to raise all wages of maids at least TWENTY FIVE CENTS an hour! Do the math. $7.25 an hour, she soon will be making $7.50 an hour! Has Hillary Clinton raised wages for maids one single cent!

I know the liberal media spreads false stories that black folks do not like Donald Trump. Who would you rather have as president, a guy who creates thousands, no, millions of jobs, of some white gal who is crooked and a liar? Let me prove my point. The other day, I met Donald, and he did NOT ask me to carry his bag! He saw my suit, he saw my black face, and he made certain that I was the first person escorted out of the hotel!

Let me point out that Donald will get rid of those Hispanics. This means we black folks can now get high paying jobs picking fruit or being a nanny! God, I love that man, and, in conclusion, let me note that Donald has always welcomed Michael Jordan as guest in his hotels. Has Hillary Clinton done that  for any famous black athlete?”