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Should Death Be Not Proud?

The Boston area is now the scene of an upcoming trial which will test the ideas of life or death. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sits in a solitary cell where he has the entire day and night alone with his thoughts about his heinous behavior a little over a year ago when he and his brother set off bombs during the Boston Marathon that led to the deaths of three people, resulted in the loss of legs for sixteen people and left another 260 wounded. I have no idea as to what this young man thinks about each day and night. I have no idea as to whether he is confused, angry, frightened, or lives in sorrow and regret. I doubt if in his wildest dreams he ever thought the destruction he wrought would ever occur. However, the reality is that death was his companion on that eventful day. His brother in crime is dead, his family is frightened and some of his friends who thought they were loyal now reside in jail.

His attorney, Judy Clarke is raising an important legal question. Can this trial take place in Boston before an impartial jury of 12 people? Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America who opposes the death penalty is urging that it be the aim of this trial. There is not a doubt in the world that Guilty will be the verdict of this trial. Ms. Clarke raises an issue that fair minded people must consider. Should the trial be shifted to a new venue?

Hysteria In America

Since the infamous 9/11 bombings, this nation has enjoyed a decade of hysteria about alleged threats and worries regarding some sort of terrorist attack. Since the past summer when people began to protest about the murder in Ferguson, Missouri and subsequent murders of people like Eric Garner in New York, the silly season is in high tension. Some nut case who goes by the name of Jason Valentine, has been sending tweets regarding his ideas to handle police in the St. Louis area. He mentioned his intention of “frightening 10 or more people,” and promised that on New Year’s eve it would become a “kill a pig night.” He also claimed that some sort of explosion would occur in a St. Louis municipal building. His threats have resulted in charges against him for potential terrorist attacks agains the police. As far as anybody knows, none of these events ever took place beyond being posted as a tweet.

It is time to restore common sense in this nation. Tweeting is NOT akin to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. Just about every day Republicans tweet about their desire to end health care for millions which if carried out would result in the death of thousands, but no grand jury investigates these tweets. As Franklin D. Roosevelt told the American people decades ago, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Period!

Sadness Of Weirdness About Albinos

I am a citizen of the United States of America so I hesitate to comment on the unusual ideas of those living in other nations of the world. There are witch doctors in Africa and we have nut cases in this country who nightly appear on Fox News. There is a concept that is held by many inhabitants residing in east African nations that anyone who has an albino appearance is somehow possessed of incredible powers to do good. This idea is akin to that held by Republicans who believe if one is possessed by millions of dollars then one is prepared to devote working hours in order to increase the wealth of fellow Americans. Call it what you desire, but this is witch craft carried to the nth degree. Anyway, in Tanzania since 2000 at least 74 people have been murdered who are albinos. The latest victim is a four year old girl who has disappeared and her dad and three others are suspect.

An entire Albino corpse sells for about $60,000 but most bodies are cut up and parts sold to those seeking good luck. An election is coming up in Tanzania so many political seekers want an Albino part in order to win an election. This is similar to America where political figures want money from witch doctors in order to win an election.

The Madness of Israel Goes On

I was joyous at news that a new nation had arrived in the world in 1948 with the birth of Israel. I have worked on Holocaust education, studied in Israel and been supportive of nation in which Jews are able to feel safe and secure. However, I also believe the essential concept of the new nation of Israel was that her twenty percent of people who are Muslim and Christian also had the right to feel safe and secure. From day one of the creation of Israel, among the most important issues has been emergence of a Muslim nation which would cooperate with Israel in establishing peace and security for all people in the region. Unfortunately, it has been decades since a Muslim leader has been willing to negotiate with Israel. However, the leader of Egypt in 1978, President Sadat, did agree with peace. However, the leaders of Jordan have worked for peace with Israel. And now, the leader of Palestine, President Abbas is willing to have peace.

President Abbas and his allies on the Security Council attempted to get a resolution passed which would require the end of Israel occupation of the West Bank within three years. It failed passage by one vote due to pressure exerted upon Nigeria by the US and Israel. So, if not now the end of occupation, then when? A nation that has as its Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is not ready to move toward peace for itself or the region. It is time to end the occupation of the West Bank and fight the good battle for peace and justice for ALL people in the West Bank.

Texas Rangers Get Bad People

Texas is not only a state but it is also a state of mind. The folks who live in the great state of Texas so enjoy electing men and women to public office who are real AMERICANS! There is a lot of wealth floating around this state and the right folks have most of it. To be a Texan is to live on the right side of our Lord up in the sky. OK, so our Founding Fathers wanted to end the practice of sending to jail those who were not able to pay their debts, but this is modern Texas where no government body out side the borders of the state dare to tell Texans how to run their lives. As of this date, at least six people are in jail for the non-existent crime of not paying off loans on time, and about 1500 face criminal charges for the horrible crime of not paying back money that was borrowed. I do not know if students who owe money to the Federal government will be sent to jail.

Actually, there is a law in Texas which forbids sending to prison those unable to pay debts, but, what the heck, this is Texas and when it comes to matters of money, those with it, are in control. Of course, there is a Federal law which does not allow sending to jail debtors, but how dare that dude from Africa tell Texans who goes or does not go to jail! Next thing the black dude will tell the great state of Texas that it can not kill prisoners. After all, Texas leads the nation in killing prisoners!

Republicans Turn Back On Pope Francis

These are the best of times for members of the Republican party but these are the worse of times for those who are members of the Catholic Church. After devoting years arguing against the existence of the liberal idea that there is some sort of climate change, along comes a Pope who insist hat humans are changing the climate! I assume the next thing this Pope Francis will tell Catholics is that the planet Earth has been around for billions of years? Oh, my God, does this Pope Francis actually believe that Barney Rubble and the Flintstones are not a true picture of the past! I have been told that Senator Ted Cruz is planning a week long marathon discussion in which he will inform the American people about human history. After all, he attended an Ivy League college and must be smart.

To add to Republican woes this Pope Francis is preparing to hold a conference with members of other religions in which the prime topic will be POVERTY! I know that Republican congressmen are shocked that the most important issue confronting Americans will not be discussed at this meeting–how to aid those the struggling lives of millionaires! Where did this Pope get these crazy ideas that people are poor due to actions of those who are wealthy? Just ask Ted, he will offer you a five hour discussion on the origin of poverty– all caused by laziness!

It is time for those who love true Catholic church to turn their backs on Pope Francis!

I assume this Pope will now claim that Jesus worried about the poor when everyone knows his main concern was for those who work on Wall Street.

I’m Not In The Working Class

I was raised in the South Bronx in a congressional district that contained thousands who regarded themselves as members of the working class. We carried the expression, “working class” with honor and we honored all those who worked as fellow comrades. Today, few Americans regard themselves as members of the working class because it makes them feel inferior. They believe themselves to members of the “middle class.” So, what do they enjoy in 2014 was members of this working class?

1. They have to pay off student loans while we members of the Depression working class received free college attendance.

2. They can not afford to purchase a home while we members of the working class belonged to unions which ensured we received wages that allowed purchasing a home.

3. They can not afford a vacation while we members of the working class took vacations.

4. They struggle to pay for their retirement while we working class people worked to create Social Security. Unfortunately, these “middle Class” people voted for members of Congress that seek to end Social Security rather than for political leaders who would have increased payments.

So, be happy that you are in the modern “middle Class.” On the other hand, how about joining the working class and elect congressmen who will increase jobs and pay??

Obama Salutes Those Who Served

They held a ceremony over the weekend to honor those who served in the war in Afghanistan. This was to honor the end of American military operations in that far off land. President Obama wanted to honor the brave members of the military and those civilians who had rises their lives in a war that was mishandled from day one. Unfortunately, 2,200 Americans were not able to attend this ceremony since they are dead. How about honoring those who caused this travesty?

1. Former Vice President Dick Cheney certainly deserves the Medal Of Honor for his ineptitude in getting us into a war that should have been handled very differently.

2. Former President George Bush deserves to place many medals on his chest since he failed to follow through on the initial days of victory because his heart lay further south in Iraq.

3. Former Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld deserves a medal of sending his notorious messages which offered no intelligent advice.

4. Former President Karzai does deserve a medal for creating the most corrupt government in the region.

5. And, a giant medal of honor to Fox News which made sure that Americans had absolutely no idea what was happening in Afghanistan, let alone about what should occur!

Police Vs Mayor de Blasio

There are many members of the New York City police department who are angry at Mayor Bill de Blasio who they now charge with being responsible for the deaths of two cops murdered by a mentally ill man. They just flew a banner which makes clear they are “turning their backs” against the mayor. Here is the reality:

1. Being a cop is a dangerous job, but not as dangerous as that facing being a coal miner.

2. Over ninety percent of cops do NOT fire their weapon during the course of the year.

3. Over ninety percent of cops do NOT confront an armed man.

4. SOME members of police department have violated the rights of those they were supposed to protect.

5. Mayor de Blasio was simply doing what was designed to PROTECT police. He wanted to end harassment of those whose skins are dark.

6. Who knows, if there had not been the deaths of several young blacks, would mentally ill individuals blame the police for their problems?

No one knows the answer to that last question.

And, police do NOT know if actions by the mayor actually saved lives!

Xmas In Middle East

It is the day after Christmas and all is as is has been for several years in the Middle East. Oh, some tourists are visiting Bethlehem or singing Christmas songs, but life is somewhat normal for those living in the area.

1. The government of Jordan is warning ISIS that they should not behead the Jordan pilot who was captured while bombing ISIS. So, what is the protocol for handling someone who drops bombs on you?

2. Terrorists in speed boats attempted to capture oil terminals in Libya, killed twenty two soldiers but never go the oil.

3. South Lebanon is worried that war in Syria will soon spread to its land.

4. In Israel, settlers continue seizing land from Palestinians and Prime Minister Netanyahyu complains that no one wants to negotiate with him.

5. In Gaza leaders of Hamas are planning and plotting some sort of revenge.

6. Tunisia has a free election and militants were wiped out by voters.

7. In Turkey, President Erdogan continued his efforts to restore the Muslim religion to its former prominence. Much to the chagrin of secular Turks.

None of these events made Fox News.

Just another day in the Middle East.