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So, What About Those Refugees?

By the end of this year nearly two million refugees will have somehow made the journey from war and destruction to some place in Europe. Reality is that European nations can not nor will they accept millions of refugees every year.Germany has been wonderful in its efforts to allow refugees into their nation. However, in every other European nation any political leader who is ready to accept refugees confronts the reality the average citizen will become furious and turn to right wing political parties which gain voters by hating refugees.

So, what can be done?

1. Obviously, ending the war in Syria will be a powerful incentive for reducing refugees to voyage.

2. There is need for vast European economic investment in Africa to create vibrant economies. Get people working and they will not undertake dangerous voyages for jobs.

3. There is need to work with Vladimir Putin and Iran in order to end violence in the Middle East. That is reality!

“Death To America” Means–?

Iran’s super supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to clear up a few points. For some reason,the folks in America become upset when he shouts, “Death To America.” So, the super,super,supreme ruler decided to clear things up. “It goes without saying that the slogan,’Death to America’ does not mean death of the American nation.This slogan means death to US policies and death to arrogance.” I trust that clears things up.

Now, how about a few words from:

1.Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who constantly talks about wiping out the Iran government.

2.The entire Republican party which promises to destroy the Iranian nation and reduce it to a desert.

I forgot, when WE say wipe out Iran it simply means we do not want war but a shouting match.

Israel Lives By The Sword

Benny Grantz, and Israel official uttered some words of advice to the world, “we will always live by our sword.” No question, this is the operating mode of the current Israel government. Always show them Palestinians and the world that if you mess with an Israeli, you are fooling around with some person who is ready to blast away. Why Israel sense of toughness? If a people for over 2,000 years have resided among Gentiles in a position of powerlessness, there is an intense need to make certain those Gentiles and those Muslims know the old days are gone, and in the new days, we Jews don’t take anything from anybody!

This attitude meets emotional needs for Jews, but as an operating political or diplomatic approach, it fits the attitude of Vladimir Putin,not that of a peacemaker. The time has now come when Jews no longer have to prove they are the toughest guys on the block. How about a little bit of Martin Luther King?

Dealing With “Criminals”

There is no question that we Americans are Number One in the world in–criminals. Or, at least, in people who have spent some time in a jail. President Obama has indicated a desire to make illegal allowing prospective employers to inquire if someone has a criminal record. Of course, since Wall Street folk daily commit crimes against ordinary people, they never have to bother with responding a “no” to that question. When was

There are some other steps that would help people who are in prison:

1. Bring back educational programs to prisons.Allow individuals to get their high school equivalency as well as college credits.

2. Institute a modern vocational training program in prison. Let them spend time LEARNING a trade.

3. Make certain each prisoner learns about psychology of who they are.

4. Institute physical training to improve their bodies as well as minds.

A Russian Plane Fell To The Ground

A Russian plane took off from an airport in Egypt and within twenty minutes reported problems and soon disintegrated and plunged to the ground and soon 222 people were dead. We offer several possible explanations for this event.

1. Putin planned the tragedy so he could blame someone or some group for economic problems inside Russia.

2. The Israel secret service, the Mossad,organized this event –if anything bad occurs in the world, just blame the Jews! Works for centuries.

3. Egyptian dictator General Sisi has an economic mess. Shift focus from his inept rule to some tragedy and at least no one is blaming this upon him.

4. An ISIS suicide bomber had the bombs on his underwear.

5. According to Ben Carson: “I really don’t know too much about Egypt. Is that the place with pyramids? And,this ISIS stuff, is this company seeking someone to push their products?”

6. Given the state of the Russian economy,there is nothing strange about anything built in Russia to disintegrate.

Anyway, innocent people are dead.

Democracy In Egypt

As you may recall, the nation of Egypt is an ally of the United States of America in its quest to end terrorism in the Middle East. The country of Egypt is ruled, yes, that is the word, ruled, by a man named General Sisi. The general was a friend of the previous ruler of Egypt, General Mubarak who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt, General Sadat, who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt, General Nasser, who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt who was General Naguib.

Ahmed Naji is an editor of a literary magazine in Egypt and he is some sort of terrorist. Well, actually, he published some pictures and words about some sort of sexual issues in life. Naturally, the government of General Sisi does not believe such words or pictures is anything other than an act to ruin the morals of Egyptians. So, off to jail go those who offend the sensibilities of General Sisi.

Just another example of democracy in the fight against terrorism.

The Plane That Blew Up

As you recall, last year the pro-Russian Ukrainians shot down a passenger plane and insisted the plane just sort of broke up in the air. Well,two days ago a Russian plane flying from Egypt somehow broke up in mid-air and came crashing to the ground with 222 passengers. ISIS now insists that it was the one responsible for the tragedy. Perhaps, they are piggy backing on a tragedy, perhaps, they were responsible, what are the implications?

1. Just about every group in the Middle East now has weapons,not necessarily to create mass destruction,but they sure as heck can shoot down planes.

2. Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu insists a firm fist will crush the spirit of Palestinians. Sorry, Bibi, it is simply a matter of time before just about any Palestinian group can gain possession of such weapons and shoot down Israel passenger planes. NO strong fist can prevent soft fists from gaining control of weapons to down planes.

3. We are entering a new era in which such weapons can appear in any nation and be used for destructive purposes.

4. Peace is the ONLY solution to this potential nightmare.

Syria Always Syria

Today is October 28, 2015 and we are only able to report that it was NOT all quiet on the Syrian front. Russian planes blasted away at villages that had previously not been dramatically impacted by the civil war causing thousands to flee and you can guess where they are headed. ISIS blew up some ancient columns while making certain about a dozen prisoners were part of the blast. President Assad returned from his visit to Moscow,but there is no evidence he got President Putin to provide Russian troops to aid in his battle.

President Obama confirmed that after spending $500,000,000 to train moderate Muslim warriors we did succeed in forming a battle force of five men. After all, no plan is perfect. Syrians can only find peace and a little bit of quiet if they head for Greece or Hungary or some place where there are no planes blasting away.

Another day in Syria. Nothing was quiet on the Western Front.

Donald Ready For Action

As I dimly recall during the war in Vietnam a young man whose name was Trump of something like that just did not see why a budding entrepreneur should waste time and money off in the jungles of that Asian land. So, he found some physical problem that enabled him to make gobs of money while young Americans were making gobs of wounds. I am not saying that Donald Trump was a coward, after all young Dick Cheney informed the draft board that he had better things to do than fight in some God forsaken foreign land.

Donald was on the Matt Lauer program when asked by the host about his thoughts of sending US troops into Syria to fight ISIS or into Iraq to restore peace and prosperity. Donald insisted that “now” he is ready to fight–of course,now he will not be fighting since young men will, once again do his fighting. Matt asked the audience their reaction to what Trump said about sending US troops into Iraq and Syria. There was complete silence and not a person shouted out a “YES” response.d

Donald shifted the focus onto Ben Carson and away from fighting. If there is one thing that Trump knows is–how to get the other guy fighting for his country. Anyway, you will be pleased to know that Donald is confused how this black dude is now ahead of him in Iowa.OH, he thinks Ben is a “nice person.”

The Refugees Are With Us.

Throughout the history of the United States refugees have flocked to these shores seeking a place in which to work, to pray, to find a better life for their children. Eventually, those immigrants became citizens, and eventually some of those immigrants, and most of their children, became opponents of refugees. In other words, OK for we immigrants to find refuge in this land, but we don’t want you foreigners to enter this land built by immigrants.

So, here is reality about Middle Eastern immigrants:

1. The German population of about80,000,000 will decline in thirty years to about 60,000,000 meaning fewer workers to pay taxes to pay people a pension.

2. Those who are born in a nation simply do not doing the dirty jobs associated with modern life. That is why we have immigrants.

3. Immigrants to a nation purchase food, clothes, cars, gadgets, etc..which means JOBS for those working in such occupations. They are JOB CREATORS!

We could use fresh blood for any aspect of our society.