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Oklahoma Winds Of Hate

There is no question that the United States of America has undergone vast changes in its attitudes to people whose skin is black or brown or whose religion is Jewish or Catholic. I was raised in an America in which those who were not Anglo-Saxon white Christians simply did not really belong in the country and were simply guests whose presence has to be endured. I once was turned down for 24 teaching jobs because I was Jewish, and the prevailing view was that Jews were all Communists who owed their allegiance to the Soviet Union. Of course, in those days, if your skin was black you had to walk gently–in the gutter, not on the sidewalk. A lynching was a time to bring the wife and kids for a picnic. YES, those days are over.

But, there are still things called fraternities in which young men would so love to pretend they still are defending the Confederate States of America against those –niggers who want to rape their mothers, wives and sisters. A new video that was shown at the University of Oklahoma contains some frat boys chanting: “There’ll never be snigger in the SAE.” I am certain it was a group of drunken young men engaged in an act of bravery to show those uppity blacks that white supremacy still reigns.

If one lives in racist Republican America, what else is new?


Members of the Republican party went wild with enthusiasm for the worlds of Bibi Netanyahu who demanded military action against Iran and an end to the weak and ineffective policies of Barack Obama. Meier Dagan is the ex-headof Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, and he does have a slightly different take on the Bibi speech. One can sum up his perspective in a single word: BULLSHIT. Of course, this man actually has studied the situation, both in the Middle East and in Iran. Dagan was particularly infuriated when Bibi told Congress: “Israel’s soldiers have boundless courage and Israel is ready to defend itself.” Dagan felt these words were defiant and almost challenging Iran to attack Israel.

Dagan pointed out that the missiles of Iran pose no threat to the United States since they could never reach its shores. Bibi is great on rhetoric but somewhat confused about geography. Dagan, and most members of Mossad fear that Netanyahu’s policies.”on the matter of the Palestinian state are leading to a binational state or an apartheid state.” Benjamin Netanyahu is akin to white leaders of South Africa who promised that blacks would never attain equality in their land. Just continue to support apartheid and the end result would be peace. So, it is with Israel.

Saudi Arabia Is Scared!

The government of Saudi Arabia increasingly is frightened of what is happening in the world. When a government is ruled by and extended family that numbers in the thousands there is a cause of concern that people in this land will begin to question why A family possesses billions of dollars while they fight to have a decent life. They might begin to wonder if a democratic government might create an economy that depended on other than oil for revenue and wealth. At this moment, these are the fears of the government of Saudi Arabia:

1. ISIS preaches an end to corruption and is ready and willing to murder any and all they dislike.

2. Iran is viewed as the center of Shiites. Naturally if one is Sunni, who else to fear?

3. The Muslim Brotherhood is another enemy. Yes, they are Sunni but they want power.

4. The new Shiite government of Yemen which is composed of a branch of Shiites.

5. The government of Iraq which seeks friends in Iran.

Oh, them Israelis have for decades been the enemy. However, Bibi hates Iran and Saudi hates Iran so who knows–a new friend on the horizon???

Nemstov Dead, Fear Ends

I do not believe that Boris Nemstov ever carried a weapon other than his bit mouth. He simply could not shut up about the end of freedom in his beloved Russia. So, what else could Vladimir Putin do but end this threat to the very survival of the nation? The one aspect of life that most frightens the ruler of Russia is a voice that remains vocal in a land that demands silence about the abuse of freedom of speech. OH, in reality, the death of Nemstov is simply a footnote in the pages of Russian history. For Putin, this death is part of his campaign to save Russia by making the world understand that any and all acts that he deems to pose a threat must be halted. “Our position depends entirely on how much the world is afraid of us. We must protest against the collective suicide to Russia.” Exactly, how Nemstov is part of the war against Russia is a bit unclear.

However, at a time when corruption is the norm, inflation zooms, the government is ineffective in creating a dynamic economy, then any voice which urges effective and free government IS the threat. Vladimir Putin does not grasp the world will eventually pay no attention to his fair land. The world will allow it to descend into chaos and poverty.

Obama Stands Tough On Foreign Policy

This blog has been critical of the foreign policy of President Obama. We believe he has lacked an overall foreign policy for the Middle East. However, we admit that his stand on Iran proves that this president has finally demonstrated that he has a backbone and can confront tough issues. He is absolutely correct in working with President Rouhani of Iran in order to end immediate fear of atomic bombs in the Middle East. Of course, at this moment a nation in the Middle East does possess an atomic bomb–ISRAEL. According to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the government of Iran should not be frightened because there is a nation which hates Iran and wants its destruction and does possess atomic weapons.

President Obama has refused to cave into fear and hysteria. He has remained calm and focused on the issue of how to work with Iran in order to create some form of stability in the Middle East. The current plan is for delaying any Iran atomic bomb for ten years. If that is achieved than what?

1. Iran would become the scene of a booming modern economy.

2. Social media would be more difficult to control.

3. Foreign companies would be in Iran and they would be hiring Iranians. This would aid women.

4. The current Ayatollah would be dead by that time. No one knows who would follow him.

5. A new Ayatollah would be confronting a booming economic explosion, it would be extremely difficult to halt this process.

THIS is the goal of Barack Obama!

On ISIS, a Non Muslim Group

The easiest way to anger anyone in the Republican party of Fox News is to make a comment that ISIS is not really a Muslim group so much as an alienated mass of young men and women who seek to obtain some form of identify by murdering the innocent. For those in ISIS, they have a political program and use religion in order to obtain these goals. They are much less about religion than about seeking power in the Middle East and Africa. ISIS attracts young people who feel alienated in their native land, they lack a sense of identify and desperately want to belong to some group that offers them a feeling of power and self worth. The Islamic state offers all that and empowers these lonely men and women. ISIS does not judge the individual, one can enter the group and discover a sense of power, and, more important a new group of comrades who offer friendship and a vision of the future.

There is absolutely nothing in the Koran that justifies the murder of innocent men, women and children. Heck the Bible is filled with such stories, remember the death of innocent Egyptian children by the God of Jews? ISIS is NOT composed of religious scholars. It more closely resembles the Nazi SS than it does a group of religious men and women. ISIS beheads, the Nazi SS burned alive Jews, bashed in the heads of babies and boasted they were following the orders of their leader. It is time to recognize ISIS for what it is– a collection of disaffected young people seeking to find some sense of belonging in a world that has set them adrift.

Mother Russia Offers Cold Hugs

To those of us who are of Russian heritage, Mother Russia is always there with open arms and ready to defend the homeland against aggressive forces. There is no doubt that most Russians these days so love Vladimir Putin who behaves like a leader. In Russia, “great leaders” are men of strength. Heck, they are ready and able to kill a few million Russians in order to prove they are strong dudes. Vladimir has angered most European nations, but what the heck, he just wants to show them that when he bares his chest, beware. If you want to impress a Russian, just display manly traits. Heck, Joseph Stalin murdered an estimated 20 million of his fellow Russians, and that continues to impress the people of Russia. Would any weak Western leader display such power? Here is the latest proof that Vladimir is one tough leader:

1. Adidas is closing two hundred stores since the Russian economy is headed south.

2. Inflation is rising.

3. Spain and Portugal are seeking new energy sources, who wants to depend upon Russia?

4. Unemployment is rising.

These are the figures which impress the people of Russia. How wonderful to be feared!


We offer samples of headlines in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “New Burger Chain”

I assume it serves wine.

USA, aol: “Back To Normal”

The crazies are still with us in spirit and inn Congress.

UK, Guardian: “Who Stole Spring?

I checked with John Boehner and he assures me it was BARACK Obama.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “On Easy Street”

For the Koch brothers it is always on easy street along with their easy money.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Police Shooting Uncoordinated”

Thank God or there would be more dead people!

Deal Might Be Winning Hand

Talks continue between leading nations of the world and Iran over issues of nuclear development. This discussion has now gone on for over a year, but there are no some signs that an agreement could be reached. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed an optimistic view of the possibility of resolving the conflict between his nation and the world. “We believe that we are very close.We are close if the political decision can be made to get to yes, as President Obama said.” He also warned that it was time to reach an understanding “once this hysteria is out, this fear mongering is out,” then a deal would be possible. Too many Americans understand that Zarif and President Rouhani are fighting against forces in Iran which seek to continue conflict and war in hope that one day Iran will possess an atomic weapon and then…

Reality: one day Iran will get an atomic bomb. The issue is not wether Iran gets one, but which leaders run the government? If the Iranian people can finally elect leaders who seek peace and prosperity, then the issue of whether such a government has or does not have an atomic bomb will not be a major issue.


As you recall it was exactly twelve years ago that our beloved President George Bush and the merry men of good will, Cheney and Rumsfeld, ordered the invasion of Iraq in order to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction. We were promised this simple exhibit of American power would last a few months. In fact, President Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier within three months of the invasion to promise: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. A few years have passed since that glorious day and we are in Iraq. Naturally, the new war with a group known as ISIS is all the fault of President Obama and his failed foreign policy in the Middle East. Within a few weeks a new assault will be made upon the black dressed terrorists and we can be certain this will result in an early end to the war in Iraq. When I say, the end of the war in Iraq, it is most probably the fifth time I have discussed this conclusion.

New Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter sort of told Congress that the quick end to the new invasion of Iraq might take a few extra days. ‘I wouldn’t assure anyone that this will be over or that this campaign will be over this year.” Gee, I though President Obama was going to invite George Bush to a ceremony on the deck of an aircraft carrier in order to celebrate the end of the war in Iraq. My hunch is that President Hillary Clinton will be celebrating the end of the war in Iraq in the spring of 2022. Why end a good thing that brings wealth to those who own weapon factories?