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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Tim Kaine does not know the difference between cutting someone to pieces with calm words from  using a hatchet.

Americans dislike boorishness, sorry, Tim.

Hillary Clinton is ahead in this race DESPITE her efforts to  fall behind.

There is sadness in the inability of Bill Clinton to have a  great voice these days.

I am constantly baffled as to how the class idiot, Gary Johnson, is running for president.

If Donald Trump discovered a penny on the ground, he would shout to the world that he is a Great Businessman!

In my nightmares, I sure don’t dream of losing a billion dollars.

I wonder what is the average wage of those working for Trump enterprises.

Israel All Over!

The state of Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948. At the same time, the UN allocated land for Palestinians although  there was not at that time an independent nation of Palestine. During the ensuing seventy years the conflict as to how  an independent nation of Palestine has been an important issue. White House spokesperson, Josh Earnest noted after an announcement that Israel would once again construct more housing –for Jews- on land allocated to Palestinians: “We did receive public assurances from the Israel government that contradicts this announcement.”

These new Jewish settlements are being constructed deep in the West Bank, and far closer to the Jordan border than that of Israel. The settlements effectively divide the West Bank and make the possibility of a viable Palestinian state difficult to achieve.

Forgotten People–Refugees

I am old enough to recall when, not thousands, but millions of people were refugees in Europe. World War II created the necessity for millions of people to leave one area that was once their home, and flee to another since their home was now part of a different nation. Today, hundreds of thousands are leaving the Middle East, and parts of Africa in search of  a new life. Ironically,  fewer and fewer people are moving from Mexico, despite the hysteria created by Donald Trump and fear mongers.

So, what happened when MILLIONS were refugees. I guess since so many people fell into that category, there was recognition of the need to do something. Frankly, most of them did not have any nation to return to. There were at least a million Jews who had survived the Holocaust, and the thought of returning to areas of Europe where their former neighbors had aided the Nazis made it impossible to return. So, wha to do today?

1. Europe and the US have to invest billions in the Middle East and Africa to develop jobs.

2. There is need for major water development projects to deal with decline in rainfall.

3. There is need for a regulated, reasonable number of refugees for each country in Europe and the US and Canada. Actually, Canada already is accepting Syrians.

4.How about each college in America sponsoring ten refugee students with free scholarships and room and board?

Just DO something!

What If Jesus Returned?

The other night, having nothing else to do, my mind wandered into the topic of what would Jesus think if he suddenly found himself in the 21st century. After all, the little Jewish Rabbi sort of went underground about two thousand years ago. So, here he is in the year, 2016.

1. I wonder what those buildings are with the name of Christianity? I guess they are named after someone called, Christianity. Gee, sounds a lot like my name.

2. Good Lord, these people seem to really enjoy killing one another.

3. Donald Trump, an interesting red headed man who shouts and insults people because of the color of their skin, gee, I am from the Middle East, I guess he thinks a dark skinned man like me is a rapist.

4. They keep on citing my name as they murder people, how did I  get associated with these murderers?

5. I thought I once made clear my feelings toward the wealthy and how hard it would be for them to get into heaven, honest, I didn’t mean you could buy  your way in.

6. How can I explain that I am a human just like them, honest, I did have a human dad!

7. I feel like crying seeing those pictures of children in ancient Syria being killed, makes me long for the good old days of Egyptian rule.

8. Adam and Eve must feel regrets for what they began.

Good Or Bad News?

Researchers have concluded that we humans do have a limit as to our life expectancy. OK, they recently found a fish of the coast of Iceland who is 245 years old, but it it not human. The oldest person so far on record is Louise Calmet who died in1997 at the age of 122. Consider the impact on we humans if we all could live another fifty years after reaching the age of 90.

1. In the 22nd century there would still be a Ted Cruz to filibuster in Congress.

2. In 2080 when most Americans are not of European descent, Donald Trump will be warning us of hordes of Europeans coming across our border and raping nice innocent Hispanic women.

3. In 2080, the media will be discussing the latest scandal of CROOKED Hillary Clinton who slept with her robot.Or, was it Bill?

4. In 2090, Ben Carson will be standing in front of hospitals selling his books of unimportant statements.

5. Hopefully, Jon Stewart would have returned to the Daily Show.

6. In 2090, the United States would celebrate its 80th year of not being able to pass a single law in Congress.

7. Of course in 2090, Vladimir Putin will be riding horses and shooting bear in the wilds of Siberia while still being president of Russia.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Tim Kaine played attack dog, growling is not the best offense.

Mike Pence played, hey, why not vote for me in 2020?

Face it, Pence and Trump, the two dumbest candidates heading a major party quest for the presidency.

If one is black, walk gently in town.

If one is white, strut around town.

Many Americans seek a bully who shouts about America being Great Again.

The “Again” is when blacks knew their place in society.

Once upon a time, one checked guns with sheriff when coming to town.

I’m An Idiot!

In the election for president in 2016 we have on candidate who has absolutely no knowledge of the world outside his own bedroom, and we have one candidate who boasts that he does not know anything about the world, let alone as to what is happening in America. Gary Johnson is very proud that he is ignorant about what happens in the world. He recently made clear  his lack of knowledge regarding events in Syria or about other nations. He is probably the first candidate in American history who insists lack of knowledge is a plus.

“But, I guess because you can–you can dot the I’s and cross the T’s on foreign leaders and serve up locations that’s somehow now you’re qualified. Hey, if that ends up being the case, so be it. I guess I wasn’t meant to be president.” Gary, no truer words were ever spoken.

Our Broken Military

Once again Mike Pence went on the attack about our “broken military” which simply lacks money to purchase needed equipment. According to the Trump and Pence view, the military of the United States of America is broken and we have become a Third World nation. Sounds horrible.

1. The American military budget surpasses the military budgets of the next five nations.

2. The US has the best air force in the world.

3. The US has the best Navy in the world

4. The US has the best tanks in the world.

5. The US has the best artillery in the world.

6. The US has the best military supply system in the world.

7. The US has the best armed forces in the world.

8. The US has atomic cannon.

9. The US has atomic bombs.

10. The US has guided missile systems.

11. The US has drone systems.

Beyond these, the US is certainly  in need of more military equipment and systems.

The Great Tax Issue

There is something almost bizarre about Republicans, they insist we must discuss the “high tax structure” in America while insisting whatever is in the Trump tax return is his right to privacy. Son Eric Trump went on and on with CNN reporters when asked about whether his father would release tax returns”

“My father is a great, a brilliant businessman who has created millions, and I mean millions of jobs for Americans. Crooked Hillary has never created a single job. My dad is all over the world, helping people to get a good job,helping to restore our broken economy that was the fault of Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Why doesn’t the media ask about that? No, it is always about tax returns, never about how my dad is a great businessman. The people who work for him, adore him. He only  thinks about how he can create great jobs, great jobs. He can’t release his tax returns because they are being audited. Just remember that Crooked Hillary has Never created any jobs!”

I trust this explanation settles the issue of tax returns forever.

Kaine Vs Pence

America had another great debate, this was between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. For some reason, Kaine decided to play the boorish aggressive guy on the attack. I was bewildered by his constant interruptions, his smirk, his shaking of head. If he wanted to win the guy who most will dislike award, he sure did. Ironically, Kaine had the information, he had the data, he had the right ideas, and he simply threw away a solid attack on Pence for the “attack dog” approach. One is left wondering WHY?

Mike Pence spent the evening ignoring whatever Kaine said. Kaine would quote the exact words of Donald Trump, and Pence would say, “he never said that,” and proceed to discuss the Clinton Foundation. For me,the most dramatic moment came at the end when each discussed the relation between religious vales and being in government. Kaine said that as a Catholic, he had to choose between his religion and his obligation to the law, so he defended abortion rights.Pence went on about the right of ‘unborn babies” to live. I doubt if he won over many women with his view.