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What Ever Happened To?

As one listens to cries of fury on the part of members of the Republican party over borders, health care, the “imperial presidency of Barack Obama,” or any of the almost daily charges that American freedom is being taken away by “the government,” one is left wondering as to what has happened to this nation? There is such fury, such hate, such anger–and it is directed against fellow Americans who have done nothing that in any way, shape or form violates the United States Constitution. Lincoln suspended freedom of the press during the Civil War, he arrested people who disagreed with him, but no one shouted, “impeachment!” During the Korean War from 1950-1953 very similar voices of hate and anger were unleashed against President Harry Truman. Some Republicans blamed him for the war, and some accused him of being “soft on communism.” Of course, Truman organized the Containment Policy which halted communism,and the Marshall Plan which ended it in western Europe.

The current hatred emanating from Congress has rarely in prior times been so vicious. Something has happened to the American psyche which resulted in such intense hatred by Republicans toward President Obama and the entire Democratic Party. This anger spares no Democrat from charges of disloyalty to America. It is time to pose some questions.

Whatever happened to:

Congressmen playing poker with the President as it weekly occurred during the Reagan presidency?

Congressmen of both parties going out for a drink a the local pub?

Congressmen engaging in a friendly game of softball?

A defeated candidate for the presidency being invited by the president to give him a report on world conditions?

A defeated candidate for the presidency being invited to head up a commission on reform of government as when Harry Truman asked Herbert Hoover to do so?

Yes, what ever happened to the word, COMPROMISE?

Why are Americans so angry and filled with such powerful hate?

I find most frightening the current Republican fight to get rid of President Obama, regardless of the cost to this nation. He IS the president, regardless of mistakes, we ELECTED him. So, show some respect to the choice of voters!

The “Other” Is Always To Blame!

I have devote a half century studying and teaching about the Middle East. In particular, my courses have focused on the Palestinian and Israel conflict which dates back over a hundred years. This conflict witnesses several stages:

1. A period in which either or both sides have groups that conduct low level violent operations against the enemy.

2. A period in which both sides claim the other is responsible for any violence and demand the outside world do something about it.

3. A period in which an incident or series of incidents leads the other side to insist its resort to violence is in response to what the other side has been doing.

4. The incidents increase in ferocity and size resulting in escalation of rhetoric by one side.

5. A period in which both sides escalate the rhetoric of violence.

6. A period in which talk shifts to actual use of violent means against the other side.

7. Eventually, Israel forces gain the upper hand, and crush, for the moment, violent Arab groups.”

8. A period of seeming quiet. In reality, Palestinians are preparing some form of violence.

9. An act of violence by a small group of Palestinians sets in motion a fierce outburst of action on the part of Israel.

10. Our present stage in which the death of three innocent children has set in motion violence that has cost the lives of dozens of innocent Palestinians.

There have to be other ways to handle this conflict, don’t you think?

Another African Tragedy

Kenya is blessed with a literate population, it has thousands of university graduates who are versed in modern technology and capable of developing a society in which modernism drives the population to ever increasing standards of living. But, Kenya is crippled by a corrupt government which regards the gay issue as among its greatest challenges to development. While the Kenya government is busy passing anti-gay laws which make criminal any act of homosexuality, terrorists are gaining increased power. Naturally, a government which makes human rights its enemy will witness the exodus of talented people seeking a home in a society which allows free thinking. As gay bashing grows more popular, the brains of Kenya are leaving. As corruption grows stronger, people are losing faith. Two years ago, Muslim terrorists attacked a mall, and it is now clear that as members of security forces attacked those militants, many of its soldiers stopped to rob the damn mall of its goods!

Al-Shabaab, the Muslim militant group in Somalia has now extended its radius of attacking to coastal areas of Kenya which are the scene of tourism. After they murdered 60 people last week, yesterday they murdered a few dozen more. Naturally, the corrupt, inefficient government of Kenya does not wish to confront reality so it now blames the attacks on local Muslim independent groups. It is time for Kenya to embrace democratic values instead of embracing hatred toward gays.

Oh Dem Raghead Muslims!

Among the ironies of history that will baffle future historians is why during the administration of the first black president, so many Federal agencies engaged in blatant prejudice against those of the Muslim faith. A reporter for the UK Guardian uncovered training manual materials in which the Muslim religion was described as a threat to ‘NATIONAL SECURITY” and the prophet Mohammad viewed as leader of a “cult.” Throughout this material there are references to “Mohammad Raghead” and it is quite clear that for members of the FBI or NSA, the enemy is a religious one. Who are the good guys–Christians and Jews, who are the bad guys– good ole Mohammad Raghead! Fifty years ago, it was the JEWS who were suspect in terms of their loyalty since some of the Communist spies had Jewish names. During the 19th century, if you wanted to identify a person who lacked loyalty to America, just visit the nearest Romand Catholic church. Did you know that Catholics pledged allegiance to FOREIGN LEADER–THE POPE!!

Our history is the story of one group after another being charged with being less of an American or in the service of some foreign cult leader. It there is a problem in America, it is so much easier to blame THOSE PEOPLE. You know, they pray differently than do we, they have different holidays, and many speak in a foreign tongue. Today, it is THE MUSLIMS. Yesterday it was THE JEWS and before them THE CATHOLICS. We inhabit a paranoid world in which there MUST be disloyal people, and always remember, it is not US,it is THEM!!

The sad part of this story is that this prejudice and bias occurs during the presidency of the first black American president!!

How Did This Begin?? Will It Ever End??

The dogs of war are howling throughout the Middle East,and their yelps of bitter anger can be heard by all. It is now sixty six years since Mars appeared in the Middle East and urged one and all to get on with the task of killing one another. Yes, Arab armies declined a peaceful solution to the problem of what was then Palestine, and thus set in motion an ongoing series of conflicts. Of course, by now there has been time for members of both sides, most probably, there are a dozen sides, to claim to represent virtue and peace. The argument–I am the good guy who wants peace, but THOSE PEOPLE refuse to play with me in the garden of peace! There is no humor in this agonized tale of anger, hate, refusal to compromise and self justification for any act taken by someone who is on MY SIDE. The current madness began with the murder of three innocent Israeli boys who were undoubtedly killed by someone -or some group–that regarded themselves as adherents of Hamas. I do not argue the point the killers were either supporters of members of Hamas. In either case, they murdered the innocent.

The next step in this nightmare scenario came with the murder of another innocent boy–who happened to be a Muslim. There is no doubt he was murdered by Jewish boys seeking revenge. And, what better way to secure revenge than to kill someone who had nothing to do with the original murder? So, how did leaders react to these events? President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority condemned the murders of Jewish boys and asked his police to investigates. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded revenge. He assumed the murderers were members of Hamas and had been ordered to kill. So, the Israel air force proceeded to blast away at the Gaza Strip along with Israel naval vessels. Hamas reacted with ever more rockets fired into Israel.

All signs point to an Israel invasion of the Gaza Strip. I can guarantee there will be more rockets and missiles headed toward Israel. Most will be shot down, but some will explode. This will require revenge for those murdered by Hamas missiles, and so on and so on. The blasts go on and on. PM Netanyahu told Israelis, “I call on you to display patience because the operation could take time.”

I assume that 66 years is not time enough. So, more patience. It may take another 66 years, but we WILL WIN!

God Of National Security!

For most Americans it may seem light years ago when we lived in a nation in which words such as National Security were rarely uttered. During WWII we were warned that a “slip of the lip” might result in some German spy learning when ships were sailing so he could contact submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. The worst moment in WWII was sending Japanese Americans to camps in the name of National Security. Of course, no case of spying by Japanese Americans was ever uncovered, and Japanese American soldiers became the highest decorated battalion during the entire war. Oh, the American government in the 1980s did apologize. However, these days the new State Religion is–NATIONAL SECURITY. If you seek to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, very easy, gather together thousands and thousands of haystacks and spend billions of dollars going through them because– you just might discover a needle. One simply does not know if a bad person left a needle in a haystack. I do understand that if I dare opposing study of haystacks the American government will classify me as a suspicious person, and, who knows, maybe a terrorist!

Several months ago, former NSA director Keith Alexander claimed his agency had prevented at least 54 terrorist attacks on America. He was called before the Senate Judiciary Committee and finally admitted, would you believe ONE terrorist attack–MAYBE! So, let me tap your phone, read your emails, make note of all your phone calls, and please remember I only do this in the name of OUR BLESSED GOD -NATIONAL SECURITY. Questions:

1. Did the NSA or the CIA predict the Arab Spring?

2. Did the NSA or the CIA predict the coming to power of Vladimir Putin?

3. Did the CIA predict what would happen in Vietnam?

I DO understand that successful CIA and NSA predictions are classified so no one knows what they did get right. Has anyone considered the possibility of making NATIONAL SECURITY our new God of life?

New Terrorist Source–Germany!!

There is often a moment in time, when one grasps the madness of human life in all its confusing and contradictory patterns. Such is now with discovery by the German government that the ÇIA recruited an employee who worked in the German secret intelligence agency, BND. Stop for a moment and ask self: why is the United States of America using valuable resources to spy on our allies in the fight against terrorism? Why are American spies tapping phone calls of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is our ALLY? Perhaps, I am dense, but would it not make more sense to tap phone calls of terrorists? In other words, American “Intelligence” devotes countless hours and millions of dollars spying on people who work with us to capture terrorists? Once again, another Obama example of incompetence. Several months ago, the German government learned of US spy efforts directed at Angela Merkel, and demanded an end. As of this moment in time, believe it or not, President Obama insists that he can NOT guarantee a cease fire in the war against our ally, GERMANY! Oh I forgot, NATIONAL SECURITY is the issue. In every case, NATIONAL SECURITY is the issue. Barack Obama is obsessed with NATIONAL SECURITY.

The German government is furious at US spy efforts in Germany. White House spokesperson, John Earnest, insists “we are trying to work with the Germans to resolve this situation appropriately.” He insists the American government can not interfere with “a pending German law enforcement investigation.” But, the US CREATED THE INVESTIGATION!! How about:

1. America forming a task force with BND to cooperatively work together?

2. How about making clear that ALL tapping ends of German officials. If Americans believe there are spies in Germany, simply inform, BND sources.

There is NATIONAL SECURITY and there is not National Security. When will Barack Obama conduct himself as a President who works with Allies, and does NOT spy on Allies!!!

Growing Up In 2014 America

I was having a cup of coffee the other day when my mind wandered onto the question as to what would it be like growing up in 2014 America? Next month marks my 84th birthday since I was grew up in Depression America. But, what would it be like being age 18 in the current world of America?

1. In my childhood, Republicans and Democratic congressmen clashed, but for some strange reason they also ate lunch together and even played a softball game with one another in the summer. Think of it, opposing political opponents who joke, played cards at night over a beer, and still were friends!

2. The president was Franklin D. Roosevelt, cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican. Imagine two cousins who were on opposite sides of the political spectrum? Heck Franklin even married Teddy’s niece, Eleanor. Today, people within families vote and think together, a thought that would fill me with dread. I was raised to think, to think and decide, based on what I thought, not what neighbors or relatives wanted me to think.

3. Imagine growing up with two presidents who lacked any sense of global policy. Both stumble from one disaster to another. Quite a difference with Franklin Roosevelt who had a comprehensive policy to rebuild America from ground zero, and a policy to halt terrorism in the world. It must be confusing to young Americans growing up with presidents lacking policies, let alone being able to explain them to the American people.

4. I spent my childhood in the Depression,and then was a teenager during WWII. How do I explain that even during the Depression, I had hope the future would be better. I wonder how it would be to grow up in 2014 America in which one worries that there will be no future?

5. I wonder what it would be like growing up with machines in my hand that were the focus of my life, rather than people?

6. I spent my growing up time playing ball with friends or wandering the streets of New York City without the company of parents, I was free to wander and wonder. I wonder what it would be like to always have a parent driving me to play or not allowing me to be me?

7. Frankly, I prefer a world in which I was working at age 8, but a world in which I was an independent person filled with the wonder of youth, and enjoying the freedom to dream the impossible dreams of life.

The Fire This Time Leaves Aftermath–Always!

On September 11, 2001 a group of nineteen men initiated horrible events that resulted in the death of nearly three thousand innocent Americans. These men worked for an organization–al-Qaeda–that numbered, at best, about two thousand members. Today, the process initiated back in 2001 has resulted in al-Qaeda now having over 20,000 members, and, instead of being confined to Afghanistan, is now in Syria, Iraq, Algeria and dozens of other places of war. Our then President Bush insisted that his response to 9/11 would result in destruction of al-Qaeda and killing of Osama bin Laden. Yes, Osama is dead, killed by orders of a different president, but al-Qaeda remains a force of death and destruction. Today in Israel, the sounds of war, of revenge are powerful, and demand death and destruction. No one knows who were the cowardly murderers who selected three innocent young boys for their revenge. Three children died because of hate created by their elders- Israelis, Palestinians, and you name them. As always, the innocent die and the guilty live on to murder and murder the innocent.

Thousands of Israel troops are now on the border of Gaza.Israeli planes are pounding the Gaza Strip even as rockets are fired from it into Israel territory. The IDF has announced the beginning of “OPeration Protective Eagle.” There is a strong likelihood that thousands of Israel soldiers will blast their way into Gaza. There is a strong likelihood that innocent Arab children will die. Again, the innocent die because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The IDF told the world: “We are entering into a long operation. We are preparing further steps and a gradual expansion of our order of battle.”

Sorry, this statement is very similar to that made by President Bush preceding the invasion of Iraq. Colin Powell, US Secretary of State in 2001, but a former general, warned President Bush that if you go into the pottery shop and break china pieces, you are responsible for the damage. He was attempting to warn the president there are consequences when one initiates war. Invade Gaza, round up hundreds, put them in jail. Then what??

I can guarantee there will be dozens, perhaps, hundreds of missiles coming from Hamas centers in Lebanon and headed for Israel cities. What then? Invade Lebanon? Send Israel soldiers into Syria? When does it end??

Open Letter To John McCain

Dear Senator John McCain:

You are the son of admirals who served their nation in battles. You are the son of brave men who risked life in order to protect the freedom of this nation. You are a brave man who fought for his country,and, in so doing, were placed in a position of being tortured and abused. Today, you are a member of a political party that has lost all sense of decency and patriotism because its only goal is -power. It is bereft of ideas to improve the lives of Americans, it lacks goals to improve our nation. You are a member of a political party which engages in non-stop tirades and investigations into the death of four Americans in Benghazi, but refuses to examine the deaths of 5,000 Americans and wounding of 40,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You are a decent person who loves America. You are also a decent person trapped in a political party that has lost its way. You love America and have proven this love by risk of life. Men like Ted Cruz and John Boehner have never fought in the cause of American freedom. You know the men who landed on D-Day were Democrats and Republicans, but, more important, they were Americans who wanted to end the evil of Nazism. It is time for you to rise in the US Senate and send a message to fellow Republicans that the time to end this endless hatred must conclude.

You understand the destructive power of weapons of war. It is time to rise and speak out agains the NRA and their refusal to support reasonable laws that would protect our law enforcement agents and fellow citizens. It is time for you to be the American who risked his life. It is time to risk your political life and speak out for human decency and respect for fellow members of the government.

It is time for you to become John McCain, the son of admirals!