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Beware Terror!

There are many ignorant people in the United States of America who actually believe that terrorism is declining. Senator Dianne Feinstein and other congressional leaders who work with American intelligence experts understand the threat of terrorism increases exponentially each day. Why? Because weak minded people refuse to believe that al-Qaeda and other such groups have the United States in a head grip and are squeezing us daily with the power of their weapons of war. According to the US Senator, we have to “understand that our intelligence services are not the bad guys.” Congressman Mike Rogers pointed out attacks on US Intelligence-by Americans! has simply made it easier for terrorists to gain entry into our secrets.

But, these congressmen understand we are losing the war on terrorism. It always fascinates me how “experts” can pinpoint “losing” or “winnng.” I assume there are some criteria to define a loss or gain, but it has never been made clear to this mind. One day when I reach Heaven, God will clarify how one defines victory or defeat. Until that moment, I will accept whatever is told me by “Intellligence.”

The most frequent blunder by American presidents has been to adhere to what “experts” say is reality. Perhaps, the CIA could cite ONE example during the past sixty years in which they actually were correct about the state of the world!

John Kerry, The Nowhere Man

barghouti It is now sixty five years since the state of Israel was formed and thus formalized a conflict that already had been in existence within the province of Palestine and later the Mandate of Palestine. The state of Palestine was proclaimed in the 1970s after Jordan decided to rid itself of administering the Palestine created by the United Nations. In 1967, Israel defeated Jordan in a war and assumed control of the West Bank area. It is now 47 years since this event occurred and conflict continues over who owns the West Bank or which part of the West Bank belongs to who? Israel has sent thousands of settlers into the West Bank even though this area originally was part of the state of Palestine created by the UN. John Kerry has worked his butt off attempting to secure a compromise.

Part of the problem is that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority lack a government which has a firm majority in a legislature and each requires coalition members to survive. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allied with West Bank settlers and religious zealots who insist upon no retreat. President Abbas is demanding the release of Marwan Barghouti from prison. This man committed crimes, but there is evidence he is ready to work for peace. After all, Nelson Mandela was convicted of crimes.

At this point in time, John Kerry is going nowhere very slowly.

Is Israel The Modern South Africa

First, let me make clear the overwhelming number of Jews in Israel are caring people who seek to live in harmony and peace with all people. Few Jews seek to terrorize the weak, and few seek to implement laws that are similar to what their ancestors endured in other nations for a few thousand years. However, fear and propaganda have frightened all too many Jews in Israel to accept the belief their lives are in danger from the 15% of the people in their land who are Muslim or Christian Arabs. Instead of reaching out to these fellow Israelis forces of hate and fear installed in the hearts of many Jews that only separation from their comrades in the land of Israel would safeguard their lives.

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from Russia has a plan to handle the 15% of non-Jews in the land even though their ancestors lived and worked in what is now called Israel. Under the Lieberman Plan, Arab Israelis would be forced from their homes and transferred into special Arab areas of Israel which currently possess large numbers of Jews. Jewish settlers living on the West Bank would have their land incorporated within Israel. This would constitute a forced migration of people. It would subject the state of Israel to international condemnation and undoubtedly result in sanctions and hatred toward Jews.

However, the real danger is what this does to the soul and hearts of Jews in Israel. Do they seek to become the center of hatred as was white South Africa when it moved black skinned people into special areas. Oh, the origin of the word, ghetto is from Italy. A ghetto was a special area set aside for Jews. Fast forward to the 21st century and Jews are proposing special areas for minorities!!

An Obama Discourtesy

Jimmy Carter holds the distinction of being only one of four men on this planet who once was president of the United States of America. After leaving the office of president, he was the only one of those four men who did not seek to enrich himself by seeking positions in the corporate world which offer millions in exchange for using the name of a former president. He devoted himself to the cause of peace a rather unusual desire on the part of a former president. In his post presidency, Carter has been consulted by Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and another George Bush, but no call has ever come from the current arrogant Barack Obama. Carter is aware that his ideas on peace in the Middle East are not popular with the Israel lobby and many members of Congress because he worked for a peace in the Middle East that respected the rights of both Israel and Palestinians.

It might be of interest to Barack Obama that he was the last US president who actually brought Palestinians and Arabs together in a peace accord. The Camp David accord ensured that both Arab and Israel views were respected. Barack Obama has allowed Israel to disrespect Arab needs and in the process simply made America more disrespected in the Middle East.

It is rather tragic when a former president of this nation has to write: “I have felt that my communications are probably monitored. And, when I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the Post Office and mail it because I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored.”

Twitter, Twitter, Not In Turkey

The Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is very upset at stuff that appears on Twitter and has decided to send one last Twitter informing that organization it was no longer to be tweeting in the nation of Turkey. Finance Minister Mehmet Sinsad emphasized that while his government believed in freedom of speech, it was another thing when a major company believes “it is above the law.” After all, the issue is really not about freedom of speech, but when Twitter was told “to remove the material” what else could the government do but cease tweeting, not only for self, but for others. President Abdullah Gul has opposed the attack on Twitter arguing to his prime minister that in the 21st century a government simply cannot halt modern technology. He wants the ban to end and for Erdogan to engage in dialogue with Twitter.

Meanwhile, the United States State Department website blasted the censorship of Twitter. Douglas Frantz, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, made clear censoring Twitter was simply a “21st century book burning” which will not make the Turkish government come across as a strong one.

Egyptian Justice

There is no question under the administration of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi the rights of people were continually violated and violence was allowed to proceed against Coptic Christians. The evidence is clear that Morsi was an incompetent leader who simply allowed members of his Muslim Brotherhood to engage in violence against their opponents. Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian military in a process that witnessed disregard for the rights of Muslim Brotherhood members. Violence broke out as followers of the MB went to the streets and, in many cases, resorted to guns in order to make clear their displeasure for the overthrow of Morsi. In one horrid example over 900 MB members were killed in gun exchanges between the armed forces and Morsi supporters. Some police died in this scene of violence.

A “trial” is now taking place in south Egypt. A judge is deciding whether over 500 men are to be sent to jail for participating in the pro-Morsi riots. The “trial” lasted two court sessions. An accused man described the trial: “the trial lasted two sessions each about five minutes.” No lawyer spoke for a defendant, actually, no prosecutor even spoke. The judge made his decisions. Of the 520 accused, he acquitted 16 and condemned the rest to be executed.

Just another day of Egyptian justice under the rule of the armed forces.

Democratic Senators On Iran

President Barack Obama once again received evidence the Israel lobby is alive and well in the United States of America. Of course, any lobby whose main goal is to further the interests of a foreign government might be considered by the American public in a negative light, but AIPAC is the friend of both Republicans and Democrats when it comes to issues of raising money for political campaigns. A group of twenty three Democratic Senators including one independent, sent a letter to the president acknowledging they support his two thronged approach to Iran, political and threats. They want guarantees that any final agreement contains absolute guarantees that Iran is not engaged with enrichment for development of nuclear weapons. They agree Iran should have the right to develop domestic nuclear materials.

OK, both the president and this blog agree with this demand. No intelligent person could disagree with preventing use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Of course, it might assist in this effort if Israel, the ONLY Middle Eastern nation possessing nuclear weapons, might reduce their nuclear weapon build up by a dozen or so nuclear weapons in a demonstration of peace and security for all.

Who Are These Creatures Of Night??

They prefer to attack villages and schools in the dead of night because they do not wish to encounter armed forces who have the capacity to engage them in gun battles. Their goal is simple-murder the innocent in the name of God. Once again the Boko Haram cowards struck at school children when they attacked the Federal Government College at Buni Yadi in the state of Yobe. These thugs locked the hostel doors and set the building on fire. As students attempted to flee they were shot or slaughtered like a sheep with having their throats slit. The Boko Harma killed and killed until at least 40 young people were dead. Boko Haram means-western education is forbidden. It is one thing to oppose education, it is another to murder the innocent.

President Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria must live in another world. He described this slaughter as “quite worrisome” but assured one and all that “we will get over it.”

Yes, who are these creatures of the night?

Yes, who is this creature who passes for a president??

A Muslim In America Can Be Spied Upon

I am old enough to recall the dark days of post World War II when to be Jewish in America meant that one’s patriotism was to be questioned. Oh, over 500,000 Jews fought in WWWII and many were given medals, but once the war was over and our allies, the Soviet Union, became our enemy, those who had been friendly to our ally were all too often accused of being subversives. Fast forward to the 21st century and the position once held by Jews of being accused of disloyalty (two famous spies were named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) is now held by those of the Muslim faith. The New York Police engage in surveillance of Muslims while at prayer or out for a dinner or even in a school building because some Muslims participated in the 9/11 attack. Of course, in the history of spies in America or assassins there is not a single Muslim name, but all were white Christians, but, what the heck, we cannot arrest all Christians.

Judge William Martini dismissed law suits brought by Muslim groups who wanted an end to the nonstop surveillance by police of the everyday activities of those who happen to be Muslim. Judge Martini argues that “police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community.” This assumes that being Muslim equates with being disloyal.

As I recall, Edward Snowden and Cpl. Manning who revealed secrets to the world–including Muslim groups–were white Christians. Does this mean…..

Death Goes On And On In Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan insists the cause of death in his nation is NOT the result of action by members of the Taliban, but stems from action by American and NATO troops. He IS right to identify drone attacks and plane raids as having resulted in the death of innocent people. He IS right to insist that such raids end. But, he is NOT right to insist the major cause of death arises from actions of American and NATO forces. Just about each day there is another example of indiscriminate Taliban assaults on innocent people that do not serve any military objective other than murder and mayhem in order to create a climate of death and fear.

Yesterday in Kabul, a group of Taliban teenagers entered the Hotel Serena, a noted establishment which serves the needs of wealthy Afghans and foreigners. Somehow, despite metal detectors and security guards, the boys pulled out tiny handguns and blasted away in the restaurant. By the time they concluded this assault two foreign girls were dead and seven Afghans were dead including a famous newspaper reporter. Oh well, Karzai undoubtedly will blame the West and forget about the East.