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Love Hating Fest About Hillary

There was one consisted theme throughout the debate which focused on which one of these men hated Hillary Clinton the most. Heck,Chris promised that if he was the presidential candidate that Hillary Clinton would not get within a mile of the White House. Marco said she was a disaster and Ted insisted that he would out do making her a disaster. Jeb wanted to get in a point about his dislike of Hillary who definitely would be a presidential disaster unlike the wonderful record of his brother.

If not for the presence of Hillary Clinton the guys on the stage would have no one they could come together on as to be hated. So, in one sense, Hillary is the most important person in this Republican race for the presidency. Oh well, there is always Bill to discuss and Monica Lewinsky.

Marco Goes For Jugular

Marco has decided to stay away from Donald since he fears getting the big bully angry at him could result in some heated exchanges that make him out to be the next little boy sent to eat at the kid’s table. So, he went after Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Just some encounters with the junior bully and the little chubby boy who used to be left out of playing on the playground.

Marco and Chris.  He charged that Chris Christie in his earlier life was a fervent liberal who supported all those terrible things that no decent person in Iowa would ever accept. He charged Chris with being a supporter of abortion rights, gun control, and being a close friend and ally of Barack Obama. Naturally, Chris wanted one and all to understand that his heart has always been in Iowa and he was thinner then so his mind was thinner also when it came to issues that get one popular in the Republican party.

Marco charged that Ted Cruz was for more immigrants arriving carrying Green Cards, he supported the Constitution which says anyone born in America was a citizen,and he opposed raising the military budget. Ted wants everyone to know he opposes any kind of immigrant– except his dad, that is– and he  loves the US military and will vote to give them more and more guns and other weapons. Ted also pointed out that Marco worked with the evil Democrats on immigration reform. Marco can not recall any such discussions.

I trust this clears up what each man believes.

Inside Ben Carson’s Mind

This intrepid explorer decided to undergo an expedition into the mind of Ben Carson. Yes, he did attend the Republican Debate. Yes, he was on the stage. But, for some reason no one wanted to engage in a conversation with him. So, onto his brain.

“Fred, I am still a bit confused during this discussion. There was some comment about Green Cards. God, I don’t have one. Am I supposed to have this Green Card in order to remain in the United States?”

Don’t worry Ben, it is only for those born abroad.

“Fred, they talked about tariffs and trade with China. For some reason, Donald is upset at the Chinese. Gee, I go every week to a nice laundry run by some Chinese folks, is there something wrong with them of should we American born folks run the laundries?”

Don’t worry Ben, just handle your laundry at home with a washer and drier.

“Gee, Ted was real upset about people who live in New York City. I know some nice doctors from New York, should I stop seeing them?”

He just prefers doctors from Canada.

“Fred, I just felt all alone on the stage. No one wanted to insult me, no one wanted to argue with me. It was sort of lonely up there.”

Such is the way of debates. God Bless you Ben.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Strange times create strange political leaders.

Has anyone checked out exactly where Donald Trump was really born?

Oh well, at least no one wonders where Jeb Bush was born, then again, no one cares.

Paul Ryan during the State of the Union message never cracked a smile, nor used his hands to applaud.

I still await Dick Cheney to enter the presidential race, he never did run for President.

I wonder when the expression, “boots-on-the-ground” first appeared and by whom?

I wonder if we still had the Draft would political leaders change their tune about being tough guys ready to fight?



US –Get Ready To Bomb And Bomb

The ongoing mantra of Republican presidential candidates is lets have a  bombing party one day after the next.  Ted wants to carpet bomb the desert, and Donald has a Great Plan to bomb the hell out of ISIS who hide in cities. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made clear that Drones are going to enter the campaign against ISIS so you Muslim bad people better learn to duck.  “We will begin by collapsing ISIS control over both cities(Raqqa and Mosul) and then engage in  elinimation operations.”

In other words, identify a city where ISIS is fighting, send in the planes, then send in the drones, and wipe out the bad people. Unfortunately, in the  end some boots on the ground will really have to do the work of wiping out ISIS. Now, exactly who are those boots on the ground? They certainly are not American boots!

We Miss You Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul appeared on the Trevor Noah program and reminded one and all what we will miss at the next Republican debate. He has been removed from main stage and sent to the children’s table. However, Senator Paul is not that desperate -as are Huckabee or Santorum–for a few minutes on the political stage talking to no one. He has refused a place at the kid’s table and is heading for New Hampshire.

On the Trevor Noah show Rand Paul displayed a calm ironic tone, a few sensible remarks, and a vivid example of what the anti-Trump would sound like. Rand Paul is the only Republican who can mock himself as he mocks others. He does not believe each word he speaks is the word of God. In fact, he spent several minutes discussing issues without once referring to his belief in God or that he was sent to Earth by the  Lord Himself to save us all–from OBAMA!

I disagree with most Rand Paul ideas such as ending regulation of people. He wants to give people freedom from government. Unfortunately, Senator Paul we used to have state governments and cities in the South that segregated humans based on skin color. We needed Federal laws to prevent such violation of human dignity. Remember, Senator, giving the “People” all power all too often means bad people can control events.

Nikki Haley Got Donald Angry

These days  if one is a leader in the Republican party there is a rule that is not to be broken. Under no conditions are you allowed to make any negative remarks that might be construed by Donald Trump as a reference to him. After all, he does represent forces in America which seek to return this nation to its former glory and prosperity. I assume that refers to the last Republican president, one George Bush. Ah, those were the days, our guys fighting in Afghanistan, our guys fighting in Iraq. The economy collapsing, and millions unemployed.

Governor Haley decided to urge Americans to ignore divisive voices that spread fear and hatred. Naturally, who else but Donald would assume she was referring to him? He made clear to CNN that Nikki Haley had come seeking money from him for her  political campaign and this sort of talk is an example of lack of gratitude since he alone was responsible for her election.

Oh well, from now on Nikki Haley will be constantly  on the lips of Donald Trump as an example of how he helped Republicans to win elections and these same folks now attack him!

Iranian Revolutionary Guards And Peace

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have just handed Donald Trump a few hundred thousand votes. There are now pictures of US sailors on their knees with hands behind their heads. Two naval boats had technical problems and drifted into Iranian waters. Now that America has this sight, it will infuriate the religious and conservative forces in America. It simply adds fuel to the Trump rant that America has lost prestige in the world because we allow petty tyrants to push us around.


1. The Revolutionary Guards dislike the recent nuclear deal. They have used sanctions to control vast markets in Iran and make millions since they can deliver goods from nations that support their economic plans to control the Iranian economy.

2. President Rouhani is seeking to open trade and commerce in an effort to reduce the power of Revolutionary Guard leaders.

This incident was deliberate –get Americans angry, end the  nuclear agreement, and allow the Revolutionary Guards to continue their economic exploitation of Iran.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Can Marco Rubio prove he was born in the USA rather than in Cuba?

Donald Trump was born in New York which for conservatives is a foreign nation.

Given the collection of weird Republicans seeking the presidency, perhaps it would help to solicit a foreign born candidate.

Oc course, there is always Vladimir Putin to be our president and restore world respect.

I miss the days of strong unions when people earned a good salary.

Gee, an entire day in Chicago and no one got shot by gangsters!

Then again, an entire day in Chicago and no one got murdered by the police!

Off To Kid’s Table!

As you may or may not recall when the Republican ship, Lollipop set sail from the stage of Fox News there were twelve or fifteen or seventeen passengers headed for the poor of Iowa. Alas,some of the passengers encountered accidents along the way and either left the ship or were banished to the  children’s table during meal times. Among those who were designated to spend their voyage in the company  of children were:

Rick Perry who had problems with his glasses as well as his memory.

Mike Huckabee became unable to speak words such as God, Christian or guns.

George Pataki who actually just stumbled into the studio and was sent by an ignorant employee to appear on the stage.

Rick Santorum who not only lost his sweater but had a mind loss.

Scott what’s his name who decided he preferred walk off for Wisconsin cheese instead of the red meat of Donald Trump.

Alas, the only sane person, Rand Paul, has been told to spend the night with the kids, but he prefers venturing into New Hampshire for something, which currently escapes me.