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Me And Ben Carson

I recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with America’s leading surgeon, and among the leading thinkers in the Republican party–Dr. Ben Carson. We met in Detroit

M: Dr. Carson, what do you think of  Donald Trump’s presentation to the black  church he attended?

BC: It was wonderful, he actually read the exact words that Jesus Christ spoke hundreds of years ago, the exact word. I trust that puts to rest the lies being spread about his Christian faith.

M: Well, he has been married three times, he did commit adultery, surely, that is not part of the teaching of Jesus.

BC:  There you go again, you Godless Democrats. Mr. Trump happens to love ALL women, he is ready to rise to the occasion at any moment, and dispense his love into the hearts of women. Surely, that is what Jesus wanted.

M:  I have a hunch,not only into the hearts but also into a few other parts of a woman’s body.

BC:  Mr. Trump loves black people. Did you know that his valet is BLACK! Did you know the man who drives his car is BLACK! Oops, where are my bags, where are my bags……

The last we saw of Dr. Carson he was headed back to the train station to get his bags.

Colin Kaepernick Forever

Every so often many liberals become enthused, enchanted, adoring of some person who really “takes a stand.” The latest icon of these people is Colin Kaepernick who plays football for the San Francisco forty-niners. Colin wanted to take a stand for human rights.

1. Did he help to register people to vote?

2. Did he provide funding for voter registration?

3. Is he organizing protests against police brutality?

4. Is he actively supporting candidates who will urge passage of legislation to protect the undefended?

5. Is he going to cease playing football this season and concentrate on the defeat of Donald Trump?

6. Is he going into gang neighborhoods and seeking to work with gang leaders to defuse violence against black and Hispanic people?

The answer to these questions is: NO. Colin will not stand for the national anthem. Now, THAT is a great blow for civill rights for those denied such rights. What next,Colin, an argument with a biased official on the field?

Trump Of Philippines

The President of the Philippines, one Rodrigo Duterte,has decided that anything Donald Trump can say or do or shout about, he can do better and louder. During his brief few  months as president of the Philippines, he has encouraged the murder –sorry, according to Mr. Duterte, the peaceful elimination of bad drug people– of over 1,600 people. They are guilty because he says they are guilty. Please, don’t talk about trials and evidence because the only ones who speak this way are –drug dealers.

Well, he is now real angry at the president of the United States. Obama raised the killing  of people who never were placed on trial. Duterte  responded with some choice words about Obama–“son of a whore” and  warned, “don’t fuck with me.” I challenge Donald Trump to match this leader when it comes to insults and threats.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


These days Republicans offer NO  ideas for dealing with issues in society, only Benghazi.

Later historians will term this the email election.

I expect Colin Kaepernick to lie down for the national anthem in order to make a statement.

Finally, football and now we will have winners and losers based upon ability.

Israel Jews insist that God only cares about their needs, definitely, a Jewish God.

I think Mexican President Nieto wishes he had not offered invitations to see him.

Trump campaign head thinks women are “dykes from Seven Sisters Schools.”

These days Jeb Bush looks like a great candidate.

NO doubt in modern America, a sucker is born every minute.

Hillary Clinton so wishes she never heard of the word, server.

I so fear for the lives of children whose parents are illegal immigrants.

So,what is ‘do the Right Thing” for Hillary Clinton?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


If only Bill Clinton had followed the behavior of Jimmy Carter and worked with poor people, his wife would be cruising for the presidency.

Has Donald Trump actually explained a single one of his plans to make America Great Again?

I await with peace for the candidates to debate ideas on how to improve lives of Americans.

America is trapped in the Greed of Trump and the Greed of the Clintons.

I wonder what is the next non-issue to emerge in this presidential race?

Humans are dying in Syria while in America the WALL is the issue for many Americans.

There are days when I want to hop a train to Canada.

There are days when I want to weep for America.

Donald Goes Wild

Last year when Donald Trump insulted fellow Republicans we all sort of smiled and thought this guy is a bit weird, but he must  have some sort of plan. Frankly, I doubt if many took him seriously, and believed the nutty things he said, would really be stated once an election campaign began. You have to admit that Donald Trump is a man who tells the truth. One must conclude the crazy wild ranting is an expression of his thinking and beliefs. This is a man who lacks any, and I mean, any knowledge of the world, of economic concepts, of how to deal with violence and war. Nonsense pours out of his mouth nonstop, and the reality is that from his perspective, nonsense is sense.

Once again, he ranted about  the Wall and illegal immigrants;

1. On day one of his presidency, they will begin rounding up eleven million illegal immigrants.

2. No explanation as to who does the rounding up, where they are held, just round up eleven million.

3. Will the eleven million carry baggage, how will babies be handled,where in Mexico will they be sent, what if the Mexican government refuses to allow their entry, and so on, and so on.

4. If suddenly, eleven million customers leave your town, how many business operations will go bankrupt? Minor detail.

5. Schools suddenly will be emptied of students, so, will teachers be fired? Minor detail.

6. Thousands of workers in hospitals or business operations will suddenly vanish, so who cares for the patients or customers?

His entire idea makes absolutely no sense.

Death In Chicago

I have only been a resident in the Chicago area for about two years. I was raised during the 1930s in my beloved Bronx. In those days we had many gangs, a high percent were run by Jews and Italians. They beat up people, they robbed, they demanded protection money, they ran prostitution and gambling, but they did have certain rules of behavior. One never, and I mean,never, attacked a woman, one never hurt a family member of the guy you would murder, and one was careful never to harm children.

I now am in Chicago. In the month of August, 90 people were shot to death. Many were children, many were women simply out at the wrong time in the wrong place. Apparently, what has happened in Chicago is that large gangs disintegrated to small factions which lacked any rules of behavior, no mature men to control behavior of young punks. Ironically, the presence of large organized gangs ensured some control over violence. One guy insults the other, then his friend comes by later in the day and blasts away. Complete and total anarchy in the streets.

There is a world here in Chicago of young men without any job prospects who are left with drugs and crime to ensure some sort of life. So, what to do? At this point, who the hell knows!

Republican Food Fight

This strange election season is now witnessing members of the Republican party fighting with one another more than they fight with Democrats. It is incredible to believe that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are insulting a Republican candidate for president. Conservative writer,  Bill Kristol is shocked by the thought of Donald Trump as president, he hates Hillary Clinton, and has concluded the only hope is to vote for anyone other than the two twins of incompetence.

However, Sean Hannity is convinced that Donald Trump must be elected. OK, Donald insulted Fox News correspondents, and continues to insult Hispanics, and gays and women, but, what the heck, his name is not Hillary Clinton. Frankly, this is a new development in modern conservatism. Hate and anger, insults and barbs go back and forth between Republicans while Hillary stands off  to the side with a smirk on her face. Rush did make one interesting comment: “I never took him seriously.” That sums up the attitude of many Republicans, how could the idiot guy actually win the nomination?

He did.

The Anti-Trump Speaks

I do  understand there is a red headed man wandering around the United States–with a side trip to Mexico– who yells and screams hatred and violence to all daring to oppose his idiotic statements. However, this intrepid reporter has been able to uncover the unknown secret twin brother of Donald Trump. His name is Dwayne Trump.

Dwayne Trump speaks: “My fellow Americans, and when I say, Americans, I mean those of all religions, those of all ancestry, and even those who are Democrats. We Americans have always welcomed the poor, the persecuted, those fleeing religious intolerance, and we greet them with open arms. This is a nation founded by immigrants–in those days, anyone was automatically a legal one– for immigrants and with love for all. Yes, we Europeans  committed horrible crimes against the Iroquois, the Sioux, and dozens of other people who preceded us in this land.

I want an America in which those with wealth pay a much higher tax than those without. We need to guarantee every young person a free college education, we have to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, we have to educate youth for jobs in the  post industrial world. This can only be achieved if Republicans and Democrats work together.

Please, please never listen to my brother, the bully, Donald!”

Whatever Happened To Palestinians?

During the Six Day War back in the 1960s Israel troops  swept the army  of Jordan from what is now termed, the West Bank. In theory, this originally as to be  temporary situation that would eventually be resolved by enabling Palestinians to create their own government. But, that was then, during the intervening half century, Israel “settlers” have slowly, and increasingly taken land from Palestinians,and built their own settlements.

The usual defense of this process if for Orthodox Jews to point out the Jews are the “Chosen people” of God. It is not that they desire to take the land from Palestinians, but GOD Himself is demanding they take control of land HE set aside for them.If you doubt the validity of what I write, just check with GOD up above. The UN has condemned this  process, it violates international law, but who would you believe, GOD or some UN bureaucrat?