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Bernie VS Bibi

As you recall or do not recall, Bernie Sanders was raised in the great borough of Brooklyn as a nice Jewish boy. I assume that at some point  little Bernie placed some coins in a blue box in order to help Jews purchase land in what was then known as Palestine. Anyway, little Bernie the Jewish boy has now drawn the ire of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for daring to utter a harsh word about the perfect always right never makes a mistake land of Israel! Bernie sort of cluttered out that when Israel launched its attack on Gaza because some rockets landed inI Israel and killed a few people, the invasion of Gaza which led to the deaths of 2,200 people was disproportionate to the crime.

Bibi is now very upset. “Israel is surrounded by extremist Islamic radicals, and therefore need to guard our border, and this is also true regarding the communities surrounding Gaza.” Bernie is NOT arguing that Israel has a right tot defend itself, he is noting that killing 2,200 while less than 70 Israelis  die is sort of –disproportionate.

Oh, Israel borders with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. NO problems from Jordan and Egypt and Syrians are sort of  bothered by some minor problems to pay attention to Israel. That leaves Lebanon which is “surrounding” Israel.

Polygamy Under Fire

There are at least 30,000 couples of groups or extended families that fit into the description of a polygamist arrangement. A Federal justice has restored the ban on polygamy as an accepted form of marriage in the state of Utah. In reality this conflict between the so-called “natural” arrangement of man and woman as mates as husband and wife has been an important issue in Utah ever since it became a state in the United States of America. Throughout its existence the reality that thousands of folks in Utah prefer the non-traditional arrangement in which one guy is husband to several gals.

I do realize it is a fundamental proposition of the Republican party that God ordained there be husband and wife, and HE meant one husband and one wife. Of course, the Bible sort of does not present that as being the norm in days when men had constant conversations with the old Guy up in the sky.

Of course, now that American society has made legal an arrangement in which two guys or two gals can constitute a “family,” how can a judge decide that one guy and two or three gals cannot constitute a family? I assume the next fight for equality will include the polygamists in Utah. Of course, once it is legal in Utah, will it soon be in Georgia or Mississippi?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


All leading candidates complain the system is rigged, but they are the leading candidates!

Gee nothing from Donald about Hispanic rapists the past few weeks. How come?

If Donald wants to shout about violent killers, just take on Chicago, the capital of murder.

Slowly, gradually, ISIS is retreating. That is the reason for attacks in Europe.

NO question–Ted Cruz could make a fortune in movies as the EVIL man.

Imagine a conversation between Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Anyway, now that baseball is here, each day there is a winner and a loser and no one complains the system is rigged.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


No political candidate these days ever discusses the situation in Afghanistan. We still have thousands of soldiers in it.

I confess to being absolutely bored with the lack of any coherent discussion concerning the Middle East.

I wonder if there is another Earth out there in the universe which contains intelligent life forms?

Republicans rant and rave about ending relations with Iran over the nuclear accord while there is North Korea which IS working on a-bombs.

If Ted Cruz is the BEST alternative for Republicans, why not just close down this political party.

These days I really miss the intelligence of Rick Perry.

I think Republicans should book a circus to entertain people during their convention.

Then again, they already have booked a circus!


Remember Helmand Province

These days Afghanistan is rarely in the news or in the hearts of Americans. Donald promises to wipe out ISIS and Ted promises to carpet bomb terrorists into oblivion. But, it is rare for any of the future great Republican presidents to make any promises about how they will wipe out the Taliban. Of course, it was only fifteen years ago that American forces swept through Afghanistan and wiped out the Taliban. Of course, the American version of victory in Afghanistan ignores the role played by local Afghan forces who hated the Taliban. Yes, those were the days when we were certain the evil Taliban was doomed.

Well, it is now 2016 and the Taliban is still around. It appears that Taliban forces  may soon retake Helmand province which initially was taken over by the US Marines. So, what went wrong in Afghanistan?

1. As usual,when we Americans become involved in the Middle East we wind up backing corrupt, inefficient Muslims. This is the case in Afghanistan.

2. Our deep concern about evil drugs allowed the Taliban to gain support of poppy  growing Afghan farmers.  Instead of just buying up the opium crop we allowed the Taliban to gain the wallets and hearts of farmers. Once again, our war on drugs cost us support of those we needed to end the Taliban.

P.S. I have yet to  hear Bernie Sanders make a single comment concerning Afghanistan– how come?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Republicans hold their noses when voting.

Not a single candidate from either party has discussed the impact of technology on unemployment–how come?

This is the first presidential campaign in history in which how one pisses or shits is an issue.

Republicans have shifted from the unborn child to the born penis as an issue.

OH well, baseball is back and we don’t have to vote who wins or loses.

Its Monday in Chicago and someone will get shot today.

American politicians talk about wiping out Muslim terrorists but not a single one has a son who will fight in such a battle.

Its Ted Vs Donald

Republicans who rejected such excellent candidates such as:

Jeb Bush –Rand Paul–Ben Carson–Carly Fiorina–Rick  Perry- Rick Santorum-Mike Huckabee –Ben Carson — and add any other name that enters your mind- are now confronted with the likes of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. So, how do these two stalwarts stack up against one another?

Immigration– both want to deport twelve million

Hispanic terrorists–both want to build a BIG wall.

Taxes– Ted wants to  have everyone pay 10% and Donald wants to make everyone wealthy.

Terrorism–Ted wants to carpet bomb anything that moves–Donald wants to kill every single one of these bastards!

Women –Ted wants to control the bodies of women, Donald wants to insult every woman.

Israel –Ted loves Israel more than anyone, Donald has given more checks to Israel groups than anyone.

IRS–Ted wants to abolish it, Donald has yet to take a stand about it.

Health care–Ted  wants to end all government programs, Donald wants to give everyone a GREAT health care program.

GOD, both are for HIM.

Muslims– both do agree to get rid of them over there and over here.

On the Republican Party– both are disliked, but Ted less so.


Republican Alternatives To Be President

In an effort to assist our Republican friends we offer some suggestions as to who might be their candidate in the fall.

1. There is always Rudy Giuliani, a man who can out boast Donald any day in the year. After all, he single-handedly saved America after 9/11.

3. Why have Republicans forgotten Dick Cheney?  A man who was vice -president is eligible to run for president–that’s  lot more than Ted Cruz can say.

3. Rand Paul was the only guy on the debate stage who made any common sense. At least he is not full of hot air and he does have a biting send of humor.

4. Carly Fiorina is a natural born bitch who, unlike Donald Trump, only sent one business into an economic collapse.

5. Gee, I miss good old Rick Perry, at least he was born in Texas unlike the Cruz fellow.

7. Herman Cain has a few plus factors- he is black, he is a business man, he knows how to make pizza, he is a low key bull-shit artist, and he is dying for  another gig on the stage of life.

8. Then again, there is always Don Rumsfeld. OK, so he fucked up in Iraq,  a person is entitled to one more chance to fuck  up in the Middle East!

9.There is a guy named Mitt. He does not need any introduction.

10. Last but not least is the quiet black guy who may not know how to cut up people in a debate, but he sure knows how to cut up people.

Obama On What Went Wrong

President Barack Obama gave an interview with Fox News and during the session revealed what was his worse mistake. He now regrets there was no after Gaddafi plan on how to handle Libya. He claims that European nations failed to complete the job by carrying through on plans for reconstruction of the nation. Fair enough. At least some president admits that he made a mistake. However, there are a few other mistakes Obama may have failed to remember.

1. Barack Obama has held fewer press conferences than any president in the past sixty years. He failed to take advantage of opportunities to get his ideas across to the American people.

2. At no point did President Obama explain the basic principles of the Affordable Care Act to the American people. None even received a simple clear document from the Social Security Administration. He allowed Fox News to set the scenario as to what was the Affordable Care Act.

3. At  no point did President Obama explain to the American people what was our foreign policy in the Middle East. In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt asked every American to get a map of the Middle East and gave  a radio talk explaining our military strategy in the region.

4.It is clear that Barack Obama has never studied the American presidency nor learned from great American presidents how to function as a president.

Sorry, Mr. President, you never grasped how an American President is the Chief Educator of the nation.

President Bernie Sanders

OK, it is the day after an election for president in 2016, and, lo and behold the white haired guy from Vermont via Brooklyn is now the president of the United States of America. So, what now happens?

1. Bernie informs the Republican controlled House of Representatives that he wants higher taxes placed on those with wealth. They respond with a  laugh.

2. President Sanders has a discussion with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He informs them to withdraw all American units from the Middle East and cease bombing in Iraq and Syria. ISIS openly celebrates

3. President Sanders insists that he has the power to break up banks. The US Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote says there is no such right.

4. President Sanders informs young Americans they will have to wait a few years before there is free tuition at public colleges because he still has not gotten Congress to pass the surcharge on wealthy folks to pay for it.

President Sanders meets with his Cabinet and complains about what has happened to the good old days when he made speeches and young folks went will with joy.

OH, President Sanders makes a phone call to Hillary and asks for some advice on how to get a law passed.