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Uncle Tom On Trump

Every so often on CNN there is some black dude, whether it be Ben Carson or some other distinguished looking black guy, but there pitch is that Donald Trump is the black man’s hero. So, I asked Uncle Tom to explain:

“Donald Trump is the only white guy in America, or white gal, for that matter who can create jobs in black neighborhoods. Look at his record: he personally created thousands and thousands of jobs in the private sector so it is simply a matter of time before he creates millions and millions of jobs. Let me cite an example, I was talking with Margaret Jones who works in a Trump hotel.Donald Trump has promised to raise all wages of maids at least TWENTY FIVE CENTS an hour! Do the math. $7.25 an hour, she soon will be making $7.50 an hour! Has Hillary Clinton raised wages for maids one single cent!

I know the liberal media spreads false stories that black folks do not like Donald Trump. Who would you rather have as president, a guy who creates thousands, no, millions of jobs, of some white gal who is crooked and a liar? Let me prove my point. The other day, I met Donald, and he did NOT ask me to carry his bag! He saw my suit, he saw my black face, and he made certain that I was the first person escorted out of the hotel!

Let me point out that Donald will get rid of those Hispanics. This means we black folks can now get high paying jobs picking fruit or being a nanny! God, I love that man, and, in conclusion, let me note that Donald has always welcomed Michael Jordan as guest in his hotels. Has Hillary Clinton done that  for any famous black athlete?”

A Clinton Economic Plan

So, Donal Trump has provided his economic plan. No surprises, just the same old trickle down theory of providing large tax cuts to the wealthy, and expecting huge economic growth and millions of “high paying jobs.”  This has been the Republican mantra for over three decades with scant evidence the famous “high paying jobs” will emerge.So, what for Hillary Clinton?

1. A huge infrastructure program to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, and subways, and pipes that are rusting away.

2.  Invest in start up companies to foster innovation.

3. A new daycare program that provides for children a home away from home.

4. A new program to handle the growing elderly care needs.

5. Offer youth reduction in student debt in return for service to the nation-armed forces to work with the elderly to daycare and so on.

6. Revamp our broadband needs.

These are steps that would provide for our needs while providing good jobs for people.

The Bully Within Is The Coward Outside

There is no question that Donald Trump is causing numerous Republicans to reconsider the meaning of what constitutes being a Republican. Frank Lavin was a Ronald Reagan aide and has always voted for Republicans. He described Donald Trump as failing in terms of “character, and behavior. Trump is a bully, and devoid of grace and magnanimity.” These words come up repeatedly from Republicans who desperately want to see a Republican in the  White House, but they do have children,and how do they look their children in the face,  is the question?

Actually,this issue has come up in past American history. During the Vietnam war, numerous political leaders witnessed their children active in the anti-war group. During the day,men like Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara had to discuss policy with President Johnson,only to go home to angry children who believed he was serving the devil. Anyone who votes for Donald Trump has to consider  explaining to their children a vote for a bully, an bigot, a coward,and a man whose main principle in life is–HIMSELF!

Just remember this “fighting man ready to punch out people,” had four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and never served in the armed forces where  he could have punched out Communist guerrillas.

GOP Analysts Declare Donald Unfit

A group of about  55 Republican foreign policy experts signed a letter that states Donald Trump is not temperamentally fit to become president of the nation. They were more focused upon his temperament,his inability to discuss issues with experts,listen to advice, balance conflicting  proposals, and reach a conclusion. Naturally, Trump supporters argued these so called “experts”were the ones who got us into the Iraq War, so why listen to their advice about anything? Of course, these “experts” ranged from those who served Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush to George Bush.

They have identified a key issue in this election–the temperament of the President. During the Cuba Missile crisis of 1962,the world was very, very close to a  nuclear war that could have ended civilization as we know it. President Kennedy spent two days listening to the ideas of members of the military, foreign policy experts,before he reached a decision to avoid nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union. Every single action of his plan was carefully designed, members of the military were told they could NOT fire any weapon without the consent of the president.

There is absolutely no way that Donald Trump could have handled the Cuba Missile Crisis. I believe Hillary Clinton would have listened, obtained multiple plans,and work to avoid military conflict. Her experience has trained her mind to think in this manner.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind,trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder why Don Rumsfeld is  silent about his party’s nominee?

Short sure is great when engaged in gymnastics.

I spend my nights thinking about which Cabinet position, Ivanka will fill.

If only Hillary would just say, “I was wrong,” the topic of emails would disappear.

These days Mitt Romney comes across a great statesman.

God, would I welcome one HONEST comment from Paul Ryan!

John Boehner sleeps peacefully these nights.

It apparently is OK for men to hug and kiss in the Olympics.

“I’m For Him!”

It is now becoming clear that some Tump followers are taking a long walk away from the man who promises to make America,Great Again! We took a fantasy stroll and talked with people who love the red headed man. So, why do they still remain followers?

1. Donald tells it like it is: I’m angry, he’s angry.

2. Who wants Crooked Hillary, anyway.

3. Good lord, my life would feel a sense of accomplishment if we built a Great Wall while I was still alive.

4. I used to work in a coal mine, and when he becomes president, every coal mine will be in action, twenty four hours a day.

5. I darn well want a job picking apples, but those damn illegal immigrants took that job away from me!

6. If Donald can wipe out sixteen Republican opponents, just think what he will do to ISIS?

7. Just think, by electing Donald, we also get all of his kids, including, Ivanka!

8. Our nation is bankrupt, who better than Trump knows how to handle being bankrupt?

9. No candidate in history ever was able to do an imitation of being disabled, that took talent!

10. Frankly, I have no idea how he will do anything he promises to do, but he sure is entertaining!

11. With Trump as president, no Muslim will rape or marry my daughter!

Trump Double In Philippines

If anyone would like to know what a Trump America would be like, just gaze across the Pacific ocean to the nation of the Philippines. A Trump double with the name of  Rodrigo Duterte just won the race to become president of the country. He has been known as one “tough guy” who ordered police to shoot and beat up people while he was a mayor. Rodrigo does not like drug dealers,and is ready to out do them in every way in order to wipe them out. The heck with civil liberties, grab them,take them to a deserted area, and blast the hell out  of them.

However, Archbishop Socrates Villejas, disagrees with these tactics. “In our dream to wipe out drug addiction, are we not becoming a killing fields nation? I see a parent, and a child, grieve over these bodies.” The Trump attitude that any and all tactics are OK to get the drug lords, only leads to death of the innocent along with the guilty.  How about getting people to stop using drugs?

Terror In Turkey

President Recep Erdogan just crushed an attempt to overthrow the government of Turkey. Erdogan has been gradually assuming complete control over the government, he has closed numerous newspapers for daring to make critical comments about his government. In Erdogan, Turkey, any insult of the president is a crime, of course, praising him is not. Since the coup was crushed, thousands have been arrested, including judges, police, attorneys, college professors and college deans, and Turkey now leads the world in the number of journalists in prison.

A coup leader, Colonel Levent Turkkan, has admitted the plot was directed by Fetullah Gulen, a former friend of Erdogan, who now lives in America. Of course,Colonel Turkkan told his story with a face filled with scars, and hands in bandages. Could some torture be the cause? It is now clear that followers of Gulen carried out the coup, but can anyone prove that Gulen, himself organized the attack? In the meantime, thousands of innocent people are being brutalized, denied their jobs, and persecuted by the government.

When Is Enough For McCain?

I rarely have agreed with any political ideas of John McCain, but I always respected his service to the nation, and his fight for veterans. Of course, HIS party’s candidate continually attacks McCain for failure to be concerned about veteran rights, which should get our attention since this complaint comes from a  guy who got four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and spent his time fucking broads while soldiers were getting the fuck blasted out of them.

A group of veterans came to the  office of Senator McCain. Former Marine, Alexander McCoy, raised some issues.  “Donald Trump’s reckless ignorance about America’s responsibility to the world shocks me to the core. I have heard enough. Senator McCain, you served and sacrificed, you have heard enough to!”

I regret to say, John McCain will not have heard enough unless defeated in the primary. Silence is sad when it comes from McCain!

Donald On Cabinet

Many mock Donald Trump for failure to conduct himself in a presidential manner. He was asked by Angela Davis as to who he would place in his Cabinet. Donald responded: “There are so many different ones  to choose. I can tell you everybody would say, ‘place Ivanka in it. Put Ivanka in it. You know that!” I assume there are other noteworthy people  he is considering:

Sarah Palin: Who else but Sarah could be the Secretary of the Interior than a fast shooting person who loves the outdoors?

There is always Chris Christie as Attorney General, he has experience dealing with the law.

Anyone of the Kardashians can handle the job of Secretary of Commerce, they know a lot about making money.

Newt Gingrich could be Secretary of Education, he knows a lot about how to marry women and educate children.

Donald Trump Jr. can handle the job of Secretary of State, he knows how to negotiate with dad.

Rudy Giuliani is perfect for Secretary of Defense, he already saved America after 9/11.