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Brigham Young University is a nice Mormon college which is dedicated to preparing nice Mormon boys and girls  to enjoy a nice, clean Mormon life. Made Barney, 19, met a supposed nice Mormon man named Nasiru Seidu who did not tell her that he was married, did not tell her his right age, and did not tell even tell her his real name. They went out, he assaulted her even though she shouted, NO, and she was raped. Normally, a college would be concerned about this incident.

Authorities at BYU sent her a letter. “We have received information that you have been a victim of behavior that is addressed by the University Sexual Misconduct Policy. We have also received information that you have engaged in behavior that violates the BYU honor code.” She has been barred from registering for further classes. It appears that quite a fews BYU students regard this statements outrageous. I wonder why.

Uncle John Has Some Advice

It has now become a common view of political analysts who discuss the Republican nominees seeking the presidency to identify John Kasich as the leading “moderate.” He recently was asked in one of his town halls a question from a female college student. She asked that after became president, what would he do to make her “feel safer and more secure  regarding sexual violence, harassment and rape.” As I mentioned, John is the moderate and not prone to respond in crazy rants like the two other guys.

He responded:  “I’d also give you  one bit of advice. Don’t got to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.” There is no question that uncle John is the right man to ask about date rape and such violence against women. Of course, he could have said: “Dear, my advice is to avoid any social gatherings at which males are present. I  guarantee that would avoid sexual violence or rape.”

John Kasich is a “moderate’ only if compared to Donald and Ted. Perhaps, John would like to impose Sharia law which prevents women from having any social contact with males unless accompanied by a male relative.

Harriet Tubman Makes The Twenty

OK, I admit to nor being the most Politically Correct person that writes on the Internet. I ordinarily find most political correct positions rather funny, if not boring. So the Treasury Department has decided to place the picture of Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill and send Andrew Jackson into oblivion. Quick, without consulting any other source, exactly what did Harriet Tubman do to make her so famous? She did tireless work saving many slaves by guiding them north. She was brave, she took risks and she deserves the gratitude of society.

On the other hand, Eleanor Roosevelt was a tireless fighter for human rights as the wife of President Franklin Roosevelt. So, what did she do?

1. She personally was responsible for ensuring that thousands of migrants had decent living conditions.

2. She  established the first group of Negroes who would provide information and present ideas for the President. Without her “unofficial Cabinet,” the voices of Negroes would never have been heard.

3. She is responsible for the Air Force creating the Tuskeegee Airmen.

4. She was advisor to countless young women seeking to enhance civil rights including Pauli Murray a Negro fighter for human rights.

5. There is a seemingly endless list of women she aided.

6. She was the first U.S. female ambassador to the UN when it began.

I could go on and on about her fight for human rights. So,who would you place on the twenty dollar bill?

Let’s Build A Tunnel

The state of Israel has considerable problems on its border with  Gaza. Each day, Hamas soldiers are digging tunnels leading to Israel and this annoys Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Every day, literally, Israel forces uncover a new tunnel. During the invasion of Gaza several months ago, the Israel army blew up, and flooded hundreds of tunnels. Now, the Israel Army claims it has discovered a sure fire way of identifying  a new tunnel and all they have to do is flood it with water.

The last tunnel built in the New York area occurred over a hundred years ago. I am somewhat confused, how can a bunch of Arabs build hundreds os tunnels and we Americans can’t even build a new tunnel leading from New Jersey to Manhattan? So, the solution:

Bring a few thousand Israel soldiers to Manhattan. Allow several thousand Arabs to occupy the heights across the Hudson river. Tell the Arabs to build tunnels, lots of tunnels and maybe we will not have traffic jams leading into Manhattan.

Of course, if Donald becomes president, he might build the greatest tunnel known to humanity.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Take away the word,”great” and Donald Trump is reduced to silence.

If Donald Trump can really build a 500 mile wall for only $10 million, he certainly should be the new president.

Every time I hear Ted Cruz speak, the word,”sleaze” comes to mind.

We need a president who believes ALL lives matter.

So, what happened in New York to Bernie Sanders?

Gee, John Kasich is  in heaven, he came in second in New York.

Some day John Kasich will explain to me how A member of Congress is in charge of determining the national budget.

So Hillary, Speak Sense

The Hillary Clinton who spoke last night was confident, tough, and ready to take on the quest for the presidency. She has come a long way from last year when her  message was vague, and she had not yet confronted a challenge that was tough, that pushed and pushed and made  her prepared to take on Donald Trump. So, what now is left for the final conclusion of her initial campaign?

How about this speech: “Let me first say to Senator Bernie Sanders that it is time to bring our two campaigns together. The ONLY important issue today is to ensure a Democrat is president come January, 2017. But, the presidency is only one aspect of the new  political alignment that is necessary. We have to work together to regain control of Congress. How can that be accomplished? We need groups that presently support my candidacy, and we need groups that you have energized. I therefore propose that we present this nation our joint candidacy. I will seek the presidency and you will be my running mate. Let’s energize the entire American society in the task of ending Republican hate and negativism with a new birth for a modern 21st century America.”

So Bernie, Speak Sense

There are moments in life when we aspire to great heights, there are moments in life when we just don’t get the promotion or we just don’t get the job. This is a normal aspect of the human condition. In life, we most often confront the prospect of, since I did not get what I wanted, what then is the most intelligent prospect? Senator Bernie Sanders has now reached this point in his campaign. He initially began this quest as an effort to push the Democratic party to the left. Well Bernie, you HAVE accomplished this goal. Hillary Clinton is a much better candidate as a result of your demands for change.

So, what now? How about: “Senator Clinton, the time has come for us to come together since the ONLY important goal this year is ensuring that  a Democrat is the new president. This enables the creation of  new Supreme Court majority. It will be easier to end Citizens United which has made money a dominant feature if we change the Supreme Court. We also have to get people voting, not merely this year, but in subsequent years so we can change the nature of Congressional districts in 2020 when the ten  year cycle of change once again is upon us. Let 2016 be  the first step towards changing the entire nature of American politics. I now will work with you.”

Donald Trump Speaks

In case you missed it we will present the Trump speech that was given last night.

“Folks, it has been a great night, I mean a great, Great night for me. NO, not merely great, it has been stupendous for me and my family. Just gaze at the body and boobs of my wife and my daughter. You sure would love to fuck them, would’n’t you? Well,tonight we fucked the entire Republican party and made certain that I will be the nominee of this party. So, what lies ahead?

I am going to bring back jobs, I mean millions of jobs so Americans can work picking fruit and they will not be wearing $7.25 and hour but a good wage of $12 an hour. Yes, think of all those jobs in China making clothes,well, once in office President Trump will make certain that only native born Americans work in textile factories as did their parents. Oh, and that WALL, that fantastic WALL–who says we Americans can’t build anything anymore?

And, the deals that I will make, God, the deals that I will make! When I am finished with my deal making,Vladimir Putin and that Chink leader will be shining my shoes and thanking me for the job. We Americans will be great again, real great and we will have the greatest armed force in the world. I promise to personally smash this ISIS to hell! We will be great again and everyone will have free health care,and it will be great again in America!”


Ted Cruz Speaks

There is no question that last night Ted Cruz sort of had a supposed ad day in New York. So, we asked Ted if he would explain  to real Americans exactly what happened.

“Thanks, Fred. At least you are not one of those foul mouthed un-AmericanNew Yorkers who defend queers and Hispanic rapists. I  said it before and I will say it again that we white Christian God fearing decent Americans have nothing to dow with New York values. Just remember that I am a Texan, and I can fire a rifle because I am a Texan. OK, so I am aTexan who was born in Canada, but I sure was not born south of the border.

Donald Trump was bound to win in New York. He is a foul mouthed woman chasing lying son-of-s-bitch which makes him so popular in New York City. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Israel, I love Jews,but those people in New York who claim to be Jews are simply self-hating folks of the Jewish persuasion. You will note that I did not hang around in that Place and headed for Pennsylvania i search of Americans who love God, who believe a man should marry a woman and make use of their spare time to blast away at the rifle range. Want to touch my NRA button?

I am a graduate of the Harvard School of Law which makes me so much more intelligent than any red-haired skirt chasing Donald Trump. I am currently working  on a plan that will compel any Trump delegate to join my campaign. I am intelligent, I am smarter than any politician and I am ready to make sure that when we meet in Cleveland, Trump delegates will be voting for me! I am brilliant, my wife is brilliant, my children are brilliant and we can out brilliant the entireTrump clan!”

Scandal About O.C.R.!

Just as four members of the United States Supreme Court are prepared to cite President Obamas for covering up the illegal immigration scandal, a new nefarious episode in the tangled life of Barack Obama is emerging.NO,this has nothing to do with the fact that Obama has been covering up the infamous birth certificate lies, a new demands growing for the president to come clean about the O.C.R. black episode in his life. NO,  this has nothing to do with  the president aiding in the  Benghazi tragedy. NO, this is  far more worse!

When will the president come clean about the Obama College Record scandal? What is he attempting to hide? There are unconfirmed reports his college records will prove the real name of the guy we know as Barack Hussein Obama is none other than: OSAMA BIN LAD! Why won’t he tell us that his supposed ‘A’ grades were really ‘D’ grades? How come he took four English classes in order to help the African from Kenya to read, write and speak in English? Americans demand to know who really is the man we know as Barack Hussein Obama? I believe college grade transcript will reveal his real name and it sure is not Barack Obama!