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Aftermath Of Anger Holds True

At age 84 it has been my live experience to have lived through dozens of demonstrations of anger in the United States of America. The Sixties alone produced almost daily protests against the Vietnam war or the plight of fruit workers in California. Of course, during the 1930s people were marching just about every day to protest the existence of poverty in our fair land. Frankly, I have lost track about the hundreds of people who have been killed by police or abused by them over the years. However, there is usually some sort of protest, pictures of angry folk in the streets, shouts demanding an end to oppression, and promises of the government to appoint a commission to study the anger. OH, this learned body requires a few months to reach a conclusion that some people are angry about police actions and something should be done about police departments.

We are just entering the aftermath of Ferguson or deaths in New York City and Cleveland in which unarmed black skinned men were shot down by armed police who feared for their lives. Things have gotten rather quiet over the past few days. Of course, at Fox News they continue to insist the victims were the police who fired their weapons. I assume there will be some form of report, it will appear in the media for a day, or maybe two days. Then it will disappear into the sinkhole of reports never again to see the light of day unless someone is writing their dissertation on the event. Silent Night, Holy Night, it is Christmas and time to forget past wrongs.

Torture OK In USA

The President of the United States of America is very upset at police brutality, and our Attorney General wants action in order to end the abuse of black Americans by police forces. President Obama constantly calls for an end to racial profiling, he demands to have all records of police action released to the public. Attorney General Holder is a fighting force for equal justice to all Americans, and argues that it begins by treating those with black or Hispanic names as decent human beings entitled to their Constitutional rights to justice. For some reason, this theory of rights to those accused does not apply to anyone who is in the prison we know as Guantanamo. Oh, the US government just allowed six inmates to leave the prison and wind up in Uruguay where they can become free men. Most of have been in jail for years without any charges brought against them and tortured and abused.

The lawyer for Abu Wa’el Dhia is now with his client in Montevideo and furious at the fact that this man was held in a jail for TWELVE YEARS WITHOUT ANY CHARGES BEING FILED AGAINST HIM. He was force fed when on hunger strikes and when the lawyer demanded to see videos of this treatment, Attorney General Holder, fighter for human rights, denied the request. The Guantanamo prison is OUR AMERICAN SHAM. Thousands march to end police abuse in America, but no one marches to end abuse and denial of rights to those in Guantanamo. How about Eric Holder releasing the charges against these men?

Let’s Fear Immigrants!

We in America regard immigrants as an important topic, and for millions these people from across the border in Mexico somehow pose a threat to the very existence of this nation. Ironically, similar feelings are sweeping Western Europe which battles the influx of refugees from places like Syria or Africa or any number of Middle Eastern Muslim nations. Right wing political parties are growing in power whether in France or Italy or Sweden or the United Kingdom. The cry is being sounded they are taking away your jobs driving buses or picking fruit. In Sweden, the Sweden Democratic Party is now capturing about 17% of the vote with a campaign promise that if granted power they will end the influx of “those people.” Naturally, the main characteristic of “those people” is they come from the Middle East and are of the Muslim religion.

Former Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeld caused an uproar when he pointed out “we late 25 million people living in the Nordic region. There are endless fields and forests.” He noted that “space” was available for millions and there was no reason to panic. Sorry, “those people” will cause white skinned folk to panic because they do not want to have “them” in their pure white lands. If there is one thing uniting white people all over the world is a fear of “those people.”

Death In A Synagogue

There is a pattern of hate in the world. Whenever the Israel government appears to assume an aggressive stance and attack Palestinians, there are people who assume that all Jews are responsible for what occurs in Israel. For some reason, Irish people in the United States of America have no connection as to what happens in Ireland, but the concept that Jews all over the world have a connection with one another still lives on within the Christian and Muslim worlds. Levi Rosenvial, age 22, was praying in a Chabad synagogue in Brooklyn when he was attacked by a man shouting, “I want to kill the Jew.” he proceeded to stab the man at prayer. Actually, there is something ironic in seeking to murder a person who is praying to his or her God. I always assumed the purpose of praying was to show respect.

It turns our that Calvin Peters is a well known criminal with a record a mile long. After the stabbing he was confronted with police and charged them. The result was that Calvin died of a bullet in his chest. Just another victim of hate and anger and lack of any sense of reality. I have no doubt that another Jew somewhere in the world will die because of some action of Israel. Oh, if Jews could only be treated as the Irish are!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I embrace the new–partially.

I always keep one foot back in the past.

I feel sorry for those not interested in the past.

I assume finger nails were essential for human survival.

Each day I need an hour of peaceful solitude.

Some are touched by physical beauty, some by mental.

White goes well with jeans.

I love warmth of sun, my ancestors were from the Middle East.

Long time since I wore a name tag.

I so miss standing on a highway with thumb up seeking a ride.

Israel Joins The Crowded Skies

The government of Israel completed its bombing in Gaza which meant that Israel planes no longer were engaged in any conflict. However, when a nation has nothing else to do, there is always the war in Syria for an enterprising country seeking to enjoy the benefits of dropping bombs. Iranian planes are now over Iraq, and they drop bombs on the bad people known as ISIS because the bad people are Sunnis and we Shiites know the only recourse is to kill bad Sunnis. American planes are bombing in Syria, Saudi planes are bombing, British planes are bombing, Canadian planes are bombing, French planes are bombing so why not some Israel planes in action? The most important element in Syria is that it has provided all sorts of pilots to get some practice in bombing. Naturally, they only bomb the bad people. Collateral damage is not in their vocabulary.

Israel Intelligence Minister Yuval Stenitz insists the reason for bombing stems from his nation’s policy of not allowing bad people to get in possession of bad weapons of war. “We have a firm policy of preventing all possible transfers of sophisticated weapons to terrorist organizations.” Sounds logical. So, Israel planes bombed the airport in Damascus. The Syrian government wants the world to know that Israel attacked in order to “help terrorists in Syria.” I guess these days the bad guys can be good guys or the reverse. Depends on who is bombing and who is bombed.

Let’s Learn Ottoman Language!

There are times when Turkey’s President reminds me of the American Republican Party. Recep Erdogan inhabits the world of the past which he insists belongs in the present. Republicans want to return religion to schools in order to ensure that all American children understand the Earth is only 12,000 years old. And, all that talk about science is full of crap. Of course, I am not a scientist, but I feel confident in discussing science. President Recep Erdogan is determined to restore the Muslim religion to its dominant place in Turkish society even though about half the population is sort of secular in terms of their belief in religion. So, what is the first step to return Turkey to its heritage–Make Compulsory The Teaching Of The Ottoman Language In Schools! If only people could speak Ottoman, then any and all problems would disappear from his nation.

As far as Erdogan is concerned, “whether they want it or not, the Ottoman language will be learned and taught in this country. If we can do our best for religion, then sectarian conflict will end.” Spoken like a man who belongs to the Tea Party! So, if you are interested in doing business in Turkey, brush up on your Ottoman. How do we get this guy into America and have him run for President in 2016?

Special Forces Can Be Not Special

Given the aftermath of deaths in Benghazi that resulted in ongoing investigations whose purpose was to prove one and for all that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of her friend, America’s Ambassador to Libya, it is now a certainty that we will soon witness one investigation after another about the failed raid in Yemen. Special Forces was convinced that Luke Somers, being held by al-Qaida was about to execute the man. So a Special Force operation attempted to free him. Unfortunately, unlike the world of Fox News and Republicans, Special Forces inhabits the world of reality. Wars are invariably connected with the unexpected. Perhaps, it was dogs barking, perhaps a militant heard a noise, but in the end one militant killed Luke Somers and the operation did not free him. Just imagine how many investigations will now be forthcoming with the object of proving the failure was the fault of President Obama?

There was another unexpected situation during the raid. Special Forces did not know there was another prisoner, a South African teacher for whom his government was negotiating release. The government claims they had worked out an agreement with a tribe to serve as a middleman in releasing the man. He is now dead. It is time of Republicans to understand that war is sloppy, things rarely go as planned. In any war, the innocent all too often wind up dead. Such is life.

Myths About Militant Deaths

Drones fill the skies in Pakistan or in Iraq as the American air war continues year after year. There are two basic assumptions surrounding this air offense against “militants.” One assumption is that a drone attack is predicated upon accurate information that militant X is within the house being bombed. Yesterday, American missiles blasted a target in North Waziristan in Pakistan. US officials insist the drone killed militant leaders. A Pakistan official noted, “there is suspicion that an important commander was within the compound when the missiles struck, but this is yet to be verified.” Reality, it is very difficult to verify anything.

The second assumption is that killing leaders of guerrilla groups results in the collapse of such organizations. I would welcome an announcement from the American government which cites an example of killing off leaders resulting in the collapse of militant organizations. I do not know of anything such example in modern history!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Not A Happy Family”

Tea Party folks in Congress who want to shut down the government.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Underwear Matters”

Let me smell out the meaning of this headline.

Sweden, Local: “Sweden’s Nazi Toys”

Perfect presents for folks in Putin’s Cabinet.

Norway, Norway Post: “Flu Hits”


UK,Guardian: “Tell Me A Story”

Santa does not live in Ferguson, Missouri this Xmas.