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Theodore Roosevelt — White Supremacist?

We now are in the era of demolishing any and all prior leaders of American society on grounds they were  white supremacists. Every prior American president was white, of the original five American presidents, four  were slave owners. A group of protestors attending a Columbus Day rally in New York City demanded that a statue of Theodore Roosevelt who served from 1900 to 1908 be torn down on grounds that he was “a stark embodiment of white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted.”

As the author of a history of America, this is sheer nonsense. Examine the Theodore Roosevelt record:

1. Upon becoming president, he ended segregation in all federal jobs.

2. When the San Francisco Board of Education attempted to establish separate schools for Japanese American children, he personally tongue lashed the head of the Board of Education and made certain there was no segregation of children from Asian families.

3. He was the first president since Abraham Lincoln to invite Negro leaders for discussions in the White House.

4. He appointed Negroes to important Federal jobs in the South.

5. He has the respect and support of important Negro leaders such as Booker T. Washington.

6. Negroes had key positions in the Republican party.

7. Theodore Roosevelt aided workers, and supported their right to strike, he was the first president to enforce anti-trust laws, and he openly fought for the right of women to vote.

Is this the mark of a white supremacist?


The election has entered a new phase with Donald Trump announcing to one and all that he will no longer be bounded by shackles of conformity to the Republican leadership. Here us unshackled Donald Trump: “From now on, if you think the mud has been thrown, just wait until my mud slide crashes down on the bitch from New York. She is a flat chested small ass broad who does not possess my brilliance as a Great Businessman.

So, what now happens? First, I am going to expose Bill Clinton as a sexual predator and thus prove to Americans I can make their lives better. I will prove that we can get high paying jobs for each and every American, once we expose the sexual lives of the Clintons. The bitch has been giving speeches, she has been betraying Americans, heck, we should put her on trial for TREASON! My first order as President will be to order a trial of Hillary Clinton on the charge of betraying the American people.

We have to make America a Great Nation once again. This means we need a president who is a model of how guys and gals can have a Great time, and have a good roll in the bed. This means more babies, this means more customers, this means more people to vote for me!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old mind.


It is clear that no one taught Donald Trump how to stand quiet when  another spoke.

The only battle Donald Trump ever fought was in a bed with a woman.

Warren Buffet rule -did you pay less or more percent in taxes than your secretary? So, tell us Donald.

Republicans are running for the hills. Not a  pretty sight to behold.

One day someone will explain to Trump the President does NOT order the Attorney General who to prosecute.

I wonder if Donald Trump has actually READ the Constitution?

One word sums up the attitude of Trump supporters–HATE.

JEWS for Trump is akin to Jews for Hitler!

Trump On War

Each day that Donald Trump pursues his quest for the presidency, it becomes clear that we need his brilliant mind addressing issues of war and  peace. Who can surpass this man when it comes to dealing with ISIS? He has made clear that when he becomes  president, “I will knock the hell out of ISIS. I am  pretty good at dealing with ISIS.” Yes, he is. Examine the record:

1. He got four draft deferments during the Vietnam  war because he wanted to knock the hell out of the Viet Cong.

2. He has never read a book about war or the military which means his mind is clear of the old failed ways fighting ISIS.

3. He brings a clear, fresh perspective on dealing with guerrilla warfare.

4. He wants to bomb guerrilla outfits who are hiding in cities. How, this will result in their defeat, only Donald knows.

5. Donald has absolutely NO idea what constitutes a “division”of soldiers let alone an “Army.” A fresh mind with absolutely NO ideas of how to fight a war.

Once we empower Donald Trump to fight the war against ISIS, rest assured, these cowards will flee in terror. Turn loose General Trump, and there will be no more wars in the Middle East.

Ass Man To Breast Man

I gather there has been considerable discussion concerning comments made by Donald Trump regarding his daughter. I have not been a supporter of Donald Trump,but he is entitled to a defense for simply speaking his mind. OK, so he referred to his daughter, Ivanka has being a good piece of Ass. But, no place in those comments is there any reference to her boobs! Of course, she might be flat chested, but Donald Trump did NOT comment on the breasts of his daughter. Let’s be fair.

Now, examine the word, Ass. It could, it might be a reference to a the anatomy a woman, BUT, it could simply refer to a domestic animal that would be found on a Trump farm estate. Then again, what exactly is the  problem of noting that a woman has an Ass? Of course, she does, SO do men! But, in fairness to Donald Trump he does NOT discuss the breasts of men, just look at the bodies of most men when naked, most have some hanging breasts that would make many women, envious.

Exactly, what is the “crime” of Donald Trump? He has the guts to discuss female boobs and rear ends. At no point did he express a desire to enter the rear end of a woman, at no time did he express an interest in sucking the breasts of a woman. Donald Trump is just an old country boy talking like a bunch of guys in the locker room.OK, OK, so he wanted to fuck a woman, he wanted to grab a part of her body, just about every guy has, at one point or another, wanted to do what Donald wants–to fuck a women both ways.

And, furthermore, Donald Trump is willing to stand up, at least one part of his body is, stand up for freedom to fuck a woman when she needs it. Who else but a man has that need, and that right!! So, hail to Donald Trump, a man who stands up for principles, a man who stands up for his body, a man who is the envy of every God fearing, red-blooded American who wants to make this country,  GREAT AGAIN! Let’s  return to the era when men were MEN!

Trump Fights Back!

Since it is now clear the overwhelming winner of the second Debate was Donald Trump, we decided to ask the red headed guy to explain his wonderful economic ideas to our readers.

“Thanks, Fred. I am a  fantastic businessman, a fantastic, a wonderful, and it I might add a few words of praise for myself, the Greatest business man in the world. I have created thousands, untold thousands of Great jobs, high paying jobs, more jobs than any other businessman in this country. Fred, think about the fantastic jobs as maids in my hotels, the waiters, the waitresses, the bus boys, in my restaurants, incredible jobs paying wonderful high paying wages. Did you know that I do NOT pay the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, BUT I pay $10 and hour. Workers receive at least $400 each week!

When I become president, we will bring back jobs, Great jobs making shirts, making pants, making ties and belts and who know what Great jobs for the people of America! We will become a Great nation once again. And, think of the coal miners who will get back to their wonderful jobs down below. Enough with all this talk about technology, we need great jobs picking up garbage, putting together computers, Great Jobs that pay high wages. Do you know how much people can earn making ties? I expect just about every young male to get a great Job digging ditches, with fantastic wages!

God bless America, and head for meat packing places to get one of the new Great Jobs!”

Turkish Leader Upset At Joke

Once upon a time, a long, long,time ago,there was laughter and humor in the world.Today, we have very serious leaders who interpret a joke as simply attacks on their dignity. Turkish President Recep Erdogan is furious because a German comic made fun of him.So, he set experts to work, and they uncovered a law passed four hundred years ago that could be used agains the comic for insulting the dignity of a nation’s chief of state. Erdogan is demanding that the German government indict comic Jan Bohmermann for the insult to his dignity.

I see no reason why the campaign to protect foreign leaders should be expanded since first, the joke, then shit left on their doorstep, and finally, a revolution. So, how about some new laws:

1. Any locker room banter about a member of a leader’s wife or daughter must result in removal of a penis, and guess which one that means?

2. Draw a beard on the picture of a great leader such as Recep Erdogan, and you will be  literally skinned alive.

3. For each joke about Erdogan, you must make two jokes about a family member.

4. There is need for a national joke contest, the winner gets a free trip to the nearest prison.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Face it, Donald Trump is a boorish man.

Trump being Trump is the best thing for Hillary Clinton.

There is something sad about political leaders discussing opponent families.

Just when you think Trump can not go lower, he does.

I just wonder how Trump will go in the next debate, how about Chelsea, and her being flat chested?

I await a  miracle, Trump actually discussing trade policy which includes talking about EXPORTS.

There are millions of Americans who simply are not Americans.

First time in American history that a  politician threatened to send his opponent to Jail!

The US Constitution is one document that is a stranger to Donald Trump.


Donald On Donald

We allow Donald Trump to discuss Donald Trump.

“Thanks Fred for the opportunity to tell the truth about my incredible performance last night. I mean,  I was Great. I was fantastic. Did you see the way I wandered around the stage when the broad was talking? I  mean, I was like a tiger stalking my victim. She kept on demanding I should apologize. What the fuck did I have to apologize for? So, I talked like just about every real American guy would talk. You know, we talk about broads, we talk about how we fuck the chicks, we compare our you-know-what that we have down below, we talk honest, that’s all I said. I want to fuck broads.

And, man,did I send a scare into the flat-chested chick. The first order of my administration will be to prosecute that no ass bitch, and send her right to jail. That’s where she belongs, in jail. For the emails, the insults to me, the hate that she has for real Americans, right to prison. And, the death of four people at Benghazi, the worse slaughter of Americans in our entire history as a nation,, four innocent people murdered by the bitch.

And, I finally talked about Bill Clinton, the guy who spent more time with his penis than I ever did. I let him have it, and they worry because I speak locker room banter that any real American guy speaks? I nailed the bitch, I gave it to her. Score one for the red headed real American. I am the Greatest, the Greatest!!”

Donald On Ivanka

I am the father  of three girls so any issue pertaining to female rights draws my attention. Yes, I believe that each of them is attractive, yes, I am proud to be their father. BUT,never once in my life did I ever discuss my daughters in the manner  done by Donald Trump with Howard Stern on RADIO!

Stern: “Ivanka looks more voluptuous than ever, did she get  breast implants?”

Trump: “She’s actually always been very voluptuous, she’s an amazing beauty.”

Stern: “Can I say this, Ivanka is a piece of ass?”

Trump: “Yeah, my daughter is  beautiful.”

Stern: “Can I say this, a piece of ass?”

Trump: “Yeah.”

In 2006, Donald Trump told someone if Ivanka was not his daughter he could bang her.

What else is there to say?