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We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Cat Killer CAn’t Be Jailed”

Unless it is provided with a daily allotment of milk?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Tax Cuts For The People”

In America, that means for homeless millionaires

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex-Ed Homework”

And, you are expected to do some hands-on activities.

Norway, Norway Post: “Steal Man’s Semen”

Does it enter the back or front?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Friendly Prison”

A place where you can listen to tapes of Putin explaining the world?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Boko Haram Captivity”

A trip to Hell.

Norway, Norway Post: “A Long Way Home”

If only Republicans could send Barack Obama back to his home in Africa!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Dark And Stormy Night”

What would happen if Ted Cruz became President!

Japan, Japan Times: “Actress Pregnant”

Hopefully with lines not babies.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex Ed Homework”

Hopefully an example of hands-on education.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “A Successful Invasion of Russia”


Japan, Japan Times: “Mike Huckabee Candidate”

Designated by God?

Kenya, Nation: “Mom, Leave Me Alone”

The cry of every teenager, everywhere!

France, Connexion: “American School Bully”

I believe his name is Ted Cruz.

India, Times Of India: “Government Makes Contradictory Statement”

So, what exactly are you concerned about, this is just normal.

Bombs Away–Who Cares?

During the past eighty years it has been a fundamental belief of American military leaders that bombing from the air will result in victory. At one point in 1943, General Chennault who led US fighter groups for the Chinese government insisted that if given more fighter planes he could bomb Japan into surrender. Today, we bomb and we bomb and we send drones to bomb all over Syria. Rami Abdel Ralman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is very upset about US air strikes. “Air strikes by coalition forces on Friday killed at least 52 civilians in a village in northern Syria located in the province of Aleppo. There was absolutely no evidence that any ISIS forces were in the area.

We bomb because there is no opposing air force to halt our bombing. Oh, there might be one or two American pilots whose plane will crash, but that increasingly is a remote possibility. So, if we bomb from the air then no US soldiers will die and we can claim the bombs are destroying al-Qaeda and ISIS. Funny, but before the bombing al-Qaeda had fewer followers. Then again, kill innocent civilians and their children or relatives will join the bad guys who they would consider to be the good guys while American good guys are considered to be the bad guys.

It all depends on who dies and who lives!

Money Not The Issue!

Liberals in America continually complain about the need to spend more money for our schools in order to ensure that all children have opportunities to succeed in life. During the course of my life I have taught over ten thousand teachers along with about two thousand secondary students. I have taught teachers and students in rural America, the suburbs and in urban areas. The problem confronting American education is NOT lack of money. Look at the record:

In Baltimore, the scene of current conflict state, local and federal sources provide FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for the education of each student. NO nation in the world spends as much upon the education of children. In other words, for each class of 25 students it cost $375,000 for their education. American teachers are the highest paid educators in the world. At present, only 73% of young people graduate from high school compared with over 90% in South Korea. So, what is the problem:

1. The current bureaucracy of education wastes untold thousands upon bureaucrats who was money.

2. Children are taught a curriculum that has no relationship to the world of the twenty first century.

3. Teachers are wasting time teaching for tests rather than teach in order to develop critical and creative thinking.

4. Teachers work in isolation rather than work as members of teams.

5. Teachers lack opportunities to pursue their own critical thinking ideas.

It is time to create smaller schools in which teachers are responsible much as doctors working in a practice with other doctors.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Banks Abandoned”

Yep, the wealthy took out all the money!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Police, Army Raid House”

And, a good time was had by one and all with the women in the house.

Norway,Norway Post: “New Gas Discovery”

And, new earth quakes along with it.

USA, aol: “Hottest City”

It used to be Ferguson, but guess which city today is the hottest spot?

UK, Guardian: “Mr. Irrelevance”

Today in America, the title goes to –TED CRUZ!

Republicans Confuse Me!

There are moments when it is difficult to understand what drives members of the Republican party. At present, Republicans are offering one nutty idea after another in order to prove they will not allow Iran to develop nuclear power for war. Marco and Rand and mike, and Jeb shout about the fear we Americans must have about Iran securing an atomic bomb. The current plan being negotiated would prevent Iran from getting an atomic bomb for at least ten years. But, for some strange reason, these Republicans never utter a word about nations that POSSESS AN ATOMIC BOMB! For the record:

1. Israel has at least 80 atomic bombs.

2. India and Pakistan have atomic bombs.

3. Saudi Arabia is mumbling about getting an atomic bomb

But worse of all, there is one nation whose leaders hate America and have boasted their desire to destroy it, but no Republican is demanding that country should renounce atomic development. NORTH KOREA HAS THE CAPABILITY TO FIRE AN ATOMIS WARHEAD ACROSS THE OCEAN. So, who do Republicans focus upon–IRAN! I have yet to hear a single Republican demand that North Korea recognize the state of Israel? I think Sheldon Adelson should insist that unless North Korea recognizes Israel, then the only course left to the United States is to launch an atomic war against those barbarians!!

Same Sex Court Questions

Members of the US Supreme Court, having nothing better to do with their time have been posing some rather interesting questions to those arguing for gay marriage.

“What if two men and two women asked for a marriage license?”

‘What if a state required upon asking for a marriage license, you were required to respond to the question as to whether or not you intended to have children.”

I decided to pose my own questions:

1. What if two dogs appeared and requested a marriage license.

2. What if a cat and a dog appeared requesting a marriage license?

3. What if the bodies of a man and a woman were presented to the marriage bureau, would they be issued a marriage license?

4. What about a woman seeking to marry five men?

6. What would happen if a female Supreme Court Justice asked for a marriage license to marry a justice of the opposite sex?

and so on,and so on.


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press alone with our comments.

Norway, Norway Post: “Another Draw Of A Gun”

Another riot.

USA, New York Post: “Get Off My Lawn”

Dammit, this is Texas, stand on my lawn and it is death for you!

India, India Times: “Perfect Storm”

And thousands have died in Nepal!

Sweden, Local: “Children Locked Out Of Daycare”

Heck, they are three, time to get out and earn a living!

Australia, Canberra Times: “”New Gas Discovery”

Right in Central Park, so let’s drill baby, drill!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “US Student Sues Swedish University”

Damn it, he got his degree and was not in debt!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Police Post Speed Meter”

It only applies to cars driven by black folk.

Norway, Norway Post: “Five Arrested For Wolf Hunting”

I will woof on this story.

Greece, Kathimeri: “Denial”

The national song of the American Congress.

Kenya, Nation: “Garbage Collection Begins After Two Week Suspension”

How does anyone know?