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Sometimes, my mind enters the world of, what if:

1. What if 80% of Americans voted?

2. Wealthy people paid at the same tax rate as the middle class?

3. Fast food workers got paid $20 an hour so they could buy consumer goods?

4. The Supreme Court ruled a candidate for President had to be born in America. Good bye Ted Cruz!

5. Obama held weekly press conferences and talked with Americans.

6. Obama appointed a Republican as Attorney General?

So much for pretend, unfortunately, I live in reality!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Death means you cannot discuss your death with others.

Table of senior at McDonald’s means at least one brought donuts.

Tall blond woman wearing boots, definitely gets my attention.

Modern lunch with family means it is a meeting of iPads.

I wonder if they have a buffet in heaven.

In every end there is a new beginning.

Barack Obama is the great Miscommunicator.

Nurses enjoy patients who laugh.

Some days I think God took the detour.

Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To Iraq

As you may or may not recall back in 2008 the newly elected President Obama promised to end our wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. OK, he did remove most soldiers from Iraq although he did insist upon a “surge”in Afghanistan which was about as successful as the one in Iraq–in other words, it never worked aside from a few months. I do not blame Barack Obama for the ineptitude of Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki who single handedly created the current mess. His anti-Sunni program turned thousands against the Iraq government and compelled most to ally with ISIS. Most probably Obama had limited options in Iraq. Although he could have frozen any and all aid until a coalition government was formed in Iraq.

President Obama will soon dispatch about 1,500 US troops to join the 1,000 currently training Iraq forces. Did Obama have options? Most probably not. However, he could have offered the Iranian army military equipment if they would train Iraqi soldiers. Of course, that would have annoyed AIPAC and led Republicans to go ballistic. I await the Republican military strategy for Iraq. So do Americans!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


A man walked by me laughing, how about making laughter compulsory when out public?

I learned to drive in my twenties, is that the reason I struggle backing into a parking spot?

I drove my wife to the airport at 5:00 am. when there was no traffic, we need 5:00 a.m. traffic throughout the day.

I always feel awkward when in an “upscale plaza”

When I was a child an overdue book in the library resulted in a penny fine. Ah, the good old days.

A “red light” day for me means hitting every red light.

I always dip into the dish of pennies that one can take to use for purchasing a bagel.

Rainy days are times to reflect upon life and God.

I have the ability to wreck an umbrella very easily.

So, What Went Wrong For Democrats?

I am currently a citizen of the state of Illinois and spent the past few months enjoying a campaign for governor of the state that resulted in a Republican winning that office in a state that is heavily Democratic. Let me review why Bruce Rauner, the latest millionaire won an election.

1. I do not recall a single political idea proposed by Governor Pat Quinn about what he intended to do if re-elected.

2. Governor Quinn did not speak about raising minimum wages, he did not speak about health care, he did not speak about jobs.

3. Governor Quinn spent untold millions informing we citizens that Bruce was an evil man.

4. I watched one political commercial after another about a company owned by Bruce that cheated elderly folk.

5. In a nutshell, the Democratic candidate ran an attack program that made clear that Bruce had gobs of money and cheated people. This apparently, meant that I should vote for Quinn.

The Democratic party this election focused on personal issues rather than on political issues. Democrats did NOT offer any ideas about how they would make America an economic powerhouse that provided higher wages and more jobs. In Colorado Mark Udall spent his entire campaign on the issue that he would protect women’s rights. The right to have an abortion IS important, but it is not THE issue for Americans. I doubt if Colorado voters were provided ideas to improve their lives. That is what doomed Democrats!

Is Barack Obama A Radical?

The day after the slaughter of the Democratic party, Senator Mitch McConnell made clear to President Barack Obama that he will not tolerate anymore of that man’s radical ideas. He wants Obama to “move to the center.” As I was raised as a Socialist and remain one at heart even though I recognize that modern life has made what we term to be capitalism or Socialism incapable of functioning in a modern economic system. to call Obama a radical or person of the “left” indicates that Mitch has absolutely no idea who is this man we call, President Obama. He is a man of the Center, and he has never been on the left. In reality he has has been a conservative to anyone who is a “radical.” Evidence?

1. A radical would have pushed for a health care plan that was run by the federal government such as Medicare. Instead, Obama created a plan that makes private health care companies making gobs of money. Obama loves the corporate world.

2. A radical would have from day one of his administration pushed for work plans that provided jobs for the unemployed.

3. A radical would simply in 2009 have pushed through an immigration plan–when Democrats controlled Congress– to offer a plan to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

4. A radical in 2009 would have pushed through a plan to lower student loan debts.

5. And, certainly a “radical” would NOT have made tougher the war on drugs that sends thousands to jail.

Barack Obama is a man of the center.

An Agenda For Democrats

I am 84 years old and have lived through other such nights as last night when Republicans gained a great political victory. The bad news is that Republicans won, the good news is that Republicans won. This Republican party is clueless regarding what is necessary in modern America in order to address needs in modern America. They lack any program that addresses economic and social needs of Americans. So, what must be the political strategy of the Democratic Party? The Democratic Party must provide Americans with a program that seeks to create a 21st century society.

1. Student Loans are hindering the ability of young people to purchase homes and enjoy a successful economic life. Short term program: reduce interest rates on student loans to 2%. Long term solution: offer students the option of paying 2% of their wages for student loans. This dramatically reduces payments for all students. For example, a student with a $30,000 loan who earns $30,000 will only pay $50 a month for their loan repayment.

2. JOBS. Propose a huge rebuilding program for our infrastructure. Get people working.

3. Propose a new health program that offers initially: all those from birth to age 22 are now covered by Medicare. The following years all other Americans will be covered by Medicare. Simple solution to the health care issue in America.

4. Promise Americans that a Democratic President will hold weekly press conferences as well as monthly Talks With The American People.

5. Promise to ask members of Congress of both parties to meet and devise a program that will address the issue of Drugs in America. We need a new direction.

6. Promise that a new Democratic President will appoint a Republican as Attorney General. Make clear to the American people that a President should have an Attorney General who is not beholden to the President.

7. Ask Congress to create a commission that will address the issue of too many people in jail. We need a new direction.

These are an initial factors in a new political direction.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


City kids have greater opportunity to explore the world than those living in the suburbs.

My kingdom for a good Jewish rye bread!

Americans yell about what they hate, but have no clue as to what they desire.

I resent changes in libraries, I still desire the card catalogue system.

A woman in McDonald’s handed sections of the daily newspaper to people.

Life in rural America means limited access to good medical facilities.

Old folk devote considerable time to discussing illnesses.

When I observe a table of four talking, one is usually silent.

I always sink to my knees when speaking with a child.

America should shift to the four day work week and save on gasoline.

Don’t Print Pictures In Our Land!

Robert Black is an American architect who was invited to attend a conference entitled: Creative Thinkers Conference. It was being held in the UAE which is a small nation loaded with gobs of oil. Mr. Black is an amateur photographer who enjoys walking the streets taking some pictures. So, he went out for a walk, was taking pictures when the police arrested him for taking “inappropriate pictures.” He is now in prison for this crime, but when his colleagues asked what is the definition of an “in appropriate picture,” the government was silent. All they will reveal is that some pictures simply can not be taken in their fair land. So, what is the definition of an inappropriate picture:

1. A woman without a head covering?

2. A migrant worker being beaten?

3. A woman wearing revealing clothes?

4. A student speaking about freedom?

5. A migrant female being sexually abused?

Such are the inappropriate pictures in the UAE>

So, why the hell are they sponsoring a conference on Creative Thinking?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “We Are Tops When It Comes To Corruption”

Sorry, we in America have the Koch brothers, try topping them!

Sweden, Local: “Your Number Is Up”

I believe this pertains to President Obama and his failed leadership.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Dog Acquitted”

it was the cat!

USA, Newsday: “Cop Testifies On Flushing The Toilet”

Sounds like a lot of crap to me.

UK Guardian: “Day At The Races”

Ah, to just watch horses run instead of these jackasses running for office!