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We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Anti-Corruption Officer Arrested”

Boy, this is a new approach.Aren’t cops in Putin Russia supposed to be corrupt?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Don’t Stab With Butter Knife”

Just smear on the cream cheese.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Some Cardinals Dislike Pope”

Then again, this Pope dislikes some Cardinals.

France, Connexion: “Sex Better On Hotel Beds”

I assume with someone not your spouse.

Japan, Japan Times: “First Lesbian Drama”

Gee, sex between two women, who ever heard of that?

Wither Bernie?

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, I’m a Socialist. Bernie Sanders wants to do something about income inequality, so do I. Bernie Sanders believes ALL Lives Matter, so do I. So,what is the future of this nice guy?

1. If nominated, he would lose a presidential election. White haired, Socialist, loud booming voice, for guns, decent guy who should know better than to waste his time seeking the presidency.

2. His task at this point is to get young people angry about American society and ready to head off Republican victory.

3. His task is to shove Hillary Clinton further and further into fighting Wall Street and income inequality.

4. His task is to provide young voters with the image of a man who will not be bought off. This alone ensures more will vote in the next election.

5. His task is to die so that Hillary Clinton can live to triumph.

Let’s Have An Auction

Someone, somewhere decided to purchase the last remaining firs class menu for the Titanic voyage and the going rate for this precious piece of knowledge was $118,750. We thought there are other items that might be auctioned off.

1. The bullet that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi. Definitely worth at least two more years of Congressional investigations of the bullet.

2. The entire bank account of Marco Rubio which is worth at least 100,000 votes.

3. A picture of Chris Christie all naked taking a shower. Would you pay $2 for this photo?

4. The tape of a conversation between Jeb and George Bush in which they discuss the best policy to handle Islamic terrorists. How about a $1.50?

5. The tape of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz discussing handling Hispanic immigrants. A jump of 1% in the polls.

6. Dick Cheney hunting when he shoots a friend instead of the deer. This is worth a free trip for him to Iran–all expenses paid.

Who Built The Pyramids Of Egypt

I understand there are people who were taught in school about how ancient Egyptians build the pyramids as a place where they could buy leaders of the nation. Unfortunately, the so called “scholars” never consulted the world’s leading expert on pyramids, one Ben Carson. OK, so some believe he is a surgeon, but few understand that he also is THE leading scholar on ancient Egyptian history. It is easy to understand why he has this background:

1. Egypt is located on the African continent.

2. Ben Carson’s ancestors came from the African continent.

3. It only stands to reason that he knows more than the so called, “scholars” whose ancestors came from European societies.

As he told an audience: “Now, all the archeologists think they (pyramids) were made for the pharoahs. My personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain”

Sounds very scholarly to me.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

China, China Daily: “Should Women Propose To Men”

Not in a country where there are way more men than women.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Let Them Have Air Rifles”

Heck, they are already six years old!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Anti-Social Drivers”

The least they can do is be social enough to hit the other car.

Sweden, Local: “Dogs Vs Porcupine”


Denmark, Copenhagen Post: ‘Rail Expert Gather”

I trust they keep on track during discussions.

Blast Away, The American Way

It is Thursday and still another story about how some cops blasted away and away until a six year old kid was dead. Chris was riding in a car with his dad, Jeremy Mardis when for some reason a chase began by police. They fired at the fleeing car, they blasted away at the fleeing car, they killed dad, and eventually killed the boy.

According to police in Marksville, Louisiana: “I cannot confirm who actually shot the child. I can’t confirm whether it was bullets from the officers’ guns or if the driver had a gun and it was from that gun.” The police added: it was ‘not clear if any gun was found.”

So, let me get this clear:

1. The driver never fired any weapon at the police.

2. Dad, who did not have a gun, somehow killed his son.

Sounds logical to me.

Shoot The Bad Guys

Paul Armand Rafer is a grandfather and he was asked by his daughter to take care of a five year old grandchild. For some unexplained reason, grandpa decided to take his five year old granddaughter on a walk in the desert. Don’t ask me why,but where else would you take a young child but into the desert. Grandpa got hungry and thirsty and just needed a cool drink, so he plopped down his darling grandchild–under a tree– and handed her a .45 caliber handgun with instructions: “shoot any bad guy.” Fortunately, mom realized her idiot father was with the kid and found her.

Oh, grandpa insisted that he was hungry, needed a cheeseburger with a beer and why couldn’t the kid take care of herself? After all, she did have a loaded gun cocked to fire! What the hell is happening to kids these days?

My question to grandpa: Exactly how does one know who are the bad guys?

A Cop In Action

A woman was stopped by a policeman in the quaint city of Oklahoma City. She was about fifty years old and certainly not in the prime of her life or beauty, but examine the facts:

1. She was a woman alone in a car.

2. It was nighttime.

3. Just these two facts were sufficient to raise suspicions.

4. Was she possibly linked to a Mexican drug carteL.

5. Naturally,the cop had to check things out. So what did he do?

She had to lay down in her car. She had to open her shirt. She had to pull down her pants. She had to watch him unzip his fly. She was given an order by the cop: “Come on, I don’t have all night, so suck away.”

Such is life for cops frightened by demands for non-violence. Why not beat them to the punch!

Black Lives Matter But Action Needed

Every so often a group emerges in American life which is so convinced they alone understand what must be done to secure the rights of a particular group. Once again, Black Lives Matter–all fifteen of them–interrupted a speech by Hillary Clinton to stand and shout at the tope of their voices: “Black Lives Matter.” Oh, Clinton was speaking about how to change the lives of those in prison, which certainly impacts the lives of black men, but, wha the heck, they continued to words. These individuals are convinced the way to change injustice is to speak WORDS.

Fortunately the audience which was mainly composed of Black Americans, shouted for silence. Eventually,those who spoke, departed. Black Americans want ACTION NOT WORDS. Those in this group have absolutely NO plan other than yapping away. They might remember that silence can be golden, at the appropriate time.

Jeb And George Or George And Jeb

If I was Ben Carson or Donald Trump, I would be terrified at the latest news from the political battle front. It now appears that George Bush is riding to the rescue of his brother. George and Jeb, or if you prefer, Jeb and George were at a political rally in Houston,Texas. This was the first time the Bush brothers were at a political rally. Well,Americans, here is a message from former President George Bush. “I am absolutely certain given his background, and his steadiness that he’d be able to deal with the unexpected.” So there, Ben and Donald–can you guys deal with the unexpected??

1. Jeb began his campaign with words of praise for his brother.

2. Jeb then made clear he was not going to follow the paths of his brother.

3. Jeb then said he was tired of people complaining about his brother.

4. Now Jeb, has brought his brother into the political arena.

The only wonder left the American people is– are there any other Bushs anywhere who want to enter the political arena? Then Jeb and George can aid their quest for victory.