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Catch Those Criminals!

I realize the police forces of this great nation have been continually criticized for their approach to crime in America. So, it is wonderful to report on an example of how police challenge the commission of crime in order to prevent a future potential massacre on innocent people. A sixteen year old, most probably headed toward a vicious murder or robbery was seen by police jaywalking. Now, any interested citizen understands that first criminals jaywalk, then they rob, and eventually wind up murdering or blowing up government buildings. Well, these cops spotted the potential violent crime, they challenged the potential perpetrator and demanded that he cease and desist from his crime.

Within moments, there were NINE cops at the scene of the crime. They wrestled this 150 pound the 150 pound potential criminal. Yes a bystander did attempt to halt capture of this terrorist. “That’s a kid! Don’t touch him. Leave him alone.” Mam, these officers were simply attempting to prevent another 9/11. Thank God we have police who will not allow jaywalking in this nation. Just another example of the doctrine of ‘broken windows.’ Stop the small crimes to prevent the more serious ones.

Mike Huckabee Story

The Reverend Mike Huckabee was at the debate and he is one angry southern dude. He is sick and tired of the war against Christians in America led by you-know-who.

1. Mike is the greatest defender of unborn babies and wants to ensure they get born.

2. Mike believes that once the baby is born, it is up to this creature to make his/her way through life without any aid from THE GOVERNMENT.

3. Mike supports Kim Davis and her right not to obey laws. He regards her as the modern version of Martin Luther King. Or, Ross Parks.

4. Mike wants to get Christians back in leadership roles in this nation.

5. Mike does not like evil Muslims, only evil Christians.

6. Mike believes any law that he likes is a law that is Constitutional.

President Donald Trump?

Who Knows what evil or good awaits the American people? Just imagine that it is November, 2016 and Donald Trump has won the presidency. Just imagine it is January, 2017 and Donald Trump has been sworn in as President.

1. Finally, finally,he announces his PLAN to wipe out ISIS! Wow!

2. He informs Republicans that a Canadian style health insurance plan will be presented to them.

3. He announces construction of a Great Wall along the Rio Grande.

4. Police in black uniforms begin rounding up Hispanics for deportation.

5. Eleven million Hispanics are soon gone.

6. Farmers lack help in their fields so Donald urges importation of Syrian refugees to fill the void.

7. Deportation means millions of unsold cartons of milk, millions of customers gone from purchasing food,clothes, cars, etc

8. Donald is informed by the European Union it has dropped all sanctions against Iran.

9. Donald picks up on the idea of Sheldon Adelson and has an atomic bomb dropped in a desert area of Iran.

10. Hezbollah fires 90,000 missiles at Israel causing the death of thousands.

Thank God we now have a man of action.

Dick Cheney Speaks–Again

The years roll by and Dick Cheney is still with us. During the 1980s while working for Ronald Reagan, Dick was sent to Iraq in order to send greetings to Saddam Hussein for his war against Iran. Dick was able to give Saddam a nice hug and urge the friend of America to continue his battle against evil Iran. There is no need to review the work of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld who took out the evil doer, Saddam Hussein. Dick was on Fox News yesterday explain how Iran had been thwarted in its nuclear program while the Bush man was in power. He insisted to Chris Wallace that Iran’s nuclear program was halted because “they were afraid what we did to Saddam we were going to do to them.”

Wallace noted that Iran has NO centrifuges when the Bush team came to power but had 5,000 when they departed from power. Cheney response: “I think we had to deal with the arms arms control problem in the Middle East.” HUH? I have absolutely no idea what that means.

Donald Takes A Pledge

Well,Donald has decided to take a pledge and assure Republicans that he will support the candidate who is nominated a the Republican convention. Of course, under his breath he did make note that candidate had to have the name of Donald Trump. How about a few more Trump pledges?g

1. A pledge that prior to November, 2016 he will make known THE PLAN to wipe out ISIS.

2. A pledge to only use the word, “bimbo” when referring to Democrats.

3. A pledge that he will personally use a shovel to begin building the Great Wall Of Rio Grande.

4. A pledge that he will allow Jeb to complete a sentence.

5. A pledge that he will not run for the job of running ISIS.

6. A pledge that he will cease insulting Scott Walker, the poor kid has such a sad face when Donald is around.

I pledge that my last word as I lay dying will not longer be, “Benghazi” but “Donald.

White Lives Matter

An event occurred which finally took Republicans off the Benghazi kick, the movement called, “Black Lives Matter’ has aroused the entire Republican party and Fox News. Bill O’Reilly is just fed up. “Every time there is a controversy about an officer shooting a black person, they’re out there stirring the pot. It is a cam,pain to demonize the police.

Bill does have a point:

1. How come these blacks are not out there with “Jewish Lives Matter?” Iran is ready to drop its atomic bombs on Israel and all American blacks can do is moan and groan about black lives.

2. How come there is no organization called: “Irish Cop Lives Matter?” Start waving these banners and Bill O’Reilly will be leading the parade.

3. As far as I know, there is no organization that pleads “Bush Lives Matter” in order to assist Jeb to get what is rightfully his.

Black, black, black, but not one word about Red, Pink, or blue.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Fake Health Refunds”

At least this is one healthy way to make money.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Must See Attraction”

Trump and Putin together at a press conference.

USA, aol: “Unauthorized Drone Flights”

In the Middle East???

UK,Guardian: “Rich People Don’t Become Soldiers”

So, what’s new about this story?

Sweden, Local: “We Will Run This Country”

The Republican mantra of destruction.

Jindal Says Republicans Got Suckered!

Frankly at this point in time it is doubtful if 5% of the American people even know who Bobby Jindal is, let alone care about him and his ideas. Well, Bobby just had to make the evening news at Fox so he came up with a new approach to the Iranian deal. “I think the President got conned by the Iranians,and the President then conned the Senate. The Senate Republicans turned it on its head so it only takes 34 votes to save the bad deal with Iran.”

When asked which or what alternative he had in mind, Bobby responded:

We need a better deal.

We need to con the Iranians.

We need to do the opposite of what the guy from Africa wants.

Actually,the response was total and complete silence.

It is bad enough to imagine President Trump, jus think what President Jindal would be!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I heard there is a barber who wants to enter the Republican race, he is the only one who knows how to cut hair.

Ben Carson is the Clarence Thomas of politics.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the guns were aimed at the NRA?

We Americans do not lead the world in health, but we sure do in death.

Once upon a time America built great highways, bridges and dams, but that was then.

So Obama changed the name of a mountain, now we have proof he was born in Kenya!

So how come Bibi Netanyahu is not running for President, heck, he is involved in our political system.

Jobs To China

The Republican party has moved from the important issue of the African birth of Barack Hussein Obama to the more important issue of how the black dude is behind the flight of jobs from America to China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and, naturally, Mexico. It is slightly unclear how actions of an American president result in jobs leaving America and heading for China, but, what the heck, it sure sounds scary.


2. American business leaders obtain cheap labor in other nations.

3. American business leaders just want low wages and they will go with that is found.

4. American business leaders are even locating their headquarters in foreign lands to escape taxes in the US.

5. Donald, American business leaders increasingly use robots for work. Soon, they will return their business establishments to America and forget about people, American, Chinese, Thai,etc..