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Good Times In Ireland

The Catholic Church confronted a reality in Ireland last week. There was a vote to decide if the nation of Ireland, which is predominately Catholic would accept the right of gays and lesbians to marry. Over 60% of Irish people said, YES! Diamund Matrin, Archbishop of Dublin became among the first Catholic bishops to openly express the need for the church to turn around. “We, the Church, have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of reality. I appreciate how gay and lesbian, men and women feel today. In a way, this is a social revolution.”

Yes, the Church has to turn around and confront reality. In America, over twenty percent of young people no longer consider themselves to be part of any church. Hopefully, Pope Francis lives long enough to appoint modern Cardinals who are ready to make the Catholic church once again a meaningful institution for young Catholics. If not, more and more of them will drift off into reality.

On Memorial Day

Memorial Day used to be among the most important holidays in the United States of America. It began as a day to commemorate those who had died fighting for the Union in the Civil War. Over three hundred thousand had been killed fighting to ensure that the United States of America endured as a nation. Those who died in Wold War I were remembered on Armistice Day in November. It was generally accepted that the 400,000 who died fighting in World War II would be remembered on Memorial Day and no special event was ever given them. Of course, in those days, serving in the armed forces was a part of the American ethos. Men were expected to be part of their nation’s armed forces because to be an American was to give something back to the nation. This concept ended withe the conclusion of the Vietnam War. Today, about one half of one percent ever becomes part of our armed forces.

Those under the age of 35 have very little interest or concern for the concept of doing something for the nation. We are a long way from the words of President Kennedy who said, “ask not what the country can doe for you, but what you can do for the country.” Today, the “country” consists of those with whom one engages on social media. The concept of “America” increasingly become a relic of the past. Narcissistic behavior is now the norm. If people are poor, blame it on them. Few today feel responsibility for the lives of Americans. We remember our selves, not the nation. WE are the new America!

Oh, for Republicans the only Americans worth their attention are those who will give them money to win an election. Perhaps, it is time for a new Memorial Day to remember the “job creators” who are forced to pay 1% of their salary in taxes!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, aol: “Pizzeria Robbed”

Are you sure it was not a take-out order?

UK,Guardian: “Unusual Powers Revealed”

Republicans can reduce the amount of money coming in and also reduce the national debt.

Egypt, al Arahm: “Court Bans Porn On Website”

Anywhere else is OK.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Foreign Anti-Torture Experts Expelled”

Heck, this is Putin Russia where torture if legal!

France, Connexion: “French Are Big Drinkers”

I will toast that statement!

Sheldon, Sheldon, What Would Mommy Say?

There is a nice Jewish boy who happens to possess a few billion dollars and he uses this money to fight the bad people in America and in the Middle East. His name is Sheldon Adelson and he gave $150,000,000 of his money to help defeat the terrorist friend who now resides in the White House. He has promised a few hundred million dollars of his money to any Republican who will help him fight the bad people in the world. Sheldon is now accused of having ties to crime lords in the Chinese enclave of Macau. Steve Jacobs, who worked in the casinos claims that Sheldon refused to terminate his relations with the notorious Chinese Triad that runs crime in the enclave. Sheldon, Sheldon, what would your Jewish mommy say about her nice little boy having connections with crime people?

Oh, and Sheldon is the leading supporter of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sheldon works to end any opportunity to create an independent state of Palestine because he considers any and all Palestinians as criminals! Let me get this straight, Sheldon opposes criminals in the Middle East but is now charged with working with criminals in Asia. We truly hope these charges are incorrect because Sheldon is a nice Jewish boy and nice Jewish boys only play with nice little boys!

So Far From God, So Close To America!

There is an old expression that is often used in Mexico about its problem as a nation–“so far from God, so close to America.” Mexico once was a large nation that included California, Texas and most of the Southwest of America. But, all this rich land was taken away from Mexico by Americans. Ironically, the Mexican government invited Americans to settle Texas, but those people revolted when the government of Texas abolished slavery. We Americans insist that drugs be part of our culture and the result has been a social, economic, and political disaster for the people of Mexico. It is WE AMERICANS who created the drug lords of Mexico. It is WE AMERICANS who have poured billions of dollars into the pockets of these two bit thugs. WE AMERICANS created a culture of hate, of violence, of corruption, and Death in Mexico. Since the government of Mexico in 2006 -working with US drug police- initiated a “war on drugs,” over SIXTY THOUSAND MEXICANS HAVE DIED AT THE HANDS OF DRUG LORDS.!

Two days ago Federal police were ambushed but shot their way out and killed over thirty drug thugs. Last week the drug thugs shot down an Army helicopter. So, what is the best thing WE AMERICANS can do for Mexico?


Then, it might be safe for Mexicans to be close to America!

Benghazi Forever

It is Saturday and Republicans want to make clear to the American people that the major issue confronting this nation is BENGHAZI. As you recall, FOUR Americans died because terrorists invaded the US Embassy int hat town which is located in the nation of Libya. For some reason, the Secretary of State failed to do her job and station herself, along with her weapon, inside the Embassy to blast away at a terrorist group which was entering the facilities. It is clear the primary responsibility of a Secretary of State is to wander from Embassy location to Embassy location in order to ensure there is tight security.

On October 23, 1983, terrorists blew up a Marine barracks in the city or Beirut in Lebanon and the end result was the death of TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONE Americans. Not a single member of the Democratic Party in Congress blamed President Reagan for that disaster. The event happened on a Sunday morning. I want to know why Ronald Reagan was not at his post with his machine gun blasting away at those terrorists!

Believe it or not, men die all over the world, and no President is ever held responsible for those deaths. BUT, Hillary Clinton is held responsible for the deaths of four people. Isn’t it time for Republicans to give this story a rest? I doubt if a single Republican could even place the location of Benghazi on a map!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I am upset that Rick Santorum has given up his sweater for a jacket. He was so folksy.

Why not dress all young Americans in Biker jackets and end violence –by police?

I must confess that I feel abandoned since Sarah Palin ceased running for office. She gave me such joy.

Oh, for the days of unions when workers earned enough to buy a house!

Few under the age of 30 give a damn about wages paid to those who serve them.

I really enjoyed the last show of David Letterman.

I was raised in the era when the New York Yankees were a major team. Alas, this era is over!

McDonald’s Is Proud!

Thousands of people who have the privilege of working for the McDonald’s corporation gathered together at the headquarters of that wonderful organization in Oakbrook, Illinois in order to express their thanks to corporate leaders at the gift of $8 an hour to work. OK, so I lied. They came to display their anger at the sweat house wages they are paid in order to deliver hamburgers and milkshakes to the public. They were demanding a $15 an hour wage. “We work, we sweat, put $15 in our check.” “We’re tired of relying on Food Stamps to feed our families. We need $15 and the right to form a union and we need it now.” Certainly, the words of revolutionary forces seeking to storm the Bastille and chop off the heads of Kings and Queens.

McDonald’s CEO, Steve Eastbrook responded with some wise words that he is “incredibly proud” to pay his workers at least $8 an hour. Let me see, at &8 an hour I make:

$$320 a week. Almost $1300 a month. And nearly $1600 a year. And, I get the right to have Food Stamps! I wonder if McDonald’s corporate elite would work for these wages on month in the year.

Vaudeville Show Coming To Your Screen

Fox News has announced some wonderful news, and some sad news about the forthcoming election for president of the United States of America. The good news is that Americans will be able–without paying a single penny– to see the most humorous event in modern media–the stage filled with aspiring candidates for the Republican nomination for that office. Here is the bad news, instead of the possible eighteen candidates, we will only be able to observe, about ten of them. The good news is that we can witness the quick minds of outstanding men such as Ted Cruz. I regret to inform you that not a single female candidate has made the Fox News cut.

1. I will be very sad at not being able to see and hear the great mind of Rick Santorum. I so enjoyed wondering which of his sweaters would appear on the screen.

2. I so desire to see Bobby Jindal, this is one candidate who will say anything in order to please billionaires.

3. My life will not be the same now that Sarah Palin no longer is in it. This is one female who can gaze into the future as well as gaze over a thousand miles with one glance.

4. So far, there is no mention of Rick Perry. I so miss his inability to explain who is in a Cabinet in our government. But, at least, he does know there is a Cabinet.

5. There is also a female whose name escapes me for the moment, I believe she was fired from her corporate job which definitely makes her a wonderful candidate for president.

None of the above will be on the stage of this show. I wonder why Sheldon Adelson will not be on the stage. After all, he has the dough,and these guys want it. I would love to see him make candidates do some tricks such as licking his penis.

Cops In Action-Beware!

I spent years teaching a course on the history of crime to police, and got to know many cops. Most appeared to be decent men and women, and they certainly came across as having a brain in their head, but reading the daily media makes one wonder exactly what do they teach modern cops in the Police Academy? In the city of Olympia, Washington, two black men went into a supermarket in the morning and decided to take beer without paying. This might not be the greatest heist in history, and it certainly was not the most dangerous situation to confront our police. An employee at Safeway, confronted the two violent criminals and demanded they put back the beer, but the two men refused, got on their skateboards and fled the scene of this horrific crime. At this point, our local police appeared on the scene of violence, ready for action, a after all, if we allow beer to be stolen, what next?

Officer Ryan Donald and two fellow officers pursued the violent criminals. They confronted the two BLACK men. At this point the story gets a bit confused. Officer Donald was confronted by a skateboard thrown in his direction and felt his life was in peril. Naturally, he blasted away and shot the two dangerous men. After all, who wants to confront skateboards? Officer Donald insists that he was “assaulted” and his life was in danger. How would you like a skateboard coming to your body? We know that two BLACK men are wounded. We know that all WHITE men are OK. We also know the skateboards are doing well and will recover from this horrible event.

We know that Muslim terrorists did not take part in this violent battle.