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Another White Terrorist Strikes

There is something rather strange going on in America, day after day, shooting after shooting, a white person is responsible for the chaos. Perhaps, this has something to do with the manner  in which white skinned people are raised. Most are from the middle class, they get enough food and drink, they have gobs of mechanical things to play with. They have the misfortune to be able to attend college.Something in this mix of opportunities leads white folks to gun down some folks, usually white folks.

Nathan DeSai, a disgruntled lawyer –what other kind is there– got very upset. He is a native of Texas, and if you are born and raised in Texas, the one thing drilled into your head is the right to carry a gun wherever you desire. So, Nathan got out his .45 caliber semi-automatic weapon and proceed to blast away in the quaint city of Houston, home of real tough Texans. Naturally, being a Texan he had the normal 2,500 rounds of ammunition, and he got off dozens of shots. He wounded  a several people, but was then shot to death.

So, wha is the moral of this tale? Keep out of the presence of white people, particularly those from Texas!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Donald Trump proved that he is Donald Trump in the debate.

Donald simply wishes that Carly Fiorina was his opponent.

Strange, not a single word from Donald about the swarm of illegals pouring over our border.

Stop and Frisk is simply another expression for Stop and Arrest blacks and Hispanics.

At least Rudy Giuliani supports Donald’s ideas for peace and security.

Oh well, at the next debate, Donald will blast Bill Clinton’s sex life, and make America Great Again.

Some have a great penis, Donald’s penis just happens to be in his mouth.

Donald proved that he has no idea about the war in Iraq.

Hillary Creams The Schmuck

Well, there was a debate, Donald Trump once again proved that he is the world’s leading schmuck. He rambled, he roamed all over the place, he demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge regarding any aspect of the world,let alone American  society. His face moved from one expression to another, he was defensive, and he showed the world that when it comes to being a leader, he is simply a man who can shout and yell, but lacks the qualities of being a leader.

Hillary was calm, she was focused, she stuck to her message. Hillary discussed how to make America a Great nation. Tax the wealthy, make them pay for improved lives for those in the middle and lower classes. She offered a vision, she spoke about the issues confronting Americans. She looked like a president, he looked like the poor room hustler attempting to talk himself into a winning game. The bottom line is simply that Donald Trump only knows how to frighten people, he only knows how to spew hatred and division. He is simply the poor man’s version of a Hitler, without the Holocaust.

So, hail to Hillary Clinton, keep blasting away at the nut case from New York. He worked his way up by depending upon dad to get him out of debt and failure. Yes,Donald Trump is the man who rose from riches to become rich. Hillary,take him out.

Donald Trump On The Debate

We offer an analysis of how Donald Trump handled last night’s debate–by Donald.

“I was fantastic, I showed America what a fantastic guy I am. She showed America that when it comes to debates, I can whip her ass without taking off my jacket. Law and Order, that’s what America wants. Law and Order. Who the fuck cares about minimum wages, when I reduce taxes the great jobs will be overwhelming young people. Bring back jobs from overseas. Make business remain in America or face the consequences. She has no response. I showed up the bitch by interrupting her over and over, I bet every white man just loved me showing up the uppity dame. They said Interrupted her 51 times– that’s all?

The bitch asked me to show my taxes, fuck her. It’s just that most dumb Americans pay their taxes and would not like the fact that I never do. Just a bunch of shmucks.I really nailed the bitch by asking about Benghazi. That for most Americans is their greatest concern.But, the fucking moderator refused to pose tough important questions such as about the Clinton Foundation. That will be my primary focus on the next debate. And, old buddy,Bill just wait until talk about your blow jobs.

I WON this debate. I showed the bitch that I can make her look small while I look presidential. I won it, I won it. I bet the liberal media  will try to steal this victory  from me. They are just a  bunch of losers who can’t stand a winner like me!”

Trump As President

The other night I had a nightmare and in it Donald Trump became president.

Donald arrives in the White House: “Ok, I got great  plans, great plans to  make this nation great again. First, we are going to build a Great Wall, a great Wall, and it will be so high that no one could get over it. So, what’s that, the Wall would go through national parks, it would cause hundreds of people to lose their land, so what, I want to build a Great Wall.

OK, now we handle China. Let’s show those chinks that we mean business.So, from now on we raise tariffs on every fucking nation until they allow our exports into their country without paying tariffs. So, the Chinks are going to raise tariffs on our exports and this will cause the loss of thousands of jobs. We have to be tough.

Now, we have to lower taxes on the top one percent. Right, great.So, what is the problem, if we cut taxes our deficit will grow by another three trillion dollars. Bit deal, once we get people working again at great jobs that pay $12 an hour we will have gobs of money to spend.

Oh, fuck it, just nuke Iran. Oh, fuck it, just nuke Syria and end this fiasco!”

Presidents And Trump

At the age of 86 I have witnessed many presidents assume office. I thought it might be interesting to compare Donald to prior presidents.

Herbert Hoover was the only businessman to become president. A Donald Trump president would create the same results as that of the first president.

Franklin Roosevelt and Trump. Fred, you must be kidding!

Harry Truman was famous for “telling it as it is.” Donald Trump is famous for “not telling it as it is.”

Dwight Eisenhower was a Republican president who refused to lower the top tax rate of 90% since the wealthy had to pay their fair share of taxes. Guess what Donald Trump would have done with the 90% rate.

John Kennedy was a president who fought for his nation at war, Donald Trump is a coward who dodged the draft and has insulted POWs who served their nation.

Richard Nixon was a devious president, but he did open negotiations with Communist China, Donald will not even want negotiations with Iran.

Jimmy Carter was a decent person, then again, there is Donald Trump.

Ronald Reagan lowered taxes, and then raised them, sorry Donald, you are no Ronald Reagan.

George H.W.Bush raised taxes and got defeated, Donald Trump would only lower taxes on the wealthy one percent.

Bill Clinton witnessed a dramatic growth in jobs and balanced the budget, Donald Trump would increase our national debt by over three trillion dollars.

George Bush got us into the Iraq war, Donald Trump would get us deeper and deeper into the ISIS war.

Barack Obama was born in Africa while Donald Trump was born in New York City.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Who would sleep peacefully at night with a President Trump?

There are moments when I sit in shock at what people in Aleppo must daily endure.

Today, Ted Cruz came out for Donald Trump, tomorrow for the Devil.

Most black Americans hope today that no black male gets shot–by police.

I never thought in my life that someone like Donald Trump would be running for the presidency.

God, do I wish for the days of Mitt Romney!

I wonder if God worries about people uttering bad words about Him.

Players have kneeled, players have raised fists, what next,  play football?

Lesser Of Two Evils?

I continually encounter the concept that the current presidential election deals with two “evils” and I should vote for the lesser “evil.” Examine the reality:

1. Hillary Clinton will appoint liberals as judges to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump will appoint judges who impact the rights of women, and support the concept of rich controlling elections.

2.  Hillary Clinton will protect the health care of millions. Donald Trump promises to take away their health care.

3. Hillary Clinton will protect the rights of illegal immigrants and their American born children. Donald Trump will deport them.

4. Hillary Clinton will NOT reduce taxes on the wealthy. Donald Trump WILL reduce taxes for them.

5. Hillary Clinton will work to further the fight for climate control, Donald Trump will allow climate change to continue.

6. Hillary Clinton will work with our allies to prevent war. Who knows what Donald Trump will do!

And, so on an so on.

A Cop Gone Wild

People in America are displaying their concern for behavior of  SOME policemen by refusing to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance or lie down or stage  peaceful demonstrations in Charlotte, North Carolina. Frankly, it is impossible to keep up with the shootings,t the demonstrations, the anger, the response by defenders of police that the only ones who are guilty are those who protest. However,in Tulsa County, District Attorney Kunsweiller has filed criminal charges against officer Betty Shelby for the murder of Terence Crutcher.

He charges that she “unlawfully and unnecessarily”shot and killed him when he had his hands in the air. We have TV footage, we have clear evidence that Mr. Crutcher did not have a  gun,nor was he under the influence of drugs. The criminal charge does bring some sort of closure to one case, but there are many others which will never result in any charges against any police.

Unfortunately, until there are new procedures in place within police departments to handle black skinned men who are charged with some crime, the end result will be another shooting, another upsurge of angry protestors.and more claims by Donald Trump that the victims are members of the police.

Philippine Police Gone Crazy

Believe it or not, but a Donald Trump clone has been elected president of the Philippines. Rodrigo Détente talks like Donald, he threatens like Donald, he has the same respect for law as Donald, but, in this case, he IS the president of a nation. Duterte has told police, he has told the armed forces, heck, he has told any vigilante who wants to settle a score with someone that all they have to do is claim that person is a drug dealer. “If you follow my orders you can’t have any problems. I will not allow any soldier or policeman to get jailed.

Pregnant Ruth Jane Tomdno,was in bed with her husband and children when the door burst open, and some men with masks entered. They “killed my husband like a pig.” It turned out they  shot the wrong person, he husband was NOT a drug dealer. However, the masked men will probably get a financial reward, and, if soldiers, a medal for bravery.”