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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Donald Trump proved that he is Donald Trump in the debate.

Donald simply wishes that Carly Fiorina was his opponent.

Strange, not a single word from Donald about the swarm of illegals pouring over our border.

Stop and Frisk is simply another expression for Stop and Arrest blacks and Hispanics.

At least Rudy Giuliani supports Donald’s ideas for peace and security.

Oh well, at the next debate, Donald will blast Bill Clinton’s sex life, and make America Great Again.

Some have a great penis, Donald’s penis just happens to be in his mouth.

Donald proved that he has no idea about the war in Iraq.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump daily displays his ignorance of history, of diplomacy, of anything to do with what happens outside of his buildings and business sites. Donald is very upset at the nuclear deal with Iran because, according to him, the United States is “giving $400,000,000 to Iran.” Well, examine the facts of this “deal.”

In 1953, a CIA operation led by Kermit Roosevelt(grandson of Theodore Roosevelt) organized the overthrow of a democratically elected secular government in Iran. This “revolution”– paid entirely by the CIA– led to the return to power of the Shah of Iran. So, the secular government of Prime Minister Mossadegh was ended. In 1979, the Shah was overthrown, and religious groups took over the government.

The Iranian government had paid for US arms. None were every sent since the Shah was gone. President Obama agreed–after an international court ruled–that Iran was entitled to return of ITS MONEY. This is the $400 million that Obama “gave” to Iran. Actually, it returned the money that belonged to Iran in the first place.

Of course, I  doubt if Donald Trump could locate Iran on a map!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Surprised Donald did not take Rudy Giuliani, after all, he single-handedly saved New York after 9/11.

I await entrance of women who Donald sort of fucked around with.

So, evangelicals await the return of Jesus with one of America’s best fornicators!

The question Donald will never answer–HOW?

We believe in the right of everyone to have a gun, and then become shocked when they use the gun.

Ivanka loves her dad, but for some reason, not a word about her mom.

I am still concerned there were no words from the valet who works for Donald. How come?

We have shifted from worry about atomic bombs  to worry about one armed guy.

I wonder how many emails the average American deletes every day.

Someone should inform Chris Christie that he is still governor of New Jersey. All construction has stopped in the state, Chris, they need money!

Many Americans hate Wall Street powerful men, but for some reason, adore one of them for president.

I wonder if Donald purchases Power Ball tickets?

Three men mad about power: President Erdogan of Turkey, President Putin of Russia, and yet to be president Trump.

Oregon Terrorism

Imagine the following scenario, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked a federal building, seized control, and then dared the US government to drive them out? Or, imagine this scenario: a group of black skinned Christian terrorists seized control of a federal center, blocked federal authorities from entering and just dared any Federal law enforcement agent to enter? If these groups  carried out such terrorism the following would happen:

1. Donald Trump: “make me president and terrorists will finally learn not to mess with the government.”

2. Ted Cruz: “carpet bomb the entire place!”

3. Marco Rubio: “whatever Cruz said, I double it and will make certain it happens!”

4. Carly Fiorina: “I personally will lead armed forces to wipe out these terrorists. And, you should see the neat outfit I will be wearing!”

5. Mike Huckabee: “I’m from Arkansas and God is on my side in any fight!”

6. Ben Carson: “could you please show me where this Oregon is?”

7. Rand Paul: “Who cares about Oregon?”

8. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “God himself gave us this land, and I will lead the Israel army to once again make this land, Jewish!”

Jeb Bush On ISIS

Unlike people like Ted Cruz I was actually born and bred in the great state of Texas so when it comes to facing down bad guys,just let me at them. In fact, my brother George is just dying to finish off the job he started back in 2003.Let’s get this straight you bad people, I am tough, or at least, I want to be tough. I hate terrorists and promise if elected to send them packing from America. Or at least,give them a lecture about the joys of working with job creators who will help you bad people get on the gravy train to wealth.

For heaven sake, why go around dressed in black? Have you guys considered the possibility that if you guys study hard,pass the common core tests,then you can go to the college of your choice. I want ISIS to know that I am a chip off the block of brother George. When wars come around, we head off in the opposite direction. I promise America that if elected, I will work hard with ISIS members and get them started in a new direction. Heck, if George could beat the bottle, certainly you guys can go on the bottle,get drunk and end this terrorism!

Gun Madness Never Stops

There are moments when I initially encounter a story about some shooting involving young people, my mind has to make convoluted changes in order to comprehend what I am reading.

1.Two eleven year old children were playing, a boy and a girll

2. They were playing in her mobile home.

3. The children, like most kids, got into an argument over whether the boy could play with the girl’s puppies.

4. NATURALLY, the boy returned to his mobile home,and got his dad’s shotgun. This is America. This is the land where macho boys MUST use a gun to demonstrate they are no wimp. Imagine, a girl telling a boy, he cannot play with puppies!

5. NATURALLY, the NRA will note that if the 11 year old girl had a shotgun, this tragedy never would have happened. Most probably, both would be dead, but at least she killed the boy who shot her.

Elizabeth Warren Is Angry!

It is clear that members of our government lack many people who have a backbone that is not composed of jelly. But, there is one person who refuses to back down when it comes to demanding the truth about how wealthy folks sort of run this nation. Senator Elizabeth Warren is again on the war track demanding that our government officials remember their task is to control those with wealth and power. She just went after the SEC for its failure to control those with wealth. She directed her anger at Mary Jo White, the chairperson of this group. “During your confirmation hearings two years ago I said the SEC needs a strong leader to suss meaningful rules under the Dodd-Frank Act, and to h old big banks and other powerful interests accountable when they break the law. I am disappointed that you have not been the strong leader many hoped for, and that you promised to be.”

Mary Jo White continues to believe that when those institutions with wealth break the law all they have to do is pay a small penalty, but they never have to publicly acknowledge they were guilty. We do not have a government which does make wealthy and powerful criminals admit to a crime.

Who Supervises The Spooks?

In England there is an organization named, GCHQ which is engaged in watching us in order to prevent the bad terrorists from killing us. Robert Hennigan who is the head of this spook group is very concerned because technology companies constantly prevent his organization as well as other anti-spook groups like the CIA or NSA from doing their jobs of protecting us against those who will destroy our society. Robert believes that American technology groups hamper the effort to save the free world from those who only desire a sharia world. He wants to engage in a healthy debate about this topic. Fair enough:

1. If we have spooks checking us to ensure that we are not aiding bad folk, then who checks the spooks?

2. What exactly is permissible in the new world of bad and good guys who use technology?

3. Do we have a criteria about what is OK? The US Supreme Court a hundred years ago coined the expression that free speech did not mean one could shout, “fire” in a crowded theater. So, what is the technology limit on free speech?

We certainly need a discussion and some laws in order to address these issues!

Bring On The Pagtans!

Gaze around the world. Can you locate a single area in which war and death is not the major industry? Heck, gaze around the so-called Judaic/Christian United States of
America, and what do you osbserve? Nearly half the population which lives in the 21st centtury actually believes the world is only 10,000 years old! Most Americans believe in this or that God which results in 5% of the people who control 42% of the wealth. Imagine believing that yur “God” supports the idea of depriving people of health care or accepting that most people lack the means for a decent life for themselves or children. Heck, a few thousand children seek to enter the country, most would live with relatives and most Americans go wild with fear! CHILDREN ARE THE PROLEM? No, claim these nut cases, there is no problem when people wander around with guns and assault rifles, but when kids simply desire to live with their relatives, then the entire socie5y is under threat!!

It is time to accept the reality that our GOD is simply not doing a very acceptable job. Perhaps, it is time to give Paganism a shot at running this world. Or, if you don’t want a Pagan society, how about one based upon atheism?? Let me put it this way, anything, anyone, any belief, could not do a worse job of creating a society in which love, peace and economic equality were the norm. Please do not get me wrong. I have always liked our God. However, I think God needs another shot at creating a society of life forms which prefer love and joy over murder and mayhem. I hear tell there is a nice pleasant planet a few hundred million miles away and it really could use a God!




We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if other life forms have holidays.

Never fear the night, it soon will become light.

Technology hinders reflection.

I wonder how political lobbying began.

There is never An End, just Ends.

I do assume there is a last goodbye.

There are those who speak bravely, and those who act bravely.

I have no interest in ever again firing a gun.

Some speak loudly to emphasize their knowledge.

Some enjoy displaying their ignorance.

Many members of Congress dwell in the Valley of Ignorance.

Some touch top of nose while speaking.

Some clasp hands and place them on mouth while listening.

Await the dawn calmly at age 83.

There is always an answer, the problem is finding it.

Always reach beyond the stars for hope.

I believe in the goodness of humanity.

To think of others is to be a good human.