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Who Supervises The Spooks?

In England there is an organization named, GCHQ which is engaged in watching us in order to prevent the bad terrorists from killing us. Robert Hennigan who is the head of this spook group is very concerned because technology companies constantly prevent his organization as well as other anti-spook groups like the CIA or NSA from doing their jobs of protecting us against those who will destroy our society. Robert believes that American technology groups hamper the effort to save the free world from those who only desire a sharia world. He wants to engage in a healthy debate about this topic. Fair enough:

1. If we have spooks checking us to ensure that we are not aiding bad folk, then who checks the spooks?

2. What exactly is permissible in the new world of bad and good guys who use technology?

3. Do we have a criteria about what is OK? The US Supreme Court a hundred years ago coined the expression that free speech did not mean one could shout, “fire” in a crowded theater. So, what is the technology limit on free speech?

We certainly need a discussion and some laws in order to address these issues!

Bring On The Pagtans!

Gaze around the world. Can you locate a single area in which war and death is not the major industry? Heck, gaze around the so-called Judaic/Christian United States of
America, and what do you osbserve? Nearly half the population which lives in the 21st centtury actually believes the world is only 10,000 years old! Most Americans believe in this or that God which results in 5% of the people who control 42% of the wealth. Imagine believing that yur “God” supports the idea of depriving people of health care or accepting that most people lack the means for a decent life for themselves or children. Heck, a few thousand children seek to enter the country, most would live with relatives and most Americans go wild with fear! CHILDREN ARE THE PROLEM? No, claim these nut cases, there is no problem when people wander around with guns and assault rifles, but when kids simply desire to live with their relatives, then the entire socie5y is under threat!!

It is time to accept the reality that our GOD is simply not doing a very acceptable job. Perhaps, it is time to give Paganism a shot at running this world. Or, if you don’t want a Pagan society, how about one based upon atheism?? Let me put it this way, anything, anyone, any belief, could not do a worse job of creating a society in which love, peace and economic equality were the norm. Please do not get me wrong. I have always liked our God. However, I think God needs another shot at creating a society of life forms which prefer love and joy over murder and mayhem. I hear tell there is a nice pleasant planet a few hundred million miles away and it really could use a God!




We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if other life forms have holidays.

Never fear the night, it soon will become light.

Technology hinders reflection.

I wonder how political lobbying began.

There is never An End, just Ends.

I do assume there is a last goodbye.

There are those who speak bravely, and those who act bravely.

I have no interest in ever again firing a gun.

Some speak loudly to emphasize their knowledge.

Some enjoy displaying their ignorance.

Many members of Congress dwell in the Valley of Ignorance.

Some touch top of nose while speaking.

Some clasp hands and place them on mouth while listening.

Await the dawn calmly at age 83.

There is always an answer, the problem is finding it.

Always reach beyond the stars for hope.

I believe in the goodness of humanity.

To think of others is to be a good human.

Another White Student Killer

The perennial cry of American conservatives, and quite a few liberals is about violence in urban schools. These groups insist that urban schools are filled with violent children and therefore we must enact zero tolerance to save these children from their peers. REALITY CHECK: During the twentieth century there has not been a single mass shooting of children in an urban school! Yesterday, another act of violence in a high school. The incident occurred in Murrysville High School outside of Pittsburgh. A boy went crazy and used a knife in order to stab about twenty students until subdued by a security guard and an assistant principal.

The violent person fit the description of a school killer:

1. White
2. Middle Class
3. Occurred in a suburban school.

As a teacher in an urban high school once observed to me: “When the children walk through that door they are safe for a few hours, when they leave, then death awaits them.”

Progress In Hate Continues

At this very moment about 200,000,000 people all over the world are not residing in their land of birth. They are immigrants in a new land who are encountering the hatred that so frequently meets the stranger in a strange land.Norway is witnessing the rise of the Progress Party which is based on the concept that strangers, particularly those with dark skins or who come from the Middle East, are not welcome in the land of milk and honey. The people of Norway are wealthy, they have incredible support from society, but 14% are convinced they should be frightened of strangers. Of course, Mr. Breivik who murdered over 70 young people on the island of Utoya was born, raised and has lived as a natural born inhabitant of Norway. No Muslim killed those Norwegians, it was a natural born murderer.

The Progress Party has promised to provide the people of Norway with more roads and more police helicopters in case some native born Norwegian goes on another murdering spree. If I was a Norwegian, I would deport all native born folk from the land in order to avoid mass murders.

Obama Remains Oblivious Of Freedom

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there lived in the state of Illinois a young man with passion for human rights. This young man believed the existing government of George Bush was violating the basic concept of freedom of speech and the press. Ah, but that was then and then eventually became now which means the young man was now the person who he believed had violated American civil liberties. Barack Obama wants his legacy to be that of the president who most refused to allow members of the press to meet their responsibilities of upholding the right of Americans to know what does on in their government. The Obama administration wants federal judges to cease worrying about the rights of New York Times correspondent James Risen and focus on the rights of our president to maintain secrecy over issues that HE decides must be secret. A three member panel of judges voted 2-1 that reporters had no privilege that would guarantee the confidentiality of their sources.

Risen’s lawyers want a 15 member panel to rule on this issue. Our freedom loving Obama administration opposes any right of members of the government to inform the press when there is violation of American rights. Barack Obama insists that he alone must decide what can or cannot be shared with the public. After all,there is an issue of TERRORIM and whenever the word “terrorist” is uttered or written then all rights guaranteed under the Constitution are automatically suspended. Barack uttered the magic word so let us cease discussing “rights.” The only right to be discussed is that possessed by the president of the United States!

So Long Somalia Pirates

It was just a few years ago that actions by pirates from Somalia were driving shipping firms crazy with fear. Pirates sezied ships and then demanded ransom for crews and contents of the ship. However, shpping firms finally got  some backbone and hired security guards plus navies of various nations began to coordinate their activities off the coast of east Africa. From a high of  199 hijacks in 2011 the figure has fallen to seventy this year. Actually, not a single ship which had security guards on board has been seized.

Another factor is attacks on Somali seaport by soldiers fighting with the African Union who are engaged in wiping out Muslim radical militants. The solution to the pirate problem lies in creation of a st

Israel PM Netanyahu Opposes Free Speech

I recall the glorious days in the 1940s when American Jews welcomed the arrival of the state of Israel which had become the only democratic society in the Middle East. At age 80, I now face the prospect that democracy will soon vanish from the state of Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended a new law which makes it a crime to support boycotts against Israel or settlers on the West Bank. Listen to his words: “Don’t get confused. I approved the law, and if I hadn’t approved it it wouldn’t have passed. I am against boycotts targeting Israel.” He fears “savage and irresponsible attacks on a democracy.” The law allows one to sue those advocating a boycott even if not damaged by such actions. The European Union issued a statement that recognized the right of Israel to pass its own laws, but expressed dismay at restrictions on freedom of speech.

We Jews have come along way from being advocates of freedom of speech, freedom of religion,and equal rights for all. Today, thousands of Jews support restrictions of free speech and discrimination against Muslim residents in Israel. We Jews once stood tall for the right to speak your ideas. Today, we have met the enemy of freedom, and we is he!

Lift The Veil Or We Lift Higher The Fine

It was Friday in the town of Novara and the woman and man left their home on the way to the local mosque. As they walked down the streets of the town a policeman suddenly halted the couple and told the woman she had to take off her veil because wearing it violated he law. Authorities said, “we just enforced a local law that stops people from covering their faces near sensitive places such as schools, hospitals or offices.” Her husband argued that while he respected Italian law it was against his religion for her to “be seen by other men.” For this heinous crime the woman will pay a fine of about $800.

I assume if Halloween is celebrated in Italy all kids wearing masks will be hauled down to the nearest jail, and fined for covering their faces. I assume if a motorcyclist comes roaring down the streets of Novara wearing a helmet, he will be halted and fined.

P.S. As a child I attended a local shul(synagogue) in which my mother and the other women sat behind a curtain while we males prayed.

Week After Christmas Puzzle!

It is the week after Christmas and the children no longer are awaiting the arrival of Santa who has come and gone. As far as we know, Santa may be heading south in a few decades when global warming forces an evacuation of the North Pole. Anyway, we pose a post Xmas puzzle. Solve the puzzle and you can demonstrate a grasp of trivia that few of your friends possess.
Following are a list of songs. The puzzle is all of the songs share on thing in common.

The Christmas Waltz
Silver Bells
Winter Wonderland
Santa Baby
Sleigh Ride
I’ll Be Home For Christmas
I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
Let It Snow, Let It Snow
The Christmas Song
White Christmas

Solve the puzzle?

OK, here are some clues. Following are the composers of the songs

Sammy Cahn
Jay Livingston
Felix Bernard
Joan Javits
Mitchell Parrish
Walter Kent
Irving Berlin
Sammy Cahn
Mel Torme
Irving Berlin

Figured out the Puzzle?

OK, the answer is:

swej composers