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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is time for Hillary Clinton to inform Americans about the success in defeating ISIS.

I wonder if some Leave England folks have a hangover.

NBA free agents will make more this week than any of us will make in two lifetimes.

Elizabeth Warren has mojo— balls, in your language.

Silence from Bernie, how about entering the war against Trump?

Barack Obama sometimes speaks in short clipped expressions.

David Cameron must now know, shut up about referendums!

Fighting ISIS

Fighting two fisted Donald Trump is going to wipe out ISIS with a powerful weapon–waterboarding. To shouts of support from his followers, the Donald man is convinced that fighting terror with terror will destroy ISIS. Let meet this straight:

Guys who wear suicide vests and are OK to blow themselves up, will confess to everything if waterboarded!

ISIS is encouraging lone agents who operate in  a decentralized organization to blow themselves up. They have NO idea about other agents, so what the heck can they tell anyone if tortured?

Oh, by the way, ISIS already has been driven from over 50% of the territory it once held. At least 25,000 have been killed, not waterboarded.

Fallujah just fell after Ramadi fell. There is an army ready to march on Mosul. And, all Donald talks about is waterboarding!

New Suggestion For UK

I realize there is consternation in England over the entire Brexit controversy and millions are uncertain about their future.Many just woke up to the reality their nation will no longer have access to a 500 million people economy. Within a few years European owned plants in England will move back to Germany or France or Italy to take advantage of a tariff free economy. But, folks in England, there is a way out of this problem. How about:

Become the 51st state of America! Think of it as coming home to a place you once called home. We have a 300 million people economy and laws that also allow access to Canada and many nations in Latin America. We also speak an English language that is sort of like the one you speak. OK, we do not have your English “football’ –we call it soccer– but we do have the American version of football.

The flip side, of course, is having to endure our American dysfunctional political system. It will make you yearn for a House of Lords to make sense of what our Congress does or does not do. Being an American is sure better than being part of a Little England that has lost Scotland and northern Ireland!

Want A Job, Want A Home?

We believe it is our responsibility to offer our readers important information related to their daily lives. It is clear that many today seek good paying jobs and nice homes. Listen to Donald Trump and he “promises” these will become a reality in your life if you vote for him. This blog goes from promising to guaranteeing a good job and a real nice home for anyone seeking those goals.

The town of Kaitangata in New Zealand has hundreds of good paying jobs and modern four bedroom houses that sell for a $100,000. In fact there are only TWO unemployed people in the entire town! So, contact city leaders and head for New Zealand. The good news is there is no Tea Party or crazy Republicans in New Zealand. And, no possibility of a Prime Minister Trump!

P.S. The border is secure so no Hispanic rapists will hurt your wife or daughter.

Experts Discuss Benghazi

We decided to obtain the ideas of important people regarding the latest Bemgjazi report.

Unemployed auto worker: “Thank God for Donald Trump. Finally, we will have someone in leadership who personally will carpet bomb those damn people in Benghazi. Just imagine, four Americans killed right on our border–by those damn Mexican rapists and murderers. We have to protect our border to stop these damn Benghazi attacks.”

Paul Ryan: “Yes, we do need at least eight Congressional investigations this great American tragedy. Just think about it–FOUR PEOPLE DEAD! Now, as to this so-called Zika problem, we need a Zika bill which closes down Planned Parenthood facilities. How else to stop the Zika problem?”

Sarah Palin: “Well, my son and I are ready to go to this Benghazi place and wipe out ISIS or any other group that kills Americans. I have my trusty shot gun, and my son has his AR-15. Come on you Muslim bastards, get some American lead in your damn faces!”

Donald Trump: “I told you, I  predicted the Benghazi horror, just check my emails. I said they were coming after us. I told the State Department, I told the NYC police, but no one listened to the only man who can make this country great again



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Only Republicans would play political games when defeating the Zika virus is at stake.

I wonder how many British folks are asking, ‘what the hell did we just do?’

Among the great battles in American history will be Gettysburg, the Battle of the Bulge and Benghazi.

Only Republicans worry about the death of four people, of course, the hundred of thousands dying because  of poor health is not their concern.

Justice Kennedy is a real Kennedy–sometimes!

Whatever happened to Ted Cruz, is he still standing tall for America?

I guess many workers in America believe a billionaire is concerned about their economic interests.


So, What About Bernie?

We have entered a silent moment in the political situation within the United States of America. Donald is doing something, although he sure is not gathering millions and millions of dollars. Then again, he is the Greatest Business man alive on this planet. Off in the wings of politics stands Bernie Sanders, a man who achieved incredible fame for speaking words of anger. Then again, this is the era of “saying it like it is.” In other words, uttering words about what one will do even though there is scant possibility it can be done.

Bernie is at a crossroads. He has spent his life on the outer fringes of any political party. He is an Independent. The good news of being an Independent is that one does not owe anyone anything. The  bad news about being an Independent is that one never really gets any laws passed that would indicate one IS doing something. Bernie can become one of the most important figures in modern American history by working his damn butt off to defeat Trump and get Democrats elected to Congress. THAT is his major task!

Brexit Aftermath

Brexit resulted in a victory for those seeking to reclaim England from foreigners and refugees and other such poor people seeking a free ride in dear old England. The campaign to leave was characterized by blatant calls for hate and violence against immigrants and Muslims. Prime Minister David Cameron made clear to the nation: “in the past few days we have seen despicable graffiti daubed on a  Polish community center. We’ve seen verbal abuse against people because they are members of ethnic minorities.”

Latest police reports indicate a dramatic 57% increase in hate crimes. As always, when people feel oppressed by unknown secret powers, the most certain way to restore faith in their opportunity for a better life is to direct anger toward the weakest group of people they can identify. As a Jew I am aware after 2,000 years of hate, the easiest target for haters is the most politically weak group.

Benghazi Forever

There is no doubt the last and final words of every Republican will be: BENGHAZI and Hillary. Another of the never ending reports about the greatest tragedy to befall the American nation which resulted in the loss of FOUR people, deserves study after study. Naturally, the report identified “tragic failure of leadership” on the part of the Secretary of State. It really is amazing that a Secretary of State is not aware of security issues at embassy in Zambia or Nepal. Why is the question? Why  isn’t the Secretary of State up to date on all of the 125 embassies throughout the world? What the hell does she do with her time?

If we adopt the Republican theory of responsibility for any and all tragedies suffered by those who serve in government positions, then:

In 1985 over 200 Marines died in a suicide attack in Lebanon. Ronald Reagan was president so he is responsible. Perhaps, it is time to change the name of the airport in Washington D.C. How can we name an airport after the person responsible for the death of 240 Marines!

I will not mention the 4,000 dead American soldiers who died because George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

I’m Nigel Farage!

I’m Nigel Farage, and you’re not. I’m the blooming guy who got merry  old England away from those bloody foreign animals who want to over run our beloved country. I’m Nigel Farage and your one of those Eyetalian wogs or wine drinking cowardly frogs from  France. I’m the guy who is going to make England a great nation again. Sorry Donald, I’m REALLY the greatest leader in the world. I’m Nigel Farage and we people of England don’t need any bloody foreigners taking away our high paying jobs!

So,those bloody Icelandic football players beat us in the tournament, the reason is simple, our English spirit has been contaminated by all those foreign immigrants who take good jobs away from us shoveling shit and picking apples! Well, we English people are taking back those high paying jobs forever! And, don’t worry about stock markets and having foreign business leave England and return to the continent. Just remember, WE ARE ENGLISHMEN AND YOU ARE NOT!!

God bless the queen!