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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Xmas Gift From Pawnbroker”

An extra dollar for anything that you pawn over the holidays?

Norway, Norway Post: “Norway Backs Fight Against ISIS”

They are sending an ice berg to Iraq.

China, China Post: “Should Students Do Homework?”

Why waste time at home since they are wasting time in most classrooms doing boring work?

UK< Guardian: “Fewer Babies”

That translates into fewer criminals.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Close Dog Gap”

Fewer dogs means leas shit.

New Fox News Host

There are unconfirmed reports that Fox News is prepared to add a new host to their array of anti-Obama talking heads. After all, according to Fox News, President Barack Obama was born in Africa and behaves like a wild monkey lacking any ability to confront our real enemies in the world. The constant comments by Fox News hosts is that Barack Obama lacks a spine and is willing to confront bad people in the world. Well, finally, an Asian leader agrees with Fox News that Barack Obama is a wild man. North Korea just released a statement that charges “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in the tropical forest.” Name one Fox News commentator who has not made the same claim?

President Obama responded to the wild behavior by North Korea by closing down the North Korean Internet. He insisted the silly film, The Interview, be shown and it is being shown in theaters. But, has Fox News uttered any praise for the president? NO. I await Fox News offering Kim Jong-un his own show where he can rant and rave against the black dude from Africa1

Police Vs Mayor de Blasio

There are many members of the New York City police department who are angry at Mayor Bill de Blasio who they now charge with being responsible for the deaths of two cops murdered by a mentally ill man. They just flew a banner which makes clear they are “turning their backs” against the mayor. Here is the reality:

1. Being a cop is a dangerous job, but not as dangerous as that facing being a coal miner.

2. Over ninety percent of cops do NOT fire their weapon during the course of the year.

3. Over ninety percent of cops do NOT confront an armed man.

4. SOME members of police department have violated the rights of those they were supposed to protect.

5. Mayor de Blasio was simply doing what was designed to PROTECT police. He wanted to end harassment of those whose skins are dark.

6. Who knows, if there had not been the deaths of several young blacks, would mentally ill individuals blame the police for their problems?

No one knows the answer to that last question.

And, police do NOT know if actions by the mayor actually saved lives!

Vladimir Is Upset!

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is very upset with a whole lot of people in this world. It is very difficult being a dictator and growing accustomed to speaking without anyone daring to contradict your words of wisdom. I doubt if Vladimir can recall the last time any person in Russia expressed a contradiction to what he uttered which makes difficult being in a world in which there are human beings who hold opposing views to the man who knows all. At this point in time, Vladimir is very upset at those who belong to the notorious NATO alliance. As far as Vladimir is concerned its real name is– NAZI ALLIANCE! He charged the “build up of ATO military potential and its empowerment with global functions implemented by violation of international law” is a threat to humankind.

In many respects Vladimir, formerly of the notorious Soviet Union KGB only understands a world in which the threat of nuclear war requires non-stop adherence to defending Mother Russia against evil forces who inhabit western Europe. Here is the reality he refuses to confront:

1.The last time Russian troops were actually engaged in a war against those with air forces of artillery or tanks was in 1945.

2. Talk is cheap but action would be a disaster for the Russian people.

Zombie Nativity Scene Nixed

I confess to a complete lack of interest in Zombie movies, Walking Dead folks, ghouls and witches and little girls ready to chop off the heads of innocent people. Just never caught on to the rage for Walking Dead wandering the streets and eating corpses. A man in who lives in Sycamore Township just outside of Cincinnati is the owner of a haunted house and decided since his job in life is to frighten people why not continue to do so even during the Xmas holiday. As he explained, “I wanted a Nativity scene and I worked with what I had.” So, this is the Zombie Nativity scene that he created:

Baby Jesus with bruised eyes and a face filled with scars while teeth protruded from the infant’s mouth.

A severed head of a magi.

Three kings with skeletal faces and jaws open in screams.

Just a normal Nativity scene for those interested in the Walking Dead.

Each day a few dozen cars come by to witness yet another orgy of horror.

For some reason public officials are not pleased and he was sent the following notice: “REMOVE ACCESSORY STRUCTURES FROM FRONT YARD”

I guess Zombies do not have First Amendment Rights!

Xmas In Middle East

It is the day after Christmas and all is as is has been for several years in the Middle East. Oh, some tourists are visiting Bethlehem or singing Christmas songs, but life is somewhat normal for those living in the area.

1. The government of Jordan is warning ISIS that they should not behead the Jordan pilot who was captured while bombing ISIS. So, what is the protocol for handling someone who drops bombs on you?

2. Terrorists in speed boats attempted to capture oil terminals in Libya, killed twenty two soldiers but never go the oil.

3. South Lebanon is worried that war in Syria will soon spread to its land.

4. In Israel, settlers continue seizing land from Palestinians and Prime Minister Netanyahyu complains that no one wants to negotiate with him.

5. In Gaza leaders of Hamas are planning and plotting some sort of revenge.

6. Tunisia has a free election and militants were wiped out by voters.

7. In Turkey, President Erdogan continued his efforts to restore the Muslim religion to its former prominence. Much to the chagrin of secular Turks.

None of these events made Fox News.

Just another day in the Middle East.

Terrorism In Saudi Arabia

I understand the concern of America’s social media over events in Syria and Iraq where ISIS is beheading people, murdering and raping, and having a jolly time this Xmas proving that infidels fail to adhere to the precepts of the Muslim religion. There is no doubt that terrorism is among the key events in the Middle East, but for some reason, few Americans are paying attention to the outbreak of terrorism in Saudi
Arabia. As you recall, we feel horror at the use of beheading by ISIS. But, for some strange reason there has never been any out cry of anger at beheading in our deal and faithful ally, Saudi Arabia. For every person who had been beheaded by ISIS, ten were beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

And, how many stories have been presented by Fox News over the latest acts of terrorism in Saudi Arabia? Two female terrorists were caught by Saudi officials. Loujain al-Hathlouli and Maya al-Amoudi were caught red handed for carrying out their terrorism plan in public. These notorious criminals decided to drive their cars! And, to make it worse, they attacked laws of Saudi Arabia on social media. Well, you can sleep in peace tonight, the two terrorists will shortly be before the Terrorist Court where hopefully they will receive a sentence of beheading!

A Chat With Santa

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Santa in the North Pole. He had asked what I want for Xmas, and my reply was to chat with the man who is actually beloved by members of the Tea Party and Barack Obama.

M: So, Santa, is there anything different about this Christmas from previous ones?

S: Well, to tell the truth it has been a rough one. Can you imagine what it is like getting this sleigh across open water when in the old days we had gobs of snow?

M: I hope you are not like those Socialist Liberals always complaining about the sol-called global warming?

S: Santa cares about all folks, whether or not they be liberals, socialists, or wealthy.

M: So, what did you bring to those working on Wall Street?

S: Actually,nothing. They already got their Xmas present in November. Bonuses and new laws to prevent them from paying any taxes.

M: Are you against those job creators?

S: Well, it would sort of help if we Santas got some health benefits, carrying those loads is mighty tough on my back.

M: I have always wondered if Santa ever got angry at anyone?

S: Have you ever dealt with little Teddie Cruz, he gets so angry if I leave some presents at the homeless shelter. He claims I am encouraging laziness and giving the money of those with wealth to a bunch of bums who live off the work of others. A real gem is little Teddie.

M: How do you feel about President Obama?

S: That is one curious dude. He could use a present of a good speech writer. I call him the Great Miscommunicator.

M: Anything for Vladimir Putin?

S: Vodka and a muzzle for his mouth is the best I can do.

M: Anything for Sarah Palin or Ms. Bachmann?

S: A bear to wrestle for Sarah and a history book for the woman who could use a bit of knowledge.

M: What can I get for you?

S: Snow would help.

ISIS Got A Prisoner!

It was simply a matter of time before a plane was shot down or experienced engine failure before a pilot bombing ISIS positions fell into their hands. A plane flown by a pilot from Jordan, Lt. Muadhi al Kasabeh, age 26, was captured when he ejected from his jet and landed in a lake where he was captured by joyous ISIS soldiers. Videos depict them leading the pilot with arms draped around the shoulder of the downed pilot. So, what is next on the agenda of life?

1. Republican Congressmen will blame President Obama for not preventing planes from having engine problems.

2. Republican Congressmen will blame President Obama for allowing planes to be shot down by ISIS.

3. Fox News will have an interview with Dick Cheney who will point out that under the Administration of George Bush no pilot was shot down!

4. Fox News commentators will demand sending in Special Forces to free the pilot.

5. President Obama will urge calm in America, then head for Hawaii for his vacation.

6. There will not be a single demonstration in the US, after all, he is a Jordanian.

7. ISIS will promise a beheading and tease the world with several mock trials.

8. Vladimir Putin will offer to go in by himself and free the pilot.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Some enjoy a life of anger and hate.

Some await coming of the Lord. Me, I prefer coming to the Lord.

I do not like people near me when in McDonalds.

Some flee from happiness.

I miss the days when I only had two choices about what to eat.

Some fold hands when another is speaking.

Gang credo of my childhood: “never pick on a smaller kid, that is the mark of a coward.

People need moments of peace during the day.

Children love having picture taken.

Tall women walk with determined look.