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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if all planets have hot and cold regions.

Some seek summer warmth, some seek winter cold.

Humans are territorial from birth.

We are prisoners of our emotions.

In the end, we are who we became in life.

Sometimes too much, too soon.

Sometimes too little, too late.

Sometimes, nothing.

Parents follow the child into the play area.

For Americans, there is never enough of anything.

For the elderly, just another day suffices.

There ARE things money can not buy.

Always reward love with love.

There are times to run like hell.

Some are born old.

Some are born young at heart.

War Against Women In America

I continue reading articles in publications of those sympathetic to the Teas Party who repeatedly insist “the government” is intruding into the lives of ordinary American citizens. They hate the new Affordable Care Act because “the government” is forcing people to have health insurance. In other words, Conservatives in America are AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT INTRUDING INTO THE LIVES OF CITIZENS. That is quite clear to me. So, could a Republican conservative please explain a new law that soon will become passed by the legislature and signed by the Republican governor. Under the proposed law if a pregnant woman uses an illegal drug that does harm to the foetus, she faces up to 15 years in jail. However, those who oppose “the government” getting into our lives most probably support this law which allows THE GOVERNMENT to tell pregnant women how to behave!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes the proposed law because it fears that “drug enforcement policies that deter women from seeking prenatal care area contrary to the health of a mother or foetus.” A woman who becomes confused might so fear taking a legal drug that she would impair her chances for a healthy pregnancy. Enough of THE GOVERNMENT intruding in our lives.

It fascinates me that conservatives never appear interested in passage of laws that pertain to males or the manner in which men engage in sexual activities. Heck, it is the prostitute who winds up in jail, not the guy who uses his penis!

Tea Party Defies American People!

Mr. Cliven Bundy is a determined citizen who intends to secure his rights as an American to live off the land owned by the American people and not pay a damned single penny. Pseudo heroes have rallied around the latest “hero” of Fox News and the Tea Party. Mr. Bundy has a melon ranch and runs hundreds of cattle on land that is the property of this nation, not that of another corporation out to make money for itself. The process of saving western lands began under the regime of that notorious SOCIALIST –President Theodore Roosevelt, a REPUBLICAN. Teddy wanted to prevent greedy capitalists from taking over land that should be held in trust for future generations of Americans. Thus, was born great national parks and efforts to protect wild life and the soil of America.

The Bureau of Land Management charges ranchers who seek to graze the land $1.35 per month for each cattle. Without this grazing land, ranchers would have to pay much larger sums in order to provide food for their cattle. Mr. Bundy now owes $1.1 million and insists that he can have his cattle graze without paying for grazing American land. Naturally, hundreds of Tea Party zealots are rallying against “the government” and are armed and ready to blast away at Federal agents. “Come Stand With Us For Freedom” is their banner. Once again, the wealthy refuse to pay even minimum charges to their government. Once again, the wealthy only have one concern-MAKE MONEY OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

How To Start A War?

In late August, 1939, some Nazi German soldiers dressed in uniforms of the Polish army attacked a German outpost on the border of Poland. Naturally, Adolf Hitler had to “defend Germany against attacks by the Polish army,” and thus began World War II in Europe. In April, 2014, pro Russian militants established road blocks in the country of Ukraine and suddenly according to one man, “four cars pulled up to our roadblock. We wanted to conduct a check and then they opened fire on us with automatic weapons.” A few days ago an agreement had been reached between Russia, the US and the European Union which called for an end to violence in eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine government denies opening fire on anyone, but it does insist that Ukraine soldiers should be in charge of Ukraine territory.

We await a speech by President Vladimir Putin in which the bare chested leader announces that Russian troops must invade the Ukraine in order to “protect Russian citizens” from the Ukraine government. I guess that means Mexico can send troops into the United States to protect Mexican citizens from the American government.

US Congress Opposes Peace

The government of Iran is furious at recent action by the United States government which refused to grant a visa to the person its government nominated to be their delegate to the United Nations. Hamid Aboutelabi is charged with the crime of being involved with seizure of American hostages in 1979 and thus poses a risk to the security of the United States of America. This denial of what is a normal process was caused by actions of the United States Congress where both Republicans and Democrats seek money from the Israel lobby and if Benjamin Netanyahu sneezes then it is incumbent upon American congressmen to run for a handkerchief. This is disgraceful behavior. Leading nations of the world are engaged in diplomatic discussions with Iran in order to avoid the prospect of a nuclear race in the Middle East. And, the ignorant people in our Congress allow prejudice and desire for money to stand ahead of the world’s need for peace.

I assume if we return to 1979 for war criminals, how about:

1. Ronald Reagan who provided aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein.

2. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney who authorized torture which was in violation of international law?

3. The British for killing Americans during the War of 1812.

Disgusting behavior!

Latest On MH370

For some strange reason, the CNN constant coverage of the missing MH370 flight has not been continued every moment of the day and night. After all, we still have not seen every square mile of the Indian ocean, and few images have been displayed about the Atlantic ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. I am disturbed at lack of reporting about strange noises that I heard coming from a strange car that followed me into my apartment complex. I distinctly heard a “ping noise” emanating from this car. Why no follow up? I realize they are searching for a “black box” but I have yet to hear any mention of a “yellow box” or an “orange box.” How come there is only concern about a “black box?” I suspect this is simply another piece of evidence that when a crime is committed one should look in the direction of “black things of folks.”

Angus Houston, who does not come from the city of Houston, Texas, is in charge of the search for this black thing that sends out a “ping” sound. There are unconfirmed reports a ping has been heard in waters near the city of Perth in Australia. I am shocked that CNN did not have a morning discussion as to the significance of this ping sound. I so miss those pert blond haired girls on Fox News who so love to pretend they know something about ping sounds. Of course, most of them believe the ping sound is proof that someone is playing ping pong.

Anyway, this is the absolute latest from Angus Houston: “There has been no major breakthrough in the search.” Great news. Why? Because he did NOT say there was no minor breakthrough in the search!

Death Drones On In Yemen

A drone killed some people in Yemen over the weekend. Any discussion of drone attacks encounters the problem as to whether or not those killed were terrorists and the issue as to how does the United States definitely conclude that men riding in a car definitely are terrorists bound for some evil action. US officials insist that “at least nine militants are dead” as a result of a drone that was hovering over the area for at several days. According to the officiaL version, and who can contradict the official version, there was a car with “terrorist elements on board who were planning to target civil and military institutions.” Now, who can be against preventing such attacks, given that the information came from “officials” employed by the United States government?

I am slightly unclear as to what is meant by “terrorist elements.” Does this mean they were people or something that falls under the name of “elements?” How did the US know for certain these men were terrorists? Oh, a local medical doctor claims that at least three civilians who had nothing to do with terrorism also died. But, the good news is the civilians were not “elements” so who cares!

Mitchell Enhances His Interrogation

James Mitchell is a psychologist, you know, one of those people who sits and talks with you, poses questions to get your mind thinking of new ways to approach old problems, and views himself as a person who is committed to aiding others attain self knowledge. However, he was hired by the CIA to assist with designing the “enhanced interrogation” procedures which supposedly enabled the American government to capture bad people. A recent report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee argued that “enhanced interrogation” never led to arrests or aided in the war against terrorism. Naturally James does not have much faith in those who dwell in the halls of Congress rather than in the dark rooms of some prison. As he noted, “the people on the ground did the best they could with the way they understood the law at the time. You can’t ask someone to put his life on the line and think and make a decision without the benefit of hindsight and then eviscerate them ten years later.”

Fair enough. However, during WWII when the United States fought against the best army in the world, Nazi Germany, or a hard fighting group of soldiers like the Japanese, we did NOT employ enhanced interrogation methods. Our Intelligence drew upon psychological approaches that avoided torture and their results were outstanding. Sorry James, but during Basic Training in 1951 we were informed on at least three occasions that torture was NOT permissible. We were living in the aftermath of the Nuremberg Trials which sent those who employed torture to jail or to their death.

So, exactly what was not known about torture several years ago??

Online Crime A Crime

I work online writing this blog but spend few hours actually engaged in any sort of interaction with those whose lives is centered in chatting with people who may or may not exist in the world of the Internet. There is something strange about the process of talking with people who may or may not actually exist and sharing your intimate secrets. Mohammad Hasan Khalid was a 15 year old boy who was physically ill and decided that he wanted to become involved in the outside world. He contacted Colleen LaRose whose fictional name was, “Jihad Jane,” and these two teenagers decided to engage in the act of killing a Swedish cartoonist, Lars Vilk, who had printed a cartoon in which the head of the Prophet Muhammad had been placed on the body of a dog. Silly, yes, criminal, no. The FBI monitored the two teens as they ranted and planned a crime that never was carried into action. Jihad Jane wound up with a ten year sentence while young Khalid was just convicted and sent to jail.

His lawyer, Jeffrey Lindy, noted that Mohammad was only fifteen when he began to plot something that would nor could ever become implemented. He was engaged in Internet bravado in which young people play at being heroes or villains. As Mr. Lindy noted: “The FBI used a kid who was extraordinarily vulnerable” and they wound up ruining his life, or should we agree the boy was encouraged to ruin his life.

No invention since the birth of humanity has the potential to transform children into villains and murderers. Of course, they never murder anyone, just with their words. Off with their heads!

Boko Haram Goes On Killing

The other day I printed a story about how the Boko Haram in Nigeria had kidnapped over 100 girls from the Governments Secondary School in Borno state in Nigeria. About twenty girls somehow jumped off trucks and disappeared into the dark where local villagers saved them and got them back home. The Nigerian army yesterday claimed at least 100 girls had been recaptured, but now admits the only “recaptured girls” are those who jumped from the truck. The stark truth is the so-called “Nigerian Army” is a collection of disorganized men led by a group of incompetent graft ridden collection of officers who best know how to steal oil in order to make gobs of money. It is estimated close to 30% of the Nigerian oil production winds up in the hands of corrupt officials. Nigeria is led by President Goodluck Jonathan whose only luck is to be the president so that he can ignore how friends –and enemies, steal and rob each day of the week.

My greatest confusion is lack of any comment from Nigerian religious leaders. Not a word,not a declaration of anger toward Boko Haram which kills in the name of the Prophet or of God of of their belief that anyone who desires a modern education is simply an unbeliever. Boko Haram translates into” Western Education is Forbidden.” But, these men drive in trucks made with Western education and blast away with weapons made with Western education and murder in the best Western education tradition. What exactly about Western Education do these nuts dislike?

And, where are the voices of men of God?