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Philippine Police Gone Crazy

Believe it or not, but a Donald Trump clone has been elected president of the Philippines. Rodrigo Détente talks like Donald, he threatens like Donald, he has the same respect for law as Donald, but, in this case, he IS the president of a nation. Duterte has told police, he has told the armed forces, heck, he has told any vigilante who wants to settle a score with someone that all they have to do is claim that person is a drug dealer. “If you follow my orders you can’t have any problems. I will not allow any soldier or policeman to get jailed.

Pregnant Ruth Jane Tomdno,was in bed with her husband and children when the door burst open, and some men with masks entered. They “killed my husband like a pig.” It turned out they  shot the wrong person, he husband was NOT a drug dealer. However, the masked men will probably get a financial reward, and, if soldiers, a medal for bravery.”

Worst Week Or Best Week?

There are some pundits who actually believe the past few days have not been the best for Donald Trump. Within three days he shifted his position about abortion from supporting it for those who were raped to demanding punishment for women who had an abortion to demanding that doctors who performed the abortion be sent to jail or whatever. He also made clear that the man who knocked up the girl and got her pregnant was simply an innocent bystander.

A Trump adviser now argues: During the week they(media) labeled the ‘worse week ever,’we increased our support by over 15 percent. What is the question they(media) cannot grasp? America is sick of their idiot attacks.” Absolutely. It is time for Donald Trump to take on the ESTABLISHMENT! You know those guys and gals who  give Donald Trump over two billon dollars worth of free advertisements. Without the Media ESTABLISHMENT, Donald would be back on TV firing people.

Down Argentine Way

Argentine is that country at the tip of South America. Believe it or not, but in 1900 many people believed that Argentine would become themes important nation in the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately, on the way toward that goal, the people of Argentine got messed up with some petty pseudo dictators like General Juan Peron and his wife, Eva. –There is a musical about her life. Juan discovered a way to gain the support of most voters. Need higher pensions–you got it. Need shorter work hours–you got it. Just adore dear old Adolf Hitler–yes, indeed. For over half the century one imitation Peron after another has wrecked the Argentine economy. The latest being Cristina Fernandez Kirchner.

Poor Christina could not run again so a stooge named Daniel Scioli is running and he is currently behind a challenger named Mauricio Macrisi. His slogan is: “Let’s Change.” Yes indeed, it might be nice for the people of Argentine to actually have a government that focuses upon democracy and human justice. After seventy years that would be a welcome change.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


These days Pope Francis sounds most like Karl Marx.

The only American leaders who match the goals of Pope Francis are Sanders and Obama.

As a Jew, I so wish we had a Pope Francis somewhere in our religion.

I doubt if Catholics on Wall Street this week will go to Mass.

Strange as it must seem, but only a Catholic from Latin America is fighting for the poor.

I wonder what Pope Francis thinks about Donald Trump-“dung of the devil?”

Now,how about women in the Catholic Church??

Let’s Be A Macho Man

There is an attitude that is quite prevalent in many Latin American societies, and it refers to the behavior of its male inhabitants. They so love to demonstrate their power over women in order to prove they are stronger and more virile than any female in the area. The Macho Man syndrome is very apparent in the land of Argentine. Guys not only strut down the street displaying their manly bodies, but they want to make certain that women know who is the boss. Fourteen year old Chiara Paez was a young girl who went around with a sixteen year old Macho man, and the end to their relationship was a tragedy that is all too common for young women who have the misfortune to be inhabitants of Macho Land.

Her body was found badly beaten with blows to the head and other areas. Traces of a drug were found which is usually associated with an abortion. Her sixteen year old boy friend is now charged with femicide since he beat the hell out of her and made certain whatever was living within her body was definitely dead. It is clear that his mother and stepfather assisted in this murder. Current figures in Argentine are that at least 237 women died of femicide. Just a lot of Macho Men who want to make clear they can beat up women!

A Train Too Fast

By now, the entire American nation knows about the wreck of an Amtrack train that was going too fast and wound up in a wreck with the loss of at least eight people. The story captured my attention. NO,not the fact that there had been a train wreck. NO, not the fact that several people are dead. NO, the figure that jumped out to me was that the train was “going too fast at the speed of a hundred miles an hour.” Hell, there have been trains for years that go over a hundred miles an hour. But, in the United States of America, a train that runs at the speed of 100 miles per hour is “going too fast.” In countries like China or France, there are trains that go over 300 miles an hour. Heck, in Japan there trains go faster than one hundred miles an hour.

What has happened to the USA? We used to boast about our fast trains and planes. We used to boast about our wonderful interstate road system. But, we now have Republicans who vote against any bill that will rebuild our infrastructure. Ironically, it was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who created the interstate road system and raised taxes to accomplish that task. Oh, for the day when we can say thatourtrain was ONLY going 300 miles per hour!

Deal Might Be Winning Hand

Talks continue between leading nations of the world and Iran over issues of nuclear development. This discussion has now gone on for over a year, but there are no some signs that an agreement could be reached. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed an optimistic view of the possibility of resolving the conflict between his nation and the world. “We believe that we are very close.We are close if the political decision can be made to get to yes, as President Obama said.” He also warned that it was time to reach an understanding “once this hysteria is out, this fear mongering is out,” then a deal would be possible. Too many Americans understand that Zarif and President Rouhani are fighting against forces in Iran which seek to continue conflict and war in hope that one day Iran will possess an atomic weapon and then…

Reality: one day Iran will get an atomic bomb. The issue is not wether Iran gets one, but which leaders run the government? If the Iranian people can finally elect leaders who seek peace and prosperity, then the issue of whether such a government has or does not have an atomic bomb will not be a major issue.

Tales Of Bill O’Reilly In Combat

There is one thing that is certain in life, those who adhere to the Republican Party are the bravest folk in our land. They are also the wisest people in our land since they alone know that Barack Obama was born in another land and simply lacks guts to do anything. Bill is still upset because some reporters challenged his accounts of being a man under fire in Argentine during the Falkland Island wars back in the 1980s. It now appears that not only did Bill confront terrorists in Argentine, but he also went face to face with bad people who murdered several nuns in El Salvador. According to Bill: “I was in El Salvador when I saw nuns get shot in the back of the head.” He went on to say that he arrived in El Salvador to work for CBS early in 1981.

Now, this is one great story. Bill arrived in El Salvador in 1981 to see the nuns get shot. There is one slight problem with this story. The nuns got shot in 1980. I do apologize for being picky, but I thought reporters were duty bound to check facts. Oh, in 2009, Bill told WVVH-TV that he arrived in El Salvador just after the nuns got shot.

Now, you know why Fox News hired Bill.

Bill’s Battle Stories

Each day another prominent Republican makes our day by recounting their bravery during a time of crisis. Rudy has made clear that he alone saved New York City from the horror of 9/11 and now
Bill O’Reilly wants America to praise him for the battle he waged in the city of Buenos Aires during the Falkland war. The Falkland Islands lie about a hundred miles off the shore of Argentine, and Bill never actually stepped foot on any of them, but he undoubtedly is a hero of that struggle. According to Bill, he watched police in the capital city confront mobs of protesters and they were fifing teargas at those who opposed the war. Naturally, this means being in Buenos Aires while what ‘FIGHTING’ there was occurred a hundred miles away places one in a “combat zone.” Of course, during World War II I was a child in New York
city where I confronted Nazi tanks and guns.

Bill is very upset at those who question his bravery. He yelled at a Emily Steel, a reporter, that she had better report his heroism or face the consequences. If she did not tell the truth about his heroism, “i’m coming a after you with everything I have. You can be certain it is a threat.” Some fight with guns, and Bill fights with bull shit. I suggest that Bill and Rudy form a firm that gives presentations on how to make money by recounting tales of being in a combat zone.

“General” Bill O’Reilly In Action

About thirty years ago a great war raged in the Falkland Islands which lie off the coast of Argentine. This epic struggle held the future of the world in its hands as British and Argentine soldiers clashed with one another. Over the years, Bill O’Reilly has discussed his bravery reporting the battles of this great conflict. David Corn, editor of the magazine Mother Jones, now claims this man who nightly reports the “News” on Fox News sort of embellished his role in this conflict. “For years O’ Reilly has recounted dramatic stories about his own war reporting that don’t stand up to scrutiny when claiming he acted heroically in a war zone that he apparently never stepped foot on.” Apparently he reported the Falkland ISLAND story while in Buenos Aires.

Bill is very upset at another of these LIBERAL smear campaigns to destroy his heroic actions in this conflict. After all, he could look out the window of his hotel and see the islands. Surely, this brave act counts as being in a war zone! Now about Brian Williams…