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Ambassadors Galore In Obama Administration

Republicans and Democrats constantly argue over issues of the day, but there is one topic that both parties are united on–who and how we appoint people to become ambassadors to other nations in the world. As I recall, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if elected to the office of president, there would be an end to lobbyists having power in the government. He was going to “reform” the way politics is played in our nation. So, here is the record about recent people nominated to become an ambassador to another country:

Recently retired Senator Max Baucus: “I am no expert on China.” Now you know why he will become the ambassador to China.
George Tsunis: has never been to Norway and identified the Progress party as a fringe organization in the country. It is the ruling coalition which governs the nation.
Mr. Manet: he has never been to Argentina but why should that disqualify him from becoming an ambassador to that nation?
Robert Barber: he does know there is a nation called, Iceland, he does know that it is somewhere east of the United States, but he really has never been there. Two out of three must qualify for being an ambassador.

Just Say “Yes” Say Falklanders!

Rumors are flying that police in the Falkland Islands are searching throughout the land for the three people who voted “no” on the proposition as to whether those on the Falkland islands should remain part of the British empire. OK, so 99.8% voted “yes.” But, that was not 100% which should provide the government of Argentine opportunity to demand a recount. Me, I am from New York City where in one election, Al Smith, our beloved governor became upset when five people in a precinct did not vote the straight Democratic line.

We on this planet have a few problems, wars, disease, hunger and relgious strive. Hopefully, the government of Argentine does not  seek to add a new one-if three want Argentine, then  the people of Argentine have the right to take over the Falkland Islands!

Was God Angry At America?

I inhabit a world in which whatever happens in life is caused by an old man up in the sky. Christian Americans are in daily contact with God although my attempts to call only result in a busy signal. I think this might be the result of God being an anti-Semite. The recent arrival of Hurricane Sandy was greeted by Christian clerics who hate Barack Obama as a sign the old man up there is a Republican who does not want black Muslims who were born in Africa to lead the American nation. For  some ironic reason they appear to agree with their Muslim buddies over in the Middle East.

Egyptian hard  line cleric, Wagdi Ghoneim explained the appearance of Sandy. “In my opinion it is revenge from God for the beloved prophet. I assume he means the recent film by an idiot in America which blasts the prophet. Another Muslim critic referred to Sandy as a “divine wind which was sent to destroy the infidels in New York City and elsewhere.

First, God tells we Jews to get out of Egypt. Then God sends Jews to the desert and makes certain we bypass oil places,and now God is mad at Americans for being Christian infidels. I wish God would make up his mind. At least I can thank God that Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin have his ear. So, girls, how come for the divine wind?

Romney Wins In New Hampshire?

An election was held in the state of New Hampshire. Mitt, Newt, Rick, Rick, Jon, and Ron submitted their names to Republicans in order to decide which one of the clowns should be allowed to perform come this November.  Mitt spent a few million and came away with about 37% of the vote with Ron trailing behind with about about 24%. Rick S. got 10% while Rick P. got about 1%. There is suspicion voters regarded his name as a substitute for “none of the above.”

Jon Huntsman got 17% which thrilled him so much that it was clear victory will be his reward for submitting to participate in “debates.” Everyone is on to South Carolina. New Hampshire voters came away from this experience knowing the Republican Party:

1. Inherited a National Debt in 2001 of $5 Trillion and left office in 2008 with a National Debt of $12 Trillion is committed to end the national debt.

2. Will provide jobs for everyone. Of course, when they assumed control of the government our unemployment rate was about 6% and when they left it was over 10%, but elect them once again to ensure low unemployment rates.

3. Inherited a budget which has a surplus of about $400 billion and left office turning over to Barack Obama a budget which had a deficit of about $1.2 Trillion so elect them to office in order to get a balanced budget.

I trust things are clear to one and all as to why Americans should elect Republicans in order to balance budgets, end national debts and get people back to work.

End US Drug Policy?

Bolivian President Evo Morales urged Latin American nations to end their cooperation with the disastrous drug policies of the United States of America. “If the United States can certify or decertify, why can’t UNASUR(Union of South American Nations) decertify the United States if the origin of drug trafficking is US consumption of  cocaine?”

The United States government is furious at lack of cooperation from Bolivia in combating drugs,  and has threatened sanctions. Cocaine is widely used in his nation. On the other hand,  cocaine is widely used in the United States of America but no one speaks of decertifying the good old USA!

If the USA wants to destroy the drug traffic, step one is legalizing drugs in their own nation. This action would not only end drug lords but would help pay for the current national debt.

Strauss Kahn Can’t Escape

Dominique Strauss Kahn(DSK) is a powerful man who used to head the International Monetary Fund and was considered a strong candidate to become president of his nation. The weird events surrounding his encounter with a maid at a New York City hotel are still being debated although it appears likely the District Attorney will drop rape charges. DSK was all smiles yesterday but a report from France suggests he might prefer remaining in America rather than returning to his love lives in France. The very attractive author, Tristan Banon has indicated she might file rape charges stemming from an encounter with the virile man who tried to unbutton her jeans while ripping off her bra. At the time, she decided not to create a “scene” and remained quiet. However, events in New York aroused her desire for action.

Although one spending a year in France, this blogger admits not to be in the class of French lovers. DSK has power, he has money, he has important friends. For some reason, left wingers who support Palestinian rights simply do not care one bit for the rights of women. I suspect if Ms. Banon went ahead with her charges, DSK would never see the inside of a jail.

Right vs Left In Peru Election

The presidential election in Peru is a classic left vs right choice in which the population appears to be leaning slightly to the left of things. Former general Ollanta Humala lost his bid several years ago because of anti-capitalist rhetoric and fears he was Hugo Chavez, light. His opponent, Keiko Fujimori carried the burden of a father who was ruthless while president and violated the Constitution in his determination to have all power to rule. Early poll results indicate that Humala most probably will win the election by about three percentage points. The stock market is reacting with a downward trend due to fears he seeks to impose a government modeled after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela whose authoritarian rule is gradually eroding democratic rule in the nation.

Humala would be wise not to gaze north but to gaze east toward Brazil. Brazilian business interests feared the election of Lula but once in power, he made certain there would be no take over of the business section and democracy would be respected. Look in that direction, general.

Are Trains An Example Of Socialism?

Every so often one comes across another statement by those supporting the Republican Party which raises questions not only about their intelligence but about their knowledge of American history. George Will, an intelligent man and one versed in history, wrote a column condemning President Obama’s request for high speed trains as an example of Socialism in action because it furthers the concept of “collectivism.” I assume Will means forcing people to use the same means of transportation. I assume George Will is familiar with actions by that noted, “Socialist,” Abraham Lincoln to fund construction of the inter-continental railroad in order to allow the West to be settled and assist individual farmers in getting their produce to market. Of course, little did western farmers realize by using railroads instead of getting in their wagons and driving their crops to market they were simply agents of SOCIALISM! One can understand opposition to construction of high speed railroads, but when knowledgeable people like George Will write this type of argument, it makes one wonder if all Republicans have gone stark raving mad.

I was raised in New York City, which like Chicago or San Francisco or a dozen other cities had subways and trolleys to convey people. Little did we know by using these means of transportation we were being denied of our right to drive a car and further individualism in America. Is stupidity a disease which can only be caught by card carrying members of the Republican Party?

Send Palestinians South Said Rice!

The impact of Wikileaks continues to reverberate throughout the world, and now it has created new issues concerning the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly told Palestinian negotiators the refuge problem could be solved by sending Palestinian refugees to either Argentine or Chile which already host hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Most probably, Rice did not know that the vast majority of Palestinians in South America were Christian as are the vast majority of Palestinians in America who arrived before the 1960s. Palestinian leaders in Chile were shocked by the suggestion which they, politely termed, “wrong.” Argentine leaders were very blunt and termed the Rice proposal”an extension of a long campaign of ethnic cleansing.” Naturally, release of these comments has aroused anger among Palestinians who do not know if their negotiators gave serious consideration to the American proposal.

Ironically, Christian Palestinians, as has been the case among Iraq Christians, have been confronted by prejudice and violence –not by Israelis–but by their Muslim neighbors. Half the Iraq Christian population has fled the country since 2003 to escape violence at the hands of Muslim religious fanatics.

From Desegregation To Ending DADT

Those of us who lived through the end of segregation in the armed forces understand the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which prevents gay and lesbian soldiers from serving will end, not with a bang, but with a whimper. I served in the US army during the Korean War and wound up working on the desegregation plan for the US 7th Army in Germany. There were some white soldiers who opposed the concept of having black soldiers in their units, but after we told them their choice was being in an integrated unit in Germany or being in an integrated unit in the mountains of Korea the overwhelming majority decided having a black bunk mate was not that awful. I recall the day our first Negro soldier entered the headquarters and within days, boys from Georgia and Alabama and Virginia were playing basketball with him on the “Southern team” which played against the “Yankee team.” Oh, there were cries of ending military discipline, there were worries our fighting men would not perform well if whites had to fight alongside black skinned men, but they fought together in the hills of Korea and they shared water and blood transfusions.

The issue of ending DADT is not whether it will occur, but when. Every survey offers proof the majority of Americans accept ending this stupid law. We Americans have changed regarding ideas about gays and lesbians and it is time the John McCain types in Congress accept reality. After all, who in 1951 would have imagined a Colin Powell would one day lead our US Army?