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Mosque Issue Angers Muslim

As right wing pundits denounce the betrayal of those who died on 9/11 and demand an end to any consideration of allowing Muslims to construct a new mosque where a current mosque exists, this explosion of anger and hate sends a message throughout the world. In Afghanistan, General David Petraeus argues the United States cares about Muslims and is able to differentiate between terrorists, who are a tiny minority, and the vast majority of peaceful Muslim citizens. Of course, he now has to explain to people who are told by the Taliban and al-Qaeda that Americans despise the Muslim people. A carefully orchestrated program of hatred has been initiated by Fox News and the Republican Party for one reason– destroy the Democratic party and persuade Americans that President Obama is a secret Muslim agent of al-Qaeda. Yesterday, newspapers in Indonesia, Kuwait, Egypt, and a dozen other Muslim nations reported how Muslims are being depicted in the US media and Congress. How does a Muslim react to Newt Gingrich comparing Muslims to Nazi, Germany, or ministers who refer to their religion as one centered in hate and intolerance.

This outpouring of of invective is rather strange coming from Christians who were responsible for the murder of six million Jews during WWII, the murder of over fifty million in their conquest of the New World, their destruction of Indian people in the American west, and one could throw in a few Inquisitions. The message from American leaders is coming across –do not trust Muslims. If a Muslim in Saudi Arabia commits a crime, then all Muslims in the world are equally guilty. If one used this logic regarding Germans, then the obvious conclusion is: since the German nation killed six million Jews and over thirty million other people during WWII, including gays, lesbians and Roma, every single person in the USA of German heritage is also guilty of these crimes. I can not understand how we allow the German language to be taught in schools!

Just remember, the only good German is a dead one.

Respect Dignity Of Prostitutes

The Chinese police recently issues a warning to police officers to respect the dignity of prostitutes while enforcing laws against prostitution. This is an admirable thought and, hopefully, it will be considered by Americans this fall when they go to the polls. We have a Congress filled with men and women who daily prostitute themselves before the gods of business in order to secure money that allows them to remain in office in order that they can obtain money from business lobbyists in order to get elected. It it time for a federal law to protect the rights of members of Congress who are among the most blatant prostitutes on this planet. Most prostitutes seek the cover of darkness or hidden corners in order to ply their wares. Congressmen hit out for the most expensive restaurant, not only to get an expensive meal, but the money they need for continuing in public office. Of course, while on the subject of selling out for money, we could include the executive branch.

Of course, when considering the president and his associates, the easiest way to get them to do anything is simply to loudly shout: “If you don’t do as I say, it will be on Fox News, tonight. What does on term prostituting oneself before Fox News?

It’s OK To Be Gay In Argentine

One has images of Argentine in which people are dancing a samba or lovers embracing to the sound of music. Perhaps, I am a romantic, but Buenos Aires has always been a symbol of love and laughter. The Argentine legislature passed a bill that makes legal gay and lesbian marriages and confers all legal rights to match those now possessed by heterosexual couples. The vote was 33 to 27 and the long deferred rights for gays and lesbians is now official. The Catholic Church was adamantly against the law, but was unable to prevent it from happening. Argentine simply joins a host of other countries which have turned away from ancient beliefs and powerful emotions. Ironically, humans have most probably employed every form of sexual relationship during our evolutionary process.

Relax, people of Argentine, the sun will arise tomorrow and night will fall. In fact, there will be more couples dancing the samba.

If There’s Oil, We Care

The Falkland islands lie thousands of miles away from the United Kingdom and it is doubtful if during the past twenty years anyone in England has spent a second of their daily lives feeling proud these islands are part of what once was known as the British Empire. But, recent geological reports indicate the Falkland islands just might possibly posses large amounts of oil off its shores. For decades, Argentine has insisted the islands belong to them and even engaged in a disastrous war over that issue in the 1980s. Prime Minister David Cameron has the misfortune during the G-20 meeting to come in contact with Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner, gave a nod and later issued a statement making clear, the issue of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands is not open for discussions or even a conversation.

Cameron was in a feisty mood and even had a statement issued telling the government of Iran “we expect the government of Iran to respect the rule of law and freedom of expression as outlined in the international parties to which Iran is a party.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Argentine and the UK could jointly develop oil deposits and witness success between two nations working together?

US ‘War On Drugs” Policy Kaput!

The tide of drug madness has finally crested in Latin America as several nations move toward decriminalizing the use of drugs by people. In Argentine, the Supreme Court ruled that “each adult is free to make decisions without intervention of the state” and if they desire to smoke marijuana for their own use, it is perfectly legal. Mexico is moving toward decriminalizing and there are reports a similar effort is underway in Brazil and Ecuador. Former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso who has been urging an end to the criminalization of drugs noted: “the tide is clearly turning” because the famous US strategy of a “war on crime” has failed.

In the 1970s, President Nixon launched the war on crime and in 2001, President Bush initiated the war on terrorism. These wars suffer from the same problem– they have no rationale in reality since people daily use drugs purchased legally at the pharmacy that are similar to those deemed, “illegal.” The only thing the war on drugs accomplished was to enrich drug lords and cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars each year. The only thing the war on terror ever accomplished was to increase the number and power of terrorists.

How about Barack Obama truly ushering a new era in which government has a monopoly on use of drugs like marijuana and uses that power to further drug education, not drug incarceration?

Is It Noble To Fight Wars?

The ceremony is over, the speech has been given and President Barack Obama is headed back to Washington to deal with more important matters than talking about the beauty of peace. Arguments over whether or not he should have received the Nobel Prize for peace will no longer dominate the world media. He has the prize and it will soon be safe in America. Conservative critics most probably will keep this story alive for several months while they declaim about the horror of awarding a peace award to a novice in the business of war and peace. After all, no peace prize was ever given George Bush even though he expanded parameters of war tenfold more than Obama. No peace prize was given Dick Cheney even though he ensured thousands would die over non existent WMD.

Oh, did I get something wrong? I thought the Nobel Peace prize was given to the individual who did the most to make certain there was no peace? Barack Obama is a nice man, he wants peace and certainly having the desire to fight for peace using the mechanism of war entitles an individual to some recognition. The Obama peace award reminds me of the American officer during the Vietnam war who said he had to destroy the village in order to save the people. I guess if he was alive today he would be in Stockhold on a stage.


Following is a list of jobs for some prominent people:

MICHELLE OBAMA: Model for clothes for tall women.

GEORGE BUSH: Owner of a Christmas tree lot.

GOVERNOR SANFORD: Guide In the Argentine National Forest.

GLENN BECK: Head of Devil Worshippers of America.

NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATOR: Hit man for the Mafia.

MANNY RAMIREZ: Steroid manufacturer.

JOHN MCCAIN: Admiral of the Switzerland navy.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: Head of a high class brothel.

AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI: Head of a mosque in an Hassidic neighborhood in Brooklyn.

JOE BIDEN: Director of a retirement home.



NATIVE SON IN ARGENTINE: The story of a poor white boy from South Carolina who found his true love in a cafe in Buenos Aires.

SUN ALSO RISES FOR THE UNEMPLOYED: A science fiction story which depicts a future world in which the needs of the unemployed are paramount.

THE BANKER WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD: A hedge fund operator’s story about deception.

TRAVELS WITH ALEX RODRIGUEZ: The story of a men who travels from team to team accumulating money.

WIZARD OF WALL STREET: Memoirs of Larry Summers.

LIFE PLUS 99: Bernie Madoff reveals the trail of the money. The book is scheduled for publication in 2076.

HEAVEN CAN WAIT: A book dedicated to Americans who invested in the stock market.

TIM THE KID: The story of Timothy Geithner, and how he out shot the evil Wall Street manipulators.

DAS CAPITAL: An updated version of how capitalists screw the people.

STANDING TALL: A day in the life of Don Rumsfeld.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live? Asuncion Anyone?

In a world of conflict, disease and economic disasters impacting people, many are wondering where on this planet is the safest place to relocate. If money is of concern, stay clear of Tokyo which is deemed the most expensive location among large cities, but there is always the cheapest place to go, Asuncion in Paraguay. The cost of living index by Mercer takes into account a variety of measures such as housing, food, clothes, transport, clothing and transportation to arrive at the list. If you seek a nice middle range place to hang your shingle, try Istanbul which now ranks 53rd in the world.

Of course, there don’t appear to be outstanding religious conflicts in Paraguay which is mainly Catholic and the people would certainly welcome money from Protestants, Muslims or Jews as long as these groups don’t bring along their racial and religious conflicts. An unknown factor this year arises from rapid decline in housing prices caused by economic decline. Who knows, you might wind up commuting from Istanbul to Asuncion and still have some cash left over for goodies.


We believe Governor Mark Sanford is entitled to find that true love he so desperately seeks in life. Following are some suggestions for the moral leader of South Carolina.

A street corner in New Jersey containing ladies of the day or night.

A conservative Republican women’s convention.

An Alaska moonlight cruise with Sarah Palin.

A Mexican rendevous with Martha Stewart.

A Jewish Princess encounter at a bah mitzvah on Long Island.

A strip joint in Harlem.

Crossing over at a Gay convention.

24 hours on an Internet porn site.

Becoming Ann Coulter’s lap dog.

A night at the opera with a big breasted opera singer.