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Alberto Nisman Is Dead

Alberto Nisman is dead. There is no doubt his name is unknown in the United States of America. But, this brave Argentinian prosecutor was working to uncover a plot by his government to make secret arrangements with there government of Iran in order to prevent the real story emerging how Iranian send terrorists into Argentine in 1994 to blow up a Jewish center and cause the death of 85 people. The government of President Fernandez undoubtedly offered Iran protection against prosecution of their terrorists in return for trade agreements. Nisman was ready to present his case to the Congress of Argentine when two nights ago his body was found with a gun on the floor. Outside were guards who supposedly protected him against those seeking to murder a brave man whose only thought was the truth, regardless of who suffered from revealing that information.,

President Fernandez admits that it was not a suicide. However, she insists that her government had nothing to do with the murder. She claims there is a plot to smear her name. The only “plot” is the one of the government of Argentine to trade the lives of Argentine Jews for money. Hopefully, the Argentine Congress will allow the Nisman report to be published!

It’s Not The East, It’s Up North!

Ah, problems in the Middle East, ah, problems with Russia, ah, problems with Ebola in Africa, but, who knows, perhaps, the solution is to go South and create a problem that we can solve. President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, heck with a name like that, who even has the time to dwell on this problem, anyway, she gave rambling twisting chat on television that ranged over many topics. But, she wanted the people of Argentine to know that someone is out to get her. “Ifs something should happen to me, don’t look to the Middle East, look to the north.” And, who else in the North but the good old USA is on her mind. For some reason, Chris things President Barack Obama is looking to discover a new enemy.

This woman is been in charge of Argentine for a few years and it has been one economic crisis after another. Heck, last summer, the country just defaulted on debts, but to Chris it is a plot to get her. A few weeks ago she figured out:

Pope Francis comes from Argentine.

She comes from Argentine.

Arab terrorists don’t like the Pope.

Therefore, the United States is out to get her!

Kick Or Pray

The 2014 World Cup has finally drawn to a conclusion which means that about one billion people can get back to the ordinary hum drum of daily life. Writing as an American who simply does not share the fervor that is so often demonstrated in nations that regard who wins the World Cup as among the most important issues in their lives. I appreciate the sport fanatic since I am one. Alas, not for soccer or World Cups, but for my beloved New York Giant football team or my long lasting love affair with the New York Yankees, and my tormented suffering with the New York Knick basketball team. So, I was intrigued by a study conducted in Saudi Arabia by Marian Dujain al-Kadi which reveals that 60% of Saudi females decide which team to root for in the World Cup based on the good or bad looks of players. Of course, in Muslim Saudi Arabia not only are women banned from driving a car, they don’t even have time in school for physical education. One is left wondering do Saudi women have extra energy and are dying to bang away at a football more than even banging away with a man?

The other aspect of the World Cup in Saudi Arabia that captures my attention is what happens if the game conflicts with prayer time. Sheik Mohamed al-Mahmoud insists that prayer takes precedence over the game. “When it is time for late evening and Ramadan-specific night prayers, one must go to the mosque and pray.” These are definitely not the words or advice of a sport fan. On Yom Kippur I would flee from the synagogue to find some friendly Christian family listening to the World Series. Since they recognized while I was not Jewish, I was a devout Yankee fan, they allowed me to listen.

I hate to inform the Sheik, but God is a fanatic sport fan. And, he is really upset that Saudi women cannot kick a ball!


I am able to confirm from very reliable sources the presence of a potential split within the Catholic Church over an important theological conflict between former Pope Benedict and current Pope Francis. No, it does not have anything to do with gay rights or abortion of female priests, it is a more pressing issue that threatens to divide Catholics throughout the world. I recognize differences between Catholics over church ceremonies, I recognize differences about how to handle allegations of clergy misconduct, but these topics are not of the gravity as the current impasse between the two Popes. It points out that once a former Pope was allowed to retire and live on while another man assumed the position of Pope, fears this might result in conflict are now confirmed.

Pope Benedict will be supporting the German soccer team while Pope Francis will support his native Argentine team as they fight for the championship of the World Cup. The major theological issue is: how does God handle a prayer for victory from a Pope in Argentine while he receives a prayer for victory from a Pope in Germany? If God can solve this one, rest assured we humans can resolve any and all theological disputes!!

Pope Asks For World Time Out

The World Cup involves nations throughout the world in competition to determine which is in possession of the best soccer(sorry for the American name) team in the world. There is no doubt if your nation’s team wins the cup, it will result in jobs, free health care, new housing for the poor, and wonderful schools for children. Now, how did I ever connect the World Cup to these events? Perhaps, I am still in a state of shock that King Lebron James has decided to hold his court in the Cleveland Cavalier court. Anyway, millions are focused on the World Cup so along comes that man of peace, Pope Francis with an outrageous idea. He is asking all nations of the world, for one minute, yes, just one damn minute to cease and desist from killing someone. The Pope is asking “for a moment of silence around the July 17th match to remember those stricken by war and unrest.” In other words, just for a fucking moment, could you guys just put down your weapons of destruction and avoid killing for A MOMENT!

I can just hear leaders of violence bellowing that if they don’t kill at this very moment, then those who murder will get ahead in the race to see who can murder more people! What would it do to our national prestige if we fell behind in the murder race? Oh, my God, imagine coming up second in the murder cup!

Most probably if they halt for a moment, our leaders of Death will undoubtedly make certain the next moment is twice as violent!!

Ambassadors Galore In Obama Administration

Republicans and Democrats constantly argue over issues of the day, but there is one topic that both parties are united on–who and how we appoint people to become ambassadors to other nations in the world. As I recall, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if elected to the office of president, there would be an end to lobbyists having power in the government. He was going to “reform” the way politics is played in our nation. So, here is the record about recent people nominated to become an ambassador to another country:

Recently retired Senator Max Baucus: “I am no expert on China.” Now you know why he will become the ambassador to China.
George Tsunis: has never been to Norway and identified the Progress party as a fringe organization in the country. It is the ruling coalition which governs the nation.
Mr. Manet: he has never been to Argentina but why should that disqualify him from becoming an ambassador to that nation?
Robert Barber: he does know there is a nation called, Iceland, he does know that it is somewhere east of the United States, but he really has never been there. Two out of three must qualify for being an ambassador.

Just Say “Yes” Say Falklanders!

Rumors are flying that police in the Falkland Islands are searching throughout the land for the three people who voted “no” on the proposition as to whether those on the Falkland islands should remain part of the British empire. OK, so 99.8% voted “yes.” But, that was not 100% which should provide the government of Argentine opportunity to demand a recount. Me, I am from New York City where in one election, Al Smith, our beloved governor became upset when five people in a precinct did not vote the straight Democratic line.

We on this planet have a few problems, wars, disease, hunger and relgious strive. Hopefully, the government of Argentine does not  seek to add a new one-if three want Argentine, then  the people of Argentine have the right to take over the Falkland Islands!

Was God Angry At America?

I inhabit a world in which whatever happens in life is caused by an old man up in the sky. Christian Americans are in daily contact with God although my attempts to call only result in a busy signal. I think this might be the result of God being an anti-Semite. The recent arrival of Hurricane Sandy was greeted by Christian clerics who hate Barack Obama as a sign the old man up there is a Republican who does not want black Muslims who were born in Africa to lead the American nation. For  some ironic reason they appear to agree with their Muslim buddies over in the Middle East.

Egyptian hard  line cleric, Wagdi Ghoneim explained the appearance of Sandy. “In my opinion it is revenge from God for the beloved prophet. I assume he means the recent film by an idiot in America which blasts the prophet. Another Muslim critic referred to Sandy as a “divine wind which was sent to destroy the infidels in New York City and elsewhere.

First, God tells we Jews to get out of Egypt. Then God sends Jews to the desert and makes certain we bypass oil places,and now God is mad at Americans for being Christian infidels. I wish God would make up his mind. At least I can thank God that Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin have his ear. So, girls, how come for the divine wind?

Romney Wins In New Hampshire?

An election was held in the state of New Hampshire. Mitt, Newt, Rick, Rick, Jon, and Ron submitted their names to Republicans in order to decide which one of the clowns should be allowed to perform come this November.  Mitt spent a few million and came away with about 37% of the vote with Ron trailing behind with about about 24%. Rick S. got 10% while Rick P. got about 1%. There is suspicion voters regarded his name as a substitute for “none of the above.”

Jon Huntsman got 17% which thrilled him so much that it was clear victory will be his reward for submitting to participate in “debates.” Everyone is on to South Carolina. New Hampshire voters came away from this experience knowing the Republican Party:

1. Inherited a National Debt in 2001 of $5 Trillion and left office in 2008 with a National Debt of $12 Trillion is committed to end the national debt.

2. Will provide jobs for everyone. Of course, when they assumed control of the government our unemployment rate was about 6% and when they left it was over 10%, but elect them once again to ensure low unemployment rates.

3. Inherited a budget which has a surplus of about $400 billion and left office turning over to Barack Obama a budget which had a deficit of about $1.2 Trillion so elect them to office in order to get a balanced budget.

I trust things are clear to one and all as to why Americans should elect Republicans in order to balance budgets, end national debts and get people back to work.

End US Drug Policy?

Bolivian President Evo Morales urged Latin American nations to end their cooperation with the disastrous drug policies of the United States of America. “If the United States can certify or decertify, why can’t UNASUR(Union of South American Nations) decertify the United States if the origin of drug trafficking is US consumption of  cocaine?”

The United States government is furious at lack of cooperation from Bolivia in combating drugs,  and has threatened sanctions. Cocaine is widely used in his nation. On the other hand,  cocaine is widely used in the United States of America but no one speaks of decertifying the good old USA!

If the USA wants to destroy the drug traffic, step one is legalizing drugs in their own nation. This action would not only end drug lords but would help pay for the current national debt.