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The Tragedy Of Terrorism

Last week in Bangladesh, a nation that is mainly Muslim although it does contain Christians and Hindus, experienced a terrorist attack. A group of ISIS terrorists entered a cafe  and proceeded to execute anyone who was not a Muslim. By the time police arrived twenty innocent people were dead along with the terrorists. However, it turned out the six terrorists came from rather prominent families and were  educated at private schools and went to college.

Political leader Imtiaz Khan Babal was shocked that his son, Rahn Imtiaz was among the terrorists. His son was an outstanding scholar in school and the future looked bright for him.  “I don’t know what changed him. He hardly read any religious books so what radicalized him?”

An excellent question. Perhaps, the answer lies in failure  of too many Muslim governments to end corruption, to develop modern school systems, to create a society in which education led to meaningful jobs and a sense one was aiding his society to end poverty  and ignorance. It is failure of Muslim political systems which lies at the center of why youth become terrorists.

Want A Job, Want A Home?

We believe it is our responsibility to offer our readers important information related to their daily lives. It is clear that many today seek good paying jobs and nice homes. Listen to Donald Trump and he “promises” these will become a reality in your life if you vote for him. This blog goes from promising to guaranteeing a good job and a real nice home for anyone seeking those goals.

The town of Kaitangata in New Zealand has hundreds of good paying jobs and modern four bedroom houses that sell for a $100,000. In fact there are only TWO unemployed people in the entire town! So, contact city leaders and head for New Zealand. The good news is there is no Tea Party or crazy Republicans in New Zealand. And, no possibility of a Prime Minister Trump!

P.S. The border is secure so no Hispanic rapists will hurt your wife or daughter.

Interesting Headlines From World Press

In our daily reading of newspapers from throughout the world it is common to encounter some interesting headlines. We offer a sample of what we encountered yesterday:

“School Hunting For Unicorns”

Have they checked with Republican Party headquarters?

“Ivory Queen In Jail Over 700 Tusks”

Tisk, tisk, I guess an elephant stamped its feet on someone.

“Free AR-15 With Purchase of Car”

Now,the driver can blast away with car and gun!

“Patients Try Older Drugs First”

Sounds like another attack on Obamacare.

“Ban Foreign Bananas”

See, Donald told you, elect him and there will be jobs gathering bananas!

Donald Trump Fastest Gun In Florida

Among the most common ideas propagated by Republicans is that if every person was armed, then all bad people would be dead. Donald Trump explained how to end terrorism such as the Orlando murders.  “People are dead.   A lot of people are dead. So, if everybody wants to be politically correct.  If people had guns and this son-of-a-bitch comes out shooting. POW. A bullet in his head. That would have been a beautiful sight.”

General S.L.A. Marshall, once conducted a study as to how many US soldiers actually fired their weapon in combat. He was studying WWII in Europe. His research indicated that thirty percent of soldiers did NOT fire their weapon due to fear of revealing their position. Perhaps, his figures are not accurate, but ask any soldier who has been in combat and they will admit some soldiers did not fire their weapon. They would also admit that firing a weapon when someone is firing at you leads to jerk of hand and fear.

Then again, Donald Trump DID have an opportunity during the Vietnam War to display his bravery in combat. Of course, being Donald Trump he made certain  that the got a deferment from serving in the US Army. Heck, there were guys shooting at you! Who the hell wants to take on a bunch of guys shooting at you? Much better dining and dancing at  great club.

Light Up Bad Females

There are some countries in this world where a version of religion exists that protects the rights of parents to decide who their daughter can marry and who she cannot. Mrs. Parveen Raftiq had a daughter who was  out  of control. After dad, mom, the uncles and aunts had agreed as to who she should marry, this horrible, terrible girl found a lover among some evil people.  Now, if you were the loving parents of  this criminal daughter what else could you do to protect your little girl from making a terrible mistake?

Well, mom and dad and their son,and the parents of the guy she SHOULD have married sort of got together, doused the girl in kerosene and lit a match so she should die in a horrible nightmare of flames. Frankly, mom and dad are confused as to why any government denied their right to protect their daughter against the horror of marrying outside of their faith and clan.

Anyway, in this lovely land of Pakistan there were about 1,000 such HONOR KILLINGS last year. I am still confused as to whose HONOR was being protected.

Donald Has A Friend

I understand that many liberals do not  believe that Donald Trump has the qualities of leadership. They continually mock a man who knows how to “tell it like it is” regardless of what he is telling. Well, you liberals there are some leaders of foreign nations who prefer the man who speaks loudly even though with a short stick. A North Korean political scientist, Han Yang-mock did not mock the American leader but made clear his boss was ready to shoot  a few baskets with the wizard of slander and stupidity.

“There may be positive aspects to Trump’s inflammatory policies, Trump said he would not get involved in a  war between the South and the North. Isn’t this fortunate from North Korea’s perspective?” He dismissed Hillary as ‘dull.” So, President Trump head to North Korea and make a Great Deal with the pudgy little guy.

Donald Meets Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump has made clear that if elected president, or, should we say, when elected president, he will personally meet with Kim Jong-un the lunatic head of North Korea. We assume the following conversation will take place:

D: Hi, little guy, so glad to have this chance to share my brilliant mind with your sort of Asian one.

K: I am the Glorious Leader of North Korea. There is no one, more Glorious than Me!

D: Now wait a second little guy, you are no talking with the Greatest Deal Maker in the world. If you behave yourself, I might even get you an entire month as my guest in one of my casinos in Las Vegas!

K: You are not kidding, are you? You mean I can bet to my heart’s delight and have interactions with those gorgeous gals?

D: Little guy, it will be all on me. Bet, gamble to your heart’s content, it is on the house. Now, the black dude who was president, never made such an offer, did he?

K: Wow, it is clear now why the American people chose you. Who can turn down this deal?

D: And,Kim, my buddy, Denis Rodman, the greatest basketball player will have you play with an NBA team and you can shoot baskets and score points to your heart’s content.

K: Wow, Wow, sign my up. Donald, you ARE the greatest deal maker in the entire world! I’m closing down our entire nuclear program.

Hiroshima Apology?

President Obama will soon be visiting Japan and plans to visit Hiroshima, the scene of the world’s first atomic bomb. Many in America insist the president should apologize for the horror of atomic weapons being used. Most probably, I am in the minority who believe the atomic bomb HAD to be  used to save the lives of millions. And, I mean, millions of innocent Japanese civilians.

Background: During its invasion of China from 1937–1945, the Japanese army raped hundreds of thousands and killed over five million–civilians, that is. The code of the Japanese army was to never surrender and any enemy who did, frequently was killed. After the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the Japanese Cabinet me. During this meeting the head of the Japanese Army insisted that to surrender meant loss of face and dishonor to the Emperor. He boasted the Japanese army would meet American and British soldiers on the beaches and destroy them.

After the Emperor made known that he was ready to surrender, units of the Japanese army attempted to kill the brother of the Emperor who was carrying a record of the surrender. They did not succeed. In other words, without dropping of the atomic bomb, millions of Japanese would have been killed. Sorry, this IS history. There is no need to apologize. Perhaps, any Japanese leaders from WWII still alive might apologize!

Rodrigo, Filipino Donald!

We Americans are worried about Donald Trump becoming president of the USA, but what about the people of the Philippines? The candidate who probably will become the next president has made some promises:

He plans to kill thousands and thousands of  criminals–but, not one is from Mexico.

An Australian missionary was raped in his town. Rodrigo Détente was offended because she was “pretty” and the rapists never asked him to participate in the rape.

Rodrigo plans to rewrite the Constitution so the president can do whatever the hell he wants to do.

Oh, a few other of his plans: No loud Karoke music because people have to get a good night’s sleep.

No  one is allowed to get drunk because they have to go to work the next day.

Does Donald now seem OK?

Kim Jong Un Is Unstable

So, Kim Jong Un has decided to play with his toy soldiers and do a little boom,boom to shake up the world. He has made clear that within a few days or weeks there will be more nuclear testing in order to test how other nations react to his playing chicken with the entire world. We decided to ask some prominent Republicans how to deal with the pudgy little guy over in North Korea.

Ben Carson:  The way of peace means let me go to North Korea and talk gently with this man and offer him the way of God.

Marco Rubio: It is the entire fault of Hillary Clinton. The solution is to trade Hillary Clinton for a cease in nuclear development in North Korea. Leave her to the pudgy little man.

John Kasich: I am ready to go to North Korea and had a wonderful lunch with the little guy. I will bring some Kentucky fried chicken.

Jeb Bush: I have gobs of dough. Maybe I can offer him my super pac and buy the little guy off.

Ted Cruz: The only solution is Me against Him at fifty paces with revolvers!

Lindsay Graham: How about offering him a free pass to Disneyland?

Donald Trump: Just let me do a deal with him. I am the Greatest Deal maker. I will offer to build him the Greatest Wall ever known and so no nation will be able to get over it!