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World War II Lingers On

World War II has been over for seventy years but its legacy is still impacting millions of people in Asia. During WWII the Japanese Army murdered over five million people in countries such as China or Korea, but Japanese government for years have worked hard to deny anything bad occurred during the war. They continue insisting that Japan was defending herself agains the evil WEST which, unfortunately, led to some acts that everyone should forget.

1. The Japanese Army forced thousands of women to serve as prostitutes.

2. The Japanese Army raped thousands of women.

3. The Japanese Army forced millions to die of starvation.

But, these days, the nation of Japan continues refusing to confront these horrors of war. It glorifies those who did the killing and will not accept any responsibility. South Korea still has problems dealing with a Japan that will not apologize for past cruelties.

The United States Senate in the 1980s apologized to those of Japanese-American ancestry for the horrible internment of over 100,000 innocent people. Japan might learn a lesson, the act of apology is a wonderful feeling of self worth.

Trans Pacific Partnership

After living 84 years there area few things that one has learned. Among them is the continual human movement towards international trade. Reality is that one decade jobs from America headed to Europe, the next decade they headed to China and then Vietnam and then Bangladesh. The new Trans Pacific Trade(TPP) has aroused anger among Democratic congressmen who insist they must protect “jobs” here in America from the low cost ones that are present in Asia.I continually hear comments about “protecting good solid blue collar jobs right here in the good old USA.” Reality, those jobs face greater threat from technology than they do from places in Asia. Within fifty years they will all be handled by some wonderful thinking robots. So, what are the alternatives:

1. Create new no-cost training centers to provide technology jobs for those who currently are in factories.

2. Redistribute the wealth and guarantee each American a guaranteed income.

3. Vastly raise the number of jobs in human relations such as education or social welfare.

4. Invent new jobs that could not be handled by robots.

Sound bizarre, but this is modern reality.

Sad Plight Of Rohingyas

The Rohingyas are Muslims who came from Bangladesh about a hundred years ago and were encouraged by British colonialists to settle in what then was called, Burma. Burma was then and is now mainly a Buddhist nation. You know, the calm and peaceful Buddhists that American peace lovers cite as a people of peace and serenity. During the past two years government sponsored mobs have killed thousands, driven over two hundred thousand from their homes and did a bit or raping along the road of destruction.

As of this moment not a single Muslim nation in Southeast Asia has offered to aid their fellow Muslims. I do not know of any public outcry from Muslim clerics urging aid for these Muslims. Has anyone seen a charity created by wealthy Muslims, you know,the guys who fund ISIS and militant terrorists? When do Muslims cry out for their fellow Muslims?

Take A Deep Breath

There are nations which require improved work opportunities for people, a modern transportation system such as high speed trains or low cost planes, but in India, Prime Minister Modi has come up with an innovative approach to dealing with economic and social problems. It might be an idea for Republicans seeking the presidency since this can be attained without increasing taxes on our beloved wealthy job creators. According to PM Narendva Modi the problems of India can be solved by daily use of yoga. Just think what Ted Cruz can do with this idea– reduce taxes and do more yoga and America once again will be profitable and happy.

Arvind Singh, a sales person summed up the new program: “It’s really the only healthy way to start the day. Much better than eggs or a sandwich or tea.” This definitely has to become the rally cry of Republicans. Live on $7.25 an hour, just do your yoga and happiness will be your daily feeling.

All Quit On Middle Eastern Front?

In November, 1918 the guns of war fell silent because those fighting finally agreed it was time to put away the violence that had destroyed the lives of over twenty million humans and destroyed vast areas of land. In May, 1945 those fighting in Europe allowed the guns of war to become silent. It would take until August for all guns to cease blasting away in Asia, at least for the moment. The tragedy of modern life is that we will NEVER have a day when weapons grow silent and peace, at least for the moment arrives. Our young men, and these days, our young women, will never know what it is like to live in peace, at least for the moment. Heck, little Corporal Adolf Hitler went home in November, 1918 and, at least enjoyed a few years of peace and quiet.

Modernity means there will never be ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. We are doomed to lives in which the guns of war go on and on and on. Does anyone in Syria have the faintest idea who is on their side, let alone knowing when peace will arrive? They just go on and on fighting and killing because they know there will never be an ALL QUIET ON THE SYRIAN FRONT moment.

Guantanamo Forever

There are always some certainties in life and when it comes to the issue of the infamous 9/11 then Fox News and most Republicans are absolutely certain that torturing people, innocent of guilty was an absolute necessity. During World War II, when the US and its allies fought the German army and the Japanese army, they, for some strange reason, did not have to resort to torture. OK, there were incidents when members of our armed forces did torture the enemy, but such tactics were never part of the policies of our government. And, gee whiz, we defeated enemies which had combined forces of at least fifteen million men. Of course, when it comes to defeating an enemy which has, at best, about one hundred THOUSAND, the threat to our very existence is much greater.

Majid Khan was one of the two bit terrorists who was involved with Osama bin Laden and the CIA needed information so they sort of tortured the guy. He claims they poured ice water over this genitals, beat the hell out of him. A rule enforced by those who tortured during the Bush administration is that lawyers for the person being tortured were not allowed to tell anyone their client was being tortured. This was an example of how the American government got information. I hate to inform the Bush folks that interrogators during World War II obtained information without beating the hell out of anyone. Just ask Henry Kissinger who was an interrogator if he ever employed torture!

The Real Sorrow Of FIFA

The media is all upset at bribery and corruption among FIFA leaders, but few are focusing on the real horror of this group of crooks. They award nations the right to hold the World Cup, but rarely place any conditions on the nation that receives this billion dollar gift. Qatar will be hosting the World Cup in 2022. It is a small country, but has gobs of oil so when it comes to billions, head for this land. Unfortunately, its population is not accustomed to hard physical labor and this task is outsourced to poor people from African or Asian lands. These men and women do the tough physical tasks while the native born folk sort of supervise the work. As of this moment any stadiums or other facilities are being build by imported labor.

The last count is, as this moment, about 1,200 workers have died while doing this hard labor. These people are allowed into Qatar, but have a hard time leaving. Their passport is confiscated by the boss and this prevents anyone complaining about work conditions, and God knows, the idea of a labor union would get anyone shot on the spot. A report by the International Trade Confederation estimated by the time all construction is ended, about 2200 people will be dead due to bad working conditions!

THIS is the real horror of corruption in FIFA!

Tragedy Of Myanmar

I recall taking courses in college in which professors when discussing various religions would sight the Buddhist religion as one in which there was extensive contemplation and a sense of peace among its leaders. They taught me that Buddhists, unlike murderous Christians like Nazis, were generous and caring people who cared for those who were poor. So much for this fairy tale about Buddhists. Recent events in Myanmar have taught me that ALL religions contain both good and bad folks. About one percent of people in Myanmar are Muslims. These Rohingyas entered the country a few hundred years ago and work mainly as farmers and fishermen. They have never attacked anyone, but simply wanted to live their days out in peace with all people.

They have now been attacked, brutalized and driven from their homes. Thousands are now refugees fleeing in crumbling boats headed to some land that will allow them to live out their lives in peace. The government of Myanmar is very upset that other nations condemn their behavior. “Every country has its own challenges and they fall within domestic jurisdiction. You cannot single out any country.” In other words, if we decide to beat the hell out of our people, we simply are behaving as good Buddhists.

Seems to me the only good Buddhists practicing peace and tranquility are the Rohingyas!

Pakistan Female Blues

Many years ago when Pakistan was a new nation in the world, its leaders had been educated at places like Oxford and Cambridge so they understood women were an important aspect of a modern society. Since then, it has been all down hill for women in the Muslim society of Pakistan. Local elections were held in Pakistan and in some areas of the country politicians and the ever present “elders” go together in order to make certain that women understood their place was at home, not at some ballot box. Baton swinging police patrolled the streets in order to make clear to the gals the idea they could actually participate in an election was one of those dangerous ideas that came from across the seas. Mosques blasted away with warnings to women that going to the polls was one bad idea.

In Peshawar, the High Court received petitions from women demanding the right to vote. “the honorable judge asked a lawyer whether it was a fundamental right of women to vote.” I assume the judge did go to law school, the question is exactly what kind of law school?

China Ubber Alles!

The government of China is engaged in an interesting adventure into deciding what exactly are the borders of this nation. It has sent dozens of ships into the South China Sea in order to begin the process of transforming a reef or some sand into an island, and then claiming the new piece of land belongs to China. It goes further than only claiming ownership of an “island.” Once the “island” appears in the sea, then China decides who can fly over the island. According to the Chinese government: “It is a long standing task for China to safeguard its maritime rights and interests.

OK, so why can’t China:

Build an island off the coast of California and claim it belongs to China. No plane flights from San Francisco without approval.

Build an island off the coast of Italy and take control of the entire Middle East.

China forever and far ever is the new slogan!