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Another Afghanistan Mistake!

The war in Afghanistan has most probably cost the American people at least one trillion dollars. Of course, Republicans in Congress refuse to allocate a hundred million dollars to build roads or bridges or pay for health care since such allocation of resources is not in the best interests of our nation. Among the military equipment provided to the Afghan army were C-27 transport planes that cost about $486 million. I admit this is a drop in the bucket of how we spent money during the Afghan war–and continue to do so, but $486 million is money that could be used in other parts of our society. It turns out these planes have been plagued by one problem after another, and wound up being useless in fighting a war. So, what else to do but scrap these planes and sell them for whatever we could get. It turns out the American government was able to sell the planes to an Afghan scrap man and receive in return $32,000. Yes, I just wrote, $32,000!

The US Special Investigator for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) is somewhat upset. “I was informed that an Afghan construction company paid approximately 6 cents per pound for the scrapped planes which came to total of $32,000.” He wants to know why the Army did not contact the Italian company which built these inadequate planes and get our money back? Or, how about identifying plane parts that might be useful. Oh well, it is just money spent on war.


We ofer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Humans so frequently refer to God’s Wrath, is it themselves who are filled with anger?

I wonder if celibacy arose because there is no Mrs. God?

At age 84, I so like the word, “rebirth.”

One does not gain wisdom from age, it comes from an inquiring mind.

People at computers reach point where they lean back and gaze.

Since computers think, do they ever think about other computers?

There are sounds from my youth which never again will be heard.

Two lonely iPads met for lunch.

There is no doubt one must speak exiting the coffee shop on that damn cell phone!

Tea Party folk hate God’s work-people– but insist they like God!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK,Guardian: “America Is Shifting Right”

I think you mean it is shifting Wrong.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Affordable Housing Impossible”

Not for the wealthy!

France, Connexion: “Pink Poo”

Poo on you!

USA, aol: “Silent No More”

Not when it comes to murder of the innocent in this world!

Norway, Norway Post: “Skies Grow Dark”

Definitely over Kobani in Syria.

Something Amiss In North Korea?

Where Oh where has the pudgy little man have gone, oh where Oh where can he be? Since September 3 no one has seen a picture or heard the words of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He has literally disappeared from the scene. The last photo we have is the little man walking with a limp and looking as chubby as ever. Since that, not a sign of the man who so enjoys murdering people. To make things more mysterious, there is now a North Korean team discussing issues with South Korean officials. North Korea’s deputy UN Ambassador, Ri Tong-il became the first official from his country to admit there are “reform through labor “camps in North Korea. He admitted there was need to discuss this issue.

Meanwhile, a North Korean official has visited European Union headquarters and uttered the following words: “we are expecting end of the year tho open political dialogue between both sides.” Who knows, perhaps the armed forces of North Korea finally got tired of the Kim dynasty and decided it was time for a change?

Law And Order In Myanmar

The concept of law and order has been a stranger to the people of Myanmar–or Burma, take your pick. It has been half a century since the semblance of law and order was a norm in this nation. Year after year one general after another has ruled with total authority and sent to prison any who dared challenge their power over government. Finally, a General named Thein Sein has been in office for the past three years and he has decided that the Burmese people were entitled to a taste of freedom and the right to free speech and free elections. He just announced the release of 3073 prisoners whose only crime was speaking their minds about the need for freedom and justice in their nation. Thein argues the release was part of his program to restore “peace and stability” to the country.

Among those released was former Army officer Thein Sue who was currently serving a 154 year prison term. I suggest that he remain in jail and thus be alive in 2150 when the rest of us are long time dead!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Police Officers In Brawl”

I assume they were arguing over who gets the bribe.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Climate Change Makes Hayfever Common”


UK, Guardian: “Bishop Burqa Order”

Asking nuns to wear them??

France, Connexion: “Summer Road Deaths Down”

Not to worry, winter figures will go up!

Sweden, Local: “Suffer From Sexomania”

Please tell me how to catch this disease!

All Quiet On The Hong Kong Front

The guns of September blasted away in Hong Kong only they were not firing bullets, only words of protest against the Hong Kong government, which of course is in reality the government that resides in Beijing. Students were demanding that China live up to its promise that by 2017 the people of Hong Kong would enjoy the right to freely elect the person who is the chief executive to the city. China has put forth a new plan that enables a small group to identify candidates and then people can select among this band of toadies ready and willing to do the bidding of the Chinese government. During the past two weeks as many as 100,000 young people marched in the streets of Hong Kong in protest to denial of freedom. They demanded talks with Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chunying, but he always made clear an intent to take “all necessary action” to end demonstrations.

The most ominous event during protests was the sudden appearance of gangsters who beat up students. There is no doubt they were organized by Chinese Communist officials to introduce violence into the peaceful demonstrations in order to open the possibility of — the arrival of Chinese troops?? That possibility was always on the agenda for the Hong Kong government. Most students are back in class. Some continue to protest, but they will soon become quiet. The last thing anyone desires is the sight of dead bodies on the streets of Hong Kong.

Kim Jong Un Is Unseen

I realize that many Americans are worried about Ebola or ISIS chopping off heads, but for some reason, no one on Fox News these days is paying attention to events in North Korea. OH, remember, North Korea, a few months ago this nation was frightening Americans who feared atomic bombs zooming over the Pacific Ocean. North and South Korea will be meeting during the coming weeks, and actually discussing issues of concern. But, a new mystery has emerged–what has happened to the Great Leader, Kim Jong-un? Recent pictures showed a small pudgy man who sort of limped his way around. There has not been an announcement from the North Korean press in weeks about a new medical or scientific discovery by the wise leader of humankind. He sort of disappeared from the public view.

1. Perhaps, he is now a water boy for an NBA team so he can pursue his quest to become a great basketball player.

2. Perhaps, he is swimming across the Pacific Ocean to prove his physical prowess.

3. Perhaps, he got confused when trying to fire a rifle and wound up shooting himself.

4. Perhaps, he had a heart attack trying to get it up while having sex?

Of course, there is always good news for North Koreans if there is no news from the small pudgy guy!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Deprived Of Justice”

USA, Aol: “Diner Drops Prayer Discount”

God, that is not good news!

France, Connexion: “Sue Over Release Of Balloons”

Boy, is this a case of hot air!

UK, Guardian: “Drug Cop Arrested”

By drug lords?

China, China Daily: “Would You Give Money To A Beggar”

Definitely not to someone begging for justice in China!

The “N” Word Leads To Murder

These are troubled times so it is relaxing to discuss an old fashioned murder in which two young people decided to murder the girl’s mother. Heather Mack, daughter of Sheila von Wiese-Mack was in a hotel room in Jakarta, Indonesia, along with her boyfriend, Tommy Shaeffer. According to Heather the following conversation ensued:

“My mother called Tommy a nigger and Tommy retorted saying ‘your husband was a nigger too. She said, ‘yes, but a rich one.” According to Heather, who currently is pregnant, her boyfriend picked up a fruit bowl and proceeded to slam it into the head of mom. The two young people went to the bathroom and cut up the body in order to stuff it into a suitcase. This suitcase was wheeled through the lobby into a taxi and they went to the airport. At this point they were discovered. I assume the defense will argue:

1. Sheila is pregnant. We can not allow a child to grow up without a mother.

2. Use of the ‘N” word against a black skinned person is grounds for killing someone.

3. They simply were trying to get mom home to Chicago, thus the suitcase.

I urge these young people to contact Oscar Pistorious if they want to avoid a death penalty.