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Hillary Displays Warmth

Hillary Clinton is at her best with a small group in a town hall where she can allow her inner warmth to shine. She spent less time talking about her “experience” and a lot of time just talking about her inner self and how she cares about the American people.  There were no grandiose ideas put forth, just a lot of common sense. She made clear that at this moment in time the issue is building on what is rather than creating what we would love to be. She came across as a realist, a progressive, or if you prefer, a liberal.

Her best moment was when asked to promise not to send Americans into  harm’s way. Her response was that she could not make such a promise. That was the type of honesty that is missing from Bernie Sanders when he discusses foreign policy and certainly from the Trump crowd. If the US was bombed by North Korea it would mean thousands of Americans once again fighting in Korea. Such is reality.

North Korean Wants To Bomb

The Republican party and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu insist the greatest threat to the safety of America is posed by the Iranian government. Of course, in reality, the greatest actual threat to our survival is posed by a lunatic in North Korea who has transformed his nation into a giant military machine. Kim Jong-un not only issues verbal threats, but has focused the entire nation to the task of creating missiles and nuclear weapons.

Japanese reports indicate that North Korea is in the process of developing  long range missiles and even working to miniature nuclear weapons into the missiles. So, where is the threat– from ISIS with its 30,000 troops or Iran which now allows inspection of its nuclear facilities or from North Korea??

Oh, by the way, Israel has at least 60 nuclear bombs and does NOT allow UN inspectors into its facilities.

Another Peaceful Day in Pakistan

Pakistan enjoys an unusual role in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and within its own border.  During the 1990s, the Pakistan secret service –ISI- organized young Afghan boys who were attending madrases paid for by Saudi Arabia to learn how to hate the US and the west. It was from this group that the Taliban was created to take over Afghanistan. Even today, large groups of Taliban live in safety within the border of Pakistan.

However, some Taliban are furious that Pakistan officials still work with the US.  They have carried out horrible massacres of students in Pakistan schools. They struck again two days ago murdering ten children and wounding dozens. Just about every day somewhere in Pakistan, the Taliban-created by the ISI murders the children of Pakistan!!

ISIS Wanders To Asia

One must admit that ISIS guys  sure do enjoy traveling around the world. First in the Middle East, then to Africa and now the guys with  black flags and big swords have arrived in Indonesia. They decided that the fairly moderate Muslims in Indonesia needed a little waking up and proceeded to blow themselves up and kill a few Indonesians along the way. “A group of  soldiers of the Caliphate  in Indonesia targeted a gathering from the crusaders(that’s we non-Muslims)  planting several explosive devices and exploding belts.”

About  five people died. My question is how does one identify the Crusaders when in a foreign land where the overwhelming number of folks are fellow Muslims? I forget the leaders of ISIS are simply as intelligent as Donald Trump and always have a Great Plan. There is scant likelihood many Indonesians really want to welcome guys who blow themselves up.

Drop Dead Donald!

Who would have believed six months ago the new year would dawn with Donald Trump as the possible presidential candidate for the Republican party? Then again, who would have predicted that Ben Carson, the kind of guy you talk to while waiting for the bus to come, would ever have been considered a possible president of the United States. So, here goes with the Donald Trump plan to solve everything”

1. Donald will bomb ISIS in Syria. Of course, ISIS IS being bombed in Syria, but the Trump bombing includes dropping dollar bills from Donald only  to be used in American business establishments.

2. Donald will raise tariffs on Chinese goods. Of course, that means China raises tariffs on American goods. So, Donald will explain to a few million Americans they are giving up their jobs to help him get elected.

3. Donald will build the highest and longest wall in the history of humankind. This will prove to China the US is ann exceptional country  and end tourist visits to the Chinese great wall.

4. Donald will build a wall all along the Canadian border to prevent Ted Cruz characters from entering our great land.

5. Donald will deport any illegal immigrants so we Americans can just give up eating fruits. Oh, and the garbage, since Americans will lose jobs since we can’t export of China, and the immigrants are gone– off to the garbage trucks and fields of fruit!

Something To Do About Weather

There is no doubt at least thirty percent of the American people do NOT believe in global warming and the same percent most probably believes this planet is about 10,000 years old. There are constant floods all over the Midwest, there are people dying because of tornadoes and winds of enormous strength. Naturally, to the nonbelievers there have always been floods, there have always been tornadoes, so what to worry about?

Latest figures indicate the temperature in the North Pole at this moment are about the temperature in Chicago. Yes, there have always been states of emergency due to weather so what to worry about? Those who believe what has been in the past will always be in the  present and future inhabit a fairy land in which the Earth has not changed. Of course, these same people believe that God sent a flood and asked Noah to save all the animals on the planet. THAT story they believe!

I would so love to be alive in 2200 and listen to people wonder why we who live in 2015 were such idiots!

Finally, Japan Apologizes!

Finally, finally, the Japanese government has gotten around to apologizing for the horrors it committed during World War II. In addition to murdering over five million people, Japanese troops most probably raped a few million more. For years the government of South Korea has been asking for an apology by Japan for enslaving thousands of women from South Korea during World War II and using their bodies as “COMFORT WOMEN.” A pleasant way to describe being force to be  a Prostitute.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe finally spoke words that should have been spoken years ago. ‘The issue of comfort women, with an involvement of  the Japanese  military authorities at that time, was a grave affront to the honor of  large number of women and the government of Japan.”

See, the sky did not fall because Japan admitted it committed war crimes!

No Come Santa

This blog has been in secret conversations with Trump headquarters in order to alert these vigilant defenders of Christianity against the heathen Muslims. The nation of Brunei has struck a blow for all those who are weary with the endless plump guys sporting white beards and ringing a bell. The  Brunei government has officially banned Christmas from the land. It is designed to “control the act of  celebrating Christmas excessively which could damage the beliefs of the Muslim community.”

First, these Muslims just about wipe out the entire American population,and now they are striking at the very foundation of Xmas–buying presents, singing the same songs over and over again, and listening to ministers preaching something called, ‘brotherly love.” All I know is that the Donald man is ready to strike a blow for Xmas–ban the arrival of anyone from the state of Brunei!

Why Visit North Korea?

Every so often some American decides to visit North Korea–perhaps to spend time in one of its luxurious hotels or perhaps sight see thousands of people dressed the same way chanting the same slogans about their beloved Kim Sung-un. Pastor Hyeon Soo Lin, a South Korean pastor living in Canada took a trip to the northern part of Korea — he has been working with orphans– only to discover that he was “viciously defaming the dignity” of the North Korean government.

When one defames our wonderful, kind, caring, loving leader who ensures that all within the nation get the same message, and  usually the same food, the only result is to devote a few years of your life, reflecting. The pastor has been sentenced to  life at hard labor. After all he DID seek to topple the nation by  “staging an anti-state conspiracy.” Exactly how a pastor organizes such an effort in North Korea either indicates he is Superman in disguise or just about any words spoken without permission of the Leader is anti-state!


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My dream moment-Carly Fiorina arm wrestling Vladimir Putin.

My dream moment-Jeb Bush punching Donald in the mouth.

My dream moment, Chris Christie sitting down with the dead King Hussein of Jordan.

My dream moment, Ted Cruz actually displaying his Harvard education.

My dream moment, Vladimir Putin standing with Republicans to debate.

My dream moment, Marco Rubio just letting out  his frustration to Ted with a punch.

My dream moment, Donald finally explaining how the WALL will be built and how much it will cost.