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Things Not To Do Next Year

We offer some free advice to those who expect to be alive in 2015.

1. Under no conditions book a flight from a nation in southeast Asia.

2. Under no conditions fly into Singapore unless you desire to swim in the ocean.

3. Under no condition vote for anyone who belongs to the Republican Party.

4. Under no condition take a vacation in the Middle East.

5. Under no condition place money in a Russian bank.

6. Under no condition breathe too much air in China.

7. Under no condition see the movie, “The Interview.” It stinks.

8. Under no condition if you have a black skin walk city streets after sunset.

9. Under no condition take the offer of a free trip to North Korea.

10. Under no condition accept any “facts” uttered by Fox News commentators.

New Fox News Host

There are unconfirmed reports that Fox News is prepared to add a new host to their array of anti-Obama talking heads. After all, according to Fox News, President Barack Obama was born in Africa and behaves like a wild monkey lacking any ability to confront our real enemies in the world. The constant comments by Fox News hosts is that Barack Obama lacks a spine and is willing to confront bad people in the world. Well, finally, an Asian leader agrees with Fox News that Barack Obama is a wild man. North Korea just released a statement that charges “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in the tropical forest.” Name one Fox News commentator who has not made the same claim?

President Obama responded to the wild behavior by North Korea by closing down the North Korean Internet. He insisted the silly film, The Interview, be shown and it is being shown in theaters. But, has Fox News uttered any praise for the president? NO. I await Fox News offering Kim Jong-un his own show where he can rant and rave against the black dude from Africa1

A Chat With Santa

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Santa in the North Pole. He had asked what I want for Xmas, and my reply was to chat with the man who is actually beloved by members of the Tea Party and Barack Obama.

M: So, Santa, is there anything different about this Christmas from previous ones?

S: Well, to tell the truth it has been a rough one. Can you imagine what it is like getting this sleigh across open water when in the old days we had gobs of snow?

M: I hope you are not like those Socialist Liberals always complaining about the sol-called global warming?

S: Santa cares about all folks, whether or not they be liberals, socialists, or wealthy.

M: So, what did you bring to those working on Wall Street?

S: Actually,nothing. They already got their Xmas present in November. Bonuses and new laws to prevent them from paying any taxes.

M: Are you against those job creators?

S: Well, it would sort of help if we Santas got some health benefits, carrying those loads is mighty tough on my back.

M: I have always wondered if Santa ever got angry at anyone?

S: Have you ever dealt with little Teddie Cruz, he gets so angry if I leave some presents at the homeless shelter. He claims I am encouraging laziness and giving the money of those with wealth to a bunch of bums who live off the work of others. A real gem is little Teddie.

M: How do you feel about President Obama?

S: That is one curious dude. He could use a present of a good speech writer. I call him the Great Miscommunicator.

M: Anything for Vladimir Putin?

S: Vodka and a muzzle for his mouth is the best I can do.

M: Anything for Sarah Palin or Ms. Bachmann?

S: A bear to wrestle for Sarah and a history book for the woman who could use a bit of knowledge.

M: What can I get for you?

S: Snow would help.

Hackers Delight

Them old Biblical expression, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” is coming true in Asia where someone or something is pestering the Internet services of North Korea. Of course, this event has nothing to do with
North Korea’s decision to hack into Sonys files. This madness arose because Sony offered the world a great motion picture named, “The Interview.” The premise of this great movie is that Americans decide to murder the Great Leader of North Korea, the wonderful, jolly man whose name, Kim Jong-un sends chills down the backs of world leaders. According to Doug Madory who works for Dyn Research, North Korea’s “networks are under duress” and it probably stems from attacks by an outside agency.

The good news for North Koreans is that very few of them have access to the Internet. Their lives go on as usual. Watching films that depict their great leader inspecting the latest corn crop or observing troops marching and singing songs of tribute to his brilliance. In other words, the CIA or NSA can hack away, it does not interrupt the boring lives of North Koreans.

North Korea Is Upset. So Is Fox News

There are moments when listening to comments from the leaders of North Korea when I wonder if Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is really the owner of that country. The wording, the vocal anger at hatred toward President Obama are the same from North Korea as is heard each day on Fox News. Kim Jong-un is a rather plump man who sort of walks with a limp and he just does not enjoy any sort of comment that is negative. After all, it has been nearly seventy years since anyone has publicly made a negative comment to a leader of North Korea. The very idea that one does not agree with the words of wisdom from the Great Leader is simply not part of the lexicon of anyone in North Korea.

North Korea has “clear evidence” that the United States is a “cesspool” of violence. Actually, Fox News commentators would regard that comment as not appropriate since they regard Barack Obama as the center of incompetence, of stupidity, of hatred of the United States and just about any crime you can name. Finally, Fox News has discovered another group which shares its hatred of the black dude in the White House. I wonder of Rupert will soon be establishing relations with the jolly little man in North Korea.

Beware The Consequences!!

The government of North Korea is very upset at George Clooney and others who claim they had anything to do with hacking of Sony files. A mysterious person who works for the Foreign Office in North Korea but prefers that his name not be revealed to the world demanded that America work with the peace loving leaders of North Korea in order to find out who and what did the hacking. He, or we assume, Kim Jong-un wants to investigate this crime against humanity. “The US should bear in mind that it will face serious consequences in case it rejects our proposal for joint investigation. We have a way to prove that we have nothing to do with the case without resorting to torture as the CIA does.”

So, what are the “serious consequences?”

1. Denis Rodman will be denied entry to North Korea as well as other NBA players.

2. North Korea will ban any and all films made by George Clooney.

3. Speeches by the Great Leader no longer will be shared with the American people. They will be forced to listen to Ted Cruz, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Talk about TORTURE!

Please Barack, have a joint investigation!

The Interview That Never Took Place

Sony Pictures was just about to release a film that few Americans were ever going to see. The now infamous, The Interview” was all about a sick joke that deals with the assassination of Kim Jong-un, Beloved leader of North Korea. As you now know, hackers penetrated the defenses of Sony Pictures and revealed “secrets” about what this or that person said to this or that person. For example,We now know that George Clooney was terribly disappointed by his performance in “Monuments Men.” We also know about conversations that took place among important people of Sony. Frankly, I doubt if anyone would bother to read this trivia or cares to devote a single minute of their life to learning about these important conversations.

George Clooney is upset, but not about revealing what he said. “Do whatever you can to get this movie out. Not because everybody has to see the movie, but because I am not going to be told we can’t see the movie . That’s the most important part. We can’t be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un, of all fucking people.” What most confuses me is why hasn’t our technology people penetrated the North Korean computers so we could learn what Kim Jong-un says to his lackies.

Oh, Kim Jong-un just got an invite from Vladimir Putin to visit Moscow. Now, I would love to learn what those two men say to one another!

Pakistan Gets Angry–Finally!

There is something about having your own child murdered that gets people finally angry at those who have been murdering people for years without any response. Pakistan is a “failed nation.” It lacks a school system that can educate children in ways of the modern world. It lacks an economic base that provides jobs and rising standard of living. It has a military which is most concerned about an attack from India which has lost any desire for war with anyone about two decades ago. Corruption is the norm among Pakistan military leaders whose main desire is obtaining billions from the United States rather than using money to stimulate the economy. The Intelligence force in Pakistan was responsible for creation of the Taliban and for years has been supplying that group with arms and training in terrorism. Just check the ISI is you want to know all about the Taliban. Pakistan has aided the wars in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

So, what happened? The children of the ISI turned on their masters and decided to create terror in Pakistan. However, a few days ago children of top military leaders were murdered while attending school. They were killed by the same people their fathers have aided for over two decades. And, now dad is furious with anger. If one sows the seeds of brutality and hate, it is only a matter of time before those seeds sprout a field of death. Unfortunately, in this case, the harvest resulted in death of the children!

Kettle Calls Kettle Black

The expected occurred in the United Nations when the Ambassador from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea appeared and made a speech in which the representative from North Korea informed the world there was a nation that violated the norms of human behavior and it sure was not the land of Kim Jong-un. According to Ja Song-nam the United States of America has committed the “greatest human rights violations in the world.” I assume the speech was given with a straight face. We can expect similar speeches from the Taliban or ISIS or any number of Taliban style groups who will not crack a smile as they shout about violations of human rights committed by the United States of America. If we Americans behave in ways that violate human rights we can expect to be charged with the same crimes that were committed by those who do the shouting.

Frankly, for the past decade leaders of the United States of America have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding how “enhanced interrogation” will play out on the world screen. We used to have something called the Voice of America which spouted our view about the evils of communism. In many European nations there were millions who cited our policies to black Americans as examples of hypocrisy when we attacked communists as evil. Sorry, Dick Cheney, you may play at being righteous on Fox News but on the world stage you are the personification of evil.


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Some fear the unknown, I fear any and all technology.

People these days work hard to become obese.

Honor thyself to honor others.

It is beneficial to know what you do not know.

Teen girls chew and talk.

I assume cafe people used their hands to talk.

Tomorrow will arrive, just have patience.

I buy things in order to be a job creator.

Each day a new idea is born.

Work hard at identifying things to learn.