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Remember The Murderers

The people of Japan has transformed their society in dramatic ways since the conclusion of World War II, but there is one aspect which remains locked in the past. Japanese leaders insist their nation was the VICTIM in World War II, nor the force which led to the death of millions of innocent people. Japan seized Korea early in the twentieth century and ruled with brutality in order to stamp out the very essence of Korean society. During World War II, thousands of Korean women were forced to become prostitutes in the service of Japanese soldiers, and the Japanese continue to insist, they did this voluntarily. Japan invaded China in 1937 and the ensuing war led to the death of millions as well as the brutal rape of over 50 thousand women in the city of Nanking. Japanese school books continue to insist their nation has no apology for these actions because America and other nations caused the wars and forced their soldiers into these actions.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continued the path of arrogant behavior by visiting a memorial which honors Japanese soldiers who died during World War II. His visit to the Yasukuni memorial infuriated Japan and South Korea which regard such action as refusal to acknowledge the horror of Japanese action during the war. The Chinese government bluntly noted, “strong indignation at the Japanese leader for trampling on the feelings of the people of China.”

It is time Japanese educators visit Germany and learn how a nation confronts the horror of its past.

All Not Quiet On The Thailand Front

Among the many mysteries of my life is the apparent lack of concern by the Tea Party, Republicans in Congress and Fox News about demonstrators in Thailand. Once again tens of thousands are in the streets shouting and yelling about the government of Yingluck Shninawatra who has been under siege for over a year. Crowds wander the streets blowing whistles, yelling, blocking traffic and pushing around those who defend the government. I assume Fox News, and, certainly Senator John McCain, want American Marines to be sent in order to restore law and order before al-Qaeda takes over the government. Of course, Muslims are the minority in Thailand and they are engaged in a war against Thailand that goes on and on. But, not a word from Sarah Palin about seeing Thailand from her window, not a word from TEd Cruz about failures of the Obama administration, not a demand for an inquiry into American policy toward Thailand. What in hell is going on? Where are the shouts of complaints about the incompetent Obama?

Ms. Yinkluck Shinawatra is the sister of Thaksin Shinawatra who was thrown out of the country nearly ten years ago for his policies that favored poor people in northern regions. He is a billionaire and the only reason he wants to help the poor is to get their votes. Gee, I assume since he is a billionaire that makes him, automatically a job creator. Send in the Marines!

Why Do We Care About MH370?

I confess to the crime of devoting my efforts and blog to disseminating information regarding the story of a plane that fell from the skies somewhere in the ocean, and perhaps we will discover the location of watery graves–eventually. We humans so enjoy a mystery. Our entire lives are filled with mystery. We really have no clear picture as to how we got to this planet and the process that led to we becoming thinking life creatures. The essence of our existence is a mystery. For example, from whence comes the Big Bang? If there is nothing, then how does something emerge from nothing? Is there another universe which led to creation of this universe? Who knows and it is doubtful if we will ever learn the truth of our existence. So, when a story comes along that is a mystery wrapped in a mystery what else can we do but become fascinated?

The most mysterious aspect of this story is failure on the part of Fox News or Senator John McCain or Ted Cruz or the Tea Party to point some finger of blame at President Obama. Did his weakness and timidity in the face of terrorism inspire a pilot to crash the plane knowing Obama would not do anything? In the end of MH370 we simply must uncover a way to blame Barack Obama and Obamacare for this tragic story!!

I await the film which undoubtedly will have a Muslim terrorist seize control of the plane and some gallant American thwart the plot. Now, about the happy ending??

India Will Elect A Monster

The people of India will shortly participate in the world’s most populous election with over 700,000,000 voting for candidates to lead their nation. All reports indicate that Narenda Modi will become the next president of India. A dozen years ago he ran a state in India when over a thousand Muslims were slaughtered in a rampage of hatred set off by some killings on a train. Mr. Modi did not prevent the slaughter but encouraged such hatred to succeed. OK, so that was then and today is today. The problem with India is that one family for over sixty years has been in charge and one party, the National Congress, has basically run the nation. The family of Jawahara Nehru, a founder of modern India has run the show, and the results are mixed. India is definitely a modern democracy. The poor are still with us, and women fear for their lives in a society in which men rape and laugh and go home to rape and laugh.

Who knows? Perhaps, Mr. Modi has changed or evolved over the years. Perhaps, he has become a man who can jump start the economy of India in a manner that begins a process to end poverty and protects the women of this society. Who knows? At this point, Mr. Modi has the record of a monster. Will time tell another tale?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some have natural look of anger on face.

We cannot escape our genetic heritage.

These days nonsense readily bores me.

Some lean on hand to speak.

For some, love is their captor.

Some think from guts, some from mind.

I enjoy songs of the road.

I am a student of thinking.

Study the patterns of life.

As we grow old, we bend over more.

Some shake hands in doubt, some in agreement.

Long time since heard, “shake a leg.”

Some read newspaper with grim face.

In Depression years we grew lean with age.

Some fold arms when listening to another speak.

There is a moment in time when past dissolves into present.

Adults feel happy touching babies.

Adults will never know what the child knows.

We feel powerful paying dinner for others.

Some are strollers through life.

Some climb physical mountains and some mental ones.

Death In Afghanistan By “Good Guys?”

It was just another day in the place we call, Afghanistan. During the past few weeks there have been numerous attacks by Taliban units against foreigners who cling to the supposed safety if large cities such as Kabul. A well guarded restaurant was a blasted last week and five killed. Anija Niedringhaus, a German photographer and Kathy Gannon, a reporter hitched a ride with a convoy protected by the Åfghan army in hope of getting to a city without getting blown up. They were successful and the convoy entered the city compound. An Afghan security man walked over to their car, shouted, Allahu Akbar, “god is great,” and opened fire on the women. Anija died instantly and Kathy was wounded. The Afghan officer meekly surrendered, and most probably will never be executed.

President Hamid Karzai insists any and all problems in his nation are the cause of American and NATO forces whose drones and fighting lead to the death of the innocent. He wants them to leave. Oh, the Afghan government has deployed over 400,000 police, security forces and the army to protect the people of Afghanistan. I think that is the problem, not the solution!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Uneasy Ride”

The story of America since Republicans gained control over the House of Representatives.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Pills Plus Booz”

Equals jail plus time.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Campaign Lie Detector”

Why bother with a detector, just allow a Fox News reporter to report.

Russia, Moscow Times: “An Awful Accident”

Vladimir Putin becoming president?

UK, Guardian: “Who Hates The Gym”

Sweden, Local: “Search For Biting Suspect In Brawl”


Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Classrooms At Bursting Point”

I’d prefer students bursting out with new ideas!

America Needs Healing

Dianne Feinstein who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee has steadfastly defended the CIA and the NSA in the name of “SECURITY.” She has always supported their behavior and claimed those who seek to besmirch the reputation of our security forces are simply unwitting agents of terrorism because to allow the truth to emerge how the CIA handles prisoners would harm the American reputation in the world. FINALLy, Senator Feinstein has emerged from her dream world and confronted the reality of how CIA agents are, in fact, agents of depravity when it comes to the interrogation of those CHARGED with crimes. There actually IS a difference between being told the CIA BELIEVES you are a terrorist and the CIA being able to prove the charge the claim in a court of law.

Her committee has declassified by a vote of 11-3 large portions of a so-called, “classified document” that deals with interrogation. According to the Senator, these documents are “shocking” and the behavior of CIA agents stands in “stark contrast to the values as a nation” that we Americans cherish. “The nation admits its errors as painful as this may be.”

Thanks for honesty. Now, the time has come to appoint a bipartisan committee that will investigate interrogations techniques used against captives. We can follow the ideas of Nelson Mandela’s Truth Committee which granted immunity to anyone who abused people as long as they admitted their guilt and openly apologized.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some lean with one hand on counter.

I wonder if other life forms have numbers.

We enter the world in ignorance and depart….?

Always allow the child to make choices.

Some sleep through life.

I learned young how to survive.

No one can speak for God but God.

Life is simply a fight to survive.

I am rarely surprised by human stupidity.

So enjoy witnessing an old man making out with old ladies.

One’s stomach often reveals one’s feelings.

We have become a nation waited down with pounds of flesh.

Some women follow a man with a forlorn look.

I have never worn black boots.

I accept disappointment as normal.

I eat less these days and think more.

In the end, we are simply some human beings.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.

USA, NY Post: “Words To Avoid”

Among Republicans- intelligence, critical thinking, creative thinking.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Right To Be Racial Bigot”

Take away racial bigots and it takes away things to write about.

Egypt, Al Ahram: “Husband: I Didn’t Murder My Wife”

I just placed her in a nice new grave.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Spot Debris”

Of Rob Ford’s latest drunken episode??

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Criminals Recruited By Cops”

Are you certain it is not criminals recruit cops?

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Why We Are Fascinated By MH370?”

Because the choice is our daily blend of violence?

UK, Guardian: “For Lent Give Up Judgment”

Just leave it up to the Big Guy up in the sky!