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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Prison Guards Get Lounge Chairs”

To relax after beating the hell out of prisoners, I assume.

Norway, Norway Post: “Helicopter Pilot Gives Girl Lift To Beach”

How about a lift to the waves for the helicopter?

Sweden, Local: “Swedish Teachers Feel Not Valued”

By students or parents is the question?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Boy Wins Battle For Log House”

Congratulations, Daniel Boone.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “God Goes To A Festival”

Leave it to we humans to use this as one more excuse for murder.

USA, aol: “Surely Common Sense”

If you cut taxes and less money comes to the government, your deficit rises.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Man Kills Wife In Broad Daylight”

That’s what happens when a woman goes out without a hijab?

America In 2050

Among the most serious defects of modern political leaders is their failure to function in long term thinking. Just about every important world political leader can not get beyond thinking in terms of next year. We decided it was time our readers got a glimpse into the world of 2050.

1. At this point in time, a majority of people residing in America will NOT trace their ancestry back to Europe.

2. Women will be a majority in college, a majority in key business leadership positions and, hopefully, either a majority of close to it in Congress.

3. We can expect a woman as President.

4. About one fourth of Americans will fall into the category of being of mixed racial backgrounds.

5. Robots or some form of them will handle the vast majority of work in our society.

6. People will live in “smart houses” that make decisions including what to order for dinner tonight.

6. Leisure will be an important component of the American economy.

7. The impact of global change will begin to be apparent even to each and every American.

8. Congress will be investigating as to the nature of life in America in the year 2100. This will be a major issue for all in politics.

9. Viewers will now be able to feel the experience being seen.

10. Education will be handled in small schools which are linked technologically all over the world.

11. Oh, what we now know as “tests” will have long since disappeared from education.

12. A sensible tax rate will now be accepted by most Americans due to the large percent of people past retirement age.

13. Education and work for retired people will be a major focus of society.

14. Life expectancy will now be 100 for most Americans.

15. A major project will be sending people to investigate possible life on Mars.

16. The UN will become the focus of creating a world wide citizenship status that enables an individual to travel and reside in any nation in the world.

17. There will be growing interest in how to create the basis of world wide planning.

18. Use of money will have ceased, everything will be handled electronically. Alas,no more penny.

19. A political party will be formed that seeks to grant robots some form of “rights.”

20. Congressional districts will be created by non-partisan commissions.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Black goes nicely with pink.

If I dwell in the House of the Lord, what is the monthly rent?

Mom has blond hair with dark streaks as does daughter.

One wondrous moment when child serves mom.

Is chubby mom the future for daughter?

There are unlimited chances in life, so take one.

Some dwell too often on past slights.

Tall boys place hands in pockets to appear taller.

White haired woman dressed in white is a fetching sight.

This is not a good time to be elderly and poor in America.

A lottery for many is the most important dream of life.

Some waddle to death.

We elderly await the dawn and hope for another one.

Why must front and back of human body be covered but not the face?

Mystery of life: shoe lying in middle of road.

There are mysteries that will always remain a mystery.

I have always wanted to work in a supermarket.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “7 Year Old Sues State”

Three hours of homework in the second grade!

USA, NY Post: “Hurricane Watch”

Congress is back in session?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Crack Down On Car Washes”

Vladimir decides what gets washed, if not, your mouth will be washed out!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Reduce Ramadan Fasting”

Welcome news for fat folk.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Thousands Without Power”

In Africa, how about hundreds of millions?

UK,Guardian: “Disgusting Joke”

Claiming the NSA spies for our own good?

France, Connexion: “Do You Have A Booze Problem?”

Head for Colorado and get a marijuana one?

My Imaginary Conversation With Barack Obama

I decided that since President Barack Obama will not talk to me or the American people, perhaps it was time for me to present the conversation that probably would have ensued if he did speak with me.

M: Mr. President, I twice voted for you in hope that you would create conditions for peace on this planet.

O: I spend every day and night focusing on how to prevent war in this world.

M: But, hardly a day passes without some evidence that our secret intelligence is spying on our allies. Why?

O: Sorry, that is a National Secret.

M: Are you saying it is a secret why we spy on our friends and allies such as in Germany?

O: I can not even admit that we know anyone in Germany, NATIONAL SECURITY

M: Do you admit Americans spy on other nations?

O: Sorry, the answer to that question gets into issues of NATIONAL SECURITY.

M: But, we do have the CIA and the NSA and they are spy agencies, correct?

O: I will acknowledge there are two organizations in our government named the ÇIA and NSA, but what they do is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.

M: Perhaps, you can provide the American people some examples of how these agencies protected the nation?

O: I can say they prevent terrorism, but I am, at this time, prevented from disclosing any other information–NATIONAL SECURITY.

M: So, they prevented terrorist plots in America?

O: Yes, but which ones or when is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.

M: Can you tell us anything about how our spy systems work?

O: As president of this great nation, I must protect it. But, any question you pose poses an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY so I must decline.

M: Are you allowed to say, goodbye to me?

O: I would love to say goodbye to you, but first must check with some people as to who you are and do you pose a threat to our NATIONAL SECURITY.

M: By the way, do you have clearance to deal with NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES?

O: Sorry, that relates to NATIONAL SECURITY.


Just imagine, every Jewish child this year seeking to participate in a confirmation ceremony has spent his or her entire life being witness to the war in Afghanistan. They have, literally, not known a day of their lives in which peace reigned in Afghanistan and that nation did not have the presence of American troops. An election was held this year and both candidates claim to have won this battle. Rumors spread that each was preparing followers and clan friends to gather the arms of war and join in the conflict which would result in fighting the Taliban, fighting one another, and fighting US-UN troops. Fortunately, Secretary of State John Kerry rushed to Kabul and finally got both sides to reach a compromise.

1. Ballots throughout the nation will be picked up by US-NATO forces and brought to Kabul in order to determine who won the election.

2. Regardless of which person won, the other would join in a consensus government.

3. John Kerry, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani raised hands in triumph, all laughed and promised peace.

I trust when current American youth get married and have children, their sons and daughters will enjoy a confirmation ceremony while peace reigns in Afghanistan.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In my youth, fast food was a hot dog at noon Thursday in the Kosher deli while mom worked at the store.

My mom never once took me out to lunch.

I have never feared fear.

All too many divorce from self.

Man sits quietly listening and wiggling foot.

The only truth I know is that I don’t know the truth.

Truth like paper is blowing in the wind of time.

Hate is a luxury not fit for most people.

Laughter is a dessert.

Each day 949 WWII veterans die.

Serving in the armed forces makes one depart with a sense of fatalism.

I am still surprised to see Jews depicted in films. Not the norm in my childhood.

Always make way for tomorrow.

Each day is a unique event.

Money is just money, it comes and it goes.

Technology and I are enemies at heart–and in mind.

I procrastinate filling out forms.

I place my glasses on the table when writing but do not use them to write.

Some back out of coffee shop.

Delightful sight, two white haired women walking with firm steps.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand,New Zealand Herald: “Demand Return Of $539 million”

Just a plaintive plea by job creators so they can create jobs–for themselves, that is.

Italy,Local: “Catholics Can Ignore Sex Teaching”

What a loving directive.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Summer Returns To Moscow”

Too bad, it also returns Vladimir Putin.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Senator AWOl In Inquiry”

Hell, in America they are AWOL from the American people!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “More Money For Danish Cows”

Good lord, the cows in Denmark make more than McDonald’s workers!

USA, aol: “Governor Perry Dresses Like West Coast Metrosexual”

So, that accounts for his loss of memory about history?

UK,Guardian: “Dead US Soldier On Sixth Afghan Tour”

This leaves me speechless, but George/Dick/Don hail him for dying to halt WMD.

Oh Dem Raghead Muslims!

Among the ironies of history that will baffle future historians is why during the administration of the first black president, so many Federal agencies engaged in blatant prejudice against those of the Muslim faith. A reporter for the UK Guardian uncovered training manual materials in which the Muslim religion was described as a threat to ‘NATIONAL SECURITY” and the prophet Mohammad viewed as leader of a “cult.” Throughout this material there are references to “Mohammad Raghead” and it is quite clear that for members of the FBI or NSA, the enemy is a religious one. Who are the good guys–Christians and Jews, who are the bad guys– good ole Mohammad Raghead! Fifty years ago, it was the JEWS who were suspect in terms of their loyalty since some of the Communist spies had Jewish names. During the 19th century, if you wanted to identify a person who lacked loyalty to America, just visit the nearest Romand Catholic church. Did you know that Catholics pledged allegiance to FOREIGN LEADER–THE POPE!!

Our history is the story of one group after another being charged with being less of an American or in the service of some foreign cult leader. It there is a problem in America, it is so much easier to blame THOSE PEOPLE. You know, they pray differently than do we, they have different holidays, and many speak in a foreign tongue. Today, it is THE MUSLIMS. Yesterday it was THE JEWS and before them THE CATHOLICS. We inhabit a paranoid world in which there MUST be disloyal people, and always remember, it is not US,it is THEM!!

The sad part of this story is that this prejudice and bias occurs during the presidency of the first black American president!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In the end,we return from whence we came.

Some march to the right tune.

Some are timeless in their thinking.

All too often what we yearn for is not what we need.

There are times to have a firm grip on things.

In my childhood we kept things cold in the ice box.

Ah, the wishes we wished to never make that were never made.

Some hold coffee in left hand while holding paper in right.

Every American must once in life dream of walking along the Seine in Paris.

Policemen walk with authority.

I have never encountered a missing person, have you?

To sit quietly amidst noise is to sit with God.

Man has lock hanging from belt. Why? Does he want to lock himself up?

To read a book is to possess the riches of the world.

To remember with love is a precious thought.

There are times in life not to remember.

Always be a brother to your brother.

These days the drums of war in America are not heard by youth.

Forsake hate, and just love.

Long time since heard, “pay the piper’s tune.”