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It’s Friday, Let’s Hate Muslims!

There are about one billions six hundred million members of the Muslim faith scattered around the world. There are about 200,000,000 located in what we term to be the Middle East. The horrible ISIS group consists of about 30,000, that is thousand, not millions. They have conducted themselves with hatred and brutality, but the sum total of people killed is under ten thousand. People in Australia are upset at this behavior and have decided that since SOME Muslims are brutal murderers it means that all Muslims behave in this manner. Many Australians are particularly upset at the sight of Muslim women wearing a hijhab. There have been dozens of attacks upon Muslim women in Melbourne and Sydney. Females have been insulted, things thrown at them because they happen to wear a hijab.

This is simply hysteria gone mad. Exactly how does a woman wearing something on her face impact the life of anyone? Of course, the number of women who wear a hijab is, perhaps, under 5% of all Muslim women in Australia. Muslim lawyer, Lydia Shelly made clear: “As a Muslim woman, I am very concerned that this is impacting the rights and freedom of movement for Muslim women.” There are even examples of Muslim women with children having coffee thrown upon them. So nice that Australians behave in such a Christian manner!

Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick have created a stir in the great land of Australia because they decided to get married. No, they are not in love with one another so much as being in love with the game of Rugby. An FM Radio Station is holding a contest and the prize is two tickets to the Rugby World Cup. The contest is restricted to a pair of “Best Mates” and these young men decided to tell the world that love of football, at least that is what foreigners term the game of soccer, is the most important thing in their lives. So, they entered the “Love You Man” contest which already has attracted two hundred such pairs.

A member of the Australian Parliament is not amused. MP Allen Greenwich denounced this travesty of the institution of marriage. “Marriage is really an important institution about love” and it is a sad day when “people make a joke out of it.” Look, man, half marriages end in divorce so when a man and woman say, “I Do” they really don’t mean it. Then again, pick up a newspaper or check the social media today for another story about a guy who belts his wife!

What Can Australia Do About Putin?

President Obama is engaged in various actions directed at Russia and its leader, the noble Vladimir Putin, but I began to wonder as to what can nations that were directly involved in the crash of one of those Malaysian airlines in Ukraine do about the death of its citizens? After all, 38 Australians died on that plane and their families are suffering from the deaths of loved ones. So, what exactly can their government do to punish the man responsible for death of family members?

1. Australia could refuse to allow Putin to land in Brisbane, and be able to attend the G20 meeting next month.

2. Of course, if Australia bans the Putin man, he will complain and make threats to everyone in sight.

3. Australia could identify Vladimir Putin as a criminal and ask Interpol to arrest this guy.

4. Australians could send millions of letters to Russia addressed to Putin and louse up the Russian postal system.

5. Australians could draw funny faces about this man, and place them on his Facebook account.

6. Australians could launch a massive email campaign against Putin.

Think about it this way, if Australians did the above, they would be doing more than the European Union has–or will do!

Poor Are With Us

Life in America all too often results in a distorted view of the world. I thought American wealthy folk were the only greedy and self centered folk in the world so it was good news to learn such people are common in every section of the world. Almost half of all women in Australia and one third of men earn less than $18.40 and hour–Aussie wage. Naturally, part time “workers” get the benefit of not so much work so they feel assured the problem of high income will never appear in their lives. About 44% of women are in the low income group. Frankly, if most Americans could earn $18.40 an hour in 2013 they would be happy to be rising into the middle class.

I feel comfortable knowing that in another country wealthy folk can spend their lives knowing the problem of high income does not enter their home. Fox News has made me understand that if people make a lot of money they pay a lot of taxes and this inevitably results in winding up in the poor house. I certainly to not wish to take away opporunitiers from poor folk to be poor and thus never have to endure the plight of too much money and high taxes. Low pay means low income means lower taxes(unless one has good tax preparers), and lower life happiness. Be happy, be poor!

When Is Rape Rape?

I did not attend law school. I am not a lawyer. I do read political issues related to t he topic of rape. I certainly go to the movies or watch TV about stories related to the act of rape. Lewis Meyer Mcleod, a student who came from Austraila in order to attend Duke University is rather upset. He is prepared to take the university to court over its refusal to allow him to graduate this year. Last November, Lewis took a girl to his frat house, they drank-no drugs–and both became somewhat drunk. Both agree she did break down in tears. She subsequently charged him with the act of rape. The Police Department of the city of Durham investigated the case and concluded there was insufficient evidence that would result in a rape conviction of Mr. Mcleod.

Duke University Office of Student Conduct launched its own investigation. Their conclusion was that “more likely than not” the sexual encounter was not jointly consensual. He was found guilty of rape and expelled. As I indicate, I am not a lawyer, but I always thought the judge made clear to the jury that if there was any doubt about guilt of the defendant they could not find him guilty. How can a college argue the concept of “more likely than not.” Sorry, it is not an OK legal conclusion. Perhaps, a moral OK, but not a legal OK.

A Wink Blinks On Twitter

Tony Abbott is prime minister of Australia and he decided to go on a talk show in order to get in direct contact with the people of his nation. Of course, he had just submitted a budget that came down hard on those who work for low wages or are disabled or attend a college whose tuition will undoubtedly rise. A woman who called herself, Gloria, told the prime minister that she has two incurable illnesses, gets by on about $1000 a month and even has to work on a sex hotline to make ends meet. The PM turned to ABC host and winked as though saying, “would you believe this stuff?” The wink was seen and is now all over the Internet.

Another listener who called herself, Chantelle, told the nation’s leader that she worked as a community care taker, and as a result of his budget, her job will end led him to comment: “we all have to live with uncertainty.” After all, he added, “I could lose my job in 2016.”

Some callers noted their college tuition would rise due to his budget. Such is life was his response. His daughter just won a scholarship to a prestigious fashion institute that is worth about $65,000. Oh, a few of his friends are on the committee that awards these scholarships.

No comment.

Anyone Made A Suggestion About You?

The United States government recently informed the government of Australia there is reason to believe that some time last year, two citizens of Australia who were in Yemen died in a drone attack. One, whose name was Christopher Harvard, went by the name of Abu Suhaib al-Australi and was most probably in a camp with other “suspected militants” when a drone came from up high and blasted away down below. The “suspected militant” died due to “collateral damage.” After all, no one can expect a drone to always be perfect. Sometimes, the bad guys must be killed, and if a few innocent ones die in the process. just bad luck. After all, Mr. Harvard could have been driving his car to the supermarket in order to purchase a steak when another car killed him in a crash. No different scenario than being blasted to pieces by accident.

The report given to the Australian government contains statements such as: “suspected militants” or “there was a suggestion they were involved in kidnapping Westerners for ransom.” It is unclear who or what led to “the “suggestion” or exactly what is a “suggestion.” But, someone “suggested” these two men were Muslim militants and since they were in Yemen, the suggestion must have been correct. After all, if someone “suggests” to the police that I robbed the bank it only stands to reason they would arrest me or even shoot me since they had a concrete “suggestion.”

Racism In Australia

For over a hundred years the country we know as Australia adhered to a strict White Only policy which prevented anyone whose skin was not white no opportunity to come and enjoy life down under. Of course, Australians had the Aborigines who predated the whites and thus had to enjoy being a second class citizen in the land of their ancestors. Eventually, economics intruded into the lives of Australians since they must trade with nations in Asia and thus they eventually had to allow THOSE PEOPLE to enter their shiny white shores. Naomi Priest, a professor at Deakin University has completed a study of racism encountered by immigrants over the past decade. In reality, there is no need for any study since common sense would result in a conclusion that racism is alive and doing OK in the land of the Aussies.

Priest discovered a common complaint directed at immigrants is: “you don’t belong in Australia.” Of course, aside from the Aborigines, no human belongs in Australia. And, of course, the Aborigines were once immigrants from Asia. About 14% note they have been physically attacked or spat on or pushed. About 10% claim teachers do not believe immigrants are capable of advanced academic work. Nothing surprising. An immigrant attends school, it can be a pleasant time or a stressful time. It really depends on how school officials handle the situation.

Just remember that every example in America of a school shooting was committed by a white, middle class student attending a suburban school in which they felt selves objects of hate.

Church And Sex

I confess to examine issues pertaining to sex when it comes to those who claim to somehow be connected to the Big Guy up in the sky. Father Gerald Ridsdale is a priest in Australia and finally what he has been doing for the past thirty years has emerged into knowledge of the entire world. Ridsdale confessed that over a few decades of time he has been sexually molesting young boys and girls. He commonly informed these children that allowing him to enjoy their bodies was simply an act on his part to serve the Lord. In all honesty, he did give children a reward for their encounters, each received a nice bag of candy. Oh, along with instruction to the girls not to reveal their “little secret” to any nun.

Cardinal George Pelll does have some explanation to provide, not only to his church, but to police. He apparently destroyed important documents related to these cases of sexual molestation. I have a hunch that God up above really does not seek to have those on this planet sexually abuse its inhabitants in His name!

Missionaries To Hell

There are times when one wonders what has happened to many people in this world who term themselves to be “Christian.” Here in America we enjoy the presence of millions whose ignorance about science or rationality has led to nutty ideas regarding the history of this planet or the need to walk around with guns for Christ. An Australian missionary who runs a publishing house in Hong Kong went on a vacation. Of all the places in this world which one is the nation that does not wish any and all Christians residing for a day or a week on their soil? One guess! Yes, Mr. John Short the short and tall of the matter is that if you are a Christian do NOT head for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea! This nut case went to Pyongyang and, most probably, handed out his pamphlets about Jesus Christ and found himself in jail. What else did he expect?

For some reason, the DPRK decided to allow this man of God to head back to Hong Kong. He did express some regrets: “I am willing to bow down on my knees to request the tolerance of the DPRK.” Well, he got the tolerance. Will you missionaries stay out of North Korea? I know some folk in rural Missouri who could use your pamphlets.