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Limit Guns, Limit Deaths

Unfortunately for gun advocates the decision by the Australian government in 1996 to purchase guns back from Australians and enforce tight gun controls led to a dramatic decline in gun deaths. The evidence is overwhelming that taking guns out of public use resulted in fewer gun deaths.Australia had a gun massacre which led, unlike in America, to bipartisan cooperation to reduce the presence of guns in society. Since the 1996 decision there has not been a mass shooting in Austraia and rates of murder or suicide have dropped.

Naturally, the NRA refuses to accept the facts and argues that crime has risen under the theory that if one “takes guns away from the innocent, then only criminals will have guns.” NRA supporters isist America is an “exceptional nation” and we need firearms because we live in a different society.

Perhaps, Fox News needs a new Reality Show. Shoot Outs at the Not OK Corral. Draw your gun, the one standing alive gets his own 30 minute slot on Fox News together with a pert cute blond defender of purity and God.

Priests Of Shame

I confess. I really do not understand how someone who has committed his life to serving the ideals and values of God can abuse a young boy or girl in order to serve the needs of their sexual desires. Father Francis Derriman, a Catholic priest in Australia, manipulated and confused children by getting them so terrified they felt the need to go along with his sexual fanstasies. Joan Isaacs who attended Sacred Heart Convent in Brisbane, was told by Father Derriman that if she did not go along with his demand for sex from her”I will kill myself and you will always know that it was your fault.” He demanded sex when she was sixteen. She felt close to committing suicide and had sex with the voice of God.

It took two years of negotiation with the Catholic church to get some settlement. Most of the money went to lawyers and health expenses. She was told that she could not make disparaging remarks about the Catholic Church. Who are these people??

Good News-Aussies Spy!

To be an American these days is to be daily confronted by stories and accusations of spying by my government upon leaders of other nations. We have become the poster boy for spies and, increasingly, people of the world when encountering an American check their cell phones and iPads for the spy in their technology. Thus, it is wonderful news that Australia is being charged by the government of Indonesia with the crime o phone tapping. Indonesian President Yudhoyono confirmed receiving a letter from the government of Austrailia concerning tapping of his phone. Just about all communication between Indonesia and Australia has ceased.

The good news is that we Americans are no longer alone in the world of spies. It is important to get all nations to cooperate in spying. If we all are spies then no one is a spy. How aout an international organization of spies. We could term it, SPIES UNITED FOR PEACE.

Thank God, Not USA, Number One!

Another report about bugging countries and, thank God, this one does not involve the United States government. Indonesia’s Foreign Minister summoned the Ambassador from Australia for an explanation about its bugging the government of Indonesia. It turns out the Embassy facility was the site of listening in to what went on in the government of Indonesia. Just as this request was made, Australiam immigration minister Scott Morrison was in Jakarta seeking help from Indoesian authorities to help crack down on smugglers. For some reason these Indonesians insulted those Aussie friends and neighbors. “The actions that were carried out, as they were reported, do not reflect the spirit of friendship that has been well maintained between neighbouring and friendly countries, and are a serious breach of security that is unacceptable to the Indonesian government.”

Let me explain something to these ignorant people in Asia. These days if you are NOT bugged, consider that some nation is attempting to insult you. If your neighbor truly loves and respects your government it MUST bug you!!

Big Mac Downsized

I confess to entering a McDonald’s place of business in order to secure a cup of their 55 cent senior citizen coffee. Of course, it is against my religion to actually partake of their food which does not quite agree with the interior of my stomach. A group of protestors in the city of Melbourne in Australia have been fighting the construction of a new McDonald’s for three years. The giant corporation of McDonald’s decided to sue these people and it is demanding monetary compensation that would compel these citizens to sell their homes. After numerous meetings at corporate headquarters someone in authority decided to cease and desist the law suit and return to peaceful negotiation with these angry folk.

Has anyone considered offering the protestors free coffee? Or, make them honary senior citzens?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “You’re Going To Pay Price”

And, it will not be at the discount store.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Ban New Citizen Voting”

Only those over 65 can vote.

Sweden, Local: “Taming Of The Shrew”

There you go again picking on Sarah Palin.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Mom Shell Shocked”

You mean the thing in my tummy was a baby!

Sweden, Local: “Wedding Day Dangerous”

It is that “I do” which can lead to trouble.

France, Connexion: “Deaf Hunter Shoots Men”

The deaf part was no problem, but the lack of vision was.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Female Underwear Thief Caught”

I assume he was caught handily

Sensible Prime Minister

President Barack Obama finally has a model on how to lead a nation. I realize our president devotes countless hours checking on emails that I, and millions send, so it would be helpful for our leader to finally grasp the meaning of leadership. We suggest that Barack Obama check with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd if he wants to know how to lead a nation. Prime Minister Rudd was due to attend a special meeting that dealt with the situation in Syria. However, an urgent matter captured his attention, he cancelled the Syria stuff and rushed off to a more important session-filming an episode of Kitchen Cabinet. Oh, I realize there are some who actually believe Syria or Iraq or reading emails are more important issues, but not Kevin Rudd. This is one dude who has set the right priorities.

As his office made clear, “had a full national security briefing on Syria been somewhat earlier, Mr. Rudd would have made arrangements to be in Canberra earlier.” Finally, the right man in the right place at the right time!

Don’t Touch My Gun!!

Among the more difficult concepts for gun lovers in America to understand is that terrorists use guns. Honest, bad guys use guns and other such weapons and they can even walk into a gun store and purchase guns to their desire. More than 65 countries have signed a trade treaty that is designed to monitor the sale of conventional weapons by manufacturers and prevent their free flow into black market sources or to groups seeking death and destruction. The latest count is that 154 nations voted to support this treaty and three oppose it–Syria,Iran and North Korea. Now, we know the friends of guns in America, there nations who have the same mentality of thinking as does the National Rifle Association.

Naturally,Republican Senator Jerry Moran opposes this treaty since it fails to explicitly recognize the right of individuals to bear arms. “The United States should ratify treaties only when they are in our national interest, clear in their goals and language, respect our sovereignty, and do not create any openings to infringe upon our constitutional freedoms.”

Yes, Joe, we support the right of terorists to kill American soldiers. It is their constitutional right-read the second Amendment!!

Iraq Redeux

We are coming to the tenth anniversary of American troops entering  Baghdad in 2003 and overthrowing the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia in 2003 and warmly supported the war in Iraq. Today, ten years later, he claims disbanding the Iraq army in 2003 “was a mistake” and getting rid of anyone who belonged to the Baath party “went too far.”Howard went on “the post invasion conflict, especially between Sunnis and Shiites..did more damage.. to the credibility o f the coaliton operation in Iraq than the failure to find stockpiles of WMD.”

Like his buddy George Bush, the prime minister continues to insist invading Iraq was the right thing to do. He went on to argue that Arab Spring was an outcome of the Iraq war. Dream on, John, dream on.

Increase Hunting Licenses For Children

Good  news from Australia where hunting licenses for children are now  on the rise. However, the flip side is the limit is  only three. I am disappointed at failure of the National Rifle Association to support similar licenses for hunting American children. If we issued hunting licenses for children in the United States we could rid the streets of criminals, reduce expenditures for Food Stamps, reduce prison costs and certainly reduce our national debt. Fewer children means more money for adults to use for purchasing homes and getting new cars.

Just remember, each dead child means less money spent on health care. Of course, since this is America, no child of anyone who earns over $1 million would be subject to being hunted.