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Don’t Touch My Gun!!

Among the more difficult concepts for gun lovers in America to understand is that terrorists use guns. Honest, bad guys use guns and other such weapons and they can even walk into a gun store and purchase guns to their desire. More than 65 countries have signed a trade treaty that is designed to monitor the sale of conventional weapons by manufacturers and prevent their free flow into black market sources or to groups seeking death and destruction. The latest count is that 154 nations voted to support this treaty and three oppose it–Syria,Iran and North Korea. Now, we know the friends of guns in America, there nations who have the same mentality of thinking as does the National Rifle Association.

Naturally,Republican Senator Jerry Moran opposes this treaty since it fails to explicitly recognize the right of individuals to bear arms. “The United States should ratify treaties only when they are in our national interest, clear in their goals and language, respect our sovereignty, and do not create any openings to infringe upon our constitutional freedoms.”

Yes, Joe, we support the right of terorists to kill American soldiers. It is their constitutional right-read the second Amendment!!

Iraq Redeux

We are coming to the tenth anniversary of American troops entering  Baghdad in 2003 and overthrowing the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia in 2003 and warmly supported the war in Iraq. Today, ten years later, he claims disbanding the Iraq army in 2003 “was a mistake” and getting rid of anyone who belonged to the Baath party “went too far.”Howard went on “the post invasion conflict, especially between Sunnis and Shiites..did more damage.. to the credibility o f the coaliton operation in Iraq than the failure to find stockpiles of WMD.”

Like his buddy George Bush, the prime minister continues to insist invading Iraq was the right thing to do. He went on to argue that Arab Spring was an outcome of the Iraq war. Dream on, John, dream on.

Increase Hunting Licenses For Children

Good  news from Australia where hunting licenses for children are now  on the rise. However, the flip side is the limit is  only three. I am disappointed at failure of the National Rifle Association to support similar licenses for hunting American children. If we issued hunting licenses for children in the United States we could rid the streets of criminals, reduce expenditures for Food Stamps, reduce prison costs and certainly reduce our national debt. Fewer children means more money for adults to use for purchasing homes and getting new cars.

Just remember, each dead child means less money spent on health care. Of course, since this is America, no child of anyone who earns over $1 million would be subject to being hunted.

Mosque Too Far?

Those who decry the presence of Muslims in their midst insist that construction of a mosque is evidence something bad will eventually happen to those of the Christian or Jewish faith who happen to live in proximity of such a building. A proposed mosque was to be built in Melbourne, Australia and this proposal has aroused anger due to fears some imam would preach hatred of Christians. Of course, the council agreed to allow construction of a church run by anti-Muslim Pastor Danny Nailliah who heads the Catch The Fire Ministries. The mosque was to be built right next to a center of anti-Muslim hatred.

Let me get this straight. It is OK to allow a church in which hatred is preached against Muslims but not OK to allow a mosque which simply wants to provide a center for Muslims and has no plans to preach hatred of Christians. Sounds like a good example of Christianity in action!

Rich Get Richer

A recent study in Australia reveals that Mitt Romney would do OK in that nation. The richest three-fifths of people have nearly three-fourths of all the savings. The poorest 20% of households redceive just 2.5% of wages in the country while the richest 20% get 47 percent. An amazing statistic is that  the richest quintile of households receive about 12% of social assistance while the next highest quintile receive 11 percent. In other words, the more you got the more you get.

The United States of America has similar statistics but that does not prevent those who regard wealthy folk as job creators and the source of all wealth from complaining about high taxes. Of course, no one ever defines the meaning of the word, “high.” I assume there are special arrangements in heaven for those with lots of dough. Unfortunately, those arrangements do not include a trip to Hell!

Cranks And Crazies

Wayne Swan, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia expressed a common sense view of the United States that any sane individual would understand. He accurately termed members of the Republican party as obstructionists who s eek to impose their nutty ideas not only on the American people but on normal humans on this planet. “Let’s be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world’s economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over a part of the Republican party.”

Constant threats to ruin America’s economic reputation impact foreign economies. Constant refusal to assist in economic recovery of the United States have impacted efforts by numerous nations to be able to sell goods to the American people. Of course, about thirty percent of Americans cheer those who believe 19th century economic ideas work in the 21st century.

All hail the nut cases of America!

Tales Of Woe For Julian Continue

Julian Assange became a  modern folk hero via his participation in the famous Wikileaks that revealed to the world hundreds of stories dealing with what was said by diplomats in “secret.” Obviously, whenever a diplomat says something to a friend or superior that message is of such vital importance to national security it must never be revealed. Julian fears that  Sweden is working with American officials to find a way to have him sent to the USA which has a death penalty.

The Swedish government charges Julian with sexual molestation and rape and wants him to be present in a court of law. Julian claims it is a trick to get him from England to Sweden which will then allow American officials to extradite him to the USA. So, Julian walked into the Embassy of Ecuador in London and asked for political asylum. The pseudo dictator of Ecuador, one President Rafael Correa greeted the news of Assange in his Embassy with delight. It provides an opportunity to give it to the US in their rear end.

So, who is this guy named Assange? Hero of civil rights? Molester of women? Frightened of being on trial? Celebrity of  the moment? Take your pick. Frankly, we really have no idea whether he molested women and certainly do not suggest he didn’t. But, Sweden should offer guarantees that Assange will not be extradited to the USA. Then, get on with the trials.

Capitalists Are New Gods!

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there were political parties all over the world, particularly in the US or Australia or England which were committed to pass laws that would control the wealth of the upper five percent. Alas, that was then, today is now. Australia has witnessed the rise of billionaires and now there are at least 29 which means there are now 29 people who believe their wealth enables them to decide what transpires in the nation. It is one thing to blare the horn of your Rolls Royce, another to use money in order to influence public policy. Mining barons in Australia used their money to get rid of one prime minister and to make certain there were few laws that incresed taxes on their wealth.

Clive Palmer, who intends to build another Titanic is also committed to use money to control his government. He thunders against the CIA working with Green environmentalists in order to damage efforts to safe the environment. In Australia, the top 1% now control 12% of the nation’s wealth, and their goal is to attain the US rate where the top 1% control 18% of the wealth.

Oh, to inhabit a land in which money talks.

A Special Interest Made Public

Eddie Hayson is a man who  believes strongly that  business should serve a public need and not merely seek to make money.  He owns a brotherl in NSW and wants to expand the place by adding several additional floors containing rooms  which allow women to serve male needs. “The development is in the public interest as the regulated supply of sexual services to the community meets a  basic human need.”

We asked several American politicians to comment:

Ron Paul:  Government has no right to  tell anyone who to fuck, it says so in the Constitution.

Newt Gingrich:  Is Eddie looking for someone to  help him sell this idea to t he govcrnment?

Rick Santorum:  As long as women are not using contraceptives and making babies it is God’s will.

Mitt Romney:  Unlike my opponent, I believe in women’s rights to have sex.

So Long Afghanistan, Hello Melbourne!

Australian  Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that its army in Afghanistan is heading home a year before originally planned. She made clear “this is a war with a purpose. This is a war with an end. We have a strategy, a mission, a timeframe for achieving it.” I gather this means we have been fighting this war for ten years and have now decided we have won the war so it is OK to come home.

Ms. Gillard has copied the ideas of an American senator during the Vietnam war who urged the presiding to declare we won the war and now our troops can come home. I suspect this would be a wonderful idea for President Obama. Declare victory, and bring the boys and girls back home!