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Solve Problems Or NO SEX!

A Belgian senator, Marleen Timmerman, has come up with a wonderful idea that might lead to an end to the current deadlock in her nation between Dutch speaking Flanders and French speaking Walloon, which are at a stalemate regarding the future of their nation. Many in Walloon, which is economically richer, want to separate from poorer Walloon. Belgium has been without a government since May, 2010 and there is no end in sight. Mrs. Timmerman has a solution to the impasse: “I call on the spouses of al negotiators to withhold sex until a new government is in power.”

How about in America:

1. Corporate America refuses to hand out money to US Congressmen until they solve at least one problem–providing jobs for those unemployed.

2. Or we can all refuse to purchase any alcohol until Rush and Glenn and Bill utter one word of sense.

3. Or we can all put away our rifles and not hunt until Sarah proves she can see Russia from her window. Or, is it Egypt she sees from her window?

Niqab Not Wanted In Syria

Western nations such as France and Belgium are taking legal action to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab in public, but a similar trend is also being felt in Arab nations. Syria, which fears fundamentalist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, has placed a ban on females wearing the niqab on college grounds, and has removed from elementary school classroom hundreds of teachers who wear the niqab. However, there are no restrictions on wearing headscarves. Ironically, as fundamentalist groups in Iran and Afghanistan impose religious restrictions on females, secular nations such as Syria, Egypt and even Lebanon are pushing for greater restrictions on the niqab. The issue has nothing to do with female rights in these Arab nations, it is a fight against religious fundamentalists who are viewed as enemies of the state.

Ironically, France and Belgium are imposing restrictions on Muslim females along with dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. In both cases, fear is the driving force to restrict the rights of women. What exactly would happen if some Muslim women wore the niqab?

Colonialism To Blame For African Problems?

European nations swept into Africa in the nineteenth century, seized control of areas, created “nations” that did not accord with ethnic or tribal realities, and then left the continent–at least, officially– in the 1960s and 1970s. There are some who argue current poverty or ineffective government in Africa is simply the “colonial heritage.” Leaders like Robert Mugambe in Zimbabwe, have driven productive people from their society in order to enrich a small clique associated with the government while proclaiming to the world any problems are the result of their former colonial rulers. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a nation with vast mineral resources, it has beautiful landscape that would attract tourists, it has intelligent people, but it has been plagued with more corrupt after another corrupt government. Yes, the American CIA influenced political events in the Congo fifty years ago, but that was a half century ago, not today. Blaming the past does not explain away current crooks and thieves who loot their own people while blaming the Europeans for all problems.

Congo Foreign Minister Alexis Mwamba, said it correctly: “fifty years later we cannot say if things are not going well it’s the fault of Belgium or Leopold II.” It is time African leaders assumed responsibility for their mistakes. It is time to put on trial African leaders who rob their own people. It is time to cease blaming “colonialism” for the thief in your home.

Sad Times For Belgian Catholic Church

Thee is a sadness in each new report concerning allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. One is sometimes left with the impression that each and every priest has been engaged in sexual abuse. As in any organization, a minority has created an image. Police raided headquarters of the Catholic Church in Belgium, seized computers and files and left with the sense a new story of sexual abuse is about to emerge. A police spokesperson said: “the police have received accusations of connected with sexual abuse of children.” As one who worked in a Catholic college with some wonderful people, the tragedy is failure to be open concerning those who abused children which only resulted in greater harm than good.

The real question is when will the church develop a strategy that enables this issue to be addressed and resolved once and for all.

Wither Belgium — Divided Views?

A hundred eighty years ago, European nations created a new country named, Belgium, which was to serve as a point of separation between rival Germany and France. In creating this entity, people from French and Dutch speaking areas were brought together and a monarch was identified who would rule, Initially, French speaking areas were wealthier than their Dutch speaking people in Flanders. But, times changed, and now Flanders contains greater economic wealth than its French speaking neighbors. The latest election revealed dramatic changes set to occur. The New Flemish Alliance(N-VA) which seeks the dissolution of Belgium into two areas emerged as the largest party in Parliament with 30 of 150 seats. French speaking Socialists won 26 seats and the remainder were spread among smaller parties.

At a time of serious economic crisis with a debt-to-GDP ratio set to rise above 100% this year, Belgium can ill afford divisive politics which would prevent unified action. Recent elections in Europe and the upcoming American congressional elections reveal a confused, angry population which prefers dealing with other than important issues at times of crisis. Such is the way of the world.

Belgium Votes To Decide Female Dress

The Belgian legislature has decided to join the ranks of Iran and Saudi Arabia by deciding how Muslim women should or should not dress while in public. Buy a vote of 136 to zero the Belgian parliament voted to ban the wearing of the burqa or niqab in public. Denis Durcame, an MP, boasted, “we’re the first country to spring the lock that has made a good number of women slaves.” The Belgian action is expected to shortly be followed by nations like France or Austria. This is the first example in modern European history in which government decides teh dress of women. According to the law, use of the niqab or burqa is forbidden in the street, sports buildings public gardens, and buildings “meant for use or to provide services to the public.”

I assume there is a rational reason to prevent the use of these garments in parks, but it at this moment it escapes me. Perhaps, the law is designed to prevent animals from being upset at the sight of women whose faces are hidden. As I recall in my youth there were nuns who wandered the streets in garments that prevented their legs from being shown. How about a law forbidding any garment which does not reveal legs?

Bad Day For Bishops And Saints

These are not good times for leaders of the Catholic Church, particularly, when two new sex abuses scandals emerge within a few days dealing with famous priests. In Belgium, Roger Vaheluwe, Bishop of Bruges, admitted that years ago he molested a boy and feels guilt at the psychological damage his acts did to this person. He announced his resignation. In Chile, four men instituted criminal charges against the Rev. Fernando Karadima who is regarded by many people in Chile as a living saint. Some are furious at the men for making public their claims to being sexually abused while others are furious at the reverend for mistreating young men. Charges are flying back and forth from those who insist they were secretly abused by Karadima for years while his defenders insist no such abuse ever occurred.

One can only conclude that Pope Benedict XVI must finally summon a conclave to deal with this situation and seriously examine the issue of celibacy in the church. What next– a charge against the Pope?


The world is confronting an enormous economic decline and millions of people have lost life savings and homes, but to the Brussels federal parliament the issue of the day is denying Muslim women the right to wear the niqab or burqa in public. According to Daniel Bacquelain who proposed the new legislation which makes it a crime for a Muslim woman to wear these face coverings in public, he was taking a stand for freedom. “It is necessary that the law forbids the wearing of clothes that totally mask or enclose an individuals. Because, in his view, wearing the burqa in public is not compatible with an open liberal, tolerant society.” Huh? How can there be an “open, liberal, tolerant society” if women can not wear clothes they choose to wear?

P.S. There are about 500,000 Muslims in Belgium and it is rare to find any woman wearing these garments. Is this much ado about nothing other than destroying a woman’s right to wear what she desires?

Headscarf War In Bellgium

For some strange reason, many European nations believe what a girl wears on her head is among the greatest issues confronting their societies. Many Muslim girls in Antwerp protested when the Royal Atheneum school joined the rest of the city in banning Muslim girls from wearing a headscarf. In Belgium, schools decide whether or not to allow this issue to become an issue by banning or not banning the headscarf. The ban policy began in Roman Catholic schools which forced many Muslim girls to enter public schools in order to remain true to their religion.

One Muslim girl has filed a complaint with the Belgian Council of State which previously had said such bans were only legal if all Flemish schools agreed to the ban. Flemish schools have also issued a ban on the Jewish yarmulka and Christian crosses. The unanswered question is what is the end goal of these bans? What is the problem!!

Headscarved Deputy In Belgian Local Parliament

As far as this blog writer knows, the Earth is still rotating around the sun, there are clouds in the sky, and humans continue to breathe the air in peace. But, for some who hate Muslims and deplore the idea that Muslim women can freely choose to wear a headscarf, this undoubtedly is a sad day. Mahinu Ozdemir, a 28 year old Muslim woman was freely elected to a local Belgian parliament and will wear the headscarf while doing her job as an elected official. She was one of six Belgians of Turkish heritage to win seats in local parliaments. Opponents claim that pictures of the attractive Ms. Ozdemir did not portray her wearing a headscarf and the entire electoral process was an attempt to dupe the Belgian public.

The issue as to whether Ms. Ozdemir displayed or hid her headscarf is rather irrelevant since anyone knew she was a woman of Muslim background and what she wears on top of her head is really of no concern. Would opponents be upset if a man who wore a beard shaved it off during an election campaign? Why are rules different for women than for men?