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Head For The Olympics?

I find amusing observing workers in Brazil working furious to complete stadiums, or train tracks, or housing for the athletes. Of course, I do not find amusing asking swimmers to perform in filthy water or female athletes to put on a show of their prowess while the Zika character hangs around ready to bite and make the life of a pregnant woman horrible.

Russian track athletes are now barred from the Olympics due to drug allegations that have now been proved to be true. There is a severe shortage of hotel rooms, and gangs of thugs roam the streets. Sorry,guys,this is not the time for an Olympics in Brazil. Now,we do offer a few suggestions as to a more hospitable location:

Disney world in Orlando,Florida.

Disneyland in California.

Chicago with its weekly murder of 12 people, plus the wounding of fifty.

Cleveland–now that they have a basketball champion and the Republican convention, why not the Olympics with LeBron James being the sponsor?

Why would any young woman go to Rio is the question of the day!!


Brazil, Model For America?

For the past few decades the nation of  Brazil has been an alleged model as to how a nation can stimulate its economy and enter the ranks of the top countries of the world. But, somewhere along the path to economic growth, something went astray. Business success, business money, business corruption took over not merely in the economic sphere but in the center of running a government. Politicians came to believe that taking money from those who had money, not only aided economic growth,   but it certainly made their bank accounts reach new heights of success.

From President Dilma Rousseff to members of Parliament to the judiciary, and certainly to the police taking bribes became the new norm. These payoffs run to the hundreds of millions of dollars and the rare politician is anyone who did not join in the looting. President Rousseff has been impeached by the lower house of Parliament and now faces the final stroke of being removed from office. Naturally, she is shouting persecution. Most probably there will be riots, and it will be a miracle if the looters wind up in jail. In reality, this is something akin to what has happened in the USA. Grab the money, run, and shout that those who caught you are the bad guys.

Keep Them In Your Land!

The solution to Syrian refugees has finally been solved. The European Union is offering Turkey about 3.5 billion dollars if it will build refugee camps for Syrians fleeing the horror of what remains of their homeland. As far as the EU is concerned, better they stay with YOU rather than come to US. All the Turks have to do is construct some shacks, give the semblance of schools and whatever can pass for medical care.

How about solving other migrant problems in the same manner:

The United States can offer Argentine $5 billion to allow Syrians to settle on deserted areas of the pampas.

There is plenty of space in the Amazon region and Brazil is hurting for money, so this would be the perfect solution to people who have no place to go.

Then again, the US could send eleven million illegal immigrants to Venezuela which is close to economic collapse. They speak Spanish, the people in Venezuela  speak Spanish, problem solved. Think about the good news, there no longer will be any need to build a Great Wall.

New Republican Slogan: “Better You Than US!


I am able to confirm from very reliable sources the presence of a potential split within the Catholic Church over an important theological conflict between former Pope Benedict and current Pope Francis. No, it does not have anything to do with gay rights or abortion of female priests, it is a more pressing issue that threatens to divide Catholics throughout the world. I recognize differences between Catholics over church ceremonies, I recognize differences about how to handle allegations of clergy misconduct, but these topics are not of the gravity as the current impasse between the two Popes. It points out that once a former Pope was allowed to retire and live on while another man assumed the position of Pope, fears this might result in conflict are now confirmed.

Pope Benedict will be supporting the German soccer team while Pope Francis will support his native Argentine team as they fight for the championship of the World Cup. The major theological issue is: how does God handle a prayer for victory from a Pope in Argentine while he receives a prayer for victory from a Pope in Germany? If God can solve this one, rest assured we humans can resolve any and all theological disputes!!

Pope Asks For World Time Out

The World Cup involves nations throughout the world in competition to determine which is in possession of the best soccer(sorry for the American name) team in the world. There is no doubt if your nation’s team wins the cup, it will result in jobs, free health care, new housing for the poor, and wonderful schools for children. Now, how did I ever connect the World Cup to these events? Perhaps, I am still in a state of shock that King Lebron James has decided to hold his court in the Cleveland Cavalier court. Anyway, millions are focused on the World Cup so along comes that man of peace, Pope Francis with an outrageous idea. He is asking all nations of the world, for one minute, yes, just one damn minute to cease and desist from killing someone. The Pope is asking “for a moment of silence around the July 17th match to remember those stricken by war and unrest.” In other words, just for a fucking moment, could you guys just put down your weapons of destruction and avoid killing for A MOMENT!

I can just hear leaders of violence bellowing that if they don’t kill at this very moment, then those who murder will get ahead in the race to see who can murder more people! What would it do to our national prestige if we fell behind in the murder race? Oh, my God, imagine coming up second in the murder cup!

Most probably if they halt for a moment, our leaders of Death will undoubtedly make certain the next moment is twice as violent!!

Let’s Not Play Ball?

I am an avid sports fan and devote hours of my day watching athletic events. However, I must confess that world fascination with what they term to be “football,” and I term to be, “soccer” just do not connect. I find their version of football is rather boring. But, the world does not agree with me and the upcoming World Cup fills the hearts of people with joy and excitement. For some strange reason the upcoming World Cup will take place in Rio de Janeiro and its inhabitants do not seem to be jumping for joy at the prospect. At this moment there are twelve major strikes impacting the nation, thousands are in the streets demonstrating against the games and they are being charged with criminal actions.

The main issue is cost. Billions upon billions have been spent to create the infrastructure of stadiums, subways, buses, roads, and during this process, thousands of people have been driven from their homes. Money for schools is being directed towards money for goal posts. Also, among the minor problems is lack of hotel space and tourists are being directed to private homes. OH, another minor problem is the high rate of robbery and crime in Rio.

Perhaps, there are times not to play ball– at least in my country. I have a hunch, this is one of those times.

World Cup No Cup Of Tea

Confession: I have no knowledge nor do I have any interest in the great phenomenon known as the World Cup. I am an American who knows a lot about football(American, football, that is,) baseball and basketball along with a passing interest in tennis. As a backward member of the human race which comprises those not interested in the World Cup, it is difficult to become emotionally engaged in what constitutes an important world event. However, this much I do know, or rather do know questions to compose about this event which is 37 days from beginning in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

Why did anyone actually believe Brazil was ready to host such an event?
If Brazilians are interested in this event, why are Federal police in several cities currently on strike?
Why did bus drivers who are on strike in Rio decide to torch 325 vehicles? I assume those vehicles would be needed to transport visitors in one month.
Where will tourists live during this event?
Which facilities are already ready to tourists and which will be ready in ten years time?

Just asking.

Olympics For The Masses

Brazil has been able to garner the right to hold the World Cup this year and the Olympics in 2016 so there is necessity to address issues of crime and poverty for fear these issues might emerge when thousands of people from other lands are in Brazil to have a good time. Some in Brazil are angry that billions are being spent for these games at a time when billions are needed to revamp the educational system or provide job training for those seeking jobs. However, first things first. Over 500,000 police are being ordered into operations to clean up the favelas which are integral to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of thousands live in shacks lacking basic necessities and thus become the source of gangs and violence. Police are making raids into these favelas, and yesterday they entered several and in the process killed six while gathering dozens of weapons.

These weapons are found throughout the favelas and crime is part of the culture of these hovels of shame. As long as those in the favelas killed one another no one gave a damn. Now, that a possibility exists of tourists being robbed that the government of Brazil is ready to take action. Poor-kill–poor. Tough luck. Poor-rob-tourist, send in the Army!!

Suffer The Children

We on planet Earth inhbit a section of the universe where our new born youth all too often grow into maturity after many years of painful exposure to the horrors of humanity. Millions of children are reared in pain, in brutality, and in abuse of their dignity as living beings. Forrtaleza is the notorious capital of prostitution where young children to not attend a school for learning from books and writing papers, but spend their days hustling along the streets of sex in order to earn money for survival. Young girls are greatest in demand. As one observer noted, “as soon as they hit the avenue, they are picked up. It’s really a matter of mnutes. The number of children involved in the sex trade is an estimated 500,000 in Brazil.

That is a fivefold increase within a decade. The arrival next year of tourists coming to see the World Cup being played means that thousands of children will not be in the stadium to watch soccer so much as being played with by men who want the thrill of a young girl singing songs of love to appease their carnal desires.

Beautiful Brazil Beaches Violent

Women in Brazil are gorgeous, particularly on its wonderful beaches. Rio de Janeiro with its tropical sun, its cloudless skies and golden sand makes a day at the beach a time for fun and love. However, the beaches are close to crime ridden “favelas” in which reside gangs of boys and girls whose idea of a day at the beach consists of robbing and beating up those on the beach for a day of relaxation. Suddenly, out of nowhere the “arrastoes,” have returned to the seaside. The gangs exploded on the beaches, seizing wallets and purses, grabbing technology and ejoying a day of anger, violence and fun. According to one description, a gang attacks people on the beach and when police arrive they dash off in different directions.

Brazil decided to host a World Cup. The qestion now is a World Cup in what-robbing and stealing?