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Olympics For The Masses

Brazil has been able to garner the right to hold the World Cup this year and the Olympics in 2016 so there is necessity to address issues of crime and poverty for fear these issues might emerge when thousands of people from other lands are in Brazil to have a good time. Some in Brazil are angry that billions are being spent for these games at a time when billions are needed to revamp the educational system or provide job training for those seeking jobs. However, first things first. Over 500,000 police are being ordered into operations to clean up the favelas which are integral to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of thousands live in shacks lacking basic necessities and thus become the source of gangs and violence. Police are making raids into these favelas, and yesterday they entered several and in the process killed six while gathering dozens of weapons.

These weapons are found throughout the favelas and crime is part of the culture of these hovels of shame. As long as those in the favelas killed one another no one gave a damn. Now, that a possibility exists of tourists being robbed that the government of Brazil is ready to take action. Poor-kill–poor. Tough luck. Poor-rob-tourist, send in the Army!!

Suffer The Children

We on planet Earth inhbit a section of the universe where our new born youth all too often grow into maturity after many years of painful exposure to the horrors of humanity. Millions of children are reared in pain, in brutality, and in abuse of their dignity as living beings. Forrtaleza is the notorious capital of prostitution where young children to not attend a school for learning from books and writing papers, but spend their days hustling along the streets of sex in order to earn money for survival. Young girls are greatest in demand. As one observer noted, “as soon as they hit the avenue, they are picked up. It’s really a matter of mnutes. The number of children involved in the sex trade is an estimated 500,000 in Brazil.

That is a fivefold increase within a decade. The arrival next year of tourists coming to see the World Cup being played means that thousands of children will not be in the stadium to watch soccer so much as being played with by men who want the thrill of a young girl singing songs of love to appease their carnal desires.

Beautiful Brazil Beaches Violent

Women in Brazil are gorgeous, particularly on its wonderful beaches. Rio de Janeiro with its tropical sun, its cloudless skies and golden sand makes a day at the beach a time for fun and love. However, the beaches are close to crime ridden “favelas” in which reside gangs of boys and girls whose idea of a day at the beach consists of robbing and beating up those on the beach for a day of relaxation. Suddenly, out of nowhere the “arrastoes,” have returned to the seaside. The gangs exploded on the beaches, seizing wallets and purses, grabbing technology and ejoying a day of anger, violence and fun. According to one description, a gang attacks people on the beach and when police arrive they dash off in different directions.

Brazil decided to host a World Cup. The qestion now is a World Cup in what-robbing and stealing?

Spies Galore

Each day presents a new story about how the United States of America is spying on a friendly nation-IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY! After stories appeared about spying in Brazil, Germany, France, now add Mexico to the list. President Obama is SHOCKED that American spies are spying on our allies. Gee, it is a big surprise to this innocent man from Chicago. He has enforced the most rigid policies of punishment toward those who leak stuff on grounds knowing about anything in our government is a threat to our very lives. The government of Mexico is a bit upset. “Mexico did not ask for an explanation. It asked for an investigation!” So, our president will get over his surprise and do something. I expect a meeting and an explanation, but how can those who engage in the act of spying investigate their own spying??

Barack Obama could use a good course on the topic of human rights. For some reason, this former professor of constitutional law never took his own class.

Let’s Spy In Your Home!

The government of Brazil is upset because the American National Security Agency had a spy program aimed at the Catholic government of Brazil in order to crush Muslim terrorists in the Middle East. According to the nortorious Muslim terrorist, one Edward Snowden, American spy folk intercepted telephone and emails of the president of Brazil, Dilman Rousseff in order to end terrorism in violent Muslim nations. I do not understand why President Rousseff is upset, the American sppoks also intercepted messages destined for Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. American spies are equal opportunity spooks, they do not discriminate against any nation due to their relgion or the color of skin of its inhabitants. Brazilian Senator Ricardo Ferraco, for some reason is upset. “I feel a mixture of amazement and indignation. It seems like there are no limits. When the phone of the president of the republic is monitored, it’s hard to imagine what else might be happening.”

Wait a second, sir. Just remember that American spies spy on all. They know what President Obama says and does each day. Do you actually beleive American spies would deny the president of the United States of America the same opportunity tobe spied on? I think Brazilians should cease complaining. They should feel complimented that there president is also being spied on. The people who should be unhappy are those NOT being spied on! Where the hell did these Brazilians get the idea that America can not spy on their leaders?? I think this conclusively proves that President Rosseff is a secret TERRORIST!

Wrong Turn Pope!

Pope Francis is wandering through South America has encountered thousands who wish him well. At a time when Catholicism is declining in Latin America, there apparently is a warm feeling toward the new head of the Catholic Church. On his first return to South America the Pope’s car took a wrong turn and was overwhelmed by people. He leaned down to grasp hands and kiss babies like an old pro politician. But, people understood this was a decent man who is trapped in a large bureaucracy as well as being surrounded by church politicians who regard “power” as the reason to be a Catholic priest.

The warmth and caring feeling of Pope Francis is confronted with a challenge. Can his basic decency, his care and love for all humans penetrate feelings created by priest scandals and reveal there remains a Catholic church which seeks to bring love an peace to all humans? Only time will tell.

Rio Protests Continue

The old days prior to emergence of social media meant that government could control what was printed or shown in their society. But, after a week of increasngly open demonstrations against Brazilian government policies even President Dilma Roussef realizes there is a time bomb ticking away as people make clear they do not believe billions for sporting events prior to billions for lower fares and more schools and economic benefits for the poor. An estimated 2 million were in the streets of Brazilian cities demaning, “Stop Corruption. Change Brazil, Halt evictions” and adding that marching in the streets was the only place where people did not encounter taxes.

Ironically, years ago, President Roussef was marching in these same streets chanting the same complaints about a different president. There were such demonstrations in over 80 towns in Brazil. As Jamaime Schmitt put it: “there are no politicians who speak for us.”

Such is modern life.

It’s Not Us!

Riots in Turkey, demonstrations in Brazil, angry young people, furious old people, the only common factor is that some folks are tired of being ruled by men and women who have grown accustomed to power and forgotten the purpose of any government is meeting the needs of ALL people, not just those who support the existing one. Brazilians are angry at the rise in transportation costs and expenditure of  billions to prepare for an Olympic even while millions lack basic income and schools go without necessary funding. In  Turkey, thousands are tired of the arrogant behavior of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who suffers from the malady of being in power to long. Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota claims his nation’s protests “have been peaceful” unlike violent ones in Turkey.

That is one way to describe riots. Peaceful ones and violent ones. Ironically, in both societies leaders HAVE been engaged in confronting poverty, but when one begains far behind, proceeding is a relative feeling. Poverty has been reduced but if the price is arrogance and disregard for human rights, the end result is a feeling of helplessness and a desire for action.

Fire This Time In Brazil

During the course of this century Brazil will emerge as  among the most important nations in the world. However, it remains a country in which the gap between poor and middle class and rich is enormous. Of course, we Americans also confront the same issue. Riots and demonstrations convulsed Sao Paulo as people protested a raise in transportation costs along with utility increases. They are disturbed by enormous expenditures to deal with the forthcoming Olympics. President Dilma Roussef is shocked by the turn of events. Her press secretary Gilberto Carvalho, commented: “it would be pretentious to say we understand what’s going on. If we are not sensitive we’ll be caught on the wrong side of history.”

It is a social conflict, it is a political conflict and it is an economic conflict between those who have and those who do not. Billions for sport events and no billions for those needing jobs and schools for their children. Ignore history and pay the consequences.

G8 Ain’t Happy Time For Many

There will be another meeting of G8 leaders who will gather in Chicago in order to discuss the state of world economies. Protesters will gather in the near vicinity of these illustrious heads of states, but it is doubtful if their words or sounds will ever reach the ears of those with power. One young protester summed up feelings of his group: “All we want to do is work, to her able to support ourselves. But, thanks to the rich being greedy, we can’t even do that.”

First, let us clear up some confusion.  Those who are rich are wealthy because they are wealthy. Protesters seek to transform a billionaire into someone who has to survive on a few hundred million. God has ordained that those with money are his favorite children. Just ask them. Let me make clear to those protesting, please check out the garbage area of hotels and you will find ample food for an evening’s mail.