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Massacre In Brazil School!

He was a young man in his twenties who smiled as he entered Tasso da Silveira school which he had attended years ago. He chatted with a former teacher, smiled at students and slowly walked up the stairs. Suddenly, he halted, took out two guns, pointed them at a row of girls and began blasting away. Children shouted in fear, girls ran toward the doors in panic, a few kids burst out the doors and ran down the street until they found a policeman who headed back toward the school. As the policeman entered, Wellington Menzes de Oliveira, was shot and then he used one of his weapons to kill himself. The 12 dead children represented the worst massacre of young people in the history of Brazilian education.

At the funeral of one of the girls, a mother asked the media: “Where is it safe? The moon?” A good question. I live in the United States of America, a country in which there are over 200,000,000 weapons. Of course, the reason for these weapons, according to the NRA, is to keep us safe. When will the people of planet Earth learn that weapons lead to death, and, all too often, to the death of the innocent. When will humans ever learn?

A Strange Murder Mystery

Renata chatted with her friends as she got dressed in a beautiful new gown of white. They laughed and joked about what would happen this evening when she consummated the marriage in the arms of a man for whom she had nothing but love and admiration. Her best friend gave her a hug and whispered that her boyfriend, who was the best man, told her that his friend was so joyous today to marry her. The party got ready, they came to the door, it opened and they could see the gathered friends and relatives smiling with admiration at the beauty of Renata. Her father came to take her arm and they walked down the corridor to exclamations about her beauty. Her husband-to-be, Rogerio Damascena, stood with a smile on his face as she slowly approached. She wondered what was the surprise he promised everyone last night. Perhaps, he had purchased a special wedding ring. Time would allow her to learn what he had prepared for his new wife.

Vows of love and friendship were exchanged. They kissed and she felt the passion of her new husband. Rogerio stepped back, and announced he would now deliver the surprise. Slowly, he reached inside his jacked, out came a revolver, he pointed it at Renata,a bullet shot out from the barrel, then he turned the revolver toward his best man and shot him. Finally, Rogerio aimed the weapon at his head, fired and his body slumped to the floor.

Panic broke out as people dashed for the doors. Some just stood in shocked amazement. There was no evidence of any relationship between Renata and the best man. It was confusing, bewildering, and surprising that Rogerio had killed his wife, his best friend and himself.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Drug Wars In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a city divided into those who enjoy the beauty of life in wonderful environment and those who live in poverty and fear of violence. Brazil hopes to be a major player in world meetings and World Cup and Olympic occasions, but the presence of armed drug gangs makes unlikely that any international group would seek to spend a few hours dodging bullets in the city. Brazilian police now use tanks and armored cars in order to venture into slums which are guarded by heavily armed thugs possessing the latest weapons. This is simply another example of how drugs take over the lives of people and transform peaceful people into criminals. It is time for this world to end making use of drugs a crime and thus end power of those who use drug money to become petty dictators in the slums of major cities.

Let us legalize drug use, let us tax drugs, and let us empty our jails of those in them because they took a drag.

UK Politician Wife Honest Prostitute

The world of politics is filled with stories of members of government selling out their principles for the allure of lobbyist money. One could term the transaction an example of “prostitution” but few would employ such an expression for fear of insulting those who sell out their constituents. Mike Weatherley is a member of the Conservative Party in England and has campaigned with David Cameron in the last election so one can assume he is familiar with interactions between politicians and lobbyists. His wife was arrested by undercover police for selling her body in exchange for money. She apparently did not grasp that in the United Kingdom it is illegal to sell the body, but perfectly legal to sell the mind for money. Mike met her in Rio de Janeiro ten years ago and they were married. She apparently was selling her body in Brazil, and when asked by reporters if she was continuing her former work while in the UK, she replied; “I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and nice money.”

Clara Weatherley is more honest than her husband. She sells her body, and everything is clear to purchaser and seller. She has not lied to anyone, she has not abused other people, she likes to strip, and show it all. That is more honest than what her husband and his friends do in the world of politics.

Brazil Hostage To Terrorists

Ah Brazil, land of enchantment with people dancing in the streets, gorgeous beaches, a dynamic capital city of Rio de Janeiro, and sunshine and gorgeous men and women. What could one desire more than life in such a paradise? Guests at the International Hotel in the city are now cowering in their rooms after witnessing the hotel invaded by ten gunmen demanding something, but deciding to hold 30 guests as hostages in their standoff with the police. Finally, after gunfire wracked the area, the police were able to negotiate with the criminal band for release of hostages and return to some form of quiet and peace. The gunmen entered the hotel with high-caliber rifles, grenades and pistols and when the police arrived at the scene, there are reports dozens of the gunmen fled to the safety of a nearby slums. One guest wryly noted, “It seemed as if I was in Iraq.” After end of the siege, many guests told reporters they were not leaving the hotel because of fear there were criminals waiting outside.

Rio de Janeiro supposedly is the site of the 2014 World Cup matches. Who knows, maybe football players will show up for the games, but will there be spectators in the stands. Of course, the government of Brazil could always negotiate with criminals to fill in the stands. Heck, why not encourage them to bring their rifles and grenades and thus ensure Brazil is victorious in the games?

Iran Asked To Display Compassion By Brazil

Iran contains an educated population including leading thinkers in the world of science, medicine, literature and history. It is not a backward country, but thirty years ago the nation was taken over by fundamentalist clerics who had their own direct line to the Prophet Mohammad as well as to God. Over the past few years there have been several incidents in which Iranian women were accused of heinous crimes such as walking with a man other than their husband or having an affair, and the punishments have ranged from jail to hanging to being stoned to death. Complaints from Western nations ordinarily are dismissed as coming from countries hostile to the Iranian government. However, in the latest case of a sentence containing the sentence of stoning to death for adultery, the request has come from a friend of Ahmadinejad– President Lula da Silva. He has offered asylum to the woman in the spirit of compassion.

It will be interesting if compassion is a word known in the vocabulary of men of God.

Possible Resolution Of Iranian Nuclear Issue?

A glimmer of hope has emerged in dealing with Iranian plans to develop their nuclear energy program. Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva, together with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have been meeting in Tehran with Iranian leaders for a compromise solution that allows Iran to continue developing nuclear energy without becoming involved in building a nuclear bomb. A possible solution would witness Iran swapping its low-enriched-uranium (LEU) for higher grade uranium in a neutral nation like Turkey instead of adhering to UN demands that it be completed in a nation they identify.

America must learn to draw upon emerging world powers like Brazil or Turkey in order to resolve diplomatic problems. The USA for all too long insists any solution must go through an American decision. Step back, take a deep breath, and allow Brazil or Turkey or whoever serve as the mediator.

US ‘War On Drugs” Policy Kaput!

The tide of drug madness has finally crested in Latin America as several nations move toward decriminalizing the use of drugs by people. In Argentine, the Supreme Court ruled that “each adult is free to make decisions without intervention of the state” and if they desire to smoke marijuana for their own use, it is perfectly legal. Mexico is moving toward decriminalizing and there are reports a similar effort is underway in Brazil and Ecuador. Former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso who has been urging an end to the criminalization of drugs noted: “the tide is clearly turning” because the famous US strategy of a “war on crime” has failed.

In the 1970s, President Nixon launched the war on crime and in 2001, President Bush initiated the war on terrorism. These wars suffer from the same problem– they have no rationale in reality since people daily use drugs purchased legally at the pharmacy that are similar to those deemed, “illegal.” The only thing the war on drugs accomplished was to enrich drug lords and cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars each year. The only thing the war on terror ever accomplished was to increase the number and power of terrorists.

How about Barack Obama truly ushering a new era in which government has a monopoly on use of drugs like marijuana and uses that power to further drug education, not drug incarceration?

British Tourists Arrested In Brazil Because Not Law Grads

Two British tourists have been arrested in Brazil for making false charges of being robbed in a city where robbery is highly unusual. This case suggests either (a) UK law schools graduate incompetent lawyers or (b) Brazilian police don’t make sense. According to the police, Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner who both recently graduated from law school decided to pull a scam by claiming they were robbed in order to collect insurance. The two bright ladies walked into a Brazilian police station to file a report and, according to the police, left the items they claimed were stolen lying around in their hotel room. Could be, but if so it suggests the two young ladies need a refresher course on how to scam police.

The two young ladies are being held in a notorious Brazilian jail where vicious criminals are lodged, no doubt, due to the gravity of claiming they lost some panties or dresses or what. Police say they can not place the two ladies in a less violent jail because no one has provided proof these women actually graduated from a law school. I am not that bright, I only have a Ph.D, but what does the fact one did or did not graduate from a law school have to do with the ladies being locked up in with murderers and thieves?

How About An Oil Embargo On Iran?

The G8 meeting resulted in a message to Iran that it must cease developing a nuclear program that might result in development of atomic weapons. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking for the group sent a message to Iran that unless there was significant improvement in discussions concerning atomic bomb development, “we will have to take decisions.” The G8 formal announcement said: “We sincerely hope that Iran will seize the opportunity to give diplomacy a chance to find a negotiated solution to the nuclear issue.”

There is a solution to the nuclear issue. Impose an oil embargo on Iran unless it comes to the bargaining table to enter into serious discussions. Ahmadinejad’s government could not survive a few months unless it had oil money to buy off important segments of Iranian society. Iran is not in the driver’s seat, it depends on money from selling oil. There is no need for further discussions, just cease purchasing Iranian oil.