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Want A Mosque In Your Future?

There is a town in Canada where folks are arguing over the possibility of Muslims constructing a Mosque. Opponents argue that once a mosque arrives in town, folks start leaving, and shortly after the streets are filled with criminals criminalizing someone, still not completely clear as to who exactly will decide that once the mosque arrives, it is time to rob. Perhaps:

1. Muslims are wealthy and a mosque would therefor have gobs of new crime targets.

2. Muslim women wear the niquab which makes it harder to identify criminals.

3. See the mosque on your street and what else could you do but head for another neighborhood.

4. If Muslim women wear the niquab this means Christian women will soon confront husbands demanding they cover up.

Anyway, Mayor Bonnie Crombie got lots of folks upset because the termed opponents to be “racists.” Some demand an apology. But, I bet that no criminal will support opponents because mosques bring wealth to those who steal.

The Great Wall

I realize that many scoff at the intelligence of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Liberals so enjoy mocking this man just because he never got a college degree. Well, Scott has learned in the real world of politics that vision is what this country needs. He is proposing a 5,000 mile wall to separate the United States from Canada. Now, what does this have to do with our security and safety?

1. We must demand that the Canadian government allows US inspectors to check their armed force in order to prevent surprise attacks.

2. We must insist that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear before the Canadian Parliament to provide sound and serious ideas regarding peace in the world–you know, having Canada bomb Russia. Russia has atomic weapons, Putin does not like Canada. So, send in the Israel bombers.

3. We Americans must insist the Royal Mounted Police promise never again to get back on their horses.

4.Of course, for true safety perhaps we ought to sow the entire Canadian border with atomic radiation.

SAVE AMERICA FROM CANADIAN TERRORISTS Elect Scott Walker if you want safety from northern terrorists!

Helicopter Talk

These days it is sort of unusual to spend an entire day without some tale of police somewhere engaging in activity that sort of does not meet the norms of proper behavior. But, two members of the Canadian police really hit the jackpot for behavior that surpasses the norm. They were flying over Winnipeg seeking some bad people, when the two men engaged in a conversation that was broadcast to those on the ground.

“Can you give me a blow job?”

“Sorry, you have too much body hair.”

The good news is that no one was shot and neither man fired away!

Rob Ford Still Around? !

I was shocked to learn that my dear old friend, Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto is still around and talking. Rob is the media’s most popular politician still he is a guarantee to make some stupid remark when he is under the influence of alcohol. The city of Toronto was the scene of one wild drunken scenario after another when he was the mayor. Rob is a combination of Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani and your local drunk all put together. Ted and Rudy so love to shout and rant, Rob so loves to utter remarks while in a state being out of the world due to alcohol. He appeared at the Toronto City Council in order to utter some words of apology. He had made a few remarks that had upset some folks.

“Nobody sticks up for people like I do, every fucking like, nigger, fucking woo, sago, whatever the race. Nobody does. I’m the most racist guy around, I’m the mayor of Toronto.” Ok, so he called some guy from Pakistan a “pakie.” At least Rob, unlike members of the Republican party has always been upfront about his prejudices. And, he really does not give a fuck for the wealthy either. A man for all seasons, a sman for all bigotry, but an honest man. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those in the Republican party openly expressed their hatred??

Obama Modern Anarchist

The expression, “Anarchist” in American history was usually applied to those who believed the capitalist system was evil and desired to create a society in which there was no central government, and people were left to function at without worrying about laws. They were able to inhabit a paradise in which government had disappeared and rule of “the people” was now established. Anarchists endeavored to achieve their goals by use of force which meant blowing up leaders of government. Congressman John Boehner never bothers his mind with reading history since history is written by “intellectuals.” John Boehner wants a law passed that would allow construction of the Keystone pipe line from Canada. He is rather upset at President Obama–so what else is new.

According to Boehner, the Obama opposition to the pipe line derives from bad people. “instead of listening to the people, the president is standing with a bunch of left fringe extremists and anarchists.” At the moment, oil prices are dropping because there is a surplus of oil in the world. So, the Republican solution to this problem is to get MORE oil!

1. Republicans claim Barack Obama wants more government.

2. John Boehner claims Barack Obama wants to end government.

Only in Republican AmericaQ!

Why Do Men And Women Die For Islam?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau is dead. He is a man who somehow embraced the ideology of terrorism and proceeded to carry out deadly attacks in Canada, the land in which he was born. Michael parked his car near Parliament buildings and shot a guard, and then, somehow got past other armed guards and was headed for the building containing dozens of members of Parliament. Fortunately, Sgt. Kevin Vickers took out his gun and shot the killer. There are many unanswered questions about this incident.

1. How can a man with a weapon in his hand walk up to a government building that is guarded by soldiers?

2. Heck, another man jumped over the White House fence before being caught.

The real issue is what is causing so many thousands of young Muslims to embrace an ideology based upon the concept of hate? What draws these individuals to abandon values they were taught as children, and seek to die for a philosophy centered in violence? Why do those opposing groups such as ISIS lack a fighting spirit? The Iraq Army had over 200,000 men who proceeded to flee for their lives when confronted by 20,000 men? There is something lacking among modern Muslims, particularly among its leaders. There is failure to offer ideas that youth deem so important as to be willing to fight for them. Ironically, a similar feeling is found among modern youth in Western societies, and, most probably among those in nations such as China, Japan or India. The 21st century offers an unlimited access to people, but it does not offer a sense that one is prepared to fight for ideas. In America, we are frightened of immigrants from Mexico, we are terrified about a non issue such as Ebola, and we definitely are worried about doing anything that might impact the wealth of our wealthy citizens.

The bottom line is both in Islamic and non-Islamic societies there is not philosophical goal that is valued as central to the lives of people. We exist, but we do not believe in anything other than our daily life activities. How many Americans are prepared to give up their lives for ???

Is There A Ford In Toronto’s Future?

I was raised in an era when Irish politicians ran the city of New York which meant if you were poor there was always a nice guy who would go down to the police station to inform the cops he knew the parents and they voted the right way so let the boy go free. Heck, an Irish politician even got me off the hook at age 13 for stealing comic books, my only punishment was a few whacks in the head by Mr. McDonald. So, my heart goes out to Mayor Rob Ford of the nice city of Toronto, Canada which is blessed with the presence of a great Irish politician who has the normal approach to liquor that is required from Irish pols. He so loves to drink, and being a modern Irish politician, Rob adds the flavor of a little smack. And, when I say, smack, I do not mean a physical assault. More like something one smokes to get high with good feelings.

Rob was censured by the Toronto City Council for a video which showed him getting high on smack cocaine. They stripped him of most powers and Rob wound up in rehab. Well, the Ford is back and his voter numbers are rising so he is now third in the race for another term this October. From my perspective, a drunken Irish politician is worth a hundred sober Republican congressmen. At least Rob’s heart is in the right place, he cares about people. God Bless Rob, at least he gives residents of the city of Toronto with a good laugh, now and then. All I get from sober Republicans is a kick in the ass when it comes to health or earnings!

D-Day Anniversary-America Once Great

It is the 70th anniversary of the day when British, Canadian, French, American troops landed on the beaches of France as part of the plan by which the Soviet Union and its allies would end the regime of Adolf Hitler. In the morning as dawn broke, German soldiers awoke to see 5,000 ships staring at them while cannons boomed and troops headed for the beaches of Normandy. It was an Allied effort, actually Americans constituted only 45% of those who landed. The British and Americans devised an incredibly complex plan which worked out, and within a day 150,000 men were on the beaches fighting for their lives. About 20,000 American and British paratroopers landed behind the lines and engaged German troops. So, what was unique about this day?

1. American leaders actually had a war plan that worked.
2. American leaders actually worked in a cooperative manner with allies.
3. The plan required pin point military decisions that actually worked.
4. American troops knew why there were landing on a distant beach, and who was the enemy.
5. There was close cooperation between the air force and ground troops.
6. The entire American nation was behind the effort.
7. Believe it or not but the top tax rate was 90% on the wealthy.
8. Wealthy people were willing to give their riches for the country’s need.
9. Believe it or not but high tax rates only led to more job creation.
10. We all were proud to be Americans.

That was then, today is now.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.


When there is no unknown to explore,will humans disappear?

No warmer feeling than that of one elderly person greeting another.

I so enjoy dawn, still alive.

I wonder if God feels pleased when Dawn arrives?

People in fear need fearless leaders.

Some spend their lives seeking to be afraid-of something!

I wonder if there is a committee in Heaven that decides who cannot enter.

People are more alike than different-they are PEOPLE!

Some start engine while buckling up.

God must be a gambler,why else so many billions of planets?

Some are runners, I am a walker in life.

Some walk with hands clutched on the waist.

Some inherit hate, some love.

A child’s dilemma these days, bother dad or mom’s iPad?

Love is a drink to be sipped, not to gulp down.

Few at fast food places read receipt.

Every child enjoys playing with hair.

I do not understand why my distant ancestors left warmth for northern cold?

Naked Justice Remains Naked

Every so often one encounters a story from the supposedly, “free world” that depicts how those who represent the Judaic/Christian value system are the complete opposite of those evil Muslims. Michael Nehass, a Canadian who has spent many years engaged in a variety of criminal acts is well known in the courts of the Yukon area. For some unknown reason, he was naked in his cell when three guards arrived to take him to court. They dragged Michael from his cell and delivered the naked body to a court of law. Michael was rather upset and shouted, “cover up my penis, man, I’ll fucking be seen on the camera.” A guard gave him a blanket to cover up. Human Rights folk inquired as to why Mr. Nehass was naked in court and the response from Dan Cable of the Whitehouse Correctional Center was classic bureaucracy: they responded that prisoners are responsible for appearing in court dressed in the appropriate attire. “We cannot force them to do that.”

Absolutely, drag a man from the cell who is naked, and why the hell when he shows up in court he is not dressed in a suit is beyond my way of thinking. Blame the bum for being naked. One day I will discover a bureaucratic entity which admits to errors. Someday, but not soon!