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About The Alleged Climate Change…

I was recently informed by a Trump supporter that I have a negative attitude,and am constantly complaining about alleged  problems such as climate change. This person noted, that while he is not a scientist, arguments about the alleged goal warming are not a topic that every single scientist in the world accepts. I was urged to be more positive, and cease reporting gloomy news. I came across a story by Lars Ostenfeld, a Danish film maker who made a trip to the city of Churchill in northern Canada which is on Hudson Bay.

According to Mr. Ostenfeld, “This area is considered the polar bear capital of the world. Twelve years ago the  place was white, this year it is different. In mid-November, no snow or sea ice, no ice, the land was green and brown, and the temperature was 2C. Usually, there are about a 1,000 polar bears, this year fewer than 500. In the last 30 years the surface temperature of Hudson Bay was -20C, this year it is 3C. The Arctic sea ice has shrunk to its lowest record in years.”

I guess an optimist attitude should be taken. At least there were SOME polar bears around!d

Why Ted Cruz Is Legal Immigrant

First, let us make one point clear, Ted Cruz is not an illegal immigrant, but he does fall into the category of an immigrant.  Mary Brigid McManamon, a legal scholar has done some research which apparently answers questions posed by Donald Trump about the guy from Canada. According to her research, the noted English legal scholar, 18th century  William Blackstone, who is frequently quoted by legal authorities, made clear that natural born citizens  are “such as born within the domains of the Crown of England while aliens are such as born out  of it.”

Sorry, Ted, that means you are NOT a natural born citizen. Heck, even Justice Scalia frequently quotes from Blackstone. Of course, we all would like to know why Ted waited until 2012 to renounce his  Canadian citizenship. Why not return to Canada and make your pitch to Christians in that country.

Oh Ted, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, a state in the union.

Vote American Or Vote Canadian?

Donald Trump once again has created a hornet’s nest by charging that Ted Cruz is not a real American since he was born in Canada to a dad who was Canadian and a mom who was American.  Ironically, Ted who is a favorite of conservative religious people in the state of Iowa now confronts an interesting outcome. When surveyed about one out of five conservative religious nut cases insist they will only vote for someone who was born in the good-old USA!

Just imagine if Ted was the Republican candidate for president. Donald Trump would be demanding to see his birth certificate and also demanding that it reveal a birth in the USA. Of course, Fox News would be in a quandary– they only want Americans who were born in the USA to be our president. Oh well, another Supreme Court case. Perhaps Ted could ask Africa born Barack Obama to testify on his behalf!

Are we really certain that Ted is a Christian?

Keep Canadians Out Of America!

As Americans well know, Donald Trump will never allow foreign rapists and criminals to enter our fair land. He has  now uncovered a new threat  to the safety of America–illegal Canadians seeking to take over our government! Donald pointed out that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and kept his Canadian citizenship until  2014. This is a new event in those seeking to become President of the United States.

Donald points out, “You can’t have a person running for the office(of president) even though Ted is very glib and goes out and says, ‘oh well, I’m a natural born citizen.’ “The point is you’re not. You have a candidate who just cannot run because the other side will immediately bring a law suit and you’ve go the cloud  on your head.”

Ted Cruz is the first person  running for president who, at the time of his birth, had a father who was not an American citizen. Interesting question as to what is meant by “a natural born citizen.”

The Ted Cruz Question

We listened intently to Donald Trump discuss the mysterious questions as to whether or not Ted Cruz is a bona fide real American or some Canuck trying to pass himself off as a descendant of OUR Founding Fathers. It went something like this:

“Now, I’m not the person who is asking questions about Ted Cruz. Gee, I love that guy like I love my own daughter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would sure love to screw my daughter, but Ted, after all, he is a guy not a gal. But,everywhere I go these days people ask me about Ted and if he really is an American. All I know is that his father was a Canadian citizen when he was born and Ted insisted until few years ago that he was a Canadian. So, the talk around America is how come we Republicans should send some foreigner to the White House? Now, I’m not saying that I agree with those folks who keep on asking about Ted, you know,that I love Ted like my own son. But, folks really are asking. Just think, if we nominate Ted and he winds up not being termed a “natural born citizen” like the Founding Fathers insisted, then Hillary will wind up being the  president.”

Don’t Water The Pigs

Anita Krajinc lives in Toronto and she is an animal activist seeking decent treatment of animals prior to having them killed so we humans can have some meat. A tractor trailer halted for a traffic light on its way to deliver the pigs to their deaths when she approached the driver and asked if she could give the pigs some water.

“Jesus said if they are thirsty, give them water.”

Driver: “You know what? They are not humans, you dumb fucking broad.”

The pigs did arrive at their death destination but Ms. Krajinch is being held on criminal charges about some water.

Want A Mosque In Your Future?

There is a town in Canada where folks are arguing over the possibility of Muslims constructing a Mosque. Opponents argue that once a mosque arrives in town, folks start leaving, and shortly after the streets are filled with criminals criminalizing someone, still not completely clear as to who exactly will decide that once the mosque arrives, it is time to rob. Perhaps:

1. Muslims are wealthy and a mosque would therefor have gobs of new crime targets.

2. Muslim women wear the niquab which makes it harder to identify criminals.

3. See the mosque on your street and what else could you do but head for another neighborhood.

4. If Muslim women wear the niquab this means Christian women will soon confront husbands demanding they cover up.

Anyway, Mayor Bonnie Crombie got lots of folks upset because the termed opponents to be “racists.” Some demand an apology. But, I bet that no criminal will support opponents because mosques bring wealth to those who steal.

The Great Wall

I realize that many scoff at the intelligence of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Liberals so enjoy mocking this man just because he never got a college degree. Well, Scott has learned in the real world of politics that vision is what this country needs. He is proposing a 5,000 mile wall to separate the United States from Canada. Now, what does this have to do with our security and safety?

1. We must demand that the Canadian government allows US inspectors to check their armed force in order to prevent surprise attacks.

2. We must insist that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear before the Canadian Parliament to provide sound and serious ideas regarding peace in the world–you know, having Canada bomb Russia. Russia has atomic weapons, Putin does not like Canada. So, send in the Israel bombers.

3. We Americans must insist the Royal Mounted Police promise never again to get back on their horses.

4.Of course, for true safety perhaps we ought to sow the entire Canadian border with atomic radiation.

SAVE AMERICA FROM CANADIAN TERRORISTS Elect Scott Walker if you want safety from northern terrorists!

Helicopter Talk

These days it is sort of unusual to spend an entire day without some tale of police somewhere engaging in activity that sort of does not meet the norms of proper behavior. But, two members of the Canadian police really hit the jackpot for behavior that surpasses the norm. They were flying over Winnipeg seeking some bad people, when the two men engaged in a conversation that was broadcast to those on the ground.

“Can you give me a blow job?”

“Sorry, you have too much body hair.”

The good news is that no one was shot and neither man fired away!

Rob Ford Still Around? !

I was shocked to learn that my dear old friend, Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto is still around and talking. Rob is the media’s most popular politician still he is a guarantee to make some stupid remark when he is under the influence of alcohol. The city of Toronto was the scene of one wild drunken scenario after another when he was the mayor. Rob is a combination of Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani and your local drunk all put together. Ted and Rudy so love to shout and rant, Rob so loves to utter remarks while in a state being out of the world due to alcohol. He appeared at the Toronto City Council in order to utter some words of apology. He had made a few remarks that had upset some folks.

“Nobody sticks up for people like I do, every fucking like, nigger, fucking woo, sago, whatever the race. Nobody does. I’m the most racist guy around, I’m the mayor of Toronto.” Ok, so he called some guy from Pakistan a “pakie.” At least Rob, unlike members of the Republican party has always been upfront about his prejudices. And, he really does not give a fuck for the wealthy either. A man for all seasons, a sman for all bigotry, but an honest man. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those in the Republican party openly expressed their hatred??