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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some place finger on lip while listening.

Some pat leg while listening.

Some inspect the table and chairs before sitting.

Life is merely a rehearsal for Death.

Men smooth down the collar before buttoning up the jacket.

Study the unknown to know the known.

In my head I hear, “die heimat es veit”– the homeland is far away.

I work hard these days recalling names from the past.

TV commentators always smile. What happy people!

No Reality show is Reality.

We all too often in life skirt disaster.

Old people are now the ones who read comic strips in newspapers.

Be a friend to one to become a friend to all.

I wonder if God uses Twitter.

Remember, some place in this world the sun is shining.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Just Another Drunk Irishman”

But, does he have to be mayor of Toronto is the question?

Sweden, Local: “Victory For Bearded Men In Dresses”

What next? Victory for Bearded women in pants?

USA, NY Post: “I Tried To Get This Guy”

The song sung by every member of the Republican party about -guess who?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Politics And Poppy”

Perhaps, if we get Republicans happy with poppy, they will be happy to pass an intelligent law.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russian Warns Moldova”

Finally, Putin is picking on a nation of his own size.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Teen Talks Sex With Teacher”

Big deal, how about some hands-on learning!

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Who Is Matchstick Girl”

Sorry, I have broken off with her.

Rebbe Claims Anti-Semitism

There are Jewish communities scattered throughout the world which insist the only way to behave like a Jew is to re-enact the fourth century B.C. A group of orthodox Jews who live in Quebec consider themselves to be a tight community of the righteous and the world around them to be the world of evil. Quebec authorities and officials have been attempting to investigate charges of child molestation and abuse along with underage enforced marriage and poor health in order to protect children forced to live in a cult of the righteous. Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans who leads the group charges that any investigation simply is a manifestation of the beginning of a “genocide.”

This type of “Jewish community” is simply like other such groups who gather together in order to create a world that never was in the name of creating a world that empowers a small group of men to dominate and, unfortunately to use their power, for sexual gains. Helbrans claims actions of Quebec authority simply is another example of “we were expelled from here like we were expelled from other lands.”

No one expelled this group, they expelled themselves years ago when they allowed the old men to control their minds.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada,Toronto Star: “Raise Drinking Age To 21″

I assume the goal is to get kids off cocaine.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Separatists Claim 90% Of Vote”

Heck, Hitler never go below 99.9%, go back and check those totals.

USA, NY Post: “Call It Quits”

As far as Republicans are concerned the story of Benghazi goes on and on and on!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Feed The Hungry Homeless”

After all, we daily feed the hungry Wall Street folk with money!

France, Connexion: “Cancel Traffic Laws”

Every man, woman, and child for him or herself is the motto!

UK, Guardian: “Tax Pledge To Poor”

We raise your tax in order to reduce it on poor Wall Street folk.

USA, NY Post: “God Bless Them All”

Rupert Murdoch believes we must bless every single one of the wealthy because they slave to create jobs for those reporting on Fox News!

Rehab Amazing Says Ford

There is something about Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, that makes life seem a more pleasant place to live. He is either dead drunk or off in the sky on a cocaine trip that eventually finds him in a human state of mind that enjoys one and all. He is currently in rehab after being discovered using crack cocaine. He now shouts to the world, “Rehab is amazing. I feel great.” He promised not to clean out his desk, and he promised to keep the locks as they are. Perhaps,others might try a little rehab:

1. Mitt Romney could spend a few weeks in a homeless shelter and live on a dollar a day. It would certainly clean out his head about the joys of poverty.

2. Any Fox News broadcaster could live for one month on Food Stamps. It would promise loss of weight, and the joy of awakening with an empty stomach.

3. How about Barack Obama spending a day in Yemen dodging drones? Great for exercise.

4. Ted Cruz could spend a week trying to walk across the deserts of Mexico and get jump across the border. He could use losing a few pounds of his body.

The Strange World Of Rob Ford

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto, Canada, and he has become a world leader whose words and antics are closely followed by the NSA, the ÇIA, the Royal Mounted Police, M16 and any and all secret police in Russia or China or wherever. Rob is a man for all seasons, particularly the season of drinking and smoking crack. Recently, a security guard reported on how Rob handled St. Patrick’s day in 2012. Let us be clear. Rob Ford is an Irishman. St. Patrick’s day for a few hundred years has required that an Irish man must get drunk, and the mayor sure was drunk on that day. He saw a security guard taking notes of his behavior. “You can’t do that to me, man. What, you think I wouldn’t find out? I am going to get him, mark my words.”

According to the security guard Rob was boasting that he was headed for a meeting with an important world leader–Justin Bieber. Rob did meet this world leader who inquired if his buddy had any crack cocaine. After all, what else happens at a meeting of important world leaders than some St. Remy French Brandy and some crack?

I do admire Rob Ford as a man of action. However, anyone who would actually like to spend time with Justin Bieber just does not register on the intelligent part of my brain!

Rob Ford, We Love You!

Rob Ford is mayor of the city of Toronto in Canada and has become a welcome sight to those on social media. He is either half drunk or wandering around stoned from use of cocaine. In his role as mayor, Rob is a model of how political leaders should behave. Since he is frequently either drunk or on drugs, this ensures that his proposals for legislation will make sense. Certainly, in a Rob Ford state of mind, this is more insightful than the sober mind of John Boehner. At least drunken Mr. Ford would recognize that providing more income for poor people stimulates the economy. Rob is taking a leave o f absence in order to gain control of his substance dilemma. Of course, the dilemma is really-should I remain stoned and being an effective mayor or should I become sober, spend my time with lobbyists and sell out the city of Toronto to the highest sober bidder?

Rob, we love you as a refugee from the TV show, Cheers. We prefer that you are drunk and singing with the crowd at your local pub then sitting behind a desk examining bids from people who are ready to support their making money with some nice money for his next political campaign.

Consider this scenario:

1. John Boehner gets drunk once a week and functions as a leader during this state of mind. Sound great?

2. Ted Cruz is on pot. At least this means no nutty claims to cut taxes on the wealthy.

4. Rand Paul gets boozed. Hopefully, this results in a visit to the nearest poor shelter where he can actually interact with the poor!

Family Comes First-Depends On Which Family!

There are moments in time when the real world makes the fictional world come across as not very real. Jennifer Pan was a nice 24 year old girl whose family was rather strict and insisted upon careful supervision of her social life. Heck, she had to be home by 9:00 p.m. Eventually, mom and dad forbid Jennifer from seeing her boy friend, David Wong. Given this situation, how could the young lovers discover opportunities to be with one another. Jennifer contacted the police and informed them that a gang had burst into her house, shot and killed mom while Dad was close to death and in a coma. She was tied up and robbed but eventually freed herself and made the police aware of what had happened.

A great story of a brave young woman who fought to protect her family. Unfortunately for Jennifer, dad awoke from his coma, and told what actually happened. It turned out “the gang” was really David Wong and the criminals were Jennifer and boy friend. When police asked why she had resorted to violence, the response was “family comes first” and in this case, it was the family planned with David and herself!

Secede Is Now A Right

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is very worried that Russian moves to encourage eastern areas of the Ukraine to break away might impact other areas of the region and lead to secession efforts. “We don’t want the Ukraine crisis to start a domino effect around the Black Sea.” He would prefer that any problems within the Ukraine or between Russia and that nation be resolved “within the framework of international law.” He does make a point, but he also disregards the rights of people to break away when they sincerely believe their rights are being taken away. For example:

1. Shouldn’t the people of Texas be allowed to form their own nation and make it mandatory for a shoot out each high noon in each city of the new nation?

2. We who believe in the New York Knickerbockers have not witnessed an NBA championship for forty years. We need to secede, form our own nation, form our own Professional Basketball league which guarantees each team at least one championship each ten years!

3. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann need to secede and form a new country that guarantees those designated as mentally retarded to become the president. Not only would this guarantee a female president, it would guarantee that Fox News finally has good news to report.

4. The House of Representatives must secede from the Senate and create its own version of the American legislature. Gerrymandering will guarantee Republican control forever, and America will finally be saved from LIBERALS AND SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS WHO SEEK THE MONEY OF JOB CREATORS!

Obama Administration Anti-American

For years members of the Republican Party have been attempting to make the American people grasp that Barack Obama is NOT a real American, let alone even being born in this country. Fortunately, we now have concrete evidence that Obama favors foreigners over Americans, after all, he wants Mexicans to take away good jobs picking peaches and strawberries. A CANADIAN rock band, Skinny Puppy, sent a bill to the Pentagon because they used Skinny Puppy music while torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. “We sent them ann invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge.” Look, if Skinny Puppy wants to drive people crazy with noise from their rock band, they have the right to decide who listens.

I am very upset. Once again, Barack Obama has disregarded the issue of jobs for Americans. Instead of using the services of an AMERICAN rock band, he sends our jobs to Canadians! I insist that any torture be conducted by AMERICAN citizens so we can keep money we spend on torture in house. For God’s sake, Obama, what type of message are you sending to the world–Americans can’t even use 100% American sources when torturing!!