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Ted Cruz

Once again members of the Republican party are attempting to violate the Constitution of the United States by proposing the election of a foreigner as the president of our country. This Senator TEd Cruz,who has some wetback for a father and who was born in a foreign country called Canada,wants to to become our next president was born in Canada.OK,so he had an American mother,so did the black dude from Kenya. WE honest God Fearing True Americans are sick and tired of having these foreign born folk trying to run or should I say, ruin our wonderful America.

Keep America American.Do not follow the ideas of Foreigners.

Boom Goes The Train!

Ah, life in the fast train of modern society. Two men will appear in a Canadian court to discuss their plans of blowing up a passenger train using materials supplied by al-Qaeda. Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were planing to derail a Via Rail passenger train in Toronto. The men claim to have received information and plans from “al Qaida elements located in Iran.”  Naturally, Iranian authorities denied any such people in their nation and have no knowledge of these two men. As far as Iran is concerned, “the same (al-Qaida) current is killing people in Syria while enjoying Canadian support.”

Frankly, the Iranian comment makes sense. Al-Qaida in Syria is attempting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad whose closest ally is Iran. Why would Iran assist al-Qaida in their own country when they are fighting this group in Syria? Of course, there is always the possibility that “your enemy is my enemy” which would allow Iran to support a group they hate because that group wants to hurt an Iranian foe. Ah, the complicated devious world of the Middle East–and Canada?

Please Cut My Hair

Faith McGregor is a woman who lives in Canada in the fair city of Toronto. She was rather busy and decided to rush into the nearest barbershop in order to get a businessman’s cut since her hair is rather short. The barbershop was staffed by men, but she really did not care, all she wanted was for someone to cut her hair. Alas, the barbers were of the Muslim faith and they informed the young woman if they cut her hair, the end result would be for them to wind up in Hell or wherever. She filed a protest with the Human Rights Commission. At a hearing, Ms. McGregor talked with Omar Mahrouk and they reached an agreement.

Frankly, no one knows the outcome of this dispute. Another minor issue in a world in which minor issues can escalate into protests and violence. At least, no crowd of angry Muslim men filled the streets of Toronto, no shouts of the devil at work. We cannot cut hair of women, but we can be protected by women police, we can have our lives saved by female doctors and nurses.

Quebec Students Man Desks!

Quebec students by the thousands have filled the streets of their city demanding an end to tuition increases. Upwards of over 300,000 members of FEUQ have been involved in demonstrations which oppose raises in tuition of $325 a year for the coming five years. Marine Desjardins, of the FEUQ, insists “we are ready for a a long week of negotiation, make sure we can resolve this conflict.’

We are thrilled that students are fighting for lower tuition rates.  But the issues are more than tuition being charged to students. The modern university has become a business in which faculty and administration continue raising tuition without regard to (a) the education being provided 21st century students, (b) the actual cost of such education. Not single university has posed the question: what is the nature of education for 21st century people? Nor have they posed the question: “how best can this education be provided to ensure high quality teaching and learning?”

Each year tuition rises, does this mean each year the quality of education improves?

Canadian Students Protest??

Students in Quebec are upset at unfair tuition increases which will sent their cost to at least $2,500 for the year. My heart is certainly with any college student who has to pay a single dollar(Canadian or American) in order to attend college. I was raised in a different America which offered poor students FREE COLLEGE! There were five free colleges in New York City during the Depression. I await an explanation why college was free during the Depression and not free during this Recession??

Anyway, tuition is going up another $250 a year in Quebec. Thousands of students rioted and 700 were arrested. Over 500 were charged with something termed, “unlawful assembly.” Huh? Since when is assembling to shoot off your mouth, “unlawful?”

Anyway, I suggest American college students head for Canada.

Honor Killings Blasted!

All religions at one point or another have justified horrible crimes against humanity in the name of God. For some reason, there are those who believe God worries about someone being gay or someone drinking or using pot. Unfortunately, there are members of the Muslim religion who believe family has the right to kill a child in the name of “honor.” Of course, “honor” means the child refuses to adhere to traditional beliefs as defined by the family. In Canada, father, mother and son, killed three daughters on grounds their behavior violated the concept of  “honor.”

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a statement which condemns any form of honor killing. “There is no justification for honor killings, domestic violence, child abuse and misogyny in Islam.” This statement was signed by 30 imams in North America. Now, if we could only get imams all over the world to sign such edicts, perhaps family violence can be halted.

Gay To Be Gay In Canada

The issue of whether gay marriages by foreign couples in Canada has finally been  resolved. Several Australian gay couples who married in Canada were concerned after the issue of validity was raised. A lawyer had argued that Canadian marriages of gay couples who came from other nations was illegal. Canadian  Justice Minister, Rob Nicolson, made clear  a gay marriage in  Canada was legal even if the nation  from  which a gay couple came did not sanction     gay marriages.

The real issue is not in Canada. The issue resides in Australia whose government still refuses to  allow gay marriages. Welcome to the 21st century, my Aussie friends!


Being Gay In Canada Is Not Very Gay

A recent survey taken of Canadian students reveals that being gay or a lesbian in school can be dangerous to one’s emotional health. It turns out that seventy percent of teenagers who identify themselves as gay or lesbian daily encountered remarks such as, “that’s so gay,”or “dyke,” or “lesbo” or “faggot.” Very few of those who were surveyed stated they had not endured such insults. The report summarized their findings in this manner, “that if you are a LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) student in a Canadian school, it is highly likely you will hear insulting things about your sexual orientation.” Of the 3,700 students who took part in the survey, 2,600 identified themselves as heterosexual. Among other information from the report are:

1. 64% of these students and 62% of their parents believe they are not safe in a public school.

2. 245 of these students were physically assaulted.

3. Transgender students face more open hostility.

4. 58% of students felt emotional problems stemming from verbal assaults.

Such is life in a normal school in Canada!

Legalize Prostitution?

A retired prostitute is challenging Canada’s anti-prostitution law on grounds it compels sex workers to leave the security of their home and ply their trade on streets where the likelihood of violence is greater. Some supporters of women’s rights oppose prostitution while others argue it is the right of women to decide what to do with their bodies. We offer a slightly different approach to the issue of prostitution. As we understand the concept of “prostitution” it occurs when an individual solicits money for his/her body.

1. Congressmen who solicit money from lobbyists are certainly selling their bodies in order to obtain money. Of course, in this case, it is the mind which is being prostituted.

2. President Obama, like most presidents, finally decides on what to support based on poll results. We argue that is prostituting one’s actions in order to obtain votes.

3. How many religious leaders sell out their souls in order to gain fame and support?

4. At least female prostitutes are honest. Honey, give me money and I will give you what you want! That is exactly what every politician says and does.

Keep Torture Report Secret

Human rights activists in Canada are upset at attempts of the Conservative government of their nation to prevent the public from learning about the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan. The Canadian government went to Federal Court in order to have evidence excluded from a report dealing with transfer of prisoners to Afghan authorities. They wish to delete testimony by former Afghan based diplomat, Richard Colvin, who told a parliament committee that detainees Canadian soldiers who were transferred into Afghan control faced torture.

The government argues that military police are only responsible for what they thought at the time would happen and they did not believe anyone faced torture by Afghan soldiers. One would assume military police have some curiosity as to what happens to those sent to another nation’s police force. It is only logical they would discuss the situation with Afghan authorities, but, sometimes logic gets in the way of a cover-up.