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Canadian Students Protest??

Students in Quebec are upset at unfair tuition increases which will sent their cost to at least $2,500 for the year. My heart is certainly with any college student who has to pay a single dollar(Canadian or American) in order to attend college. I was raised in a different America which offered poor students FREE COLLEGE! There were five free colleges in New York City during the Depression. I await an explanation why college was free during the Depression and not free during this Recession??

Anyway, tuition is going up another $250 a year in Quebec. Thousands of students rioted and 700 were arrested. Over 500 were charged with something termed, “unlawful assembly.” Huh? Since when is assembling to shoot off your mouth, “unlawful?”

Anyway, I suggest American college students head for Canada.

Honor Killings Blasted!

All religions at one point or another have justified horrible crimes against humanity in the name of God. For some reason, there are those who believe God worries about someone being gay or someone drinking or using pot. Unfortunately, there are members of the Muslim religion who believe family has the right to kill a child in the name of “honor.” Of course, “honor” means the child refuses to adhere to traditional beliefs as defined by the family. In Canada, father, mother and son, killed three daughters on grounds their behavior violated the concept of  “honor.”

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issued a statement which condemns any form of honor killing. “There is no justification for honor killings, domestic violence, child abuse and misogyny in Islam.” This statement was signed by 30 imams in North America. Now, if we could only get imams all over the world to sign such edicts, perhaps family violence can be halted.

Gay To Be Gay In Canada

The issue of whether gay marriages by foreign couples in Canada has finally been  resolved. Several Australian gay couples who married in Canada were concerned after the issue of validity was raised. A lawyer had argued that Canadian marriages of gay couples who came from other nations was illegal. Canadian  Justice Minister, Rob Nicolson, made clear  a gay marriage in  Canada was legal even if the nation  from  which a gay couple came did not sanction     gay marriages.

The real issue is not in Canada. The issue resides in Australia whose government still refuses to  allow gay marriages. Welcome to the 21st century, my Aussie friends!


Being Gay In Canada Is Not Very Gay

A recent survey taken of Canadian students reveals that being gay or a lesbian in school can be dangerous to one’s emotional health. It turns out that seventy percent of teenagers who identify themselves as gay or lesbian daily encountered remarks such as, “that’s so gay,”or “dyke,” or “lesbo” or “faggot.” Very few of those who were surveyed stated they had not endured such insults. The report summarized their findings in this manner, “that if you are a LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) student in a Canadian school, it is highly likely you will hear insulting things about your sexual orientation.” Of the 3,700 students who took part in the survey, 2,600 identified themselves as heterosexual. Among other information from the report are:

1. 64% of these students and 62% of their parents believe they are not safe in a public school.

2. 245 of these students were physically assaulted.

3. Transgender students face more open hostility.

4. 58% of students felt emotional problems stemming from verbal assaults.

Such is life in a normal school in Canada!

Legalize Prostitution?

A retired prostitute is challenging Canada’s anti-prostitution law on grounds it compels sex workers to leave the security of their home and ply their trade on streets where the likelihood of violence is greater. Some supporters of women’s rights oppose prostitution while others argue it is the right of women to decide what to do with their bodies. We offer a slightly different approach to the issue of prostitution. As we understand the concept of “prostitution” it occurs when an individual solicits money for his/her body.

1. Congressmen who solicit money from lobbyists are certainly selling their bodies in order to obtain money. Of course, in this case, it is the mind which is being prostituted.

2. President Obama, like most presidents, finally decides on what to support based on poll results. We argue that is prostituting one’s actions in order to obtain votes.

3. How many religious leaders sell out their souls in order to gain fame and support?

4. At least female prostitutes are honest. Honey, give me money and I will give you what you want! That is exactly what every politician says and does.

Keep Torture Report Secret

Human rights activists in Canada are upset at attempts of the Conservative government of their nation to prevent the public from learning about the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan. The Canadian government went to Federal Court in order to have evidence excluded from a report dealing with transfer of prisoners to Afghan authorities. They wish to delete testimony by former Afghan based diplomat, Richard Colvin, who told a parliament committee that detainees Canadian soldiers who were transferred into Afghan control faced torture.

The government argues that military police are only responsible for what they thought at the time would happen and they did not believe anyone faced torture by Afghan soldiers. One would assume military police have some curiosity as to what happens to those sent to another nation’s police force. It is only logical they would discuss the situation with Afghan authorities, but, sometimes logic gets in the way of a cover-up.


Republicans can scoff at President Obama and call him a Socialist or Communist or whatever, but this man has found a way to end our deficit spending WITHOUT RAISING TAXES ON AMERICANS!! He already promised to reduce the deficit by $1 Trillion over the coming decade but Republicans argue that does not address the issue. They prefer reducing expenditures by $100 billion over the coming decade which means the one trillion being saved will be saved by a Republican plan, not one of those Socialist, Communist ideas of Obama. Barack was challenged by Republicans to do something in order to reduce our deficits without raising taxes on Americans. He put on his thinking hat that he got at Harvard and came up with an incredible idea that solves American economic problems.

From now on, people coming from Canada will be compelled to pay the $5.50 inspection fee! Wow! As the hundreds of billions rolls in from this source of revenue, we can get back to reducing taxes on the wealthiest one percent. I gather they still have to pay some taxes and we all know if you tax a wealthy person he might pick up his marbles and head to another country.

God Bless Barack Obama, the only Socialist friend of Wealthy people in the world.

Can Gay Students Associate With Straight Ones?

A Catholic School Board decided to end a ban that had been in place which prevented straight and gay students from having a club in which all could share their ideas concerning sexual attitudes. As one gay student noted: “the only requirement of members of these groups is to show up with an open mind and an open heart.” Defenders of the ban argued their Catholic religion rejected the concept of a gay orientation toward sexuality so why should a Catholic school support open belief in being gay? Canadian civil rights groups argued such groups worked to end hostility toward fellow students who were gay or lesbian. It is estimated there are such groups operating, with or without permission of the school board, in virtually all schools within the district.

Common sense is to allow young people a forum in which to discuss their feelings. All too often adults in schools believe they must supervise what goes on in schools. Believe it or not, schools are for youth, not for adults!

Standing For Social Justice And Being Punished

It was just another hockey game between teenagers who play in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and bodies were hitting one another and the boys were excited. Two boys were sent to the penalty box for a few minutes and while there, one of them told the other he was a damn “nigger.” the boy who shouted the insult was seated for a few minutes by his coach, but was sent back to the ice. Coach Greg Walsh was infuriated that no apology was given to the boy on his team who had received the “n’ word. He pulled his players off the ice demanding an apology. None was forthcoming. Coach Walsh is now under suspension, and may not coach for up to a year because the broke a rule. A rule says no one can refuse to play a game and pull their team off the ice. Who cares what happens, we must always obey the rule.

The Ontario Hockey Association should examine Nazi, Germany which demanded that one must always obey the rules. No, shouting the “n” word is not like Nazi, Germany, but Greg Walsh has been mistreated and his team insulted by hockey officials. Gentlemen, there ARE occasions when one must protect your players from being insulted. The hockey association exists for young boys, not for old white farts!

Provocation For Murder?

Thieu Khn Tran decided to visit his estranged wife in hope they could resolved their problems. He arrived at her apartment to find wife and another man in bed and engaged in some love making. Thieu became furious, stabbed the man to death and wounded his wife. At his court case Thieu argues the provocation of discovering a wife in bed with another man justified his extreme behavior. This got me to thinking about all the ways people provoke me and whether I have a right to resort to violent behavior:

1. A heck of my money vanished due to acts by Wall Street folk. Now, they get a large bonus while I work my butt off. I figure these guys have provoked me. At least I should have the right to strip them naked and whip their sorry ass butts.

2. Sarah Palin makes one idiotic remark after another which arouses anxiety in my heart and mind at the thought this moron might get elected president. I have been provoked. In all fairness, I should be allowed to imprison Sarah for twenty years in a library where she is compelled to read books.

3. George Bush really got me furious at the nutty invasion of Iraq. I am provoked because it caused me ulcers. I think, in all fairness, I should be allowed to make certain George is locked in a hotel room for eternity along with Saddam Hussein, Don Rumsfeld, and Osama bin Laden.

4. Dick Cheney hovers in my mind compelling me to think rationally. He provokes every moral fiber in my body. I should have the right to force Dick to be a teacher in an Iraq high school for twenty years.

5. Barack Obama has been the most gutless leader of the Democratic party in a century. Just about every day I feel fury how his failure to lead has damaged this nation. I should be allowed to compel Barack Obama to spend the next ten years as the Tea Party’s chief lobbyist in Washington D.C.