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Sanity Rally Not Insane Enough

The United States of America has become insane when it requires a Sanity Rally led by two comedians to make more sense than our national leaders. As a Canadian put it: “I came down here because the crazier Americans get, the more Canadians get.” There were satirical comments about Republicans running for service in Congress who believe all economic problems will be solved by reducing taxes on the wealthy, there are Republicans who oppose Social Security and wish to replace it with soup kitchens opened by religious groups in order to kill two birds with one stone–end financial aid for the elderly and make churches once again more important in their lives. Singers like Cat Stevens performed, famous people came from Hollywood to mock what, frankly, is beyond mocking because how does one make fun of individuals like Christine Donnelly whose ignorance makes Sarah Palin come across as someone fit to be teaching in the Harvard philosophy department?

Next week will mark the birth of a new era in American history in which the business world has completely triumphed in fostering its ideas upon a gullible population. The end of unions, the end of workers identifying with the working class, the end of people who understood politics DID influence their lives has left this nation with apolitical youth and middle class people who are still dazed by what happened to their economic lives. They are more alike those who welcomed Adolf Hitler as a savior than those who welcomed Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt. Believe it or not, once upon a time in American citizens wanted programs, not platitudes.

Thousands had a good laugh in Washington. Colbert and Stewart got to show themselves off as possessing greater intelligence than most members of Congress or the Obama cabinet, and people left with a smile on their faces. The Q

Tale Of Omar Khadr Ends

The tale of a fifteen year old boy born in Canada finally came to a conclusion in a court in Guantanamo Bay prison when he confessed to having killed an American sergeant with a grenade in 2001. Of course, Omar Khadr is now 24 years of age and has spent nine years in prison for the crime of being involved in a war. For years he denied ever having thrown the grenade and insisted he had been tortured and forced to confess while still a teenager by American interrogators. His Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney told the media: “he had to come to a hellish decision, he had to make it on his own to get out of Guantanamo Bay.” Edney insisted his client was innocent, but the only way to become free was to confess.

The plea agreement calls for one more year in an American prison and then transfer to Canada where he expects to gain his freedom. One can only wonder if every person in combat was forced to stand trial for killing would we even have enough courts to handle the issue.

When Is A Hit Man Being Hit On?

Kerry Anderson thought it was just another simple murder he was to carry out, but little did he realize the “murder” might have been a murder or it could have been part of a play. He arrived at the location where he was to learn about the potential hit only to find the door opened by man wearing a diaper. Mr. Anderson thought he had been summoned to carry out the murder of Mrs. Pertraitis by her husband, Alex, but as events unrolled it is unclear if Alexis Petraitis wanted to have a hit man hit his wife or whether he wanted the hit man to pretend being one and play along in a charade about a murder. Alexis Petraitis was at the residence of Sandra Pinella, a dominatrix who claims she was simply ordering around her “slave” to play the role of a man who was hiring a hit man to kill his wife.

I inhabit planet Earth and thus am never surprised to learn how wealthy people get their kicks. I am just one of those ordinary folk who minds his own business and stays clear of the nut cases of the world. For some reason, it appears those with greater wealth are more inclined to play games of power and dress up in their diaper. Funny, few poor people I know are into diapers at age 50.

Bravo Martin Sheen, Friend Of Workers

The media is filled with stories of Hollywood stars getting a new contract or a new lover or caught with drugs, but rarely do we learn about someone famous who performed an act of social justice because it was the right thing to do. Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez,awoke to hear the sounds of banging drums and went they gazed out the window, there was a picket line. Sheen went downstairs and told pickets at the York Hotel in Toronto, “we will not cross your picket line and if you want us to leave the hotel we will. He then walked with pickets carrying a sign that said: “On Strike for Justice Unite Here.” Sheen told reporters, “I’ve been a union member all my adult life. I’ve been involved in labor struggles all my adult life and I support it.”

OK, it is not the most important issue of humankind. OK, it was just a group of underpaid, overworked people who were trying to get decent wages and working conditions. But, the fact Sheen joined their struggle demonstrates he has not lost his Irish heritage of fighting for the rights of workers.

A Tamil Ship In Search Of Harbor

During the 1930s, the St. Louis, a ship loaded with Jewish refugees from Nazi, Germany sailed along the east coast of the United States seeking to land its cargo of people whose only choice was the US or return to Europe and probable death. No offer of sanctuary came from the American government nor any other Western Hemisphere country, so the St. Louis returned to Belgium. After Belgium was conquered, most of those who had been on the ship eventually wound up in death camps. In August, 2010, a ship loaded with refugees from the horror of war in Sri Lanka are sailing along the west coast of Canada seeking refuge from the possible return to their homes in a land that does not offer Tamils equal rights. There are 490 humans on the ship, men, women and children. As they gaze from the deck of the ship, angry voices are being heard in Canada demanding their return to Sri Lanka. “Send them back,” say the missives or “So, they’ve come from a very bad situation, so what!”

Those expressing these views attend a church or synagogue and nod their heads in agreement with words urging peace and compassion, but when opportunities arise to carry into fruition the words, silence is the response. Just remember, Canadians, what happened to the people on the St. Louis.

Coming Islamic Hair Style Invasion Of Canada And USA

The deviousness of Islamic militants can never be fully imagined. It appears Iran is preparing a first strike designed to cripple the United States and Canada by creating a secret hair styling institution in Tehran whose goal is to attack the Western world by altering their hair style. After all, during the 1960s long hair was used by radicals and hippies to challenge the establishment, why not Islamic hair styles to make a mockery of Western life? The Advertising and Marketing Association of Canada has been set up in Tehran, no doubt by the Revolutionary Guards, in order to create an “Islamic hair style” which will shortly be marketed in Canada. This secret agency is headed by a Dr. Nemat who claims to have his degree from York University, but there is no record of him attending that institution. Why is he claiming to have a doctorate? Why was this organization set up in Tehran? What is the purpose of an “Islamic hair style?”

First, they overwhelmed Canada with Islamic hair styles. Then, they overwhelmed the United States, and then, THE WORLD!!

Black Clad Men And Women In Toronto

My daughter is named after the famous feminist anarchist Emma Goldman, I was once patted on the head by the great radical Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and I never crossed a picket line in my life, but actions of black clad men and women in Toronto leave me in a state of wonder and confusion. OK, they are anti-capitalist, they are anti-police, they are anti-big business. I got that part. They enjoy throwing rocks through the windows of banks or government offices or stores owned by large companies, I got that part. They believe the world is run by male chauvinist guys(were Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel males?) and they want something different. That’s where they lose me. Exactly, what DO they want?

The world of 1848 that Marx described is long since gone. The world of 1914 is long since gone. Heck, capitalism of 1949 no longer exists anymore than world economics of that era is possible. These are people lacking ideas other than, “I’m against.” Their cliches lack any connection to the world of 2010.

Killing For A Name Is Killing A Name

Kamaker Singh Dhillon was an immigrant from India who help arrange a marriage for his son with a girl from India. She joined the family in Toronto, got married, had a child and apparently were headed for a good life. But, Dhillon became convinced that his daughter-in-law was having an affair with a man so he did what a man who wants to protect his good name had to do –repeatedly plunge his knife into her body until she lay in a bloody heap on the floor. After being arrested this man of “honor” claimed Amandeep Kaur Dhillon had smeared his family name by her sexual escapades and even argued she wanted to sleep with him. He also claimed during the murder she had grabbed his knife and tried to stab him which is the factor that drove him into a rage.

As is so often the case in these “honor murders” the murderer kills without knowledge because in their minds is always a haunting sense that a woman can not be trusted. Police found no evidence the murdered woman had any affair, but they also found evidence Mr. Dhillon had wounded himself in an effort to build a case to defend himself. The only one who had any family “honor” was the murdered woman.

Canadian Love Affair Ends Loveless

He was a general, she was a corporal attached to his command. Ah, the rules and regulations of warfare never recognize the possibility that a man and a woman, or a man and a man, might gaze into one another’s eyes one moment and discover passion. Yes, it is against the rule to shack up with one another if one is a superior officer to the other. Yes, the world might collapse and discipline disappear if two humans jointly shared a desire to have sex with one another. Canadian General Daniel Menard is headed back to Ottawa to face a grim experience with his superiors once they learned a corporal on his staff mentioned to a friend that she had bedded the general. Menard has been relieved of his command due to “inappropriate behavior,” and undoubtedly will face some form of disciplinary action.

Unfortunately, for the general, his wife also serves with the Canadian armed forces and she will also be greeting her hubby, the man who allowed a penis to destroy a military career. Frankly, when two people consensually decide to bed with one another, let it be and get on with the world.

US Soldiers Deploy To Canada, Not Iraq!

During the Vietnam War a draft faced just about all young men(unless they escaped to college) with the prospect of serving in combat overseas. As a result, thousands decided to serve in Canada and escape death or being wounded. Current American soldiers face the prospect of once again for the third or fourth time being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq. Patrick Hart, an Army sergeant for ten years, served in Iraq, but when orders came to go once again into the madness of that battle zone, he decided to head for Canada. “I’ve bled for my country, I’ve sweated for my country I’ve cried myself to sleep for my country–which is a lot more than some people who are passing judgment on me have done.” He has decided, “I would rather sit in prison than go to Iraq.”

Ironically, those who flee are discovering a welcome from Americans who fled during the sixties. Charlie Diamond who fled America in 1968 is offering assistance to modern Americans who are sick and tired of a war most Americans have absolutely no interest in fighting. “I want once again my country to be a refuge from militarism.” As Diamond notes, today’s “deserters” enlisted “in good conscience thinking they were defending America when in fact the whole thing was a lie.”

It is estimated about 50,000 Americans fled to Canada during the Vietnam War and about half still remain in the country. Of course, today, the issue is –exactly who is the
“deserter?” The man who fled or men like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Congressmen who abandoned American values by lying to the nation?