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President Richard Nixon in the 1970s reached out to Communist China and established diplomatic relations in order to split off this communist nation from its alliance with the Soviet Union. As part of recognition, the US ceased to recognize the government of Taiwan as an independent nation. Both China and the US accepted a new reality, China would continue to claim that Taiwan was still part of China, but Communist China would not invade this country. The US ended its diplomatic recognition of an independent Taiwan.

So, wha  does Donald Trump do?He became the  first American president since this unofficial process was accepted, who interacted with the president of Taiwan. Donald called spoke with her, and each congratulated one another. So far, there has not been a furious outburst from China over the Trump call. However, according to China expert, John Delury of Yansei University in Seoul, South Korea, “I think it would be a mistake to think he got a pass on Taiwan. I think it goes in his file.They are holding their fire, but they are seizing him up. I think it would be a classic mistake for Trump and his people to think, ‘Wow, we got away with it.”

Common Sense On Trade

There is something ironic in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agreeing on economic issues such as trade with other nations. Neither has indicated they grasp the nature of the modern world economy. These days cars’ manufactured in America’ contain parts made in Mexico or Canada. In other words, placing a high tariff on goods from Mexico automatically raises the  price of American made cars! The United States EXPORTS over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS. Oh, and wages in export jobs pay 18% higher wages than do those in import jobs. Trump has promised to cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership–TPP.

Conservative John McCain warned his colleagues as to the consequences of abandoning the TPP. ” I think we are going to pay a terrible price for abandoning the TPP. You are going to see Chinese assertion of economic influence in the region, and possible dominance.Countries are going to join with China in trade agreements. We are going to be outside, out in the cold.Historians will judge us harshly.” It will be an economic disaster!

Go To Hell, USA!

Rodrigo Duterte is the new president of the Philippines. Since assuming power a few months ago, he has played a role in the murder of at least 1,500 people who were accused of being drug dealers–or even, using drugs. These people were killed by the police with the urging of the president of their nation. Another 1.500 suspects were murdered by local vigilante gangs, again with the urging of Duterte. President Obama condemned these killings only be insulted by President Détente with “you are a son of a whore!  comment.

Now, Détente has gone a step further.”No more American influence. No more military exercises. It’s time to say goodbye. I will not got to America, and your stay in my country is over.” From now on, he is headed to China. That is one country that doesn’t give a damn about how many innocent people he murders!

Trump Scores Weak Obama!

Once again Donald Trump scored big points agains the weak, the ineffective, the cowardly regime of  President Barack Obama.  The president flew in his plane and landed in China. And, guess what happened? Donald Trump is furious at the disrespect displayed to the president of the United States of  America. When Trump identifies a key issue, he shows Americans how a real,  a tough leader, would handle important international issues.

The Chinese government did NOT have a red carpet so when the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA descended, he had to step on a  STELL STAIRCASE! How can any nation avoid sending an atomic bomb to another nation which insults, which demeans, our president? Here is how Donald Trump would have handled the crisis: “”I’d say, you know what folks, I respect you a lot. Let’s close the door, let’s get out of here.”

Isn’t that what any red-blooded, patriotic American would insist their president do if insulted? My only complaint is that Donald should have gone further, “look, you chinks, when you don’t have a red carpet, maybe you need a red bloody nose. Maybe  you need a few  bombs to get some red glow in the air. Goodbye, and good luck. Just remember, no one, and I mean,no one, fucks with Donald Trump or the United States of America!!”

What About Exports?

I listen carefully to the speeches of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both are furious at the loss of “millions of high paying jobs to China.” Their assumption is the reason for decline of certain factory jobs is because business is taking their production to Asia, particularly, the evil China. Just think, we now produce clothes, shoes, assembly of computers and other such “high paying jobs” elsewhere but in America. For some reason, neither Sanders nor Trump ever mention the word, EXPORT.

In June this year, the United States EXPORTED $183 billion in goods to other nations. We IMPORTED, $227 billion from other countries. To simplify, if we ended import of goods from overseas, we might add about 4,000,000 jobs. Of course, since other nations would raise tariffs on our  goods, we might lose 3,000,000 jobs.

Shouting and screaming to rip up  trade deals gets the applause of millions. Unfortunately, if we do as Trump and Sanders urge, there might be millions of jobs lost by Americans. And,many of them would be high paying jobs!

Hiroshima Apology?

President Obama will soon be visiting Japan and plans to visit Hiroshima, the scene of the world’s first atomic bomb. Many in America insist the president should apologize for the horror of atomic weapons being used. Most probably, I am in the minority who believe the atomic bomb HAD to be  used to save the lives of millions. And, I mean, millions of innocent Japanese civilians.

Background: During its invasion of China from 1937–1945, the Japanese army raped hundreds of thousands and killed over five million–civilians, that is. The code of the Japanese army was to never surrender and any enemy who did, frequently was killed. After the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the Japanese Cabinet me. During this meeting the head of the Japanese Army insisted that to surrender meant loss of face and dishonor to the Emperor. He boasted the Japanese army would meet American and British soldiers on the beaches and destroy them.

After the Emperor made known that he was ready to surrender, units of the Japanese army attempted to kill the brother of the Emperor who was carrying a record of the surrender. They did not succeed. In other words, without dropping of the atomic bomb, millions of Japanese would have been killed. Sorry, this IS history. There is no need to apologize. Perhaps, any Japanese leaders from WWII still alive might apologize!

Whee Are The Jobs?

Donald  Trump, Bernie Sanders and millions of Americans blame the economic decline and loss of good paying jobs to China or Mexico or some other place in the world. Recent figures indicate the fastest growing jobs in America over the coming decades will  pay workers about $25,000 a year. That means they are paying workers about $13 an hour. A high  percent of these jobs are in some aspect of the health field.Three-fourths of these fast growing jobs pay less than $35,000  a year. Yet, Bernie Sanders insists that if we bring back jobs from China the result will be “13,000,00 high paying jobs.”

On one hand Bernie  Sanders attacks selfish wealthy people, and on the other hand, he insists they will  pay high wages. Let me inform the good Senator that for those with wealth, the solution is more and more technology and less and less human labor. Sorry, Bernie, they will NOT be offering high wage jobs. So,where does that leave the demand for higher wages?

I will address this issue in the coming weeks. However, there is one certainty, high paying jobs will not be coming back from China nor Mexico!

So, Who Wrote The Letter?

The entire government of China is now in an uproar over 920 words that were published online. The message was directed to President Xi Jinxing. “It is a real threat comrade Xi Jinping. We feel that you do not possess the capabilities to lead the party or the nation into the future. For the party’s cause, for the long term peace and stability of  the country and your own personal safety  and that of your family, we ask that you resign your position as President.”
Wow!  Just think that in a nation of over a billion people there are some who are not pleased with the president! Wow!

The entire Security apparatus of the nation is now seeking to uncover the criminal who wrote such dangerous words. Just imagine the ruler of among the most powerful nations in the world is all shook up by 920 words! This guy makes Donald Trump come across as calm, cool, collected guy.

Letter From An Unknown Writer

President Xi Jinping of China is very upset. There are things that one does not do in the Communist nation of China, and one of them is to write letters accusing the head honcho of China of failing to respect democracy in his own nation. This anonymous letter has resulted in massive searches and imprisonment of people as China’s security apparatus seeks to uncover this threat to the  very existence of China’s society and government. As of this moment, no one has come forth admitting to this dastardly crime against humanity. In a spirit of fairness to our Chinese readers we offer some possibilities:

1. One might check all those in China who are capable of writing a letter.

2. Donald Trump is a likely candidate, after all, he already has threatened to wipe out Xi Jinping once they are in a room together negotiating.

3. Ted Cruz who believes that anything Donald can do, he can do better. After all, he did go to Harvard and did learn how to write letters. Of course, he never took a science course and that is why he always makes certain people know,”I am not a scientist.”

4.Of course,the President should be happy it is a letter and not a letter bomb from ISIS.

If this is the concern over a letter,what do these security guys do with a book!

How The World Views Donald Trump?

Secretary of State John Kerry is concerned at the image of America being conveyed by the Trump quest for publicity–getting to become president.

France: Would you consider heading the National Front which seeks to send Muslims back to where they came from? Of course, we doubt that many French women would consider you to be a seducer with words of love and tenderness.

Germany: Herr, Donald, we regret that you were not around when the guy who shouted even louder than you knew how to handle inferior creatures of life. What a wonderful head of the SS you would have made!

Russia: Vladimir Putin wants to meet you man-to-man in a wrestling contest. Winner takes all- Putin wins, he is the candidate for president. If Ted born in Canada can run, why not a guy from Russia!

ISIS Land. Donald, we have to admit when it comes to bullshitting, you are the number one leader in the world. We will trade you one carpet bombing for a bomb anywhere in Texas.

China. Mr. Trump we are willing to offer you as many exports to China as you desire–tariff free. Of course, the goods will  have to be made in Vietnam, you know, the place where John McCain lived in the Hotel Hanoi while real patriots were fighting the Viet Cong.

Cuba: Donald, we are not Mexican peasants seeking to head for the USA. We offer you an entire country in which Spanish speaking people would welcome your Great,Great, Business ideas and keep them at home.