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Obama Sets New Record

Barack Obama is the first African American to become president of the United States of America, but he also has become another first president. He recently visited a prison and thus became the first president of this nation to actually set foot in a prison despite the fact that each year presidents are involved in some aspect of the prison system. Actually, Obama also became the first president to actually set foot in a solitary confinement cell! Of course,this great nation is also the greatest, and I mean the greatest nation in the world when it comes to sending people to jail.

At  this very moment there are 2,193,000 Americans spending the day in prison. Although America contains 5% of the inhabitants of this globe, it imprisons 25% of al the humans on this  planet who wind up in prison. Of course, each day 100,000 children in jail are behind bars, rather than being in school. Each day, 120,000 humans spend the day in solitary confinement. Believe it or not but the US surpasses Russia and China for having people in jail. The good news is we Americans tie with North Korea for having the most people incarcerated!

Chinese Calm Response To Trump

It is now quite evident that America just elected a child who looks like a grown man but simply can not shake loose from childish behavior. After Trump tweeted some nonsense about the ‘stolen drone,’ a Chinese government representative calmly responded. “Trump is not behaving as a president who will become master of the White House in a month. But, if he treats China after assuming office in the same way as in his tweets, China will not exercise restraint.”

An editor of the Chinese Global Times was even more concise: “China should teach him some lessons so he might know to respect China after he is sworn in.” Ironically, the Chinese are the adult in the room, and the kid playing with his toys is named, Donald Trump!

Donald Continues Tweeting

The history of American presidents is the story of men who, at some point in their lives, became serious about being the leader of the United States of America, and, then there is Donald Trump. He continues performing as though he was auditioning for a role on Saturday Night Live. Instead of a calm and composed response to the Chinese seizure of a drone in the waters of the South China Sea, the Trump man just has to tweet something. “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone, they stole back–let em keep it.”

I assume this is a well considered idea that someone among his foreign policy advisors believed to make some sense. What is the point he was making? Tune in to the next Saturday Night Live show to discover the point that Trump was trying to make.

Donald Is Upset–As Always

Ordinarily a president of the US conveys his ideas by means of press conferences, discussions with members of Congress, or, even a TV broadcast, but these are the golden days of Donald Trump. A Chinese vessel in the South China sea area seized control of an underwater American drone that was gathering information concerning the ocean area, mainly, for economic purposes, not war. Naturally, Donald Trump had to tweet his ideas to the world. “China steals United States research drone in international waters–rips it out of water, and takes it to China, is unprecidented.”

Actually, Donald meant that it was unprecedented,but this is our new president, and spelling was never his greatest attribute in life.OH, the Chinese government already announced it would return the drone. We can assume Trump will take credit for what already occurred.

Let’s Have A War

Donald Trump insists that HE knows more about any topic in foreign policy because he is a ‘smart man.’ He was warned not to interfere with American policy toward China which for fifty years has been based upon the concept of One China. This means, the US accepts the idea that Taiwan is essentially part of China, and in return, China allows the  people of Taiwan to have an independent government free from Chinese control. Trump issued a statement that he would not recognize this agreement.

In return, the government  of China is pointing out to the idiot  Trump there are consequences to upsetting policy that has been around for half a century. The Chinese Global Times made clear: “The Chinese mainland should display its resolution to recover Taiwan by force.” If Taiwan were to declare its independence, “the Chinese mainland can in  no time punish them, militarily.” In other words, there is now the prospect of war. It is time for Donald Trump to just SHUT  UP.

China Wants Respect

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson made clear his government does not regard Donald Trump’s out reach to Taiwan as other than an insult. “I want to stress that Taiwan has a bearing  on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Adhering to the ‘one China’ principle    is the political bedrock for the development  of US-China relations. If it is compromised or disrespected, the steady growth of the bilateral relationship and cooperation in major fields would be out of question.”

He concluded with a comment regarding president-elect, Donald Trump: ‘he is a child ignorant of foreign policy.”

President Richard Nixon in the 1970s reached out to Communist China and established diplomatic relations in order to split off this communist nation from its alliance with the Soviet Union. As part of recognition, the US ceased to recognize the government of Taiwan as an independent nation. Both China and the US accepted a new reality, China would continue to claim that Taiwan was still part of China, but Communist China would not invade this country. The US ended its diplomatic recognition of an independent Taiwan.

So, wha  does Donald Trump do?He became the  first American president since this unofficial process was accepted, who interacted with the president of Taiwan. Donald called spoke with her, and each congratulated one another. So far, there has not been a furious outburst from China over the Trump call. However, according to China expert, John Delury of Yansei University in Seoul, South Korea, “I think it would be a mistake to think he got a pass on Taiwan. I think it goes in his file.They are holding their fire, but they are seizing him up. I think it would be a classic mistake for Trump and his people to think, ‘Wow, we got away with it.”

Common Sense On Trade

There is something ironic in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agreeing on economic issues such as trade with other nations. Neither has indicated they grasp the nature of the modern world economy. These days cars’ manufactured in America’ contain parts made in Mexico or Canada. In other words, placing a high tariff on goods from Mexico automatically raises the  price of American made cars! The United States EXPORTS over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS. Oh, and wages in export jobs pay 18% higher wages than do those in import jobs. Trump has promised to cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership–TPP.

Conservative John McCain warned his colleagues as to the consequences of abandoning the TPP. ” I think we are going to pay a terrible price for abandoning the TPP. You are going to see Chinese assertion of economic influence in the region, and possible dominance.Countries are going to join with China in trade agreements. We are going to be outside, out in the cold.Historians will judge us harshly.” It will be an economic disaster!

Go To Hell, USA!

Rodrigo Duterte is the new president of the Philippines. Since assuming power a few months ago, he has played a role in the murder of at least 1,500 people who were accused of being drug dealers–or even, using drugs. These people were killed by the police with the urging of the president of their nation. Another 1.500 suspects were murdered by local vigilante gangs, again with the urging of Duterte. President Obama condemned these killings only be insulted by President Détente with “you are a son of a whore!  comment.

Now, Détente has gone a step further.”No more American influence. No more military exercises. It’s time to say goodbye. I will not got to America, and your stay in my country is over.” From now on, he is headed to China. That is one country that doesn’t give a damn about how many innocent people he murders!

Trump Scores Weak Obama!

Once again Donald Trump scored big points agains the weak, the ineffective, the cowardly regime of  President Barack Obama.  The president flew in his plane and landed in China. And, guess what happened? Donald Trump is furious at the disrespect displayed to the president of the United States of  America. When Trump identifies a key issue, he shows Americans how a real,  a tough leader, would handle important international issues.

The Chinese government did NOT have a red carpet so when the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA descended, he had to step on a  STELL STAIRCASE! How can any nation avoid sending an atomic bomb to another nation which insults, which demeans, our president? Here is how Donald Trump would have handled the crisis: “”I’d say, you know what folks, I respect you a lot. Let’s close the door, let’s get out of here.”

Isn’t that what any red-blooded, patriotic American would insist their president do if insulted? My only complaint is that Donald should have gone further, “look, you chinks, when you don’t have a red carpet, maybe you need a red bloody nose. Maybe  you need a few  bombs to get some red glow in the air. Goodbye, and good luck. Just remember, no one, and I mean,no one, fucks with Donald Trump or the United States of America!!”