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Rand Paul Is Bored

Imagine being compelled to stand at the end of a line of ranting and raging men and a woman, who endlessly promise they have a  “great plan” that will end unemployment,  end the evil of taxation, end poverty and ensure those with wealth do not have to pay another cent in higher taxes? Of course, along the way,this group also has a “great idea” on how to wipe out ISIS.

Senator Rand Paul is not really a member of the group of eight. He expressed his fatigue with the mumbling of Ben Carson, with Senator Marco Rubio who no one recalls the last time  he actually voted for anything in the  Senate, with Jeb Bush for his awkwardness, and he still does not  understand why Donald Trump, after insulting everyone, winds up  “giving us gifts of ties made in China, very weird.”

I assume Donald will shortly produce these ties so one and all can get one.

Xi Jinping For Freedom

Xi Jinping is President of China and ordinarily he devotes his office to the task of sending people off to camps in northern regions of the country for a few years of re-education. Therefore it was quite shocking to hear him defend the right of freedom of speech. “As in the real world, freedom and order are both necessary in cyberspace. We should respect in internet users their right to  exchange ideas and express their minds.”

Fantastic statement of freedom of speech. Even as he uttered these words, Pu Zhiquiang, fighter for freedom of speech on the Internet was on trial for expressing his ideas on the Internet. Perhaps,Xi just has a different understanding as to the meaning of “exchange of ideas.”

He Trumps Them All

Donald Trump is very clear about one point–he knows how to make deals, Not only does he know how to make deals, he understands how to make a Great Deal, one that will clean out any opponent and make them admit they are stupid and they will do whatever Donald desires. Donald spent considerable time and energy discussing the new trade deal which President Obama is negotiating with Asian nations. Donald made clear this is one stupid deal which will allow China to rob us blind. He went on and on about how the deal was one that China would love because it would allow China to take more and more of our jobs.China cheats the US and this deal would enable China to cheat some more.

At this point, a moderator noted: “But, Mr.Trump, China is not part of the deal.” Well, the Donald man was quick to respond. He made clear that what he has just been talking about made clear that China was not part of the deal.From that point on, he wanted the audience to know that he knows how to make Great Deals and he will not allow China to beat us in any deal.

Who else but the Great Mouth could get away with this one. Naturally, the audience loved his denunciation of a deal that did not involve China. Only in the Republican party with its Republican idiots.

Hillary Comes Out Swinging

These are not the best of times, nor the worst of times for Hillary Clinton so she decided to cease being on the defense and come out swinging. Since she cannot blast those checking out her emails,Hillary decided to go after a guy who is not particularly liked in most parts of the world outside of China-President Xi Jinping. NO,she did not accuse him of cheating in ping pong games, something much worse-he was “hosting a meeting on women rights at the UN while persecuting feminists back home.”

Let me offer a defense of the Chinese leader. As authorities correctly pointed out these women were “creating a disturbance.” First we allow women to make disturbances, and then we allow women to go to college,and before you know it, those damn women have taken our corporate jobs! Xi is simply fighting to protect men all over the world from having contact with women who create disturbances.

China Ubber Alles!

The government of China is engaged in an interesting adventure into deciding what exactly are the borders of this nation. It has sent dozens of ships into the South China Sea in order to begin the process of transforming a reef or some sand into an island, and then claiming the new piece of land belongs to China. It goes further than only claiming ownership of an “island.” Once the “island” appears in the sea, then China decides who can fly over the island. According to the Chinese government: “It is a long standing task for China to safeguard its maritime rights and interests.

OK, so why can’t China:

Build an island off the coast of California and claim it belongs to China. No plane flights from San Francisco without approval.

Build an island off the coast of Italy and take control of the entire Middle East.

China forever and far ever is the new slogan!

Sheldon, Sheldon, What Would Mommy Say?

There is a nice Jewish boy who happens to possess a few billion dollars and he uses this money to fight the bad people in America and in the Middle East. His name is Sheldon Adelson and he gave $150,000,000 of his money to help defeat the terrorist friend who now resides in the White House. He has promised a few hundred million dollars of his money to any Republican who will help him fight the bad people in the world. Sheldon is now accused of having ties to crime lords in the Chinese enclave of Macau. Steve Jacobs, who worked in the casinos claims that Sheldon refused to terminate his relations with the notorious Chinese Triad that runs crime in the enclave. Sheldon, Sheldon, what would your Jewish mommy say about her nice little boy having connections with crime people?

Oh, and Sheldon is the leading supporter of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sheldon works to end any opportunity to create an independent state of Palestine because he considers any and all Palestinians as criminals! Let me get this straight, Sheldon opposes criminals in the Middle East but is now charged with working with criminals in Asia. We truly hope these charges are incorrect because Sheldon is a nice Jewish boy and nice Jewish boys only play with nice little boys!

Freedom In China

The Chinese Communist government has been able to create a moderne economy and it has enriched the lives of its people. Of course, it enriches people with money, not with ideas or respect for their integrity as individuals. The very concept of “individualism” is repugnant to the very basis of the Chinese Communist government. Actually, it is remarkable that a modern society has been created without also including the very basis of democracy. Perhaps, this is evidence that if one feeds people they may not be as enthusiastic for freedom of speech. OR, it could be that modern technology can prevent the rise of voices urging democratic values. China is an open society when it comes to making money, but it is a closed society when it comes to democracy.

Gao Yu is a 71 year old woman who refuses to remain silent about the ideas of democracy in China. Once again, she is headed for prison. Her crime? She provided Western journalists with copies of Document Number 9. What is in this document? Document Number 9 outlines the goals of the Chinese government. It discusses how to prevent the infiltration of Western ideas about freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and basic western concepts of democracy. So, she has broken the law and must head to jail.

Reality: There are millions of Chinese people who oppose the goals of Document Number 9. One day there will be a Document Number 10 whose goals are to allow democracy to flourish in China.

No Muslim Days In Xipiang

China is such a vast country that we often forget how many diverse groups are within its borders. As one goes west in that nation it becomes evident that many people are of the Muslim faith. The province of Xipiang is among the most Islamic areas in China. Being Communists who respect the right of oppressed people it is only normal for Communist authorities to demand an end to ancient ideas such as the eating of a hijab or a chador can result to jail time. Naturally, males are informed they can not we wear a beard because too many Muslims wear such facial hair. The Uighurs who are the dominant group in the province are subject to denial of religious freedom.

A new feature of the anti-Muslim movement is to award jobs to those who do not wish to belong to the past. Interested in a job as a hairdresser or baker? Just shave off the beard and ditch the veil and welcome to the world of Communism. As I recall, old Karl Marx always wore a beard. I wonder if he was a secret Muslim??

We Need A Philandering Map!

The President of China is sick and tired of corrupt officials and has decided to do something about it. President Xi Jinping has released what he terms, a Philandering Map that reveals which officials are stealing money from the people of China. “if misconduct is not corrected but allowed to run rampant it will build an invisible wall between our party and the people of China.” This is rather a strange attitude for a leader of a nation. I thought the purpose of being a government official was so one could become wealthy?

Perhaps, it is time in the United States of America to release a Philandering Map which depicts the manner in which our officials fuck the people of this land by selling their minds to corporations. There is sex in which one sells the body, and there is prostitution in which one sells a vote in Congress. Anyway, the new Congress this spring will be fucking the people of this land, and boy, will they make none!

Bad Guys CAN Win

I have now reached the age of 84 meaning that during my life there has been a world war, war in Vietnam, war in the Middle East, and God knows where else that good people have been murdered because some folks were convinced that God or some other power was on their side. Naturally, those who murder are always convinced that killing the innocent is simply behaving in a logical manner because if those without power are allowed to possess power, it is simply the beginning of the end of sanity. It has now been several weeks since thousands took to the streets of Hong Kong in pursuit of some basic rights. Actually, the protesters simply wanted to be able to vote for the person of their choice in the so called, “election” that the Chinese government allowed to take place. Of course, it was no election, more in the nature of a dictate imposed upon the people of Hong Kong by the men who rule China.

At this moment, the streets of Hong Kong do not display thousands marching with banners demanding the right to vote. The bad guys are in power, and from now on, march and face some years in prison. Frankly, this is normally what occurs when people are powerless. Those with power invariably win the game of who makes decisions. Was it worth the display of protest? Yes, protest may now win today, but there is always tomorrow!