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Don’t Touch My Gun!!

Among the more difficult concepts for gun lovers in America to understand is that terrorists use guns. Honest, bad guys use guns and other such weapons and they can even walk into a gun store and purchase guns to their desire. More than 65 countries have signed a trade treaty that is designed to monitor the sale of conventional weapons by manufacturers and prevent their free flow into black market sources or to groups seeking death and destruction. The latest count is that 154 nations voted to support this treaty and three oppose it–Syria,Iran and North Korea. Now, we know the friends of guns in America, there nations who have the same mentality of thinking as does the National Rifle Association.

Naturally,Republican Senator Jerry Moran opposes this treaty since it fails to explicitly recognize the right of individuals to bear arms. “The United States should ratify treaties only when they are in our national interest, clear in their goals and language, respect our sovereignty, and do not create any openings to infringe upon our constitutional freedoms.”

Yes, Joe, we support the right of terorists to kill American soldiers. It is their constitutional right-read the second Amendment!!

China Gets Worried

The United States of America has to endure the incompetence of Afghanistan’s government and China has to endure the madness of what passes for a government in North Korea. China suddenly switched to a tougher stand against Kim Jong-un’s wild threats to attack South Korea or the United States with missiles. The Chinese government now supports the Security Council actions to impose sanctions on North Korea unless it ceases working on atomic weapons. North Korea’s test of nuclear weapons may not pose a threat to China, but establishment by the US and South Korea of defensive missile systems places these weapons on the border of China

China is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. It recognizes the need to support North Korea, but continued development of nuclear weapons means missile systems on the border of China which means that China must build missile systems which means that in response to China building missile systems, new missile systems will be developed and so on and so on….

Muslims Hate The West

Hardly a day goes by without someone ranting about Muslims and their hatred of the West. The assumption is that those of the Muslim faith have an unrelenting hatred of anything connected to Western societies. During the past few weeks, thousands of Mali people danced in the streets when they discovered French troops had driven out Islamist fanatics. The people of Mali wanted WESTERN troops to free them from MUSLIM TYRANNY. Turkey seeks entry into the European Union so it can secure a taste of Western life including adhering to Western human rights. In the streets of Cairo and Tunis and Damascus, Muslims are fighing Muslims, NOT THE WEST!

Each year about 200,000 students from Asian, African and Middle Eastern nations come to the US or England in search of education. They want Western ideas, they live as Westerners and many think like them. Thousands of these students remain in the US or England or France because this is the life they seek.

Enough with the Muslim hate of the West.

Weiwei Worries China

The Chinese government is upset at Elton John, not because they dislike songs that emerge from his mouth, but words they find offensive. Elton John told Chinese authorities that his performance in Beijing last November was dedicated “to the spirit and talent of Ai Weiwei” a noted artist who has constantly bothered officials because of his belief in demcocracy. A State run newspaper in December commented on the “disrespectful” attitude of Elton John when he “forcibly added political content to the concert.” The paper insisted that if people in the audience had known politics would be part of the concert “many in the audience would not have come.”

Anyway, the Chinese government has identified a solution to the problem of musicians imposing their political ideas upon the people of this happy land. Culture Minister Cai Wu is considering requiring any foreign artist to possess  university degree. Sounds logical to me. I wonder since I am a college professor if I can book a tour in China?


There often arises a need on the part of Chinese officials to warn other nations concerning any infringement on what is considered Chinese territory or a disputed area of Asia that is  considered Chinese territory.  Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu of the National Defense Ministry sounded a warning to Australia and Japan about taking the side of the Japanese in disputes over the Diaoyu islands. According to this obscure officer, “America is the global tiger and Japan is Asia’s wolf and both are now biting China.” He proceeds to utter nonsense about Japan attacking the US or Australia as it did in 1941′

Reality. China is not going to war over islands. Japan is not going to war over islands. The US is not going to become militarily involved in Asia over islands. There will be statements, warnings, even threats, but in the end, there will be some face saving way out of this dispute.

Censor Censors!

“Southern Weekend” is a Chinese newspaper that is published under the auspices of the government and thus has been subject to ongoing censorship by a group of men and women who sit around worrying about what can or cannot be written. At a recent meeting of editors  of the newspaper and staff members it was decided to end the tyranny of being subject to the whims of censors and allow freedom of information to reign on the newspaper. They were particularly angered when a local provincial official replaced a New Year’s eve editorial which called for political reforms as well as an extension  of rights for all citizens.

At the meeting the editors demanded an end to advanced censorship. They accepted the right of government officials to publish guidelines but wanted to cease having a censor decide which specific article could or could not be published. They were joined by hundreds of protesters who joined in demands for an end and a new beginning of freedom in China.

Hong Kong Blasts

For decades Hong Kong was a British piece of territory that had  been obtained via force from the Chinese government. It was captured by the Japanese during World War II and when Communist forces swept through the land they halted at the outskirts of the British held city. It was simply a matter of time before the English left the area, but they did receive assurances from the Communist government that Hong Kong would have special status and its people could still retain the right to vote.

Of course, when Chinese Communists promise the right to vote, they mean for their people. The people of Hong Kong do vote but power remains in the hands of officials selected by the Communist government. Its current chief executive, Leung Chun-ying has aroused anger by secretly building on his property in violation of the law as well as his policy of doing what they want in Beijing. There are demonstrations, riots and protests, but the chief executive complains they only represent a few.

Hopefully, it is a matter of time before the Communist government alters its totalitarian status and allows Chinese people their right to truly a free election.

War In Asia?

It is not only that time of the year to be joyful, but that time of the year to be silly.  There are several tiny islands lying between China and Japan that have become the focus of posturing and threats and jet planes zooming in the sky. Ah, waters around the islands might contain oil deposits and whenever the word, “oil” enters a conversation then eyes light up with expectation  of money and power. The Chinese government placed an alert in case Japanese fighter jets appeared off the islands of Diaoyu.

No Virginia, Santa is not going to deliver a war in Asia. China with its ONE aircraft carrier–oh, it just landed A plane on it– is not prepared  to launch an attack on any other nation. Both sides are engaged in posturing, a Kabuki dance is unfolding in which both will dance, but neither will send their military into action. No Kamikaze pilots will be diving their planes into Chinese ships, and they certainly can’t dive them into non-existent aircraft carriers.

The only war that will unfold will be a war of words.

Hu-Blows Away Corruption!

There is no question that China has become a world power and during coming years will emerge with the largest economy of any nation. Chinese Communist leaders have helped to develop this vast economic machine, but the cost has been difficult when it comes to the lives of people in China. President Hu Jianto spoke openly about vast corruption and inefficiency in the nation. He acknowledged public anger over graft and disregard for environmental degradation of society.

“Combating corruption and promoting political integrity, which is a major political issue of great concern to the people, is a clear-cut and long-term political commitment of the party. If we fail to handle this issue well, it could prove fatal to the  party.” Unfortunately, the issue can only be handled by introducing democractic principles of free speech and free elections. Sorry, Hu, those who created corruption will not depart unless shoved aside!

One Child Too Many?

During the 1970s China’s communist government decided a continued population  increase posed problems for economic development of the nation. They imposed a one child per family limit. The China Development Research Foundation warns that continuing this policy poses serious economic problems for the nation in the coming decades. “China has paid a huge political and social cost for this policy, as it has resulted in soical conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth.” In other words, too many boys and not enough girls–at  least in China.

In the long term the policy means fewer workers in the coming decades even as the number of elderly people will experience a dramatic increase. There will be an enormous number of retired people and a small working class to support them. The end result will be conflict, political turmoil and disorganization.