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Jade Rabbit Dead!!

Jade Rabbit died in a slow and painful manner as it attempted to wander across the surface of the Moon. Suddenly, for some strange and mysterious reason the lunar rover that China sent into space back in December, 2012 came to a halt. Officials stated it had something to do with “mechanical control abnormalities” but this intrepid reporter knows the real reason for the death of our beloved Jade Rabbit. Its death was ordered by President Obama who did not wish China to receive credit for sending a rocket into the air that did not fall to Earth in Herald Square. So, Obama had a Drone follow the Chinese rocket into space and when the world was not looking, it blasted away and damaged Jade Rabbit.

Anyway, Republican members of Congress have no one to cross exam this week so they now have a reason to pursue, not only Barack Obama, but Hillary Clinton in order to clear up the mystery as to why Jade Rabbit suddenly, and mysteriously, came to a halt. In the world of Fox News and the Republican Party, there are no accidents, anything and everything is part of a plot against American job creators.


Military Myths

A half century ago, American President Dwight Eisenhower, who commanded British and American forces in Europe during World War II, warned the American people about the growing “military/industrial complex” which threatened the future of the country. He explained that business leaders were working with leaders of our armed forces in order to frighten the American people into believing they needed more and more soldiers and more and more weapons. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is using the same approach. He warned that unless NATO nations increased their military expenditures, they faced the prospect of Russia and China spending more and gaining greater power in the world. Here are the figures:

1. US spends over $600 billion and has the best air force, the best navy and the best ground force in the world.
2. Next comes China which spends about $90 billion and now possess A single aircraft carrier–which they bought.
3. Next comes Russia which will spend about $44 billion. Every report from Russia indicates its soldiers are ill trained and lack morale. Russia would have a difficult time defeating Israel.

There is NO crisis. China is NOT going to take over southeast Asia. Putin has enough on his hands running a winter Olympics with the Chechen guerrillas giving him a hard time.

Banality Of Evil

A half century ago the state of Israel placed Adolf Eichmann, the notorious Nazi who helped organize and carry out the Holocaust on trial for genocide. At that time Hannah Arendt, a famous historian, wrote a book in which she argued that Eichmann was a bureaucrat who carried out orders because they were orders and it was his task as a bureaucrat to carry out orders given by superiors. Arendt was harshly criticized because she employed words such as “banality of evil” as to transform the Holocaust into a process carried out by bureaucrats rather than a systematic murder of millions. Alas, we continue to live in a world in which whoever is in charge employs the bureaucracy that exists to enforce laws because it is the duty of bureaucrats to enforce laws. Barack Obama twice ran for the presidency arguing that he would end the disabuse of rights by the Bush administration and restore basic Constitutional laws that guarantee the rights of individual American citizens. Instead, Obama has become the defender to spying and surveillance because since he is the president then he must do what presidents do-catch the spy and enforce whatever technology has been used in the past to catch the spy.

If tomorrow, someone else became president- Chris Christie or Ted Cruz or even Rand Paul, we could expect that president would continue a campaign of surveillance and disregard of human rights. The power of bureaucracy is even more powerful than the power of common sense and respect for the Constitution. Military leaders, bureaucrats, technicians always argue that in the name of “our national security” certain actions must occur. Edward Snowden, in one sense, was the anti-bureaucrat because he chose to pose questions concerning which comes first, Constitutional rights or “national security.” In so doing, Snowden made clear the choice was NEVER between “national security” and the Constitution.

The evidence is overwhelming. For over a decade we have allowed bureaucrats in the armed forces or the NSA or the CIA to decide what constitutes “national security” and in so doing, have allowed nameless bureaucrats who simply are “doing their job” to continue doing a job that has failed for over a decade to protect “national security.” What is unusual about Edward Snowden is that a nameless bureaucrat who was just doing his job, began to question the nature of his job, and set in motion the concept that those who run the machine of death can always stop and question why this program of death?

Abe Not Able To Govern

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should win the Nobel prize for incompetence in leadership since he daily fouls up when it comes to creating positive feelings among nations in Asia toward his government. Last month, he visited the Yassukini Shrine which is dedicated to those who fought in Japanese armed forces during World War II. You know, the soldiers who killed millions of Chinese people, who enslaved South Korean females and forced them to become prostitutes in service of the Japanese army. Oh, they murdered thousands of American and Filipino prisoners. As of this moment, Abe has been unable to even arrange a meeting with a Chinese leader for over a year, and is not welcomed by leaders of South Korea. Yes, Abe was proving a point, he has the right to honor war criminals. Heck, even Barack Obama is angry at this incompetent leader who has made the word, “Japan,” a reference to bestiality.

He has no plan for the disputed Senkaku islands which are claimed by both China and Japan, with South Korea also throwing its hat into the ring. Few Asian leader want to shake hands with a man who believes Japan was rich to invade and murder millions. I assume he might welcome a visit to SS graves in Germany.

Kim Jong-un Plays With Power

There are unconfirmed reports that President Obama has reached out to former NBA star Dennis Rodman to become his special envoy to the North Korean government. It is clear that Rodman WAS born in America rather than Kenya and thus will not be attacked by members of the Republican party for not being a full blooded American. As far as we can tell, he was not connected to the Benghazi attack. At this point in time, Dennis is the only American who can fly into North Korea, have lunch with its leader and playa few games of basketball with the pudgy little man, Kim Jong-un who happens to lead this impoverished nation. Oh, it was New Year’s day so the Kim guy made his usual speech threatening nuclear destruction to the entire world unless they paid attention to his latest rant and rave.

1. He will not beg for peace. Is that clear to all?

2. He is ready to inflict ” a massive nuclear disaster on South Korea”

3. He is ready to wipe out the USA.

Oh, he also wants to build a new ski resort and will work hard to establish good relations with South Korea.

So, what else to do but send in the clown–Dennis Rodman.

Go To The Moon??

I assume John Boehner is proud today, the nation of China sent a probe to the Moon which landed successfully on the surface and is now sending back pictures of that part of the universe. This is simply another example of what awaits America if only its people would grant power to the Tea Party. Think of the billions being saved by not having much of a space program? OK, let the Chinks boast of being ahead of the United States in space. Welcome to the new Tea Party America. We do not spend money on research in order to save money. We are not interested in new technology developments, because it does not say in the Constitution the federal government has a right to research new medical ideas or new things like the Internet–since the US government developed it, and since the Constitution does not state it can or should, the Internet must be ended and private enterprise only be allowed to handle economic development.

China and India are being informed they can handle space exploration. We are now the America without vision. We have to remain locked into the world of 1789 because only that which is in the Constitution is constitutional! Ah, we once built transcontinental railroads, we built might bridges and highways that spanned the continent. Those were the days of vision, welcome to the Ted Cruz world of hate and anger!

Let’s Have A War

Things have gotten too quiet these days. The United States is no longer fighting in Iraq, it is winding down activity in Afghanistan, fewer folk are getting banged around in Egypt and even the Irish are quiet. We Americans become rather disturbed when things become so slow, in terms of shooting and bombing and blasting. Thank God! We finally got a rise out of the Chinese and Japanese who have not been fighting one another for over a half century. A new important issue has arisen which demands attention. Does the issue concern an important issue between these countries? Darn well, does! There are thes four rocky pieces of land somewhere in the South China Sea. No, there are no people on the islands. No there are no houses on the islands, but they demand attention.

The islands are called, Senkaku in Japan. The islands are called, Diaoyu in China. Now, this difference provides a rationale to fight and kill. Who gave the other guy the right to call my islands by his name! China insists upon an air defence zone. The Chinese are upset. Imagine if “their rocks” got under the control of another nation? Wow!

Friends, it is time for war. Ted Cruz could give a filibuster, John McCain could talk about American “honor” and we could allow Barack Obama to establish a web site. Republicans finally could become job creators with a few million soldiers. Naturally, we would have to end Food Stamps to pay for this tiny little war over rocks in the South China Sea.

Israel Theatens Peace Efforts

During the past month there has been considerable progress in discussions between Iran and six powers-the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany–in an effort to identify an initial plan to move away from potential war and conflict. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insisted his nation is committed to making concessions in order to end sanctions and conflict with the world. However, he is sick and tired of being threatened by Israel which appears to demand veto rights on any agreement. He denounced Israel as behaving as a “rabid dog” in seeking to sabotage negotiations. Fench President Fandcoise Hollande termed such expressions as “unacceptable” and hindering negotiations. However, threats by Israel Prime Minister to bomb Iran, to initiate war with Iran are OK and apparently assist peace efforts!

Israel is the most dangerous country in the Middle East. It continuously makes threats and promises massive destruction of Iran, and the US does not seek to compel Israel to lower the rhetoric of war and allow the six nations to pursue the path of peace. Those who care about the people of Israel understand its future is best protected if peace is attained in the Middle East.

I Am So A Terrorist!

Several weeks ago in Beijing a car smashed into a crowd gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing and caused the death of bystanders. An Islamist terrorist group, the Turkestan Islamic Pary now claims responsibility for these murders. This group posted videos which depict similar attacks in other cities as part of their effort to drive China from Muslim areas in the west. Even the Chinese government now admits there has been a surge in violence due to attacks by the Chinese government upon Muslims inhabiting the far-western province of Xinjiang. There is now evidence of emergence of terrorist groups in China.

After all, there is no reason that China should escape the pleasure of having some terrorists in their midst. Terrorism is an equal opportunity employer and every nation is entitled to at least one. Join the death fun.

Iran Breakthrough Breaks Netanyahu Heart

Yesterday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lap dogs in the American Congress were hailing France for not being fooled by the Iranian deception about peace. Today, we are back to wise remarks about “American fries” because the government of France decided to go along with Germany, Russia, England, China, FRANCE and the US in forging an agreement with the Iranian government to control its nuclear program. The agreement entails:
Cease using centrifuges to enrich uranium.
refrain from starting new centrifuges
Halt work on its plutonium reactor
Allow access to UN inspectors

Naturally, the GOP and Democratic senators whose primary allegiance is to Israel rather than to the American people denounced this agreement to halt development of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

As of this moment, there is only ONE nation in the Middle East that bars UN nuclear inspectors and refuses to halt work on nuclear weapons. Oh, its name is ISRAEL!