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China Ubber Alles

As China emerged from the narrow days of communism when “the world” meant only land that historically was Chinese and entered the global society, it increasingly has expanded what it deems to belong to the Chinese people. There currently is disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia as to which country can claim ownership of the South China Seas. According to a Chinese Foreign Office official, “South China Sea is a name that has all along been accepted by countries across the world.” In other words, wherever the word, “China” appears, it is part of China.

In case you own a Chinese restaurant which has the name “China” be appraised that it might be claimed by the Chinese government. Southeast Asian nations want a share of the South China Sea because they believe it contains oil and gas reserves. I wonder if I order Chinese take out that I might encounter some Chinese agents who want me to pay them for the food??

Europeans Simply Leftists So Who Cares?

We Americans are believers in capitalism and the free enterprise system, unlike the Socialist commie leaning Europeans who prefer taking vacations to working 70 hours a week. Recent polls reveal widespread distrust of a Romney election among people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and on the Moon. In fact,the Galactic Council which supervises this portion of the universe has come out against the election  of Mitt Romney. OK, so less than 5% of Germans and French folk claim they would have a less favorable view of the US if Mitt won the election. Just wait until the next world war when the French need us to liberate them from the Germans!

OK, so 47% of English people say they would dislike a Romney victory while 3% would like it. Remember, that the 3% of those for him represent the intelligent portion of the society. I understand why so many Europeans dislike Mitt, he spent a year attempting to convert them to the Mormon religion and they refused to listen to God!

Ryan/Romney And Russia

It is one thing for Republicans not to understand basic math, but another when they get nations of the world confused. Several weeks ago, the bain of my life, Mitt Romney told the world that Russia was our “number one geographic foe.” Naturally, being a Republican there was no need to explain what is meant by that expression. Well, relax, Paul Ryan has cleared up the problem. “I think what he was saying was among the other powers, China and Russia, Russia stands a greater threat.”

I trust that clears up the Romney quote. Russia is the “greater threat” but why or how are not very important. Mitt said it, Paul said it,therefore it is clear to anyone who works for Fox News. As for the rest of humankind, we just don’t quite grasp the reason why Russia is a geographic threat to the US.

Bombs Away Says Israel

Prime Minister benjamin Netanyahu is getting restless. What would happen if Barack Obama was re-elected president and decided not to reach for a kleenex every time Bibi sneezed? Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, told Israel Radio it was time to get serious about Iran. He wants the  five permanent members of the Security Council, plus Germany, to cease discussions with Iran. It is time, says Danny, to “declare today that the talks have failed…  and that “all options are on the table.”

Netanyahu has urged the UN Secretary General not to go to Tehran for further discussions. The great British PM, Winston Churchill, who was not afraid to go to war, always said a good leader understands, ”jaw, jaw, not war, war.” War is the last resort.

Perhaps, if Israel had compromised and aided Palestinians to have their own nation, Iran might think twice about initiating a war in which both Muslims and Jews would die.

Want A Uniform, Check China!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago when I was a little boy anything titled: “Made In America” was considered to be of high quality. After all, our workers had a reputation for efficiency as well as effectiveness. If something was “Made In Japan”or “Made In China” we knew it was a cheap rip off of a quality American made item. That was then, today is now. Republican businessmen will export any job that allows saving 1% of the cost because they have lost faith in the American worker.

Li Guilian of Dayang corporation is manufacturing the uniforms worn by American athletes at this year’s Olympic games. This item, on one hand, simply reflects the global market, on the other hand it reflects American business lack of faith in the American worker. Once upon a time we sent astronauts to the Moon, today they come from China.

What was the remark from Mitt Romney about Obama being the cause of our economic decline??

Russia/China–Pay The Price!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted Russia and China for obstructing efforts to restore some semblance of law and order in Syria. As she noted, “I don’t think Russia and China believe they are paying any price at all-nothing at all-for standing up on behalf of the Assad regime.” She warned that both nations eventually will “pay the price” for aiding a cut throat monster like Assad to retain power and continue killing his own people.

Even as Clinton spoke, General Manaf Tlas of the Republican Guard in Syria fled the country along with dozens of soldiers. He was an important officer in a elite unit and he now joins a few dozen former Syrian officers who are in exile. Is it possible that some key members of the Assad inner circle are now circling around to find a way out of their dilemma being linked to a dictator?

Don’t Fire Away In Tibet

The Chinese Communist government conquered Tibet decades ago and during that time period has been attempting to persuade–or force– Tibetans  to behave like good Chinese folk. The Dalai Lama is long since gone, he travels the world, but is not allowed to visit his beloved Tibet. People in Tibet continue regarding themselves as being Tibetans, and this has led to continued outbreaks of anger toward the Chinese invaders.

During the past year about 35 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in order to make clear their anger toward the Chinese occupation. Last week, two young men set themselves on fire. As they flamed, their voices could be heard shouting for independence for Tibet. Pictures of their self immolation are now on Internet sites. The Chinese government has decided to fight fire with water. They are arming soldiers and police with portable fire hydrants.

Of course, they could always simply have the police and soldiers drop their pants and simply piss on the flames. A lot easier than carrying  around a fire hydrant.

The Exceptional America No Longer NO. 1!

Once upon a time in America we sent s;pace ships hurtling through the skies to land on other planets in the sky. Once upon a time in America we built giant bridges and tunnels and highways and fast railroads, but that was then and today we have Tea Party leaders who shout to the world, “America is an exceptional nation, there is none like us, we are Number 1 in the world.” A few years ago Republican Governor Christie of New Jersey vetoed building a new tunnel under the Hudson River. Yes, he also shouted, “America is Number 1, we are an Exceptional nation!”

China just launched a space ship with a female and two males in it. Most probably in the years to come China will send humans to other planets. But, damn it, we lack money for such ventures, after all, our wealthy folk need more money.

I finally figured out what Republicans mean when they denounce LIBERALS  for failing to believe in American “EXCEPTIONALISM.”

1. We are Number ONE in obesity.

2.  We are Number ONE in a health care system that does not protect those lacking money.

3.We  are Number ONE in not building high speed trains or new tunnels and bridges.

4. We are Number ONE in having one third of students not complete high school.


G8 Ain’t Happy Time For Many

There will be another meeting of G8 leaders who will gather in Chicago in order to discuss the state of world economies. Protesters will gather in the near vicinity of these illustrious heads of states, but it is doubtful if their words or sounds will ever reach the ears of those with power. One young protester summed up feelings of his group: “All we want to do is work, to her able to support ourselves. But, thanks to the rich being greedy, we can’t even do that.”

First, let us clear up some confusion.  Those who are rich are wealthy because they are wealthy. Protesters seek to transform a billionaire into someone who has to survive on a few hundred million. God has ordained that those with money are his favorite children. Just ask them. Let me make clear to those protesting, please check out the garbage area of hotels and you will find ample food for an evening’s mail.

Chen Guangcheng A Problem

Chen Guangcheng is a brave man and a  fighter for human rights in a nation which does not look gently upon those who seek these goals. He has been brutalized, his family has been terrorized and he has been denied basic human rights by a government which simply wants to control all aspects of life. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Beijing for important discussions with China concerning economic and security issues. So, what greets her in this tense time–the escape of Chen. US officials cooperated and got him to safety in the American Embassy.

Mitt Romney and Republicans now attack Hillary Clinton for not doing enough. The American government gave Chen safety. At this point, things get confused. Initially, Chen praised Hillary Clinton for her aid and wanted to “kiss her.” Then, he complained that he was pressured by the US government. One comes away from this incident with evidence that Chen simply did not grasp that Clinton did not have power to bully China into doing what he desired. He did not understand the limits of power and influence possessed by Hillary Clinton.

In a sense, Chen blindsided Clinton and wanted actions over which she lacked control. The days of America ISSUING DEMANDS on China are over. Most likely, it is best if Chen and family spent time in America as a professor and student.