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Horror That Is North Korea

Any attempt to write about the regime of North Korea is akin to writing about the Holocaust. In both cases, the lack of any semblance of respect for human life is the most noted characteristic of leadership. Whether Adolf Hitler or Kim Jong-un is the center of attention the end result is the same, there are people we encounter in our lives who simply lack any feeling of human compassion and believe death and brutality are organizing principles for human life. A United Nations report on North Korea notes that for over sixty years the government has engaged in a non-stop war against its OWN PEOPLE. Families are sent to jail, children along with parents, they are starved and worked to death for normal human behavior which the government defines as “acts against the state.” The UN urges that North Korean leaders be charged with crimes in the International Criminal Court.

A Chinese delegate to the UN argues the report is unfair. “The inability of the commission to get support and cooperation from the country concerned makes it impossible for the commission to carryout its mandate in an impartial, objective and effective manner.”

For once, the Chinese are correct. How in God’s name could any normal person who investigates anything about the North Korean government’s behavior toward its own people fail to display disgust?

Where Are They, What Happened, And Why?

I have been in constant contact with very informed sources in Malaysia concerning the so-called missing plane which is somewhere in Asia, we think. According to my sources, it is clear:

1. Vladimir Putin might be the cause of this entire episode.

2. The Israel Mossad secret service could be responsible since there was not a single Jew on the plane! Coincidence?

3. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are possible suspects since they are masters of screw ups and this plane mystery is one big screw up.

4. Why hasn’t Ted Cruz attacked Obama for the disappearance, does it suggest he has something to do with it?

5. The Chinese government is upset because 153 passengers were on the plane and since no dissident was among them, then there is anger in Peiping.

6. Senator John McCain has volunteered to fly a jet to search for the missing plane,and promises not to get shot down and become a prisoner again.

7. Barack Obama wants the world to know this disappearance has no connection with the Affordable Care Act.

8. According to Fox News this episode is simply another example of what happens when you give people food since it enables them to live and take over planes.

Go To Chinese Court-Guilty!

There definitely is some good news about the system of justice in the land of China. Let me highlight the strong points of Chinese justice:

1. There are courts in China.
2. There are judges in China.
3. There is a prosecutor in the court room.
4. There is a defense attorney, sometimes, in the court room.
5. There is a person known as the “defendant.”
6. There will be a trial.
7. There will be a decision made as a result of the trial.

Now, the other side:

1. Last year in China there were one million, six hundred thousand cases that were heard. Of these cases, in 199.9% of the verdicts it was GUILTY AS CHARGED.
2. Only in 825 cases was the defendant found to be INNOCENT.

Let me emphasize that in China the duty of the court system is that the rights of the defendant are always paramount. It is crucial to prevent a defendant from going home to his sordid apartment when he can get three meals a day and a place to sleep and pay-NOTHING.

Xinjiang By Any Other Name Is Xinjiang

There is now overwhelming evidence that terrorist attacks on people in a Chinese railroad station came from the western province of Xinjiang and those carrying out the assault were Muslims who belonged to the Uighur minority. Unfortunately, the Chinese government just does not grasp how Chinese official, Zhang Chunxian, told members of the media it was clear the outbreak of terrorism had nothing to do with policies of the Chinese government. Who or what was to blame? For those who do not understand why terrorism finds roots among people, it is difficult for them to grasp that origin lies with THE INTERNET! Zhang informed one and all that “more than 90 percent of Xinjiang’s terrorism comes from jumping the firewall and accessing internet videos to create terrorism.”

In other words, most folk are not terrorist and just love the Chinese government which does not allow them any religious freedom, but once they see VIDEOS then their minds turn away from love toward China and turn to hate! Just listen to Zhang who in response to a question as to whether Chinese acts of violence toward Muslims might not be a cause of terrorism replied: “Will it(terrorism) not take place if you do not take a strong stand?”

Another Chinese Tale

It is now proven what this blog said days ago that gunmen who murdered dozens of people in a South China railroad station were members of separatist groups in the western Chinese area of Xinpiang province. The six men and two women were out to prove that China’s policy of restricting the religious rights of Muslims in western areas of China was the wrong policy at the wrong time if the nation was to finally create a multicultural world in which those of differing religious beliefs could live in peace and harmony. The Uighur minority of Xinpiang province want the right to practice their Muslim faith and they want the right to practice their cultural ideas. Communist China still does not grasp that in the modern world, multicultural groups should be embraced, not persecuted.

The Communist regime of China has done wonders in creating a modern industrial world. It has now reached the point of entering the post industrial world. In this world, communication of ideas must be freed from government controls and respect must be given to all within society regardless of their points of view.

Death In China

It was a sudden event in the railroad station in Kumming which is located in southeastern China. People were waiting to board trains or to purchase tickets when suddenly a group of men clad in black wearing black masks began to run through the station shouting threats of violence and using knives to stab people as they continued their mass attack on a confused people who simply did not know why they were being assaulted or by whom or to where should they flee. Within a few moments at least 29 were dead and over a hundred wounded. Police did arrive at the scene and killed several of the attackers. At this moment, no one knows who they are.

We predict the attackers will have come from western China and will be members of various Muslim groups which are furious at the Chinese government for its oppression of religious freedom to those of the Muslim faith. It is our guess. Events will determine if we are correct.

Banana Man Leaves China

Gary Locke is what we in America term an “Asian American.” That means his ancestors came from some Asian land years ago. He was a good solid governor of the state of Washington and then was sent by President Obama to be our Ambassador to the country of China. You know, that land which is part of what we call, Asia. The assumption of our president is that if Mr. Locke was of “Asian heritage” then he must know something about people in Asia. We have people we term “African American” who could not pass a test on which nation in Africa is the site of their ancestors, let alone which nations are in “Africa.” Heck, we have people who say their ancestors arrived from Hungary or Italy who are incapable of identifying the geographic location of their lands. I assume when Mr. Locke arrived in China some Chinese leaders expected that he would be “sympathetic” to the leaders of the country because he was an “Asian American.”

Alas, Mr. Locke just did not turn out to be a peach of an ambassador. The Chinese official news agency refers to him as a ‘banana.” According to the Chinese he has turned out to be a banana with yellow skin and white inside. Oh, they also believe he is a “guide for the blind” and a “plague” who has swept through their land. For some reason, the “Asian man” behaves like an “American man.” Anyway, the plague is departing China and returning to America to spread his disease.

Ambassadors Galore In Obama Administration

Republicans and Democrats constantly argue over issues of the day, but there is one topic that both parties are united on–who and how we appoint people to become ambassadors to other nations in the world. As I recall, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if elected to the office of president, there would be an end to lobbyists having power in the government. He was going to “reform” the way politics is played in our nation. So, here is the record about recent people nominated to become an ambassador to another country:

Recently retired Senator Max Baucus: “I am no expert on China.” Now you know why he will become the ambassador to China.
George Tsunis: has never been to Norway and identified the Progress party as a fringe organization in the country. It is the ruling coalition which governs the nation.
Mr. Manet: he has never been to Argentina but why should that disqualify him from becoming an ambassador to that nation?
Robert Barber: he does know there is a nation called, Iceland, he does know that it is somewhere east of the United States, but he really has never been there. Two out of three must qualify for being an ambassador.

Jade Rabbit Dead!!

Jade Rabbit died in a slow and painful manner as it attempted to wander across the surface of the Moon. Suddenly, for some strange and mysterious reason the lunar rover that China sent into space back in December, 2012 came to a halt. Officials stated it had something to do with “mechanical control abnormalities” but this intrepid reporter knows the real reason for the death of our beloved Jade Rabbit. Its death was ordered by President Obama who did not wish China to receive credit for sending a rocket into the air that did not fall to Earth in Herald Square. So, Obama had a Drone follow the Chinese rocket into space and when the world was not looking, it blasted away and damaged Jade Rabbit.

Anyway, Republican members of Congress have no one to cross exam this week so they now have a reason to pursue, not only Barack Obama, but Hillary Clinton in order to clear up the mystery as to why Jade Rabbit suddenly, and mysteriously, came to a halt. In the world of Fox News and the Republican Party, there are no accidents, anything and everything is part of a plot against American job creators.


Military Myths

A half century ago, American President Dwight Eisenhower, who commanded British and American forces in Europe during World War II, warned the American people about the growing “military/industrial complex” which threatened the future of the country. He explained that business leaders were working with leaders of our armed forces in order to frighten the American people into believing they needed more and more soldiers and more and more weapons. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is using the same approach. He warned that unless NATO nations increased their military expenditures, they faced the prospect of Russia and China spending more and gaining greater power in the world. Here are the figures:

1. US spends over $600 billion and has the best air force, the best navy and the best ground force in the world.
2. Next comes China which spends about $90 billion and now possess A single aircraft carrier–which they bought.
3. Next comes Russia which will spend about $44 billion. Every report from Russia indicates its soldiers are ill trained and lack morale. Russia would have a difficult time defeating Israel.

There is NO crisis. China is NOT going to take over southeast Asia. Putin has enough on his hands running a winter Olympics with the Chechen guerrillas giving him a hard time.