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Racists Pose As Haiti Relief Group!

A secret racist group posed on Facebook as interested in raising funds in order to help the stricken people of Haiti. Within a few days they had over 130,000 people register to have their money used for relief purposes. Adele Subotkova, suddenly emerged as the source of the site and within a few hours revealed her true feelings. “Blacks are not an endangered but rather an overpopulated species.” She went on to describe spending several years in Paris where she witnessed the true face of those with darker skins. In Paris, she saw “how terrible it is for white to live in quarters inhabited by Blacks, Arabs or Pakis.”

Ironically, in the United States, we have Rush Limbaugh who also argued against relief support for Haiti. His rationale was somewhat different. According to Rush, sending money to help Haitians is really a Barack Obama ploy to obtain

Paranormal Or Normal In Czech Republic?

Unexplained cracked windows and small fires in a house in Strasice led many people to believe some paranormal force was in action or, perhaps, it was an alien presence which had come to Earth in order to frighten humans. The paranormal police, who are ordinary members of the police force, swung into action and made a serious study of the strange occurrences in the town. Some experts term these unexplainable events a “poltergeist,” or a ghost who manifests itself by moving and influencing objects to move or fires to suddenly erupt. The Mracek family whose house was the scene of these events claimed electric bulbs and thermometers are cracking without any reason.

The paranormal police employed normal investigative procedures and soon discovered the poltergeist was not a ghost. A son in the family confessed to setting fires and cracking windows. At least, Tea Party ranters have not blamed President Obama for this strange occurrence.

Want A High-Head For Czech Republic

There are nations which are uptight concerning the use of drugs, and there is the Czech Republic which desires people to enjoy themselves and live it up. Under new regulations those in the Czech Republic will be allowed to possess up to 15 grams of marijuana or 1.5 grams of heroin without facing any criminal charges. At best anyone possessing these amounts might receive a warning but there is no jail time involved. In theory, the Czech government was attempting to be in step with other members of the European Union, but they have become among the most liberal in terms of drug use in Europe.

What does this mean? Nothing much, in reality. People will always gain access to drugs in one way or another, but allowing them to possess a few grams means that jails will not be as crowded. Drug laws invariably make drug lords wealthy and the police unhealthy since they have to devote time and resources to fighting a losing war.

Why Czech Republic Needs Rush Limbaugh!

It is quite clear people in the Czech Republic have been brain washed by the liberal media and Socialist spies who spread lies among innocent populations in order to further the ends of the International Big Business Communist Jewish Conspiracy(BBCJC)that seeks to make the world believe there is such a thing as global warming. Imagine, 80% of the gullible people of the Czech Republic actually believe there is such as thing termed, “global warming,” and, even worse, they blame human actions for this alleged problem. The BBCJC was created by a group of Jewish Rabbis in a graveyard on the border of Germany and France with the goal of twisting minds of humans into believing such things as global warming, the existence of child labor, and, believe it or not, that homeless people actually are present in society!!

There is only one hope for the ignorant people of the Czech Republic–bring Rush Limbaugh to your television stations so he can report the truth, and nothing but the truth. At the same time, you might persuade Sarah Palin to come to the Czech Republic by telling her your nation lies to the west of Alaska and you are desperate for an honest, intellligent prime minister. She would not know the difference between a prime minister of governor so just let her know being prime minister comes with a budget for buying clothes and each member of her family, from the grandchild up, gets a new rifle each year– with free bullets.

Romani Language Ignored In Czech Republic

Language is what identifies people as much as skin color, and for those who are called, Romas, their speech has been part of their identify for hundreds of years. A recent study by the Council of Europe revealed there is extensive discrimination against Romas in the Czech Republic due to language issues. Romany is relatively little represented on television, in radio or in public life, and the language is absent from kindergartens and nurseries. Most probably, Romany is what young Roma children speak so when they enter primary grades in school, they are immediately behind students who have been raised with the Czech language. The report also revealed the small German minority in the nation lacks opportunity to witness extensive use of German in ordinary discourse of the society.

Undoubtedly, the decline of German is also related to World War II and its horrors. But, Romas never damaged the lives of Czechs and discrimination against their language can only be explained by prejudice.

Freedom To Be An Idiot?

We hold these truths to be self evident, all humans have the inalienable right to make a fool of themselves by spouting nonsense under the guise of offering information. Geert Wilders has made a reputation by offering cliches and fear concerning the presence of Muslims in European societies. For some reason, his presence in a nation arouses fear and anger resulting in cries of banning his arrival. The latest episode occurred in the Czech Republic where he was denied entry as well as being prevented from giving his speech about the evils of the Muslim religion. Ironically, a spokesperson for a Muslim organization said he could give any speech desired and his group would stand by quietly.

Geert Wilders depends on expressions of anger since that allows him to being portrayed as a symbol of the lone voice speaking out against a supposed evil. Every time he is censored, his popularity in the Netherlands goes up. Allow him to speak ignorance, and he eventually will disappear into the darkness of hate.

Czech President Opts Out Of Sanity!

The Lisbon Treaty was ratified in Ireland which raised hopes it would now be accepted by all members of the European Union, but out of the blue came news from the Czech Republic of a new stumbling block. President Vaclav Klaus announced his government would not endorse the Lisbon Treaty unless there was an opt out provision which would allow the Czech Republic to opt out of provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. If he goes through with his threat it might necessitate beginning from ground zero in order to create a document which would ensure the presence of a strong central government in the European Union. As one EU official noted: “he clearly had this up his sleeve but we are still stunned that Klaus has decided to do this now.”

The good news is Klaus can be halted in his action by Prime Minister Jan Fischer who supports the Lisbon Treaty. It all depends on whether Fischer can gain support within his government for supporting the Lisbon Treaty.

Perhaps, it is time for the European Union to cease having a unanimous requirement for change and adopt a three fourths or two thirds agreement.

Silence Of The Vatican!

The record of the Catholic Church in World War II was rather mixed with examples of great heroism on the part of some priests and indifference on the part of many others. The behavior of Pope Pius XIi during the Holocaust remains a source of dispute, but most evidence suggests he could have done more than he did. Czech Roma groups are shocked at the indifference of Pope Benedict XII to the rampant prejudice against them in the Czech Republic. Roma spokesman, Vaclav Miko of the Roma Realia, commented: “we are witness of a historical moment when Rommanies are being betrayed by the Vatican in the form of silence and no statements, although the head of the Catholic Church is now on a visit to the Czech Republic.”

The movement has attempted to meet with the Pope in order to discuss issues of bigotry and oppression, but they have yet to achieve that form of dialogue. Once more the silence of the Catholic Church damages the lives of innocent people.

Roma Children At Risk In Czech Republic

In the war of words concerning discrimination in the Czech Republic against Roma children, leaders insist they seek equality for all children in the nation. Two years after the European Court for Human Rights denounced racial segregation, the Czech Republic continues its policy of segregating thousands of Roma children into special schools. A group of Czech NGOs named, Together for School accused the Ministry of Education of inaction despite words to the contrary. They accuse the practice of sending many Roma children to “special” schools is simply a cover up for racial discrimination.

In theory, “special” schools have been abolished, but many Roma children attend schools whose curriculum is designed to be “practical” which translates into vocational dead end and not encouraging children to attend programs designed to foster attending higher education institutions. Together To School wants an end to segregation, an end to taking the easy way out of complex situations, and an education program which helps ALL children to use their abilities.

Can A Mosque Disturb Christians?

There is growing concern among some Christians in the Czech city of Brno over plans to build a new mosque. Stanislav Juranck, chairman of the South Moravian Christian Democratic Party, announced his party was against the construction of any new mosques in the city. He believes the time is not ripe for new mosques in the town and his party “won’t tolerate fundamental changes to the image of the city.” Of particular concern to many Christians is the possibility that a new mosque might be topped with a minaret.

One can only assume some Christians fear that a second mosque will double the chances that extremists would take over. History does offer some lessons in the number of houses of worship and extremism. In the 1930s, Germany, a nation which contained thousands of churches invaded Czechoslovakia and eventually killed thousands of people. Apparently when some politicians have nothing to complain about, they find something as ludicrous as desire by Muslims to construct a house of worship!