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Handling The Refugee Crisis

After months of haggling and horrific pictures of dead drowned children, members of the European Union have finally developed a “Plan.” According to agreements with Turkey, the EU will accept about 72,000 refugees currently trapped in Turkey. The EU will provide Turkey with at least $3 billion in order to provide temporary living areas for the two or three million refugees that have been unable to reach an EU nation and seek to be admitted as a seeker for asylum. This so-called “plan’ is simply akin to shifting the chairs on the Titanic just before she crashed into an iceberg.

The reality is there can not be a resolution to the refugee problem until the war in Syria has ended,and people feel assured they can return home to their past lives without being subjected to death and poverty. This means:

1. President Assad has to depart according to a specific schedule. This is not negotiable –even if it means he retains power for a year or so.

2. Arab nations within the region must come together as part of an army that is committed to wiping out every militant force in Syria. The US and Russia can provide the air power.

3. The issue is NOT democracy–it is stability so that people can lead normal lives. Most probably, they will not be living in democratic societies for at least a decade.

4, Any  policy requires COMPROMISE. Again, THE issue is -stability and normality.

Death In Brussells

The shoe that was waiting to fall finally hit the ground. Suicide bombers in Brussels have caused the death of over thirty people and wounded a hundred. The suicide bombers hit the airport and bus terminals. Frankly, this was an event waiting to occur. There is a large radical Muslim population in Belgium due to years of neglect, to discrimination and essential –indifference. Most probably the cause of radical Islamic thinking is the result of decades ignoring poverty, lack of integration within the community, but essential simply not paying any attention to thousands of immigrants within society.

These Islamic angry men and women exist on the outer limits of society. They attend school which never captures their attention or interest, they work at low pay jobs and for some reason emerge from these experiences with lack of commitment to Belgian society. They are simply  the end result of not caring  about people within your nation. Heck, here in America we have ignored the plight of workers being uprooted form decent jobs and they have turned into radical white Christians bent on destruction and terror. They now have a hero named Donald Trump.

If anyone wants to blow up society, just gaze over at Donald.

Donald Gets Endorsements

Say what they may, but opponents of Donald Trump would so love to get the endorsements the red haired guy gets every day–and night. He got the OK from his fellow bully, one Chris Christie, you know the sort of chubby guy who is now the favorite of about 30% of the people of New Jersey. But, Donald has now hit the jackpot. First, he was given the OK by Jean Marie Le Pen. OK, so you don’t know this man. Jean Marie founded the National Front in France years ago. He informed the French people that being occupied by the Nazis was really not that bad. He also has insisted for over a half century there was NO HOLOCAUST. The kind Nazis simply wanted to give Jews an opportunity to get clean in the shower room.

After the French OK, Donald even hit a bigger jackpot. David Duke joined in the chorus of those wanting to “bring back America” with the leadership of Donald Trump. The Duke man used to be a big shot in the KKK in Louisiana. Mr. Trump welcomes the support of all Americans and sees no reason to deny the help of those who believe in white supremacy. If they are living breathing Americans and can vote in November, welcome to the Trump circus. After all, David opposes Hispanic rapists and murders along with Donald.

It’s just too bad Adolf is no longer alive. After all, he hated all inferior races and certainly those rapists and killers from down South fit into the lower race category of the Nazis. Anyway, Donald has now got the entire Nazis vote–both here and everywhere!

P.S. I have been informed by sources that ISIS soon will announce its support for Donald Trump. You want chaos in the Middle East, what better than a President Trump??

The Poles Are Coming

Thee is some good news from Europe and some bad news for any member of ISIS or any other of those so-called terrorist groups in the Middle East. The Polish government has now made clear that Polish soldiers will soon be battling in the Middle East and when a Polack grabs  a gun, just watch out if you are a terrorist. As someone who is half-Polish, let me inform any Muslim who tries to take out we Poles, that you are signing your death warrant!

We Poles worked in coal mines, we worked in steel plants, we took any dirty, filthy job in order to put food on the table. Check out any famous American gang and you will discover some Polish names. And, you ISIS jerks, just remember that we Poles fight to win, and the only rule we follow is there are no rules– just victory!  You  ISIS jerks have been warned!

Ben Carson On Any Issue

Ben Carson was asked how he, if president, faced a Russian invasion of Estonia.

“First, let me make one thing clear. I am the only one on this stage who has been confronted with life-death situations. I had to respond to calls at 2:00 a.m. and get together a team to solve life and death situations. So, a Russian invasion of this Estonia poses no problem for me. Just to get things clear, this Estonia is in the Middle East? NO. OK, we are going to send in American troops, we are going to arm these Estonians-that is what they are called, I assume,- and we are going to  give them missiles and big bombs to take care of Russian invaders. Just as I stitched up people after an operation, I am prepared to stitch up any problem that arises.

OH, and have no doubt that our Savior Jesus Christ will be right there helping me win this war.”

Iranians Welcomed By Pope

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran is now in Italy and among the folks he will be talking with is Pope Francis. I realize the idea of a Catholic Pope talking to an evil MUSLIM man infuriates good Catholics like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio because their concept of Catholicism is to hate and hate. Rouhani is on a business trip to negotiate billion dollar deals with European business corporations. Yes, Iran will soon have returned about $50 billion that has been frozen for decades. NO,the money will not go to terrorists, but to improve life in Iran for Iranians!

I always assumed the Donald Trump had this great business plan, but for some reason he is not interested in $50 billion. Donald boasts that he is a very rich  man, actually, he has about $5 billion which places him way down on the list of our wealthy folks. He Donald, how about a meeting with  Rouhani?

Danes Don’t Act Like Danes

The story of the Holocaust is replete with tales of horror, it was a time when people turned their backs on neighbors because they were Jewish. In thousands of examples, the average person gazed away when innocent people were loaded onto trains and sent to their deaths. But within this horror stood the example of the noble people of Denmark who gathered together in order to save the Jews of Denmark.

Fast forward seventy years until 2016. Denmark is the destination of thousands of Muslims fleeing death in the Middle East. A new law in Denmark requires each of these refugees to turn over to the Danish government any wealth they possess over the sum of $1100. This money will be used to care for refugees.

Oh, in fairness, the Danish government will allow refugees to keep anything that has sentimental value.

Putin Makes A Point

During the administration of George H.W. Bush and George Bush the goal of US European foreign policy was to push NATO eastward to ensure that anti-Russian nations were on the  Russian border.  As Putin put it: “twenty-five years ago,the Berlin wall fell, but invisible walls moved to eastern Europe. NATO and the United States wanted to complete victory over the Soviet Union. This had led to mutual misunderstandings and assignments of guilt. We’e done everything wrong.

The key word is “we’ve’ which indicates that Putin is finally admitting a role in creating tensions in eastern Europe. At one of the Republican debates Carly Fiorina boasted that if she were president she would place missiles on the border of Russia. Other Republicans wanted to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. Russia had a point, threatening to destroy Russia carries consequences. And, Trump and the boys and girls are dangerous to the cause of peace in eastern Europe.

Trump Hailed By Tyrants!

There is no question when it comes to gaining the respect of world leaders, none can compare to the Great Donald Trump.  Not a single one of his Republican competitors has gained the respect that Donald has from outstanding leaders of nations. Most probably, if you are an important tyrant, the names of Rubio or Cruz or the mumbling black guy named Ben Carson, have never entered your mind. But, the Donald man is the man of the hour where it counts– among those who oppress people.

Serbian national  leader, Vojislav Seseji who is wanted for war crimes has made clear, “I am urging my brothers who  live in the United States  to strongly support Republican candidate  Donald Trump in the forthcoming  presidential election.” Of course, the real leader among those who oppress, the great Vladimir Putin has openly expressed his view: “Donald Trump is a very colorful candidate and talented.”

There ARE leaders who welcome Donald Trump to their ranks!

Enough Is Enough

The refugees continue to arrive, from Syria, from Afghanistan, from Africa, and cries in Europe grow louder and louder to refuse entry to those who flee from poverty, war, and hatred. One person in Europe has risen to meet the challenge-Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. She insists that each European Union nation absorb some refugees. In other words, spread the mass of people around and ensure that no single nation is confronted with the need to do it all.

However, voices grow louder and louder, even in Germany. Right wing conservatives echo the words of Donald Trump to build walls blocking entry of those seeking some form of peace and security. The outlook for these refugees does not look bright. It is simply a matter of time before Merkel must bow to the voices of hate. Ironically, Germany, and other western European nations, NEED immigrants since their low birth rates require more young workers to handle increased old age pension payments.

Frankly, the situation does not bode well for those in pain and fear.