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Paris Is Burning

The terrorist attacks in Paris represent a new approach to the use of violence in human history. We are now living in an era in which social media is the tool of violence. These attacks could not have occurred without the ability of people who obtained the idea to kill and murder on social media. They, most probably, did not receive any specific orders on how to carry out the violence, heck, just wander around social media and one gets a graduate education in the use of violence. They communicated with one another via social media, they developed their plans to murder via social media, and after their deaths there are hundreds of other terrorists ready to continue their work.

Even as I write, men and women are communicating via social media on how they can become the next glorious group of heroes who murder the innocent in the name of God or whoever. We are in a new era in which those seeking to die for some cause will continue and continue this approach to life –and death. Last night it was Paris, tomorrow it might be London or Moscow or New York. Frankly, no one does not understand how to end the use by terrorists of social media. Perhaps, there is some technological genius who can figure out a way to halt the use of social media for violence.

Paris is Burning and there is no end in sight unless we simply destroyed the monster we created in social media.

The Mets Are Went Down To Defeat

I do realize this blog is supposed to focus upon world events and issues of importance to humankind. Well, for some of us,baseball and football and basketball are a lot more important than who ISIS killed today.The New York Mets were killed, no, murdered, by their incompetence and the pitchers of the Kansas City Royals. These are not joyous days in the city of New York. First,we had to deal with idiots from Texas or the states of the South who continue electing men and women who would fail getting through elementary school, and now we have to endure a bunch of hicks from Kansas City doing harm to our lives.

Let me explain the reasons for the Mets losing the World Series:

1, Barack Obama caused the Ebola scare and since he finished with that one he decided to scare New Yorkers. Remember, he comes from Hawaii, wherever that place is.

2. Ted Cruz never got a chance to filibuster the umps and that’s why the Mets lost.

3. John Boehner cried for the Kansas City Royals,but not one tear for the Mets!

4. Met players were forced to listen to Ben Carson explaining his tax program and they just fell asleep. Unfortunately,they kept on sleeping on the baseball field.

5. Donald Trump is from New York.The Met Hispanic players were afraid he would send them back to the Dominican Republic or Mexico or wherever and they were afraid to get hits against the gringoes.

German Right Wingers Hate Muslims

In modern times any effort to assist refugees is bound to create a backlash by those readily able to stir up fear and confusion regarding who are these refugees and how will they impact–YOUR JOB. Pegida is a German hate group whose goal is to stir up violence against refugees who currently are entering Germany. The old, and ever faithful cry, the newcomers are after your job, want to rob you and definitely seek to rape your daughter. Pegida thugs are throwing fire bombs into refugee centers, and attacking people in the streets.

There are now reports some Pegida thugs are taking jobs as security workers in refugee camps in an effort to find new ways of creating trouble. Fortunately. Chancellor Merkel remains steadfast in her desire to welcome newcomers into Germany. She understands that Germany’s population will dramatically decline in the second half of this century without a few million refugees.

Is It Legal To Hate?

The people of France endured the horrors of World War II first hand since they were under Nazi occupation for nearly four years. Like many European nations they witnessed the Holocaust first hand since thousands of French Jews died in death camps. France today, has several laws which touch on the topic of hate speech. It is a crime to engage in the “incitement to discrimination.” At this point, the law mainly focuses upon hatred toward Muslim citizens. Marinne Le Pen, daughter of a man who was noted for hate speech against Jews, now heads the National Front whose main enemy are Muslims residing in France.

She is now being charged with hate speech. She was angry because Muslims, who lack sufficient mosques, sometimes pray in public. According to Ms. Le Pen,”this is an occupation of territory.” I always thought if one really believed in God one could pray to him anywhere and at any time. I do not think the Big Guy up in the sky worries if you pray to Him it must be inside a building.

Fear Consumes Germany

The fires of hate once again are ablaze in Germany after a half century of calm and peace. Pegida-Patriotic Europeans–wants the rabble from the Middle East to bypass their beloved Germany. I await their leaders quoting from Adolf about the pure Aryan race which is the best in the world. I hate to inform these folks but the Aryans lived quite close to Syria in the Middle East. They sure did not come from the Motherland of Germany. So, now Pegida followers are fire bombing refugee camps to burn out the lower life that comes into their pure land from the Middle East.

Chancellor Angela Merkel deserves some sort of medal for enabling Germany to become the leader in fighting for the rights of Syrians just seeking a place of refuge.Most probably she will get politically damaged by the fight for democracy and humanity that she is waging. Who knows if a German Donald Trump will emerge? Then again,perhaps, Donald will head across the ocean to rescue Germany from those illegal immigrants??

Angela No Longer Angel

Chancellor Angela Merkel has definitely placed her head on the chopping block because this refugee from Communist East Germany has made clear that her country WILL accept those fleeing from the chaos in the Middle East. Even as I write these words, thousands of people from Syria or Iraq or just about any place in the Middle East are heading towards Germany.The latest estimate is by the end of the year nearly one million refugees will have reached Germany. Naturally,the backlash is growing as German politicians wonder whether their country can absorb so many immigrants.

Reality–there is no question that Germans will rebel at the arrival of one million people from the Middle East. Even the Turkish immigrants who have been in Germany for over fifty years will become upset. The logical solution is to distribute the refugees among all nations in the European Union. Most probably,that will not happen. So, what is the future? Frankly, I do not have a clue and neither does Angela Merkel.

Give Them A Kick!

The nation of Hungary has been transformed over the past decade into a bastion of hatred and prejudice. Its leaders hate Jews, they hate Romas, they particularly hate those damn immigrants. Petra Laszlo, a photographer, was taking pictures of immigrants when they began to move forward. The camera was shooting, hundreds of immigrants broke through the corridor and rushed toward me.” She wound up with a picture showing her kicking two kids as they attempted to get by her. Naturally, she insists that she is not a racist.

Then again, being a Hungarian does lay one open to charges of bigotry and hatred. Well, at least she was not taking pictures of the wall being built in Hungary to keep out–THOSE PEOPLE!

Can He Change The Catholic Church?

There is no question that Pope Francis seeks to make dramatic changes in the Catholic Church. What he seeks for Catholics is not exactly what Catholics such as Marco Rubio or Rick Santorum or Jeb Bush would desire in their version of Catholicism. Pope Francis is attempting to create a Catholic church for the 21st century. It would be an institution in which the poor, the working class, the middle class would enjoy a sense that their leaders are concerned with a world in which the good life goes to those whom Jesus regarded as his flock. It would be a church in which the wealthy would be expected to pay their fair part of the needs required by the State. In simple words, pay higher taxes and provide higher wages to those who do the real work.

However, at some point, Francis has to address the most critical issue for Catholics–what is the role of women? His recent step to make annulment easier is a good beginning. However, given the continued drop in the number of young Catholic males the ONLY way to get more native born Catholics into the priesthood must include:

Marriage for priests.

Female priests.

Sorry, there is no other alternative!

President Donald Trump?

Who Knows what evil or good awaits the American people? Just imagine that it is November, 2016 and Donald Trump has won the presidency. Just imagine it is January, 2017 and Donald Trump has been sworn in as President.

1. Finally, finally,he announces his PLAN to wipe out ISIS! Wow!

2. He informs Republicans that a Canadian style health insurance plan will be presented to them.

3. He announces construction of a Great Wall along the Rio Grande.

4. Police in black uniforms begin rounding up Hispanics for deportation.

5. Eleven million Hispanics are soon gone.

6. Farmers lack help in their fields so Donald urges importation of Syrian refugees to fill the void.

7. Deportation means millions of unsold cartons of milk, millions of customers gone from purchasing food,clothes, cars, etc

8. Donald is informed by the European Union it has dropped all sanctions against Iran.

9. Donald picks up on the idea of Sheldon Adelson and has an atomic bomb dropped in a desert area of Iran.

10. Hezbollah fires 90,000 missiles at Israel causing the death of thousands.

Thank God we now have a man of action.

America-Land That Used To Be The Dream

My parents were immigrants from Europe who decided to take the great step and head for the promised land of America. They were thrilled to arrive in New York City, see the Statue of Liberty, and enjoy a sense of peace and friendship. Millions made the long journey to the promised land. Untold thousands entered the country from the ever present Canada which allowed entry without going through Ellis Island. This nation was built on the backs of immigrants. During WWII, at least 30% of those who fought were the children of immigrants–legal or illegal. That was then, and today is now.

Immigrants coming from the Middle East now shout: Germany, Germany, we want to enter your nation. None say a word about America, the once promised land for those seeking a new life. Children of the immigrants now hate immigrants. The central question facing America is–what has happened to the soul and dream of this country? What have we become? A frightened nation which thrives on fear and hate.

Thank God, the other America existed for those seeking a new life!