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Will Putin Join The Dance?

It has become increasingly clear that President Vladimir Putin is painting himself into a corner and getting our of his mess is not very easy. Putin assumed, after Sochi, that he was among the world leaders and no one dared to challenge his authority. After all, no one in Russia can contradict the man who fights tigers with bare chest. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is in Paris engaged in talks with European Union diplomats on how to gain control of the Crimea without provoking an economic disaster for both Europe and Russia. Lavrov insists military forces in the Crimea are from self defense groups in that area and are not under Russian direction. President Obama is demanding withdrawal and talking about sanctions and freezing assets. As one EU diplomat noted, “I don’t think the United States should necessarily be taking the lead on behalf of G7 nations.”

Obama has become so accustomed to being told how to conduct foreign policy by Republicans that he now seeks to be the one in charge even though other nations have not yet given him that authority. Most Europeans want to bring Putin to the negotiating table.

Step One: Provide sufficient funding for the new Ukrainian government so it can survive.

Step Two: Develop a plan of action that goes beyond the six o’clock news.

Putin Is For Peace And Love With All!

I understand there are people in the world who do not believe that Vladimir Putin is a man of peace and love. I have been told the American president and Secretary of State actually do not believe that President Putin has held back from sending Russian troops into the Crimea despite the threat to the lives of Russians living in that area. I gather there are some men dressed in some sort of uniform who speak Russian and carry weapons in the Crimea, but they are simply concerned citizens of Russia who seek to protect the innocent from bandits and criminals. In fact, President Putin has assured the people of Ukraine that he “will not go to war with the Ukranian people.” See, he even said this publicly which proves, beyond a shadow of doubt that he is a man of peace. The wonder of the world is how come this man has not been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!!

President Obama has been working with Secretary of State John Kerry to organize a world wide boycott of Russia unless it withdraws from the Crimea and ceases to threaten the people of Ukraine. Kerry almost burst out in laughter when told that Putin denies the presence of Russian soldiers in the Crimea. “Did he really deny the presence of troops in the Crimea?” I find it shocking that Kerry has charged the Man Of Peace with being a man of war. Next, I expect Kerry to charge that Putin is a gay man.

How to defuse the Ukrainian situation?

1. Award Vladimir Putin the Nobel Peace Prize.

2. Return former President Yanukovych to power.

3. Allow Russia to host the 2016 Olympic Games with Putin the Grand Marshall

See how easy peace is?

Putin Tales Of Glory

It was simply a matter of time before Vladimir Putin invaded a country on grounds that he was simply protecting Russia from its enemies. Western nations, including the United States, have pandered to this thug for years. For some strange reason, the West attended the Sochi Olympic Games along with restrictions upon those who are gay! This blog warned that Putin needed to be confronted and step one was refusing to attend the Olympic Games unless ALL restrictions were removed from gays and lesbians. Instead, Europe and the US attended which only made Vladimir Putin more convinced that he could do as he pleased and get away with it. Russian Foreign Minister informed the world that 6,000 Russian troops were in the Çrimea in order to “protect our citizens and compatriots.” Gee, how can people in another nation be citizens of Russia?

Oh, there is now talk of not attending the G7 or G8 meetings. No one will show up which will certainly worry Putin. What is needed is the following actions:

1. Imposition of sanctions.

2. All trade halted with Russia.

3. The US government ends its ban on export of oil and gas and becomes the main source of gas and oil for European nations. That ends dependence upon Russian oil and gas.

4. All diplomatic relations ended with Russia.

5. No Russian diplomats allowed to travel to the US or European nations.

Past Brink Of Disaster In Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has gone from disaster to post disaster as Russian troops have entered the Crime, occupied the Crimea and have surrounded any and all Ukrainian troops that might pose a challenge to their authority. President Putin and Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev has assured the people of the world their actions simply are and attempt to prevent chaos from ensuing for the people of Ukraine. Rear Admiral Boris Berezovsky has resigned and gone over to Russian supporters in the Crimea out of love for his motherland. After resigning, he was fired as head of the Ukrainian navy. Vladimir Putin informed the world, once again, he was attempting to save the world. After all, he saved the people of Syria from terrorists and now seeks to prevent the people of the Crimea from those same terrorists. For some reason, those “terrorists” sort of get around and always wind up being challenged by the bare chested president of Russia.

President Obama has once again issued a “warning.” As far as we know, it is not a red or blue or yellow line. He has informed President Putin that he will not attend the Group of Eight meeting in Sochi nor will he be speaking to the leader of Russia. Senator John McCain is furious at refusal to President Obama to “do something” and has offered his services to man a fighter plane and go blasting away in the Çrimea. Last reports are that Republicans are demanding a Senate hearing to determine if Hillary Clinton “knew about the Russian invasion of the Crimea” and why didn’t she halt it!!

Senator Ted Cruz intends to halt a filibuster dealing with the crisis in the Ukraine.

Putin Vs World-Our Predictions

The actions of President Putin are not a surprise to anyone. It was simply a matter of days before he “obtained permission” from the lackeys and stooges who pose as the Russian Parliament in order to invade Ukraine and take over the Crimea which is the home port of the Russian fleet in the
Black Sea. Putin argued that “our compatriots” in Ukraine are under siege and he simply had to send in the troops to protect them from being slaughtered. He openly admits the presence of “Russian Federation” armed forces on the territory of Ukraine. Naturally, President Obama is upset, most nations in Europe are upset. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of world affairs knew it was simply a matter of time before Putin send in the troops to quell protest in the Ukraine.

So, why did Europeans send athletes to Sochi?
So, why did President Obama allow American athletes to go to Sochi?

We predict there will be extensive discussions about the presence of Russian forces in the Crimea. We predict those forces will remain until an “election” is held in the Crimea. We predict those seeking to secede from Ukraine will win the election. We predict they will be welcomed into Russia. We predict President Obama will make a speech deploring these events.

We predict the world will continue as it has.

Good Old Days?

The Republican party insists this nation must return to the “good old days” when real Americans were in charge of the country. You know, the period from 1890 to 1924 when twenty four million ( a million each year) came to America in search of riches and a life freed from daily brutality. In 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or the child of one. Yes, the good old days when those “furriers” spoke English and respected American culture by eating good old fashioned American foods such as spaghetti or bagels or tacos. Perhaps, the Tea Party wants to go further back into the Good Old Days when them furrin Catholics like the Irish arrived speaking a strange form of English, drinking themselves drunk with whiskey or perhaps they mean them furring Germans who brought beer and other such customs to the American scene. Arriving with Irish Catholics came the original urban slums and dirt and horse shit in the streets along with criminal gangs.

Of course, there were not any of our furrin Mooselems among these hordes of criminals and drunken bums, just good old American Catholics and drunks! We did not have Muslims among us, but we did have children working in coal mines, over a hundred thousand prostitutes in New York City and political bosses who persuaded poor folk to vote the “right” way. There has always been a group to be despised, always a group to pick up the shit most Americans would not touch. And, above all, there was always a new foreign born people to dig our ditches, die in our mines and beg on the streets of our city. THOSE were the GOOD OLDE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH

There has always been some group at the bottom, and, of course, some group at the top who enjoyed slandering the poor, who once were their parents. Stick around long enough, and there will be people to blame for your troubles!

New Beginning For Ukraine

The fires of Kiev have finally died out, but the spirit of those who risked their lives in order to end tyranny of former President Yanukovych still lives on. The Ukrainian people are determined to move forward with a new determination to create a western style democracy and put an end to vestiges of communism which have lingered on much too long in the country. Fear of Vladimir Putin is now over, and a modern society can be built on the ruins of fear and corruption that plagued the nation for too long. Elections will be held within two months and a new president will assume power. The major problem now confronting the Ukraine is when and how Russian semi-dictator Vladimir Putin will attempt to tear apart Ukraine.

Temporary head of the nation, Oleksander Tukrchnov warned that Putin might be planning to organize a separation movement in the Crimea whose people are mainly of Russian heritage. A Russian MP who was in the Crimea warned that “if the life and health of our compatriots is under threat, we will not stand to one side.”‘

It is almost a guarantee that Putin will interfere in the affairs of the Ukraine and seek to tear it apart by causing separation to become an issue.

Where Is President Yanukovych?

in the midst of chaos and confusion, a new mystery has emerged concerning what has happened to President Yanukovych. He is no longer in Kiev, his office and administration building are now occupied by protesters who would dearly love to encounter the man who sold out his nation to the thugs who rule Russia. Over a hundred are dead, hundreds more wounded and an unknown have been kidnapped and tortured. The Parliament of Russia voted to remove President Yanukovych from office and he claims they have no right. To make his life even more miserable they freed from jail former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko who was sent to prison by the president in order to punish someone who dared to commit the crime of running against him in an election.

At this point, the best guess is that he is in some part of eastern Ukraine which contains many Russian speaking people who would love to once again become “Russians.” Tune in for the latest news.In the meantime, Parliament has made its Speaker, Oleksandr Tuirchyov, the new president and elections will be held very quickly. We assume the ex-president will not return to his wonderful home that reportedly cost a few million. Ah, another tyrant beats the dust.

Post Sochi Will Not Be Peaceful

The Sochi games are concluding and dozens of athletes now possess a gold or silver or bronze medal they can display as proof of their athletic ability. Members of Pussy Riot who dared to sing without permission have some bruises on their bodies and gays in Russia continue to huddle in dark corners hoping that police or thugs do not beat the crap out of them. Tanya Lokshima of the Russian Human Rights organization expects that once all athletes have left Sochi, the people of Russia are in for a dose of Putin the Great proving to one and all that he runs Russia and there is no more need to placate the World by releasing members of Pussy Riot or former businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was released from prison to prove that Putin was really a warm and gentle man once you got to know him.

She expects a massive crack down on dissidents and homosexuals once those who came to the Sochi games have departed the premises. “When the festivities end, will international partners watch Russia as closely as they are now?” That, is the question of the day and we all know the answer–NO!!

Stop Sochi Games

The Olympic Games are in full swing. People are zooming into the air, men and women roaring down slopes and jumping with joy because their speed was less then two minutes in length. Outside the Olympic area, people are getting beaten up by police and a group of women belonging to the Pussy Riot group were even whipped by the police. President Vladimir Putin is inside chatting with fellow Russians and hugging those who won a gold or silver or bronze medal. He is completely unconcerned about the fact that environmental activists are in Sochi jails because they spoke up for the safety of the world.

The Olympic Committee is completely unconcerned about human rights violations. After all, the Games must go on and on. It is time for the Olympic Committee to announce a suspension of the games until all activists are released from prison and police cease harassing those who speak out for human rights.