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Putin Plays Gentle Man

During the past several days, this blog has predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would back down, withdraw his forces from the border with Ukraine and seek to come across as a man of peace and good will. Putin announced that his government “will respect the choice of the Ukraine people” in the upcoming election for president of the country. Why?

1. The Russian economy is stagnant and can not absorb the costs that would accompany taking over the Ukraine.
2. He fears a Russian takeover would result in guerrilla warfare which would be an enormous financial drain on his government.
3. Sanctions are not only working, but they pose a serious threat to the Russian economy.
4. If Russia does take over the Ukraine, then who is equipped to run the country? There is not a single opposition person who could assume the responsibilities of being president without causing chaos.
5. Maintaining an army that goes into battle COST MONEY!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I prefer the Angel of life as a friend.

For some,the deck does not contain an Ace.

A forecast of snow makes me shudder, I am 83.

Rarely do I read any interesting Conservative analysis about anything.

There is a time and place to just shut up.

I miss the beauty of Paris.

Please do not warn me about “hot” coffee. What else?

Believe it or not, we are all children of God.

There are moments when it is difficult to decide what to protest about.

It will be a sad day when there is nothing to protest about.

There are some we like, some we respect, some who are both.

Always clutch joy tight to breast.

Some dodge the pitfalls of life. Some don’t.

Children enjoy walking in a circle.

Lacking a regular job I lose track of day of week.

Days of our life differ from nights of our life.

I continually regard myself as possessing an 18 year old mind.

Federal Express man gets free coffee in coffee shop.

Money Brings Peace To Ukraine

Up until a few days ago, the situation in Ukraine appeared dark for the hope of peace, but suddenly things are becoming quiet and Russian soldiers are the border will soon back off. Why? Rinat Akhmetov is the richest person in eastern Ukraine and he owns factories in which over 300,000 people work. His estimated wealth is about $12 billion. The plant owner pointed out a simple fact to his workers, many of whom were deeply involved in the movement to have eastern Ukraine secede from the rest of the country. He quietly informed his workers that if eastern Ukraine joins Russia, most probably the plants would close since their economic future lies in the west, not the east. Within days, “worker patrols”were in the cities of eastern Ukraine and those who had taken over government buildings quietly and peacefully left.

Barriers are being removed, officials are being asked to return to their jobs. The Ukraine flag has returned. There is scant likelihood of more violence. In the end, jobs and economics triumphed over the desire upon a part of the population to return to Mother Russia. Much better to seek Father Akhmetov!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I miss the cop who walked the beat.

Some only know Evil as a friend.

Conventional Wisdom rarely is.

In my east European Jewish neighborhood, few celebrated Valentine’s Day.

I prefer forgetting a villain and remembering a hero.

Love is a bank account that only grows in size despite withdrawals.

Always remember that love trumps hate.

Use your mind as a reflecting tool.

There should be a government bonus to anyone who hits 100.

An employee is allowed to give a girl friend a free drink.

For some, there is no day of reckoning.

I have always kept faith in love, have you?

Some times I think God never made it out of the minor leagues into the major league.

We assume an Asian family is close and happy. An assumption.

I wonder if any time is really, lost.

Stories That Should Appear

We have been writing stories for several years and during that time have so wished that certain stories would emerge and thus be printed. Here are the stories we so long to have printed.

1. Pope Francis announces end to celibacy for priests and nuns.

2. US Congress passes minimum salary for every American of $30,000 a year.

3. US government cancels all student debts.

4. US government announces new space program to send people to Mars.

5. Health insurance now part of Medicare for each and every American.

6. Nations in the western hemisphere create a United Union.

7. UN creates a one million person army to enforce peace in the world.

8. Israel agrees to end settlements on West Bank and work with Palestinians.

9. Egypt ends Army rule and allows civilians to run the country.

10. China announces end to Communist Party rule and establishment of a democracy.

Death Be Not Proud

Russell Bucklew was scheduled to die last night. As this blog was being written is was still unclear if he died or was given a reprieve. He has been found guilty of murder, and murder is a heinous crime in our society. We put people to death for being responsible for the death of others in some fit of anger or madness. Of course, we do not send people to death who cause the death of others by denying them access to decent medical care nor do we send people to death who destroy the economic lives of others leading to depression and loss of will to live. Mr. Bucklew is an evil man who committed evil deeds. A new problem has arisen from actions by European governments to deny access to American death panels of the drugs which cause death. So, what to do?

Mr. Bucklew suffers from a disease which causes malformation in his veins. He could readily if given drugs die from choking on his own blood. So, what to do? I do understand the anger of those seeking to punish one who murdered someone they loved.But, isn’t it about time to end death and to embrace the power of life? Unfortunately, if he dies, murder will NOT cease. That is reality.

Return To Mother Russia

During the past several months, Senator John McCain and many Republicans have been demanding that President Obama “take action” in order to halt Russian seizure of land in the nation of Ukraine. Fox News even claimed the recent seizure of girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram stemmed from refusal on the part of President Obama to resist Russian actions with military actions on our part. Of course, Boko Haram leaders have absolutely no idea as to the nation of Russia nor something that is called, Ukraine. In this case, Barack Obama has kept his cool, drawn upon economic sanctions, and did not send a single American soldier into harm’s way. Instead of an endless brutal war in Iraq or Afghanistan, the situation in Ukraine is now concluding in a peaceful manner.

President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian troops on the border of Ukraine will return to their bases. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu sent a similar message to US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. The crisis is defused, why?

1. America used economic weapons rather than military ones.
2. Ukraine industrialists decided there were economic consequences for themselves and their workers by continued chaos in the country.
3. Workers were sent into cities to end violence and protect their jobs.


I wonder if Fox News will make any mention of an Obama success story??

America, The Used To Be Great??

Just about every day there appears another story concerning the decline of America’s middle class, the fact we Americans live fewer years than people in twenty other nations in this world, the concentration of wealth in the top one percent, and the crumbling of our infrastructure. The other day I discovered that members of the Walton family who own Walmart possess more money than 35% of Americans. Naturally, Fox News and Republicans will insist that was the goal of our beloved Founding Fathers. Yep, they wanted one percent to have more than 35%. Read the Constitution, it is all in there.

At this present moment, a twenty year old European or Canadian stands greater chance of ending up in the middle class than a twenty year old American. A baby born in the good old USA has a life expectancy of about 78, same baby born in Japan lives eight more years. The other day Russian announced their space station would be off limits to American astronauts. HECK, we began the space program, we landed men on the Moon,now we can’t even build a bridge under the Hudson River!

This is a nation without dreams. This is a nation pretending there is no global warming. This is a nation pretending that an economy can boom when one percent have more money than forty percent. This is crazy thinking and the end result is further and further decline of this nation. So, Republicans gain control of the US Senate in November, and it is a guarantee that not another bridge or tunnel or road will be built.

Republicans will not be happy until the 1% own 99%.

Let’s All Secede!

President Vladimir Putin made clear to the Tatar minority in the Crimea they now are part of Russia, and keep your mouths shut. “Today we must all realize that the interests of the Crimean Tatars today are tied to Russia. The Tatars represent 12% of inhabitants of the Crimea and they are Sunni Muslim in contrast to the majority Christian population. As I pointed out the other day, Tatars were brutally persecuted under the regime of Joseph Stalin and thousands sent off to Asia during World War II. The new government, or should I say, the new stooges of Putin, have made clear there will not be any demonstrations in the coming months because that would impact the summer tourist trade.

Let me get a few things clear:

1. Putin insists the rights of regions in eastern Ukraine have the right to be independent since they prefer Russia as their homeland.
2. But, regions in the Crimea –12% of the people–who seek to remain part of Ukraine do NOT have that right because majority rule holds!

Anyway, here is some good news for those living in the Crimea, it has just been announced that President Vladimir Putin played in a hockey game against professional athletes. Despite the fact he only learned to skate five years ago, he dashed and pushed his way to score FIVE GOALS! I trust Crimea Tatars can now be happy knowing their new leader is not only a brave man, but a great hockey player!!

Republic Of Donetsk Proclaimed!

All Hail the new Republic of Donetsk. Actually, this area of the Ukraine was created in the 1870s by a Welshman named John Hughes and for years it bore his name. But, today, proud Russian citizens who are either citizens of Ukraine, citizens of Russia, citizens of Donetsk or just plain citizens of some place or somewhere. Oh, they did have a vote, a referendum in which those who wanted to become citizens of the Republic of Donetsk came out to cast their paper ballots, and those who opposed this motion believed it was better to remain home than attempt to vote in what was not regarded as a legal election. Heck, they counted the thousands of paper ballots in the Republic of Donetsk within two hours and had the results. I wonder if they require a government issued ID like Republicans desire for Americans??

Anyway, calmer people are attempting to create a form of government in Ukraine which would decentralize some power to regions and other powers to a central government in Kiev. This might be a logical resolution of issues between regions and the central authority. There is now evidence that Russian President Putin has second thoughts about inheriting the economic mess of the Republic of Donetsk.