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Le Pen Rides Hysteria

French President Francoise Hollande has certainly accomplished a great deal for the people of France. His inept government botched up the economy, it lacks any sense of economic planning other than shouting abour the wealthy and taxes. Yes, there is need for additional taxes, yes there is need for stimulating the economy and there is certainly need for a new economic plan. But, now clear that forces of hate are using this inept government in order to foster their ideas of right wing extremism in France. The National Front, a party of Le Pens, gained an important victory in a by election by riding the forces of discontent with the Hollande government. Lauent Lopez gained 54% of the vote in a by election and now raises the prospect of allowing the National Front to come to the front of the government with new power.

Marine Le Pen took over dad’s right wing nutty party and is attempting to make it respectable in the eyes of French people. Just another example of Tea Party hate gaining attention at a time of fear.

Cluck, Cluck In French

A recent incident in the French Parliament indicates the American disease has spread to
Europe. MP Veronique Massonneau was speaking about the topic of ecology only to be continually interrupted by MP Philippe Le Ray who made clucking sounds like thost made by chickens. Apparently, he considered her to be a chicken. She became upset and shouted to him, “that’s enough..I’m not a chicken.” The word “chicken” in French when directed towards a woman refers to someone who walks the streets in search of money. Le Ray was fined for his remarks, but felt unjustly punished. He insisted that he was only admiring her beauty.

I wonder if Le Ray knowns Anthony Weiner?

Vote For Beauty

There are few pleasures in modern life that are free to behold and offer a momentary respite from the toils and tribulations of our modern exitence. A beautiful face and form is truly an opportunity to simply gaze at something attractive in our modeern world. The upper house of the French Parliament has voted to ban beauty contests for girls under 16 years of age. It is part of a bill dealing with gender equity.”Don’t let us allow our girls to believe from an early age that their only value is their looks.” Anyone who holds such beauty contests faces jail time. OK, so we do not wish our youth to believe their looks are part of their lives. So, what about the boy or girl who believes their value stems from athletic capacities?

Reality is that looks or athletic ability or a good mind DO become part of the persona of young people. Why is beauty different from brains?

Much Ado About Nothing

I was raised in an east European Jewish community in the Bronx, New York in which many Orthodox Jews dressed in a east European style and spoke Yiddish in their daily life since they avoided contact with non-Jews. Life went on, the sky did not fall,and no one felt any fear or concern about actions of a minority. In 2011,France passed a nonsense law which made it a crime for a Muslim female to wear a niqab in public. The past year resulted in 354 cases involving women who wore the niqab in public. All made this decision and were not forced to dress in this manner.The end result of this silly law is to encourage angry non-Muslims to insult and threaten women. In one small town, in one month, the courts heard cases in which angry men shouted:”Dirty Arab Muslims”because women wore a niqab!

This is nonsense. Current estimates indicate that of over 2,000,000 Arab females in France less than 2,000 have an interest in wearing the niqab in public. Let them wear it,and end this violence over a non-issue in daily life!

France Ain’t Texas!

Two thiefs entered the jeweller shop of Stephan Turk and proceeded to hold up the man. They grabbed some jewels and fled the scene of the crime. However, before they had gotten too far, Mr. Turk reached for a gun and shot one of the robbers. Naturally, if this had occurred in the city of Houston, Texas, Mr. Turk would now be hailed as a man who stood his ground and blasted away at a man who deserved to be killed. In Texas, as in NRA Land, a man has the right to defend himself and his property, and that includes killing anyone who touches anything that belongs to him. This case has divided France since, apparently, there are folk who actually believe that I do not have the right to kill someone who took my property. Since this happened in the cowardly nation of France, a prosecutor is recommending that Turk be charged with murder since his life was not at risk.

We Americans are real men and women. We understand that Jesus came to this planet to protect the property of those with property. Jesus wants us to blast away and never turn the other cheek. Fortunately, there are still he-men in France like Jean-Marie Le Pen who believe the world needs men like good old Adolf. “I would have done the same thing” said Le Pen, and so would Adolf!

Slave Owners For Democracy

The nation of Mauritania was formerly a colony of France,but gained its independence and decided that it wanted to cooperate in the war against al-Qaeda and all the bad Muslims out there in Africa. If any group of people wants a few bucks and recognition as a leader in the fight against bad Muslims like al-Qaeda, just raise the banner of freedom and proclaim support for western nations like France and the USA. Mutuma Ruteere, special UN rapporteur on racism, regards the government of Mauritania as among the worse supporters of slave like conditions for people in the world. Thousands of Mauritanians live as virtual slaves to families that can rape and abuse women and childrent to their heart’s content. “you have situations where people still live with and are working for families, and where woman are forced to have sexual relations with family members–fathers and sons.”

If al-Qaeda kills a westerner then that person is a bad, bad individual, but if one of our “Allies” rapes a woman or physically abuses a person, then we gaze away at the American or French flag and pretend this is all being done in the name of National Security. God Bless Slavery as long as it is being done by OUR people!

Freedom Of Religion?

The conflict over religion raged for hundreds of years in Europe until nations of the area agreed it was time for peace. France was the scene of furious battles over how people should pray to God and decided to separate church from state. Today, many Muslims believe this divide is aimed at them. The French government once again made clear as to the meaning of religious freedom in its schools with a new version of the “Charter for Secularity In School.” The fifteen points are NOT aimed at Muslims anymore than directed to all religions regardng the place of religion in the nation’s educational establishments. School staff is not allowed to discuss their religion nor to propogate the religion of any faith. An “Ecole Laique” means just that. It is a secular institution, not a center to get into religion.

No one faces discrimination in a French school. Children to not pledge allegiance to God, but to their nation. If one desires a religious education then go to a religious based school. Thank God that France does not thank God!

Next Syrian War

There currently is a war taking place in a country that goes by the name of-Syria. This nation is provided weapons and missiles and planes in order to attack the people of Syria because the government of Syria wants to protect the country of Syria against enemies of the government. In the name of peace and order, the government of Syria has murdered over 100,000 Syirans. The government has even used chemical weapons to kill its own people. The result is that the European Union and the United States are considering responding with an air assault. So, what might happen if outside forces attack the Syrian government. Please follow closely:

1. If Syria attacks Israel which has been on the sidelines, then Israel has promised to blast away at Syria.

2. This would lead to Hezbollah in Lebanon to send thousands of missiles into Israel

3. This would result in the US sending missiles into Lebanon and Syria.

4. This would lead Israel to send more missiles into Syria or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

5. This would lead the European Union sending missiles into Syria and maybe Lebanon.

6. This would lead Russia and Iran to send missiles to Syria and Hezbollah which would use them to send missiles into Israel and wherever.

The end result would undoubtedly be peace?

Chemical Weapons Used In Syria!

There is growing anger in many parts of Europe, the United States and in some Muslim societies over evidence the government of President Bashar al-Assad is now employing chemical weapons against the people of Syria, and guess who lives in Syria? French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made clear to the media that if the Assad government is responsible for the massacre of people with chemical weapons, “we need a reaction by the international community..a reaction with force.” He did not appear to be hinting on soldiers on the ground, but raised the possibility of use of air power.It is now believed that hundreds died in the attack on Ghouta, a rebel held area.

The Security Council expressed “concerns”but Russia and China were not too certain there was anything to be concerned about.Naturally, the Russian foreign ministry blamed rebels for staging the chemical attack. What else could be the explanation for this massacre. We all know that President Assad loves all those in his land.

So,what does one do when a leader is using chemical weapons? How about deciding the chemical weapons were really actual bombs. It is perfectly OK to kill with a real bomb.

Kill Them Mooslems!

During the past half century thousands of Muslims have migrated to France seeking work and a better life. France is the nation in Europe that during the 19th and early 20th centuries was a hotbed of anti-Semitism and its conduct during WWII revealed a willingess on the part of many government and army officials to cooperate in the murder of Jews. It is not surprising there are members of the French armed forces who are willing to cooperate with radical Muslim hating groups in launching acts of violence against those of the Muslim faith. An air force sergeant has been arrested on charges that he wanted to carry out terrorist violence against local mosques. The sergeant is believed close to radical right wing groups who hate Muslims and want them out of “their country.” Of course, fifty years ago they wanted Jews out of “their country.”

The segeant admitted responsibility for firebombing a mosque in Libourne.A few years ago the soldier contacted right wing neo-Nazi groups seeking help to assasinate then President Jacques Chirac. Most polls reveal that Islamophobia is on the rise. Why? Whenever a nation experiences economic problems, people seek explanations. It is quite clear current economic problems in France are caused by them -mooslems!