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Iran Breakthrough Breaks Netanyahu Heart

Yesterday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lap dogs in the American Congress were hailing France for not being fooled by the Iranian deception about peace. Today, we are back to wise remarks about “American fries” because the government of France decided to go along with Germany, Russia, England, China, FRANCE and the US in forging an agreement with the Iranian government to control its nuclear program. The agreement entails:
Cease using centrifuges to enrich uranium.
refrain from starting new centrifuges
Halt work on its plutonium reactor
Allow access to UN inspectors

Naturally, the GOP and Democratic senators whose primary allegiance is to Israel rather than to the American people denounced this agreement to halt development of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

As of this moment, there is only ONE nation in the Middle East that bars UN nuclear inspectors and refuses to halt work on nuclear weapons. Oh, its name is ISRAEL!

Iran Rebuffed By Peace Seekers

In 2001,then reform President Khatami of Iran offered to assist American forces in Afghanistan in their campaign against the Taliban. President Bush accepted their assistance and then blasted the Iran government as supporting terrorism in the world. Today, Russia,China, the US and UK along with France and Germany are working with President Rouhani of Iran in order to halt his country’s nuclear program and reduce tension. Democrats and Republicans are increasingly united in denouncing Obamacare along with opposing Secretary of State’s work with key nations who seek to bridge the gap with Iran in order to end conflict in the Middle East. The incompetence of President Obama has now reached the point where even his own party lacks any trust in him, including being able to negotiate for peace. Fortunately, many do trust John Kerry who was able to obtain a few weeks in order to complete negotiations with Iran.

The United States of America has a Congress that, not only is unable to pass a law, but unable to agree on anything with the president. The lonely shy man is most comfortable with his family and Chicago crowd. If peace negotiation fails, who knows what will occur in the Middle East. The time is now. Perhaps, out president should turn over negotiations to John Kerry and spend some time in Chicago with his friends.

Bibi Likes Hollande-Sometimes!

An impartial observer sort of gets confused whenever Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets together with French President Francois Hollande. Bibi so loves when the French leader makes demands upon the Iranian government and takes a tough stance on nuclear development. He then becomes the “good guy” and Bibi will even eat French fries. But, when Hollande says: “Francde demands a full and complete halt to settlement activity” then the French fries disappear from tables in Israel. Hollande went on to express reality: “settlement activity complicates the negotiations and makes it difficult to achieve a two state solution.” This is not what Bibi wants to hear, speak about the bad Iranians, not we Israelis!

As Francois Hollande so aptly stated: “if you want peace, you need to have gestures toward peace.” Aw shucks, why can’t he just talk about the bad Iranians!Unfortunately for Bibi there is no Jewish lobby in France.

Bibi Wants A Good Solution

There is good news from the Middle East. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want the world to sign off on a “bad deal.” Bibi insists we “need a good solution, that’s the main point.” Why waste time on bad deals? Oh, I thought he was talking about providing Palestinians with a good deal that assured the world that violence would end. You mean that Bibi is not willing to compromise? You mean that Bibi will not assure the entire world that Israel will avoid acts of violence against Palestinians? Oh, my God, you mean he was talking about Iran? I thought Bibi was a man of peace who sought to achieve solutions rather than cause problems.

Unfortuantely, French leader Francois Hollande is also on the bandwagon of problem creating. “So long as we are not certain that Iran has renonouced nuclear arms, we will keep in place all our demands and sanctions.” I guess that means France will destroy its nuclear weapons. I guess that Israel will destroy all its nuclear weapons. The only nation which has nuclear weapons and refuses to allow UN inspectors into its facilities is: ISRAEL!

Oh, I forgot,this nation tramples on the rights of Palestinians, violates UN rules about seizing property, but it does not trust Iran.

Roma Are Still With Us

There is something very disconcerting about modern life. I was raised to be a Socialist whose goals in life were respect for human dignity and support for human rights. In America, the allegedly “liberal” Barack Obama boasts of spying on innocent people, and taps into phones of allies. In France the Socialist Interior Minister, Manuel Valles has police seize a child on the school bus, and send her to Kosovo because she was guilty of being a Roma who lacked the proper Papers! Thousands of Roma wander the streets of Europe, lacking papers they cannot obtain a legal job and they have been trained for hundreds of years to inhabit the fringe of society and do the work of those who live without means of getting legal jobs. Over these hundreds of years the culture of Roma leads individuals to become thieves or prostitutes or do whatever earns some money in order to obtain food and lodging.

Europe has yet to find a place for the Roma other than being fringe people who cluster in the shadows of fears in the dark places of cities. Yes, many are thieves. Yes, many do not have legal jobs. Yes, it is society which deprives them of the right to have a legal position in society.

Seize The Moment!

Once again, an offer from Iran to proceed along a path of peace has been rejected by western nations. In 2001,then President Khatami cooperated with American forces in Afghanistan and offered to resolve the conflict with the United States only to be termed by President George Bush as a partner in an “evil axis” of powers like North Korea. This weekend, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius refused to go along with other nations in agreeing with Iran on a process of working toward peace. France demanded that Iran must suspend the Arak heavy water reactor while negotiations proceed. He refused to go along with the Iranian “con game.” British Foreign minister William Hague urged a different approach. “We came to seize the moment and seize the opportunity to reach a deal.” So, do it.

Nothing in diplomacy is perfect. A conflict may not be resolved in one act. Iran was proceeding along a path of POSSIBLE success. There was need to allow this path to be followed. If Iran broke their word, it was fairly easy to resume hate and violence.

Are You Really Listening To Me?

During the past twenty four hours President Obama has claimed to lack knowledge of any problems facing launching of the Affordable Care Act, of spying on leaders of Germany and France and other assorted world leaders. The Spanish government has decided to get into the “why the hell are you Americans spying on the good guys” party. This followed a story in El Mundo which claimed the NSÅ was listening into phone calls of about 60.5 million Spanish people. Once again another European country told American ambassadors there was supposedly something about “trust” between nations. Naturally, American diplomats made clear these interventions into the lives of Spanish people was necessary to prevent them from serious harm from foreigners. Remember, under Barack Obama the magic words are NATIONAL SECURITY. Say those words and you can do whatever you desire.

One increasingly gets the image of a president playing with his children and occasionally being interrupted in order to pay attention to something about the government.

Spies Galore

Each day presents a new story about how the United States of America is spying on a friendly nation-IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY! After stories appeared about spying in Brazil, Germany, France, now add Mexico to the list. President Obama is SHOCKED that American spies are spying on our allies. Gee, it is a big surprise to this innocent man from Chicago. He has enforced the most rigid policies of punishment toward those who leak stuff on grounds knowing about anything in our government is a threat to our very lives. The government of Mexico is a bit upset. “Mexico did not ask for an explanation. It asked for an investigation!” So, our president will get over his surprise and do something. I expect a meeting and an explanation, but how can those who engage in the act of spying investigate their own spying??

Barack Obama could use a good course on the topic of human rights. For some reason, this former professor of constitutional law never took his own class.

Snoop In Paris, My Allies!

Another day, another American ally furious at the Obama administration for its infernal spying and snooping into the lives of its citizens. The French government summoned the US ambassador to explain why American spies are spying on its French ally spies. Foreign Minister laurent Fabius sharply commented: “this sort of parctice between partners that invades privacy is totally unacceptable and we have to make sure, very quickly, that this no longer happens.” French Interior Minister Manuel Valls was even blunter: “if a friendly country–an ally– spies on France or other European countries, that is completely unacceptable.” I assume the Obama administration has got the “unacceptable” word?

Perhaps, President Obama can send a secret document which is titled: “AMERICAN SECURITY.” Once anyone comes across the word, “SECURITY” then it is American law they must cease to gaze at the document. Don’t they understand it is against the law to read anything classified as “Security?” After all, only one million people have that clearance and none lives in France!

Students For Democracy

French students have always been engaged in the fight for human rights so it is not surprising they are standing up for the rights of oppressed Roma people. Thousands of students in Paris and throughout the nation rose up in anger at the deportation of a Roma high school students. Fifteen year old Leonarda Dibrani was detained and deported back to Kosovo with her family in an example of disregarding human rights. The Socialist party is divided since many believe it is the historic responsibility for France to respect human rights even though it means allowing a foreigner to remain in the country without legal right to be present. The students shouted: “Leonarda isn’t going to class, nor are we.”

This is shocking. The Roma girl, no, the human girl, was going to school, working hard and on the path to becoming a responsible citizen. Enough with “rules,” let us respect human dignity!