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Do I Trust America??

It seems such a long, long time ago that Europeans were disgusted with the presence of George Bush and his nutty war in Iraq. They longed for a new president who would restore the name and reputation of the United States of America as a nation that upheld the ideals of human dignity and respect for law and order. After all, Barack Obama was a former professor of law and had promised to end secrecy in government and respect the rights of other nations. Alas, that was then and today is now. So, what did our gallant fighter for human rights proceed to do–or NOT do?

1. He did not close Guantanamo Bay prison.

2. He did not release all those in the prison who had no charges against them that could be proved in a court of law.

3. He did not end the drone campaign, he EXTENDED IT!

4. He indicted more “whistle blowers” than any prior president.

5. He extended and extended spying on Americans.

Today, only 49% of Germans trust the United States. And, similar figures exist in most nations of the world.

Female Equality

There are some minor issues confronting people in the European Union. Oh, austerity has caused millions in Greece and Spain and a few other nations to become concerned whether or not there will be food on the table this evening. Germans are doing rather well withe exports up and unemployment down so it is not surprising that its inhabitants have decided to focus on a very important issue confronting this planet-no, it is NOT global warming! The University of Potsdam has decided to eliminate any and all forms of gender bias. They will no  longer use the masculine form of titles and replace them with feminine forms.

I can sleep easily this evening knowing that another example of masculine dominance no longer is dominant. Now, I promise to work hard on not calling God, HIM!

Nazis In Mongolia

Sixty eight years ago Adolf Hitler committed suicide after initiating a war that caused the death of nearly fifty million people. Nazism is the personification of racism gone mad since only those who fit into the Master Race of pure blooded Aryan heritage were considered to really be a human worthy of life. For some reason a group of people in the nation of Mongolia decided that being a Nazi was real cool.They formed the Tsagaasn Khass or White Swstika group which uses the Nazi symbol in order to proclaim -something. For some strange reason they link Nazism to the environment issue of modern life.

The group has switched from beating up people to “save nature.” They  want to save the environment. They are also angry at foreign workers who enter Mongolia to assist in its economic development. I suspect this group eventually ill link up with the Republican party in America and fight to end immigration of undesirable elements.

Next step? Organize a Mongolian branch of the Nazism and save America??

Keep Bugs To Self

It was just a few short years ago that millions of Americans decided to trust their future and human rights to a former professor of  constitutional law. We hoped his respect for the rights of our allies in Europe would renew alliances and move the world toward a more international stance that ensured human rights. Alas, that was then and now is now. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are furious regarding the massive American spying assault upon our allies and friends. As Chancellor Merkel informed the US government: “we are no longer in the Cold War. If it is confirmed that diplomatic representations of the European Union and individual European countries have been spied upon, we will clearly say that bugging friends is unacceptable.”

President Francois Hollande made clear “we cannot accept such behavior between partners and allies.” Unfortunately for President Obama, neither Merkel nor Hollande is a 29 year old hacker. They will not fly around the world to escape  American authorities. Apparently, President Obama can not distinguish friends from “terrorists.” He has reached the point at which any and all people are potential terrorists who must be halted. As one European  diplomat noted; “The Americans  justify everything with  combatting terrorism.”

Spy Academy Awards

In olden days nations would boast about their armed forces or their economic might, but in the modern world, unless a nation has a first class spy system, they must be condemned to the dustbin of second rate powers. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency is currently in Germany where he is extolling the virtues of his organization. As he strolled through offices of the German government, the man of darkness quietly and firmly explained to backward German officials that they have fallen behind in the spy race. They can not read what each citizen in Germany has said, written or done today. They do not know what Kurt or Hilgrid is discussing on Facebook so how can Germany claim to be a first rate nation?

We now inhabit a world in which spying is the latest proof that a nation is important. I am certain that as Alexander extolls the work of his agency, German spy folk are seeking to learn so they can know what goes on in each German home. Yesterday, it was Europe, today it is being a number One spook!

Islamists In Germany

Sixty years ago the Nazi regime collapsed and the people of Germany  created a new society. Within ten years after the war concluded Germany was on the road to economic prosperity and its people decided that doing the dirty jobs of a society should be handled by people from other lands. “Guest workers” entered Germany and as the years progressed they assumed responsibility for doing hard physical labor. Of course, these “guest workers”had children, they went to school in  Germany, and some went on to a university education. Children of immigrants tend to divide with some absorbing religion and customs of elders while others become engaged with the country they inhabit along with its customs.

During the past year, Islamist organizations in Germany experienced a surge of support. Milli Gorus, a major Islamist group saw its membership rise from 38,800 to 42,550. The numbers are rather small given the number of

Ami Go Home

During the past two hundred years there has been a huge shift in population as hundreds of millions left Europe for the western hemisphere and within Europe untold millions have moved from one nation to another. After World War II over thirty million were forced to shift from one European location to another. As West Europe enjoyed an economic boom after World War II, it imported millions from areas like Turkey or Greece in order to handle the dirty jobs of society not desired by native born Germans. But, a recession has allowed forces of anti-immigrants to emerge.

German Interior Minister Peter Friedrich made clear to those who entered without permission their presence was no longer desired. “If you are working here illegally–no matter how-then please go back to where you came from.” Of course, the European Union allows Europeans to work within it, but these are tough times for all. My question is: when those not born in Germany depart, who picks up the garbage??

Neo-Nazi Tough Guy

There is a trial taking place in Germany that deals with activities of those who regard selves as members of the Nazi party. Carsten S. is a defendant who explained why he wants to be a Neo-Nazi. He explained to the jury how he smashed windows of stores owned by Turkish people, how he beat up two men and so enjoyed the experience of assaulting those who could not defend themselves. When asked why he  beat up people, his explanation was simple and clear, “we did if for a laugh–and of course to get one over on them.”

Carsten is angry that his homeland has  become a multiculural land. “It was a simple ideology, black and white. The fact that we were losing our homeland, that we’re governed by  financial Jewry.”

As I recall, the last venture into Nazism left eight million Germans dead and over a million women raped.

Think Like A Nazi

After teaching over 12,000 teachers I never cease being amazed how some identify assignments for students that emanate from the deep interior of their minds. A teacher in an Albany, New York high school asked students to write a persuasive argument in support of Nazi ideas. “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich.” They also watched Nazi propaganda films and other Nazi sources. One assumes that students in 2013 have a grasp about Nazi ideas or the time period of the 1930s and  1940s. Few students have any understanding of the extent of anti-Semitism in Europe.

There is a difference between asking students to write persuasive essays about topics they have studied and writing about things that are literally, Greek to them. It is akin to asking students if dropping the atomic bomb was ethically correct even though they have no knowledge as to how the Japanese government thought or how American military leaders and government officials thought.

I would be more impressed if students wrote a persuasive essay supporting
Republican arguments that health care is not necessary in modern America.

Hungary Does Not Hunger For Democracy

The European Parliament has expressed concern about laws being passed in Hungary which, in effect, would empower conservatives to push through whatever laws they desire including denying free speech to opponents. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has trampled on basic values of the European Union. Early this month the EU Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs blasted a new Hungarian law which prevents its Supreme Court from declaring unconstitutional laws passer by Parliament. This Committee is raising an issue-should the European Union take action against the Hungarian government or should it allow a member to ignore the basis of what is meant by being in the European Union?

It is time to eject Hungary from the EU and allow its dictatorial leaders life without being part of a continental alliance. Even Angela Merkel, a leading conservative is ready to take action. There is evidence that many conservative groups in the EU will support action against a leading conservative party.