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Seize The Moment!

Once again, an offer from Iran to proceed along a path of peace has been rejected by western nations. In 2001,then President Khatami cooperated with American forces in Afghanistan and offered to resolve the conflict with the United States only to be termed by President George Bush as a partner in an “evil axis” of powers like North Korea. This weekend, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius refused to go along with other nations in agreeing with Iran on a process of working toward peace. France demanded that Iran must suspend the Arak heavy water reactor while negotiations proceed. He refused to go along with the Iranian “con game.” British Foreign minister William Hague urged a different approach. “We came to seize the moment and seize the opportunity to reach a deal.” So, do it.

Nothing in diplomacy is perfect. A conflict may not be resolved in one act. Iran was proceeding along a path of POSSIBLE success. There was need to allow this path to be followed. If Iran broke their word, it was fairly easy to resume hate and violence.

Like Jews Under Nazism!

There are people in this world who endure persecution and oppression, but mantain their dignity as decent human beings. One man who should be honored for his diligent fight to maintain his human dignity lives in Italy. He recently told the media that a rising fury against the persecution faced by members of his loved ones compels him to finally speak the truth. “My children tell me they feel like the families of Jews in germany must have felt under Hitler’s regime. The whole world is against us.” The name of this fighter for human dignity is: SILVIO BERLUSCONI !! Yes, the man who has billions of dollars and numerous estates and servants and numerous newspapers and TV stations is suffering the same fate as was confronted by German Jews.

Yes, his good name has been tarnished. Yes, he no longer runs Italy. OK, he has a few billions. But, just remember, Jews in Nazi Germany were given FREE trips to nice camps! No one has offered members of his family such free gifts. How about building a Berlusconi Museum in honor of the horrors endured by members of his family??

Are You Really Listening To Me?

During the past twenty four hours President Obama has claimed to lack knowledge of any problems facing launching of the Affordable Care Act, of spying on leaders of Germany and France and other assorted world leaders. The Spanish government has decided to get into the “why the hell are you Americans spying on the good guys” party. This followed a story in El Mundo which claimed the NSÅ was listening into phone calls of about 60.5 million Spanish people. Once again another European country told American ambassadors there was supposedly something about “trust” between nations. Naturally, American diplomats made clear these interventions into the lives of Spanish people was necessary to prevent them from serious harm from foreigners. Remember, under Barack Obama the magic words are NATIONAL SECURITY. Say those words and you can do whatever you desire.

One increasingly gets the image of a president playing with his children and occasionally being interrupted in order to pay attention to something about the government.

America Ubber Alles

Many years ago a German leader insisted that his nation was destined to be all over the world and the end result would be a world controlled by Nazi Germany. Today, there is a government which insists it has the right to check on what each nation is doing because God Himself has appointed it to survey the entire planet identifying all the bad people who reside on it. So far, Brazil, France, Mexico,and UK, as well as dozens of other countries have complained about US spies checking into their private correspondence. Yesterday, the German Foreign Ministry, summoned the US Ambassador folling reports of American intelligence hacking into their files. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a personal complaint to the president who continues to insist that America has the right to hack any and all files.

Just check the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution which grants the American people control of the world.Or, if that doesn’t work, how about shouting: NATIONAL SECURITY of TERRORIST.

Let me see:

Phone hacking

No Health access

Checking on Muslim citizens

Gee, do we need the return of George Bush??

Spies Galore

Each day presents a new story about how the United States of America is spying on a friendly nation-IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY! After stories appeared about spying in Brazil, Germany, France, now add Mexico to the list. President Obama is SHOCKED that American spies are spying on our allies. Gee, it is a big surprise to this innocent man from Chicago. He has enforced the most rigid policies of punishment toward those who leak stuff on grounds knowing about anything in our government is a threat to our very lives. The government of Mexico is a bit upset. “Mexico did not ask for an explanation. It asked for an investigation!” So, our president will get over his surprise and do something. I expect a meeting and an explanation, but how can those who engage in the act of spying investigate their own spying??

Barack Obama could use a good course on the topic of human rights. For some reason, this former professor of constitutional law never took his own class.

United Nations In Syria

A recent story from Germany reveals that hundreds of young men from that country have headed to Syria in quest of some fighting time. They will join thousands of Chechens, Libyans, Tunisians,Belgians, and folk from throughout the world. After all, going to Syria is like when Americans went to California in search of gold. I assume some of these men already have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Chad or who knows where in their quest for some meaning to life. How else learn about life than kill people? I suggest it is time to:

1. Establish a new Hall of Fame for the man or woman who has fought in the most places.

2. Create a new medal for gallentry in action.

3. Hold Second Amendment shooting contests.

4. Challenge President to an arm wrestling contest.

5. Create a new prayer for death.

Which Language To Speak?

I, together with millions of Americans, am the child of immigrants. My parents arrived in the United States without any knowledge of the English language. They always lived and worked in a Jewish community which meant they could ge through the day only speaking the Yiddish language. They read newspapers written in Yiddish and attended a shul where one prayed in Hebrew and spoke Yiddish. As the years went on, they eventually learned to read, write and speak in English, but, in all honesty, they could have readily survived with the Yiddish languge. They voted in every election since they would never miss an opportunity to vote. Oh, they always each day read one English language newspaper. I recently came across a case in Germany in which a Turkish family that arrived penniless, worked hard, began a business selling pizza until it collapsed during the recent economic problems that impacted Germany.

Mom and dad are barely able to speak German since their customers were always from the local neighborhood. The unemployment office is now demanding they learn German if they desire to receive unemployment benefits. I have no idea as to the connection between speaking German and receiving unemployment money. They worked, they paid taxes and no one demanded they speak German in order to pay their taxes, but now the demand is being made.

Jew In The Box!

Many, many years ago I was working with teachers in rural areas of southern Missouri when a teacher asked a favor of me. She wanted me to visit her school so that students could actually see a Jew. I did go but discussed the Holocaust with students. Fast forward to 2013 and at the Jewish Museum in Berlin they have a special exhibit each day which is called: A Jew In The Box. Visitors can ask the Jew questions about the meaning of Judaism and what they think about issues in the world. I assume the belief is that all Jews share similar ideas about Judiasm or world events. JournalistMiriam Widman took a turn in the box and discvered the weirdness of this position. Stephen Kramer of the Central Council of Jews in Germany poses a question: “why don’t they give him a banana and a glass of water, turn up the heatand make the Jew feel real cozy in his glass box?”

Ms. Widman, originally felt rather insulted, but soon realized that many Germans simply had never actually seen a Jew and were curious about an era in their history. The world of their ancestors no longer exists. Who knows, if the German population continues to change, one day there will be a German in the box!

Oh, Those Nazis!

Since the end of World War II, the people of Japan have constructed a modern democratic society. However, their failure to address behavior during World War II in which Japanese soldiers murdered millions of people and raped a few million women has never been addressed. It is t his attitude which led Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso to utter inane remarks about how modern Japan can learn from those good old Nazis of yore. There is a movement within Japan to rewrite the Japanese Constitution and allow the nation to create a modern armed force. Aso suggested following the method employed by Adolf Hitler who simply voided the democratic Weimar Republic Constitution. As Aso notes, “it was changed before people realized it. Why don’t we learn from that method?”11

I assume it means the Japanese government should void those parts of the Constitution which prevent aggressive war. Just what Japan needs–go to war against China!!

Berlin Delight

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, decided to spend a few days in Berlin in order to explore how other cities conduct their social lives. He wound up singing praises about the government of that lovely German city. It turns out that among the most important concerns for the people of Berlin  is “fornicating in their many magnificant parks.” Ah, now that is a goal for all cities, your greatest concern is having people ’do it”in public. Unlike American Republicans, who rant and rave because someone on welfare used their check to purchase a cigarrette, the Berlin government allows those on welfare to possess the same rights as a millionaire, they actually can make decisions concerning their own lives.

The fine for public sex is $198 while if one is unemployed, the fine is $45. Now that is reasonable. The wealthy in Berlin actually pay more in fines than those who are poor. How about such a system for we Americans? And, how about sending middle class and wealthy people to prison for using drugs!!