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Nazis Still An Issue In Greece

World War II ended over seventy years ago, but to the people of Greece the legacy of that nightmare continue to linger in their minds. Greece is a nation that is in serious economic trouble and has been forced to obey the dictates of the European Union as to how money should be spent and how taxes should be imposed upon the population. Greeks are now bringing up memories of World War II when their nation was occupied by German troops and its population had to fork over millions of dollars to their enemies. Greek banks during the war were compelled to give the German government millions in “loans” that obviously were never meant to be repaid. Today, a different German government is imposing demands for money from Greece and again insisting it has the right to decide how money is spent in Greece.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is now posing some interesting questions. How about Germany repaying his nation for the loans they gave back in the 1940s? Does the current Federal Republic of Germany have to assume responsibility for what the Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler did seventy years ago? Or, should the world forget that a Nazi government robbed people of their money. Do modern Germans owe those who were robbed by a different German government? Or, should we simply forget and forgive?

Greece Wants Dough From All

The government tot Greece is very upset at the German government. As you recall, during World War II, German troops occupied Greece and sort of wrecked things and killed people. According to newly elected PrimeM Minister Alexis Tsipras, Germany has a “moral responsibility to pay reparations to our people, to history,to all Europeans who fought and gave their blood against Nazis.” Fair enough:

1. The Greeks under Alexander the Great sort of killed a few people, burned a few towns and thus the people of Iran(formerly Persia) could use a few bucks in return.

2. As you recall, Alexander sort of went through Palestine and Egypt. As a Jew, I am owed a free vacation in Greece in return. Remember that moral obligation.

Greeks Gamble On Standing Up To EU

The country of Greece is a living example of what would have occurred in the United States of America if either John McCain or Mitt Romney had become President of the United States of America. The European Union has approached the problem of a recession by insisting that its members cut and cut and cut government services and pay off debts immediately. Greece owes billions and has been forced to devote its economic efforts to austerity actions. The result is a sharp decline in the economy, millions of people without jobs and a lack of decent services to meet the needs of those without. German leader Angela Merkel has warned the people of Greece they must pay their debts and should not elect anyone as a prime minister who fails to understand the primary need in Greece is to cut, cut expenses. Well, the people of Greece have defied warnings and elected Alexis Tsipras as their prime minister.

Mr. Tsipras has one goal in mind: give Greece a break, allow it to restore government services and reduce its debt payments. He wants to expand government services, get people back to work and hold off on austere measures until there is money in the pockets of the people. In other words, he wants the opposite of what Republicans demand in America, reduce government expenses and just allow our beloved wealthy folk to prosper and eventually the money will trickle down to those on the bottom. It has NOT happened in Greece anymore than it has happened in the US.

Anyway, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has promised not to wear a tie until he gets a debt reduction deal with the European Union!

Rouble Rouble Stop Dropping In Value

There is no question that President Vladimir Putin remains very popular to the people of Russia. His approval ratings continue to hover in the high eighties. Of course, I live in the United States of America, a land in which the people of this fair land just voted to support the Republican Party whose policies caused a great recession and got us into wars in the Middle East. But, Americans, just like Russians prefer in power those who cause problems than those who might solve them. The Russian Rouble has fallen in value at least fifty percent and continues dropping. Oil prices are now down by fifty percent. The great Vladimir Putin has done NOTHING to make Russian industry an important factor in the economy since he prefers that Russia should depend upon the export of oil. The price for a barrel is now about $55 while it was about $110 a year ago. Putin has infuriated western Europe, he has angered Saudi Arabia by supporting the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, and he has made the United States the leader of imposing sanctions upon the Russian economy.

But, the people of Russia so like this man who has “restored pride” by seizing the Crimea and causing civil war in Ukraine. So, they flock to his banner of stupidity and watch their economy implode. Such is the price of those lacking common sense. I speak from experience, I recall how Americans felt pride to invade Iraq and get those ever disappearing weapons of mass destruction. Follow Putin and destroy the Russian economy. Hey,take a trip to Russia, you now can get 65 Roubles for each dollar – a year ago you would have gotten 30!

Europe Goes To The Right

As a result for new elections to the European Union Parliament forces of hate and anger now have a voice in that body to pursue their program of hatred. It is rather strange that just as America is experiencing the rise of those who hate and hate everything connected with government, so is Europe. Just as America experiences hatred toward immigrants, so do Europeans. Most probably these feelings emerge when people lack jobs and hope for economic success. Much easier to blame “those people” than to pursue programs that might stimulate economic growth. Just as middle class Europeans do not wish to soil their hands with physical labor, so do Americans. Ironically, it is the immigrants who handle dirty hard physical labor tasks in both the US and Europe. So, if the immigrants go, then who does the shit details of society?

The right wing immigrant hating Front National got 25% of the vote for the European Parliament in France while similar groups received 10% in Greece, Denmark and the UK. The know nothings of the world are being credited with knowing something. Again, hate triumphs. Again we seek to blame others for our own failure to embark on new enterprises that will produce jobs and wealth.

Dark Days For Golden Dawn

During Word War II thousands of people in Greece were murdered by their German invaders. The sight of a Nazi holding his arm in the air was a hated sight. Fast forward to 2013 and men and women dressed like Nazis now are seen on the streets of Greek cities. A new political party, Golden Dawn preaches the doctrine of Nazism and thousands welcome its words of hate. At least, they did in large numbers until recent days. Nikolas Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn is now under arrest for involvement in murder of a peace activist who supported the right of immigrants to reside in Greece. Latest figures indicate a dramatic decrease in support for Golden Dawn among people in Greece. In July, about 14% of Greeks like words of hatred, today the figure is 8.5%.

Get a recession and one gets anger, fear and desire to blame someone-other than self for the calamity. The people of Greece have spend decades ignoring economic reality and now the price of fiscal sanity must be paid. It is doubtful if immigrants from Africa are the source of current econnomic problems.

Return Of Nazis

Humanity never ceases to amaze me in how it deals with the past in the present. During World War II the German army occupied Greece for four years during which time it murdered hundreds of thousands. So, fast forward to 2013 and who do thousands of Greeks hold up as their model–NAZIS! A new party, Golden Dawn– has emerged which believes problems in their country are the result of poor immigrants from Africa. Exactly, how poor immigrants could somehow be responsible for the collapse of the Greek economy must be among the great mysteries of the world. These modern Nazis have physically attacked poor people and they even have murdered those who stand up for peace and logical solutions to problems.

After the murder by Golden Dawn thugs of musician Pavlos Fyssas there finally has arisen demands to curb the children of Hitler. Greeks are finally recognizing that tolerating thugs only makes them more prone to violence and death.

Golden Dawn A Nightmare

Greece has been confronted with the horror of poverty for several years and its people are confronting terrible poverty. The most certain way to develop anger, hate and murder is to transform a society which enjoyed a fairly prosperous life the life of poverty. From the ashes ofa devastated society has emerged the dark forces of hate. In Greece it goes by the name of Golden Dawn and it holds as its model for the good life, the ideas of Mr.Adolf HItler. For members of Golden Dawn there are “real Greeks” and there are “immigrant pseudo Greeks.” Naturaly, the good Greeks are the ones who have been denied the good life by the pseudos. I assume these pseudos somehow gained control of Greek banks and businesses which allowed them to collapse the economy.

Each day Golden Dawn folk wander the streets of Athens seeking pseudo folk to harras and beat up Singer Pavlos Fyssas sang songs of love and peace with people. A member of the Golden Dawn then murdered this gentle voice of peace and tolerance. A new group now fills the streets of Athens angry and confused.

Golden Dawn Black Day For Greece

It is nearly seventy years since men dressed in black shirts marched through the streets of Greece shoving their right hands into the air and shouting hatred toward those who were “inferior.” It it nearly seventy years since words of hate were heard in Athens, that ancient capital of freedom and democracy. Today, the black shirted thugs call themselves, members of Golden Dawn. Then, they called themselves Nazis and were proud to boast of their hatred of “foreigners.” Today, the relic of poverty is hatred of those who are poor or who have come to Greece from an African or Muslim land. Golden Dawn thugs wielded crow bars as they went about beating members of leftist groups–in the name of Greece. The people of Greece are enduring hard times due to an economic collapse. Whenever an economy collapses so does compassion for the poor and those lacking power in society.

Walk the streets of the United States of America and those with a Golden Dawn mentality will be presence. We fear the mystery of why poverty emerges in a society. It allows hatred to dwell in our minds as fear assumes power. Hitler lives again in Greece.

Austerity For Those Without

A common Republican mantra is that people who are poor are poor because they are lazy and have been pampered by Big Government. The Austerity theme has been adopted by many European nations including Germany which insists that Greece and other nations at risk must risk the issue of cutting jobs reducing government expenditures and –eventually– prosperity, peace and joy will return to their fair land. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes if reductions and unemployment are not continued the people of Greece will get the idea the European Union will always bail out their spendthrift ways.

Yes, Greek workers are now producing more goods per hour than before. Yes, Greek workers no longer enjoy high wages or excellent health care benefits. Yes, Greek workers have witnessed a reduction in their standard of living and over 30% lack jobs. But, this all has been for their benefit. OK, so thousands of Greeks now head to Germany seeking work, this reduces unemployment in Greece and helps Germany import fewer Muslim workers.

And, the best news is that Greeks do not eat as much as before and will not face the prospect of rising obesity. So, in the long run, austerity is healthy and beneficial for millions.