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Trump Talks With Asian Leaders

We are able to reveal the secret conversations that Donald Trump had with leaders of Pakistan and India.

Prime Minister Sharif: “Look, I’m Donald Trump,  the new president of the United States and I wanted to let you know how much I love people from Pakistan, hell, I had some Paki doctor take care of me last year, great guy, wonderful people, love them all, all them Pakis, and I want you to know that if you are ever in town, please stop by and say, hello. Fantastic people, absolutely wonderful are  you folks from Pakistan. Loves you all. Great doctors, good with your hands, loves you all, and just remember, there are SPECIAL RATES AT ALL TRUMP HOTELS WHEN YOU ARE IN TOWN SEEING ME!

Prime Minister Modi: “Just calling to let you know I’m the president. I think Indians are fantastic people, I even think those from the US are incredible folks. I know some real smart Indians, some of them are building new Trump Towers in India, just remember, help them out with all that red tape, no need for some red tape to stand between our great relationship. Indians, smart people, know some from Silicon Valley, absolutely great, fantastic, look forward to some incredible business relations in the coming years. Give me regards to your buddies over in  Pakistan.”

Take Shit Out Of Equation

The state of Maharashtra in India has announced new rules  pertaining to political candidates for local village elections.  Anyone running for office must produce evidence they have access to a toilet. Perhaps, we need laws such as this one in the current process to determine who will run for the presidency.

1. How about a law that during any speech, stating more than five lies in two paragraphs will result in a giant arm that will grab the candidate and dump him a pool of water?

2. Each candidate prior to a speech must produce at least one pound of shit from their body  in order to demonstrate they are not completely full of bullshit.

3. Donald Trump will only be interviewed by women who are not into a menstrual period.

4. For each promise made by a candidate on any issue, they must produce a pound of their own shit if the promise is logically impossible to be achieved.

5. We could have a debate in which each candidate provides their latest shit. The one with the largest shit gets the delegates from the state having a primary. Of course,this means Donald is the shit-down winer!

Bad Air Everywhere

A basic assumption of those seeking the Republican nomination is that pollution or global warming is an American issue and there is no need to examine whether or not this thing is occurring in other parts of the world. If one simply ignores the issue elsewhere then we here in America can continue doing whatever we do. Believe it or not, as Pope Francis notes, we are ALL guardians of this planet.The India National Health Profile indicates that at least 3.5 MILLION people in this country are suffering from acute respiratory infection and that thousands will die.

Naturally, this pitch about pollution does not resonate with Republican voters in the good state of Iowa. The concept of ‘connection’ is one lost on the clowns who seek the presidency. If any health problem is happening in the world, it is occurring thousands of miles from Wisconsin so, who cares? Of course, incredible fires in California, yes, California IS part of the US, occur partly due to global warming. But,then again, California will vote for Democrats, so who cares?

At age 85, I do not recall any such narrow minded candidates seeking the presidency.

Take A Deep Breath

There are nations which require improved work opportunities for people, a modern transportation system such as high speed trains or low cost planes, but in India, Prime Minister Modi has come up with an innovative approach to dealing with economic and social problems. It might be an idea for Republicans seeking the presidency since this can be attained without increasing taxes on our beloved wealthy job creators. According to PM Narendva Modi the problems of India can be solved by daily use of yoga. Just think what Ted Cruz can do with this idea– reduce taxes and do more yoga and America once again will be profitable and happy.

Arvind Singh, a sales person summed up the new program: “It’s really the only healthy way to start the day. Much better than eggs or a sandwich or tea.” This definitely has to become the rally cry of Republicans. Live on $7.25 an hour, just do your yoga and happiness will be your daily feeling.

Shame Of India

It is increasingly clear there is a war being waged in the nation of India. No,the enemy is NOT Muslim terrorists or jihadists, but the women of that land. Leslie Udwin made a film entitled, “India’s Daughter” which has aroused the anger of the government. The film depicts a rape of a young woman who took a bus at night in order to get home. Unknown to her the bus driver and his friends decided that any woman who took the bus home at night was apparently some prostitute of some gal that simply wanted to get raped. That simply is the story which includes interview with rapists who boast of their right to sexually assault andy and all women traveling at night away from home. No, the rape is not angering the government of India. Yes, the film which discusses the rape is infuriating the government of India. According to high level government officials it is not the rape which defames India, but reporting of the rape! Such films create ” fear” and “tension” so they must be banned form being shown.

According to Ms. Udwin, “the supreme irony is that they are now accusing me of having wanted tho point fingers at India, defame India, and is is they who have committed international suicide by banning the film.” I await a judge informing a jury that the defendant is the wronged one in this case because foreigners have defamed his name. What the hell is going on in India??

Hop Bus, Get Raped

The people of Turkey are part of an ancient civilization that has long been a source of peace. But, there is also something that has become all too often a frequent aspect of the culture of that land. Twenty year old Ozgecan Aslan simply got on a mini bus on her way home and the end result of this simple action wound up with her battered body being found. It was clear that she had been raped and then murdered. The sad aspect of this case is she was not the first woman to get on a bus and wind up raped and murdered. She was attacked by the bus driver, his dad and another guy. The fact this group worked together is clear they had long planned an attack on a woman. Thousands are in the streets of Turkey demanding an end to the campaign against women.

Many blame the government of President Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development party which believes the greets threat to women in Turkey stems from lack of education about the Muslim religion. Each month President Erdogan comes out with new ideas about making Muslim women more Muslim rather than making Muslim women more secure. He has become obsessed with more religious education rather than become concerned about the safety of women on public transport.

Obama Speaks Freely

As the leader of a nation, President Barack Obama has to be mindful about what he says in public. He just returned from a trip to India where his goal was to persuade the government of that nation to cooperate with the United States in creating a coalition of Asian nations that can restrict the drive south of China. The government of China desires to establish itself as the power in southeast Asia in order to dominate potential oil fields in the South China Sea. So, what does President Obama express in public: After expressing the idea that India is a beautiful country, he went on to say that “acts of intolerance (in India) that could have shocked Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi” have been common in that nation. He was referring to attacks upon Muslims in India.

Yes, there are attacks upon Muslims in India, yes, there is religious intolerance, but leaders of India are attempting to control such outbursts. India has numerous religions including Christians and Muslims, but it will take time for our concepts of religious freedom to become part of the laws of India. Have some patience.

Obama Now Takes On India!

There definitely is a new kid in town who is ready to take on the world in order to demonstrate that no one can frighten him into silence. President Barack Obama was in India wrapping up some trade agreements when he decided to inform the people of that nation it was time for them to end their war on women. “We know from experience that nations are more successful when their woman are successful.”He mad the point that nations “can’t simply ignore the talents of half of their people.” He also threw in some words about the all too often harassment of women on the streets of India where it is very difficult to convictf rapists. The President insisted that women “should be able to go about the day -to walk the streets or ride the bus, and be treated with dignity.’

For this to occur the police and courts of India have to decide that a rapist belongs in prison, not on the street or riding a bus where they can touch, kidnap and abuse women. The ball is in the court of the government of India.

So, Who Is Working?

The government of India is employing a new system for government employees. The experiment allows anyone in India to check on what a public servant is doing at this very moment. As a citizen in India, I can log in at a government website and discover if an employee checked into work today and whether or not he is at his desk. Alas, the website does not allow me to know if this person is actually doing work while seated at this desk. How about in America?

1. We have a website that allows us to know if our congressman is actually in the House of Representatives.

2. A website that allows us to know which bills our congressman has introduced this year.

3. A website that allows us to know what did our congressman say in Congress.

4. A website that allows Fact Check to inform us as to whether what our congressman spoke is factually correct.

Good Lord if we had that website Ted Cruz would have to remain silent when in the US Senate!

Then, again, how about a website that checks on commentators who speak on TV?

In fairness, we will exempt religious leaders from these websites. Now, as to God….

Tally-Ho Yells Taliban

Throughout the history of the nation of Pakistan has been continual dream that one day, India would be defeated and Pakistan would be the dominant nation in southeast Asia. Another dream is the belief all that is required to compel Pakistan terrorist groups is to accommodate their desires and extend the gentle hand of peace. Unfortunately, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has but one gaol–destroy the government of Pakistan and wipe out anyone who has the slightest interest in cultural beliefs consistent with the 21st century. This group believes in violence, it believes that anyone who seeks peace with India or western nations is an enemy who must be destroyed. For the past year, the Pakistan government has engaged in still another series of peace talks with this band of crazies.

So, what happened yesterday? These terrorists sent a ten men group of men to destroy the main airport in Karachi. The Jinnah International Airport was the scene of mayhem and violence as they blasted away at security guards, at passengers, and at the armed forces. When quiet was finally restored, the ten men were dead along with a dozen other innocent people. Most probably, the Pakistan government will once again initiate peace talks. The only intelligent peace talks should be with the government of India!