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So, Who Is Working?

The government of India is employing a new system for government employees. The experiment allows anyone in India to check on what a public servant is doing at this very moment. As a citizen in India, I can log in at a government website and discover if an employee checked into work today and whether or not he is at his desk. Alas, the website does not allow me to know if this person is actually doing work while seated at this desk. How about in America?

1. We have a website that allows us to know if our congressman is actually in the House of Representatives.

2. A website that allows us to know which bills our congressman has introduced this year.

3. A website that allows us to know what did our congressman say in Congress.

4. A website that allows Fact Check to inform us as to whether what our congressman spoke is factually correct.

Good Lord if we had that website Ted Cruz would have to remain silent when in the US Senate!

Then, again, how about a website that checks on commentators who speak on TV?

In fairness, we will exempt religious leaders from these websites. Now, as to God….

Tally-Ho Yells Taliban

Throughout the history of the nation of Pakistan has been continual dream that one day, India would be defeated and Pakistan would be the dominant nation in southeast Asia. Another dream is the belief all that is required to compel Pakistan terrorist groups is to accommodate their desires and extend the gentle hand of peace. Unfortunately, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has but one gaol–destroy the government of Pakistan and wipe out anyone who has the slightest interest in cultural beliefs consistent with the 21st century. This group believes in violence, it believes that anyone who seeks peace with India or western nations is an enemy who must be destroyed. For the past year, the Pakistan government has engaged in still another series of peace talks with this band of crazies.

So, what happened yesterday? These terrorists sent a ten men group of men to destroy the main airport in Karachi. The Jinnah International Airport was the scene of mayhem and violence as they blasted away at security guards, at passengers, and at the armed forces. When quiet was finally restored, the ten men were dead along with a dozen other innocent people. Most probably, the Pakistan government will once again initiate peace talks. The only intelligent peace talks should be with the government of India!

Boys Will Be Boys

There is no question that India is the world’s largest democracy and its people believe in a basic concept regarding the dignity of each human. Unfortunately, there exists in this nation men, who not only are elected officials, but men who simply believe in the inalienable right of a man to rape a woman. Babalai Gaur, a government official in Uttar Pradesh belongs to the party of recently elected Prime Minister Modi, and thus his words carry power because he represents the new leaders of India. When speaking to the media about the recent rape and murder of two young girls in his state, his words were: “This is a social crime which depends on men and women. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong. Until there is a complaint, nothing can be done.”

His words represent the bigoted mind of one who believes in the rights of men, and, as far as women are concerned, he believes it is their duty to obey men. Of course, his views were similar to Mulayam Singh Yadav who informed the world, “boys commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape?” Apparently not, in his home state. The real question is: why has this attitude become accepted behavior on the part of so many males in India??

Another Indian Horror

Even as you read these words, another woman in India is being raped and, most probably, the rapist or rapists will never see the inside of a jail, let alone a court of law. Two teenage sisters were raped and then killed by a band of men, including at least two policemen. Their bodies were left hanging from a mango tree. Hundreds of villagers now sit beneath the tree while two bodies swing in the air. They are members of the Dalit community–Untouchables in our language– whose rights remain less than equal to those of the remainder of Indians. It is more akin to the American South when KKK could hang in public “uppity coloreds” who really did not know their subservient place in society. Every twenty two minutes another Indian girl gets raped.

After all, this is the nation in which Mulayan Singh Yadov, a prominent member of a leading party laughed as he spoke about rape. “Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.” Yes, the nation of India is a democracy, but it is time to extend democratic principles which protect the dignity of Indian women.

Death In India

It was just another day in the northwest region of India. People went about their daily business, children were laughing, mothers were cooking dinner, fathers were chatting with friends, and then they came. Members of the Bodo ethnic group do not like Muslims, they do not like strangers, they do not like the modern world. They have one desire –to carve out a Bodo nation and depart from the country of India. Muslims are a minority in India which is mainly a Hindu society, but the Bodo ethnic group blames their anger. So, how did they handle their anger? They entered a town which was mainly Muslim and proceeded to kill. They killed men, they killed women, they killed small children, and they burned and burned and slaughtered because their cause required death and destruction.

By the time they were able to calm down their anger at least 30 Muslims were dead and dozens of homes had been burned. No, they did not leave with a new nation. They simply left feeling satisfied they had adhered to the teaching of whatever God they follow. Kill the children, that is what their God demands, and so they did.

India-Land Of Rapists

The people of India contain millions of wonderful human beings who work for the cause of human justice, but this nation is also home to some men who would be welcomed with open arms by those in our Tea Party. Some Indian leaders make statements that simply lack any sense of reality or interest in the lives of women. Mulayan Ssingh Yardev of the Socialist party in the state of Uttar Pradesh just had to inform the people of India that he must rank as the Number One woman hater in the world. He is very upset because two men in a recent Mumbai court decision were sentenced to jail for participating in a brutal gang rape of a woman. According to Yardev, if he is elected prime minister any law that sentences a man to jail for rape will be repealed because “boys will be boys.” After all, “following a girl-boy fight, the girl complains she was raped.” In the Mumbai rape the boys shoved a broom handle up her rear end.

One of his buddies, Abu Azmi went further. “Rape is punishable by hanging in India. But here noting happens to women, only to men, but women are also guilty.” Huh? How can one even respond to such stupidity. Oh, his son denounced dad and is furious at any and all rapists. I suggest we shove a broom handle up the butt of Abu!!

India Will Elect A Monster

The people of India will shortly participate in the world’s most populous election with over 700,000,000 voting for candidates to lead their nation. All reports indicate that Narenda Modi will become the next president of India. A dozen years ago he ran a state in India when over a thousand Muslims were slaughtered in a rampage of hatred set off by some killings on a train. Mr. Modi did not prevent the slaughter but encouraged such hatred to succeed. OK, so that was then and today is today. The problem with India is that one family for over sixty years has been in charge and one party, the National Congress, has basically run the nation. The family of Jawahara Nehru, a founder of modern India has run the show, and the results are mixed. India is definitely a modern democracy. The poor are still with us, and women fear for their lives in a society in which men rape and laugh and go home to rape and laugh.

Who knows? Perhaps, Mr. Modi has changed or evolved over the years. Perhaps, he has become a man who can jump start the economy of India in a manner that begins a process to end poverty and protects the women of this society. Who knows? At this point, Mr. Modi has the record of a monster. Will time tell another tale?

Hindu Tea Party Gaining Power

Given that we Americans possess a political party led by Tea Party fanatics it is difficult to blame other nations which possess those who demand censorship of “offensive items”in books or articles. Heck, the Texas book committee which decides on which books can be used by school districts has censored much material and is fighting to make certain that school children be taught the Creation theory of Science. In India, the Penguin Book Publishing company agreed to a decision by a court and will pulp a book entitled: “The Hindu” An Alternative History” by Wendy Dowinger because a group of Hindu fanatics claimed the book was “offensive” to them. Soon after that two Indian authors requested that Penguin pulp their books in order to protect them from Hindu fanatics who might decide murder is their game rather than pulping books.

Just as in the United States of America a group of fanatics whose ideas are closer to those of the Tea Party than to any form of sanity may well soon be in charge of running the entire nation. The head of the BJP is Narenda Modi who for years has been on the State Department list of possible war crime people, but since he may well gain victory in upcoming elections our government has decided that he really is not a bad guy after all.

Many on the social Media are replacing Penguin logo with the word, “chicken.” Sounds appropriate.

Oh My India, Forever Sexual Offenders!

I confess my ignorance as to why in India the forces of sexual violence run wild in pursuit of violating the dignity of women. We continually come across stories of groups of men who simply decide one day or night to approach a women and drag her off to be raped while insisting that HER behavior led them to feel the need of teaching her a lesson not to be provocative. An Indian magazine known as Tehelka, is regarded as a force in support of women rights. Its crusading editor, TaranTejpal, has been a voice for women. It now turns out that the voice for women also has as penis for women, particularly women he encounters who are attractive to his charms.

He was on an elevator along with a woman at a meeting that was discussing female rights when he decided that he had the right to assault the woman. According to this voice for women rights, he “had a lapse of judgment” or it could have been “an awful misreading of the situation.” I assume he thought she wanted sex with him in the elevator. This brave man has been in hiding since November 8, but the police finally caught up with him and now he is charged with the crime of rape.

Of course, in India one can be charged with rape, but to be convicted is another story.

Oh eleven reporters on his magazine, women, resigned.

Hello, Killer of People!

Conflict in India between the Muslim minority and the Hindu majority has been going on for many years. On occasion, this war of words and deeds has led to murder of innocent people who are stirred up with fear and hate about their opponents.n 2002, a disaster occurred when a fight broke out between Muslims traveling on a train and some Hindus.The conflict widened into mobs roaming the streets seeking Muslims to kill that day in the state of Gujarat. The leading Hindu politician in the state was Narendra Modi, who had the power to order police or army units to prevent the slaughter of Muslims which was occurring in the streets of towns and villages. He did absolutely nothing and the world viewed him as a person not desired to travel into their land.

Years passed and memories passed. Gradually one nation after another decided to grant Mr. Modi recognition as a distinguished leader since he headed the Nationalist Bharatiya Party which is rather strong in many areas of India. Nancy Powell, the American ambassador to India decided to greet the Hindu leader with warmth. He is now free to travel to America and tell audiences about his heroism in assisting in the murder of over 2,000 Muslims,