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India Will Elect A Monster

The people of India will shortly participate in the world’s most populous election with over 700,000,000 voting for candidates to lead their nation. All reports indicate that Narenda Modi will become the next president of India. A dozen years ago he ran a state in India when over a thousand Muslims were slaughtered in a rampage of hatred set off by some killings on a train. Mr. Modi did not prevent the slaughter but encouraged such hatred to succeed. OK, so that was then and today is today. The problem with India is that one family for over sixty years has been in charge and one party, the National Congress, has basically run the nation. The family of Jawahara Nehru, a founder of modern India has run the show, and the results are mixed. India is definitely a modern democracy. The poor are still with us, and women fear for their lives in a society in which men rape and laugh and go home to rape and laugh.

Who knows? Perhaps, Mr. Modi has changed or evolved over the years. Perhaps, he has become a man who can jump start the economy of India in a manner that begins a process to end poverty and protects the women of this society. Who knows? At this point, Mr. Modi has the record of a monster. Will time tell another tale?

Hindu Tea Party Gaining Power

Given that we Americans possess a political party led by Tea Party fanatics it is difficult to blame other nations which possess those who demand censorship of “offensive items”in books or articles. Heck, the Texas book committee which decides on which books can be used by school districts has censored much material and is fighting to make certain that school children be taught the Creation theory of Science. In India, the Penguin Book Publishing company agreed to a decision by a court and will pulp a book entitled: “The Hindu” An Alternative History” by Wendy Dowinger because a group of Hindu fanatics claimed the book was “offensive” to them. Soon after that two Indian authors requested that Penguin pulp their books in order to protect them from Hindu fanatics who might decide murder is their game rather than pulping books.

Just as in the United States of America a group of fanatics whose ideas are closer to those of the Tea Party than to any form of sanity may well soon be in charge of running the entire nation. The head of the BJP is Narenda Modi who for years has been on the State Department list of possible war crime people, but since he may well gain victory in upcoming elections our government has decided that he really is not a bad guy after all.

Many on the social Media are replacing Penguin logo with the word, “chicken.” Sounds appropriate.

Oh My India, Forever Sexual Offenders!

I confess my ignorance as to why in India the forces of sexual violence run wild in pursuit of violating the dignity of women. We continually come across stories of groups of men who simply decide one day or night to approach a women and drag her off to be raped while insisting that HER behavior led them to feel the need of teaching her a lesson not to be provocative. An Indian magazine known as Tehelka, is regarded as a force in support of women rights. Its crusading editor, TaranTejpal, has been a voice for women. It now turns out that the voice for women also has as penis for women, particularly women he encounters who are attractive to his charms.

He was on an elevator along with a woman at a meeting that was discussing female rights when he decided that he had the right to assault the woman. According to this voice for women rights, he “had a lapse of judgment” or it could have been “an awful misreading of the situation.” I assume he thought she wanted sex with him in the elevator. This brave man has been in hiding since November 8, but the police finally caught up with him and now he is charged with the crime of rape.

Of course, in India one can be charged with rape, but to be convicted is another story.

Oh eleven reporters on his magazine, women, resigned.

Hello, Killer of People!

Conflict in India between the Muslim minority and the Hindu majority has been going on for many years. On occasion, this war of words and deeds has led to murder of innocent people who are stirred up with fear and hate about their opponents.n 2002, a disaster occurred when a fight broke out between Muslims traveling on a train and some Hindus.The conflict widened into mobs roaming the streets seeking Muslims to kill that day in the state of Gujarat. The leading Hindu politician in the state was Narendra Modi, who had the power to order police or army units to prevent the slaughter of Muslims which was occurring in the streets of towns and villages. He did absolutely nothing and the world viewed him as a person not desired to travel into their land.

Years passed and memories passed. Gradually one nation after another decided to grant Mr. Modi recognition as a distinguished leader since he headed the Nationalist Bharatiya Party which is rather strong in many areas of India. Nancy Powell, the American ambassador to India decided to greet the Hindu leader with warmth. He is now free to travel to America and tell audiences about his heroism in assisting in the murder of over 2,000 Muslims,

Agony Of Women In India

Members of the American Republican party are continually furious at Democrats who claim they are engaged in a “war against women.” In defense of Republicans, the “war”they rage against women in America would be regarded as loving platform for women in the nation of India. We recently reported about a woman who was gang raped in a village because she could not pay a fine imposed for the fact she slept with a married man. It now turns out that police have discovered videos made by the rapists who thought they not only had a right to rape, but to make a video of the rape. The woman, who is Hindu, slept with a married Muslim man, and when it became clear that she could not pay a fine, the headman told one and all in the village: “Since they(woman and man she slept with) are to give you the money, you can have fun with her and do whatever you like to her.” The police actually arrested someone for raping a woman, and in this case found the videos they made of their sexual performance.”

The government of India will build a home for the woman which will be about 15 metres from where she was attacked. It would be shocking if the men actually wound up in jail. I assume they will sell rights to their videos to the highest bidder.

Oh, as of this date, there is no information if the man who slept with the woman will face any problems in life.

The Indian Tragedy Continues

There is no question that India has emerged from its era of colonialism to become the world’s largest democracy, but somewhere on this road to focusing on individual rights, the place of women has become neglected. Scarcely a day goes by without another story concerning rape and no punishment. During the past six months there have been several rapes of women in broad daylight without any effort made by anyone to halt this brutality. A new story has just emerged about a young woman in a village who had an affair with a married man who lived in another village. Her village council chief brought his group together and they decided the woman has been involved in an “unauthorized relationship” and thus had to be punished. The guilty verdict was uttered by the council chief who told males in the village the girl had to be punished as well as pay a fine. Since she did not pay the fine, he invited them to be “free and enjoy the girl and have fun.”

She was repeatedly raped and the entire village did nothing. The government,most probably, will not do anything beyond admit the rape was wrong. Last October a woman who was raped reported it to the police, after leaving the police station the men who raped her, did it again.

Will India ever get around to practicing democracy for its women??

If Female, Stay Out Of India!

Along with many people, I was raised to believe the nation of India was inhabited by very religious people who were in contact with their inner souls and felt as one with other humans. The recent incident in New York City which entailed an Indian diplomat who abused her maid caused me to rethink attitudes toward the nation of India. People in India were furious because an Indian diplomat who worked her maid sixteen hours a day was charged with a crime. The maid is the last thought on the mind of the Indian government. Yesterday in the heart of New Dehli, a Danish woman was returning from a visit to the National Museum and asked for directions back to her hotel. She was grabbed by a group of men and gang raped, as well as being robbed. She fled the country. I await complaints from the government of India about this woman who left their country without thanking the people of India for its hospitality.

Between January and October of 2013, approximately 1,330 women were raped in the city of New Dehli. I would welcome knowing how many of the rapists went to trial, and if they did, what exactly was the punishment? It is time for people of the world to demand that India pay attention to preventing rape and to vigorous punishment of those who rape.

Oh, a rapist was caught and admitted that he had raped 59 women over the course of two years!!

Much Ado About Nothing In India

The government of India is very upset at actions by American officials who dared to interfere in a case dealing with the right of Indian officials in America to abuse their maids. After all, this involves India, the land in which a female who goes out without a weapon in her purse is subject not only to be raped, but to gang rape that all too often is ignored by police and courts in India. Of course, if an Indian female decides to abuse her maid by promising a salary of $4,500 a month and then paying her 300, it is OK if the female is of the right caste and has access to the right people. Devyuani Kobragarde was working in the Indian consul in New York City when it was discovered she was abusing her maid with 80 hour work weeks and $300 a month. She was taken to a police station and searched which horrified the Indian government which is never horrified when an ordinary Indian woman is gang raped. Heck, as far as those who run the government of India are concerned, gang rape is simply the guys having a good time and who told the woman to display her body in public??

US energy chief Ernest Moniz and Asia Nisha Biswai of the State Department are not going to India because the Indian government is still upset at the Khobragarde situation. They closed a club for Americans and they removed anti-terror barriers in front of the embassy. One can only wonder why a strip search looms more important to those who run India than a gang rape does? I suspect if the “right” woman is insulted, then all hell breaks loose, if an ordinary Indian woman is abused, who the hell cares. Not a single concern expressed by the government of India towards the maid who was abused. Wonder why”?

Shame Of India!

The people of India represent an important force for democracy in Asia, but there are also troubling aspects of this nation which have yet to be addressed. For too long, the upper classes of India have behaved in the same ruthless manner to poor people as found among the wealthy people of the United States of America. Women have been gang raped in India or forced to marry against their wishes, and everything is excused on the basis of “tradition.” A recent case in America led to anti-American riots in India. Devyani Khobragade, India counsel general in New York City was charged with abusing her maid. She had informed immigration officials that she was paying her maid $4,500 a month when applying for a visa to bring the maid in from India. It turned out the maid was working a 16 hour day and receiving the wonderful sum of $3 an hour!

Ms. Khobragade was arrested for abusing her maid. She WAS stripped searched and treated like an American common criminal. This led to anti-American riots in India and denial of basic diplomatic treatment. Diplomats can park where they desire, do what they desire and no one can touch their bodies. The government of India made clear, “there was only one victim in this case, Devyani Khobragade,”

Frankly, foreign diplomats all too often traffic in maids who are brought into America and treated like dirt. It is time India began to behave like the great nation it should become. RESPECT YOUR WOMEN!!

An American Apology

Today is Thursday so President Obama is at home and Secretary of State John Kerry is not in the Middle East. I believe on Thursday, the American government apologizes to someone in Asia, yesterday was the weekly apology for something that went wrong on Obamacare. The apology centered on treatment towards India’s deputy council, Ms. Devyan Khabragdad. As far as we can determine”

Devyan told immigration folk that she paid her housekeeper about $4,500 a month. Turns out it was probably closer to $3 an hour. In other words, she was ripping off an immigrant and making out like a bandit. There is no question if “social justice” is the issue in this case, the Indian diplomat is not an innocent person.

But, what happens? It is a case of cheating a poor women. So, what do US police do? They STRIP SEARCH a human being. What exactly were they seeking? A hidden whip? Money secreted away in her ass? Enough with strip searching everyone for no reason. There are times when people are simply petty criminals, not the next Osama bin Laden!!