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The Dishonor Of Honor

The one certainty of life is a certain appearance of a story from some area of the world in which some members of a family decide to murder other members of the family for some alleged “dishonor” of the family name. A village in the district of Rohtak, which lies near New Delhi in India was the scene of brutal murders when mom and dad and some other members of the family decided in order to express their love for a daughter to beat the hell out of her. And, for good measure, they also beat up and cut the head off her boyfriend, the man she wanted to marry. The family failed to burn the bodies of these two young people. Their crimes;

1. Falling in love while studying at a college where they both wanted to become teachers.
2. Dating one another.
3. Not obeying mom and dad.
4. Not marrying the boy who her parents wanted to become her husband.
5. Defiling the good name of the family by loving one other than parents said should be loved.

Such is the way of HONOR.

Hang Them Till Dead!

Those who seek social justice in India are caught in a dilemma of justice. Four men were sentenced to death by hanging for the brutal murder of a young woman who was not only raped but tortured to death. In an ordinary year in India about 25,000 women are raped. The fear of rape is endemic in India and many woman place their life at risk for the simple act of going into the streets of a town. Judge Yogesh Khanna shouted his anger at the murder of the women and expressed the feelings of millions when he said the four men “should hang by the neck until they are dead.” If 25,000 are raped then one is left to wonder if the solution is 25,000 men hanging by the neck until dead. Frankly, I share the feelings of the judge, given the brutality of what these men did to a woman. Perhaps, they should have had iron bars shoved up their asses until they collapsed in pain. My heart cries out for revenge at the actions of these men. At the same time, my logical mind wonders if death by hanging will actually prevent rape in India.

Frankly, I do not understand how the women of India can be protected against rape. A campaign to end rape must begin in families, in neighborhoods, in schools and in religious groups. It will be a long campaign and during the process the courts must be effective. Above all, it will require a police force which acts decisively against rapist. Frankly, I doubt this will occur within the coming years.

Nothing New-Gang Rape In India

Another day, another gang rape in India. It increasingly is becoming a surprise to get through a day in India without some woman being assaulted by a group of men. Naturally, after the woman is attacked, the rapists disappear into the darkness, some police show up, I think, and they do something, about the crime, but I am unclear as to what they actually are investigating. A female photo-journalist was working on an assignment taking pictures of old buildings in Mumbai when her assistant and she were approached by five men inside an abandoned textile mill. They tied up her assistant and proceeded to gang rape the woman. This is not an unusual occurrence, and failure of police to capture rapists is rather common. As women activist Kavita Krishman notes, “Mumbai was always safe for women, but in recent years the emphasis of the police and the home department has shifted from protecting women to restricting women’s freedom.”

Oh well, there is always tomorrow in Mumbai. Another attack, another promise to do something and another group of rapists wandering the streets in hope to find a woman.

Rape Is A Slow Train In India

Rape has become an important issue not merely to the women of India, but to prospective tourists who do not partcularly feel comfortable on the streets of this country since men apparently have the right to touch and feel and do other things if they so desire. Afer the gant rape of a young university student, the Indian government promised fast and effective action against the rapists.Several months later, the “fast track” court has yet to move from the station. This is the procedure followed by a “fast track” court:

1. The court meets for two hours.

2. The judge translates tesxtimony sentence by sentence from Hindi into English.

3. Errors by the court stenographer are discussed.

4. Lawyers argue as to who is colluding with police.

The woman is dead. We expect this case will probably conclude about the time the defendants are ready to depart from this planet.

Women At Risk

Like many Americans I was raised with stories about how people of Asia adhered to religions which stressed kindness and peace to all. However, there is one area of human interaction in which people of some other religions readily surpass those living in Christian or Jewish areas of the world. Attacks on women apparently continues and this stems from beliefs among males that women are fair game once they hit the streets of any city or once they enter a train, trolley or taxi. Preeti Rathi was an attractive female in the city of Mumbai, India who made the mistake of traveling on a train. As she left the train a deranged young man threw acid in her face causing her to quickly switch from beautiful to grotesque. She is one of 56 such cases reported during the past three months in Mumbai!

For some reason acid attacks on females occur all too often in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. Fortunately, the government of Bangladesh has taken action by passing stiff laws that actually send to prison men who perform this assault on human dignity. Usually, the attacks stem from domestic disputes, dowry demands, land quarrels or revenge. Half women assaulted are under the age of 18.

Playboy Of Eastern World

Imran Khan is an important figure in Pakistan and his name is known to one and all. He is among the most famous cricket players in his nation’s history, which is, most probably, the reason why Khan is regarded as a possible candidate for the position of prime minister. In addition, he is known to dozens of women, including many who are not even of the Muslim faith. He does have some strange ideas for a Pakistan leader:

Peace with India.

Make landowners actually pay taxes.

Peace with the Taliban.

End close ties with the US.

His Pakistan Movement for Justice Party supports a more equitable society. Yes, Khan is popular, he is charismatic, but can he overcome the old boys who run the nation and their military allies??

Should He Quit?

Neeraj Kumar is Police Commissioner of Delhi and thus responsible for handling crime in his city. Day after day, week after week, month after month, there are stories of women being abused, children being raped and nothing is done to th soe in the police force who assist criminals who assault females-of all ages. A five year old girl was kidnapped, raped and raped over the course of two days. Parents of the girl were given $36 by a uniformed policeman and a plains clothes policeman if they would not lodge a complaint about the assault. On his initial contact with the police, no one at the station had the faintest idea to investigate the case.

Commissioner Kumar wants to find the names of these policemen. I doubt if he was able to find the name of a criminal who entered a police station and robbed it.
The police in India have no respect f0r women, and certainly not concern about female children.

India And Rape

The war on women is among the most ignored in our world. Say the word, “terrorist” and nations are prepared to dispatch troops and planes and drones to identify those creatures and wipe them off the face of the Earth. Say the word, “rape” and, all too often, the response is a smile or an expression that “women entice men by their dress so you should understand why women get attacked, they caused it.” No one ever excuses terrorists for their actions. The Parliament  of India has finally passed legislation dealing with rape. Actions such as stalking, voyeurism, and sexual harassment are now crimes. There will be a death penalty possibility for anyone who repeatedly rapes women.

It is now a crime in India if police refuse to investigate a report of rape. These are excellent new laws, but the central question is whether police will enforce the laws. All too often police in India simply place the charge on the bottom of the pile. Time passes and evidence is no longer fresh.

Unfortunately, the new legislation does not make rape in marriage a crime.

Indian Tales Of Rape

It is unusual these days examining the media without encountering a story dealing with a woman not only being raped but also being brutally beaten if not murdered. Two months ago a young Indian girl and her boyfriend were assaulted, she was beaten, raped and then murdered. Two days ago a Swiss couple on a vacation to India  decided to camp in a remote part of the country. Six  men appeared and proceeded to beat the couple and then each farmer proceeded to rape the woman. Fortunately, in this case no one wound up being murdered.

A spokesperson for the Madya Pradesh police made clear what those in authority believe concerning the act of rape. He blamed them for camping in wrong place. “No one stops there. Why did they choose that place?” Valid questions but what do they have with the act of rape? Sorry, sir, rapists rape both in desolate places or in cities.

The Power Of Rape

It is unusual these days opening a newspaper without encountering another story of, not merely rape of a woman, but brutalization of her body and even death. People in India are still furious at the gang rape of a young woman by men who insist they did not do anything wrong, and it was her fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and wearing provocative clothes that drove them to attack her. In South Africa, there is still shock at the rape of 17 year old Anene Booysen who was beaten, mutilated and assaulted by a gang of thugs.

In South Africa a key issue is whether police can test those who rape for HIV. The South African Human  Rights Commission insists to test means to ignore the rights of those deemed innocent until proven guilty. Yes, we defend the right of those who must always be deemed innocent until convicted, but a woman has been raped and she needs to know if she was infected. There are times…