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If Female, Stay Out Of India!

Along with many people, I was raised to believe the nation of India was inhabited by very religious people who were in contact with their inner souls and felt as one with other humans. The recent incident in New York City which entailed an Indian diplomat who abused her maid caused me to rethink attitudes toward the nation of India. People in India were furious because an Indian diplomat who worked her maid sixteen hours a day was charged with a crime. The maid is the last thought on the mind of the Indian government. Yesterday in the heart of New Dehli, a Danish woman was returning from a visit to the National Museum and asked for directions back to her hotel. She was grabbed by a group of men and gang raped, as well as being robbed. She fled the country. I await complaints from the government of India about this woman who left their country without thanking the people of India for its hospitality.

Between January and October of 2013, approximately 1,330 women were raped in the city of New Dehli. I would welcome knowing how many of the rapists went to trial, and if they did, what exactly was the punishment? It is time for people of the world to demand that India pay attention to preventing rape and to vigorous punishment of those who rape.

Oh, a rapist was caught and admitted that he had raped 59 women over the course of two years!!

Much Ado About Nothing In India

The government of India is very upset at actions by American officials who dared to interfere in a case dealing with the right of Indian officials in America to abuse their maids. After all, this involves India, the land in which a female who goes out without a weapon in her purse is subject not only to be raped, but to gang rape that all too often is ignored by police and courts in India. Of course, if an Indian female decides to abuse her maid by promising a salary of $4,500 a month and then paying her 300, it is OK if the female is of the right caste and has access to the right people. Devyuani Kobragarde was working in the Indian consul in New York City when it was discovered she was abusing her maid with 80 hour work weeks and $300 a month. She was taken to a police station and searched which horrified the Indian government which is never horrified when an ordinary Indian woman is gang raped. Heck, as far as those who run the government of India are concerned, gang rape is simply the guys having a good time and who told the woman to display her body in public??

US energy chief Ernest Moniz and Asia Nisha Biswai of the State Department are not going to India because the Indian government is still upset at the Khobragarde situation. They closed a club for Americans and they removed anti-terror barriers in front of the embassy. One can only wonder why a strip search looms more important to those who run India than a gang rape does? I suspect if the “right” woman is insulted, then all hell breaks loose, if an ordinary Indian woman is abused, who the hell cares. Not a single concern expressed by the government of India towards the maid who was abused. Wonder why”?

Shame Of India!

The people of India represent an important force for democracy in Asia, but there are also troubling aspects of this nation which have yet to be addressed. For too long, the upper classes of India have behaved in the same ruthless manner to poor people as found among the wealthy people of the United States of America. Women have been gang raped in India or forced to marry against their wishes, and everything is excused on the basis of “tradition.” A recent case in America led to anti-American riots in India. Devyani Khobragade, India counsel general in New York City was charged with abusing her maid. She had informed immigration officials that she was paying her maid $4,500 a month when applying for a visa to bring the maid in from India. It turned out the maid was working a 16 hour day and receiving the wonderful sum of $3 an hour!

Ms. Khobragade was arrested for abusing her maid. She WAS stripped searched and treated like an American common criminal. This led to anti-American riots in India and denial of basic diplomatic treatment. Diplomats can park where they desire, do what they desire and no one can touch their bodies. The government of India made clear, “there was only one victim in this case, Devyani Khobragade,”

Frankly, foreign diplomats all too often traffic in maids who are brought into America and treated like dirt. It is time India began to behave like the great nation it should become. RESPECT YOUR WOMEN!!

An American Apology

Today is Thursday so President Obama is at home and Secretary of State John Kerry is not in the Middle East. I believe on Thursday, the American government apologizes to someone in Asia, yesterday was the weekly apology for something that went wrong on Obamacare. The apology centered on treatment towards India’s deputy council, Ms. Devyan Khabragdad. As far as we can determine”

Devyan told immigration folk that she paid her housekeeper about $4,500 a month. Turns out it was probably closer to $3 an hour. In other words, she was ripping off an immigrant and making out like a bandit. There is no question if “social justice” is the issue in this case, the Indian diplomat is not an innocent person.

But, what happens? It is a case of cheating a poor women. So, what do US police do? They STRIP SEARCH a human being. What exactly were they seeking? A hidden whip? Money secreted away in her ass? Enough with strip searching everyone for no reason. There are times when people are simply petty criminals, not the next Osama bin Laden!!

Indians Above The Law!

India is among the world’s most important democratic nations but it still remains a society in which those with money and power expect to be treated with respect and left alone if they flout the laws of human justice. The government of India is shocked because it’s deputy counsel general in New York City made false statements about how she was paying and treating her housekeeper. Devyani Khobragade told immigration officials that she was paying her employee $4,500 a month when, in reality, she was paying her $3 an hour. Naturally, to Indian society the victim was not the housekeeper, but the employer who abused this woman and denied her a decent salary. Her family believes their daughter has been humiliated and diplomatic immunity has been violated.

Mani Shjankar of the Congress party of India is angry. “Democracy in America apparently means the right of lower orders to be rude to their social superiors.” Absolutely. And, it also means men can not go around raping women. And, when arrested, freed from any jail time.

Another Day, Another Bombing

Another day in India and nothing to report except another gang rape of a girl and another place where someone decided to leave some bombs that would blast away. Naturally, the bombs were set by Islamist terror groups and there was absolutely no reason to kill anyone in India. Once increasingly gets the feeling that there are groups in Pakistan who simply can not get through the day without setting off a bomb. Some folk enjoy a hearty breakfast to begin the day, but Muslim Pakistanis prefer a solid bombing in the morning to make their day. Two captured suspects claimed the outlawed Indian Mujahideen got them to set off the bombs. My question is: What exactly will change by setting off these bombs? Will Islamist terrorists gain something that leads to attaining their goal or their goals?

I am lost. OK, we do know that bombs can be set off. We do know that people will die. We do know there will not be changes in Indian foreign policy toward Muslims. So, what is it that we do not know?

Another Day, Another War

Oh well, another day on planet Earth, another day of violence and anger and death. Over fifty years ago when India was given its independence from England, the nation was divided into an India and the country of Pakistan. However, during the turbulent times of forming nations, a dispute arose between the two new entities over the province of Kashmir. Each claimed the area and, naturally, they went to war over the area. It is now almost seventy years later and the fight continues with India controlling a majority of the area. Muslim militants put on uniforms of the Indian army, crossed the border and began blasting away. They killed Indian soliders and then went on to another area in order to continue the fight.

Naurally, there was a scheduled meeting between Indian Prime Minister Singh with his Pakistan counterpart, Nawaz Sharif. No meeting will be held. But, one can be confident that fighting will continue along with death. Just another day on planet Earth

The Dishonor Of Honor

The one certainty of life is a certain appearance of a story from some area of the world in which some members of a family decide to murder other members of the family for some alleged “dishonor” of the family name. A village in the district of Rohtak, which lies near New Delhi in India was the scene of brutal murders when mom and dad and some other members of the family decided in order to express their love for a daughter to beat the hell out of her. And, for good measure, they also beat up and cut the head off her boyfriend, the man she wanted to marry. The family failed to burn the bodies of these two young people. Their crimes;

1. Falling in love while studying at a college where they both wanted to become teachers.
2. Dating one another.
3. Not obeying mom and dad.
4. Not marrying the boy who her parents wanted to become her husband.
5. Defiling the good name of the family by loving one other than parents said should be loved.

Such is the way of HONOR.

Hang Them Till Dead!

Those who seek social justice in India are caught in a dilemma of justice. Four men were sentenced to death by hanging for the brutal murder of a young woman who was not only raped but tortured to death. In an ordinary year in India about 25,000 women are raped. The fear of rape is endemic in India and many woman place their life at risk for the simple act of going into the streets of a town. Judge Yogesh Khanna shouted his anger at the murder of the women and expressed the feelings of millions when he said the four men “should hang by the neck until they are dead.” If 25,000 are raped then one is left to wonder if the solution is 25,000 men hanging by the neck until dead. Frankly, I share the feelings of the judge, given the brutality of what these men did to a woman. Perhaps, they should have had iron bars shoved up their asses until they collapsed in pain. My heart cries out for revenge at the actions of these men. At the same time, my logical mind wonders if death by hanging will actually prevent rape in India.

Frankly, I do not understand how the women of India can be protected against rape. A campaign to end rape must begin in families, in neighborhoods, in schools and in religious groups. It will be a long campaign and during the process the courts must be effective. Above all, it will require a police force which acts decisively against rapist. Frankly, I doubt this will occur within the coming years.

Nothing New-Gang Rape In India

Another day, another gang rape in India. It increasingly is becoming a surprise to get through a day in India without some woman being assaulted by a group of men. Naturally, after the woman is attacked, the rapists disappear into the darkness, some police show up, I think, and they do something, about the crime, but I am unclear as to what they actually are investigating. A female photo-journalist was working on an assignment taking pictures of old buildings in Mumbai when her assistant and she were approached by five men inside an abandoned textile mill. They tied up her assistant and proceeded to gang rape the woman. This is not an unusual occurrence, and failure of police to capture rapists is rather common. As women activist Kavita Krishman notes, “Mumbai was always safe for women, but in recent years the emphasis of the police and the home department has shifted from protecting women to restricting women’s freedom.”

Oh well, there is always tomorrow in Mumbai. Another attack, another promise to do something and another group of rapists wandering the streets in hope to find a woman.