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Playboy Of Eastern World

Imran Khan is an important figure in Pakistan and his name is known to one and all. He is among the most famous cricket players in his nation’s history, which is, most probably, the reason why Khan is regarded as a possible candidate for the position of prime minister. In addition, he is known to dozens of women, including many who are not even of the Muslim faith. He does have some strange ideas for a Pakistan leader:

Peace with India.

Make landowners actually pay taxes.

Peace with the Taliban.

End close ties with the US.

His Pakistan Movement for Justice Party supports a more equitable society. Yes, Khan is popular, he is charismatic, but can he overcome the old boys who run the nation and their military allies??

Should He Quit?

Neeraj Kumar is Police Commissioner of Delhi and thus responsible for handling crime in his city. Day after day, week after week, month after month, there are stories of women being abused, children being raped and nothing is done to th soe in the police force who assist criminals who assault females-of all ages. A five year old girl was kidnapped, raped and raped over the course of two days. Parents of the girl were given $36 by a uniformed policeman and a plains clothes policeman if they would not lodge a complaint about the assault. On his initial contact with the police, no one at the station had the faintest idea to investigate the case.

Commissioner Kumar wants to find the names of these policemen. I doubt if he was able to find the name of a criminal who entered a police station and robbed it.
The police in India have no respect f0r women, and certainly not concern about female children.

India And Rape

The war on women is among the most ignored in our world. Say the word, “terrorist” and nations are prepared to dispatch troops and planes and drones to identify those creatures and wipe them off the face of the Earth. Say the word, “rape” and, all too often, the response is a smile or an expression that “women entice men by their dress so you should understand why women get attacked, they caused it.” No one ever excuses terrorists for their actions. The Parliament  of India has finally passed legislation dealing with rape. Actions such as stalking, voyeurism, and sexual harassment are now crimes. There will be a death penalty possibility for anyone who repeatedly rapes women.

It is now a crime in India if police refuse to investigate a report of rape. These are excellent new laws, but the central question is whether police will enforce the laws. All too often police in India simply place the charge on the bottom of the pile. Time passes and evidence is no longer fresh.

Unfortunately, the new legislation does not make rape in marriage a crime.

Indian Tales Of Rape

It is unusual these days examining the media without encountering a story dealing with a woman not only being raped but also being brutally beaten if not murdered. Two months ago a young Indian girl and her boyfriend were assaulted, she was beaten, raped and then murdered. Two days ago a Swiss couple on a vacation to India  decided to camp in a remote part of the country. Six  men appeared and proceeded to beat the couple and then each farmer proceeded to rape the woman. Fortunately, in this case no one wound up being murdered.

A spokesperson for the Madya Pradesh police made clear what those in authority believe concerning the act of rape. He blamed them for camping in wrong place. “No one stops there. Why did they choose that place?” Valid questions but what do they have with the act of rape? Sorry, sir, rapists rape both in desolate places or in cities.

The Power Of Rape

It is unusual these days opening a newspaper without encountering another story of, not merely rape of a woman, but brutalization of her body and even death. People in India are still furious at the gang rape of a young woman by men who insist they did not do anything wrong, and it was her fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and wearing provocative clothes that drove them to attack her. In South Africa, there is still shock at the rape of 17 year old Anene Booysen who was beaten, mutilated and assaulted by a gang of thugs.

In South Africa a key issue is whether police can test those who rape for HIV. The South African Human  Rights Commission insists to test means to ignore the rights of those deemed innocent until proven guilty. Yes, we defend the right of those who must always be deemed innocent until convicted, but a woman has been raped and she needs to know if she was infected. There are times…

Muslims Hate The West

Hardly a day goes by without someone ranting about Muslims and their hatred of the West. The assumption is that those of the Muslim faith have an unrelenting hatred of anything connected to Western societies. During the past few weeks, thousands of Mali people danced in the streets when they discovered French troops had driven out Islamist fanatics. The people of Mali wanted WESTERN troops to free them from MUSLIM TYRANNY. Turkey seeks entry into the European Union so it can secure a taste of Western life including adhering to Western human rights. In the streets of Cairo and Tunis and Damascus, Muslims are fighing Muslims, NOT THE WEST!

Each year about 200,000 students from Asian, African and Middle Eastern nations come to the US or England in search of education. They want Western ideas, they live as Westerners and many think like them. Thousands of these students remain in the US or England or France because this is the life they seek.

Enough with the Muslim hate of the West.

India Women Still Abused

A new report by the Indian government that pertains to the situation o f women  in their country calls for action to defend the rights and dignity of females. Chief Justice Sharan Verma oversaw the report which  blasts the inept police of the country as well as male chauvinistic attitudes that place women in a powerless second class citizenship. The report calls for an end of police spending time questioning victims rather than criminals and heavier sentences to those who assault women

Even as the report became public the trial of five men who beat, raped and killed a woman was taking place. It is among the first times that Indian men are actuality on trial for violating the dignity and lives of females.

The real question is whether the government will do something!

Rape Roars Right Across India

India is among the most important success stories of the 21st century. It has created a viable middle class even while most Indians live in poverty and ignorance. The average male in India believes he has the right to abuse women even if it means beating, raping or even killing them. The recent episode in which five young men tricked a couple into entering their “bus” only to assault and kill the young women has shocked many, but not all people in India. The young men continue to boast of their rich to rape and charge the woman was the aggressor because she enticed them and forced them to rape her.

A crazy story, but one believed by millions of men in India. At this point the government finally got around to placing the men on trial, and, most probably, they will wind up with some punishment. The real question is: a one shot decision due to publicity or a significant change in policy toward rape of women??

Rapists Assaulted By Victims!

India is a democratic nation, but when it comes to issues of rape and assault on women, a significant portion of society believes men have the right to enjoy sexuality and any woman who resists their charms should be beaten or even killed. Six young men are on trial for beating, raping and killing a 23 year old woman. In the view of their lawyer, Manohar Lal Sharma, the dead woman should be on trial for enticing these defenseless young men and causing them pain and humiliation for simply following through on their rightful right to rape women. Mr. Sharma now claims his clients were beaten and tortured by policy including having sticks shoved up their rear end. How dare the police do to these innocent men what they did to a woman?

Most probably, being police in India, any one arrested faced rather brutal conditions. At least two men want to be state witnesses but the police refused their request. Sharma seeks to transform the trial about a rape and murder of  a woman into a trial against the police. I have a hunch that millions of men in India are on his side.

Send Raped Women To Jail!

In school  I learned that India was the home of great philosophies about human conduct and their religious leaders were men of wisdom. Mohan Bhagwat, a famous guru of wisdom told the world that a woman who was beaten and raped by six men is the culprit because  she did no do enough to end the rape. She should have  “chanted God’s name and fallen at the feet of her attackers” in order to halt the rape. This  failure observes the rapists of any guilt in the assault. I think it is a bit difficult to fall  on one’s knees when two guys are on top of your body and beating the hell out of you.

At the courtroom, lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma was even more eloquent. He also blamed the murdered  woman for getting herself raped and killed. “Until today, I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not touch a girl with respect.” He wants to know why she was out late at night and sought a public transportation vehicle. Didn’t she know those buses were run by gangsters and rapists?

This trial is a solid reason for not visiting India, the land of wise philosophers.