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Rape In India-Again!!

India is the world’s largest democracies and it has witnessed during the past several decades a phenomenal growth in its economy. In many respects the nation now possesses a first class society in which a percent  of its population has access to modern ways of life. At the same time, along with these signs of economic and social development,  Indian society remains tied to a past in which males can brutalize females without worrying about punishment. Several days ago, once again, an Indian female was attacked by men who thought nothing wrong with assaulting a woman in broad daylight, raping her, and then throwing her body off a bus.

The 21 year old female was a college student who boarded what she thought was a public bus only to be met by six young thugs who performed the rape and sent her flying off the bus. This incident sparked an enormous protest by men and women who are tired of a society in which males are allowed to act in this manner and rarely are arrested. Finally, these men are going to be tried for murder since the young woman died. This must be the beginning of tough sentences and even death for any man who assaults a woman in India!


Rape Rampant In India

It is common in western societies for learned men to describe the peaceful and reflective religious practices of India as an example in which there is a sense of peace and harmony within the country. Esmerelda Jelbart Wallbridge, went to India and spent months working and listening to stories by the women of that  society which describe brutality and violence on a scale unknown in most societies of the world. Last week a 23 year old woman boarded a bus in the heart of Delhi and was subsequently beaten, raped by six men and thrown off a moving vehicle. During the past several days the anger of women has resulted in massive demonstrations of anger against a government that preaches love and respect, but is only concerned about males with money.

Ms. Wallbridge reflecting on her encounters with women notes: “While in Delhi I started hearing obscenities and less comments on a daily basis.” She was warn by women to avoid crowds and stay away from any group of males. She was told by women “who have been raped at various places of the day or night.” The so-called “traditional values” are simply used to cover up brutality toward women.

The facts are clear. Of 256,321 cases of violence in India, 228,650 were against women. Perhaps the men of India might copy male attitudes toward women that are present in most western societies.

Dehli Not Delightful For Females!

It is fascinating being an observer to the situation faced by women in nations like India or Pakistan. Religious leaders in those countries insist on strict adherence to moral values including respect for women. They frown on women walking the streets without supervision, they are furious if a woman is in a car with a male who is not their relative, but when males assault women the only conclusion is that females deserved to be attacked because somehow their attire or behavior justified male brutality.

Last week two females in India were riding on a public bus when a group of males jumped them and proceeded to rape and beat them. Finally, after protests swept the nation, police in New Delhi will provided guards on buses and ensure that bus drivers protected their passengers rather than join in assaulting them. Of course, a persistent problem is  fear on the part of  women to come forth and describe these assaults. They are worried if they go to the police, they will be the ones arrested!!

What Is With Cartoons?

There are nations in this world in which the worse crime anyone can commit is to draw a cartoon. Muslims have gone wild with fury at cartoons which depict Muhammed even while few take to the streets when 20,000 Syrians are murdered by their government. The same madness appears to be similar in India where a young cartoonist is now in jail for plying his trade of drawing cartoons.

Aseem Trivedi, age 25, turned himself into the police where he will spend two weeks in jail on grounds of sedition. Did he betray his nation? Did he steal in order to be like so many Indians politicians who accumulate riches by serving in Parliament? NO,  he drew a cartoon which depicted the parliament building as a lavatory buzzing with flies!!

An Indian official explained that cartoonists “cannot make national symbols the object of their cartoon.” The only funny aspect of this story is the comedian posing as a government official.

I await a summons to jail.

Death Without Fury

James Holmes gained instant fame by entering a movie theater and killing a dozen people while wounding over 50. His name is now known throughout the world. Articles and books and TV shows and movies will be made about his life. Fifty years from now psychologists will be discussing the man with red hair who shifted from being a Ph.D. candidate to a candidate for Hell. But, the same day that he killed, hundreds of other humans were being killed without any notice on the part of the media.

In northern India, members of the ethnic Bodo tribe attacked Muslim settlers and killed at least 20 of them. They burned 80 homes in order to make clear their desire for Muslims to leave their land. In Iraq, over 100 died on a bloody day of slaughter and death. It is doubtful if movies will be made about these dead people. It is not the number killed that interests the media, but who are those being killed!

India’s God Of Fire Missile!

The world is currently consumed with confronting Iran’s missile development program because of fear that as more and more nations obtain nuclear capability the world is less and less safe. India is testing a new nuclear capable missile which can go thousands of miles and hit targets anywhere in Asia as well as in parts of Europe. It is a 50 ton 20 rocket which is capable of inflicting enormous damage to     its target.

India regards China as a potential enemy since both nations have previously engaged in wars over trivial areas in the Himalaya mountains. India leads the world in purchasing military equipment have received $36 Billion worth of them during the past five years. It also has 70 nuclear weapons to counter the 410 of China.

I get confused, isn’t forty or fifty atomic bombs capable of destroying a good part of the world? I also wonder why the world is so concerned over Iran which has yet to develop a single atomic bomb. I wonder why.

Slavery In India

India was ruled for a few hundred years by England and thus had ample opportunity to learn about those who have money and power and those who do not. The middle class has been rapidly expanding and thus able to afford the luxury of  hiring a slave. There is a vast market for young girls who will clean, cook, arrange your clothes and do just about anything desired by the almighty  middle class. Of course they get paid–about $60 a month for a six hour work week.

The people of India, for some strange reason, became upset by the story of a 13 year old slave girl who was beaten, starved, and not paid by her nice middle class owners–Dr. Sanjay Verma and Dr, Ssunmita Verma. Yes, two doctors whose goal in life is saving people saw nothing wrong with locking up the girl and heading for a vacation in Thailand.

Modern slavery, the shame of India!

It’s OK To Convert To Muslim Religion

Most fundamentalist Muslim groups are strong supporters of the right to convert from your existing religion and adopt another. Of course, when saying this it is assumed the religion you seek is Muslim and the religion you forsake is Christianity or being a Hindu or whatever.  Ms. Rinkel Kuman, a Hindu, fell in love with a nice Muslim boy. They had numerous Facebook discussions and finally realized love was the center of their lives. She decided to leave the Hindu religion and become a Muslim. Ms. Kuman left her home and went to live with relatives of her new husband.

Frankly, it i s none of my business what is your religion or whether a voice from up on high urged abandoning one religious system for another. That is your choice. But, it is somewhat hypocritical for those who refuse to allow any of their religion to leave and adopt another religion to shout for freedom of choice for Ms.Kuman. If Muslims believe in the right to change–as I do–then that right is one possessed by every Muslim.

Indian Government Indian Giver

A Danish film crew followed several young Danes who went to India in order to work in the textile industry. They were filmed living in squalid conditions,  arguing with employers over wages, and not even having enough food for breakfast. One can only assume the Indian government thought the Danes were there to depict happy textile workers enjoying the good life working making clothes. The Danish state funded corporation which made the film was informed there  is no room in the Indian inn.

Danish human rights activists  argue India’s action violates freedom of speech and is not in accord with basic rights available to the people of India. India is a democratic society and supposedly has freedom of the press. I guess  it has freedom of the press but not for films about  textile workers. I wonder why?


Rushdie Rushes To Cancel India Trip

Noted author Salman Rushdie has cancelled plans to appear at an Indian literature festival because of concerns about his safety. The usual battalion of Muslim fanatics have threatened death to someone who writes books. They have threatened to assassinate a writer because they don’t like what he writes. Once again, fundamentalist Muslims assert their right to determine what is or what is not insulting to their religion.

According to Rushdie when informed about potential violence, “While I have some doubts  about the accuracy of this intelligence, it would be irresponsible of me to come to the festival in such circumstances.” His statement reveals that at least one Muslim will not be attending this festival.