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We Don’t Want Immigrants-Or Do We?

The Republican Party is adamant in demanding an end to migration of people into our fair land. However, according to the Genographic Project, which has been studying 500,000 people throughout the world, it appears our common ancestors migrated from Africa about 60,000 years ago. Latest evidence suggests they left via a southern route, not through Sinai, and headed for Saudi Arabia and then to India. People in India have the greatest gene variations which suggests it was from this area of the world that all our ancestors originated.

I  am certain those who carry guns  in southern areas of our land in order to kill migrants crossing over from Mexico are fortunate their ancestors were allowed to enter India and then allowed to go wherever they desired in the world–including what is now the United States of America.

Sorry, Newt and Mitt and Michele and Rick, we are all immigrants under the skin. OOps, and our skin once was rather dark.

Nude Battle Shocks Pakistan!

The nation of Pakistan is an economic disaster with millions of people daily struggling to find food to eat, let alone a decent job. So, what is an important agenda for Pakistan’s clerics–nudity! Veena Malik, a Pakistan model, does most of her work in India since whatever a model does in Pakistan is bound to offend someone for some reason. She agreed to pose “boldly” for an Indian firm on their web site. FHM India took a photo of her naked and in the picture her arm had the initials, ISI, the Pakistan secret intelligence.

News that a PAKISTAN MODEL had posed nude in an INDIAN media outlet left clerics with only one response– any model who poses nude for the people of India is insulting the people of her native land. Cleric Abdul Qawi denounced this shameless hussy for “shaming Muslims.” I am lost, it is her body, she is not posing in Pakistan, and actually, she didn’t even wish to pose in the nude, but “boldly.”

There is fear in many societies of the world that pictures of nude bodies somehow shame God. As I recall, God in creating Adam and Eve left them in the nude. It was Adam and Eve who covered their bodies, not God.

Assad, Apres Moi,Le Deluge!

Death totals continue to rise as Syrian tanks enter city after city blasting away at anyone who dares express disagreement with the dictatorial regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey, a close ally of Syria, sent Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu to Damascus with a plea to cease the slaughter but Assad told him to mind his own business because he intends to destroy any and all “Islamic militants”– his expression for those who oppose his government. Ironically, Turkey is ruled by the Justice and Development Party which represents conservative Muslims in the nation.

There still remain nations like India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa which believe there are no conditions under which the UN should intervene in order to halt a maniac from killing his own people. Finally, the Russian government has begun to sound an alarm of despair at the actions of its ally. At least 2,000 are dead, including four hundred during the past week.  We await a march of Muslims who will openly enter Syria in order to express solidarity with their fellow Muslims.

Of course, does anyone actually believe the above will occur?

Bad News From India Is Honest News

Pick up any American magazine these days and it contains at least one story about the “Indian Miracle.” There are stories about high tech centers in India and a growing middle class. Indian activist, Arundhati Roy, is furious at the western media for only reporting positive stories about her nation and ignoring continuing poverty, corruption and violence. According to Ms. Roy, “I have been told quite openly by several correspondents of international newspapers, they have instructions–no negative news from India-because it’s an investment destination.” She points out India has been grappling for years with a Maoist insurrection in which hundreds have been killed, including dozens of soldiers and policemen, but such stories don’t make the 6:00 o’clock news on TV. There are fewer stories about poverty or malnutrition in India although hundreds of millions are poor, and malnutrition is still an issue.

I doubt if such an injunction exists, certainly not in the age of the Internet. But, the real issue is how few stories are presented to the American public about the actual situation in India. Yes, there is a growing middle class, but hundreds of millions remain in poverty. Discrimination continues, and large amounts of money are spent on military equipment rather than on schools and providing jobs for the poor.

Republican Elephants On Rampage!

A story from India has great relevance to the United States and the behavior of the Republican party. Four elephants wandered out of a forest, approached a farm, and encountered frightened people. Two fled back to the safety of a forest, one became trapped on the farm and one dashed for a nearby city and went on a rampage. He barelled though the streets knocking over cars and stands until he dashed down an alley, confronted a frightened man who was then gored to death. Finally, police fired a tranquilizer to calm the elephant. The incident reminded me of Republican party behavior since arriving from the forest of defeat. LIke the elephants, the Republican elephants are frightened and lost in the reality of modern life. Most seek to return to the safety and serenity of a quiet forest which has not been touched by modern life.

Wild statements about cutting taxes in order to reduce the deficit or giving wealthy people more money so they will use it to create jobs lack any semblance to economic reality. In their mad dash to level every structure in place to assist poor people or those unemployed, Republicans not only gore to death effective means to assisting those in need, they undo the work of half a century and the result is people are being gored to death.

It is unfortunate that Republicans do not live up to an elephant’s remarkable memory capacity. Let Republicans proceed and the Recession will shortly become DEPRESSION II.


Throughout human history the practice of infanticide has been common in virtually all societies. Historically, this meant killing female babies or male babies that appeared weak. A popular assumption was boys would grow up to take over the family farm and thus be in a position to help his elderly parents while girls would be married off and thus of no assistance to members of her family. China and India are currently witnessing a Gendercide of revolutionary proportions due to modern medical technology. It is possible to get an ultra sound which reveals the baby’s sex and thousands of people in China and India are using the information in order to abort female babies. It is estimated during the past few decades in India about 12 million female foetusus were systematically aborted. Latest statistics from India reveal there are 7.1 million fewer females under the age of seven than males. If the first child in an Indian family is a girl, figures reveal 836 girls to 1000 boys will be born in the next pregnancy.

In olden days, the baby was simply left on a hill to die. Today, the baby is not allowed to be born, simply aborted.

Communists Bomb Out In India

The state of Bengal in India has been ruled by the communist Left Front for over thirty years, but voters sent it packing by electing Matmata Banerjee leader of the Trinamool Congress(TMC) party which had broken away from the national Congress party. The leftist party was swept away retaining only 62 seats of 294 and suffered major defeats in other states in India. Elections appeared to indicate a growing concern among the poor of India of continuous efforts by industralists to use farm land as the site of their new enterprises. For example, Rahui Gandhi, son of Sonia Gandhi, leader of the Congress party, participated in a sit in strike by villagers who were protesting against land acquisition. Ironically, his participation in the strike was an indirect attack on his own mother’s failure to create new legislation which would protect the rights of villagers who are being impacted by the growth of industry in their homeland.

The people of India have for too long suffered under the morass of corruption and close alliance between government and industry that results in economic growth, but not always growth in the standard of living at those at the bottom. India is rapidly become an economic power, but due to its large population faces the prospect of hundreds of millions in the middle class while there are hundreds of millions living in poverty.

Come to think of it, isn’t the same thing happening in modern America?

The War That Nearly Happened!

We of the 21st century read stories about past events in which mistakes were made that resulted in war. World War I was one such example and we are convinced errors of the past would never occur today. In 2008, terrorists from Pakistan entered India, went to the city of Mumbai and conducted violence that caused the death of 165 people as well as wounding dozens and destroying many installations. There was tension between the two nations when President Asif Ali Zardari received a phone call from a man who said his name was Pranab Mukherjee, the Defense Minister of India. He told the Pakistan president that his nation was prepared to launch an attack, and hung up. President Zardari placed his air force on alert and said they might be attacked at any moment. He contacted then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She immediately called the Indian ministry of external affairs and spoke with an official who confirmed that Pranab Mukheriee had called the president of Pakistan.

At this point, Rice kept her cool and personally contacted Mukheriee who was completely baffled by the so-called “phone call.” He assured Rice no such phone call had ever been made and the Secretary of State was able to calm things down. It now turns out the phone call was made by Ahmed Omar Saeed, a terrorist who was in jail for murdering American reporter, Daniel Pearl. Somehow, a phone was smuggled into him and he decided to have fun and play games.

Welcome to life in the technological world of modern societies.


China, India and Russia are upset at the use of force in Libya. The Chinese government issued a statement that said: “We hope Libya can restore stability as soon as possible and to avoid further civilian casualties.” It also added that China “has always opposed the use of force in international relations.” India expressed “regrets that air strikes are taking place” and hoped peace and tranquility could be restored to the people of Libya. Russia was also concerned that military force is being used against the government of Libya. After all, Libya is ruled by a man of peace named Muammar Gaddafi whose record on human rights reflects why his nation was appointed to the UN Human Rights Council. Of course, a look at the record reveals a somewhat different picture of these nations:

1. India has fought in at least four wars during the past forty years. It currently occupies Kashmir, a land in which a majority of people would prefer if they left.

2. Russia invaded Chechnya and has bombed and killed thousands of people. Of course, the people of Chechnya are somewhat backward and need aid from the more civilized Russians.

3. Ah, China, the nation which invaded and conquered Tibet and has sent thousands of troops into that area to kill and imprison the people of Tibet. What can one say about massacring your own people? Just check the record of China.

Three hypocrites in search of platitudes about how they are peace loving. Tell that to the hundreds of Libyans who have been killed by human rights hero, Muammar Gaddafi.

Sarah Palin Is In India

This intrepid reporter caught up with Sarah Palin during her visit to India in order to uncover thoughts by among America’s most profound thinkers about life in India. This is an exclusive report from somewhere in India.

P: I am so happy to be in this nice place.
R: So, you like the sight of Mumbai and other Indian cities?
P: They sort of dress a bit different from folk in Alaska, and they sure don’t smell the right way.
R: You do know the location of India, don’t you?
P: We were on the plane so it was kind of hard knowing where we were going, north or south or east or west. I can say India is at the end of one of those directions.
R: What exactly do you know about India?
P: First, they are paying me in American dollars so I guess they have some sort of money system. Second, I believe that our Indians come from them, somehow. Third, they really speak a funny kind of English, not like we speak in Alaska.
R: You do know that it is a democracy?
P: My advisors made clear I was to praise their democracy. They also have a lot of people in this place.
R: After leaving here, will you visit American troops?
P: Oh, yeah, I sure will, and it will give me a chance to do some shopping in France.
R: France?
P: You are not going to ask me trick questions like is France the place where they do a lot of loving and eat French fries, are you?
R: Absolutely not. By the way, what message will you be giving the people of India?
P: I want them to know that we sure appreciate their love of Jesus Christ. I want them to know abortion is a sin against God. And, I will express a bit of disappointment at not seeing more men and women carrying guns. Anyway, I sure hope they vote for Bristol in the next dance competition.