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Tea Party Pot Boils Over

There is good news in America, the evil Eric Cantor has fallen from grace, and been replaced by a real God fearing, 100%, blue blooded Christian by the name of David Brat. Finally, we will have men and women in Congress who will protect us from the terrorism of Catholics pouring across our borders in order to sweep our streets, pick up our garbage, cut out mean, and baby sit our children. Just imagine if we Americans had to do those tasks! Tea Party folk want to get someone in charge of Congress who will finally refuse to work with Barack Obama. Pet Sessions from the great state of Texas issued a warning to members of Congress. “I think this administration needs to be prodded and reminded that the entire sovereignty of the United States is at risk if we do not secure our border, north, south, east and west.”

I believe that under the administration of the dude from Africa TWICE AS MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED THAN WERE UNDER THE PRIOR PRESIDENT FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! The pot has boiled over and Tea Party activists want to change leadership of the Republican party from the Boehners and Cantors who have devoted the past five years doing whatever Barack Obama desires. After all, this Congress has passed fewer laws than any prior in fifty years. That is what happens when Republican leaders become stooges of the president.

Ayatollah Believes Iran Frightens World

There are Iranian leaders who seek to establish sensible relations with nations of the world, and there is always the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who believes that he alone can decide the future of, not only his nation, not only the Middle East, but the entire world. President Obama told a West Point class that future American policy does not include a rush to military action. However, he never said that American policy would avoid military action. Nor did he say, that economic action would be employed and it might be more lethal than military action. The Ayatollah informed his nation that “military act is not a priority for America now.”

Reality: Economic sanctions have dealt crippling blows to the Iranian economy and lowered national income. The Ayatollah still does not grasp that in our modern world, trade and commerce define our living standards, not the size of our military or our ability to wage war. Heck, even Vladimir Putin has enough sense to avoid invading the Ukraine. The Ayatollah might think twice about insulting the current president. Has he ever considered the possibility of a different president with a different political party, and a desire to demonstrate toughness???

Unhappy In Tehran

Among the mysteries of my life is why are so many people in this world concerned when others enjoy themselves and engage in activities that bring joy to their hearts. A group of young boys and girls in Tehran were watching and dancing to the music of someone whose name is Pharra Williams and his video is named, “Happy.” The group decided to share their happiness with one and all on the Internet, and now they are unhappy in a prison in Tehran. I am certain authorities will claim the act of being happy or the act of singing or the act of dancing violate this or that ordinance of the Muslim religion. Of course,such claims rarely, if ever, are supported by words from the Koran, let alone the

As I near the age of 84 it is clear that what brings joy to my heart and mind is not that which brings such happiness to other humans, particularly,those under the age of 25. Given unemployment rates, given low salaries, given high student debts, just let them be HAPPY!

Israel Supporters Ally With Islamic Militants!

Congressional Democrats and Republicans and the government of Israel are united in opposition to efforts of those seeking to end conflict with Iran and create a stable Middle East. Benjamin Netanyahu is undoubtedly the best friend any Iranian terrorist could seek in the world. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is fighting Islamic militants in his own nation in order to bring Iran into a peaceful place in the world and end concerns about nuclear weapons. He recently was attacked by Fatemieh Alia of the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front for giving into the West on nuclear weapon issues. “Since the beginning of the drafting of the final nuclear agreement which Iran is scheduled for 13 May this year, the analysts, the university students, the elites, and the university professors wish to express their worries to the Iranian nuclear negotiators.” The “We’re Concerned” group is composed of Islamic terrorists and militants.

American congressmen are expressing the same doubts about President Rouhani. American Congressmen are doing everything in their power to disrupt negotiations. In other words, our leading American Jews are presently in an alliance with the Islamic Revolution Resistance Front!!

Muslim Leader Blasts Holocaust Episode

During the past eight years the leaders of Israel have complained and denounced former Iran President Ahmadinejad for denying that the Holocaust ever happened. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is furious at those who are “Holocaust deniers” because their refusal to accept the murder of millions of Jews is evidence they seek the murder of millions of Jews. Palestinian President Abbas, during a meeting with a Rabbi, made clear that he considered the Holocaust a terrible crime. He described the Holocaust as a “heinous crime” and among the worst to “have occurred against humanity in the modern era.” Of course, President Rouhani of Iran expressed warm regards for Jews in public.

So, Palestinian leaders are denouncing the Holocaust. And, the response from PM Netanyahu is–SILENCE. In other words, if an Arab leader denounces the existence of the Holocaust, then Netanyahu is furious and uses their words as evidence Muslims hate Jews, but when an Arab leader denounces the Holocaust itself, silence. This example is simply evidence that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not seek peace and reconciliation with Muslims. His goal is clear-transform the West Bank into a part of Israel and end peace forever!

US Congress Opposes Peace

The government of Iran is furious at recent action by the United States government which refused to grant a visa to the person its government nominated to be their delegate to the United Nations. Hamid Aboutelabi is charged with the crime of being involved with seizure of American hostages in 1979 and thus poses a risk to the security of the United States of America. This denial of what is a normal process was caused by actions of the United States Congress where both Republicans and Democrats seek money from the Israel lobby and if Benjamin Netanyahu sneezes then it is incumbent upon American congressmen to run for a handkerchief. This is disgraceful behavior. Leading nations of the world are engaged in diplomatic discussions with Iran in order to avoid the prospect of a nuclear race in the Middle East. And, the ignorant people in our Congress allow prejudice and desire for money to stand ahead of the world’s need for peace.

I assume if we return to 1979 for war criminals, how about:

1. Ronald Reagan who provided aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein.

2. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney who authorized torture which was in violation of international law?

3. The British for killing Americans during the War of 1812.

Disgusting behavior!

US Senate Nuts Act Like Nuts

There are times when it is quite clear our Founding Fathers had a different interpretation as to what a Senate could be in reality. They envisioned a group of elderly white men who pondered great questions based on reading and thinking and discussing important issues. Alas, we are in 2014, and those who serve in the US Senate regard the almighty buck as the only almighty thought in their head. Our Senators seek money from right wing Jewish zealots in America who have gobs of money, and whose idea of fairness and diplomacy has nothing to do with the majority of American Jews. So, the US Senate wants legislation that prevents Iran from sending its choice as Ambassador to the United Nations because it is claimed that in 1979 he was involved in the Tehran Embassy crisis!

After World War II, we forgave the Germans even though they had murdered 30 million people. We forgive Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and George Bush although their actions led to the death of thousands of Americans. But, Hamid Aboutalebi, former Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Italy, cannot be forgiven for NOT killing any Americans!

Where Are They, What Happened, And Why?

I have been in constant contact with very informed sources in Malaysia concerning the so-called missing plane which is somewhere in Asia, we think. According to my sources, it is clear:

1. Vladimir Putin might be the cause of this entire episode.

2. The Israel Mossad secret service could be responsible since there was not a single Jew on the plane! Coincidence?

3. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are possible suspects since they are masters of screw ups and this plane mystery is one big screw up.

4. Why hasn’t Ted Cruz attacked Obama for the disappearance, does it suggest he has something to do with it?

5. The Chinese government is upset because 153 passengers were on the plane and since no dissident was among them, then there is anger in Peiping.

6. Senator John McCain has volunteered to fly a jet to search for the missing plane,and promises not to get shot down and become a prisoner again.

7. Barack Obama wants the world to know this disappearance has no connection with the Affordable Care Act.

8. According to Fox News this episode is simply another example of what happens when you give people food since it enables them to live and take over planes.

Israel Takes Action

There is scant doubt that Israel is situated in a difficult geographic position. It is physically a small nation, it is stuck between numerous Arab nations whose primary desire is to witness the end of Israel, and thus quick action frequently is required to head off disaster. Iran and Syria have been supplying Hezbollah and Hamas with weapons, and that includes missiles by the hundreds. Most of these missiles can be fired into Israel which, in response, has developed anti-missile defenses. An Israel strike force seized a ship in the Red Sea that was registered to Panama, but was carrying dozens of missiles destined for Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip. Initially, the missiles went from Damascus to Tehran and then were sent to Iraq where this vessel picked them up and sailed for the Sudan. The goal was to transport the missiles through the desert and then on to Gaza.

It is difficult to deny Israelis the right to defend themselves against missile attacks. It had every right to initiate action in self defense. NOW, the task is to work with Palestinians in order to establish stability in the Middle East.

Iran Urges Caution

Members of the Democratic party and the Republican party are aghast that Iran is moving in the direction of a nuclear development program. According to leaders of these parties it must be the policy of the United States of America to prevent any Middle Eastern nation from possessing weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs. I applaud this stance. Of course, the ONLY nation which is in possession of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons is: ISRAEL! I certainly hope that Democrats and Republicans will issue statements deploring Israel from being in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Ironically, the government of Iran–in contrast to Israel– has publicly made clear that it does NOT seek weapons of mass destruction nor does it seek development of nuclear weapons. For some reason, when Iranian officials deplore weapons of mass destruction they are accused by the American Republican and Democratic parties of being for weapons of mass destruction.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani once again made clear his government’s opposition to weapons of mass destruction and development of nuclear weapons. He said “the Islamic Republic will not develop nuclear weapons out of principle.” He made clear to Iranian military leaders they should be careful in what they say about war or the use of missile training exercises. Sending a missile might result in the missile “bursting into flames and would wreck havoc.”11

So, the nation which wants to end use of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear development is accused by the US of wanting to do this, but the nation which is NOW in possession of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear bombs is hailed as a paragon of virtue and peace!!!