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Israel Lobby In US Congress

Historically, it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to focus on the national interests of their country, not that of the nation of Israel. After three decades of conflict with the nation of Iran, a group of five leading countries banded together to hammer out an agreement to cap Iran’s work on nuclear weapon development. It does place limits on this work, but to Senator Schumer and fellow Republicans and Democrats compelling Iran to halt work on nuclear weapons is selling out Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu terms the agreement an “historic mistake.” Israel President Shimon Peres disagrees, “the success or failure of the deal will be judged by results,not words.” Perhaps, Senator Schumer believes President Peres wants to sell out Israel?

Bibi Netanyahu has refused to work with Palestinians in order to reach an agreement. He has sabotaged the rights of Palestinians, he has insulted Palestinians, he has hampered a Palestinian government which seeks peace with Israel. THAT, is an “historic mistake!”

Israel Theatens Peace Efforts

During the past month there has been considerable progress in discussions between Iran and six powers-the US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany–in an effort to identify an initial plan to move away from potential war and conflict. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insisted his nation is committed to making concessions in order to end sanctions and conflict with the world. However, he is sick and tired of being threatened by Israel which appears to demand veto rights on any agreement. He denounced Israel as behaving as a “rabid dog” in seeking to sabotage negotiations. Fench President Fandcoise Hollande termed such expressions as “unacceptable” and hindering negotiations. However, threats by Israel Prime Minister to bomb Iran, to initiate war with Iran are OK and apparently assist peace efforts!

Israel is the most dangerous country in the Middle East. It continuously makes threats and promises massive destruction of Iran, and the US does not seek to compel Israel to lower the rhetoric of war and allow the six nations to pursue the path of peace. Those who care about the people of Israel understand its future is best protected if peace is attained in the Middle East.

Iran Breakthrough Breaks Netanyahu Heart

Yesterday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lap dogs in the American Congress were hailing France for not being fooled by the Iranian deception about peace. Today, we are back to wise remarks about “American fries” because the government of France decided to go along with Germany, Russia, England, China, FRANCE and the US in forging an agreement with the Iranian government to control its nuclear program. The agreement entails:
Cease using centrifuges to enrich uranium.
refrain from starting new centrifuges
Halt work on its plutonium reactor
Allow access to UN inspectors

Naturally, the GOP and Democratic senators whose primary allegiance is to Israel rather than to the American people denounced this agreement to halt development of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

As of this moment, there is only ONE nation in the Middle East that bars UN nuclear inspectors and refuses to halt work on nuclear weapons. Oh, its name is ISRAEL!

Iran Rebuffed By Peace Seekers

In 2001,then reform President Khatami of Iran offered to assist American forces in Afghanistan in their campaign against the Taliban. President Bush accepted their assistance and then blasted the Iran government as supporting terrorism in the world. Today, Russia,China, the US and UK along with France and Germany are working with President Rouhani of Iran in order to halt his country’s nuclear program and reduce tension. Democrats and Republicans are increasingly united in denouncing Obamacare along with opposing Secretary of State’s work with key nations who seek to bridge the gap with Iran in order to end conflict in the Middle East. The incompetence of President Obama has now reached the point where even his own party lacks any trust in him, including being able to negotiate for peace. Fortunately, many do trust John Kerry who was able to obtain a few weeks in order to complete negotiations with Iran.

The United States of America has a Congress that, not only is unable to pass a law, but unable to agree on anything with the president. The lonely shy man is most comfortable with his family and Chicago crowd. If peace negotiation fails, who knows what will occur in the Middle East. The time is now. Perhaps, out president should turn over negotiations to John Kerry and spend some time in Chicago with his friends.

Bibi Wants A Good Solution

There is good news from the Middle East. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want the world to sign off on a “bad deal.” Bibi insists we “need a good solution, that’s the main point.” Why waste time on bad deals? Oh, I thought he was talking about providing Palestinians with a good deal that assured the world that violence would end. You mean that Bibi is not willing to compromise? You mean that Bibi will not assure the entire world that Israel will avoid acts of violence against Palestinians? Oh, my God, you mean he was talking about Iran? I thought Bibi was a man of peace who sought to achieve solutions rather than cause problems.

Unfortuantely, French leader Francois Hollande is also on the bandwagon of problem creating. “So long as we are not certain that Iran has renonouced nuclear arms, we will keep in place all our demands and sanctions.” I guess that means France will destroy its nuclear weapons. I guess that Israel will destroy all its nuclear weapons. The only nation which has nuclear weapons and refuses to allow UN inspectors into its facilities is: ISRAEL!

Oh, I forgot,this nation tramples on the rights of Palestinians, violates UN rules about seizing property, but it does not trust Iran.

Israel Lobby Over American Interests

As an American and a Jew, my primary allegiance is to peace and security for all inhabitants of this planet, and that includes the people of Israel. That nation currently is controlled by people who are consumed by fears and hate toward Muslim people. The most important foreign policy goal for Israel is supporting efforts to create peace in the Middle East and move this region into some form of European Union which includes Israel as an integral piece of this area of world. Israel should be part of a new Middle East Union in which all nations work in an harmonious collaboration. A new leadr in Iran has offered to achieve an agreement which respects the rights of Iran and ends fears of nuclear weapons in the region. Benjamin Netanyahu demands the United States adhere to HIS foreign policy of fear and distrust. There are times when the policy and an Israeli official subvert the foreign policy goals of the United States of America and the world. At that point, I must support foreign policy goals that work for world peace. Benjamin Netanyahu, and his group of hating right wing Israelis, refuse to accept the challenge of working for peace.

Secretary of State John Kerry urged the United States Senate to work with him for peace. Is it a gamble? Absolutely. Kerry, and other world leaders, seek to take a chance on peace. Kerry told the Senators: “What we are asking everyone to do is calm down,look hard at what can be achieved and what the realities are. If this doesn’t work, we reserve the right to dial back the sanctions.”

Alternative of Netanyahu: Bomb Iran. Iran then persuades Hezbollah to unleast 40,000 missiles upon Israel resulting in massive deaths. Israel then launches its bombs leading to suicide bombers in Israel and death and destruction. The region will become consumed by war. Is that the goal of American foreign policy? America must save the people of Israel from their own incompetent leaders!!

Oh, For Religious Life!

There is one thing all major religions in the world share in common, they all are governed by a hierarchy in which those on the top garner lots and lots of money. Naturally, this money is being held in trust for the ordinary folk who believe in the religion. Popes control millions, if not billions, which enables them to live the good life. In Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei is reported to have gathered together a tidy sum that is estimated to be about $102 billion. Sorry, Billy Gates and other billonaies, you guys just don’t rate the big man of Iran. He controls an organization known as Setad which has its hands in just about every business in the country. Setad enjoys seizing property in the name of the Ayatollah, after all, the money we seize is going to a good charity which, undoubtedly,will share any sums with the poor folk of Iran.

Allegedly, Setad was created in order to help the poor and war veterans. It was meant to exist for about two years. There is no regulation of this organization, it just goes about the business of making money. Oh, the poor and war veterans…..

Seize The Moment!

Once again, an offer from Iran to proceed along a path of peace has been rejected by western nations. In 2001,then President Khatami cooperated with American forces in Afghanistan and offered to resolve the conflict with the United States only to be termed by President George Bush as a partner in an “evil axis” of powers like North Korea. This weekend, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius refused to go along with other nations in agreeing with Iran on a process of working toward peace. France demanded that Iran must suspend the Arak heavy water reactor while negotiations proceed. He refused to go along with the Iranian “con game.” British Foreign minister William Hague urged a different approach. “We came to seize the moment and seize the opportunity to reach a deal.” So, do it.

Nothing in diplomacy is perfect. A conflict may not be resolved in one act. Iran was proceeding along a path of POSSIBLE success. There was need to allow this path to be followed. If Iran broke their word, it was fairly easy to resume hate and violence.

Bibi Upset

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the Obama administration seeks to resolve conflicts with Iran and establish the prospect for peace in the Middle East. The nightmare for Bibi is to end war and conflict in the Middle East because once the people of Israel know they no longer have to fear death in their daily lives, the nothings like Avigdor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu who thrive on fear will no longer have a means of preventing peace. Efforts by Secretary of State to forge an agreement with Iran were met by Bibi’s comment, it is “the deal of the century.” He went on to assert, “Israel utterly rejects it, and what I am saying is shared by many in the region whether or not they express it publicly.” Perhaps, Bibi can share what those parties think about his administration’s approach to peace with Palestinians. Has he been offering Palestinians, “the deal of the century?”

President Obama called the Joe McCarthy of Israel politics who thrives on fear and hysteria in order to explain negotiations. A waste of time. It is important for America to fight for the rights and security of, not only Americans, but the people of Israel. An attack on Iran would result in thousands of missiles headed toward Israel. It would result in suicide bombers and the death of innocent Israelis and Palestinians. Since Israelis refuse to halt the possibility of war, then it is the responsibility of the United States to pursue this path to stability.

Iran Today, A Friend?

The ongoing saga of relations between Iran and the world continue, but Iranian negotiators are claiming the conflict can be resolved fairly shortly. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, insisted the negotiations only require a “few more steps” in order to reach an agreement. “I believe we’ve come very far in the last three rounds” and the last part of the process can be achieved in Geneva. An unnamed US official told journalists that an interim agreement was in reach. “I do see the potential outline of a first step.” France, England, the US, and Germany, along with Russia and China are working together with Iran. THAt is an achievement which can only work toward world peace.

Iran wants an agreement that ensures their right to pursue a nuclear program. Surely, if Israel can pursue nuclear energy programs, similar opportunities should be made available to other Middle Eastern nations? How about a Middle Eastern Nuclear Consortium which enables all countries in the region to develop this resource?